USA Today: Arab League observer says violence prevails in Syria

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SAC-NorCal raises money for victims in Syria Banner for Syria Challenge SAVE THE DATE: March 15, 2012



KPBS speaks to SAC-San Diego members

USA Today: Arab League observer says violence prevails in Syria mission
In his first interview with an American media outlet, which was coordinated by SAC, former Arab League observer Anwar Malek told USA Today, "I personally saw civil authorities kill a 5-year-old child named Ahmad Mohamed A r a h i . "    M a l e k r e s i g n e d b e c a u s e t h e observers mission was "constantly surrounded." They "showed me a picture of myself in the bathroom, without clothes, to prove they were controlling everything," he said.  Read the entire story here. 

S A C-NorCal raises $125,000 for victims in Syria
Hundreds of Syrian-Americans attended a fundraiser at the Muslim Community Association (MCA) in Santa Clara, CA, on Saturday, January 14.  More than $125,000  was raised at the event, hosted by the Northern California chapter of SAC, to help  victims and their families inside Syria. All proceeds will be distributed through the Syrian Relief and Development (SRD). More fundraisers will be held in the upcoming weeks in San Diego, Chicago, Irvine, and Sacramento.

Fundraiser for Syria - SAC-Northern California


The 'Banner for Syria Challenge' is  a unique project  aimed at increasing awareness about the Syrian revolution and boosting the morale of those currently suffering in Syria. We are encouraging groups across the world to work together and create banners to display them at famous landmarks. Learn more about the challenge at this Facebook page.

SAVE THE DATE: March 15, 2012
On March 15, 2012, SAC will hold an all-day event in Washington, DC, marking the anniversary of the Syrian revolution that started a year ago in Daraa. The event will consist of a large rally in front of the Syrian Embassy at 11 am followed by a program that will include lunch and Page 1 / 2

dinner, speakers, and musical performances.    The world-renouned Syrian composer and pianist Malek Jandali has been confirmed to perform. Additionally, Pastor Mama Daad was also confirmed to attend and speak at the event.   More information about the event will be available soon. 

KPBS: San Diego Syrians back protesters amid threat
SAC members Halim Gabori and Mahmoud Harmoush of San Diego spoke to Amita Sharma of KPBS about local support for the Syrian uprising and the regime's attempts to spy on Americans. Listen to this news segment here.

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