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Monthly Report December 2011
Short Summary
Prescience Investment Group is a research-driven, performance-oriented investment firm. Prescience manages a private investment fund on behalf of its clients and principals with the objective of generating superior absolute investment returns over the full cycle of market and economic conditions. We specialize in extensive, investigative research on difficult-to-analyze or obscure public companies in order to develop unique insights and identify singular investment opportunities. We seek out abnormally large disparities between what businesses are intrinsically worth and what they sell for and invest accordingly, long and short. Our core long investments span a broadly defined, concentrated set of small-cap equities, which offer prospects for substantial fundamental growth. In addition, we maintain short positions in unattractive special situation equities and other overvalued securities with identifiable negative catalysts, both for profit and portfolio balance. All investment decisions are based on the firm’s original and independent research.

Manager Profile
Eiad Asbahi, CFA - Portfolio Manager/Managing Partner Prior to founding Prescience, Asbahi worked as an investment analyst with several hedge fund managers in Manhattan, New York. He began as a generalist with Sand Spring Capital, analyzing debt and equity instruments across the capital structures of over-levered companies and special situations. He went on to work in a similar capacity as a consultant with Cohanzick Management and later Kinderhook Partners. At Cohanzick Eiad analyzed companies across the capital structure, with a focus on high yield and distressed debt, capital arbitrage, and special situation equities. At Kinderhook he focused exclusively on analyzing small-cap equities, identifying undervalued companies with exceptional growth prospects or impending catalysts to unlock intrinsic value. Asbahi graduated from Louisiana State University in 2001 with a B.S., Microbiology, summa cum laude. He later graduated at the top of his MBA class from LSU’s Flores MBA program and achieved the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation. He currently sits on the boards of nonprofits Boys and Girls Club, Forum 35, SeNSE and O’Brien House.

Monthly Net Performance
Year 2011 2010 2009 Jan 6.37% 1.60% Feb -2.68% -1.13% Mar 14.09% 6.31% Apr 13.73% -4.71% May 15.36% -6.66% Jun 6.21% 1.22% Jul 9.49% 1.03% Aug 2.05% 7.89% -2.72% Sep -2.86% 2.29% 1.99% Oct -0.26% -6.89% -1.29% Nov -6.45% -2.28% 1.90% Dec 1.36% 2.89% 4.49% YTD 68.93% 0.35% 4.28%

Note: Returns are net of a 1.25% management fee and 25% incentive fee over a 5% hurdle rate (no incentive fee for 2009 or 2010).

Statistical Analysis

(August 2009 - Present)

Growth of Initial Investment, After Fees

Fund Information
Minimum Investment: Management Fee: Incentive Fee Subscriptions: Redemptions: High Water Mark: $200,000 1.25% annually 25% over 5% hurdle rate Monthly Monthly Notice, No Lock-up Yes Administrator: Fund Auditors: Prime Broker Custodians: Legal Counsel: CFO:

Service Providers
Michael J Liccar & Co RSM McGladrey Morgan Stanley Morgan Stanley & Interactive Brokers

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