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Ariel Garcia P.O. Box 262263, Tampa, FL 33685 ________________________________________ ag1ae0070@westpost.

net * Direct 813-477-0731 Sales Executive Professional Profile Over nine years experience specializing in Sales, Account Management and Busines s Development. Proven ability to identify and capture opportunities, expand sal es and increase revenue in the VoIP/Telecom industry. Uncommon knowledge of and experience in Unified Communications, QoS, IP Protocols, Security, SIP, and VoI P Applications. Consistently exceeded sales goals by an average of 150% and ran ked number one in the Tampa Florida branch of sales representatives. Demonstrat ed record of persuasive communication and assertive negotiation with strong abil ities to close the deal. Possess strong technical, communication, presentation, and customer service skills. Build lasting relationships with Channel Partners and customer base to help increase revenue and productivity. Excellent problem solver with the ability to bring quick resolutions to challenging situations. V ery productive work habits that require very little to no supervision. * Business-to-business sales focusing on small to medium sized business with no more than 500 employees. Exceeding goals and achieving top position in the team consistently. * Assist with development and review of VoIP plans and Scopes of Work, with emph asis on Data Connectivity, Data Protocols, IP Transport and QoS. * Very proficient in developing sales contacts, obtaining quality leads through referral business, and through cold calling. * Strong knowledge of telecommunications, technical applications, equipment and maintenance products, and service sales, and data skills. * Design and provide network topologies for presentation of customers existing d ata network with VoIP solutions. * Succeeded as a sales executive due to high ethical standards and unbiased work ethics throughout my career. * Accomplished in giving presentations to top executives, company owners, and pr imary decision makers and/or all C level executives. * Strong attention to detail, training, analytical, and planning skills that has helped me to be a leader in meeting organizational and personal goals. * Succeeded as a powerful negotiator by showing overall benefits to client and e ncouraging VoIP solutions for their business.

Professional History Nexogy, Tampa, Florida 2009 to Present Advanced Telephony Specialist Primary focus is to gain new business via business-to-business, channel relation ships, and referral business. Products provided to businesses are Unified Commu nications, Hosted VoIP, SIP, T1, and focused on Cisco telephony equipment soluti ons based on customer's needs. Design and analyze customer's network infrastruc ture for required cabling, ISP bandwidth, CPE, appropriate network equipment, an d network requirements for VoIP deployment. Established and manage channel rela tionships for increased productivity, volume, and increased MRC. Responsible fo r developing revenue, and proactively identify, engage in, and up-sell opportuni ties. * Number one producer in the Tampa, Florida branch by exceeding monthly MRC and quota expectation. * Ability to qualify and document customer strategic business requirements, nego tiate contracts, exhibit strong financial management and ROI skills. * Demonstrate the ability to translate business requirements into VoIP technolog y based solutions. * Analytical skills to examine systems architecture and provide the most efficie

nt solution. * Strengths in implementation of complex projects paying attention to details. * Extensive experience in prospect identification, cold calling, qualification, and closing. PDS Technical Services, Tampa, Florida 2008 to 2009 Business-to-Business Consultant Provided services via business-to-business channels to Verizon land line commerc ial customers. Focused on small to medium size business of no more than 500 emp loyees. Improved the customer's needs by providing them with Fiber Optic Networ k capabilities for their phone lines or phone systems, internet, and television services. Continuously provided account management to assigned customer base. Also received extensive training and knowledge from Verizon in regards to Frame Relays, MPLS, VOIP, T1, DS0, NxT1, OC3, SIP, and all of its operations, fiber te chnology and all pertinent platforms. Provided solutions to all customers that exceeded seven to ten lines that saved money which increased client's productivi ty and produced happy clients with several referral sources due to those accompl ishments. * Achieved top producer for the team several months consecutively by meeting and exceeding company goals on a weekly basis. * Extensive cold calling to create new customer base for Verizon, and to increas e personal customer base for account management. Made face-to-face contact betw een 20 and 30 customers daily. * Established relationships and created a network of businesses that provided re ferrals on a weekly basis. Followed up continuously on potential leads provided by the Verizon Business Service Center.

Global Mortgage, Inc, Tampa, Florida 2006 to 2008 Branch Manager Prepared, processed, and closed an average of 5 to 10 deals per month. Most dea ls were closed through referral business from business contacts, friends, family members, and their business contacts. Properly disclosed and provided all info rmation pertaining to the deal to all clients, thus maintained a compliant work ethic in reference to F.S. Chapter 494. Properly placed all corresponding loan documents in compliance, using a check list, after completion of funding of said deals. Maintained all pertinent logs, e.g., telephone/conversation, credit rep ort pulls, lender, loan closing. Sent all final records of closed loans to Glob al Mortgage Corporate Compliance for final review and proper storage. * Prospected clients via business-to-business contacts, cold calling, and implem ented marketing campaigns supported by the corporation. * As a Branch Manager with Global Mortgage, Inc., opportunities to help clients with their financial needs was a priority. Used the most up-to-date web-based v ersion of Ellie Mae Encompass to properly input all necessary information to bes t help the client's circumstances. * Oversaw staff of eight loan officers and two processors. Provided F.S. Chapte r 494 rules training and guidance. Helped company maintain corporate standards of operation and revenue stream. Encore Credit Corporation, Tampa, Florida 2003 to 2006 Account Executive Responsibilities were to develop and maintain business-to-business relationships with licensed mortgage brokers. Duties also included be involving in the loan process with the Account Manager/Processor to ensure files were turned around an d closing in a timely and acceptable manner. Other duties that were done for su ccess was sourcing for new business, and monitoring broker performance. Stayed current with the industry changes and competitor products. Developed, helped gr

ow, maintained broker relationships, and managed the pipeline reports on a daily basis. Negotiated with the brokers for any and all loans that were available f or closing daily. * Maintained an average of over $2.5MM per month, thus exceeding goals on a mont hly basis of $1.8MM. * Made six to ten face-to-face business-to-business calls on a daily basis. It was required to submit a minimum of one to two loan files per day, but averaged two to three loans files per day. * I was always in the top three per month for consistently making monthly goal q uota for team. The team of twelve members was spread out through the State of F lorida and Georgia.

Education University of Phoenix, Tampa, Florida 2003 B.S., Business Management Notary Public, Commission No. DD 715730. Summary of Skills * Solid business-to-business sales experience with the ability to retain client base, and establishing referral business. * Powerful presentation skills to top company executives, company owners, and/or all primary decision makers. * Strong knowledge of several Telecommunications platforms such as Frame Relays, MPLS, VOIP, SIP, T1, DS0, NxT1, OC3, fiber technology. * Design and provide network topologies for presentation of customers existing d ata network with VoIP solutions * Aggressive prospecting, cold calling, powerful salesperson, people/interperson al and heavy computer skills. * Experience in building Channel relationships to increase monthly quotas and co mpany revenue. * Can read, speak, and write Spanish exceptionally fluent.