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Cynthia B. DeLouis RN BSN 5005 Tracy Ct. Voorhees, N.J. 08043 Phone: 412-290-7164 Cell: 412.716.

3828 Email: Education: Bachelor of Science in Nursing Pennsylvania State University Diploma in Nursing - Ohio Valley General Hospital School of Nursing, McKees Rock s, PA Associate Degree in Letters, Arts, and Sciences - Pennsylvania State University Experience: Camden County Health Services Center Blackwood, NJ 08/10present (A large Civil Service, unionized, culturally diverse, health care center in the heart of Camden County with 300 licensed long term care beds on one side of the building and 150 licensed, general adult inpatient behavioral health beds on th e other side of the building) Administrative Director of Nursing Responsibilities: Reports to the Behavioral Health Services Administrator/Medical Director Oversight of the daily administrative and clinical operations of the Nursing De partment Management of a 180+ nursing staff, fulltime, part time and per diem staff comp rised of Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses and Psychiatric Aides and with 3 direct reports including the Administrative Assistant Director of Nursing , the Clinical Nurse Specialist/Nurse Educator and an Administrative Assistant Participates in various standing monthly committee meeting including the Medica l Executive Committee; Restraint Prevention/Reduction; Falls Prevention/ Reducti on; Nursing Leadership; Morbidity and Mortality; Ethics; Divisional Quality; AM Flash Meeting and others Ensures the department meets all CMS, Department of Health and JCAHO regulatory and quality standards of care Budgetary responsibility including overtime and expense control Working knowledge of four union contracts governing nursing department members Accomplishments: Currently implementing Nursing Departmental Goals for 2011 including the develo pment, training and mentoring of all levels of staff on a work environment free from Lateral Violence; participating in the developing and shifting of the clini cal milieu within each of 6 inpatient units including unit renovations; and esta blishing programs throughout the year to highlight and develop an appreciation o f the cultural diversity of our workforce Providing coaching, mentoring, and training of staff for the purpose of being a ble to comfortably incorporate the more medically complex patient into the inpa tient units Currently hiring and training all levels of staff in all clinical areas Currently working with the Falls Committee members to implement a patient falls program to reduce and prevent further falls during the hospital stay UHS-Central Florida Behavioral Hospital Orlando, Fl 8/09-8/10 (A newly opened, free-standing, for-profit, 120 bed psychiatric hospital providi ng broad-based inpatient clinical services to children, adolescents, adults and geriatric age levels as well as an outpatient partial hospitalization program fo r adults) Director of Clinical Services/Director of Nursing Responsibilities:

Reported to the CEO Oversight of all clinical programs and services including inpatient adult/geria tric; adult substance abuse detox services, inpatient child/adolescent, inpatien t autism program, and the inpatient eating disorders unit, as well as an outpati ent adult partial hospitalization program. Management of 115 FTEs, both fulltime and per diem with 11 direct reports. Oversight included nursing administration and Nurse Managers; Nursing Staff (RNs , LPNs, and Mental Health Techs); the Staffing Office; the Laboratory and 2 cont racted Phlebotomists; Social Workers and Therapists; Recreational Therapists; an d the Behavior Analyst Participated in various standing monthly committees including the Medical Execu tive Committee Budgetary responsibility including overtime and expense control Accomplishments: All work was related to start-up operations of the facility Served as a change agent by focusing on shifting the staff culture from one of negativity to a positive productive culture with an emphasis on service excellen ce. Re-designed work flow in each clinical area. Provided coaching, mentoring, and training of staff for the purpose of being ab le to comfortably incorporate the more medically complex patient into the units. Standardized care delivery across all acute units. Implemented care standards and policies related to general and specialty units. Hired, trained, mentored, staff in all clinical areas. Built strong clinical teams through coaching, mentoring, and role modeling. Re-designed chart forms to incorporate current regulatory standards. Recommended changes in the physical plant design in several of the patient care areas to better meet patient care needs and assisted the process as the changes came to fruition. Ensured standards were met for clinical trials and clinical research programs. Established clear processes and systems for visiting of patients to ensure staf f, patient and facility safety. Closed the Autism and Eating Disorders units due to poor financial and reimburs ement performance with staff reassignments to other units. Sharon Regional Health System Sharon, PA 4/05-7/09 (A 240-bed not-for-profit general community hospital with a large behavioral hea lth inpatient department comprised of 44-beds of adult/geriatric and child/adol escent services) Director of Inpatient Behavioral Health Services Responsibilities: Dual reporting to the VP of Behavioral, Corporate and Rehabilitative Services a nd to the VP for Patient Care Services Served on the hospitals Behavioral Health Advisory Board of Directors along wit h multiple community members to provide oversight and direction to our inpatient and outpatient behavioral health programs Management of approximately 80 FTEs both fulltime and per Diem staff with 5 dir ect reports. Staff included RNs, LPNs, Mental Health Workers, Social Workers; U nit Secretaries, Nurse Manager, Clinical Programming Coordinator, Nurse Educator , Physician Assistant and ARNPs, Consult/Liaison Staff, Utilization Review Staff , School Teacher, and Administrative Assistant Accomplishments: Hired to serve as a change agent in the turnaround of out of date clinical prog ramming, staffing, and a troubled departmental culture. Stabilized the staffing moving from a vacancy rate of more than 40% to less than 5% within two years. P

ositive culture shift within the management team was seen within the first year and clinical/unit staff within the first two years. Established positive, collab orative and collegial working relationships between the behavioral health depart ment and the Emergency department, our Security department as well as our surrou nding community agencies Provided coaching, mentoring, and training of staff for the purpose of being ab le to comfortably incorporate the more medically complex patient into the units I co-lead a team of clinical staff who re-designed and implemented the clinical programming for all inpatient services. I presented the clinical programming to community members both individual and professional, through a series of communi ty presentations Implemented a Behavioral Health Consult/Liaison service based in our emergency department (ED) to provide psychiatric assessments and provide guidance to ED st aff and physicians on admission potential and management of acute clinical behav iors required by the patient Renovated the physical plant within the child/adolescent unit Researched and established a Sensory Room on our child/adolescent unit Re-designed clinical processes for the effective management of patient belongin gs and valuables Worked closely with our JCAHO consultant to re-design our patient treatment pla ns, the treatment plan process as well as the re-design of chart forms for the m edical record Updated our patient handbooks and materials to be given to patients upon discha rge. Worked with the nurse educator to develop a standardized training calendar and staff roster to ensure adequate tracking and t