Guest Houses & Hotels in Boudhanath

Shechen Guest House
Room Rates Low May 16 - August 31 Single occupancy, ( bed & breakfast ) Double occupancy, ( bed & breakfast ) Triple occupancy, ( bed & breakfast ) 680 (NRs) 930 (NRs) 1330 (NRs) High Sep 1- May 15 750 (NRs) 1030 (NRs) 1430 (NRs)

The rooms at the Shechen Guest House which is next to and run by Shechen Monastery (Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche’s monastery) are also quite good. It has a private garden and small restaurant. It has 23 woodfloor rooms with attached Western style bathrooms. Free services include: solar/electric hot water, bed linens and towels, room cleaning, thermos with hot water. Services that can be arranged include: local/international telephone/fax, newspaper, travel bookings, and laundry. During the winter electric space heaters can be rented for 150 NRs. per night. No discounts are given during the winter months as the guest house is usually fully occupied. The daily room rates include breakfast but not the 13% government tax. Contact: Tashi Tsering at the Shechen Guest House between 8 AM - 8 PM for reservations. Phone: 977-1-4479009. Fax: 977-1-4470215. For general enquiries and to make reservations: Website:

Lotus Guest House
Phulbari, Boudha P.O. Box 4512 Kathmandu, Nepal Single without bath/toilet Single with bath/toilet Double without bath/toilet Double with bath/toilet Three Beds 350 NRs. 400 NRs. 600 NRs. 700 NRs. 750 NRs.

Check out time: 12:00 Noon One of best values is found at the Lotus Guest House. Run by Dabsang Monastery, it is clean, pleasant, has a large garden and serves breakfast. The governing board of the Lotus has not increased the room rates in many years as their boarders are primarily foreign Dharma students and practitioners. Free services include: solar hot water, bed linens and towel, room cleaning, thermos with hot drinking water. Other available services include: breakfast, newspaper, travel bookings, taxis, postal service, local/ international telephone calls, and laundry. During the winter months electric heaters are not provided. Daily room rates include 13% government tax. Wi-Fi is also available.

Note: All the rooms are double. Phone: 977-1-4480741. Room Rates: Shared/Common Bathroom Attached Bathroom Deluxe Room Extra person *Note: Tax included in price Contact: Pema Lhamo Guest Kailash Guest House Phulbari. Services that can be arranged include: travel bookings. between 8:30 . Long-term discount available. There is no food service. room service. The Kailash Guest House is very near Ka-Nying Shedrub Ling Monastery. Discount is available for long-term rentals. Since most rooms have a southern exposure. Nepal Single without bath/toilet Double without bath/toilet Double with bath/toilet 330 NRs. Kailash Guest House manager. Phones: 977-1-4472432 or 977-1-4472320. During the winter electric space heaters are not available. A pleasant afternoon can be spent studying while drinking tea on a warm day.9:30AM Nepal time. for reservations.O. Contact: Dhundup Lama. 500 NRs 850 NRs 1. Services include: laundry. manager. Phone: 977-1-4495662. Daily room rates are not discounted. but will not receive a confirmation. Its clean rooms offer few frills. solar hot water and local telephone calls. The Tibetan family who runs the guest house lives in the building and are friendly and courteous. there isn’t any single room. 550 NRs. Box 6022 Kathmandu. Free services include: solar hot water. for reservations.Contact: Mr. room cleaning. they are relatively sunny and warmer during the winter months. Pema Lhamo Guest House Located adjacent to the Lotus Guest House and two minutes walk from Ka-Nying Shedrub Ling. Wanga. the Pema Lhamo boasts a relaxing atmosphere with garden and terrace. unless you call. thermos with hot water. Boudha P. lotusguesthouse@yahoo. laundry. local telephone. making it very affordable. bed linens and towels.050 NRs 150 Nrs(exception for small kids) . the Pema Lhamo offers comfortable accommodations at a reasonable rate. 650 NRs. You can also request a reservation by Fax at 977-1-4478091. Set back from the busy pace of Boudha.

