Who should register with the Pag-IBIG Fund as members? With the signing of Republic Act No.

9679, membership to the Fund shall be mandatory for the following: a. All employees, workers, professionals, officers and companies who are compulsorily covered by the SSS and GSIS • b. Uniformed members of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, the Bureau of Fire Protection, the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology, and the Philippine National Police; • c. Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) • d. Filipinos employed by foreign-based employers, whether deployed locally or abroad. Membership to the Fund is also open to the following: a. Non-working spouses of Pag-IBIG members; • b. Filipino employees of foreign government or international organization, or their wholly-owned instrumentality based in the Philippines, in the absence of an administrative agreement with the Fund; • c. Employees of an employer who is granted a waiver or suspension of coverage by the Fund under RA 9679; • d. Leaders and members of religious groups; • e. A member separated from employment, local or abroad, or ceased to be self-employed but would like to continue paying his/her personal contribution; • f. Public officials or employees who are not covered by the GSIS such as barangay officials; and • g. Filipinos naturalized in other countries. What Housing Programs are available for members?

An eligible member may avail of a housing loan under either the End-User Financing Program or the Magaang Pabahay, Disenteng Buhay Program. Under the End-User Financing Program, a member may avail of a loan to finance any of the following (Circular 247): a. Purchase of a fully developed lot not exceeding one 1,000 square meters, which should be within a residential area; b. Purchase of a residential house and lot, townhouse or condominium unit, inclusive of a parking slot. The unit may be: • Old or brand new; • A property mortgaged with the Fund; or • An acquired asset, which is disposed of through sealed public bidding, negotiated sale, or the Rent-to-Own Program. c. Construction or completion of a residential unit on a lot owned by the member; d. Home improvement, i.e. any alteration in an existing residential unit intended by a homeowner to be a permanent integral part of the property, which will enhance its

Combination of loan purposes. g. • Purchase of a residential unit. or subjected to dacion en pago. • The said loan has a repayment history of at two years with the original mortgagee f. Has the legal capacity to acquire and encumber real property. May have an outstanding Pag-IBIG multi-purpose loan but which is updated in payments at the time of loan application. • Refinancing of an existing mortgage. A member whose multi-purpose loan is in arrears shall be required to pay his arrears over the counter to update his account. a qualified member may purchase an acquired asset of the Fund either in cash or through a housing loan at very reasonable prices. Refinancing of an existing mortgage with an institution acceptable to the Fund.durability and material value. Must be a member under the Pag-IBIG I for at least 24 months. provided further that he is not more than 70 years old at loan maturity. while a buyer who purchases through a housing loan is entitled to a 15% discount on the property’s sales price. cancelled. with construction of a residential unit thereon. which shall be limited to the following: • Purchase of a fully developed lot not exceeding 1. which shall include cases where the borrower is no longer interested to pursue the loan and surrenders the property. whether old or new.000square meters and construction of a residential unit thereon. f. Under the Magaang Pabahay. Has not availed of a Pag-IBIG housing loan that was foreclosed. Steps on How to Apply for a Pag-IBIG Housing Loan (End-user Financing) . A buyer who purchases an acquired asset in cash is entitled to a 20% discount on the property’s sales price. e. with home improvement. b. Disenteng Buhay Program. provided that: • The loan is not in default within the 12 months prior to the date of application. Has no outstanding Pag-IBIG housing loan. • Refinancing of an existing mortgage with home improvement. either as a principal borrower or coborrower. Not more than 65 years old at the date of loan application and must be insurable. c. a member must satisfy the following requirements: a. bought back due to default. Who are eligible to avail of a housing loan under the End-User Financing Program? To qualify for a Pag-IBIG housing loan. e. as evidenced by the remittance of at least 24 monthly contributions at the time of loan application. Has passed satisfactory background/credit and employment/business checks conducted by the developer and the Pag-IBIG Fund. d. specifically a lot loan.

