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Analyst calls: OPTR, JEC,
Obama: The Next Great Dictator? KFN, CAR, DISH, TSN,
By David Knowles (Political government, per se. But Broun's line of
Machine) argument is really less about safe-guarding By Eric Buscemi (BloggingStocks)
Submitted at 11/11/2008 1:00:00 AM
the public against tyranny than tearing
down a political opponent. He gives it Submitted at 11/11/2008 12:12:00 PM
Filed under: Republicans, Barack Obama, away all too easily when protesting he's Filed under: Analyst upgrades and
John McCain, Featured Stories, Scandal If doing exactly the thing he's doing: downgrades, Tyson Foods'A' (TSN),
you're a die-hard Republican--the kind "We can't be lulled into complacency," Analyst initiations, Urban Outfitters
who John McCain, in the final throes of Broun said. "You have to remember that (URBN), KKR Financial (KFN) Analyst
the campaign, implored to fight, fight fight Hitler was elected in a democratic upgrades:
--then you may have perked up a bit at Germany. I'm not comparing him [Obama] • Baird upgraded Optimer
recent news. You see, though your party to Adolf HItler. What I'm saying is there is Pharm(NASDAQ: OPTR) to Outperform
has just suffered an historic defeat to a the potential of going down that road." from Neutral and raised its target to $13
very progressive Democrat, a new line of By that same logic, Obama might turn from $8 citing the decidedly positive data
Barack-Obama-attack has suddenly out to embrace Ronald Reagan-style from the OPT-80 trial.
emerged. This rallying cry, dreamed up in deregulation capitalism seeing as he spoke • Banc of America upgraded Quest
the bunkers of Republican thought as the kindly about the Gipper during the Diagnostic s (NYSE: DGX) to Buy from
blue state bombs rained down, is startling campaign. Neutral on valuation and believes
in its simplicity. It is based, yet again, on a Let's face it, when, by way of management has set expectations well.
guilt-by-association premise, and is a comparison, you bring up Hitler and the • Credit Suisse views Jacobs
natural evolution, of sorts. You see, Nazis, you're sinking pretty low. But let's Engineering(NYSE: JEC) as a high quality
Obama's detractors tried "Obama is a suppose for a moment that Obama will name given the quality of management,
terrorist." Didn't work. Then they tried prevail in establishing a civilian defense execution track record, and relationship
"Obama is a communist." Again, this force. Does that mean he'll terrorize Jews, business model. Shares were upgraded to
stirred nobody except the dead-end base. burn books, execute homosexuals and Outperform from Neutral.
So, why not try the ultimate scare tactic: communists (warring -ists, no less)? Hell, • Horizon Lines(NYSE: HRZ) was
"Obama is a fascist." Well, to the cheers of single Obama speech. How's that for and his ilk have decided to run with this: maybe Obama, who so many backwater upgraded to Overweight from Equal
right wing websites, that's exactly what feasting on crumbs? So, are you ready? "That's exactly what Hitler did in Nazi Republicans claim to be the " real racist", Weight at Stephens.
Georgia congressman Paul Broun did Here's the unforgivable, goose-stepping, Germany and it's exactly what the Soviet would ban those of impure bloodlines from • Bancolombia SA(NYSE: CIB) was
yesterday. To hear him tell it, Obama very spine-chilling proof that Hitler and Obama Union did," Broun said. "When he's attaining higher office. raised to Buy from Neutral.
well might turn out to be the next Adolf are peas in a pod: proposing to have a national security force And then again, maybe, just maybe • Great Lakes Dredge(NASDAQ: GLDD)
Hitler. "We cannot continue to rely on our that's answering to him, that is as strong as Broun should get out of the bunker, was upgraded to Buy from Hold at Morgan
For Broun (not to be confused with Eva military in order to achieve the national the U.S. military, he's showing me signs of breathe some fresh air and feel the warmth Joseph.
Braun), the sure sign that our president- security objectives that we've set. We've to being a Marxist." of the sun on his skin. It's going to be a Analyst downgrades:
elect is secretly hellbent on exterminating have a civilian national security force that's Strange that Broun can't seem to keep his long four years, otherwise. Continue reading Analyst calls: OPTR,
6 million Jews and annexing Mexico and just as powerful, just as strong, just as well -ists straight. You met one -ist you've met Permalink| Email this| Linking Blogs| JEC, KFN, CAR, DISH, TSN, VMW,
Canada (for starters), is that Obama, like -funded." them all, I guess. Comments INFY, URBN, DKS
George W. Bush before him, advocates the Apparently, after scouring YouTube for Mind you, there's nothing wrong with Analyst calls: OPTR, JEC, KFN, CAR,
creation of a civilian defense force. That any whiff of Hitler-esque material, Broun being vigilant against the oppressive rise of DISH, TSN, VMW, INFY, URBN, DKS
suggestion can be traced to two lines in a originally appeared on BloggingStocks on
Republican gains in three states overshadowed by Obama's November 4 success Tue, 11 Nov 2008 12:12:00 EST. Please
see our terms for use of feeds. Permalink|
By Daniel Nasaw (World news | Lurking quietly on the electoral college states seemingly oblivious to the tide that Email this| Comments map that Barack Obama splashed with swept the nation's first African American
Democratic blue are a small handful of into the White House last week
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Palin on the Offensive Lions Gate misses in Q2,

By Liza Porteus Viana (Political there been blunders with war strategy FOX.
Submitted at 11/11/2008 2:29:00 AM
under a Republican administration? If
we're talking change, we want to get far
away from what it was that the present
Although Palin could conceivably be in
Washington, D.C. within a year if the
Senate expels Alaska's senior U.S. Sen.
but is the stock a trade?
By Steven Mallas (BloggingStocks) sometimes.
Filed under: Democrats, Republicans, administration represented and that is to a Ted Stevens and she chooses to try to However, let's look at the cash flow,
John McCain, 2008 President, Sarah Palin Submitted at 11/11/2008 10:54:00 AM
great degree what the Republican Party at replace him, she told Lauer: "I'm not because we can find some comfort there.
Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin began her the time had been representing." planning on it, because I think the people Filed under: Earnings reports, General Operational cash flow for the quarter was
national media blitz last night, telling FOX She also said she neither wanted nor of Alaska will best be served with me as Electric (GE), Time Warner (TWX), Walt positive this year instead of being negative,
News' Greta Van Susteren that she's asked for the $150,000-plus wardrobe paid their governor." Disney (DIS), Viacom (VIA), Sony Corp and free cash flow, which is the ultimate
looking for a sign from heaven as to what for by the Republican Party, and said there She added: "You know, when you talk ADR (SNE), Media World, Film goal of any business, increased over three
to do in 2012. was too much information about her out about that white-hot spotlight - that's not Lions Gate Entertainment(NYSE: LGF), times to nearly $74 million.
"I'm like, OK, God, if there is an open there the media left unchecked - including really attractive to me," Palin said. "Look whose bigger colleagues include And I'll steer you to another positive
door for me somewhere, this is what I whether she or her 17-year-old daughter what that white-hot spotlight does to one's Disney(NYSE: DIS), General Electric's statistic -- filmed entertainment backlog
always pray, I'm like, don't let me miss the Bristol was the mom of her newborn, Trig. family, and does to one's credibility and (NYSE: GE) Universal, Time increased to what management is calling a
open door," Palin said. "And if there is an "I'm Trig's mom (raises her hand) and do record and word. So that's not the Warner(NYSE: TWX), Viacom(NYSE: record $456.5 million. I know, I also tend
open door in '12 or four years later, and if you want to see my medical records to attraction to me." VIA), and Sony(NYSE: SNE), publicized to dismiss terms like "record" when I see
it is something that is going to be good for prove that? ... And banning books. That But she could just change her mind. its Q2 earnings after the bell on Monday. them in a press release, but at least in this
my family, for my state, for my nation, an was a ridiculous thing also that could have "If I can be part of a solution to help this There was good news and bad news. case it refers to revenues that will
opportunity for me, then I'll plow through so easily been corrected just by a reporter nation ... certainly I want to be a part of a The good news was that the company ultimately be recognized down the line.
that door." taking an extra step and not basing a report solution in those terms," she said. "But in narrowed its loss compared to last year's Continue reading Lions Gate misses in
Palin blamed Bush administration on gossip or speculation. But just looking the meantime, [I'm] going to be making results. Lions Gate booked a net loss of Q2, but is the stock a trade?
policies for the defeat last week of the into the record. It was reported that I tried sure that Alaska develops our resources so $0.41 per share this year versus a net loss Lions Gate misses in Q2, but is the stock
GOP ticket. She told the Anchorage Daily to ban Harry Potter when it hadn't even we can contribute more to the U.S. and of $0.49 per share in the year-ago period. a trade? originally appeared on
News that, "it's amazing that we did as been written when I was the mayor. So, allow our nation to be energy independent The bad news, however, is that the results BloggingStocks on Tue, 11 Nov 2008
well as we did." gosh, we have so many examples, I mean and secure and prosperous. I can do that as did not meet expectations. I mean, they 10:54:00 EST. Please see our terms for use
"I think the Republican ticket represented every day, especially the first few weeks, the governor of Alaska." really didn't meet expectations, as the call of feeds. Read| Permalink| Email this|
too much of the status quo, too much of every day something that was thrown out Here's part of her interview with Lauer, was for a loss of $0.15 per share. That's Comments
what had gone on in these last eight years, there." which includes a chat with Alaska "First just how the movie business goes
that Americans were kind of shaking their Palin also spoke to Matt Lauer of "The Dude" Todd Palin:
heads like going, wait a minute, how did Today Show," and even cooked him dinner Permalink| Email this| Linking Blogs|
we run up a $10 trillion debt in a at her home in Alaska. Comments
Republican administration? How have Here's Part I of Palin's interview with

Conservative Stars Vie for RNC Chair

By Mark Impomeni (Political win the struggle for the future direction of conservatives and claim devoted has attracted a large following, mobilizing seems unlikely that Duncan will retain the
Machine) the party. followings among rank-and file conservatives on issues like offshore post come election time in January. If
Submitted at 11/11/2008 2:30:00 AM
Former Maryland Lieutenant Governor Republicans. drilling. Thompson was thought to be the Republicans choose Steele, Gingrich, or
Michael Steel and former Speaker of the Steele is a telegenic, erudite, and conservative standard-bearer during his Thompson to lead the party for the next
Filed under: Senate, House, Republicans House Newt Gingrich are said to be eloquent conservative who was elected brief run for the White House. His eventual four years, it will signal that Republicans
With the election behind it and much work competing privately for the RNC statewide as Maryland's Lieutenant entrance into the race was much have no intention of caving in to the
to be done to restore the Republican Party Chairmanship. Gingrich denies interest in Governor in 2002, the first Republican to anticipated by conservatives unhappy with agenda that President-elect Obama and
to power, the Chairmanship of the the job publicly, but close confidants of his hold that position in the traditionally the field of Republican candidates. Congressional Democrats will be trying to
Republican National Committee has are lobbying members behind the scenes Democratic stronghold. Steele ran for U.S. Thompson never caught fire on the implement. Rather, Republicans will focus
suddenly become a much sought ofter job for his cause. Steele isn't talking on the Senate in 2006, losing to Ben Cardin in a campaign trail, but he remains an on developing and advocating for
in Washington. The next chairman of the record about the job either, but party closely followed race. Gingrich is the enthusiastic advocate for conservative conservative alternatives, in hopes of
RNC will inherit a party divided between insiders say that he very much wants the architect of the Republican takeover of ideals. rebuilding the party's brand image for the
its moderate and conservative wings and in post. Former Senator and presidential Congress in 1994. He served as Speaker of The current Chairman of the RNC, Mike 2010 elections.
need of a core message. Candidates for the candidate Fred Thompson has also been the House for four years between 1995 and Duncan, is also considering a run for Permalink| Email this| Linking Blogs|
RNC's top slot are making their interest rumored to be interested in a "general 1999. Gingrich is widely considered a reelection. Duncan is a dedicated party Comments
known to party insiders and decision chairman" position, leaving day-to-day policy wonk. He is a gifted orator, with a operative and prodigious fundraiser. But
makers. And judging from the list of operations of the party to an executive great talent for explaining conservative with so many heavyweights expressing
hopefuls, conservatives appear poised to chairman. All three men are solid principles. His American Solutions project interest in taking the reigns of the party, it
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Isn't It Great How All Americans Love We Know Who The Leaker
Obama? Is
By Ken Layne (Political Machine) By Liza Porteus Viana (Political geography quiz when we started the prep?
Submitted at 11/10/2008 3:41:00 PM Machine) No, of course not. But yes, in the context
Submitted at 11/10/2008 1:36:00 PM
of the prep, it slowly became apparent that
Filed under: Democrats, Barack Obama, her grasp of basic geo-political knowledge
Featured Stories, 2008 President, Gay Filed under: John McCain, 2008 had major gaps."
Rights, Ken Layne's Outrage, LOLection President, Sarah Palin Actually, we don't. (His Web site, by the way, for both
Like everybody in America -- each and I'm referring to those inside John himself and the "Eisenstadt Group" looks
every person in America!-- I have been McCain's presidential campaign who have like any old WordPress blog I - or anyone
extremely hopeful and ecstatic since my been providing the media with endless else with a modicum of skills - could throw
man, Barack Obama, won the presidency. amounts of anti-Sarah Palin fodder in these together.)
Have you seen all those People and US post-election days - the stuff Palin has This guy's not a McCain adviser. He's an
Weekly magazine covers down at the dismissed as vitriole espoused "sexist, Internet prankster who has also been tied
Circle K? Could it be more clear that all of unprofessional jerks." to rumors that Joe the Plumber had ties to
America voted with total love and Well, one of those "jerks" has come The Keating 5, and something to do with
confidence for Barack Obama, the best forward and identified himself. The The Hiltons- as in Paris Hilton's family.
new president of any country in World problem is he's a big phony. Let this be a lesson that anyone in the
History? (I am sorry about endorsing John Former alleged foreign policy adviser media or blogosphere should be highly
McCain last week. He is a dumb loser and "Martin Eisenstadt," who says he worked skeptical of anything that presents itself on
I've always known that, in my heart. with Palin on debate prep ahead of her a silver platter like that. In case I had any
Sorry.) verbal showdown with Joe Biden, says he's doubt about whether journalistic standards
It has been a busy week, what with the the one responsible for some of the leaks to were going down the toilet in this country,
birth of my new biracial children, Obama FOX News' Carl Cameron and he's proud the fact that this story was picked up by
#1 and Obama #2. of it. several places just reassured me that I was
They aren't really my children, but the you not know about this? they've just been writing checks, day and "For those of us on the McCain campaign not, in fact, wrong. And that makes me
gay marriage of my pregnant sister and her Obama's new Chief of Staff, Hugo night. That's why I'm not really worried who thought that she acted like a rogue very, very sad.
pregnant lady friend was suddenly voided Chavez, faxed the details to all of us about raising my new children, these bi- diva and lost John the election, maybe we In case you have any doubt about
by Mormons from Utah who were so Obama supporters this morning. (If you racial infants from a lesbian marriage torn DO have a responsibility to come out in whether "Marty" is real, check this out.
concerned about what gay people did in didn't get the fax, well ... let's just say a lot apart by religious zealots from two states public. But Sarah... careful what you ask This is him ...
San Francisco that they were compelled to of things aren't really going to "go your away. I'm basically rich now. for: some of us may have more to reveal," Permalink| Email this| Linking Blogs|
launch this Propositon 8 thing in California way" for the next 12 years.) I have been "hoping" for this kind the self-proclaimed founder of the Comments
... $70 million in "Yes to 8" teevee Have you ever seen those "IF YOU'RE of"change," and here it is. Truly, it is Eisenstadt Group wrote on his blog
commercials later, and suddenly these NOT MAKING $10,000 A MONTH, morning in America. today."Did we outright give her a
lesbian babies have no mommies and just CALL 555-1212" cheap xeroxed signs Ken Layne is the managing editor of
one daddy. Me. It is tragic magic. pasted up in the poor foreclosed housing Wonkette, but now he's so rich, because of Poll: What type of school should the Obama kids attend?
We are all facing tough times, during this tract strip mall death hubs of America? Of Obama, that he really doesn't have to work (World news | DC schools this week. Should the Obamas
Great Big Depression, and it's pretty clear course you've seen them! But you never ever again. choose a DC public school for their
life will be miserable from now on, at least called. Always thought it was a "scam," Permalink| Email this| Linking Blogs| Submitted at 11/11/2008 9:52:25 AM
daughters, or a private school?
until Obama takes office in January and didn't you? Comments Michelle Obama is visiting Washington
begins sending the $10,000 checks to each It wasn't a scam. It was Obama's staffing
American household, every month. Did office in Chicago. I called. And it turns out

How much more hedge fund selling will slash stocks?

By Peter Cohan (BloggingStocks) nobody knows because hedge funds are thanks to 25% worth of losses. He guesses up their losses and resume making profits management at Babson College and edits
Submitted at 11/11/2008 12:32:00 PM
lightly regulated. But Barton Biggs has that between $350 billion and $420 billion which will get them back into a position to The Cohan Letter.
some ideas. will be withdrawn by the middle of 2009 earn performance fees. He appears to be How much more hedge fund selling will
Hedge funds are a big shadowy world Biggs -- who runs a hedge fund -- and that $150 billion has already gone. (He investing his money in the notion that all slash stocks? originally appeared on
that has dominated the market. Since estimates that the hedge fund industry will arrives at the $250 billion by subtracting the bad news is already reflected in the BloggingStocks on Tue, 11 Nov 2008
stocks have lost $30 trillion in value over sell $250 billion more worth of stocks to the $150 billion from $420 billion and market. Since he knows much more than 12:32:00 EST. Please see our terms for use
the last year, much of that financial meet investors demand for redemptions. rounding up.) the average person, he could be right. But I of feeds. Read| Permalink| Email this|
horsepower has been from hedge fund He thinks that recently 7,000 hedge funds Biggs is betting that stocks are bottoming wouldn't bet on it. Comments
selling. But how much? And how much managed $1.9 trillion. But he guesses that out and that hedge funds will be eager to Peter Cohan is President of Peter S.
more? The answer to both questions is the amount has declined to $1.4 trillion get back into the market so they can make Cohan & Associates. He also teaches
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Portfolio Recovery
Who Had the Most (PRAA): Hard times
Accurate Polling? helps debt collector
By Steven Halpern (BloggingStocks)
By Dave (Political Machine) followed by Zogby of all things. Zogby!
Submitted at 11/10/2008 1:26:00 PM
Yes the one that predicted Kerry's 311 vote Submitted at 11/11/2008 11:11:00 AM
electoral victory in 2004 actually had a
Filed under: 2008 President, Polls Hotline good night as well. Filed under: Newsletters, Stocks to Buy,
slices and dices the state by state results: But the real winners are Recession, Financial Crisis
Pollster AvgMargin StatesSurveyed and the RCP averages. "One stock that is holding up well and is
Quinnipiac Univ. 1.14 7 Both used algorithms: RCP a simple poised to do well during hard times is
Reuters/Zogby 2.00 9 average, and fivethirtyeight a very Portfolio Recovery Associates(NASDAQ:
FD/National Journal 2.13 8 complex one. Using all the polling data PRAA), which is America's most effcient
Marist College 2.17 6 came within a point of predicting each debt recovery company," says Jim Po well
Associated Press/GfK 2.25 8 state, even the ones that were clearly in Global Changes & Opportunities
American Research Group (R) 2.27 11 within the margin of error. Fivethirtyeight Report.
Strategic Vision (R) 2.29 7 looks like they only missed IN and RCP "The company -- which has been on our
CNN/Time/ORC 2.40 10 missed IN and NC, but since those were on buy list -- has become especially attractive
Selzer & Co. 2.67 3 the ragged edge either way, I think we can for the economic conditions I expect to see
Suffolk Univ. 3.17 6 let that slide. over the next few months, and probably
Mason-Dixon 3.27 15 There are times when pollsters can miss much longer.
Research 2000 3.38 13 things and be completely surprised. If for "Portfolio Recovery -- which is America's
Big 10/Univ. of WI 5.43 7 example the turnout had been the record most efficient debt recovery company --
The Big 10 poll at the bottom, was off by
a large factor toward Obama, showing
results way out of whack to most other
shatterer predicted, things may have turned
out differently. But the turnout seemed to
be somewhat conventional, with a boost
Obama Team Preps Gitmo buys packages of non-performing debts
from major credit card companies, and
typically pays only 2.6% of the total
amount owed. With such a low initial cost,
pollsters. Also it looks like a black eye for
R2000 and Mason-Dixon, and Suffolk.
Suffolk leaned heavy on the Dem side, MD
leaned to the Republican side. Any thing
for minority voting, and the pollsters
turned out to be accurate, just like 2004
and 2006.
Permalink| Email this| Linking Blogs|
Trials in US it doesn't take a large collection rate to turn
a tidy proft.
"As more consumers default on the
By Tommy Christopher (Political criticism from Democrats who oppose
colossal debts they ran up during the
near two or below is pretty good this cycle. Comments Machine) creating a new legal system and from
And unfortunately for the GOP, Republicans who oppose bringing housing boom, the company should see a
Quinnipiac was completely accurate, Submitted at 11/10/2008 12:45:00 PM
terrorism suspects to the U.S. mainland." great deal of new business.
Filed under: Democrats, Barack Obama, OK, we can have the trials on one of Continue reading Portfolio Recovery