All rooms have attached bathroom and color TV.Hotel Padma G. travel and trekking information. Phones: 977-1-446-2452. mobile phone rental. The hotel offers free wireless. Located next to the Boudhanath Stupa this hotel was opened in March 1998. safe deposit lockers. currency exchange. they also have one double bed and 3 single beds. and van-hire for pilgrimage purposes. small fridge and dining table.00 $ 27. The first floor has a restaurant serving a mixed Asian menu.00 $ as they have a kitchenette with gas stove. serving Chinese. breakfast for 2 people included 24-hour . rooftop garden.00 This new guest house is under the same management as the Valley Guest House.00 $ 66. Services offered: 24hr room service. 24hr laundry service.O Box No. and very new. Major credit cards accepted (MasterCard/Visa/JCB). The two suites are a great value. telephone and television. and shopping arcade. local/international telephone & fax services. 977-1-447-0957. clean. Fax: 977-1-448-1550 Email: hotelpadma@wlink. all rooms are small but quite Single Room Double/Twin Room Deluxe Room US$ 19 US$ 27 US$ 38 Khumbu Hotel  Room Rate for 1st April to 31st August Rate $ 17. Nepalese & Continental dishes. Contact: Hotel Padma for reservations. airport pick-up and drop-off.00 Room Type Double Bed room with attached bathroom Twin Bedroom with attached bathroom Suite (Including 10% service charges)  Room Rate for 1st September to 31st March Room Type Double Bed room with attached bathroom Twin Bedroom with attached bathroom Suite (Including 10% service charges) Rate $ 22. car rental. Services that can be arranged include: laundry. 13823 Boudhanath Kathmandu. Also on the premises is Chepang’s Restaurant. All rooms have attached bath. Nepal Room Rates include all taxes. On the ground floor of the hotel is the reception area and a bar. mailing service. Meals can also be taken on the roof top with full views of the Boudha Stupa. airport transfer. Although only the two suite rooms face the Stupa.00 $ 50. 24-hour room service.

000 for 30 days Rs. Special rates apply for guests who stay for a longer period. Gopi Krishna Gautam (M.500 for 30 days . and all rooms have a color and is located just off the Boudha Stupa.15.20. 2500/3000/3500 NRs. 24 hour room service.000 for 30 days Rs. The 17 rooms in this guesthouse have no view of the Stupa. Website: www. The guesthouse has a restaurant on the ground floor with a Stupa view rooftop terrace. Services that can be arranged include: laundry.D. Contact: The Chorten Guesthouse for reservations.10.000 for 30 days Rs. Major credit cards are accepted.400 per night and Rs. Nepal • • • • • • Two Bedroom with Kitchen: Suit Room: One Bedroom with Kitchen: Double Bedroom: Twin Bedroom: Single Bedroom: Rs. 977-1-4465241. heaters rent for NRs 200/ water and generator. and sunny. airport pick-up and drop-off.600 per night and : http://www. and safe deposit lockers. and major credit cards are 1100 Tharlam Guest House PO Box 5673 Boudha. This guesthouse has just opened (2006). Email: gautam_303@hotmail. vanhire for pilgrimage purposes. Special rates apply for guests who stay for a longer period.1000 per night and Rs. AC also available.000 for 30 days Rs. Fax: 977-1-4465402. 5 to 10% Discount available for Shedra Students Hot water available from 6am to 10pm. Kathmandu. The suites have a Phone: 977-1-4465282. generator until Hotel Boudha Chorten Off Boudha Stupa Kathmandu.1200 per night and Rs. but are fair-sized.khumbuhotel. hotel. Nepal Single Double Suite Apartment with Kitchen (Per Week) 900 NRs.20. baggage store room.1000 per night and Rs. gops127@yahoo.22.15.000 for 30 days Rs.) Cell: +977-9851121001 : info@hotelchorten. internet and email service. See their brochure. 3500 NRs.hotelchorten. Contact: The Khumbu Hotel for reservations.600 per night and Rs. : +977-1-4498240 : +977-1-4488178 Mr.

Kathmandu. Email: hotelngudrup@gmail. It is set in a quiet area.16th May Regular Delux Delux with Kitchen Triple Suite Single 720 830 1150 1500 2000 Double 1040 1150 1390 2400 Single 680 790 1050 1350 1500 Double 920 1020 1350 1800 . Laundry service can be arranged. and a rooftop garden. with the Tharlam Monastery backing the guesthouse. 977-1-4464317. sightseeing trips to Namo Buddha and other pilgrimage Hotel Ngudrup PO Box 1287 Shramik Marg Boudha. The guest house has a meditation room. Contact: Hotel Ngudrup for reservations. these are only available for monthly periods. All rooms have a color Website: http://www.This is another new guest house in Boudha within 5 minutes walk from either the Shedra or the Stupa. Services that can be arranged are: laundry. and shopping ROOM RATES: *Low Season: 15th May . Currently there is no restaurant but there is a large conference room on the top floor. For longer stays. Fax: 977-1-4470763. Phones: 977-1-4476206. conference room.hotelngudrup. Seven of these rooms have attached kitchenettes which are ideal for longer stays. and a rooftop terrace with views of the Stupa. Nepal A good 10-15 min walk from the Shedra and Stupa. baggage storage. All rooms have attached bathrooms with hot water showers. Phone: 977-1-4915878 Email: tharlamgh@yahoo. hot water and attached bathrooms.15th September Regular Delux Delux with Kitchen Triple Suite *High Season: 16th September . Daily room rates include breakfast. Contact: Tharlam Guesthouse for reservations. the Hotel Ngudrup is another newly built guesthouse with 25 rooms and one suite. apartments are available which have kitchenettes and a sitting area.