2.000 (non-refundable). GMANews. if applicable) • Assignment of Loan Proceeds 6. senator says KIMBERLY JANE TAN. Submit HLA with complete requirements. Submit the following documents to Pag-IBIG for the release of loan proceeds: • Original Transfer Certificate of Title (TCT) in the name of the applicant with annotated mortgage • DOAS with original RD stamp • New Tax Declaration in the name of the applicant • Updated Real Estate Tax Receipt (for house and lot.. Pag-IBIG favored Globe Asiatique. Housing Loan Application (HLA) and Membership Status Verification Slip (MSVS). ." said Osmeña of Globe Asiatique during the hearing on the supposed housing loan irregularities involving Pag-IBIG and the property developer. and pay the processing fee of P1. Sergio Osmeña III said Thursday. Receive Notice of Loan Approval/Letter of Guaranty and sign loan documents. Attend a loan counseling session at the Pag-IBIG office and accomplish a Preliminary Loan Counseling Questionnaire. chairman of the Senate banks committee. "It seemed that they [were] favored.1. if applicable) • Occupancy Permit (secured from LGU Engineering Office. said. Proceed to the following:  Bureau of Internal Revenue for payment of documentary stamps and capital gains tax  Registry of Deeds for transfer of the title and annotation of mortgage 5. 4. Pay the first monthly amortization on the month immediately following the loan take-out/final loan release. Sen.TV December 9. For Globe Asiatique Realty Holdings Corp. If eligible secure Checklist of Requirements (COR) (requirements would depend on the loan purpose). Pag-IBIG made an exception regarding the P500-million funding limit for developers. 2010 7:44pm 0 Email0 0 ShareThisNew The Home Development Mutual Fund (Pag-IBIG) seemed to have given property developer Globe Asiatique the preferential treatment. 3. Osmeña.6 billion. further fueling suspicions that the two were engaged in a housing loan scam involving at least P6.

or exemptions from certain good conditions. according to him. denied that Lee was given special treatment. Globe Asiatique president Delfin Lee said that Pag-IBIG approved around P7 billion in housing loans for 9. because the borrowers either lacked documentary requirements. "It tells me that there’s some stupidity here or that there’s some criminal minds [that] remains to be proven by the National Bureau of Investigation and the Department of Justice. Juan Ponce Enrile dared yesterday officials of the Housing Development Mutual Fund or Pag-IBIG fund to file a falsification case against Globe Asiatique (GA) Realty Holdings Corp.TV Pag-IBIG dared to file falsification rap vs Globe Asiatique By Pia Lee-Brago (The Philippine Star) Updated October 08. Ways to improve the law Former Vice President and Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council (HUDCC) chief Noli De Castro. The Senate might not conduct another hearing on the issue and will just create a technical working group to come up with the possible proposal for legislative amendments. "I cannot arrest anybody. and 200 borrowers lacked documentary requirements. Philippines . which is a violation really of good management practice. funding commitment limits. it issued P4 billion of buyback orders. said 1.. while 400 others had already claimed their loans..Sen." he added. officer-in-charge of Pag-IBIG. president Delfin Lee for the alleged spurious loan . Emma Linda Faria. who was present in the hearing. 2010 12:00 AM Comments (0) MANILA." said Osmeña. had spurious accounts. Osmeña said they are not looking for "suspects" to pin the housing loan scandal but for ways to improve the law. Pag-IBIG and HUDCC had earlier filed syndicated estafa charges against Lee and 16 other people in connection with the housing loan mess.900 units of their Xevera project in Pampanga. According to Pag-IBIG. I cannot force anybody."The others were not even told of the relaxation either of borrowing limits.000 of the alleged borrowers could not be located." he said. — KBK/VS GMANews. Pag-IBIG has likewise blacklisted Globe Asiatique from its roster of accredited property developers. or had decided not to proceed with the loans. During the hearing." he said. "I don’t think [there was] special treatment in the sense that their project was a pilot program.