State Street (STT) should Breaking News, 2008 President, Terror,

Obama Administration The Associated
Press reports that plans are underway,
those casino barges.
The relatively low temperature of the
debate on this indicates, to me, that
(PRAA): Hard times helps debt collector
Portfolio Recovery (PRAA): Hard times
helps debt collector originally appeared on
benefit from bailout plan within the still-forming Obama
administration, to finally close the prison
everyone is willing to close this chapter in
American history with minimal noise. A
BloggingStocks on Tue, 11 Nov 2008
11:11:00 EST. Please see our terms for use
of feeds. Permalink| Email this| Comments
By Brent Archer (BloggingStocks) at Guantanamo Bay, and bring the 250 or few guys on either side get their licks in
so Gitmo detainees to justice. Under the for the folks back home, and the country
Submitted at 11/11/2008 1:04:00 PM
plan being crafted inside Obama's camp, moves on. US election: Minnesota
Filed under: Options, Technical Analysis some detainees would be released and What of the detainees who were
State Street(NYSE: STT- option chain) others would be charged in U.S. courts, wrongfully held, many picked up and officials prepare for recount
shares are moving higher today despite the trading at $41.61, up 0.38 (0.9%). The where they would receive constitutional turned over to US forces for reward in Senate race
markets being in the toilet again. This chart for STT looks neutral and S&P gives rights and open trials. But, underscoring money? The country seems in no mood to
could be because STT is one of the STT a 3 STARS (out of 5) hold ranking. the difficult decisions Obama must make cry for them, but rather, to avert their eyes By McClatchy newspapers (World
companies that are getting cash from the For a bullish hedged play on this stock, I to fulfill his pledge of shutting down and look to the future. news |
government. STT will receive a $2 billion would consider a January bull-put credit Guantanamo, the plan could require the Tommy Christopher co-hosts " Unusable Submitted at 11/11/2008 8:11:41 AM
cash injection from the federal government spread below the $25 range. creation of a new legal system to handle Signal",on BlogTalkRadio, Tues through
Continue reading State Street (STT) the classified information inherent in some Thurs at 10pm, and Fri, and Sat at 11pm. Unofficial results showed Republican
in return for non-voting senior preferred senator Norm Coleman leading
stock. If you think that the stock won't fall should benefit from bailout plan of the most sensitive cases. (Eastern) Click here for the Unusable
by too much in the coming months, then State Street (STT) should benefit from Many of the about 250 Guantanamo Signal homepage. Democratic challenger Al Franken by just
now could be a good time to look at a bailout plan originally appeared on detainees are cleared for release, but the Permalink| Email this| Linking Blogs| 206 votes
bullish hedged trade on STT. BloggingStocks on Tue, 11 Nov 2008 Bush administration has not able been to Comments
STT opened this morning at $40.88. So 13:04:00 EST. Please see our terms for use find a country willing to take them. The
far today the stock has hit a low of $40.63 of feeds. Permalink| Email this| Comments report goes on to say that the plan "drew
and a high of $44.93. As of 12:20, STT is
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Rescue operations over for
Rahm Facts Take Page AIG should fire CEO over collapsed school in Haiti
By McClatchy newspapers (World
From Chuck Norris junket mess news |
Submitted at 11/11/2008 8:21:32 AM
By Tommy Christopher (Political By Jonathan Berr (BloggingStocks) gatherings at the local Holiday Inn instead Authorities said 89 people died while 150
Machine) Submitted at 11/11/2008 12:48:00 PM
of the Pointe Hilton Squaw Peak. were rescued in the collapse of Port-au-
Submitted at 11/11/2008 4:33:00 AM
The resort, judging from its Web site, is Prince suburb school
Filed under: Employees, Amer Intl Group gorgeous. It brags about "nine acres of
Filed under: Democrats, Barack Obama, (AIG), Financial Crisis Another day, water fun, including a half-mile lazy river
2008 President, Obama Administration another American International Group for tubing and a 130-foot slide known as US election: Sarah Palin
There's a new website, patterned after the Inc.(NYSE: AIG) junket caught on video. Slippery Rock Slide. A beautiful lagoon
viral and quirky"If Chief Executive Edward Liddy has pool with a 10-foot waterfall offers a
contemplates presidential run
you have $5 and Chuck Norris has $5, promised members of Congress that it relaxing ambiance while a sports pool in 2012
Chuck Norris has more money than you."), would not happen again. But since Liddy's entertains the more active."
called Rahm Emanuel Facts. A sampling: credibility has been destroyed on Capitol Though this sure sounds like fun, I don't By Daniel Nasaw (World news |
(h/t Ben Smith) AFTER THE 2006 Hill, AIG has no choice but to replace him. doubt that members of Congress will be
MIDTERM ELECTIONS, RAHM AIG is going to get an avalanche of bad mad. In fact, I bet that Rep. Henry Submitted at 11/11/2008 9:31:13 AM
EMANUEL JUMPED ON A TABLE publicity over the$343,000 meeting it held Waxman (D-Calif) is probably preparing a
AND SAID THE REPUBLICAN PARTY at a posh resort near Phoenix. After getting letter to AIG's senior management as we Recent interviews fuel speculation that
"CAN GO F--- THEMSELVES" burned by revelations over past junkets, speak. The management of companies the Alaska governor is preparing White
RAHM EMANUEL ASSUMES YOU AIG decided to cover its tracks by need to learn that in politics, perception is House bid only a week after ticket's defeat
KNOW IT'S HIM CALLING. You get the removing all mention of AIG from the reality. Companies such as AIG better get
picture. I can't take the ALL CAPS
anymore. They must be hiring some of our
Pointe Hilton Squaw Peak Resort,
according to ABC News.
used to having their moves second-guessed
and third-guessed.
Lovely Ladies Of
commenters there. Each fact is sourced to a This certainly does not sound like the Given the company's new realities, 'Twilight'
published report. behavior of a company that got a second perhaps AIG might want to look into
Although the site purports to be an bailout deal just Monday to the tune of webinars. (ETonline - Breaking News)
organic creation, I think the idea is to make $150 billion because the original $85 AIG should fire CEO over junket mess Submitted at 11/10/2008 7:00:00 PM
people dislike Rahm. If so, it didn't work are decidedly centrist. Given Barack billion was too low. What about a originally appeared on BloggingStocks on
on me. company that had to freeze $600 million in Tue, 11 Nov 2008 12:48:00 EST. Please Want to see the gorgeous gals of
Obama's stated intent to find common 'Twilight' who will be heating up the big
I was actually a little reticent about ground, it makes sense that he would payments to former executives? You see our terms for use of feeds. Read|
Emanuel, due to his staunch membership would think that a company in such dire Permalink| Email this| Comments screen on November 21? Then click
choose a Chief of Staff capable of holding through our gallery! Keep clicking back
in the Republican-Lite DLC. The Rahm it. Tommy Christopher co-hosts " circumstances would be holding its
facts I've seen so far make me like him with us all week for all your gotta have
Unusable Signal" , on BlogTalkRadio Tues Agnes Poirier: There are too many remembrance events in 'Twilight' coverage!
more. He sounds kinda like me, only older - Thur at 10pm, and Fri, & Sat at 11pm.
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It has been amusing, if not at all homepage.
surprising, to see the right wing try to paint Permalink| Email this| Linking Blogs| By Agnes Poirier (World news | Agnes Poirier: Remembrance day in
Emanuel as a polarizing pick. While it is France is losing its impact among a dozen
Comments annual commemorations
true that Emanuel's style is partisan and Submitted at 11/11/2008 9:00:00 AM
ruthlessly pragmatic, his polical positions

Your $150 billion pays for another AIG executive junket

By Peter Cohan (BloggingStocks) executives are carefully hiding their involvement. there were no AIG logos or see the banks that got our bailout money management at Babson College and edits
Submitted at 11/11/2008 11:51:00 AM
presence as they enjoy our money. Some signs anywhere on the property and resort using it to pay themselves multimillion The Cohan Letter. He owns AIG securities
might think it's wrong for AIG to do this, employees were told not to discuss AIG. dollar bonuses. There does not seem to be Your $150 billion pays for another AIG
Filed under: Amer Intl Group (AIG), but let's not forget that Treasury has The retreat cost taxpayers $343,000-- anything or anyone who can stop this executive junket originally appeared on
Financial Crisis already invested$159 billion of our money much of which went to the president of blatant waste of hard-earned taxpayer BloggingStocks on Tue, 11 Nov 2008
After getting the U.S. Treasury to cough in 24 banks and $26.6 billion of that could AIG unit Royal Alliance Associates, Art money to keep executives in clover while 11:51:00 EST. Please see our terms for use
up another$6.3 billion worth of our money go to paying bankers' bonuses. Tambaro, who stayed in a two-story Casita the rest of the country's economy is frozen of feeds. Read| Permalink| Email this|
to keep American International What is AIG's latest executive vacation? suite and worked out at the spa while by the financial crisis they caused. I may Comments
Group(NYSE: AIG) going, its executives Its top executives held a secret gathering at others participated in seminars. be the only one, but this does not seem
are getting smarter about how to use our a luxury resort in Phoenix -- Pointe Hilton AIG still thinks this behavior is fine -- as right.
money to pay for their plush retreats. Squaw Peak Resort -- last week. But the long as it doesn't get caught. But this is Peter Cohan is President of Peter S.
Rather than advertise those junkets, AIG AIG executives tried to disguise their chump change. Don't be too surprised to Cohan & Associates. He also teaches
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Level 3 Communications' Reinsuring A.I.G.

( Top 5) billion from the Federal Reserve Bank of on its credit default swaps. The new
price target slashed to 50 Submitted at 11/10/2008 5:30:00 AM

T hings change so quickly in this

New York. The company is lending $1
billion and will bear the risk for the first $1
billion in losses.
government-funded company to buy the
underlying C.D.O.'s should go a long way
toward propping up A.I.G. and steadying
cents at Citi financial crisis that a bailout created in mid
-September is already getting a complete
The second vehicle will involve buying
collateralized debt obligations on which
A.I.G. has written credit default swap
the financial system.
As the Financial Times’ Alphaville blog
notes, A.I.G. is no longer an insurance
By Elizabeth Harrow In fact, while many analysts have already
The U.S. government is essentially contracts. The New York Fed will lend as company, but "a slightly more
(BloggingStocks) denounced LVLT, there's still room for
potential downgrades or price-target cuts. throwing out the old $85 billion rescue much as $30 billion to this effort, while sophisticated TARP."
Submitted at 11/11/2008 11:31:00 AM
Zacks reports two Buy or better ratings (later raised to $123 billion) of American A.I.G. will kick in $5 billion. A.I.G. is also "Taxpayers' capital will continue to go
Filed under: Analyst reports, Analyst from brokerage firms, and these bulls may International Group for a new $150 billion on the hook for the first $5 billion in towards meeting collateral calls on C.D.S.
upgrades and downgrades, General Motors soon be shamed into lowering their rescue. At a time when automakers and losses. contracts: These calls will be direct
(GM), Level 3 Communications (LVLT), opinions (if so, they would join six others are looking in vain for federal help, "These new measures establish a more liquidity-like cash infusions into the
Stocks to Sell analysts who consider the stock a Hold, the revised A.I.G. bailout raises many durable capital structure, resolve liquidity banking system. Meeting such calls will
The shares of Level 3 and six who deem it a Sell or Strong Sell). questions about how Washington is issues, facilitate A.I.G.'s execution of its also allow the C.D.S. contracts to remain
Communications(NASDAQ: LVLT) are Meanwhile, Thomson Financial pegs the choosing winners and losers in the plan to sell certain of its businesses in an in place, which will allow banks to pretend
sinking deeper into penny-stock territory average 12-month price target at $1.68, a economy. orderly manner, promote market stability, they don't own any risky assets, as far as
this morning following a damaging price- premium of 87% to the equity's closing The Treasury is buying a $40 billion and protect the interests of the U.S. regulatory risk-weighting and capital
target cut from analysts at Citigroup. The price on Monday. While more negative stake in A.I.G., allowing the Federal government and taxpayers," the Federal requirements are concerned."
brokerage firm slashed its price target on notes could drag the shares lower, there is Reserve to cut its now five-year credit line Reserve said in a statement. No longer an insurance company? One is
LVLT from $2.00 to 50 cents, and a bright side -- from their current level, the to the insurance company to $60 billion The revised deal is an admission that the tempted to say that after the company
reiterated its Sell rating on the stock. shares could only lose about 85 cents. from $85 billion. And that lending will be original bailout was not working. And reported an ugly loss of $24.5 billion for
After closing Monday at 94 cents, LVLT Elizabeth Harrow is an analyst and less punitive than before, with the interest while the recent focus of Treasury has its third quarter.
is slipping ever closer this morning to that financial writer in the research department rate on the borrowed money being reduced been on pumping equity into financial Related Links
hypothetical "support at zero." In fact, at Schaeffer's Investment Research. She is to the three-month Libor rate plus 300 institutions, the new bailout shows that that Hit the Panic Button
following yesterday's all-out bearish note featured in the video series Schaeffer's basis points, down from 850 basis points the original intent of the $700 billion Firing Blanks on Banks
on General Motors(NYSE: GM), one has Daily Q&A on previously. TARP—buying troubled assets—may be The Man Who Saved (or Got Suckered
to wonder if Deutsche Bank will soon be Level 3 Communications' price target More important, the new deal creates two just as important. by) Wall Street
slapping another of its famous goose-egg slashed to 50 cents at Citi originally vehicles to buy troubled assets. One will Even with the $85 billion infusion in
targets on Level 3. The stock has closed appeared on BloggingStocks on Tue, 11 buy residential mortgage-backed securities September, A.I.G. still had to scramble to
seven out of the past 13 sessions south of Nov 2008 11:31:00 EST. Please see our from A.I.G., backed by a loan of $22.5 come up with collateral to counterparties
the $1 level, and its descending 10-day and terms for use of feeds. Permalink| Email
20-day moving averages have provided this| Comments
stubborn resistance in recent months.

Recession? What Recession?

( Top 5) seem to take his advice to heart. Selig had in mind. offer to retain Ramirez that would make next year, and Ramirez brought a level of
Submitted at 11/6/2008 9:00:00 PM
First the Milwaukee Brewers offered Then there's the case of the enigmatic him the second-highest-paid baseball excitement—and jersey sales—to the
Sabathia five-year, $100 million contract dreadlocked slugger Manny Ramirez, who player after Alex Rodriguez of the Dodgers that they hadn't seen in years.
N ovember and December are usually the to stay with the team, but there's little almost single-handedly took the Los Yankees. But Ramirez is holding out for Then again, if the recession continues,
months when baseball teams lavish free chance he will even consider it. In fact, the Angeles Dodgers into the second round of more years on his contract and has yet to there might be no one there to watch these
agents with enormous contracts and fans deal was viewed basically as a public- the playoffs after arriving from the Boston sign on the dotted line. players perform. Baseball attendance
debate endlessly as to whether the new relations move by the Milwaukee team to Red Sox in a highly publicized multiteam Even a player like A.J. Burnett, a 31-year already dropped 1 percent last season, the
players will help their team the following show fans that they made an effort to re- trade. -old pitcher with a history of arm troubles, first such drop in four years.
spring. sign the star pitcher. The aging slugger—he'll turn 37 next opted out of a contract with the Toronto Perhaps it's time for general managers to
But commissioner Bud Selig warned Meanwhile, the deep-pocketed Yankees season—told reporters after the Dodgers Blue Jays that guaranteed him $12 million start paying attention to Selig after all.
owners at a recent meeting that their sport have made it clear that their sights are set were eliminated from the playoffs that he per season, thinking he could easily get Related Links
is not immune to wider economic problems on Sabathia, and are reportedly willing to was in no rush to re-sign with that team more on the open market. Dodgers Officially Introduce Manager
and that owners should resist "getting too offer him more than the $137.5 million that until he could test the market. "I want to It makes sense that teams like the Joe Torre
cocky" with their offers to star players like the New York Mets paid last year for left- see who is the highest bidder," he said. Yankees and Dodgers would be anxious to Yankees at a Crossroads
Manny Ramirez and C.C. Sabathia. handed starting pitcher Johan Santana. "Gas is up, and so am I." open their wallets. After all, the Yankees Torre Could Be Headed to Hollywood
Players and owners, however, didn't Perhaps that's not the fiscal responsibility The Dodgers have supposedly made an are opening an expensive new ballpark
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Picking Winners in a Grim Help Us or We Die Jobs

( Top 5) significantly short of that amount unless
Holiday Season Submitted at 11/7/2008 9:00:00 AM

F ifteen billion dollars is the amount of

economic and automotive industry
conditions significantly improve, it
receives substantial proceeds from asset
( Top 5) five consumers plan to shop primarily or ( Top 5)
entirely online this holiday season, and that money Iraq has earmarked for sales, takes more aggressive working
Submitted at 11/10/2008 11:00:00 AM Submitted at 11/7/2008 5:00:00 AM
about one-fourth of all holiday sales will reconstruction, it's the total profits earned capital initiatives, gains access to capital
T he writing has long been on the wall occur on the internet—an incremental gain by Exxon Mobil in the third quarter, and markets and other private sources of T he most telling measure yet of the depth
that holiday sales figures this year will be of 2 percent from last year. it's the gross domestic product of Ghana. funding, receives government funding of this recession came in a very ugly
grim, but as December draws nearer, more Somewhat more surprising is the It's also the amount of cash that Ford and under one or more current or future October employment report.
surveys and studies continue to emerge continued interest professed by the almost General Motors burned through during the programs, or some combination of the American employers slashed 240,000
predicting where some of the bright spots 14,000 consumers surveyed by Deloitte in three months that ended in September. foregoing." jobs last month, and the unemployment
may be for retailers. "eco-friendly" holiday giving. The country's two largest automakers In other words, help us or we die. rate jumped from 6.1 percent to 6.5
Even in the worst of years, there are That runs contrary to the findings of a reported dismal losses for the third quarter, Ford's cash burn rate was also percent, its highest level in 14 years. The
certain items that sell briskly despite a study led by Duke University business but it was their cash burn rates that were significant, but its situation isn't quite as data were far worse than economists'
challenging economy. professor Christine Moorman (as reported especially alarming. General Motors, dire yet. It lost $3 billion during the quarter estimates.
According to the Deloitte Holiday in Advertising Age), which suggest that as which spent $6.9 billion during the period, and burned through $7.7 billion of its cash, Nearly 1.2 million jobs have been lost
Survey, out today, Nintendo's Wii gaming economic concerns have mounted, disclosed that its cash levels may hit the but it also disclosed additional cuts that this year. More than half of the losses
system, Apple's iPod, Sony's PlayStation, consumers have become less attuned to minimum needed this quarter. Even with should improve its liquidity by $17 billion came in just the last three months. The
and the Microsoft Xbox will be this "greening" their lifestyles. its planned cuts, it said it will likely fall through 2010. October slump followed revised declines
season's best sellers. The fact that 21 percent of respondents in below the amount needed during the first General Motors can't even see that far of 284,000 in September and 127,000 in
When it comes to generic categories, Deloitte's survey said they would consider two quarters of 2009. ahead. August.
televisions (HD, plasma, and flat-screen), not wrapping holiday gifts to conserve General Motors also issued another plea Shares of G.M., after being halted before There are now 2.8 million unemployed
computers, GPS systems, and digital paper could be explained by the added for help from the federal government, the release, traded down sharply on the Americans—more than the population of
cameras top the list. benefit of saving money; but consumers which has so far declined to provide news. They fell more than 12 percent, to Kuwait, which is 2.6 million.
Despite Circuit City's fate, the recession- also claimed that they would be willing to assistance to the automakers as part of its $4.17. Manufacturing headed the loss leaders in
proof nature of consumer electronics pay a premium for environmentally $700 billion bailout package. G.M. sought Ford shares fell by more than 3 percent. October, with 90,000 jobs eliminated, the
would be consistent with what happened in friendly items. assistance to finance a merger with Related Links Labor Department reported. Construction
the downturn of 2001, when the Of the consumers surveyed, 44 percent Chrysler. Detroit Needs a Miracle cut 49,000, retailers ditched 38,000, while
PlayStation, Xbox, and DVD players were said they would be willing to pay extra for The carmaker doesn't mince words in its Then There Were None professional and business services lost
the biggest holiday gift items. green gifts this holiday season—half said release: Why the Detroit Bailout Should Include 45,000 jobs. Health care added 26,000
In terms of which retail channels will they are willing to pay from 10 percent to "Looking into the first two quarters of Bankruptcy jobs, while the government accounted for
win out this season, it's not surprising that 25 percent more.Related Links 2009, even with its planned actions, the 23,000 new jobs.
online retail is expected to be second only Questionable Sale? Xbox Marks the Spot company's estimated liquidity will fall There will be more job cuts to come until
to discounters like Wal-Mart, Costco, and Microsoft Pays for Xbox Defects at least the new year as the economy
Target as consumers' favorite places to Sony Wants Back in the Game contracts. Consumers and businesses are
shop. furiously ratcheting back spending and
Deloitte estimates that more than one in trimming costs. Banks are still not lending.
The impact of the steps taken by the

Short-Circuited City Federal Reserve has not yet been fully felt.
The Treasury's $700 billion rescue
program has just gotten under way, with
( Top 5) have all filed for Chapter 11 this year. Virginia, in 1949, listed $3.4 billion in climate have escalated considerably," the hundreds of billions still to be spent.
Submitted at 11/10/2008 6:00:00 AM
What is unusual about the wave of filings assets and $2.32 billion in liabilities in its company said in a statement. "Faced with The bleak data increase the pressure on
is how many retailers decided that they Chapter 11 petition in the federal the need to secure ongoing vendor support President-elect Barack Obama to move
A week after trying a Hail Mary pass of could not survive through the holiday bankruptcy court in Richmond. and to ensure adequate merchandise flow quickly when he takes office in January.
closing stores and seeking to renegotiate shopping season—the busiest and, for Last week, the chain announced it would to stores during the important holiday Today, Obama is holding a meeting in
leases, Circuit City has succumbed to the many retailers, the only profitable time of close 155 stores in the United States and season, the company has determined that it Chicago with his economic advisers,
inevitable and filed for bankruptcy the year. January is typically the time when "aggressively" renegotiate leases on some would be in the best interest of its including Warren Buffett, Robert Rubin,
protection. troubled retailers filed for bankruptcy. of the remaining 566 stores with the aim of stakeholders to file for reorganization Dick Parsons, Eric Schmidt of Google,
The electronics chain, battered by a drop- The woes of Circuit City underscore how lowering rents. relief under Chapter 11." Paul Volcker, and Larry Summers,
off in consumer spending and fierce bleak the picture is for retailers. The Those steps were not enough. Related Links considered to be a leading candidate to be
competition from Wal-Mart and Best Buy, October employment report on Friday "Despite aggressive efforts to secure The Way the Cookie Crumbles the next Treasury secretary.
is the latest big retailer to file for showed that more than 38,000 jobs in retail vendor support, vendor concerns about the The Case for Chapter 11 Related Links
bankruptcy. Mervyns, Linens 'n Things, were lost last month. company's liquidity and ability to pay for Retailers Hurt by Locked Pocketbooks What a Recession Looks Like
Levitz, Sharper Image, and Lillian Vernon Circuit City, founded in Richmond, its purchases in this difficult economic Looking Down
Big Job Losses Early -- Good or Bad?
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As Expected, Prostitutes
Yahoo for Sale: Ballmer Obama's Plan of Attack Move Elsewhere After
( Top 5) budgets and avoiding layoffs. Craigslist Change
Says No Submitted at 11/7/2008 12:30:00 PM

In his first press conference since

In any case, he cautioned patience. "It's
not going to be quick and it's not going to
be easy to dig ourselves out of the hole we
By Michael Masnick (Techdirt)
( Top 5) Microsoft deal is a direct consequence of Submitted at 11/10/2008 12:48:00 PM
the collapse of Yahoo's closely watched Tuesday's historic election, President-elect are in," he said, calling the current
Submitted at 11/7/2008 6:30:00 AM
search deal with Google. Barack Obama promised swift action to situation the "greatest economic challenge We pointed out how little sense it made
Y ahoo is going to have to twist in the The Yahoo-Google search deal address the economic crisis and to of a lifetime." He also took pains to note for various state attorneys general to force
wind a little longer. represented Yahoo's escape hatch from ameliorate the growing anxiety within the on several occasions that he is not yet Craigslist to charge for the "erotic
Microsoft C.E.O. Steve Ballmer offered Microsoft's hostile-buyout attempt. But middle class but offered few specifics of president and will defer to Bush until his services" group. It would appear that at
no refuge for embattled Yahoo boss Jerry now that the Yahoo-Google deal has fallen what he would do. term expires. least 40 states' attorneys general are not
Yang on Friday morning, ignoring Yang's apart, Yahoo is defenseless. Flanked by his team of economic He sidestepped a question about whether chess players, because they only were
open invitation for Microsoft to rebid on Yang said so much when he put the advisers, Obama pledged to take "all he plans to follow through on his oft- thinking one move out. That is, they
the company. company up for sale this week. "The best necessary steps to ease the credit crisis," as repeated campaign pledge to raise taxes on thought: "Well, there's prostitution
"We have moved on," Ballmer said at a for Microsoft to do is to buy Yahoo," Yang well as to extend jobless benefits for people making more than $250,000 a year. happening via Craigslist. Let's stop
conference in Sydney, Australia, one day said at the Web 2.0 conference in San unemployed Americans and to press for a Instead, he again spoke of a "net tax cut" Craigslist from allowing that." But, of
after Yang said he was open to a Microsoft Francisco. "I don't think that is a bad idea fiscal stimulus package to rekindle designed primarily to benefit the middle course, they didn't bother to think of what
buyout. "We're not interested in going back at all." economic growth. class. would happen next: which is that the
and relooking at an acquisition." It was a shocking admission from He said he hoped that Congress would "My priority is: How do we grow the prostitutes would scatter to numerous other
But he couldn't resist mocking Yahoo's Yahoo's founder, who had plegded that pass some stimulus plan before President economy and how do we create more sites, meaning that the amount of
failed search-ad partnership with Google, Yahoo wound remain independent. But Bush leaves office on January 20, but jobs?" he said.Related Links prostitution would continue pretty much
which collapsed this week. Ballmer wasn't buying. And if there's one added that he would make it his top Incentives for Inflation unabated, but it would be more scattered
"I'm sure there are still opportunities for thing we know about Ballmer, Microsoft's priority as president if that didn't happen. Will Obama Really Raise Taxes? and much more difficult for police to track
some kind of partnership around search," pugnacious C.E.O., it's that he never His stimulus plan would include tax cuts, It's (Really) the Economy, Stupid down and stop. You would think that the
Ballmer said, according to Bloomberg forgets.Related Links infrastructure spending, and help for state folks in charge of such things would
News. Microsoft wants to buy Yahoo's Google Extends Web Search Lead and local governments in balancing their recognize that the way you stop crime is by
search business but doesn't want to pay for Yang's Remorse going after the actual criminals, rather than
the rest of the company, even at this Yahoo Shareholders Steaming As Share the tools they use.
reduced valuation. Price Hits 5-Year Low So, what happened after Craigslist
Yang's newfound openness to a implemented the change? Exactly what
you'd expect. Ed Kohler checked it out and