Rooms that are without bathroom in the room share a common bathroom on the same floor. US Dollars and Nepali Rupees. only 2 minutes in each direction to either the Boudha Stupa or the RYI Shedra. all rooms have attached bathrooms. only the double rooms have color TV.NOTE: 10% Service Charge Extra Payment is accepted in Euros.O. The guesthouse has a restaurant on the premises and a separate garden restaurant close by the hotel. Dharatole. Contact: PRK Guest House for 2011 are: Double with attached bathroom Double w/o bathroom 700 NRs 5 single beds w/o attached bath Kitchen room w/o attached bathroom Single room w/o attached bathroom 900 NRs 1. Phones: 977-1-4465944/4489279 Email: Website: www. Daily room rates from 1st November. Kathmandu Contact: Dungkar Guest House for reservations. the guesthouse is situated near many local restaurants. Post Office Box 7003 Boudha. just behind Boudha Stupa and only 5 minutes walk from Ka-Nying Shedrub Ling Standard Room: . Although there is no Pal Rabten Khangsar (PRK) Guesthouse A new guesthouse (2005). 4468111 Fax: +977 1 4474654 E-mail: prkguesthouse@yahoo. Box No: 4377 Boudha Phulbari.000 NRs 500 NRs 400 NRs Special rates apply for guests who stay for a longer period. P. Nepal Tel: +977 1 However. Kathmandu. Dungkar Guest House This is a new guesthouse that opened January 2007.sakyatharig.

com Tise Guest House Ti-se is run by a family and managed under a distinct Tibetan-Nepali hospitality and modern amenities. The facilities offered by Ti-se Guest House are available to guests no matter what type of room they choose to stay in. These rates are inclusive of breakfast. SPECIAL CORPORATE RATE (USD) Single Double 120 132 138 150 172 184 Room Category Hyatt Guest Room Stupa View Room Regency Club Room Published Rates USD 215 USD 233 USD 267 Contact: Phone: 977-1-4491234 Fax: 977-1-4490033 Email: reservation. Website: www.Single Room Twin Room Double Room Extra Bed NRS 600 NRS 800 NRS 1000 NRS 200 The above rates are subject to 10% Service Charge SPECIAL DISCOUNT FOR LONG STAYING GUEST Hyatt Regency PO Box 9609.kathmanduhr@hyatt. the above discounted rates are available.kathmandu. For friends of Rangjung Yeshe Institute. You can view the type of room you would like to stay in and make a reservation right now! Room Rate per Night (USD $) with Breakfast . Nepal The Hyatt Regency Kathmandu is a luxury 5-star city resort hotel situated in Boudhanath. 5 minutes walking distance from Ka-Nying Shedrub Ling Monastery. Kathmandu. It is just opposite the back gate of Hyatt at 5 minutes walking distance from Ka-Nying Shedrub Ling Monastery. but exclusive of all applicable taxes and service charge. Hyatt Guest Room Boudhanath.regency.

Garden Attached to Dragon is a private flower garden for the guests. 550 For reservations. just 5 minutes walk from the shedra. Kitchen The restaurant of the guest house has a vegetarian kitchen (no fish or meat. Communication International phone services and free wireless internet access are available inside Dragon Guesthouse as well as two English daily newspapers.00 Rates are quoted in US Dollar (US$) Rates are subject to change without prior notice Special rates for long term stay & group tour 10% Service Charge is subjected on tariff Dragon Guesthouse Dragon Guest House is located just near to Shechen Monastery at Boudhanath in Kathmandu. is non-smoking. 385 Double Room Rs.00 $ 27. like the The Valley Guesthouse The Valley Guesthouse is situated behind the Thrangu monastery.Type of Rooms Single Bedroom (Attached Bathroom) Twin Bedroom (Common Bathroom) Twin Bedroom (Attached Bathroom) Lanai Room (Attached Bathroom) Stupa View (Attached Bathroom) Suite Room Extra Bed Apartment is also available! Notes:     Tariff $18.00 $ 22. nearby the Garden Kitchen restaurant.00 $ 55. .00 $ 8. 6-8 minutes walking from the famous Stupa and shedra. please call +977-1-4479562 and 4496117 Email: dragon@ntc.00 $ 27. Rates Single Room $ 30. but egg is available) and.