000. Fabiana said they received reports about borrowers who were asked to sign loan documents in exchange for P1. Barbara development loan amounted to P12. 944 were denied for housing loan and 1.” Enrile said during the public hearing of the Senate committee on banks. “I challenge you (Pag-IBIG officials) to file a case against this guy (Lee) so we will know if he is telling the truth.145 loan accounts worth P6. Garcia was the branch manager who approved the alleged questionable loans for GA’s Xevera projects using fake documents. to appear before the committee.” he added.applications of around 400 Pag-IBIG members for the firm’s low-cost housing project in Pampanga.021 buyers could not be located. “Better get the affidavit of each one of these people (supposed borrowers).000 to P5. Pag-IBIG legal and general counsel group vice president. . Lee said it could not be considered spurious accounts because the applicants could be overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) or have changed addresses and contact numbers. Pag-IBIG president and chief executive officer Jaime Fabiana said all the loans for the Xevera housing projects were processed and validated by the Pag-IBIG branch in Pampanga. The committee also ordered yesterday Bayani Garcia. former manager of Pag-IBIG fund Pampanga branch.68 billion that were given to GA by Pag-IBIG Fund.” Enrile said. During the hearing on the housing controversy. said that out of the 9. Pag-IBIG officials told the committees that GA’s total loan takeout from Pag-IBIG for the Xevera projects and Sta. John Cosico. Lee admitted that GA failed to inform Pag-IBIG that some of the applicants were nonexistent.82 billion. Do not ever think you can get away with this. financial institutions and currencies. so he can present those people and examine them in the courtroom. “We will punish him if he could not present anyone. He said the filing of falsification case against Lee would compel him to present the fake borrowers.

as well as the general public including the millions of our kababayans who are members of the Pag-IBIG Fund. “Globe Asiatique has been making the accounts of hundreds of questionable buyers current by paying for their monthly amortizations even though they did not receive a single payment from these supposed buyers since their loans were approved.000 accounts for the last 16 years with Pag-IBIG.Loan takeout for the Xevera projects is P9. We dealt with this and we are ready for replacement if only Pag-IBIG Fund will allow us.” Lee said. rules and regulations.7 billion and an amount of P2.” he said. Barbara project. Pag-IBIG management formed a task force to investigate the spurious transactions and the probe team uncovered that some 1. Pag-IBIG officer-in-charge Emma Linda Faria said Globe Asiatique paid for the monthly amortizations of buyers that the firm had admitted to be “questionable” even after an agency audit found out that these borrowers were nonexistent. “It is not a special treatment or special privilege. We have to go through a lot of requirements before we are accredited. Suddenly about 400 were found being questioned. “GA handled 20.” Lee said during the hearing. that there was no malice or any hidden agenda in the creation of the program that made Xevera projects possible. “I would like to personally assure both committees. If we can be allowed to remedy this we can solve this in one or two months. We have written Pag-IBIG but sadly nothing has happened. He said the only underlying motive was to harness available resources to make housing more affordable to more Filipinos within the confines of pertinent laws. “As far as financial damage is concerned no single amount (was) lost by Pag-IBIG because all these are collateralized. Former vice president and Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council (HUDCC) chair Noli de Castro said there was nothing wrong with the housing policy but the problem was implementation.8 billion was released for Sta. De Castro said that he received reports about the problems in the documentation of borrower accounts for the Xevera projects months before he left as HUDCC chairman and he immediately brought this to the attention of Pag-IBIG management.” De Castro said.” Faria said. .000 borrowers could not be located.

and overseas Filipino workers (OFWs). . Lee said their company is the one which stands to lose money if the claims of alleged bogus borrowers are true since the company guaranteed every loan takeout in its housing projects. In turn. and canceled its Funding Commitment Line. Since the discovery of the questionable borrowers. using its own funds before they were sold to Pag-IBIG members through loan arrangements. “It is only when these loans are approved by Pag-IBIG and the housing units are turned over to borrowers that the company gets paid. would not have happened had there been effective checks and balances on the firm’s transactions with state-controlled Home Development Mutual Fund.Faria said Pag-IBIG entered into an agreement with Globe Asiatique in 2008 in response to the need to provide housing for self-employed workers. a lawmaker said on Friday. When Globe Asiatique proposed to target this category. mandated pre-inspection of all loan applications. there was no program specifically geared for them. While Pag-IBIG had already been serving this segment of the population. domestic helpers. Pag-IBIG has also cancelled the developer’s Collection Servicing Agreement (CSA). she said. Pag-IBIG has issued 2. which authorizes the developer to collect monthly payments from member-borrowers and remit these to the Fund. popularly known as the Pag-IBIG Fund.” Faria said. Pampanga.108 Notices of Buyback to Globe Asiatique with a value of P1. These workers were later categorized as Other Working Groups (OWGs). “Globe Asiatique was granted a funding commitment line of P5 billion for a period of three years. Pag-IBIG mess could have been prevented – solon Posted on 03 Sep 2010 at 6:16pm MANILA. cancelled the firm’s authority to conduct loan counseling. they committed to a buyback guaranty of 5 years instead of the regular 2 years. and a performing accounts ratio of 95 percent instead of 90 percent as required of other developers.45 billion. Philippines – The housing mess involving Globe Asiatique Realty Holdings Corp. Faria said Pag-IBIG suspended GA’s access to Window 1 or the express lane facility. the Pag-IBIG agreed to start a pilot project. He said their company has already built all the housing units in the Xevera projects in Bacolor and Mabalacat.” he said.