What can the UN do in Congo? noticed (as you'd expect) that the number
of ads on Craigslist's erotic services
dropped significantly, but the number of
ads elsewhere jumped up somewhat
By Mark Tran (World news | country. Civilians have turned against the where talks were to be held in a bid to In the meantime, Human Rights Watch UN, stoning UN offices because they are bring about the cessation of hostilities. believes more UN peacekeepers are (including some on Craigslist's
frustrated by the inability of peacekeepers The present UN force has been plagued needed urgently on the ground to prevent "Therapeutic Services" -- suggesting that
Submitted at 11/11/2008 9:37:03 AM some are trying to skirt the new charging
to protect them from the fighting. by complaints common with any UN further civilian deaths.
Human Rights Watch has called on the The UN does not have a happy history in mission: lack of adequate equipment or a "Progress on the political front has not system). Kohler only looked at one other
UN to send 3,000 more troops to eastern the country. The UN's first mission in clear chain of command. Substitute Darfur been matched by progress to meet the site, so it may look like the increase in ads
Congo to protect civilians caught up in the Congo, from 1960 to 1964, was a disaster, – where helicopters are lacking – for urgent need to protect civilians now at isn't that big -- but if you add up a variety
fighting between forces led by Laurent Tim Butcher declares in his fine book Congo and the complaints sound risk," said Anneke Van Woudenberg, a of similar sites, you can bet that it's quite
Nkunda, the renegade Tutsi general, and Blood River, an account of his recreation depressingly familiar. senior researcher on the Congo for Human likely that in total it added up to quite a lot.
government troops. of Stanley's expedition on the Congo river. The UN secretary, Ban Ki-moon, has Rights Watch. "Negotiations offer promise It's just that, now, it's a lot more work for
The UN already has 17,000 peacekeepers Peacekeepers, then as now, were drawn said he will travel to the region to press for of a solution in the Congo in the long run, police to actually monitor.
in the Democratic Republic of the Congo – into the conflict, fighting against white an end to the catastrophic conflict. The but civilians need protection now from the Permalink| Comments| Email This Story
the world's largest UN peacekeeping force. mercenaries and Congolese rebels backed world will wish him well, but Nkunda killing and raping."
It sounds a lot but it is thinly-stretched in a by Belgium. seems in truculent mood and in no hurry to • Congo
country the size of western Europe. At its peak strength, the UN deployed end the fighting that has strengthened his • United Nations
The UN's reluctance to send in more almost 20,000 troops in Congo, lost more position against a weak central© Guardian News &
troops is understandable. Its troops do not peacekeepers in combat there than on any government. Media Limited 2008 | Use of this content is
have much peace to keep and they have other peacekeeping mission before or The UN has little choice but to continue subject to our Terms & Conditions| More
been sucked into the fighting, sending since. The mission also cost the life of the with its thankless task and Ban's best hope Feeds
helicopter gunships to fight on the side of UN secretary-general, Dag Hammarkjold, seems to be to persuade the big powers to
the government against Nkunda, who once who was killed in a plane crash in 1961 on lean on Congo and Rwanda into ensuring
again has threatened to take over the whole his way to Ndola in what is now Zambia that existing peace agreements are upheld.
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Microsoft Steps Up Whitehouse Accused Of
Chinese police chief arrests 48 relatives Program To Bribe
Trying To Push Through
Anti-Gambling Regulation
By Tania Branigan (World news | pressure. months.
Submitted at 11/11/2008 8:39:26 AM
"I am a person who cares about
relationships and cherishes friends and
Another cousin was sent for re-education
after blackmailing a motorcyclist for 5,000
Users To Search No One Wants
relatives, but when there is conflict yuan (£475) by falsely claiming the man By Michael Masnick (Techdirt) By Michael Masnick (Techdirt)
Police chief Laobu Laluo prides himself between the law and friends and relatives, I had knocked him down. Submitted at 11/10/2008 4:55:00 PM
Submitted at 11/10/2008 8:39:00 PM
on dispensing justice unflinchingly — would choose law and justice," he told the "In the first few years, I did not dare go
whoever the criminal may be. Chengdu Economic Daily. back home for the new year holiday, but Apparently Microsoft's ongoing program Even as some of our elected
Alas, his commitment to upholding the "As a police officer, if you can't manage now it's all right," Laobu said. "Everyone to bribe users to use its search engine representatives are trying to re-legalize
law seems matched only by his relatives' your relatives well, you don't have the understands and supports what I was doing wasn't getting enough attention, and the poker, the White House appears to be
dedication to breaking it. In a decade-long right to manage others." at the time." company seems to be upping the ante. At trying to shove through the regulations put
career he has arrested no fewer than 48 of While his diligence may not have His brother has pledged not to cause least for a little while, it's now giving 25% in place a couple years ago to stop online
them, for crimes ranging from assault and endeared him to his family, the newspaper further trouble and the blackmailer is now cash back on eBay purchases(limited to gambling. The Unlawful Internet
theft to blackmail. says it has made him something of a hero a reformed character, elected as leader of $200). At some point, you really have to Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 put
Twenty five of those, including his own in his area. Chinese citizens frequently his village on account of his upstanding wonder how well this program really the responsibility on financial institutions
brother, have been jailed, sentenced to re- bemoan corruption within officialdom. morals. works. Sure, some folks may use to stop any financial transactions used in
education through labour or penalised in Laobu, who is in his 30s and a member But other relatives appear remarkably Microsoft's search to get the cashback (or online gambling. As we see all too often,
other ways. of China's Yi ethnic minority, said trouble slow to recognise Laobu's zeal. Only this to game the system), but will they keep it it's a situation where the government is
Other offenders include cousins and began in 2000, when he learned that his year, Laobu found his cousin Labulida had up when Microsoft isn't paying? That's not putting the liability on a third party to stop
numerous members of his wife's family. younger brother and two cousins had been involved in snatching a handbag from at all clear, and it seems likely that an undesirable activity, rather than on
Furious relatives have accused him of beaten teachers at a primary school while a woman on a bus. Microsoft could be paying out a lot more those actually involved in the activity. Not
making them lose face, threatened his drunk. • China than it gets back in benefits. surprisingly, financial institutions have
parents and even attacked the family cattle, Despite his mother's tears and the pleas© Guardian News & Permalink| Comments| Email This Story been protesting any regulations enforcing
cutting off their tails and slashing their of his uncle and aunt, he personally Media Limited 2008 | Use of this content is this law -- and with the current financial
legs. But the director of the Heizhugou arrested all three. His brother Laqu was subject to our Terms & Conditions| More collapse going on, they're pushing back
town police station in Leishan city, sentenced to 18 months in prison, while Feeds hard on any effort to enforce the law. So,
Sichuan province, is unbowed by the one cousin got three years and the other six what happens? Apparently, the White
House has assigned a former NFL lobbyist

What Obama Should Do To Get The Entrepreneurial working for the White House to try to
force the regulations through, apparently
putting tremendous pressure to get things
moving. Congress is now asking the White
Viewpoint House to explain why they're trying to rush
this through, just as financial institutions
are having so much trouble. It certainly
By Michael Masnick (Techdirt) That's a huge problem. I absolutely agree. by David Carr in the NY Times, and looks House moderators) and contribute them to
does raise questions. Considering the push
Submitted at 11/10/2008 10:01:00 AM
It is the entrepreneurial spirit that is needed at how Obama's campaign ran like an the mix. If someone has a particularly good
right now. But, at the same time, it makes entrepreneurial startup itself, leveraging suggestion, why not invite them to a to reverse the law in the first place,
Two contrasting articles crossed my you wonder just how Obama would have the internet and new technologies to do a meeting with those "big shot" economic combined with the protests from financial
desktop this weekend, both about how accomplished this. Any one or two complete end-run around much bigger and advisers as well? It doesn't mean that every institutions that it shouldn't be their
President-Elect Barack Obama is likely to entrepreneurs are unlikely to do a really more well-known "corporate brands" in the hare-brained scheme needs to be listened problem to stop online gambling, why is
govern. The first, by Mark Cuban, good job representing all entrepreneurs. political space. And it wonders if Obama to, but if there's a good way to allow the the White House putting excess pressure to
criticizes Obama for the list of economic Entrepreneurs, for the most part, don't all will continue to use those tools to govern best ideas to bubble up and get recognition, try to make it happen?
advisers that Obama chose to consult view things the same way, and there's no as well. it could be quite a powerful new way to Permalink| Comments| Email This Story
concerning his plans to take on the real organization of entrepreneurs. The So, at the very least, one could argue that govern. To some extent, there's already
economic downturn. Cuban, correctly, reason entrepreneurs become entrepreneurs Obama, himself, is something of an some indication that this is where things
worries about who is missing from that is often that they see their own way of entrepreneur, but more importantly, one are headed with the transition website
list: Notice anything missing? doing things and don't want to be locked would hope that Obama does, in fact,, but it remains to be seen if
Not a single entrepreneur. Yes Warren up by convention. So, while it is continue to leverage the internet to hear that's just a Presidential suggestion box...
Buffett started a business, but he will be worrisome that there aren't any from folks -- and is actually willing to or something a lot more powerful.
the first to tell you that he "doesn't do start entrepreneur-types on the list, I'm not sure listen and take suggestions seriously. Why Permalink| Comments| Email This Story
ups". Which means there isn't a single I'd be that much more comfortable with a not create an economic roundtable of sorts
person advising PE Obama that we know few entrepreneurs representing the online that lets more people weigh in? Let
of that knows that its like to start and run a interests of all entrepreneurs either. ideas in the mix bubble up to the top using
business in this or any economic climate. That brings us to the second article. It's ratings systems (and maybe some White
10 Tech* Gadgets* Daily -Click and Print- Newspaper
In Some Relatively Rare
A History Lesson For Those Advocating Network Cases, iPod Headphones
May Have Some Impact On
Neutrality Laws Pacemakers
By Michael Masnick (Techdirt)
By Timothy Lee (Techdirt) Internet is having today. As with today's firms were allowed to enter the railroad raised prices in the railroad industry. And
Submitted at 11/10/2008 2:04:00 PM
Internet, some parts of the railroad market industry, and by the 1920s, the FCC was when trucking emerged as a potentially Submitted at 11/10/2008 6:35:27 PM
were highly competitive, while other actively working to discourage competition disruptive innovation, the ICC helped to
Over at, Declan McCullagh markets were served by only one or two and push up railroad rates. In the 1930s, limit its growth and slow the There have been numerous studies done
writes that Barack Obama's election as the firms. And people had concerns about the the ICC gained authority over the infant corresponding decline of the railroad over the impact various portable
next president of the United States has behavior of the largest railroad firms that trucking industry, and used its authority to industry. electronics devices have on pacemakers,
bolstered the hopes of those hoping to echoed those that people have about large slow the growth of the trucking industry to The story of the ICC is not an isolated and they often make headlines blown way
impose network neutrality regulations on Internet providers today: that they restrict protect the railroads from competition. By case. Similar stories can be told of the out of proportion compared to the actual
the Internet. While Obama's key advisors competition, discriminate among 1970, things had gotten so bad that a Ralph Civil Aeronautics board, which limited issue. A year and a half ago, for example,
have been cagey about precisely what the customers. Nader report described the ICC as competition in the airline industry until the we wrote about a report that found that
new administration's stance on the issue In 1887, Congress passed legislation "predominantly a forum at which 1970s. And, of course, there's the example iPods could interfere with pacemakers
will be, it's a safe bet that we'll be hearing (you can read an abridged version here) transportation interests divide up the of that the FCC actively promoted AT&T's under some very specific (and somewhat
a lot about the issue in the coming months. that is strikingly similar to the proposed national transportation market." monopoly in the telecommunications unlikely) circumstances. And now there's a
This seems like a good time for a long- network neutrality legislation that we're What went wrong? The story is too long market until it was broken up in 1984. new study making the rounds about how
overdue conclusion to my ongoing series debating today. The Interstate Commerce and complicated to fully describe in a blog We can certainly hope that Congress has iPod headphones could, maybe interfere
on network neutrality regulation. Act declared it illegal to charge different post, but I think there are two key lessons. learned from the experiences of the 20th with pacemakers, again in some very
One of the things that has been missing prices to different customers for "the First, the authors of the ICA dramatically century and will avoid the most egregious specific circumstances. As the folks behind
from the network neutrality debate has transportation of a like kind of traffic underestimated the complexity of the mistakes it made in the 20th century. But the report note, it's so minor that it's not
been a sense of how it fits into the broader under substantially similar circumstances railroad industry and the difficulty of it's worth remembering that many of the worth causing a big stir about it, but when
history of government regulations of and conditions." It also said that railroads government oversight. One of the reasons conditions that led to the ICC's problems the headphones are very close to the
network industries. It's easy to imagine that may not "make or give any undue or the ICC was relatively toothless in its early are still with us. Today's FCC, like the ICC device, the magnets in them may impact
the Internet is so new and different that unreasonable preference or advantage to years is that it was completely of the 20th Century, has a revolving door how the device runs. It was a pretty small
historical comparisons just aren't relevant. any particular person, company, firm, overwhelmed with paperwork, as dozens between the commission and the firms they sample size, but in experiments it
But as we've seen with copyright and corporation, or locality, or any particular of railroads sent it information about regulate. And the Internet, like the railroad happened in 4 out of 27 tests with
patent debates, we can learn a lot from description of traffic." Compare that to the thousands of routes. The railroad industry industry of the 19th century, is pacemakers. Slightly more troubling is in
historical experiences that may not seem leading network neutrality proposal during was simply too complex and dynamic for a extraordinarily dynamic and complex. As a cases with defibrillators, where the
immediately relevant. the last Congress, which would have few Washington bureaucrats to even result, there's a real danger that if Congress headphones got in the way 10 out of 33
I think this is equally true in the network required network providers to deliver understand, to say nothing of regulating gives the FCC the power to regulate the times. Though, with the pacemakers, it
neutrality debate. While the specifics of content on a "reasonable and them effectively. Internet, it will make things worse, either didn't sound as if the interference was all
network neutrality are unlike anything that nondiscriminatory" basis without imposing Second, the ICC's failure is a classic because it cannot keep up with the that serious in most cases, and with
has come before, the general principles "a charge on the basis of the type of example of what economists call Internet's rapid evolution, or because defibrillators, it seems likely that
involved—non-discrimination, content, applications, or services made "regulatory capture": the ability of special industry incumbents will succeed in technicians are likely to notice and remove
competition, monopoly power, and so available." interests to gain control of the regulatory getting their own allies in key positions iPod headphones from getting in the way.
forth—have actually been with us for more Unfortunately, the story of the Interstate process and use it to their advantage. within the commission. Either way, the While it's good to be aware of the potential
than a century. Indeed, today's network Commerce Commission does not have a Because the railroads cared more about results could be very different from what for interference, but the actual risk of
neutrality debate bears a striking happy ending. Grover Cleveland appointed railroad regulation than anyone else, they network neutrality proponents are hoping danger seems pretty minor.
resemblance to the debate that led to the a railroad ally named Thomas M Cooley as were adept at getting their allies appointed for. Permalink| Comments| Email This Story
very first American regulatory agency: the the first chairman of the ICC. The ICC was to key positions at the commission. Over Timothy Lee is an expert at the Insight
Interstate Commerce Commission, which widely regarded as toothless for its first time, the ICC not only ceased to be an Community. To get insight and analysis
was created to regulate the railroad couple of decades, largely rubber-stamping effective watchdog of consumer interests, from Timothy Lee and other experts on
industry. railroad industry decisions. Things got but actually began actively defending the challenges your company faces, click here.
The railroad industry was the high-tech even worse after the turn of the century, interests of the railroads at consumers' Permalink| Comments| Email This Story
industry of its day, and it had many of the when the ICC began actively discouraging expense. For about six decades—from
same kinds of transformative effects on the competition in the railroad industry. The about 1920 to 1980—the ICC pursued
19th Century American economy that the ICC had the power to decide when new policies that reduced competition and

Mitsubishi's $6,999 65-inch LaserVue HDTV now hitting retailers

By Darren Murph (Engadget) Mitsubishi has announced that its stunning the$6,999 in order to bring one home is appeared on Engadget on Tue, 28 Oct 2008
Submitted at 10/28/2008 12:46:00 PM
65-inch LaserVue HDTV is now on sale at another matter entirely, but those who feel 12:46:00 EST. Please see our terms for use
select specialty retailers nationwide. From like stimulating the economy and their of feeds.
Filed under: Displays, HDTV, Home what we've personally seen and from what retinas can absolutely do so starting today. Read| Permalink| Email this| Comments
Entertainment we've gathered from those lucky enough to Mitsubishi's $6,999 65-inch LaserVue
Just in time for your holiday wish list, critique it in detail, this here set is a real winner. Of course, coming up with HDTV now hitting retailers originally
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Online Movie Distribution Students Dropping Out Of School

Should Be Widespread, Not To Pay RIAA Settlement Fees?
By Michael Masnick (Techdirt) throw-away line.
Focused On Specific Sites Submitted at 11/10/2008 11:29:00 AM

You may recall a couple years ago that an

However, if it is true, it would be
interesting to hear from some of those
students, and to see how the RIAA
By Michael Masnick (Techdirt) movies. No, the idea is to get the movie RIAA representative suggested that an responds to the situation. No matter how
Submitted at 11/10/2008 3:27:00 PM
seen in as many places as possible to make MIT student should drop out of school and much you might think the RIAA is right to
it as convenient as possible for whoever to get a job in order to pay the fine it was enforce copyright law against students, I'm
There's a lot of buzz over the fact that watch it. The same should be true of demanding she pay for sharing some curious to see if anyone can reasonably
MGM has apparently worked out an studios who realize that they want their music. Now, according to the associate defend encouraging a student to drop out
agreement to put some complete movies movies available for free online. They dean of student development at the of college just to pay off such a fine. The
and TV shows on YouTube, in an attempt shouldn't just focus on doing a deal with University of Wisconsin, some students are punishment seems way out of line with the
for both YouTube and MGM to build
alternatives to things like Hulu. The
one site, like YouTube, but in setting up
the parameters where any site can
doing exactly that: "Some students have
had to drop out of school in order to pay
"crime." Open source "Game
Permalink| Comments| Email This Story
content selections look pretty weak so far,
as if MGM decided to test this program out
distribute the movie for them. Otherwise,
you end up with a patchwork of different
for their legal fees." No examples or proof Boy" has five awesome
is given, so I'm wondering if this is just a
with its least desirable content (which
hardly seems like a fair test). Either way,
deals, and different sites, and no one really
knows where to go to get anything. Why
parts, zero games
the point seems a bit silly. Working out not just set up the parameters, and let any By Laura June (Engadget)
specific deals with specific sites misses the qualifying site serve up the content Submitted at 10/28/2008 1:43:00 PM
point. instead?
You don't see movie studios today Permalink| Comments| Email This Story Filed under: Gaming
looking to do exclusive deals with one The Arduino-based, DIY GamePack is
chain of movie theater to distribute their sort of like the Mignon Game Kit we saw
in 2005, but it definitely looks much, much

Dell goes industrial with new OptiPlex desktops radder. For a mere $249.93, all the
necessary parts -- CPU, "Inputshield"
customizable, vibrating controller / button
By Donald Melanson (Engadget) 3.0GHz Core 2 Duo processor, 1GB of a glimpse at the complete line-up. component (say, for right or left-handed
Submitted at 10/28/2008 2:27:00 PM
RAM, and an 80GB hard drive, and they'll [Via Electronista] configurations), "TouchShield Stealth"
run you $902, $892, and $912 for the Continue reading Dell goes industrial OLED display unit, and "MeCap" lithium
Filed under: Desktops tower, slim desktop and small form factor with new OptiPlex desktops battery pack -- can be yours. Once you've
Dell didn't exactly have a high design bar PC, respectively -- or considerably more if Dell goes industrial with new OptiPlex cobbled it together, of course, the real fun
to hurdle in order to top its existing you opt for some of the higher end options desktops originally appeared on Engadget begins -- it's pretty much a blank slate with
OptiPlex desktops, but it's done a pretty like a Core 2 Quad processor or a discrete on Tue, 28 Oct 2008 14:27:00 EST. Please little more than code for a color-changing
admirable job with its new OptiPlex 960 graphics card. For less demanding folks, see our terms for use of feeds. dot to start with, so if you want to play any
model, which is available in the usual mini Dell has also rolled out the $399 OptiPlex Read| Permalink| Email this| Comments "games" on that new "Game Boy" of
tower, slimline desktop (pictured above), FX160 thin client PC, and updated Celeron processor in their base yours, you're going to have to write them
and small form factor versions. Those each versions of its OptiPlex 760 and OptiPlex configurations to help keep prices down to yourself. See a video of the device in
sport base configurations that include a 360 desktops, which now pack a 2.0GHz $630 and $478. Head on past the break for action after the break.
[Via technabob]
Microsoft details pre-beta release of Windows 7 Continue reading Open source "Game
Boy" has five awesome parts, zero games
By Darren Murph (Engadget) enhanced AV integration -- all things that Open source "Game Boy" has five
have our interest decidedly piqued. Hit the awesome parts, zero games originally
Submitted at 10/28/2008 12:15:00 PM
read link for the full spill direct from the appeared on Engadget on Tue, 28 Oct 2008
Filed under: Desktops, Laptops horse's mouth. 13:43:00 EST. Please see our terms for use
We knew good and well Microsoft was Microsoft details pre-beta release of of feeds.
gearing up to drop a pre-beta release of Windows 7 originally appeared on Read| Permalink| Email this| Comments
Windows 7 in developers' laps at its Engadget on Tue, 28 Oct 2008 12:15:00
Professional Developers Conference, but EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.
now we're being treated to a host of details versions of Microsoft Office Word, Excel, "the best of the web to Windows, and the Read| Permalink| Email this| Comments
from Redmond itself. For starters, it's PowerPoint and OneNote that are used best of Windows to the web." 'Course,
showing off (for the first time, mind you) from within standard web browsers." we're also told about improved navigation,
its new Web applications for Office. As According to Ray Ozzie, chief software a new taskbar (preview shown), support
you'd expect, said apps are "lightweight architect at Microsoft, it's aiming to bring for multi-touch gestures, Device Stage and
12 Gadgets* Daily -Click and Print- Newspaper

Windows 7 details galore: interface tweaks, netbook

builds, Media Center enhancements
By Nilay Patel (Engadget) run at 1.6GHz.)
Submitted at 10/28/2008 1:58:00 PM
• At the other end of the scale, Windows
7 supports machines with up to 256 CPUs.
Filed under: Desktops, Laptops • Multiple-monitor management is much-
Microsoft's Windows 7 announcement improved, as is setting up projectors -- it's
earlier today was followed up by an a hotkey away. Remote Desktop now
extensive demo of the new features during works with multiple monitors as well.
the PDC keynote, and since then even • Media Center has been tweaked as well
more info about the new OS has flooded -- it looks a lot more like the Zune Greatest projector / iPhone
out, so we thought we'd try to wrap up
some of the more important bits here for
interface. There's also a new Mini Guide
when watching video, and a new Music
clone combo handset in
you. Microsoft seems to have done an Wall album artwork screensaver that kicks the world now up for sale
impressive job at this early pre-beta stage, in when you're playing music.
folding in next-gen interface ideas like • Devs got a pre-beta today; a "pretty By Paul Miller (Engadget)
multitouch into the same OS that good" feature complete beta is due early Submitted at 10/28/2008 11:44:00 AM
apparently runs fine on a 1GHz netbook next year. No word at all on when it'll be Filed under: Cellphones
with 1GB of RAM, but we'll see how released to market apart from that"three Look, here's what you need to do: reach
development goes -- there's still a ways to years from Vista" date we've known into the appropriate pocket on your
go. Some notes: forever.
• Obviously, the big news is the new personage, take out your phone, and throw
That's just the good bits -- hit the read it into the nearest wall. It sucks. The N70
taskbar, which forgoes text for icons and links for piles of more info and from Lanye (or ChinaKing, or... somebody
has new "jump lists" of app controls and screenshots, and we'll keep our eyes out from China), which we've drooled over
options you can access with a right-click. for anything else interesting. Exciting previously, is a candybar phone with a 2.4-
You can select playlists in Media Player, times!
for example. Super cool: when you scrub inch screen, Bluetooth 2.0, and a little bit
Read- Keynote videos on the PDC site of dual-band GSM. Oh, and a built-in
over the icons, all the other app windows Read- Technologizer Windows 7 hands- projector. And an interface that almost
go transparent so you can "peek" at the • The system tray now only displays what get scroll support automatically. There's on perfectly mirrors that of the iPhone with
windows you're pointing at. you explicitly say it should -- everything also a giant on-screen predictive keyboard. Read- Ars Technica Windows 7 interface the addition of voice recording and MMS.
• Gadgets now appear on the desktop -- else is hidden, and the controls have been Again -- could be amazing, but we won't walkthrough
the sidebar has been killed. That makes It's awesome, and it's now available for
streamlined. know until it's out in the wild. Read- Laptop Windows 7 hands-on import for a mere $345. A bargain at any
more sense for all those laptop owners out • User Account Control settings are now • We've always known Microsoft intends Read- Windows 7 Media Center revealed price.
there with limited screen space, and you much more fine-grained -- you can set Windows 7 to run on netbooks, and we got Windows 7 details galore: interface [Thanks, Andrew]
can still see gadgets anytime by peeking at them by app and by level of access. a small taste during the PDC keynote: tweaks, netbook builds, Media Center Greatest projector / iPhone clone combo
the desktop, rendering all other windows • They demoed multitouch features on an Windows SVP Steve Sinofsky held up his enhancements originally appeared on
transparent. handset in the world now up for sale
HP TouchSmart PC -- it was pretty cool, "personal" laptop running Windows 7, an Engadget on Tue, 28 Oct 2008 13:58:00 originally appeared on Engadget on Tue,
• Window resizing and management now although the usual nagging "what is this unnamed 1GHz netbook with 1GB of EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds. 28 Oct 2008 11:44:00 EST. Please see our
happens semi-automatically: dragging a good for / that'll get old fast" concerns RAM that looked a lot like an Eee PC, and Permalink| Email this| Comments terms for use of feeds.
window to the top of the screen maximizes weren't really addressed. The Start menu said that it still had about half its memory Read| Permalink| Email this| Comments
it, pulling it down restores; dragging a gets 25 percent bigger when using touch to free after boot. (We're guessing it was
window to the edges auto-resizes it to 50% make it easier to handle, and apps will all running a VIA Nano, since most Atoms
for quick tiling. Nifty.

