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Interview Transcription

X= Zach
O= Interviewee
… …= Summary

X= Begin recording
X= We are gathering data that is important in helping to understand the barriers to
immigrant incorporation into the Triad. This is a research study. Research studies include
only people who choose to take part. You are being asked to voluntarily take part in this
study in order to share your awareness and understanding of immigrants. This interview
will be recorded. The recording will be used for research purposes only. It will be
destroyed after a transcript is made. No identifying information will be associated with
the transcript in order to protect your identity. You are free to refuse to participate or to
withdraw your consent to participate in the research at any time without penalty or
prejudice; your participation is entirely voluntary. We may wish to quote from this
interview either in reports, presentations or articles resulting from this work. Your
identity will be protected and a pseudonym or an alias will be used in place of your real
name. Do you agree to allow me to quote from this interview?

O= I do.

X= I guess can we start by having you tell me a little about yourself? Maybe a little about
your educational background stuff like that?

O= Sure… I got bachelor of science in HR with a minor in communication from

UNCG…. (couldn’t hear)…

X= Are you originally from North Carolina?

O= Yes, I was born and raised here in Greensboro

X= Thank you, well I guess we can get down to the nitty gritty. Umm, what type of
contact do you have with immigrants?

O= Well, actually I have very little contact… (couldn’t hear)…

…She describes what her job actually entails which includes more behind the scenes
activities such as publication and management…

X= How long have you worked here at health services?

O= (inaudible)
…She worked here 12 years and has been employed ever since graduating school…

X= What are some of the services that you all provide for immigrants and everyone else
that comes in?
O= (inaudible)
…The goal of health services in continuity. Many underprivileged people come in only in
case of emergency or only when they are sick. Here at health services we try as often as
we can to have you set up with the same doctor each and every visit. This is not different
then a general practitioners office. People are able to receive most all care they require…

X= Was that a pharmacy I saw outside?

O= Yes we have a pharmacy that is able to prescribe a wide but not a full assortment of
drugs…(inaudible)… this is due to the large amount of addicts that come here looking for

X= Are you aware of the large immigrant population that comes in if they come in at all?

O= (inaudible)
… the majority of those serviced here are English speaking Americans, both white and
black. Next most is predominantly Latino or Spanish speaking. We also have Vietnamese
and many others…

X= You have described some of the services available to the guests that come in, are any
of these jeopardized by problems with documentation?

O= (inaudible)
… we have no policy regarding documentation therefore we never check for such things.
Everyone eligible for services have them available regardless of documentation…

X= Are there any specific barriers in providing services for immigrants?

O= (inaudible)
… well obviously language, and the increasing numbers of them which creates problem
with having the proper staffing available to take care of their needs. Some times having
an interpreter is hard to come by. And even when you have one sometimes its difficult to
find out what exactly is wrong with. Another issue is even if you have a translator that is
fluent in the language that needs addressing sometimes the dialects are such that it is even
harder to communicate with them. With the amount of people coming in and their
individual needs its hard sometimes to get past the time issue and still be able to provide
as good a service as possible…

X= Are there any specific problems or barriers that present themselves from immigrant
and their needs.

O= (laughs) actually quite the contrary, many of the kids are able to help the nurses and
the doctors better take care of their parents and family…(inaudible)…

X= What if any improvements can be made in providing these services to immigrants?

O= (inaudible)
…Well obviously there is always room for improvement. Education and facilitation
become important aspects of getting people in here. Many cultures have different
practices regarding health care. Some may be here for small things others may be against
coming for even the most dangerous problems. We have meetings among ourselves and
other areas regarding opportunities and chances to improve or differentiate our
approaches in reaching the community…

X= What are some of the different nationalities of immigrants you work with.

O= (inaudible)
… mostly Spanish and we have the capabilities of dealing with most of them, Vietnamese
and Africans also come in a lot. The Africans usually speak French. We also have quite a
few groups of Russians and other Europeans…

X= Well, let me look through my list here, some of these questions are pretty

O= I can imagine so…

X= I don’t want to take up to much more of your time, I think that will pretty much wrap
it up. Thanks you so much for your time.

O= You’re welcome it was my pleasure let me know if I can be of any more assistance.