Marikina Representative Romero Federico Quimbo.ph ] Senate probers hinted at possible liability of top officials of Home Mutual Development Fund (Pag-IBIG) in the multibillion-peso housing mess with Globe Asiatique Realty Corp. alleged that at least P6. chairman of the committee on banks. said he hopes the committees of the House of Representatives that should investigate the scandal can immediately convene to look into how the housing fund was used for allegedly spurious housing loans and developments in Pampanga. financial institutions and currencies. we want to find out where it went wrong. Sen. Two lawmakers have filed separate resolutions calling for the investigation of the mess. below standards. in a special report. As the panel wrapped up its inquiry into the case and take up remaining matters in a series of technical working group (TWG) before the committee prepares its report.” The Philippine Daily Inquirer. Rosales 12/16/2010 [ tribune. He said he did not encounter major problems with Pag-IBIG loans obtained for Globe Asiatique projects. Sergio Osmeña III.net. who supposedly turned out to be fake Pag-Ibig members. . if proven that he was at the helm of the project then. which is why the firm was able to obtain a special loan window for the Other Working Group (OWG). maybe this thing would not have happened. unoccupied or closed. allowing Globe Asiatique to take out billions in housing loan proceeds for its Xevera housing projects in Bacolor and Mabalacat in Pampanga even when the units to be financed were unfinished. The Inquirer report said that Pag-IBIG Fund bent its rules. Pag-IBIG execs liable for Globe Asiatique’s billion-peso scams By Angie M. Quimbo said he is willing to participate in the inquiry to tell the public what he knows about the Pag-IBIG Fund’s operations when he was CEO from 2002 to 2009. “There’s an assembly line of check and balance after the loan is processed. “I’m concerned because. had they followed the procedure of check and balance. former chief executive officer of the Pag-IBIG Fund. or workers who are not formally employed but earn through small businesses.” Quimbo said in a phone interview.6 billion in housing loan proceeds were taken out by Globe Asiatique Realty Holdings Corporation for buyers of houses in its projects in Pampanga. said axe will likely fall on the board of trustees of Pag-IBIG at the time of the supposed transaction and former Vice President Noli de Castro will not be spared. Osmeña said those to be held accountable are those “at the policy and operational level” of Pag-IBIG.