T-Mobile G1 coming to Walmart for $148.88

By Darren Murph (Engadget) country will begin selling the Android- the premium... or something along those
Submitted at 10/28/2008 11:58:00 AM
powered handset beginning tomorrow, and lines.
folks who opt to pick one up here versus a T-Mobile G1 coming to Walmart for
Filed under: Cellphones traditional T-Mob store will save $31.11. $148.88 originally appeared on Engadget
Well, now isn't this something? Best Buy Yep -- according to company on Tue, 28 Oct 2008 11:58:00 EST. Please
has its fancy little iPhone 3G, but it'll be spokeswoman Melissa O'Brien, the new / see our terms for use of feeds.
Wally World offering up the G1 outside of upgrade-eligible customer price for a Read| Permalink| Email this| Comments
official T-Mobile outlets. As we'd heard Walmart-sourced G1 will be just $148.88 already purchased your G1 at the full
yesterday, 550 Walmart stores across the with a 2-year agreement. Wait, what? You price? They always said the early bird pays
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Web 2.0 Summit videos: Huffington,

Musk, Gore
By Zoë Slocum ( "We are so completely used to talking was riding a horse."
Submitted at 11/9/2008 12:49:00 PM
about right versus left," she says. "It's a In discussing recent Tesla news
lazy way to talk...If you really want to regarding fund-raising and layoffs, Musk
The Web 2.0 Summit wrapped up Friday transform politics, you have to transcend compares running a successful start-up to
with conversations about the Internet, these divisions and really define the new running a highly trained military unit. He
politics, renewable energy, and space. center, and I can't really think of anything says taking a "special-forces approach" is
Below are videos of on-stage talks, more important." necessary to becoming large and
courtesy of TechWeb. For The Huffington Post, at least, "right" successful.
In a panel discussion in which The and "left" are now "the forbidden words." "The minimum passing grade is
Huffington Post founder Arianna Newsom, a Democrat, chimes in: "If you excellent," he says. It's "the difference
Huffington is joined by San Francisco don't want to be part of the Democratic between special forces and Army."
Mayor Gavin Newsom and Democratic Party or the Republican Party, you better Closing the summit is former U.S. Vice
campaign organizer Joe Trippi, Huffington be part of the get-it-done party, and the President Al Gore, who famously went
argues that " were it not for the Internet, peril of all of this is that you've got to from losing the 2000 presidential election
Barack Obama would not be president," in deliver." to winning an Academy Award for the
part because the blogosphere has "an Next up: Web 2.0 Summit moderator global-warming documentary An
obsessive-compulsive disorder." Trippi John Battelle, head of Federated Media Inconvenient Truth and a Nobel Peace
agrees that "the (Internet) medium Publishing and longtime journalist, invites Prize. He came to the Web 2.0 Summit to
demands authenticity." serial entrepreneur Elon Musk up to the talk, at least in part, about Current Media,
In response to Huffington's remark that stage to talk about the three areas Musk a Web video company he co-founded that
"politicians definitely need to adjust how identified in college in which he wanted to partnered up with Web darlings Digg and
they behave," never assuming that they are get involved: the Internet, renewable Twitter to cover the election last week.
E Ink's AM300 developer's kit gets having a private conversation with anyone
in public, New York magazine's John
energy, and space exploration.
Musk acknowledges somewhat smugly
"The Internet democratizes information,"
Gore says, arguing that Sen. Barack
shown off on video Heilemann says to Newsom, "So Gavin,
there's no off-the-record ever again now."
Newsom, who says he is "obsessed with
that he wasn't confident during college that
he'd be able to innovate in the latter two
areas; the Web provided the easiest (read:
Obama's win had much to do with how his
campaign made use of the Web.
Gore also focuses on the motivations
By Donald Melanson (Engadget) speedy animation does seem to be a step Facebook," agrees: Politicians need to "get least expensive) endeavor. "I'm more of an behind Web innovation, and he uses a
Submitted at 10/28/2008 1:15:00 PM
above most other similar displays and, over it," he says. "You're on the record. If engineer than anything else, I guess." lesson he'd learned from a dog trainer to
naturally, it's being touted as ideal for you get into public life, you should expect But once the PayPal co-founder could illustrate his point.
Filed under: Displays advertisements. Head on past the break to nothing short of it." afford to buy himself anything he wants, "A puppy has to have a purpose," he says.
E Ink's AM300 developer's kit(made check it out for yourself. Continuing their discussion, the quartet he says, he started investing in cutting- Likewise, "Web 2.0 has to have a purpose.
with the help of Epson) certainly seemed Continue reading E Ink's AM300 focus on how the political spectrum is edge technologies such as solar energy We have to have a purpose."
impressive enough when it was first developer's kit gets shown off on video changing, largely because of the vast (SolarCity), electric vehicles (Tesla As the conversation turns to the
announced, but there's nothing quite like a E Ink's AM300 developer's kit gets exposure to information that the Internet Motors), and space travel (SpaceX). collective human purpose of cutting down
video to bring our newspapers of the future shown off on video originally appeared on affords. But not everyone can afford to "The point of Tesla is to get to mass- on pollution and its devastating effects,
to life, and one courtesy of E Ink itself has Engadget on Tue, 28 Oct 2008 13:15:00 access the Internet regularly, Newsom market electric cars, but to get there, you Gore notes that people generally need a
now thankfully turned up on YouTube. EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds. says. need to start with something. And if you sense of urgency to act.
While the display's 16 levels of gray and Read| Permalink| Email this| Comments "We have a huge digital-divide problem," look at any technology developments, in "The urgency center of the brain is geared
pen-based input capabilities aren't entirely argues the San Francisco mayor, who has almost any sphere, you start with to snakes and spiders and fire," Gore says,
unique to E Ink, its ability to display been working hard to bring his city something which is expensive," Musk explaining that people generally require a
Gettin' The 'Gossip' with Blake Lively municipal wireless broadband. "We are
slipping; we are not making any real
says, referring to the Roadster's current
$109,000 price tag. "The first thing is
bit more processing and analyzing, as well
as conscious decision making, to react to
(ETonline - Breaking News) hunky artist, as well as recent media advancements." Hundreds of thousands of about making the technology work, and many other potential dangers. "It needs to
rumors swirling about a "feud" between people still rely on network television to then you go from there to optimizing the be stored in the cloud. It's the aggregate
Submitted at 11/10/2008 6:13:00 PM gather their political insights, he says. technology." bandwidth that that we can
her co-star Leighton Meester.
In the latest issue of W magazine,"Gossip "The media is always trying to pit us Meanwhile, Huffington says citizen Musk points out that, like cell phones respond to it collectively."
Girl"'s Blake Lively is letting her famous against each other," Lively says. "I guess journalism on the Internet is playing a and laptops, in their early days, "internal
tousled hair down to dish on all things because it's just not interesting to say, major role in transforming the lingo and combustion engine cars were considered
"Gossip Girl." 'Everyone gets along, everybody just polarization of American politics. toys for rich people, because everyone then
The blonde beauty, who has become a works 18-hour days and goes home to
media sensation, gets candid with the mag sleep.' That's not fun to read I guess."
about her new on-screen romance with a
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Gore: Electrifying redemption, thanks to the Web

By Caroline McCarthy sufficiently back his calling in the 2000
( presidential election. Needless to say, his
Submitted at 11/7/2008 5:48:00 PM
views remain controversial. But onstage,
Gore seemed plenty comfortable in his
Former Vice President Al Gore onstage at new role as a thought leader rather than an
the Web 2.0 Summit.(Credit: Dan elected official.
Farber/CNET News) "Who knew that you were the guru of
SAN FRANCISCO--The central theme Web 2.0, as well as global warming?"
of former Vice President Al Gore's speech, conference organizer Tim O'Reilly asked
concluding the Web 2.0 Summit on Friday Gore jokingly after the former vice
afternoon, was electricity. president had illustrated an analogy
He spoke of "the electrifying redemption involving "crowdsourced" information and
of America's revolutionary declaration that cloud computing, two of the decade's most
all human beings are created equal," as buzzworthy digital talking points.
emphasized through Barack Obama's If the audience was any indication, Gore
election victory on Tuesday, and how it has gained resounding acceptance as an
"would not have been possible without the information-age guru, a bit of an irony,
additional empowerment of individuals to considering that 10 years ago, erroneous
use knowledge as a source of power that reports circulated that he had once claimed
has come with the Internet." to have invented the Internet.
Gore reiterated what so many people "When we have really had these great
have said before--that the Obama leaps forward has been when new
campaign was a vindication for how the information ecoystems have made it
new tools of the Internet can be used possible for individuals who are thinking
toward legitimate change. and processing information, and who have
"What happened in the election opens up aspirations and connect easily
a full new range of possibilities, and now with lots of voters around core ideas,"
is the time to really move swiftly to use Gore explained. His preferred analogy was
these new possibilities," he said. "I made a the invention of the printing press five
talk earlier today about how the early uses centuries ago, in which he connected
of electricity 100 years ago were aimed at general historical events to the rise of
sort of specialized applications and literacy and eventually the creation of
gimmicks and do-dads and whiz-bangs that democratic governments.
demonstrated the special qualities of this billion in a decade. But it would create vote to George W. Bush, and he went on to won this time is no reason to rest easy, he "The installation of a new sovereign, the
new conveyor of power." thousands of jobs, Gore said, and it would win both an Academy Award for his said. Media democratization needs to rule of reason, and the emergence of a
He meant, essentially, throwing an pay for itself within three years. environmental-awareness documentary An continue evolving. marketplace of ideas that was accessible to
electric sheep. (Apologies to Philip K. When Obama takes office in January, Inconvenient Truth and the Nobel Peace "Just as Barack Obama's election individuals--that really empowered this
Dick.) Gore said the new president ought to set "a Prize last year. would've been impossible without the new kind of collective intelligence," Gore said.
"Now we just take electricity for granted national goal of getting 100 percent of In 2005, Gore founded Current TV, a dialogue and new ways of interacting--the "And the American constitution could be,
as everywhere, and it has empowered a America's electricity from renewable and cable news network that he created with Web--the only way (climate change) is by analogy, a brilliant piece of software
whole civilization," he said. Gore said the noncarbon sources within 10 years. We Joel Hyatt in response to his dissatisfaction going to be solved is by addressing the that regularly harvested the results of that."
analogy stands for Web 2.0 as well. "When can do that." with the television industry. "One of the democracy crisis, and the country hit a An audience member asked Gore how
people are displaying interactivity or user- He continued: "The declaration from main reasons why our political system has great blow for victory this week, but we much he thought governments should
generated content or social networking, President Kennedy that we would land a not been operating very well until this have to take this issue and raise it in the regulate Internet use, and Gore fired back,
that's kind of the gee-whiz stuff...We need man on the moon and bring him back election is the deadening influence of the awareness of everyone," Gore said. "I "As little as possible." There was more
to move past that." safely was thought by many to be television medium as it has been operated," think that it is very much in its infancy, applause, and as he left the stage, there was
Electricity, too, is key to Gore's urgent impossible." he said. barely beginning, and I think that we are yet another standing ovation.
call to action, which he detailed with an Gore had come onstage at the conference Gore encouraged the digerati in the not many years away from television sort Gore might not have invented the
immediacy that was needed at a conference to a standing ovation and so much audience to keep pushing forward as they of sinking into the digital world and Internet (or even claimed to do so). But if
where some panels drifted a little too far applause that he had to tell the audience to face what he says is the most pressing becoming a part of it." the Web 2.0 Summit was any indication,
into the speculative future. America needs quiet down. His story is familiar: he struggle of our time, climate change--the Cynics might say Gore, who calls plenty of Silicon Valley's most loyal are
a "unified national smart grid" distributing famously won the popular vote for the subject matter of An Inconvenient Truth. himself a "recovering politician," is still more than happy to have him help reinvent
renewable solar energy across the country, presidency in 2000 but lost the electoral The fact that the Web's candidate of choice bitter at a sterilized news media that didn't it.
something he estimates would cost $400
Daily -Click and Print- Newspaper Web Apps* 15

Dapper builds dynamic, BrowserPlus escapes Tech layoffs: The

contextual ads Yahoo walled garden By Rafe Needleman
By Rafe Needleman By Stephen Shankland Submitted at 11/10/2008 10:00:00 AM
( (
With the overall economy slumping, the
Submitted at 11/10/2008 2:10:00 PM Submitted at 11/10/2008 1:54:00 PM
tech industry is taking its fair share of hits.
Advertising technology company Dapper Yahoo has improved its BrowserPlus We'll keep updating the chart below as
is releasing a new tool, MashupAds, for the Dapper engine. technology for more sophisticated Web news of company changes comes in. See
creating banner ads that combine context MashupAds is not an advertising applications and now lets other Web sites our complete coverage of how the tech
from the site they are running on with network, so advertisers still need to buy besides its own use it, the company said. sector is faring here: Tracking the tech
specific content from the site of the and place their ads the old-fashioned way. BrowserPlus, like Google's Gears, is downturn.
advertiser. For example, a travel site But now instead of submitting your own software that can be plugged into a See also: The spreadsheet of sunshine:
advertisement running on a travel review hand-coded ad files, generally in SWF person's Web browser to make Web-based Who's hiring.
site (like PlanetEye) about Berlin could list format, you build the file with Dapper and applications work more like native desktop (Editor's note: Links in the spreadsheet
either current airfares to the city or hotel send that instead. programs. below will open in the spreadsheet frame
deals. One key feature, for example, is a better desktop notifications," Hilaiel said. by default. We recommend right- or
A lightweight version of the service will Previously, BrowserPlus only would work
Context-aware advertising is nothing be available for free. The full paid version upload interface that gets around the command-clicking to open links in a new
new. It's what Google AdWords is all tedious requirement at most Web sites that with sites such as Yahoo's Flickr. window or tab. Sorry about that.)
will have more features and control. The company also bills BrowserPlus as a
about. Dapper executives told me that what Coming later, the service will track users' people individually select each photo, Know of a layoff not listed here? Let us
they do is different, though, especially in video, or other file to be uploaded. Another desirable plug-in framework: once users know on this form or e-mail us.
interaction with ads so it can fine-tune the have it installed, people can let Web sites
ad creation: The advertiser points the items offered (if there are multiple possible is desktop notifications, letting a Web- If you want a real-time view into the
system to their site, and then at runtime, based e-mail, calendar, or instant add new abilities to their browsers without world of layoffs, use this Twitter search.
selections). Also, if and when Dapper ads having to restart their browsers. Right now,
the Dapper ad gets the relevant information start running on social networks, the messaging application notify a person of a But we recommend having a stiff drink
from the site and puts it into the ad. It's all new message or event reminder, for though, only Yahoo may supply the plug- first.
company will start working on ways to get ins.
dynamic. data from the social graph into the example.
A site's content drives dynamic ad Yahoo debuted BrowserPlus in May, but Current BrowserPlus plug-ins include
recommendation engine. features to enable image editing, drag-and-
messaging.(Credit: Dapper) Advertising is a tough business to be in it released a new version quietly on Friday.
These ads could be useful for products or New features include some ability to store drop operations, PStore for storing data,
right now; as spending slows, ad revenues and an interface for an operating system's
services that have changing availability will as well. But Dapper makes advertising data on the user's computer, which also is
(like travel services) or prices (interest one of Gears' big selling points, and text-to-speech engine.
more effective, and for either a zero or low Because BrowserPlus, like Gears, is a
rates). Or for any company that sells a cost. It's a smart pitch for the times. "playful support for motion sensors...on
large number of products. Previously specific laptops," Lloyd Hilaiel of Yahoo's narrowly used project, Web site designers
Here's Dapper's own MashupAds pitch can't count on it being installed, but they
contextual ads running against a large video: BrowserPlus team said in a blog posting
catalog would be time-consuming to code. Monday. can offer some new features to people who
How Dapper MashupAds Can Save do have it running.
The Dapper pitch is that once you set up Display Advertising from Paul Knegten on Yahoo apparently is hoping the features
your ad-to-service mapping, you're done. will increase adoption of the software. "It Those who want to try it out can check
Vimeo. Yahoo's BrowserPlus developer site, also
The service can also incorporate other See also: Yahoo Smart Ads, Google makes it possible for anyone to use
data into the equation, like geographic BrowserPlus on their own Web site to newly launched.
Gadget Ads, Tumri.
region or any demographic data the site on implement better in-browser uploading and
which the ad is running can pass back to

Lookpicking adds keystroke shortcuts to Firefox searches

By Josh Lowensohn It's fast and easy, but a new Firefox several people sharing one user account added once you start typing in the query.
( extension called Lookpicking goes one you can have multiple sets of search Then, once you're on that page you can
Submitted at 11/10/2008 2:54:00 PM
step further, essentially giving you little engine packs loaded up, and whoever is continue to search from its index before
packs of search engines that you can call using the browser can simply use their switching off to another site's search.
The in-browser search box is now up like bookmarks and share with others. selections. One thing to note is that this has been
ubiquitous. It can be found in every major More importantly, it lets you swap back It's also useful in academic classified as an "experimental" Firefox add
browser, and some--like Firefox and IE, and forth between your entire collection by environments. If you're doing Web -on, so if you want to skip the Mozilla user
allow you to both change which engine typing in just the first letter or two of the This has many potential uses, with the research in several different disciplines registration to download it, you can grab it
you want to search with (from a drop down engine you want. If you've ever used single most one being a shared home you can swap back and forth between a here(firefox 2 users click here).
list), and add more engines from a large Launchy, QuickSilver or any other desktop computer. If you're on a machine with huge list of search engines. Lookpicking [via Ehub]
directory. application launcher, the idea is similar. lets you pick from any of the ones you've
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i.TV's iPhone app gets AT&T debuts video search site

By Caroline McCarthy sites, but Google's YouTube is one of
( them.
deep Netflix integration Submitted at 11/10/2008 6:35:00 AM

AT&T isn't the brand that comes to mind

VideoCrawler was developed in
conjunction with start-up Divvio, a search
company that constructed the
By Josh Lowensohn
( when you think of online video search, but VideoCrawler platform.
let's get past that point: the VideoCrawler doesn't host any videos,
Submitted at 11/10/2008 5:13:00 PM telecommunications company has but members can still compile playlists and
On Monday i.TV, the movie and TV announced a beta version of a site called share them through embeddable widgets.
show listing service for the iPhone, pushed VideoCrawler, which can search more than Other players in this space include
out a really neat update that marries the 1,600 online video outlets. AT&T hasn't Blinkx and the AOL-owned Truveo.
idea of its live content guide with services released a full list of compatible video
that can take advantage of it as a platform.
The first service to be introduced into the
mix is Netflix. I.TV users who are also of Netflix streaming-capable devices like Chuck: Chuck Versus Tom
Netflix subscribers can manage their queue Apple computers, and soon the Xbox 360--
Hey, whatever
right from the application, as well as start
Netflix searches from i.TV's own listings.
If you find a movie in theaters, or
there's going to be a need to help pick out
streaming TV content, too. Assuming the
makers of i.TV can get deeper access to
Sawyer happened to Demetri
Netflix's library, we might see the options By Richard Keller (TV Squad)
recently aired TV show that you'd like to
add to your Netflix queue, you can now do to add shows that have Watch Instantly Submitted at 10/28/2008 8:14:00 AM Martin's show?
it from i.TV.(Credit: CNET Networks) streams instead of just adding on DVDs Filed under: OpEd, Episode Reviews, By Bob Sassone (TV Squad)
An example of how this might work is if that have not yet been released. Chuck, Reality-Free
As a Netflix manager it's not as Submitted at 10/28/2008 2:09:00 PM
you're perusing the latest movie listings. If (S02E05) I knew it! Others have thought
you see a film that you'd like to watch competent as an app like Dashbuster, Filed under: Other Comedy Shows,
which is currently unavailable from the video games were nothing but mind-
when it's released on DVD, you can simply numbing entertainment that produced a Programming, Celebrities, Reality-Free
cross-reference it with Netflix's library. If app store while it works out some bugs. generation of nerds, dweebs, and creators Remember way back when the news came
it shows up (which I found to work with all There are no Netflix RSS feeds(which can of Red Bull. But they were more...much that comic Demetri Martin was going to
the latest releases at my local theater), you be a source of rental inspiration), and it more. They were keys to, pardon the get his own weekly show on Comedy
simply hit the "add to queue" option and it doesn't save box art in a local cache, which Central, one that would be produced by
can give the app a slight speed gain. There phrase, weapons of mass destruction. What
will go into your saved items. This is also dual roles have other video games had Jon Stewart and his Busboy Productions?
helpful for wannabe movie aficionados, is one big plus though--i.TV is free, during their history? Space Invaders as the It was supposed to debut sometime this
since if the film you're looking at is a whereas Dashbuster and several other guide map for the invasion of Iraq? Pac- year, presumably months ago, but here we
remake, you can see and rent the older iPhone-based Netflix queue managers are Man the secret plan to solve America's are nearing the end of October and still no
versions from the same interface. not. word on when the show is going to debut.
energy crisis? And...and...what about
More importantly, with the outcropping Grand Theft Auto? Okay, that's really There's a listing on the IMDb for
mind-numbing entertainment. But, that's Important Things with Demetri Martin,
Get Around Academic Paper Restrictions [Google] beside the point!
place them in a shoe box under their beds.
Just the way you did when you were their and even titles for two episodes, but no
By Kevin Purdy (Lifehacker) researchers have to settle for "subscription This is just further proof that you need to age. dates for when those episodes will be
required" firewalls when trying to pull up a take your children's video game consoles Now you know, and knowing is half the shown (just question marks, and when
Submitted at 11/11/2008 6:00:00 AM
paper. Hit the "All (x) versions" link, and and toss them into the deepest pit in the battle. Let's get on with this week's review. even the IMDb is confused, we're all in
The Google Operating System blog you'll often find a readable copy on farthest land. Well, except for the Wii, Continue reading Chuck: Chuck Versus trouble). The Comedy Central site doesn't
points out that Google's integration of Google's servers. because you can exercise and play games Tom Sawyer have any word on the show at all. It's not
Scholar results means that students and at the same time. Brilliant! And, hey, if Permalink| Email this| | Comments even listed on the show page, and a search
your kids ask you where they should put only brings up Martin's specials. Not sure
their missile launch codes, tell them to if he's been on The Daily Show lately.
Continue reading Hey, whatever
Dancing With The Stars: Week 6 happened to Demetri Martin's show?
Permalink| Email this| | Comments
By Brett Love (TV Squad) another change to the format. In addition to best known for Lord of the Dance, filled in
Submitted at 10/28/2008 12:10:00 AM
one regular performance from each couple, for Len Goodman. He got the full DWTS
they all got together for a big group experience, witnessing some fantastic
Filed under: Celebrities, Dancing With number as well. Shotyme stopped by to performances... and Cloris. A look at all of
The Stars, Episode Reviews, Episode choreograph what was billed as the "Old the performances, is after the jump.
Recaps School Hip Hop" performance. As you Continue reading Dancing With The
( S07E12) It's time to head back to the might expect, that went better for some guest judge this week. Michael Flatley, Stars: Week 6
ballroom, and week 6 brought with it than it did for others. We also had a special Permalink| Email this| | Comments
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Heroes: Eris Quod Sum Gossip Girl: Preet a Poor Jenny

By Jason Hughes (TV Squad) By Isabelle Carreau (TV Squad)
Submitted at 10/28/2008 8:48:00 AM Submitted at 10/27/2008 10:07:00 PM