Single Double/Twins Deluxe Apartment Extra Mattress $20 $26 $28 $56 $ 7 Above rates are exclusive of 10% service charge.(± €29.70) .650 NRs 2.50) .) .30) .800 NRs . 4477326 Mobile: 9841-777128 Email: hotelmandala@hotmail.(± €16. 10% discount in the low seasons which is from the month of March to August. those prices are without breakfast (Breakfast = 200 Rs) * Special prices for longer stay For reservations: Email: Phone 00977-1-4471241/4478242 Hotel Mandala Hotel Mandala is just next to the Boudha Stupa in a quiet and peaceful atmosphere.100 NRs www.970 NRs 2.(± €25.50) .net .Rates & Reservations As of 1st of September 2011 Single Room Double Room Suite/Family Room Suite/Family Room with Balcony Apartment Big Apartment 1.(± €28) *Room prices are per night including Breakfast except the Apartments. Phone: 977-1-4474597. about 7 minutes walk from the Shedra..(± €27.(± €11.530 NRs 2.750 NRs 2.

hoteltibetintl.US $12++ Buffet Launch (Per Person) .00 $320.US $25++ Taxes * All rates quoted above are subject to 10% Service charge & 13 % VAT * Tariffs are subject to change without prior notice. There will be taxes added to the final rate.00 No charge for child below 12 years sharing same room with EXTRA BED -US $ 30++ CHECK OUT TIME = 12 NOON CHECK IN TIME = 2 P. Buffet Breakfast (Per Person) . Box 7545. Limit to 1 only. Boudha. Nepal Tel: 977-01-4488188/4488189/4488190/448891 Fax: 977-01-4487963 Email: info@hoteltibetintl. about 10-ish minutes walk from the shedra.00 $160. Should there be a group then they can consider an even better discount. Note: They can provide 20% discount on their rack rates and also provide complimentary breakfast.US $20++ Buffet Dinner (Per Person) .00 $120.Hotel Tibet International Hotel Tibet International is strategically located close to Boudhanath Stupa. Standard Room Single/Double Superior Room Single/Double Deluxe Room Single/Double Junior Suite Single/Double Executive Suite Single/Double $90.00 $260. Hotel Norbu Sangpo .np Website: http://www.

It is ideally located in Boudha. a hotel with all single and double rooms.khasyor. just 5 minutes walk from the shedra. Hotel Buddha Khasyor Guest House is located just inside the main stupa. attached bathroom and free Wi-Fi. Mobile Rs 1. Room Tariff: 1. The following prices are valid for 2011: Web: http://www. Contact them for more details. *Short term guests receive a 15% discount. only 6 kms from Tribhuvan International Airport and five minutes of walking distance from Boudhanath Stupa. Double/Couplebed: 3. Rokpa Guest House Rokpa Guest house is located very nearby the Shechen Monastery.200 per night Rs 700 per night They have the special discount for students and that is 25% discount on every Khasyor Guest House Khasyor Guest House. Long-term guests (1 week or more) receive up to 65% discount from now until end of the Tourism year 2011. Twin bed: 2. 9851071186 Email: khasyor@gmail. Long term Rend: Pre-paid for one year . Single bed: Ph No: +977-01-4491482 Contact: Shyam Lama. Tel: 977-1-4477301 and 977-1-4482500 Fax: 977-1-4492816 Email: info@hotelnorbusangpo. 3 mins from the shedra. Room Super Super Deluxe Suite Grande Suite Single $20 $24 $30 $35 Double $30 $34 $39 $44 Extra Bed $35 $38 $38 $49 The above rates include 13% VAT (Taxes) but do not include applicable discounts. right in front of the hotel Mandala.500 per night Rs 1.

You bring your own .Ground Floor only: all the rooms are furnished Manager: Sagar Parajulee Tel: 00977-1-4915796 E-mail: info@rokpaguesthouse. Budget studio 75'000 NRs Budget studio 15'000 NRs Budget studio 8'500 NRs Studio 90'000 NRs Studio 18'000 NRs Studio 10'000 NRs Deluxe studio 120'000 for 6 // 132'000 for 14 Deluxe studio 24'000 for 6 // 25'000 for 14 Deluxe studio 13'500 for 6 // 14'000 for 14 Two bedroom apartment 110'000 NRs Two bedroom apartment 22'000 NRs Two bedroom apartment 13'500 NRs B. Minimum stay: 1 week . If you would like to rent the place for another year. the rent will be due 2 months before the end of the lease of the present year. Short term: 1 to 11 months Ground Floor only: all the rooms are furnished C.

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