vice president of Pag-IBIG’s Wholesale Lending Group. Osmeña said the committee has yet to determine what other laws were violated when officials and members of the board of the Pag-IBIG gave Globe Asiatique preferential treatment for its Xevera Pampanga housing project. which is ten times higher than normal. The committee will check into collusion with and bribery of certain Pag-IBIG officials in defrauding the Fund.” he stressed. However. The evidence of fraud is overwhelming.“At the policy level. let alone address the backlog which is estimated at close to 4 million units. He debunked news reports that the committee had cleared businessman Delfin Lee’s Globe Asiatique in relation to it’s liability in the housing irregularity. all of which were not made available to other housing developers. the government cannot meet the current demand for housing. “Everybody who’s on the board and if Noli (De Castro) is on the board. He noted the admission of Juanito Eje.” he said. That’s the reason why we invited him here (in the hearings). They are being charged with syndicated estafa by the Pag-IBIG. A Pag-IBIG official indicated that Lee’s bad loans had already reached P4 billion. “We never cleared Globe Asiatique or any of its officers. Osmeña answered in the affirmative. Osmeña reiterated that the purpose of the Senate committee hearing is to improve the process and plug the loopholes in the loan activities of Pag-IBIG by amending its charter. during last Thursday’s committee hearing that Globe Asiatique enjoyed special treatment — such as a higher funding commitment line of P5 billion. Small housing developers who also attended the hearing confirmed they could only avail a maximum of P500 million funding. citing Pag-IBIG records that fictitious borrowers were submitted by Globe Asiatique to avail of millions of pesos of fund loans. which means De Castro being held accountable in the end. . “This is a breach of good management practice.” Gov’t alone cannot meet housing need BY RUELLE ALBERT D. They were not informed that Pag-IBIG had made available to Globe Asiatique a funding that was 10 times bigger than the funding commitment line for housing. he said: “If the committee finds any violation of criminal laws. He is open to being questioned. and exemptions from requirements under Pag-IBIG Circular 259. the board of trustees (will likely be held responsible) because they opened a new lending window for GA and this information was held from the other interested parties. CASTRO By itself. They did not even impose the requirements on validation. Also.” he said in an interview with reporters. “Also.” the senator said. Asked if liability of officials could get to the top. it would not hesitate to recommend to the proper bodies the prosecution of those criminally liable. then (the answer is) yes. they relaxed some of the requirements.

" she said. Monsod also said the current business model of Pag-IBIG has been shown to be susceptible to abuse as in the case of Globe Asiatique Realty Holdings Corp." she said. She said the reason is Pag-IBIG is extending financing only to those who are capable of paying monthly mortgage payments. Berberabe said Pag-IBIG is continuously looking into ways to better carry out its mandate of mobilizing forced savings and investing these housing. Berberabe said the Globe Asiatique fiasco did not stem from defects in the institutional loan programs but from the company’s breach of the warranties contained in its funding commitment agreement with the mutual fund." she said." she said. HDMF (Pag-IBIG) is now reviewing the entire system and the program and is looking at how access to loans can be maintained for its members without compromising the speed of processing and the integrity of the Fund.Lawyer Darlene Marie B." she added. (SHFC)." including the informal sector. "Majority of Pag-IBIG’s membership are formally-employed workers. said the government housing sector has the capacity of providing 150. "Thus. to get involved in providing additional inventory for housing.000 units. even if majority of its membership are formal income earners. "The system of enabling developers to pre-process and approve loans was put in place to enable more borrowers to access Pag-IBIG’s housing loan program. against a yearly demand placed by the Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council at 300. Monsod as saying the housing mutual fund has failed in fulfilling its mandate." she added. Home Mutual Development (Pag-IBIG) Fund chief executive officer. it is imperative to encourage the private sector. It was not meant to provide financing for developers. Berberabe said the charter of Pag-IBIG allows it to service "other working groups. for example. "The housing needs of the bottom 20-30 percent of the poor are addressed by other shelter agencies like the National Housing Authority (NHA) and the Social Housing Finance Corp.000 to 400. Berbarabe was reacting to a Malaya Business Insight story quoting University of the Philippines professor Toby Melissa C. Berberabe. "As a result of the problem with GA. is not able to reach the bottom 20-30 percent of the poor. Monsod said Pag-IBIG. . "We are now reviewing our business model as well as our housing and provident guidelines. with a growing portion of this membership (now at around 9 percent) composed of overseas Filipinos registering as members.000 homes only. particularly developers.