Filed under: Heroes, Episode Reviews, Filed under: OpEd, Episode Reviews,
Reality-Free(S03E07) Have you noticed Reality-Free, Gossip Girl(S02E08) "I have
how quickly an episode of Heroes goes an itch only Chuck can scratch." - Blair
by? It's not a bad thing, but it just goes to Are we to assume the cat and mouse
show you how much they pack into each game between Blair and Chuck is finally
episode. It helps that they're juggling forty over now that they both agreed it wasn't
to fifty storylines at any given time. It's time to say the three words to one another?
one of those things where when you're Somehow, I find it hard to believe that,
looking at writing up a review of the show after months and months of circling one
there's just so much that happens. Again, I
liked this episode but there weren't any
another, Blair and Chuck will agree to be
just that and stop their games. They'll need
It's official: CBS
major developments as far as the bigger
events. back? Does Sylar really just need a hug?
to find new preys to play with or they'll get
bored soon enough and so will we. hidden somewhere but mostly does stupid
dumps The Ex
Did Hayden Panattiere finally get any
We did have another de-powering as
well as another death. Kristen Bell
returned to the show as the troubled Elle,
acting lessons so she can show more than
"earnest" on her face?
This week's episode was not my favorite
mainly because the writers wrecked my
and stupider things. I get she's going
through puberty but still... can we get our List
perfect Little Miss J. Every show needs a good girl back? By Allison Waldman (TV Squad)
and Claire's mom again showed us what Continue reading Heroes: Eris Quod good girl that tries to make sense of life Continue reading Gossip Girl: Preet a
her power was by holding her palm up and Sum while making some mistakes and Jenny Poor Jenny Submitted at 10/28/2008 9:29:00 AM
having fire dance on it. Hey lady, we're Permalink| Email this| | Comments was it. Now Jenny is almost a bad seed Permalink| Email this| | Comments Filed under: Other Drama Shows,
sooo over it! Does Peter get his powers who still has somewhat of a conscience Cancellations, Reality-Free That was fast.
If this were a newspaper, the ink would
DVR conflict: Chuck's improved... Was Sarah Connor saved by the bad barely be dry on my previous post about
the dismal ratings for The Ex List. Now,
does HIMYM go? economy? the die has been cast: CBS has canceled
The Ex List.
By Bob Sassone (TV Squad) This Friday's show will be the end of the
By Joel Keller (TV Squad) run. The four remaining shows in the can
Submitted at 10/28/2008 1:03:00 PM Submitted at 10/28/2008 11:58:00 AM may be run off some time in the future, but
Filed under: OpEd, TV Squad Polls, How Filed under: Industry, Programming, more than likely they won't. For the
I Met Your Mother, Chuck, Reality-Free I Pickups and Renewals, Reality-Free You immediate future, reruns of NCIS will fill
usually hate reruns. Hate 'em. You've built never heard John McCain or Barack the Friday 9 p.m. slot.
some momentum watching a show, Obama talking about this on the campaign The Ex List is the first hour-long drama
especially when the season starts, then trail. to be dumped this season. It's a sad
suddenly you're faced with an episode A lot of people were surprised that The commentary on CBS that they are so
from last year that you already saw. That Sarah Connor Chronicles was renewed. challenged when it comes to developing
can be especially incongruous when you're Not because it's a bad show or doesn't TV dramas that don't involve criminal
a fan of a show like How I Met Your deserve to grow and all that, but just activities.
Mother, which ended last week's episode because it wasn't getting the best ratings Continue reading It's official: CBS
with a number of monumental character live and want to include it in my review. (plus it's on FOX). Now The Hollywood dumps The Ex List
So I don't even record Chuck, a show I renewed. Besides The Sarah Connor Permalink| Email this| | Comments
developments. Reporter has a theory: the bad economy is Chronicles, shows like Knight Rider have
However, reruns allow you to explore enjoyed last year and I've heard has gotten helping these borderline shows.
even better in its second season. gotten orders for more episodes.
shows that you've wanted to watch but The theory is that because of the bad Continue reading Was Sarah Connor
never get a chance to, even in this day and Continue reading DVR conflict: Chuck's economy, combined with the writers strike
improved... does HIMYM go? saved by the bad economy?
age of DVRs and online viewing. Take earlier this year and advertising dollars are Permalink| Email this| | Comments
Chuck, for instance. I DVR HIMYM just Permalink| Email this| | Comments down across the board, networks are
in case I miss something when I watched it renewing shows that wouldn't ordinarily be

New Bond Girl Spills 'Quantum of Solace' Secrets

(ETonline - Breaking News) one Bond girl who's set to rock 007's world and disrobing in the film! on. I think she’s really interesting, study with firearms, learning how to “strip
Submitted at 11/10/2008 8:00:00 PM
in 'Quantum of Solace.' Now, Maxim’s “Camille is a real personality, a real especially for a Bond girl.” a gun and put it back together. I’m proud
December cover girl is spilling secrets to character,” Olga says. “The thing is, it’s [a] In addition to her body flight training -- to say I can now take a gun apart in eight
ET has the details... the mag about her 'Quantum' character, major, integral role; it’s not just hanging simulated sky-dives -- the Ukrainian-born seconds.”
With her killer looks, Olga Kurylenko is Camille; her combat training for the role -- out in the back while the action is going beauty tells Maxim she proved a quick
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'DWTS' Monday: Foxtrot 'HIMYM' Gets Guest Brooke Shields On

Stars from 'The Hills' Adoption Rumors
Fever! (ETonline - Breaking News)
Submitted at 11/10/2008 4:42:00 PM
(ETonline - Breaking News)
Submitted at 11/10/2008 9:01:00 PM
(ETonline - Breaking News) Goodman, who also gave an 8. "I thought
Submitted at 11/10/2008 7:08:00 PM
you came out and did a really top-notch "How I Met Your Mother" continues its Brooke Shields is in the "Lipstick Jungle"
job." Carrie Anne Inaba was also pleased, policy of great stunt casting when two stars of New York City, where she accepted her
The heat is on with only five couples left but deducted a technical point from their from "The Hills" join the cast. honor as a "Woman Who Gets It Right"
on ABC's "Dancing with the Stars." score because Edyta's foot came up off the HEIDI MONTAG and SPENCER Monday night! She also took time to dish
Performing a grueling two new dances this
evening -- including a 15-second solo
floor. Tough! With another 8, the couple
had a total of 24.
PRATT have been set to play magazine on her hit NBC show -- and address those Rescue a Word
cover versions of themselves in an episode adoption rumors!
dance – the competition was fierce on the In their second dance, Cody and Edyta scheduled to air in January 2009. "We moved to Friday nights so that Document from Multiple
dance floor once again. Get your recap took on the Mambo to slightly less
here! enthusiasm. "You definitely have the
"We can confirm that Heidi and Spencer
will appear on the show, but we can't give
seems to be a better move -- they're pretty
excited about that," she says of "Lipstick
Editors [How To]
"Hannah Montana" star Cody Lindley mambo fever -- it was a little spasmodic at away anything specific about the episode. Jungle. "It's heating up even more ... and By Kevin Purdy (Lifehacker)
and his substitute partner Edyta Sliwinska times," said Bruno. Carrie Anne agreed, All we can say is that they play some exciting things happen."
were the first out of the gate with a fun saying, "A for effort, A for energy, but it Submitted at 11/11/2008 7:00:00 AM
themselves, and one of them is 'The Watch the video to find out what Brooke
Foxtrot which caught the judges by was a little erratic," while Len supportively Mother,'" says co-creator and executive has to say about rumors that she might If you share a nicely-formatted Word
surprise. "Sophisticated, elegant -- your offered, "I thought you've done two good producer Craig Thomas. adopt! document with one or more folks and ask
most grown-up performance yet," said dances tonight. Well done." The couple them to make "just a few edits," you're
Bruno Tonioli, who delivered a score of 8. received three 8 scores for a total of 24. more than likely to get back a document
"I was pleasantly surprised," agreed Len Britney's Son Health w i t h i n c o n s i s t e n t
italics/bolding/underlines, crazy font
'Defiance' Star on Daniel Craig: Update: Out of the differences, and whatever size looked best
on each person's screen. The Microsoft
'Downright Goofy' (ETonline - Breaking News)
Word Team explains in a blog post how to
use the Styles pane and a few (not-so-
(ETonline - Breaking News) goes on to reveal that co-star Craig has a obvious) options to get everything back
Submitted at 11/10/2008 5:56:00 PM into alignment, rather than highlighting,
Submitted at 11/10/2008 4:30:00 PM
playful side most people aren’t aware of:
"Daniel Craig is far more entertaining and Britney Spears' young son Jayden James clicking, and slowly building a grudge
James Bond hunk Daniel Craig stars in just downright goofy than I think most was taken to the Southwest Mississippi against Sally in Accounts Receivable.
‘Defiance' and ET was on the red carpet people think he is, and that's a result of that Regional Medical Center on Sunday after Helpful stuff, and there's also a quick
for the film's AFI Fest premiere Sunday Bond thing he's doing" reportedly having a reaction to something lesson in creating a consistent style in the
night to get the behind-the-scenes details Based on the book Defiance: The Bielski he ingested, and now Britney's Web site first place. How to Make the Formatting in
from his co-stars Liev Schreiber and Jamie Partisans by Nechama TecCast, the film has an update on his health and Your Document Consistent[The Microsoft
Bell! finds the trio as Jewish brothers who band whereabouts. Office Word Team's Blog via Lifehacker
Liev tells ET that despite the film’s together for survival but end up avenging A statement on the site says, "UPDATE: BeatMyPrice Finds Deals, Australia]
serious subject matter, the cast had a great the deaths of their loved ones and saving A source close to the Spears family has
time working together. "We had a lot of countless others during World War II. told us that Britney and family have left Integrates RetailMeNot
fun, which was important because what we the Southwest Mississippi Regional [Price Comparison]
were doing was really quite somber." He Medical Center and Jayden is fine." Just-launched price comparison engine
BeatMyPrice comes from the folks who

Parallels 4 Released, 50% Faster than Parallels 3 [Featured Mac Download]

By Adam Pash (Lifehacker) 4. The good news: Parallels 4 boasts 50% other VM directly from your iPhone. you're totally new to Parallels, a full
Submitted at 11/11/2008 9:30:00 AM
faster performance than Parallels 3, while • Modality View Mode: View Windows license will set you back $80. We haven't
promising to use 15-30% fewer resources. in a scaled view on your desktop for been able to compare the latest Parallels
Mac OS X only: The original Windows- Other new features include: transparent viewing. with its biggest competition, VMware
on-Mac virtualization software • SmartMount: Access removable storage • Clips Tool: Share several Windows or Fusion, yet, but if you've tried both, let's
Parallels—which we've used to run devices from both Windows and Mac at Mac screen captures to the Mac’s hear if you've noticed performance
Windows and Mac apps side-by-side, set the same time. clipboard to paste into Apple Mail, iChat differences in the comments. Parallels
Windows programs as defaults on a Mac, • SmartConnect: Instantly connect USB or Pages. 4[Parallels via Gizmodo]
and boot our Boot Camp partition from devices to Windows or Mac based on your • iPhone Remote Control App: Start up The only downside: Parallels 3 users will
inside OS X—has just updated to Parallels set preferences and shut down Windows, Linux or any need to pony up $40 for an upgrade. If
Daily -Click and Print- Newspaper Tech Tips* Web Tech* 19
continued from page 18
Keep Your Headphones
Tangle-Free with a Toy
brought you BugMeNot and RetailMeNot, the sellers and target price you want to see.
and puts those two services' "people- Check out a video clip from the founder Capsule [Video
powered" ethics to good use. Here's how it which shows you BeatMyPrice in action. Demonstration]
works: you see an item you want to buy As I'm on the hunt for a widescreen
online at a certain price, but want to know monitor, I plugged in a couple of listings By Adam Pash (Lifehacker)
if there are better deals out there. You from NewEgg into BeatMyPrice, and it did Submitted at 11/11/2008 9:00:00 AM
enter the item name, URL, and price into find me a cheaper (albeit smaller screen), and hit the "Beat that!" price, but the result listing was a lot sparser We've all struggled with tangled
button. BeatMyPrice lists results from than the one shown in the video. As more headphones at one point or another—we've
various sources (including other users' people use BeatMyPrice, the more results dedicated several posts to different
searches), and includes better, the same, it will have to offer. Right now it headphone wrapping techniques—but the
and higher-priced items than your desperately needs a BugMeNot-style Berkeley Innovation student group offers
entry—and it integrates coupon codes and bookmarklet for use while you shop for their own clever and cheap solution to the
promotions (like free shipping) from its holiday gifts online. common problem. Rather than requiring
sister site, RetailMeNot. you to adopt a complicated wrapping
You can narrow down the results to only technique, they use a plastic toy capsule
(the kind you get for $.25 with a toy
inside) to help the cord maintain its shape.
Treesize Free is a Simple Disk Space Magic Number Machine Graphs The capsule-encased headphones don't
tangle regardless of your wrapping
Visualizer [Featured Windows Calculations [Featured Mac Download]
method, since nothing can disturb the
wrapped cord. Handy! Solution to tangled
Download] By Gina Trapani (Lifehacker) numbers in each, complex numbers, array
functions, and a whole menu of scientific
headphone cords[Berkeley Innovation]

Submitted at 11/11/2008 8:30:23 AM

By Kevin Purdy (Lifehacker) constants. It's been a long time since I've
Submitted at 11/11/2008 8:00:00 AM Mac OS X only: Mac users envious of needed a calculator this advanced and
Windows 7's new souped-up built-in complex, so mathletes and scientists, let us
Windows only: We've previously calculator can take solace in Magic know how it is. The Magic Number
highlighted some disk space visualization Number Machine, a free, advanced graphic Machine is a free download for Mac only.
tools with all kinds of neat graphics, but calculator for OS X. Features include 25 Thanks, enderwiggin7! Magic Number
Treesize Free shoots for just the digits of precision, hexadecimal, binary, Machine
opposite—a clean, simple interface decimal and octal display including
showing how much of your hard drive is fractional, scientific notation and negative
filled by which folders. As you might
guess, it stacks up the root folders by size,
then lets you collapse them in nesting trees
to see which sub-folders are eating up that have in Windows Explorer's right-click
menu on its tree view pane—delete, copy,
Exclusive: First Look at Blue
160GB drive you thought you'd never fill.
You can adjust for KB/MB/GB viewing,
scan CDs and removable drives, and
cut, etc. Treesize Free is a free download
for Windows systems only. Treesize
Free[JAM Software via Red Ferret
Spruce, IBM's Next
switch to percentages instead of data bits,
but one of Treesize's really cool features is
simply giving you all the same tools you
Generation Browser Platform
By Richard MacManus
EchoPic is a Dead Simple Picture Sharing Site [Photo Sharing] (ReadWriteWeb)
Submitted at 11/10/2008 6:56:17 PM
By Jason Fitzpatrick (Lifehacker) the same generous storage plus an increase
Submitted at 11/11/2008 6:30:00 AM
in file size limit to 4 MB. One minor IBM is about to commit itself heavily to
caveat: there is no resizing feature, so browser-based applications. The giant IT
Webapp EchoPic is a no-frills online make sure to resize or crop your photos company is quietly working on a project
photo storage service, which has no before uploading them. If my test picture called Blue Spruce, which aims to create a
albums or advanced features, but offers a piqued your interest check out how to fully browser-based application
fast way to get pictures on the web have unlimited storage and a file size make your own stealthy keyboard. development platform. ReadWriteWeb was
painlessly. Registration isn't necessary to limitation of 1MB. Registered users have EchoPic[via About:Photography] given an exclusive first look at Blue
use the basic features; unregistered users Spruce. Last week at Web 2.0 Summit we
sat down with IBM's CTO of Emerging
Internet Technologies, David Boloker, for be the next evolution of the browser.
a "show and tell" of what IBM claims will EXCLUSIVE: page 20
20 Web Tech* Daily -Click and Print- Newspaper
continued from page 19
What's more, it's fully open standards platform for applications - thus putting to see IBM stepping up its application
DeepDyve: Indexing the
based - so it is squarely aimed at
challenging the proprietary rich internet
platforms of Microsoft's Silverlight and
Adobe's Flash.
pressure on companies like Microsoft and
Adobe, which still rely heavily on desktop
applications (albeit these days connected to
the Web).
development efforts - services is after all a
key part of IBM's business.
ReadWriteWeb was shown a number of
'proof of concept' demos. The functionality
Deep Web
By Frederic Lardinois
Sponsor It's also worth noting that this isn't (yet) included Ajax-based mashups being used (ReadWriteWeb)
Blue Spruce is a project within IBM that an open source project. David Boloker simultaneously by users in different
Submitted at 11/11/2008 9:41:17 AM
is only about 5 months old. Up till now it described it to us as a "community- locations (one in San Francisco, the other
hasn't been shown publicly. Blue Spruce sourced" project, meaning that it's built on in Boston), audio and live streaming video DeepDyve is a new search engine that is
isn't yet complete, but conceptually it is open standards and so others in the (VGA currently, but HD is on the way) aimed at students, academics, and
two different things: developer community can contribute. integrated with mashups, IM and feeds on knowledge workers. DeepDyve's mission million pages.
• Project Blue Spruce Client Toolkit Boloker said it "may" become an open the one browser page, and more rich is to index the ' deep web' that is hidden What's New?
• Project Blue Spruce Co-Web Server source project in future, but it's too early to functionality. behind pay walls and subscription fees. We DeepDyve launched with a good amount
Here's a summary of what we know so say. Why is IBM Heading to the Browser? In other words, there were many first looked at DeepDyve in September, of hype this morning, but after our initial
far about the Blue Spruce platform: We asked IBM CTO of Emerging different components (mashups, video, when it was still called Infovell and hidden tests, we have come away somewhat
- Uses the WebKit Open Source Browser Internet Technologies David Boloker why audio, etc) all happening on the same behind a pay wall itself. Starting today, disillusioned. Most users who need to
Engine (in the demo we saw, Safari was IBM is moving to browser-based browser page. Multiple users can interact Infovell has not only changed its name, but search academic sources can already do so
the browser being used) applications. He replied that customers with these components in real-time and see is also available in a free version. through databases like Academic Search
- Uses the following Open standards: have been consistently telling them for 1- each others changes. As IBM explained it, Sponsor Premier, Lexis-Nexis, PubMed, or Science
HTML, JavaScript, CSS, (All Ajax), 1.5 years now that they don't want to do all of the components are live and all Since the launch of its first version in Direct. These services also typically
XMPP, H.264 installs anymore. Their customers want the participants can cause change that will be September, DeepDyve has slightly feature more advanced search functions
- Server runs on Linux, MacOS X rich experience that desktop apps have propagated. This will enable customers to improved its user interface, but if you have and often give you direct access to the full
- Utilized OpenAjax Metadata traditionally provided, but they want to have 'live meetings' and collaborate on used a subscription database before, text of your sources as well. Information is
Specification, so it can utilize any widgets have it in the browser. Collaboration and applications - all within the browser. DeepDyve's feature set, with the ability to Still Behind a Pay Wall
- It's being ported to IE 6+ and Firefox sharing data is also a trend that IBM is It's unusual to see this level of narrow your results by subject areas and As useful as it can be to be able to search
NOT a Web Browser, But is a Platform tapping into with Blue Spruce. functionality in a browser currently, so we save your searches, will look quite the deep web, most of the articles retrieved
To be clear, IBM is not developing Proof of Concept Applications think Blue Spruce could potentially be a familiar. Paid Version by DeepDyve still sit behind paywalls
another browser. The client part of this At this time, Blue Spruce is in a closed big deal. It certainly will make big Internet DeepDyve also released a paid version of anyway, and you either need to have
project is based on a set of browser-based beta period. IBM is creating applications companies like Microsoft, Adobe and its service for $45 a year, which will also access to an institutional subscription to
open standards technologies. They will in for a number of customers, including probably even Google sit up and take allow you to refine your searches by those sources or pay a hefty fee per article.
time (2010 timeframe) be integrated into Reuters and hospitals in Boston and New notice of Big Blue. Discuss content type. Other features of the paid DeepDyve markets itself as being the
existing browsers such as Safari, Firefox Zealand. They're focusing on 3 main areas version include dynamic clustering, visual first search engine that allows its users to
and IE. right now: finance, health and "heavy clustering, and advanced search. Verticals "access a wealth of untapped information
The grand plan for IBM, we think, is that industry" (defined as utilities, rail, steel, DeepDyve is slowly expanding into more that resides on the "Deep Web" - and if
it wants the browser to become the etc). As the project matures, we can expect search verticals, but for now, its focus is on you forget about Google Scholar and the
life sciences, physical scienes, and patents, myriad of subscription databases, then that
though it also indexes a few humanities is surely true. In its current incarnation,
journals. The service also indexes however, DeepDyve is mostly an
newspaper and lets you search for interesting technical experiment.
Wikipedia articles as well. Overall, Discuss
DeepDyve's index consists of about 500

Google, If Built By Librarians

By Sarah Perez (ReadWriteWeb) Sponsor on the homepage, project partner R. David Microsoft, or Yahoo as an everyday search However, unlike Wikipedia, Reference
Submitted at 11/11/2008 6:20:34 AM
The Reference Extract project is being Lankes explained the difference between tool. Although some people might begin Extract won't simply focus on basic facts
developed by the Online Computer Library this and an online directory like searches directly from the Reference about people, places, or things, but will
What would Google look like if it was Center and the information schools of Instead of building out a Extract homepage, the other search engines answer questions on a wide range of
built by librarians? We're about to find out. Syracuse University and the University of directory of sites, the Reference Extract will end up returning results from the topics, just as librarians do today. In the
A project called " Reference Extract," has Washington. According to Wired Campus, project will instead focus on answering project and thus leading new users to click end, the project may not out-Google
a goal of building a web search engine OCLC is an international cooperative that "real questions around the world." By through for the answers they need. Google, but it will lend something to
where the weight of the search results shares resources among more than 69,000 answering a lot of questions, the service That last bit sounds a lot like the model search results that we've never had before:
aren't determined by any sort of algorithm libraries in 112 countries and territories. A scales up and generates a lot of "semantic Wikipedia uses. Sure, you can search credibility. Discuss
like PageRank, but rather by the expertise $100,000 grant from the John D. and richness" with which a search engine and Wikipedia from its homepage, but you're
and creditability judgments from librarians Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation is other services can be built, says Lankes. more likely to Google something and end
around the world. In other words, it's smart covering planning costs. He also notes that the engine isn't really up on a Wikipedia page that appeared at
people-powered search. In response to one of the questions posed trying to compete directly with Google, the top of the search results.
Daily -Click and Print- Newspaper Web Tech* Food* 21

Google Maps Now Availalble RWW Live: Online Tools

For Blackberry Enterprise for Career Discovery & Job
Server Distribution Searching
By Sarah Perez (ReadWriteWeb) to take into account the investment in their
current infrastructure technology. To date, By Richard MacManus
Submitted at 11/11/2008 7:22:49 AM
that investment often includes BES, or (ReadWriteWeb)
The iPhone may have outsold RIM's
Blackberry devices here in the U.S., but
Blackberry Enterprise Server, which
supports the needs of email-on-the-go for
Submitted at 11/10/2008 2:55:42 PM

We recently launched a new product,

Curried Pork
Google knows that getting their software in millions of corporate users.
the hands of business execs still means
building Blackberry apps. The company's
Now, BES admins can deploy Google
Maps for Mobile to those millions of users
Jobwire, to track who has been hired for
new jobs in tech and new media. In this
Before the show starts, we're interested
in what questions you have for the
recent offering in this arena is a new, with ease, thanks to Google's new week's episode of RWW Live, to be panelists. Please leave a comment on this (Simply Recipes)
deployable package of Google Maps for packages designed specifically for this broadcast live at 3.30pm PST Monday post and one of the RWW crew on the call Submitted at 11/5/2008 2:37:39 PM
Mobile which IT admins can distribute server technology. (6.30pm EST), we will discuss the state of (Sean, Marshall and Bernard) will do our
using Blackberry Enterprise Server. IT admins can select one of the following online tools for career discovery and job best to ask your question. Planning a holiday party? Consider
Sponsor methods to deploy the software: searching. We have executives from Path We will post the audio from the show at putting these empanadas on your to-do list
Although an end user may not • Download the ALX package for 101, Indeed and Simply Hired joining us. the end, but we hope you join us LIVE on for appetizers. If you are not familiar with
understand why their IT admin won't let BlackBerry Enterprise Server to give You can tune into the show, and interact Calliflower or Facebook. empanadas, they are basically turnovers,
them use their iPhone at work, what they employees Google Maps for mobile. with us via the chat, by clicking here. You Example questions: usually stuffed with a savory minced meat
don't understand are the complexities • Download the JAD/COD package if you can also use the Calliflower Facebook app • How has the current economic filling, and popular throughout the Spanish
behind the need for standardization of would like to host the files internally and to tune in and participate. environment effected each of their and Portuguese speaking world. In this
equipment. Once an IT shop standardizes have your employees individually install Sponsor businesses? recipe, the pastry dough is made with
on one platform, like the Blackberry for Google Maps. This edition of RWW Live is sponsored • What career needs of individuals are not cream cheese, butter, and flour, resulting in
example, making the decision to support • If you use access control policies to by our main Jobwire sponsor VisualCV: currently supported by online tools but a particularly scrumptious pastry. The
other devices is not something made restrict installation of applications on Join the regulars from RWW Live, plus: should be? filling is a delicious curried ground pork
lightly. Standardization means less training corporate BlackBerry phones, download • Charlie O'Donnell, co-founder and CEO • What do the panelists think is the most picadillo. Feel free to improvise with the
is required for IT support personnel, fewer the workaround ALX package for of Path 101, a "Community Powered common misunderstanding among people filling ingredients; you can use practically
problems due to less variables in play, cost BlackBerry Enterprise Server versions Career Discovery" service. using online career tools? any stew with finely minced meat,
savings by buying in bulk (equipment prior to 4.1.5 MR1. (More information is • Paul Forster, co-founder and CEO of • If someone is listening to this podcast simmered down to the point of barely any
and/or licenses), as well as numerous other available in our discussion group.) Indeed, a search engine for jobs. and looking for a new job, what advice liquid, with a little cornstarch added to
advantages, too. ALX packages for Google Web Search • Dion Lim, President & Chief Operating would the panelists give them? help soak up extra liquid.
In addition to the benefits provided by and GOOG-411 are also available. Discuss Officer (COO) of Simply Hired, also a job UPDATE: the show is now finished, here Do you have a favorite empanada recipe?
standardization, IT departments also have search engine. is the audio: Please let us know about it in the
RWW Live is hosted as always by Sean Download MP3 Discuss comments.
Ammirati, with Marshall Kirkpatrick and Continue reading "Curried Pork
Bernard Lunn from ReadWriteWeb on the Empanadas" »

