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2007 ² 20121

PhD Istanbul Technical University, Institute of Science and Technology, Management Engineering (Organization Theory)  Thesis ´Micro-Macro Agents and Structure Interaction in Formation and Change of an Institutional Field: Turkish Private Hospital Fieldµ. Supervisors: Mehmet Ercek, Fatma Kusku Akdogan and Sukru Ozen. MSc Istanbul Technical University, Institute of Science and Technology, Management Engineering (Management)  Thesis ´Teachable Leadership Model and an Application to Turkish Private Sectorµ. Supervisors: Mehmet Ercek, Idil V. Evcimen. University of Bahcesehir, Faculty of Engineering, Computer Engineering  ´Linux Device Driver Development: Mouse Driverµ. Supervisors: Gorkem Cetin

2004 - 2006

2000 ² 2004


January 2010May 2011May 2009- June 2011

Lecturer in Computer Engineering and Information Sciences, Istanbul Technical University Visiting Scholar, Eindhoven University of Technology (Information Systems) Lecturer in Healthcare Management, Acibadem University

My research primarily focuses on the intersections of three topics: (1) Strategic management of the firm and configuration of the bundle of resources, business processes and capabilities (resource based view), (2) Organization theory, and (3) Management of technology.

Refereed Journals

[3]*Turkeli, S., Ercek M. (2010) ´Designing a Capability-Focused Strategic Management Model for a Turkish Public Hospital: Learning from Failureµ Systemic Practice and Action Research, Vol.23(5),p.353-370(DOI: 10.1007/s11213009-9163-7) [2]Turkeli, S., Reijers, H., Kaymak, U. ´Designing the Global Integrated Health Information System Infrastructure: Content Analysis of LiteratureAn IT approach proposal to improve the communication quality between doctor and foreign patientµ Travel MedicineInformation Systems Research (submitted) [1] Turkeli, S. ´Institutional Field Fashion: JCI Accreditation as a Management Fashionµ (To be submitted to International Journal for Quality in Health Care)

Under Review

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274-83 [2]Turkeli.7-16 [1]*Turkeli. S. 9th Health Management Congress Cyprus. Antalya. Antalya.Ozalp.Eskisehir. 9th Health Management Congress Cyprus.2010. S. 19th Management and Organisation Congress. F and Saatçio lu. ´Analysis of Turkey Current Medical Tourism Strategyµ.Paper presented at international congress. ´Leadership Skills : Do we need them for Dynamic capability?µ. Mu la. ´Sustainable Competitive Advantage In Health and published as full text in Tourism : Bursa Caseµ.. Sahin H. S. S.. S. 2010.170-181 [1]Turkeli. ahin H. O. *Türkeli.. S. ´A Model Proposal fFor Measuring tThe Performance Of Nurses In The Specialized Nursing Systemµ.. S. conference or symposium. 2011 as full text in proceedings. Ölmez. Pekpostalci. p. Bodrum. ´Distance Learning System. p. ahin H.. 2008. conference or Harley Owners Group-HOGµ... Kilic. Özçelik G. p. S.. ´Brand Community as a Strategy: Case Study congress. U. [8] Türkeli.. S.p. p. 18th Management and Organisation Congress. B. Adana. 6th Health Management Congress. 2005 Paper presented at national [9] Türkeli. Kacar. 2011 [5]Türkeli. Akal.62-73 [3]Turkeli S. ´Developing Strategic Management Model Based On Balanced Scorecard And An Application To Vakif Gureba Hospital: Action Researchµ. 2009. S. p. the paper presented at the annual meeting of 2nd International Congress on Quality and Performance in Healthcare. 2008.. the paper presented at the annual meeting of 4th proceedings International Congress on Health Tourism. Using Scarce Resources More Efficientlyµ the paper presented at the annual meeting of Biltek(Science and Technology) Congress. Istanbul. [4] *Türkeli. ´Does JCI Accreditation a Management Fashion?µ. ´Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation as A Profession: The Composition Of The Profession and Defining Specializations For The Future Of Professionµ 3rd Physiotherapy Congress. H. ´Proposal for Business Intelligence as Decision Support System in Healthcare Organizationsµ 6th TurkMIA (Turk Medical Informatics) Congress. S. 2009 p. and published Canakkale.. ´Organizational Quality Measurement: War Or/And Peace Of General aAnd Special To Organization Indicatorsµ.2011 [6] Türkeli. Line spacing: single 2 of 4 . 79-95 Formatted: Superscript Formatted: Body Text.. S. S. Cyprus. Istanbul. 2010.490-499 [4]Türkeli. G. ´The Accreditation Claim Building of the JCI Accredited Hospitals: Discourse analysis of Turkish Health Sectorµ 7th Health Management Congress. ´How Can We Improve tThe Communication Quality Between Doctor aAnd Foreign Patient?µthe paper presented at the annual meeting of 22nd EFMI(European Federation for Medical Informatics)Antalya. 8th Health Management Congress.2011 [7] Türkeli. symposium. 2011 [3]Kan Z. S.3-11 [2]*Turkeli. Bas.