Berberabe in an earlier interview with Malaya Business Insight said the new system might be in place this month or the next.4 billion would be invested in housing. (from the newsroom of PagIBIG Fund website) . "For the period of January to November 2010. However. He urged Congress to restore the said provision to realize the prospective law’s objectives of providing the Filipino citizens with sufficient shelter through the mobilization of funds for shelter finance. He noted that the draft bills approved by the two Houses of Congress would restore the tax-exempt privilege of the Fund and authorize the board to set the contribution rates of members resulting in additional funds for the benefit of PagIBIG members. 2009 Vice President and concurrent Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council (HUDCC) chairman Noli ‘Kabayan’ de Castro thanked the two Houses of Congress for pushing the amendments in the Charter of the Home Development Mutual Fund (HDMF) or Pag-IBIG Fund. Berberabe said its exposure is more than all other government financing institutions combined and more than the total loan portfolio of banks. February 5. De Castro objected to the deletion of the provision in the Pag-IBIG Fund’s existing Charter stating it should “invest not less than 70% of its investible fund to housing. "HDMF still has the most affordable lending program – with the lowest interest rates." she said. 79 percent of HDMF’s housing loan takeouts were in the P1 million and below packages.000 and below range. Today’s Report – Housing Czar pushes for Pag-IBIG’s 70% investment in housing. At this time of the global financial crisis.” De Castro said." Berberabe said. and the longest repayment terms compared to banks.6 million of economic activity in the country. while 13 percent are in the P400. Every P1 million invested in housing translates to P16. 70% or about P57. Fifty percent of its total loan takeouts were in the P400.000 range.” “Housing is one sector with a big multiplier effect on the economy.000 to P700. The Charter amendments seek to strengthen not only the Pag-IBIG Fund but the entire housing sector as well. Of this amount. the highest loan-to-collateral ratios. we need to put our funds on industries that would stimulate the economy and create more jobs for our people. Despite criticisms. Pag-IBIG remains the biggest provider of home financing. De Castro’s call for the restoration of the above provision is consistent with his recent announcement that the PagIBIG Fund is putting in at least P82 billion as part of the stimulus package being worked out by the Arroyo Administration.

upon assumption of office. if government employer For Sole Proprietorship • • • • DTI Registration Mayor’s Permit/ Business Permit SEC Registration Articles of Partnership/Incorporation and By-laws For Partnership/Corporation . This mandatory coverage is also extended to expatriates whose age is up to 60 years old and who are compulsorily covered by the SSS. shall be compulsorily covered by the Fund.Leave a Comment » | Uncategorized | Tagged: housing loan.00 a month.000 a month. pag-ibig fund southern mindanao. 1.investment. Accomplish and submit two (2) copies of the MRRF together with the following supporting documents to the Marketing and Enforcement Division: • • • Members Data Form (MDF) of the employees Certificate of SSS Coverage and Compliance (for the current year). stimulus fund | Permalink Posted by hdmf how to become a member of Pag-IBIG Fund February 5.gov. In the absence of an explicit exemption from SSS coverage the said expatriate. pag-ibig fund. FOR WORKERS WITH REGULAR EMPLOYMENT Persuant to Republic Act 7742 which was fully implemented on January 1. including those who belong to other working groups shall be on a voluntary basis. membership to the Pag-IBIG Fund shall be mandatory for all employees covered by the Social Security System (SSS) and/or the Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) and who are earning at least P4.000. 2009 ref: www. Membership for employees who are earning less than P4.pagibigfund. if private employer GSIS Certificate of Membership.ph MEMBERSHIP PROCEDURES AND REQUIREMENTS I. Procedures on the Registration of Employers and it’s employees 1. 1995. Proceed to the Marketing and Enforcement Division of the concerned branch and request for a copy of the Membership Registration/Remittance Form (MRRF) [FPF060].

Schedule of Payments for Company-Members First Letter of Company Name Remittance Schedule . The succeeding remittances shall depend on the following schedule: First Letter of Company NameRemittance Schedule A–D 10th to the 14th day of the month E–L 15th to the 19th day of the month M–Q 20th to the 24th day of the month R–Z 25th to the end of the month 1. the MRRF may be submitted in diskette. Upon payment. Accomplish two copies of the Membership Registration/Remittance Form (M1-1). present the Pag-IBIG Fund Receipt (PFR) to the Marketing and Enforcement Division. 1. Submit to the Marketing office 2 copies of the accomplished Member’s Data Forms (MDF) of all qualified employees to the Marketing Division on the second month after the first payment of contributions. Upon submission of complete documents. 3. Succeeding remittance date shall depend on the schedule of payment of the office (see below). The names of newly-hired employees that are covered by RA 7742 should be included in the accomplished M1-1 form and their corresponding contributions duly remitted to the Fund. registration and SSS forms) to the Marketing Division of the concerned Pag-IBIG branch office for verification (bring all originals for authentication). 1. The accomplished MDF of the new employees shall be submitted on the following month. the Marketing and Enforcement Division shall issue the Payment Order Form (POF). Present all documents (M1-1. Accomplished M1-1 shall serve as the remittance form for succeeding payments. The original copy of the documents shall be presented for authentication. 2. 4. For the succeeding remittances. Submit the “referral slip” prepared by the Marketing staff and all verified documents to the cashier. Prepare the following documents (2 photocopies): SEC registration or the company’s DTI and SSS registration R3 and R1A forms (SSS registration and remittance forms) 2. <!– Procedure of registration for first-time member-companies: 1. 6. Secure referral slip from Marketing staff. 2. Proceed to the office’s Cash Division for payment of first monthly remittance. Notes: 1. Proceed to the Cash and Administrative Services Division and pay the 1st monthly membership contributions (MC). 7.Notes: 1. 2. 2. 5.