Facebook Mobile Sees 3X Growth to 15 Million Users This Year

By Marshall Kirkpatrick While these numbers are still relatively week 6 leading Japanese social networks, It's interesting to see Facebook highlight using to being a pleasure to use.
(ReadWriteWeb) small compared to the total number of including Mixi, MySpace Japan, Yahoo the addition of commenting to its mobile It's early days for mobile social
Submitted at 11/11/2008 9:09:20 AM
Facebook users (under 10%), it's huge for and others, announced that the companies interface. Non-users might not recognize networking, but it's great to see market
mobile social networking. Facebook has a are forming a mysterious alliance that what a big deal this is, but anyone who leader Facebook making great moves in
Facebook announced last night that the really good mobile site and it looks like it's could include content and widget sharing regularly uses mobile social networks (this feature development and user growth.
company has seen users of its mobile site, only getting better. across their mobile sites. authors' favorite is FriendFeedToGo) Thanks to the always-fabulous mobile, jump from 5 million to Sponsor We're curious how that kind of strategy knows how frustrating it is to view but not blog Textually for bringing this
15 million this year. The most recent Context will work compared to Facebook's strategy interact with friends' content on your announcement to our attention. Discuss
change made to the site, allowing Facebook Mobile is now probably bigger of building up a huge siloed web based mobile. It's hugely liberating to be able to
comments to be posted on status messages than the entire userbase of Mixi, Japan's social network and then creating a simple comment from your phone; it's a game
from your phone, resulted in more than 1 leading social network and a site that is but extremely usable mobile version. changer, a feature that helps the
million mobile posts in the first 24 hours. very frequently accessed by mobile. Last Commenting technology move from not being worth
22 Web Tech* Google* Daily -Click and Print- Newspaper

Say What? Google Reader Opera Mini 4.2 Beta Top searches
Translates Any Feed into Promises Faster Mobile on Election
Your Native Tongue Browsing Day (part 3)
By Rick Turoczy (ReadWriteWeb) By Rick Turoczy (ReadWriteWeb) By Karen
Submitted at 11/10/2008 3:46:21 PM Submitted at 11/11/2008 1:44:43 AM Submitted at 11/4/2008 10:04:43 PM

If you're like most folks interested in With the release of Google Chrome and The long, long election campaign season
technology, you likely have a feed reader the continued popularity of Mozilla culminated today as people made their
full of hundreds of RSS feeds on your Firefox, the browser wars are seeing a bit choices on hundreds of statewide and local
favorite topics. No doubt, they all have one a way that was legible and coherent. of a renaissance. But as interesting as the contests as well as the race for the next
thing in common: they're in a language that While at first blush, this may seem to be renewed battle for the desktop may be, it's the ground: a new server park in the United U.S. president. We've kept an eye on
you're capable of reading. a minor feature, it actually holds the important to remember that a similar battle States designed to improve Opera Mini Google Hot Trends to decipher what may
But what about all of that interesting potential to change the way people read for browser dominance - one that may performance worldwide."Opera Mini 4.2 be meaningful, as well as searches that are
news and information that's written in feeds - and the feeds they choose to read. It affect even more people - is taking place can use our newly established server park "business as usual" on Google. This is the
languages you don't speak? Get ready to will be incredibly interesting to see what on mobile handsets the world over. in the US. This means significantly faster third and final update for today. - Ed.
have access to even more information non-English blogs start growing in Last month, we saw more news of the yet page downloads for our users in the As of 12 am EST:
about your favorite topics, because now popularity now that they're no longer -to-be-released Firefox Mobile broswer - Americas and Asia-Pacific region. Users in If we count the search queries relating to
Google Reader leverages Google Translate hindered by limited linguistics. code named "Fennec" - surface with the the rest of the world will also experience the commercial breaks on election night
technology to convert any feed to your But how will people find these blogs? release of Windows Mobile screenshots. faster page downloads since we've reduced TV coverage, the entire list of the 100
preferred language. That's the other thing that makes the Not to be outdone, Opera - the current the load on our other servers." fastest-rising terms on Google Hot Trends
Sponsor translation feature so interesting: it appears mobile browser leader - has unveiled a Just as intriguing are Opera Mini's reflect a passion about today's events. As
To use the new offering, subscribe to any to work on shared items, as well. Now, you beta of Opera Mini 4.2- and it's promising numbers. Opera is claiming 20 million polls closed and the presidential race was
feed. Once subscribed, select "Translate can start reading and sharing information a faster browsing experience. users on the browser, which is up nearly 3 called after 11 pm EST for [ president
into my language" from "Feed settings..." in any language with all of your Google Sponsor million users from the number they were obama], people searched for outcomes on
and the feed will be automatically Reader contacts - regardless of the The latest version of Opera Mini offers reporting a quarter ago. That's impressive state races of interest, such as [ al franken
translated to the best of Google's ability, languages they speak. improved video support for YouTube and growth by any standard. senate race], [ massachusetts question 2],
based on your default language preference. And once we start breaking down those other mobile video services, new skins, Users interested in test-driving the new and [ proposition 8] in California.
I tested the service against Cybozu Labs- language barriers and sharing ideas with and improvements to Opera Link, its version can install Opera Mini 4.2 without Obsessive viewers noted that cameras
a feed that comes through RSS in Japanese more people, that may be a real step desktop synchronization feature. The most overwriting the current version of Opera captured a sign in Times Square that
- and was pleasantly surprised. While a toward a truly World Wide Web. Discuss interesting feature, however, may not be Mini on their handset. To download the seemed to say "[ cassoulet forever]"
few of the characters remained, the what's on the phone. It may be what's on beta preview, visit Opera Mini. Discuss (which is odd; it's a classic French country
majority of the content came through. Not dish), and they were intrigued by CNN's
only that, but the content was translated in use of [ hologram technology] to show non
-local notables like musician [ will i am]

A vote for broadband in the "white spaces" appear on the set with Anderson Cooper.
Even when looking ahead to
entertainment after a marathon post-
By A Googler companies and public interest groups fewer base stations resulting in better Finally, I want to applaud and thank FCC election season, Americans can't stop
Submitted at 11/4/2008 2:55:05 PM
because we think that this spectrum will coverage at lower cost. And it is wonderful Chairman Kevin Martin, the other pondering politics just yet. Two of the top
help put better and faster Internet that the FCC has adopted the same commissioners, and the FCC Office of 100 at this hour are for upcoming films [
All eyes are on the presidential election connections in the hands of the public. We successful unlicensed model used for Wi- Engineering and Technology for their valkyrie] (the true story of an attempt to
today, but another important vote just took also look forward to working with the FCC Fi, which has resulted in a projected 1 leadership in advancing this important assassinate Adolf Hitler), and [ frost
place at the Federal Communications to finalize the method used to compute billion Wi-Fi chips being produced this issue. And, thanks to the more than 20,000 nixon], a dramatic re-telling of Richard
Commission. By a vote of 5-0, the FCC power levels of empty channels adjacent to year. Now that the FCC has set the rules, of you who took a stand on this issue Nixon's 1977 TV interview with David
formally agreed to open up the " white TV channels (we have a number of public I'm sure that we'll see similar growth in through our Free the Airwaves campaign, Frost. Both films were promoted during
spaces" spectrum -- the unused airwaves filings before the commission in this area products to take advantage of this the FCC heard a clear message from commercial breaks in wall-to-wall
between broadcast TV channels -- for and it is a vital issue in urban areas). spectrum. consumers: these airwaves can bring coverage tonight.
wireless broadband service for the public. I've always thought that there are a lot of As an engineer, I was also really wireless Internet to everyone everywhere. Finally, eager voters (presumably of all
This is a clear victory for Internet users really incredible things that engineers and gratified to see that the FCC decided to put Posted by Larry Page, Co-Founder and persuasions) seem to be looking forward to
and anyone who wants good wireless entrepreneurs can do with this spectrum. science over politics. For years the President of Products a new era of [ obama jokes].
communications. We will soon have " Wi-Fi on steroids," broadcasting lobby and others have tried to Posted by Karen Wickre, Google
The FCC has been looking at this issue since these spectrum signals have much spread fear and confusion about this Elections team
carefully for the last six years. Google has longer range than today's Wi-Fi technology technology, rather than allow the FCC's
worked hard on this matter with other tech and broadband access can be spread using engineers to simply do their work.
Daily -Click and Print- Newspaper Google* 23

New chapter for Google Book Search Top searches

By Karen Google, the Authors Guild and the AAP currently includes more than 20,000 partners for investing so much painstaking
Submitted at 11/8/2008 2:27:21 PM

Google was built on the principle of

have disagreed on copyright law, we have
always agreed about the importance of
creating new ways for users to find books
publishers around the world, but it does
add a new way for those publishers to sell
access to their works. For in-print books
effort over so many years to maintain their
book collections, and we are excited at the
prospect of their participation in this
on Election
making the world's information more
accessible and useful. Before the company
was even founded, Larry and Sergey
and for authors and publishers to get paid
for their works.
To date, Google has worked with
not in our Partner Program, we'll continue
to scan these books through our Library
Project and make them full-text searchable,
landmark project.
Because the agreement is the result of a
U.S. lawsuit, all of these services will be
Day (part 2)
imagined a way to make it easier for libraries all over the world to make more but we won't show any portion of the book. available to readers who access Google By Karen
anyone, anywhere, to access the than 7 million books searchable through As for books in the public domain, this Book Search in the United States. Outside Submitted at 11/4/2008 3:20:17 PM
information held within the world's books. Google Book Search, and we're just getting agreement doesn't change how we display the U.S., the user experience with Google The long, long election campaign season
Search simply isn't complete without that started. We believe that ultimately we'll them: We'll make out-of-copyright works Book Search will be the same as it is culminates today as people make their
content, and providing more access to provide access to many times that number, freely available on Google Book Search today. In other words, people will be able choices on hundreds of statewide and local
more books is a vision Google has never and if approved, this agreement will for people to read and download. to search the full text of books and may see contests as well as the race for the next
lost sight of. unlock access to millions of these texts and As part of the agreement, Google is also snippets of in-copyright works, but they U.S. president. Throughout the day, we're
Four years ago, almost to the date, we make the Google search experience even funding the establishment of a Book Rights will not be able to preview or purchase keeping an eye on Google Hot Trends to
first announced Google Book Search. more comprehensive. Registry, managed by authors and access to books online, unless these decipher what may be meaningful, as well
Since we launched the service, we've heard With this agreement, in-copyright, out-of publishers, that will work to locate and services are authorized by the rightsholder as what's "business as usual" in Google
countless stories about Book Search -print books will now be available for represent copyright holders. We think the of a book. It is important to note that the searches. We'll post updates as interesting
helping readers all over the world find readers in the U.S. to search, preview and Registry will help address the "orphan" agreement does not affect users outside the trends turn up. - Ed.
books in over 100 languages on topics as buy online -- something that was simply works problem for books in the U.S., U.S., but it will affect copyright holders As of 6 pm EST:
diverse as The Physics of Star Trek and the unavailable to date. Most of these books making it easier for people who want to worldwide because they can register their The election is still top of mind (by a
history of Wood Carvings in English are difficult, if not impossible, to find. use older books. Since the Book Rights works and receive compensation for them. long shot) for most Google searchers at
Churches. We've seen millions of people They are not sold through bookstores or Registry will also be responsible for While this agreement only concerns books this hour: 87 out of 100 of the fastest-rising
click to buy books or find them in a held on most library shelves, yet they make distributing the money Google collects to scanned in the U.S., Google is committed terms on Google Hot Trends are still
library, and more than 20,000 publishers up the vast majority of books in existence. authors and publishers, there will be a to working with rightsholders, election-related. Since polls are now
have joined our Partner Program to allow Today, Google only shows snippets of text strong incentive for rightsholders to come governments, and relevant institutions to winding down in the Eastern time zone,
readers to preview the books they find from the books where we don't have forward and claim their works. bring the same opportunities to users, people are seeking more info on [ voter
before buying them. copyright holder permission. This In addition to expanding the commercial authors, and publishers in other countries. turnout], [ who is ahead in the polls], and
While we've made tremendous progress agreement enables people to preview up to market for these books, Google, the As you can imagine, we're all ready to other outcomes. And that includes news
with Book Search, today we've announced 20% of the book. authors and the publishers have worked get moving, but this project will take some outlets: fully 25% of the top 100 are
an agreement with a broad class of authors What makes this settlement so powerful hard with our library partners at Stanford, time. First and foremost, the settlement seeking the latest[election news]. Searches
and publishers and with our library is that in addition to being able to find and the University of Michigan, the University administrator will be reaching out to for news sources run the gamut from [
partners that advances Larry's and Sergey's preview books more easily, users will also of California and the University of educate authors and publishers worldwide] or [ slate]; and people are
original dream in ways Google never could be able to read them. And when people Wisconsin-Madison to ensure this about the agreement and their rights under seeking broader coverage, too, on
have done alone. read them, authors and publishers of in- agreement advances libraries' efforts to it. The agreement also must be approved everything from [] to [ cnn
This agreement is truly groundbreaking copyright works will be compensated. If a preserve, maintain and provide access to by the court. Once it's approved, we'll be newsroom] and [ msnbc politics]). Of
in three ways. First, it will give readers reader in the U.S. finds an in-copyright books for students, researchers and ready to begin delivering these services. In course, a big player in election
digital access to millions of in-copyright book through Google Book Search, he or readers. The agreement gives public and the meantime, if you own or think you may commentary this season, (Comedy
books; second, it will create a new market she will be able to pay to see the entire university libraries across the U.S. free, own a U.S. copyright interest, there is Central's [ indecision 2008]) now seems to
for authors and publishers to sell their book online. Also, academic, library, full-text viewing of books at a designated more information about the agreement at be a staple. In the far west, California
works; and third, it will further the efforts corporate and government organizations computer in each of their facilities. That this website. And Google Book Search voters are seeking out [ prop 8 results], the
of our library partners to preserve and will be able to purchase institutional means local libraries across the U.S. will users can find more information here. heavily-funded (on both sides) initiative
maintain their collections while making subscriptions to make these books be able to offer their patrons access to the Update@ 7:55 AM: Updated the press regarding gay marriage.
books more accessible to students, readers available to their members. For out-of- incredible collections of our library release link in the 3rd paragraph. And in the Midwest, Chicago-area
and academic researchers. print books that in most cases do not have partners -- a huge benefit to the public. Posted by David Drummond, Senior searchers are keen to get [ metra schedule]
The agreement also resolves lawsuits that a commercial market, this opens a new The agreement also authorizes Google Vice President, Corporate Development, information, which should help them get to
were brought against Google in 2005 by a revenue opportunity that didn't exist and the libraries to create new services that and Chief Legal Officer polls -- or maybe to Grant Park for this
group of authors and publishers, along before. will help people with disabilities such as evening's massive event planned for
with the Authors Guild and Association of It's important to note this agreement visual impairment better experience these Senator Obama.
American Publishers (AAP). While doesn't change our Partner Program, which books. We are grateful to our library Posted by Karen Wickre, Google
Elections Team
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The art of the field study

By A Googler to what they say as they do this. We hear it person I shadowed for the day spent ten around on the search results page. Notice search for a pair of brown shoes they'd like
Submitted at 11/6/2008 3:31:36 PM
when they're happy, and when they're minutes trying to find the schedule of the how methodically the gaze moves from to buy for themselves, in the lab they'll
terribly frustrated. And perhaps most ferry that runs between San Francisco and result title to title, occasionally inspecting find the first pair that seems reasonable
I'm Dan Russell, a member of the Search importantly, we also pay attention to the Larkspur, but somehow only thought of the snippet text to gain more detail about and then stop, satisfied. If it was real, they
Quality team doing user experience things they don't say -- the inexpressible adding the word "ferry" much later in their the result. would go on and spend more time. We still
research. This post is part of our ongoing "gotchas" that slow users down or get in search. (Video courtesy of Kerry Rodden) do lab studies, but we know what to watch
series to talk about the Search Quality the way of their search. We also study eye tracking. The eye So the job of figuring out what people for, and what to ignore.
team at Google, showing a bit of what we It turns out that people are masters of makes a complex scan path over the search actually do when they search isn't as Data from field studies gives us insight
do in the day-to-day course of improving saying one thing and doing another, results, building up a composite picture of simple as asking someone what they search into how people respond to the Google
the quality of the user experience. particularly when it comes to nearly what is presented on the page. It's clear for during the day. It's basically impossible experience in ways that we can't otherwise
The role of "user experience" research is automatic behavior. We find that searchers that what actually happens is a very rapid to give an accurate telling of what you saw measure.
to try and get the inside story on what often turn so quickly to Google that they scan and assessment of each result as they (or didn't see) on the results page while For instance, in several field studies we
people do when they search. We're don't really think too much about what are seen. In those milliseconds between the actively searching for a high quality discovered that many of the people who
constantly asking: What's the user's they're actually searching for. It's eye landing on the first fixation and seeing results. went to the previous version of the
experience of search? What works and surprising, but often we'll see people trying a few results, all kinds of decisions and Memories of your own behavior are also Advanced Search page had a strong,
doesn't work for them? What are they to find out something about a topic, but choices are made--nearly all of them notoriously unreliable. People's search almost visceral negative reaction when the
looking for? What DO they want? then never actually mention the topic itself. subconsciously. behavior in the lab is often different than page appeared. The text of the original
To understand the full richness and That is, there's often a big discrepancy In this short video, you can see three when they're at home or at work. This is a page had language that many people saw
variety of what people do when they are between what they'll tell me (the human different searchers all looking for the same natural (and expected) side effect of lab as intimidating--words like "Domain,"
using Google, we spend many hours in the observer) they're trying to do, and the thing (in this case, a child's backpack). The studies: people will work especially hard to
field, watching people search and listening search terms they enter into Google. One red dot is the searcher's gaze moving please a researcher. If we ask them to ART page 25
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Accessible View: An ARIA for web New Google Help Forums

By A Googler helpful forum members as "Top
search Submitted at 11/6/2008 3:41:11 PM

For the last few years, the Google Help

• a reputation and ranking system
• the ability for users, Top Contributors
By A Googler tune the ranking on Accessible Search. users navigate through different parts of
And with Accessible View, users can the results page with a minimal number of Forums have been a great gathering place and Googlers to mark questions as
Submitted at 11/5/2008 5:35:08 PM
easily toggle between regular Google keystrokes. The left and right arrows cycle for users, developers, and anyone else who answered
From time to time, our own T.V. Raman search results and Accessible Search through the various categories of items on has an opinion about Google or its • easier access to Help Center content
shares his tips on how to use Google from results by using the 'A' and 'W' keys. the page (e.g., results, ads, or search products. We've been taking stock of what • expanded user profiles that highlight
his perspective as a technologist who When we designed the Accessible View refinements), and the up and down arrow you have to say, and we've been impressed your forum activity
cannot see -- tips that sighted people, interface, we first looked at how people keys move through the current category. by the hundreds of thousands of people This video gives you a few more details
among others, may also find useful. used screen readers and other adaptive Power users can leave their hands on the who really understand our products and are on our latest changes:
In the spirit of a recent post discussing technologies when performing standard home row by using the h, j, k, and l keys. willing to share their knowledge. It's A few products -- AdWords, AdSense,
some of our search experiments, last week search-related tasks. We then asked how In addition, we enable an infinite stream of because of experts like the orkuteers, Android Market, Google Apps, Google
we launched an opt-in search experiment many of these actions we could eliminate results viewed through the n and p keys — Google Apps Power Posters, Webmaster Chrome and most of our Polish products--
we're calling Accessible View, which to speed up the search process. The result: so you can move through the results Help Bionic Posters and many others that have already switched to this system. Over
makes it easy to navigate search results a set of keyboard shortcuts for effectively without getting disoriented by a page the forums are a great place for getting the next several months, we'll convert
using only the keyboard. Like many of our navigating the results page, and to arrange refresh after the first 10 results. quality answers, reporting bugs, offering more product Help Forums, initially in
recent accessibility-related enhancements, for the user's adaptive technology to speak Key Behavior j/k next/previous result n/p product suggestions and sharing tips and English and then in other languages.
this experiment is built using the basic the right information during navigation. next/previous result, scroll if necessary tricks. If you have a question, bug report,
functionality provided by W3C ARIA and We've also added a magnification lens enter open current result up/down To make it even easier to get you the suggestion, or just want to mix and mingle,
Google-AxsJAX, an evolving set of that highlights the user's selected search next/previous result left/right switch right answers to your questions as quickly we welcome you to "stop by" our forums.
HTML DOM properties that enable result. Since launching Accessible Search, categories (results, ads, refinements) a as possible and to spot the most helpful Googlers will check in from time to time to
adaptive technologies to work better with one of the most requested features has jump to ads A switch to Accessible Search commenters, we are converting our forums answer questions, listen to feedback, and
AJAX-style applications. been support for low-vision users. While results W switch to default Google results r to a new system designed to help, highlight great responses and the people
The Accessible View experiment is implementing the keyboard navigation jump to related searches encourage and reward everyone who visits. who provided them.
another step toward making our search described here, we incorporated the Try out the experiment and give us your Some of the features include: Posted by Katina Johnson, Google Help
results more accessible for everyone. In magnification lens first introduced by feedback. • improved search results, including posts Team
July 2006, we launched Accessible Search Google Reader. Posted by T.V. Raman, Research from current and new forums
on Google Labs, where the goal was to Bringing it all together, we implemented Scientist, and Charles L. Chen, Software • the ability to designate especially
help visually impaired users find content keyboard shortcuts that extend what was Engineer
that worked well with adaptive
technologies. We continue to refine and
originally pioneered by the keyboard
shortcuts experiment. These shortcuts help Ending our agreement with
continued from page 24
"Usage Rights" and "Safe Search" can be a was expandable with a single click. That total number of Advanced Search page
bit much if you're not sure what they mean. made them easy to get to for people who users didn't increase significantly... at least By A Googler allowed Yahoo! (and its existing publisher
The old Advanced Search page was a knew they wanted to search with those not yet. By improving the UI on the page, Submitted at 11/5/2008 7:00:18 AM
partners) to show more relevant ads for
little off-putting (click on the image to see restrictions, but out of the way in a non- we hope to attract even more searchers to queries that currently generate few or no
a larger version): threatening way. the large range of search options available In June we announced an advertising advertisements. Better ads are more useful
Based on our field studies, we dug more One of the other things we noted in the on Google. agreement with Yahoo! that gave Yahoo! for users, more efficient for advertisers,
deeply into how people were actually using field study was that people often didn't In the end, this example shows the kind the option of using Google to provide ads and more valuable for publishers.
our Advanced Search page, and quickly understand how the Advanced Search page of insights that field studies can bring. As on its websites (and its publisher partners' However, after four months of review,
discovered that, indeed, a large number of worked. So we added a "visible query with the eye-tracking example, asking sites) in the U.S. and Canada. At the same including discussions of various possible
users were going to the page, and then builder" region at the top of the page. As someone about their emotional response to time, both companies agreed to delay changes to the agreement, it's clear that
leaving it without ever filling in any of the you fill in the blanks, the box at the top of a web page just isn't a useful way to get implementation of the agreement to give government regulators and some
slots. the page fills in with the query that you that data. But watching them in situ, as regulators the chance to review it. While advertisers continue to have concerns
Armed with this insight from field could type into Google. It was our way of they actually use Google to go about their this wasn't legally necessary, we thought it about the agreement. Pressing ahead risked
studies, we redesigned the page, making visible the effects of advanced daily search lives can reveal all kinds of was the right thing to do because Google not only a protracted legal battle but also
simplifying it by removing terms that were search operators. remarkable, otherwise undiscoverable, and and Yahoo! have been successful in online damage to relationships with valued
unclear to the average user (the word The Advanced Search page post-redesign actionable insights into searcher behavior. advertising and we realized that any partners. That wouldn't have been in the
"occurrences," for example, just didn't (click on the image to see a larger version): Posted by Daniel Russell, Uber Tech cooperation between us would attract long-term interests of Google or our users,
mean anything to many of the Advanced The good effect of these changes quickly Lead, Search Quality attention. so we have decided to end the agreement.
Search page users), moving rarely used became clear. The number of users that We feel that the agreement would have We're of course disappointed that this
features (numeric range searches, date bounced out of the Advanced Search page been good for publishers, advertisers, and deal won't be moving ahead. But we're not
searches, etc.) into a part of the page that dropped significantly. Interestingly, the users -- as well, of course, for Yahoo! and
Google. Why? Because it would have ENDING page 26
26 Auto* Daily -Click and Print- Newspaper
continued from page 25
going to let the prospect of a lengthy legal
Chrysler/Nissan partnership bears fruit in
battle distract us from our core mission.
That would be like trying to drive down
the road of innovation with the parking
brake on. Google's continued success
South America: the Dodge Trazo C1.8
By John Neff (Autoblog)
depends on staying focused on what we do
Submitted at 10/28/2008 11:57:00 AM
best: creating useful products for our users
and partners. Filed under: Economy, Sedans/Saloons,
Posted by David Drummond, Senior Chrysler, LLC., Dodge, Nissan, Misc.
Vice President, Corporate Development Auto Shows
and Chief Legal Officer Click above for high-res gallery of the
Dodge Trazo C1.8
Early this year Chrysler and Nissan SEMA Preview: GM
formed a partnership to share products.
The big news at the time was that Nissan Performance Parts 638
would be replacing its Titan pickup with a
version of the Dodge Ram. But before that -hp LS9 Crate engine
deal went down, the two automakers from By Damon Lavrinc (Autoblog)
different continents had already agreed on
a partnership that would see the Nissan Submitted at 10/28/2008 2:33:00 PM
Versa sold in some South American Filed under: Aftermarket, Tuners,
markets as a Dodge. Today Dodge car's exterior. The Trazo's engine also [Source: Dodge] Coupes, Chevrolet, GM
unveiled that vehicle at the Sao Paulo Auto appears to be the same 1.8L four-cylinder Continue reading Chrysler/Nissan Click above for a high-res gallery of the
Show in Brazil as the Trazo C1.8 sedan. It used in the Versa that's been made E100 partnership bears fruit in South America: LS9
is a direct port of the Nissan Versa we ethanol-capable for South American the Dodge Trazo C1.8 General Motors has announced that the
know in the U.S. and the Tiida sold in markets. Reading the press release from Chrysler/Nissan partnership bears fruit in blown beastie that lives under the hood of
F430 Replacement: Japan, though will only be offered as a
sedan in South America and not as a five-
Dodge after the jump is a bit trippy, as
we've never heard one automaker speak so
South America: the Dodge Trazo C1.8
originally appeared on Autoblog on Tue,
the Corvette ZR1 will be available as a
crate motor next fall and our head is
lightweight with door hatchback. As far as we can tell, not a
body panel or interior appointment has
flowery about another automaker's
product. If Chrysler thinks the Trazo is so
28 Oct 2008 11:57:00 EST. Please see our
terms for use of feeds.
spinning with the swap possibilities.
With 639 hp and 604 lb.-ft. of twist
been changed, save for new Trazo badging good, should we buy the Versa instead of Permalink| Email this| Comments
turbo V8
Filed under: Green, Supercars, Ferrari, and slightly different black plastic grille. the Caliber in the U.S.?
Gallery: Dodge Trazo C1.8
available from the 6.2-liter supercharged
V8, and dimensions shared by the LS3,
Rumormill We couldn't even find a Dodge logo on the any number of vehicles could make a
happy home for the LS9. According to
Ford Venezuela website publishes boob (with nipple) GM, the engine comes fully dressed, with
an ignition system, exhaust manifolds and
supercharger, and only needs an external