Bahcesehir University Grants and scholarships for research and study  Spread of Management Fashions in Peripheral Business Systems: The Role of Turkish Groups in Consuming. ´Flash MX 2004µ.May 2006 January 2003 . Software Engineer A WARDS & H ONORS& CERTIFICA T ES RE CE IVED April 2008 May 2008 April 2005 June 2000-June2009 April 2001-June210014 Best Paper.February 2008 February 2008 . Team Member of First CMMI Level 3 Certification in Turkey). System Development Consultant Calik Holding. [5]Strategic Management. System Development and Risk Consultant Armagan Kimya. 2007 Winner). [3]Introduction to Business 3 of 4 . 2003 Book published at national level. S.. (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey) 2008-2010. [2] ´Can Microsoft Listen You?µ. Team Member of Technology Award Project). TEA CHING EXPERIENCE [6]Philosophy of Management Science. Adopting and Diffusing Six Sigma. Netron High Honors (Academic Excellence Award). Health Management Association Financial Management. [5] ´Explorer and Alternativesµ.0µ Pcworld Turkey Ad hoc Journal Reviews: Reviewer for Systemic Practice and Action Research 2011-present OTHER WORK EXPERIENCE August 2008 -February 2009 July 2007 .. [4] ´How Hackers Hack Bank Accountsµ. Pcworld Turkey. Business Intelligence Solutions Consultant MKK(Central Registry Agency Inc.Turkeli. [3] ´Popular Hacking Methodsµ . Istanbul Technical University Leadership. Management and Reengineering Consultant Pcworld Turkey Havelsan(Leading Software Company in Turkey. Capital Market. [4]Introduction to Healthcare Management. IT Project Management. Contributions to national or local written or visual media. Bahcesehir University. The Association of Capital Market Intermediary Institutions of Turkey Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE).August 2008 March 2005 . A CA DEMIC SERVICE [6] ´A Story and A methodµ.October 2003 Innova (Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Turkey 2006. [1] ´Suse 10.February 2004 July 2003 .

[2]Managerial Skill Development. ulenginbur@itu. Major Course Taught at Istanbul Technical University Taught professionals from Turkey's top 500 companies(121 of them) Operations Research Applications and Algorithms by Using Prof. Targit Project Management MS Project. Hajo Reijers(Eindhoven Technology sozen@todaie. SQL Database Development Oracle. SQL Server Software Engineering Allfusion Erwin Data Modeller. Undergraduate. Advanced Excel. Pekka Ruotsalainen(THL. Burc Ulengin(Istanbul Technical University. TOAD. [1]Management Information Systems. German (basic) RE FERENCES Prof.ruotsalainen@thl. Graduate.).tr). English (bilingual). H. MS Visio. Mindjet Software Development Delphi. Presentation Skill Development. Undergraduate HCM Major Course Taught at Istanbul Technical University and University of Acibadem [2]Operations Research.Reijers@tue. Siebel.A. Intermediate 4 of 4 . Prof. Associate Prof. Computer Data Analysis by Using Excel. Graduate HCM Course Taught at University of Acibadem Introduction to Computer Information Systems. Sukru Ozen( pekka. C++. Undergraduate for all Engineering Major Course.Undergraduate Healthcare Management(HCM)Major Course. JIRA LA NGUA GE S Formatted: Font: Not Bold Turkish (native). Graduate Nursing Major Course [1]Advanced Management Approaches for Healthcare Managers. Business Intelligence Taught professionals from Turkey's top 500 companies(121 of them) INFORMA T ION TE CHNOLOGY SK ILLS Business Intelligence Oracle BI(Business Intelligence).

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