4. Secure Payment Order Form (POF) from Marketing and Enforcement Division and proceed to the Cash Division for payment of initial membership contributions (MC) 3.A-D E-L M-Q R-Z –>II. Secure Payment Order Form before proceeding to Cash Division for payment of contribution REQUIREMENTS FOR INDIVIDUAL PAYORS (IP) SELF-PAYING (WAIVED COMPANY) • Certificate of Employment & Compensation Latest Payslip Company ID SELF-EMPLOYED • Latest ITR • • <!– • • • • • –> <!–OPERATORS OR FRANCHISE HOLDERS • • • • Franchise Permit (under the member’s name) Official Receipt or Car Registration (under member’s name) Latest ITR (previous year) Two 1×1 ID pictures Latest Income Tax Return (ITR) with Financial Statement of the previous year certified by a CPA Certificate of Remittance/ESAV (for old members) Two 1×1 ID pictures SEC or DTI Registration (should be under the member’s name) Business Permit or Mayor’s Permit –> <!– . INDIVIDUAL-PAYORS/VOLUNTARY MEMBERS 10th to the 14th day of the month 15th to the 19th day of the month 20th to the 24th day of the month 25th to the end of the month Employees who are not regularly employed and who belong to other working groups can join the Pag-IBIG Fund on a voluntary basis. Present all verified/stamped documents to the Marketing and Enforcement Division. Accomplished and submit two (2) copies of the MDF and all required supporting documents to the Marketing and Enforcement Division of the concerned Pag-IBIG branch office (bring all originals for authentication) 2. How to join Pag-IBIG: 1.

00 . in case a representative shall submit the documents and pay the member’s contributions –> <!–SELF-EMPLOYED PROFESSIONALS • • • • PRC/BAR License Latest ITR (previous year) Certificate of Remittance or ESAV (for old members) Two 1×1 ID pictures –>UNEMPLOYED SPOUSE (For Non-Working Spouse) • • • Written consent from member-working spouse Certificate of Employment and Compensation of member-working spouse Affidavit of Unemployment For member-spouse with business: • • • • • • • • • Latest ITR <!– Written consent from member-employed/working spouse Certificate of Employment and Compensation of member-working spouse (notarized) Affidavit of Unemployment Two 1×1 ID pictures If member-spouse has own business Latest ITR (previous year) Business Permit or Mayor’s Permit SEC or DTI Registration  Monthly contributions of unemployed members (reactivating or non-working spouse) shall be P100.• • Certificate of Remittance or ESAV Two ID pictures –>OVERSEAS FILIPINO WORKER (OFW) (For Reactivating Members only) • • • • • • • Latest Contract of Employment Passport or any valid ID<!– Latest and valid Contract of Employment (with POEA original stamp) Certificate of Remittance or ESAV Passport or any Valid ID/POEA license Two 1×1 ID pictures Special Power of Attorney (SPA).

but may not downgrade the amount  Unemployed members may avail of the Multi-Purpose Loan but not a housing loan from Pag-IBIG  Individual payors or voluntary members have the option to choose their terms of payment. quarterly. The unemployed member has the option to upgrade his monthly contributions.g monthly. bi-monthly. e. etc. –> UNEMPLOYED (For Reactivating Members only) • Affidavit of Unemployment .

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