for a good cause oil tank and coolant tank (for the charge
cooler), an ECU and wiring harness.
So, the question is: what would you fit
By John Neff (Autoblog) awareness and research. We of course the LS9 into? We've put together a poll
Submitted at 10/28/2008 12:30:00 PM
support raising money and awareness for after the jump, but feel free to add your
this great cause (in the U.S. we like Susan own suggestions in the comments.
Filed under: Marketing/Advertising, Ford G. Komen for the Cure and the National Gallery: The Chevrolet LS9 V-8
Be forewarned, this post does have Breast Cancer Foundation, and you can [Source: GM via MotiveMag]
nudity. But because the bare chest in also find a list of rated breast cancer- Continue reading SEMA Preview: GM
question is being used to promote breast related charities here), but we find it Performance Parts 638-hp LS9 Crate
cancer awareness in a nation less stuffy Twilight Zone strange to see that much engine
about the naked female form than our own, bare skin on one of Ford's official SEMA Preview: GM Performance Parts
we don't feel creepy for posting about it. websites. Thanks for the tip, catgirlshyla! 638-hp LS9 Crate engine originally
Everybody wins! The image you see above [Source: Ford] appeared on Autoblog on Tue, 28 Oct 2008
can be found on Ford's Venezuelan Ford Venezuela website publishes boob 14:33:00 EST. Please see our terms for use
website where it's being used to promote a hence the vivacious Venezuelan model in automaker's dealer network in Venezuela. (with nipple) for a good cause originally of feeds.
joint breast cancer awareness and her birthday suit to get and keep the latter's They're also holding a sweepstakes in appeared on Autoblog on Tue, 28 Oct 2008 Read| Permalink| Email this| Comments
prevention campaign between the attention. which people can enter via texting to win a 12:30:00 EST. Please see our terms for use
automaker and coincidentally named Ford Together the two companies have offered Ford Explorer and other prizes. Money of feeds.
Models. The two have teamed up to get free mammograms to all female Ford earned from the texting charges will go to Permalink| Email this| Comments
their message out to both women and men, employees and any working within the charities associated with breast cancer
Daily -Click and Print- Newspaper Auto* Food* 27
continued from page 26
Ferrari has promised to make its future Ferrari has turned to direct injection and
products lighter and more mindful of the turbocharging to make up for any loss in
environment, and the first example of the the new engine's displacement. The F142
Italian automaker's new direction will also won't have a soft-top Spyder option,
likely be the F430 replacement. This new instead for a psuedo-convertible setup with
Ferrari, code-named F142, is rumored to hard panels. New Ferrari models don't
arrive towards the end of 2009 or early typically decrease in price, and with all this
2010. The vehicle will start out by added technology the price of the F142 is
weighing less than the F430, even the extra expected to easily exceed that of the F430.
lightweight Scuderia model that tips the Ferrari wants to reduce emissions by 40%
scales at 1250 kg. The Italian exotic could by 2012, and with lighter materials and a
share technology and styling cues with the smaller engine, the F142 could be the Corvette ZR-1
eco-friendly Mille Chili Italian supercar the Sierra Club has been
concept(above)from a year ago, which
utilized lightweight and active
waiting for.
[Source: CAR Magazine]
knocks four seconds
aerodynamics to help reduce its CO2
F430 Replacement: lightweight with
turbo V8 originally appeared on Autoblog
off 'Ring time
The F430's venerable 4.3L V8 is also on Tue, 28 Oct 2008 11:28:00 EST. Please By Michael Harley (Autoblog)
rumored to be shrinking, but since it will see our terms for use of feeds. Submitted at 10/28/2008 1:57:00 PM
still don the prancing horse, we're pretty Read| Permalink| Email this| Comments
sure it won't lose much in the way of Filed under: Coupes, Sports/GTs,
power. CAR Magazine believes that Supercars, Chevrolet

Officially Official: GM Click above for our high-res ZR-1

burnout gallery
Back at the Nürburgring, the hot
Chevrolet Corvette ZR-1 has just ripped
debuts Chevy GPiX four seconds off its claimed 7:26 lap. The
new time, with Jan Magnussen at the
wheel, is a claimed 7:22.4 for the full
Concept in Sao Paulo 12.93-mile loop. While the number is
pretty bloody fast, it is still .3 seconds off
the time earned by the Dodge Viper
By John Neff (Autoblog) fictional super efficient prototype ACR(ouch, those three tenths really have
Submitted at 10/28/2008 1:29:00 PM
powertrain underhood or C) uses a four- to hurt!). We take these lap times with a
cylinder gas motor capable of running on grain of salt, as we've yet to see everyone

Mrs. Paxton's Raw New round of Filed under: Concept Cars,

Crossovers/CUVs, Chevrolet, Misc. Auto
E100 ethanol. GM also says that the GPiX
could be a potential new segment for the
automaker in South America, but in these
on the 73-turn course under the same
conditions, and with officially certified
timing equipment. Again, so you don't
Apple Cake Aston Martin Click above for high-res gallery of the
Chevy GPiX Concept
General Motors officially debuted the
tough times we doubt it's really interested
in developing a solo vehicle for a single
market. You can check out more high-res
have to Google the competition's best-
claimed Ring times yourself, here they are:
Porsche GT2 - 7:32, Nissan GT-R - 7:29,
(Simply Recipes)
Submitted at 10/29/2008 1:53:00 AM

From the archives. One of our favorite

One-77 shots GPiX Concept, which we previewed for
you last week, at the Sao Paulo Auto Show
in Brazil yesterday. It was designed
pics of the GPiX concept in the gallery
below and read GM's official press release
after the jump.
Corvette ZR1 - 7:22.4 and the Dodge
Viper ACR - 7:22.1. Thanks for the tip,
By Damon Lavrinc (Autoblog) entirely by GM Design in Brazil but Gallery: Chevy GPiX Concept
cakes for the season that I first posted here Gallery: Covette ZR1 burnouts
Submitted at 10/28/2008 1:02:00 PM retains those corporate styling cues that [Source: GM] [Source: Motor Gears]
over five years ago! ~Elise make it instantly recognizable as a modern Continue reading Officially Official: GM
When it's apple season here in Northern Filed under: Supercars, Aston Martin Corvette ZR-1 knocks four seconds off
Chevy around the world. This two-door debuts Chevy GPiX Concept in Sao Paulo 'Ring time originally appeared on
California, we are picking and processing Click above for a gallery of the Aston crossover has a bit of ground clearance for Officially Official: GM debuts Chevy
daily from our trees (3 trees, 15 varieties). Martin One-77 Autoblog on Tue, 28 Oct 2008 13:57:00
what GM calls "the types of roads and GPiX Concept in Sao Paulo originally EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.
Of the many apple recipes we have on the Despite Aston Martin's efforts to keep conditions found in emerging markets." appeared on Autoblog on Tue, 28 Oct 2008
site, this is one of my favorites. You the One-77 supercar under wraps, four Permalink| Email this| Comments
We think that means no roads and poor 13:29:00 EST. Please see our terms for use
simply cannot go wrong with this raw images have leaked out and we expect conditions. There's no mention of what of feeds.
apple cake. The ingredients of coconut and more to follow in the coming days. powers the GPiX concept, though we Permalink| Email this| Comments
the apples ensure that the cake will be Viewed in profile, the One-77's assume it's either A) not a runner, B) has a
moist and flavorful. silhouette is pure Aston, taking all the right
Continue reading "Mrs. Paxton's Raw cues from its predecessors and forming
Apple Cake" »
NEW page 28
28 Auto* Food* Daily -Click and Print- Newspaper
continued from page 27
them into a slightly elongated and diffuser and a center-exit exhaust are all
exaggerated form. The massive grille is an elements that we expect to see on future
obvious nod to the Astons of yore, but the models.
hood delves deeper than its DB9 and Check the gallery below for all the
Vantage counterparts and benefits from details. Thanks for the tip, Alexander!
four contoured strakes terminating into a Gallery: Aston Martin One-77 Leakage
set of air extractors. The creases that bisect [Source:]
the blacked-out headlamps and front New round of Aston Martin One-77
fenders are pure aggression, and the vents shots originally appeared on Autoblog on
aft of the front wheels ensure that the 700 Tue, 28 Oct 2008 13:02:00 EST. Please
hp V12 is kept cool at speed. see our terms for use of feeds.
Out back, Aston's signature rump is
present and accounted for, but a new
taillight design that evolves the
Read| Permalink| Email this| Comments
Sautéed Kale
automaker's current offerings, a rear
with Smoked
Broccoli Beef Paprika
(Simply Recipes) (Simply Recipes)
Submitted at 11/2/2008 1:57:09 PM Submitted at 11/6/2008 8:29:58 PM

6,000 Camaros ordered so far, Please welcome guest author Jaden Hair
of Steamy Kitchen who brings us this
Chinese-American classic, Broccoli Beef.
We have a thing for greens in our family.
Beet greens, collard greens, mustard
greens, Swiss chard, kale. My mother even
84% with V8 ~Elise
After moving out of the dorms in
picks dandelion greens to add to soups, and
mix in with other greens. The thing about
most greens is that they tend to be bitter,
By Dan Roth (Autoblog) won't be a slowpoke, it seems that college, I found an apartment to share with
everyone wants that small block rhythm 3 others. My job was to cook, and as long and some, like collard and kale, a little
Submitted at 10/28/2008 10:56:00 AM tough as well. Blanching before sautéing
thumping away under the hood of their neo as what I put out on the dinner table was
Filed under: Car Buying, Coupes, -ponycar. 84% of orders have been for V8- better than instant ramen, I didnt have to can help take the edge off the bitterness,
Sports/GTs, Plants/Manufacturing, powered SS models so far, which may clean the kitchen or vacuum. A mighty fine and soften the greens. Greens are often
Chevrolet mean a longer wait for delivery since GM trade of labor, if you ask me! But then prepared with garlic, vinegar, sesame oil,
Click above for high-res gallery of the is likely building a very different ratio of pretty soon, friends of roommates bacon, chili pepper, or barbecue sauce,
2010 Chevy Camaro V8 to V6 models. Thanks for the tip, discovered my cooking talent and would strong flavors that can balance the inherent
Chevrolet has reportedly taken more than Doug! conveniently drop by at around 7pm. I bitterness of the greens. In this recipe, the
6,000 orders for its new Camaro so far, and Gallery: 2010 Chevrolet Camaro knew cooking was my calling back then, kale is first boiled, then sautéed with
why not? The car is great looking, [Source: Camaro5] because each new friend would try to find onions, chili flakes, and smoked paprika.
excitement is high, and fuel prices have 6,000 Camaros ordered so far, 84% with a suitable trade to be able to snag a coveted We've used smoked paprika in a few other
eased up a bit. You'd think that the prior V8 originally appeared on Autoblog on spot at our dinner table. No more grocery recipes here; it sort of has the flavor of
spike in the cost of fuel would still be fresh Tue, 28 Oct 2008 10:56:00 EST. Please bill, laundry, ironing, washing the car or barbecued potato chips. It takes just a little
on everyone's mind, thus making the V6 a see our terms for use of feeds. studying! more than a pinch to bring a little smokey
And how do you prevent the garlic from kick to these kale greens.
popular choice. Wrongo. While the V6 has Read| Permalink| Email this| Comments Broccoli Beef was one of my specialties, burning? Most recipes will have you add
similar lip-smackingly great styling, and mainly because broccoli was cheap and My father made this kale for us last
the garlic in the pan or wok before you add night, from a recipe in an old issue of Bon
beef could be sliced thinly to stretch and the beef. If you do this, youll surely burn
feed unexpected guests. Appetit. It was so good (truly, the best kale
your garlic, as the beef takes about 1 I've ever eaten, ever), not only did I take
So, how do you get the broccoli crisp- minute to 1 ½ minutes to cook through on
tender and the beef juicy, succulent? Well, more than my fair share, I insisted that he
high heat. In this recipe, youll add the make them again today, for lunch, so I
the secret is to blanch the broccoli first, garlic after you add the beef. There should
before stir frying the beef. This helps you could eat even more and try to take a good
be plenty of oil in the wok to fry the garlic photo. (Thanks dad!)
control the cooking times for the broccoli, (if you use a large frying pan or wok) and
instead of praying that the broccoli and Continue reading "Sautéed Kale with
the timing will be perfect. Smoked Paprika" »
beef finish cooking at the same time. Youll Continue reading "Broccoli Beef" »
add the broccoli back into the pan as the
beef finishes cooking.
Daily -Click and Print- Newspaper Religion* 29

