You work for the interest group, Restore Decency in the Media, and have been asked to write

a report on Facebook s decision to block certain breastfeeding images on its site

Discussion Facebook s reasons for the banning In June 2007 Facebook claimed the breastfeeding photos as violating their terms of service when showing an entire breast. y A group of 247.I.000. the social network Facebook. The group now reached 258 625 participants. from all over the world raised national and international interest in more than 25 languages on channels like CNN. and have been deleted from all personal profiles.Table of Contents Executive summary Introduction Discussion Page 2 Page 2 Page 2-3 Conclusion and Recommandation Appendix Bibliography Page 3 Page 3-5 Page 5 Executive Summary y Facebook banned breastfeeding pictures from their website claiming them as obscene . On 27th of December 2008.L. 11 500 people took part in the first even M. and programs like CBS News and Dr. started banning pictures of women breastfeeding their babies or toddlers. According to the Facebook s spokesman the . The pictures have been reported at obscene .C.against the Facebook law to ban breastfeeding pictures. y Hundreds of groups and petitions were raised against Facebook s decision. breastfeeding is not obscene! (Official petition to Facebook) is gathering more and more participants and members against Facebook s decision. Phil Show Introduction In 2007. A group called Hey Facebook. This report discusses the laws and regulations Facebook uses to ban breastfeeding photography and the reactions that this raised over the world.

" or "sexually explicit . More websites and blogs are criticizing Facebook for banning pictures of natural baby feeding and on the same time allowing teenagers nudity . Breastfeeding photographs. Many profiles were threatened to be deleted. All the members of the group put a breastfeeding image as a profile picture and a line saying: Hey Facebook. Other pictures showing naked bodies and specifically breasts are allowed in the social network websites. but since 2007 nothing changed. The first virtual protest was on 27thof December 2008. a popular breastfeeding blog. opened a page on Facebook against the banning got blocked after it raised significant support from people around the world. Other groups against the banning The Leaky Boob. which is raising more issues against Facebook s policy. The official petition spent a lot of efforts to turn this law. The events caught substantial public attention. and also harmed children. because of the photographs. showing the whole breast. part of the people participating received a warning from Facebook and some of them got their profile pictures removed. nipple or areola are banned. Conclusion and recommendation y y y y Facebook has not changed his policy since 2007. breastfeeding is not obscene! Together with that there has been a nurse-in live protest in the Facebook headquarter in Palo Alto CA.images nipples or visible areola are obscene . The Official Petition to Facebook Since now the group has 258 625 members. Appendix Facebook members in the official petition 06/14/10 261 000 03/18/10 260 000 02/20/10 255 000 02/12/10 250 000 . Women around the world are raising complaint against the social network. "pornographic. During the protest.

26.6.000 9/11/07 .10.000 8/25/07 .000 9/19/07 .08/10/09 245 000 06/30/09 240 000 05/19/09 235 000 04/16/09 230 000 03/16/09 225 000 03/01/09 220 000 02/18/09 215 000 02/10/09 210 000 02/03/09 205 000 01/30/09 200 000 01/27/09 195 000 01/23/09 188 000 01/18/09 181 000 01/15/09 176 000 01/13/09 170 000 01/09/09 161 000 01/08/09 155 000 01/07/09 150 000 01/04/09 135 000 01/01/09 100 000 9/30/07 .facebook.20.php?gid=2517126532 .000 Source: http://leakyboob. Among other Should Facebook Ban Breast Feeding Photos? 29 Dec 2008 http://www. 03 Jan 2011 http://onelovelivity.nytimes. 18 Dec 2008 Continued misuse of Facebook's features could result in the permanent loss of your account. 2 Jan 2010 http://bits. If your Page was removed for any of the above reasons. threatening. or that are set up by an unauthorized Why Has Facebook Banned Breastfeeding?.allfacebook. Pages that are hateful. 28 Dec 2008 http://www. A Facebook Page is a distinct presence used solely for business or promotional purposes. it will not be .com/facebook-breast-feed-ba-2008-12 Tens of Thousands Protest Facebook Ban of Breastfeeding Photos.html The New York Times.The email Leaky Boob group received from Facebook "Your Page "The Leaky B@@b" has been removed for violating our Terms of Use." Bibliography Breastfeeding Moms Fighting Facebook Ban. We also take down Pages that attack an individual or group. or obscene are not allowed.

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