Proposition 8 protests heat up

By Mollie that he opposes same-sex marriage.
Submitted at 11/10/2008 4:46:01 PM
Certainly Obama’s coattails helped pass
this proposition. The Washington Times
So the protests against the Church of had a really thorough piece about how it
Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints because passed:
of its support for Proposition 8 are Blacks voted 70 percent in favor of
continuing and receiving quite a bit of Proposition 8, and slightly more than half
mainstream media coverage. Proposition 8 the Hispanic voters backed the measure,
passed a constitutional amendment according to exit polls released by the
defining marriage as an institution National Election Pool.
involving one man and one woman. Stories And those voters were adamant.
involve everything from Mormon churches “We shouldn’t do anything to jeopardize
being vandalized to large-scale protests in the future of our family and our children,”
urban areas. said Frederick K.C. Rice, an elder with the
The story is so big that it has even Crenshaw Christian Center in Los Angeles,
crossed the pond. Here’s the Independent’s which joined a thousand other black and
lede: Hispanic congregations with about 3
Daniel Ginnes carried a banner million followers in public support of
declaring: “No More Mr Nice Gay.” Brian Proposition 8.
Lindsey held up a sign billing Joseph The article also notes that Prop 8
Smith, founder of the Church of the Latter opponents are hoping to litigate away the
Day Saints, as a “prophet, polygamist, people’s vote. There’s an interesting
paedophile.” Hundreds of others simply discussion there.
chanted: “Mormon scum.” But these article about whether to
The story is fairly balanced for a British credit/blame minority voters or religious
paper but fails to articulate why Mormons voters for the passage could also explain
are being singled out from all the many why we’re not seeing protests in Arizona,
religious and other groups that supported Florida or any of the 30 states that now
Proposition 8. (Although it looks like have passed amendments or propositions
evangelicals are being targeted as well — defining marriage traditionally. And for
here’s an Associated Press report on large- people looking for the most insane entry
scale marching on Saddleback Community into the blame game, you could do worse
Church. Mosques, Roman Catholic than check out the reliably offensive Mark
churches, Orthodox churches, Orthodox “ Obama is a lightworker” Morford in the
synagogues and most Protestant churches San Francisco Chronicle: he blames God
are as yet untouched, interestingly.) and voters in the area where I grew up —
CNN mentioned a religious angle in its the San Joaquin Valley:
write-up of the protests: of the money raised in support of the funds to be engaged in the democratic targeted for their support of Proposition 8, Or maybe it’s all those sad, white, central
In Palm Springs, a crowd of several measure. process? And, since you don’t, how is this black voters are as well. They portions of the state, the huge chunks of
hundred gathered in front of the city hall, The LDS Church believes it should not figure being calculated? And if the overwhelmingly supported traditional voters who live in places without much
chanting “Civil rights” and “Tax the be singled out when other groups also opponents of Proposition 8 were spending marriage. As in 70 percent supported it. culture or perspective or major
Church.” One sign read: “We will not give supported the proposition. their time investigating the religious The Los Angeles Times devoted a story to universities, who only hear certain strains
up.” “It is disturbing that The Church of Jesus affiliation of donors to the proposition, did the matter: of spiteful rhetoric and thin fearmongering,
Several protesters surrounded an elderly Christ of Latter-day Saints is being singled they just seek out information on Mormons Los Angeles resident Christopher Hill, whose general lack of education means
looking woman, an apparent Proposition 8 out for speaking up as part of its or did they investigate other groups as 50, said he was motivated by religion in they apparently still believe certain flavors
supporter, and shouted at her. No arrests democratic right in a free election,” the well? supporting Proposition 8. Civil rights, he of love will poison everyone’s soup and
were reported at any of the demonstrations. church said in a statement Friday. Even when talking about funding, it’s said, “are about getting a job, ruin the sanctity of the time-honored 50-
In Salt Lake City, Utah, about 2,000 It’s great that this story mentions that the important to provide some context. How employment.” percent heterosexual missionary position
demonstrators gathered at Temple Square LDS weren’t the only ones to support the many stories mention that the opponents of Gay marriage, he said, is not: “It’s an Christian divorce rate.
to protest against the Church of Jesus proposition, but this needs to be fleshed Proposition 8 out raised the supporters? Or abomination against God.” Ah, feel the love. One thing that
Christ of Latter-day Saints. The Mormon out much more. And this tidbit about a that the California branch of the National One complicating factor was that both mainstream media does fail to indicate in
church strongly supported Proposition 8, majority of the money being raised in Education Association donated $1.25 sides in the campaign had plausible reason these reports is that not all gay-marriage
which amends California’s constitution to support of the measure coming from million to fight the proposition? The LDS, to claim Obama’s support. The president- advocates are calling on the IRS to revoke
define marriage as legal only between one Mormons? How would anyone — while encouraging members to support the elect strongly stated his opposition to the churches’ tax-exempt status or to
man and one woman. supporters or opponents — know whether proposition with votes and donations, proposition, calling it “divisive and otherwise attack religious groups. Some
Proposition 8 opponents say the Salt that’s true? Do you now have to list your didn’t give any money to the cause. discriminatory.”
Lake City-based church donated a majority religious affiliation before contributing At the same time that Mormons are being But he has also said in public speeches
30 Religion* Daily -Click and Print- Newspaper
Of interest to God-beat pros continued from page 29
see this is as fulfilling the claims of
By tmatt If you care about life and death on the traditional marriage advocates that same-
Submitted at 11/10/2008 10:55:33 PM
religion-news beat, you’ll want to read sex marriage is an attack on religion or
Andrew Walsh’s “ Twilight of the Religion otherwise harming the cause of gay
When I started thinking about a career on Writers” over at the site for the Religion In marriage.
the religion-beat, the first professional that The News journal published by Trinity Another angle that’s been untouched is a
I met was another Baylor University College. comparison of the fallout on the
graduate who was on the rise at the The piece covers many topics featured Proposition 8 vote with that of other
Houston Chronicle. here at GetReligion. The setting for the propositions. Social conservatives lost
Before he was done, Louis Moore had drama was the annual convention of the Proposition 4, for instance, which would
served as president of the Religion Religion Newswriters Association, held have required that parents of underage
Newswriters Association and survived an recently in Washington, D.C. There was, children be notified before said teen aborts
up close and very, very personal encounter of course, talk about the death of the beat her child. It lost by the same margin that
with one of the most important Godbeat at some major papers, while others saw Prop 8 passed. It’s interesting to note the
stories of the late 20th Century — the high signs of hope. different reactions of the pro-life
-stakes, ultra-bitter battle for control of the But one thing everyone agreed on, as I community from the same-sex marriage
Southern Baptist Convention. Ask Jimmy mentioned a few weeks ago, was that advocates as well as the different coverage
Carter and Ronald Reagan if that civil war blogging is here to stay — for better and of same by the mainstream media.
had an impact on American religious and for worse. Walsh notes: Photo of protests on defaced Mormon
political life. At the moment, the conventional wisdom temple grounds via Beetle Blogger.
Religion-beat pros and the ecclesiastical is that blogging will be part of any solution Bookmark to:
bureaucrats who deal with them will, to the crisis. “How many of you think the
especially if they work in the Bible Belt, future of the media is online?” Andrea
want to know that Moore has written a Useem asked the audience during her
semi-memoir of his years on the beat and presentation at a panel called, “Boggled by
beyond. It’s important to know that, after Blogging.” Virtually every hand in the
nearly two decades in mainstream, daily room went up. As an aspiring freelance
journalism, the Southern Baptist seminary writer, Useem said she realized a couple of
graduate went on to work at the national years ago that the career she dreamed of,
level as an SBC media advisor at the “a series of jobs covering religion at ever
national and international level. He has bigger newspapers,” wasn’t going to
been on both sides of the notebook. happen.
The book is called “ Witness to the So she founded her own blog,
Truth” and here is a punchy chunk of what, because she
Moore had to say, as included in my “ believed that she needed to master web
Hiding Behind Pulpits” Scripps Howard skills in order to be in the game for
News Service column: whatever happens next. She had to hire a
Moore said that in the “best of times” he web consultant to help her. After two
saw believers in many flocks who were so journalist, values he saw vindicated time theology and public life. “Say what you years, her blog still makes her no money;
“servant-hearted and so demonstrative of after time in the trenches. Wise religious mean and mean what you say,” he said. indeed, she’s still paying the consultant.
Godlike virtues” that the memory of their
faithful acts — in the aftermath of
Hurricane Katrina, for example — still
leaders, he said, would dare to:
* Adopt “sunshine laws” so that as many
“Way too many religious leaders take one
position in public and say something
But there is good news on two fronts, she
told her colleagues.
First, she can put whatever she wants on
as possible of their meetings are open to completely different somewhere else.”
inspires tears. But in the worst of times?
“I have seen church people. . . violate
every one of the Ten Commandments, act
coverage by journalists from the
mainstream and religious press.
Now keep that last point in mind,
because it is going to come up again big
her blog — she’s her own editor. In her
case, that means the blog often features
transcripts of lengthy interviews with
— Here we
“When you’re dealing with money your time in my column this coming week —
boorish and selfish, be prejudiced,
broadcast secular value systems and in
general behave worse than the heathen
people have put in the offering plate, you
should be as open as possible,” he said.
“The things that belong on the table need
Hiding Behind Altars.
It focuses on an interview with Catholic
media professional Russell Shaw about the
interesting people. She’s also able to put
some limit on her blogging, adding a new
post only once a week. Most important for
go again
people they tried to reach,” noted Moore. someone who needs to make a living, the By tmatt
to stay on the table.” lessons learned during his years as
In fact, just “name some sin or some act * Acknowledge that “politics is a way of gatekeeper for the U.S. Catholic bishops. blog has become her calling card. It Submitted at 11/9/2008 10:14:18 PM
the Bible eschews, and I could pair that life and they need to make it clear to the His book is called “ Nothing to Hide: attracts clients who hire her for the writing, Sorry to bring this up again, but I have to.
vice up with some church leader or people in the pews how the game is Secrecy, Communication and Communion editing, and consulting projects by which Did you see this headline in that Boston
member I have known.” played,” he said. “I truly admire the people in the Catholic Church.” I will update this she makes her daily bread.
Duck and cover. What would Moore like Globe essay by Andrew J. Bacevich of
who let the covert be overt.” post with a link to that column when it is Wait a minute. She sounds familiar, too. Boston University?
to see the religion professionals do? * Come right out and admit what they done. Bookmark to:
Moore said his career affirmed basic believe, when it comes to divisive issues of And there’s one more thing.
values that he learned as a young
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continued from page 30
This wasn’t a news story, but it’s still disturbed that George W. Bush’s foreign imperative; so too is self-restraint. Even
worth mentioning. policy was based on the belief that the worthy causes pursued blindly yield
So what, pray tell, would an actions of America could somehow morally problematic results.
“evangelical” foreign policy be? If the eliminate the presence of evil in our world. So an “evangelical” foreign policy is one
word is given it’s traditional meaning, it Say what? That’s a conservative Christian that ignores the reality of “original sin”
would be a foreign policy that is pro-free view of what mankind can accomplish in and its impact on the actions of people
speech and religious liberty, the kind of this fallen, sinful world? trying to do good in a fallen world?
foreign policy that is, well, pro-evangelism No way. In fact, the adjective that critics Wait, there’s more.
or, to use the word Catholics prefer, — including many evangelicals — began We’ve tried having a born-again
evangelization. You wouldn’t have to be to attach to Bush’s view was “Wilsonian.” president intent on eliminating evil. It
an evangelical Protestant to back this What conservatives began to say was didn’t work. May our next president
policy, you’d only need to back the U.N. that Bush seemed to have an overly lofty acknowledge the possibility that, as
Universal Declaration of Human Rights. view of his own mission, that he was Niebuhr put it, “the evils against which we
But wait, that isn’t what this article is all pursuing the kind of logic that seemed contend are frequently the fruits of
about. Here’s the top of the essay: rooted in a belief in relentless human illusions which are similar to our own.”
WITH Barack Obama’s election to the progress, that the world was getting better Facing our present predicament requires
presidency, the evangelical moment in US and better and better. Might Bush say that that we shed illusions about America that
foreign policy has come to an end. The there would be a “Christian Century” would have offended Jesus himself.
United States remains a nation of ahead? In other words,“Wilsonian” is not a Up is down and down is up.
believers, with Christianity the tradition to conservative word. No evangelical or traditional Christian
which most Americans adhere. Yet the Bacevich goes on to make a number of would argue that humanity can eliminate
religious sensibility informing American interesting and valid points, none of which evil in the world. That’s a viewpoint
statecraft will no longer find expression in require the use of the word “evangelical.” traditionally linked to philosophies
an urge to launch crusades against evil-
Like our current president, Obama is a
There is even this:
At the root of Niebuhr’s thinking lies an
appreciation of original sin, which he
advocating a very high view of man and
human progress. It’s the kind of
philosophy that makes statements like:
Boiled Peanuts
professed Christian. Yet whereas George views as indelible and omnipresent. In a “We will heal our world.” It’s the kind of (Simply Recipes) this one is my very Alabama BFF Steve-
W. Bush once identified Jesus Christ fallen world, power is necessary, otherwise perspective attached to liberal, not Submitted at 11/8/2008 8:12:07 PM
Anna Stephens:
himself as his favorite philosopher, the we lie open to the assaults of the predatory. conservative, Christianity — like the I can't even hear the words "hot boiled
president-elect is an admirer of Reinhold Yet since we too number among the fallen, progressive faith of President Woodrow Before there was edamame in this peanuts" without hearing 'em doled out in a
Niebuhr, the renowned Protestant our own professions of innocence and Wilson. country, there were hot boiled peanuts, thick Southern drawl. When Elise told me
theologian. altruism are necessarily suspect. Power, By the way, I should stress that I am in which according to my Southern friends, she was experimenting with a boiled
Faced with difficult problems, wrote Niebuhr, “cannot be wielded without near-total agreement with Bacevich’s are a staple of the South. Boiled peanuts peanut recipe, I immediately conjured up
conservative evangelicals ask WWJD: guilt, since it is never transcendent over criticism of this aspect of foreign policy in are just raw peanuts that have been boiled an image of a 50 gallon drum, situated
What would Jesus do? We are now interest.” Therefore, any nation wielding the Bush era. So I say “amen” to much of in salted water for hours. Great with beer over a fire pit in the dirt on the side of the
entering an era in which the occupant of great power but lacking self-awareness — what is in this essay. or a cold soda, these salty soft peanuts are road in Alabama - filled with steaming
the Oval Office will consider a different never an American strong suit — poses an But what in hellfire does any of this have totally addictive. A little messy too, given saltwater, and peanuts in the shell.
question: What would Reinhold do? imminent risk not only to others but to to do with the word “evangelical”? Again. that the shells absorb some of the water You used to could get (yes, I meant to
So this foreign policy flows out of what itself. It’s like the Globe wanted to say, “The which can squirt out at you when you bite write that) a bag of peanuts for about fifty
this professor believes are the doctrines of Here lies the statesman’s dilemma: Bush foreign policy was simplistic and into them to get the nut out. People usually cents. I like to crack the boiled shell
evangelicalism? Would evangelicals in You’re damned if you do and damned if dumb. Therefore, it was ‘evangelical.’” eat them outside where you can toss the between my teeth and slurp the peanuts
Africa, Asia or Latin America agree with you don’t. To refrain from resisting evil for MAP: From Global Mapping shells and not worry about the salt water into my mouth. There's usually a little
that? fear of violating God’s laws is International. dribbles. The season for raw peanuts is saltwater left in the shell, so, believe it or
And while we are at it, there were many irresponsible. Yet for the powerful to Bookmark to: May through November; my pal Garrett not slurping is the more polite option over
evangelicals (ditto for Catholics, like pretend to interpret God’s will qualifies as picked these up for me this week at the squirting saltwater on an innocent
Peggy Noonan) who grew more and more presumptuous. To avert evil, action is local farmer's market. bystander.
Now every time I post a traditional Now I can't decide which is better, Elise
Southern recipe I get a little pit in my posting a grits recipe or a recipe for hot
stomach because I'm not Southern and I'm boiled peanuts!
sure I'm going to mess up how I write Continue reading "Boiled Peanuts" »
about the recipe. So here to help me with
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Second-hand news on Obama

By tmatt Episcopalians.
Submitted at 11/8/2008 12:39:41 AM
Robinson said that they talked more
about economics than social issues. Then
As every journalist knows, second-hand he adds this, drawing on his memories of
quotes can be dynamite. the meetings:
After all, one highly biased person can “. . . He and I would agree about the
totally twist what another person said. rightful place of religion vis-a-vis the
They can even make up quotes out of secular state. That is to say, we don’t
whole cloth. impose our religious values on the secular
How do you know what was really said? state because God said so. Our faith
You try to find out if there is other informs our own values and then we take
evidence to back them up. You look for those values into the civil market place, the
patterns in encounters with other people. civil discourse, and then you argue for
You ask the person in question to verify them based on the Constitution. You don’t
the quotes, or the person’s press aide. You say to someone, you must believe this
try to do the right thing. because this is what God believes.
But, sometimes, all of this fails. So, you “I think God gives us our values and then
bite your lip and try to signal to the reader, we argue for those on the basis of the
“Look. This story does not claim to tell Constitution and care of our neighbour.
you what the following newsworthy person And I think the Bush administration got
said. I am telling you what this other very very close to the line if not going over
clearly labeled person SAYS that they said
in their one-on-one conversation. Is that
the line in terms of offering support to
religious-based groups who were using
their social service arms to proselytise and
Quince Jam
We have a classic example of this evangelise which I would say is (Simply Recipes) culinary delights available in these hard
problem unfolding right now over in inappropriate.” Submitted at 11/9/2008 9:44:32 PM
yellow fruit. (I had a quince tree in the
Bishop Robinson, in London as a guest yard of my rented home in San Francisco
London at The Times and it is a deusy. of the gay rights group Stonewall for its This is all well and good, but it is
So check this out, from veteran reporter interesting that the meetings did not draw Years ago, backyard quince trees were for 4 years and never once cooked a
Ruth Gledhill. The lede is that Barack annual “Hero of the Year” awards dinner common. People would cultivate them to quince. Now that I know better, just to
at the Victoria and Albert Museum tonight, coverage on this side of the Atlantic before
Obama has held several meetings with the the election. Was this at the request of the harvest the fruit for cooking in pies or think of it makes me want to bang my head
controversial gay Bishop Gene Robinson said that Mr Obama’s campaign team had preserves. Inedible raw, and looking like a on the wall.)
sought him last year and he had the bishop or the Obama campaign? There are
of New Hampshire. Oh my, is it time to plenty of questions about these highly cross between a pear and a golden apple, Here is an easy recipe for a simple
talk about the next primary there? No, “honour” of three private conversations quince cook up sweet, with a vibrant rose quince jam. Feel free to spice it up a little
with the future president of the United symbolic meetings on the Christian left.
Robinson says they have been talking Now, since this is the WWW age, color and a floral aroma and flavor. These with nutmeg, cardamom, or vanilla.
about what it means to be “the first” at States last May and June. days you can still find an odd tree here and Continue reading "Quince Jam" »
“The first words out of his mouth were: Gledhill adds many more details to the
something important and symbolic. coverage — including the actual chat with there in backyards of older houses, though
‘Well you’re certainly causing a lot of chances are the owners don't know the
Bishop Robinson, who received death trouble,’ My response to him was: ‘Well Robinson — in a follow-up post at her
threats after his election as Bishop of New that makes two of us.’ ” He said that Mr “Articles of Faith” weblog. All well and
Hampshire and was advised by police to good.
wear a bullet-proof vest at his Obama had indicated his support for equal
civil rights for gay and lesbian people and Still, you can’t help but as the question
consecration, also discussed with Mr described the election as a “religious that I ask myself whenever I am put into
Obama the risks incumbent upon being a experience.” this second-hand quote scenario. How do
high-profile leader in a country such as the Writing to the British audience, Gledhill we know that Obama said what the bishop
US. says that he said? Could this information
Bishop Robinson said: “At the end of the explains that Obama is not an
Episcopalian, but active in the United have been verified by the staff of the now
day you have to decide whether or not you Church of Christ. She does not explain president-elect?
are going to be paralysed by threats and by that, when it comes to advocacy of gay Bookmark to:
violent possibilities or whether you just rights, the Church of Christ has been much
move on and do what you feel called to do
despite the risks.” more open and candid than the
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Do they believe in magic?

By Elizabeth Eisenstadt Evans
Submitted at 11/8/2008 4:43:08 PM

Whatever would the world of religious

journalism do without noted British
evolutionary biologist — and even more
famous atheist — Richard Dawkins?
One might say the Oxford professor is
God’s gift to the British press.
Dawkins has made news again, both in
the U.K. and over here, by announcing that
he’s got a new project: taking a look at
“anti-scientific fairytales” like Harry Potter
— and the “Judeo-Christian myth.”
Including the Hebrew and Christian
Scriptures as targets is no shock —
Dawkins is a well-known foe of
established religion in general. But going
after the legions of Harry Potter fans?
Now that’s something potentially
“Atheist Richard Dawkins warns Harry
Potter could have ‘negative effect on
children’” is the headline of the (Daily)
Mail Online story.
The anonymous “reporter” begins with
this sassy lede.
Outspoken atheist Professor Richard
Dawkins is to warn children of the dangers
in believing “anti-scientific” fairytales
such as Harry Potter. “science thinking contrasted with mythical A few paragraphs later, the writers quote
Prof Dawkins will write a book aimed at thinking” and will talk about the Judeo- Dawkins as saying that he wishes to
youngsters where he will discuss whether Christian myth.’ “ examine the effects of “bringing children
stories like the successful JK Rowling
series have a “pernicious” effect on
children. The 67-year-old, who recently
If the professor hasn’t decided what he
thinks about ‘magic and fairy tales,” why
up to believe in spells and wizards.”
“I think it is anti-scientific — whether Simply Recipes for iPhone
should the press? To attract a few more that has a pernicious effect, I don’t know,”
resigned from his position at Oxford readers? he told More4 News. (Simply Recipes) in GPS that shows you exactly where you
University, says he intends to look at the are on a map, and gives you directions to
The Dawkins fairy-tale is also the subject Now there’s a bit of real controversy, Submitted at 11/1/2008 2:56:58 PM
where you want to go. I've also loved
effects of “bringing children up to believe of an article by Martin Beckford and buried deep within the article — how
in spells and wizards.” Do you have an iPhone? Or a web- having the Internet so available. If I'm in a
Urmee Khan on the Telegraph website. many parents bring up their children to enabled cell phone? If so, you can now grocery store and can't remember the
But hold on — aren’t we really talking “Harry Potter fails to cast spell over believe in spells and wizards?
about a slight tempest in a tea-pot here? As browse Simply Recipes with your phone, specific ingredients needed for a recipe, I
Professor Richard Dawkins” is the come- For a wonderfully thoughtful opinion on in a custom-built site, designed specifically can look it up on the phone. With this new
would most scientists, Dawkins has a hither headline on the Telegraph’s website. what happens if we follow Dawkins to his
hypothesis about these stories — he for the itsy bitsy screens on mobile phones. Simply Recipes iPhone app, looking up
Beckford and Khan also seem to know potential conclusion, read Scott Galupo’s When Apple came out a few months ago ingredients just got a whole lot easier.
doesn’t yet have a conclusion. the professor’s mind — even before he paean to imagination in the Washington
‘Looking back to my own childhood, the with their latest "3G" iPhone, I finally bit Continue reading "Simply Recipes for
does. Times. And stay tuned — the collaboration the bullet and bought one. I love this iPhone" »
fact that so many of the stories I read The prominent atheist is stepping down between the highly press-savvy scientist
allowed the possibility of frogs turning into phone. If I could marry a phone, it would
from his post at Oxford University to write and his apparently news-starved media be the iPhone. Favorite feature? The built-
princes, whether that has a sort of insidious a book aimed at youngsters in which he friends will surely provide us with more
affect on rationality, I’m not sure. Perhaps will warn them against believing in “anti- fodder.
it’s something for research.’ scientific” fairytales. Bookmark to:
However, the outspoken atheist said he Prof Hawkins said: “The book I write
hadn’t even read Harry Potter and admitted next year will be a children’s book on how
he “didn’t know what to think about magic to think about the world, science thinking
and fairytales”. He said the book will be contrasted with mythical thinking.”
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Obama narrows “Pew gap”

By dpulliam important and controversial issue for
Submitted at 11/10/2008 10:04:04 PM
Catholics. See here a recent account by the
Associated Press’s Rachel Zoll on
The Chicago Tribune’s version of the George’s statement regarding abortion:
pew gap story that permeated news outlets BALTIMORE (AP) — The head of the
last week focuses heavily on the slight U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops,
percentage shifts in party preference opening a national church meeting
among Catholics, white evangelicals, and Monday, said that continued support for
“worshipers who attend church abortion rights will undermine any
frequently.” The article’s focus on these advances in social justice that come from a
three statistical categories emphasizes that new president and Congress.
a factor in President-elect Barack Obama’s Chicago Cardinal Francis George said
victory was his slight improvement in the “we must all rejoice” that an African-
pews over the failed 2004 Democratic American will be in the White House for
Nominee John Kerry. This runs contrary to the first time in a country that “once
the notion that Obama failed to close the enshrined slavery” in law.
pew gap. But he said the nation still violates what
Unfortunately, the article only takes a he called universal human rights by
surface-level approach to the data. A short keeping abortion legal. “The common
survey of the data amassed at Steve good can never be adequately incarnated in
Waldman’s blog shows that support for any society when those waiting to be born
Obama actually declined among can be legally killed at choice,” George
evangelicals older than 65. Waldman also said.
points out that evangelical voters made up Here is an idea for a follow-up story:
a bigger percentage of McCain’s voters What happens to the Catholic vote if some
than they did Bush’s voters. So much for Nicholas Cafardi announced their support to meet them with a special concern to of Obama’s first actions as president are to
writing cover stories about the declining of Obama, who supports keeping abortion defend the most vulnerable among us and widen the availability of abortions through
influence of evangelicals in the GOP. legal, and urged Catholics to consider the heal the divisions in our country and our executive order as appears to be the case?
The only portion of the article not full agenda of Catholic social teaching. world. We stand ready to work with you in Overall, the Tribune article strikes a
focused exclusively on the numbers dealt Chicago’s Cardinal Francis George, who defense and support of the life and dignity reasonable tone that shows that Obama’s
with Obama’s support among Catholic is also president of the U.S. Conference of of every human person.” gains amongst religious communities
voters and the issue of abortion: Catholic Bishops, wrote a letter of The article’s quotation of George’s letter contributed to putting him over the top last
Obama’s win among Catholics came congratulations to Obama and offered is cryptically interesting since it follows a week.
despite an aggressive push by some of the prayers for strength and wisdom to meet paragraph-long description of the abortion Bookmark to:
nation’s bishops to encourage the faithful the nation’s challenges. debate with the Catholic community.
to make abortion their main issue. The “Our country is confronting many While the article notes that a couple of
abortion debate intensified when Catholic uncertainties,” George wrote. “We pray legal scholars endorsed Obama, the article
legal scholars Douglas Kmiec and that you will use the powers of your office fails to note that abortion remains a rather
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With this hot cash register, I thee wed

By Mollie same-sex marriage had only briefly been
Submitted at 11/9/2008 8:11:39 PM
legal. “I can’t imagine that returning to the
history of 4,000 years before that is going
Three of the major festivals of the church to cause an economic upheaval.”
year are Christmas, Easter and Pentecost. It’s just a great idea for an article but I
In America, we celebrate Christmas with wish that there had been some discussion
abandon, Easter with a minor uptick in of how businesses affect the entire
chocolate sales, and Pentecost hardly at all. wedding-industrial complex. A few years
If you’ve ever wondered why, Leigh Eric ago I reviewed Rebecca Mead’s One
Scmidt’s Consumer Rites: The Buying and Perfect Day: The Selling of the American
Selling of American Holidays is a must Wedding for the Wall Street Journal. The
read. It shows how the holidays that are book does a fantastic job of looking at the
celebrated most in America are those that excesses of the wedding industry and how
have been most commercialized. Those they have helped turn weddings into
holidays that lend themselves to a heady today’s insane and ridiculous suck of
mixture of faith and merchandising money, time and energy. From my review:
become humongous celebrations while In Ms. Mead’s mind, the wedding as a
others are forgotten and celebrated by only rite of passage no longer signals a couple’s
the most devout. Merchants and advertisers transition to adulthood. Instead, she says,
have been crucial, Schmidt argues, to the contemporary wedding marks the move
promoting holidays in a grand, from one type of consumer to another. It is
carnivalesque manner. an event “shaped as much by commerce or
I thought of this when reading a marketing as it is by those influences
wonderful piece in the New York Times couples might prefer to think of as
that says that California merchants are “We were afraid that they would pass said Mr. Pougnet, who is openly gay and affecting their nuptial choices, such as
worried about the economic impact of Proposition 8,” Mr. Cobos said, “and that’s married his partner in September. social propriety, religious observance, or
Proposition 8, which amends the state exactly what happened.” The article suggests that California can’t familial expectation.”
constitution to define marriage as an In Palm Springs, another gay-friendly afford this economic blow considering the As we look at Proposition 8 and it’s
institution involving one man and one city, Mayor Steve Pougnet said he had state’s budget deficit has swelled to $11.2 fallout, it’s good to keep in mind all of the
woman: performed 115 same-sex weddings since billion for the coming year. Frank groups who have a vested interest in one
Arturo Cobos, a manager at Kard Zone June, when such ceremonies began, some Schubert, Proposition 8’s campaign side or the other. And as we spend so much
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Letting Billy Graham remain . . . Billy

By tmatt
Submitted at 11/9/2008 3:11:31 AM

Billy Graham turned 90 at the end of this

past week, a landmark event that received
very little press, all things considered.
There were other things going on in the
nation, of course.
But over at USA Today, veteran Godbeat
reporter Cathy Lynn Grossman weighed in
on the story. How would you like to try to
write something about the life and times of
Graham in a short news feature?
I’ll be honest. The top of this story
covers an amazing amount of territory.
Evangelist Billy Graham. . . is frail from
multiple falls and ailments, far from the
strapping revivalist who roamed the globe
for six decades.
Yet before Graham retired in 2005 to his
mountainside log cabin in Montreat, N.C.,
he preached to 215 million people — and
changed the course of American
“Today’s generation thinks his
significance is his popularity, not his role
as the architect of moderate
evangelicalism,” says Susan Harding, an
anthropologist of religion at the University
of California-Santa Cruz. “He created a
new way to be a conservative Christian, baptism and, to some degree, images of place. The final chapter is a quiet one, but
not fundamentalist, not a judgmental salvation. But, no, he did not compromise still significant. Grossman weaves in very
separatist. A Billy Graham Christian could on the basics. Grossman leaves Graham high percentage of the big themes and then
be more educated, more worldly and take intact. He is still a John 14:6 Christian. — this is my main point — leaves the man
for granted that Christians have work to do Then, there is this: intact.
in this world.” In modern times, Graham became known I have had many people ask what it’s like
Now, you hear that word “moderate” and as much for what he did not do as for what to interview Graham, something I have had
you think anti-fundamentalist and you he did. He was the evangelist who did not the please and challenge and pleasure of
immediately think that Grossman is going rip off millions (Jim Bakker) or run with doing a few times. Here’s the main thing
to serve up another one of those Graham prostitutes (Jimmy Swaggart) or build a that that I kept walking away with each
revisionism pieces — like the infamous megachurch (Joel Osteen) or run for time.
theological treatise on the cover of president (Pat Robertson) or run a Yes, he knows how to handle the press.
Newsweek not that long ago. Christian political lobby (Jerry Falwell). Yes, he knows he is a celebrity. Yet there
Yes, Billy rejected fundamentalism. Yes, And this, too: is still a real man inside that persona and,
especially post-Watergate, he dealt with a Reinhold Niebuhr,. . . the nation’s most almost all his biographers stress this, that
wider range of cultural and social issues. prominent theologian, called Graham man has not changed all that much.
Yes, he worked with a growing spectrum simplistic, and evangelist Bob Jones There’s a Baptist preacher in there who is
of denominations (a great book that needs denounced him as “doing more harm to the still trying to do his job.
to be written would focus on Graham and cause of Jesus Christ than any living man.” Bookmark to:
Rome) and blurred lines on issues such as It’s a big, big story that goes all over the