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Annual General Meeting Minutes


Thursday, October 2, 2008

In attendance:
Brian Weir (BW), Jason Brandl (JB), Kelsey Wallace (KW), Monica Grose (MG), Amanda DeVries
(AD), Dan O’Reilly (DO), Craig Ketchum (CK), Dylan DeJong (DD), Josh Duvauchelle (JD), Joel
Reinhardt (JR), Dave Van Hemmen (DV), Nathan Tedrow (NT), Brendan Pogue (BP), Brendon
Buschman (BB), Jeremy Lermitte (JL), Lydia Forge (LF) , Jonathan KIntz (JK), Doug Weir (DW),
Guests: Lanette, Kayla, Hilary, Gareth, Alison Pratt, Zack, Jonah Love, Hailey Ritka

Call to order

a) Welcome

b) Prayer

Approval of the agenda

– The agenda stands approved


a) Presidential remarks

BW: this is the most important meeting of the year, it presents the
budget and ensures that we are headed in the right direction; we are here
to make decisions about allocating student fees in the best way possible.
Tonight I encourage you to be respectful of each other but at the same
time speak up and make your opinion heard

b) Vision of council

BW: No More Bull Poop ensures that we stick to our mission statement
and fulfill the needs of the students. We want to make sure that
everything we do is in the student’s best interest. The mission this year is
to revive our mission and go back to the basics of what we are supposed
to be doing as a student council. Our vision this year is for student
advocacy. We have a chance to have a voice to ensure the best student
experience possible.


Free counselling

Library hours

Proposed chapel

Involvement in the accountability process

How we are defined as a university

c) Financial Remarks

KW: tonight we will be deciding on the 200000+ in student fees (goes

over breakdown of student fees) the budgets are broken down by
department. Each department will discuss their proposed budget

d) Reading of the mission statement

JB reads the mission statement

New business

a) Administration budget

BW: I move that TWUSA allocate $69,845 for administrative purposes

for the 2008-2009 academic year

DO: seconds

BW: this budget goes towards stipends, office copy work, spring
retreat, food costs for various meetings, and the TWUSA express,
as well as the emergency aid and relief.

Kayla: what is the intention for the extra money if it’s not used?

BW: it will go into next year’s budget

Hailey: is there a means to get bus passes in addition to the TWUSA


BW: Dave can speak to the bus passes

DV: we have been looking into getting deals with local businesses as
well as bus passes

BP moves to vote on administration budget

DO seconds

Motion passes (For-12, Against-0)

b) Faculty department budget

MG: I move that TWUSA allocate $4270 to the Faculty Department for
the 2008-2009 academic year

DO: seconds

MG: there are many different departments under the faculty

department, we also put on various events and host speakers
JR: asks about the speakers, is their any way to bring those events

MG: we will be doing that to an extent

DV: asks about the cost of ‘do it in the dark’

MG: it will be something that all the faculties will be participating in;
the money is going to fund the winnings.

JK: will we be saving at least 700 in electrical costs?

JD: it is very possible

DO moves to vote

BP seconds

Motion passes (For-12 Against-0)

c) Communications department budget

BW: I move that TWUSA allocate $3030 to the Communications

Department Budget for the 2008-2009 academic year

DO: seconds

BW: the bulk of the cost go to web site development, it also goes to
posters, additional advertising, business cards, and the year end

HR: what is the benefit of 2 year-end reports? Will their be another


BW: we will look into holding another meeting of this sort, one that
students will be able to attend. The report at the middle of the year is
to give an update, so students can see where we are at.

BP: is that the academic year or the calendar year

BW: the academic year

Student: does it make sense to put the 2nd year end report online
instead of printing it out

BW: that would cut our printing costs in half

Student: it would also be a good way to get traffic on the web site

Kayla: points out that the report isn’t as readily available as thought,
online would increase exposure.

AD: if we don’t use the money does it go to proposals?

JB: we would allocate that later

BW: moves that we eliminate that portion of the budget from 3030 to

BP seconds

Kelsey: do you recommend that we move the money to the proposals


BW: yes

JK: do we want to eliminate it all, in case we change our mind and want
to print out a few

DV: the year-end report plays a part in recruiting for next year, should
we get rid of that?

BW: this year’s year-end will be different in that it includes financial


Kayla: could you not update your financial information as often as

possible, on the website

KW: one goal this year is to publish monthly reports on the web site.

Hailey: if you do the year end report you should have another meeting
like the AGM.

DO moves that we vote on the amendment

BP seconds

Motion is a draw


Amendment passes

JR: moves that we vote on the communications budget as a whole

DO seconds

Motion passes (For-12 Against-0)

d) Events budget

BP: I move that TWUSA allocate $8264 to the Events Department

Budget for the 2008-2009 academic year

AD: seconds

BP: we have cut back on the budget this year

CK: why does the spring concert cost so much, you could use the same
amount to put on several smaller concerts?

MG: this pays for sound and lighting which are mandatory for a larger
concert like this

JR: what is the difference between the spring Can-Am and the Ca- Am

BP: last year’s TWUSA never paid for the rink rental. blows goats.

JK: it is a larger concert so that we can get people that don’t usually
attend TWUSA events

Kayla: would there be an entry fee for the concert?

BP: there might be, but it would be minimal

BW: with no ground level coordinator these events have been cut back,
most of these fees are fixed fees

DV: moves that we vote

DO: seconds

Motion passes (For-12 Against-0)

e) Class Representative Budget

AD: I move that TWUSA allocate $9550 to the Class Representative

Budget for the 2008-2009 academic year

BP seconds

AD: each of the class reps put on 2 events per semester, plus one big

Loren: inquires about the cost of some of the events

NT: we wanted to keep the costs low

DO: asks about COE

AD: the costs are for gas costs

DO: moves to have the COE amount amended, to 200

No second

DO: moves to have the TNE amount amended, to 400

No second
HR: what is the rational for the cost of the toga party?

DV: explains the cost

AD: assuming an attendance of 100 people we will make 1000

CK: asks about spirit of Christmas

Jonah: asks why the toga party isn’t held on campus

DV: the only place on campus to have it is the gym, and it is too big

AD: also, if you hold the event on campus, sedexo has to cater

BP moves to vote

AD seconds

Motion passes (For-12 Against-0)

f) Mars hills budget

Loren: I move that TWUSA allocate $40,428 to the Mars Hill Budget for
the 2008-2009 academic year

MG: seconds

Loren: the stipends include the pre slow expenses, communications is

mail costs, the budget also includes printing, memberships, software,
office supplies, hospitality, retreats, etc.

AD: could you explain the incentives

Loren: it is to allow section editors to give incentives to the writers who

don’t get stipends

JL: could you explain computer updates

Kayla: explains computer updates

AD: why don’t you try to become more self-sufficient, with


Loren: Mars Hill, because it has a small circulation, has had trouble
getting advertisers

JL: Two years ago, your numbers where 6000 less, where is that going?

Loren: computer updates, a higher CUP membership,

KW: is there a smaller amount of papers you could order per year
Loren: bi-weekly is as small a number as you could ask of a school

DD: asks about the food costs

Loren: regular meetings, a Christmas get together, and to keep the

office stocked with snacks for unpaid writers

DO: how do you get the number of issues you order?

Loren: 1200 issues is what the demand is at

BP moves that we vote

NT seconds

Motion passes (For-11 Against- 0 Abstain-1(DO))

g) Pillar yearbook budget

Russell: I move that TWUSA allocate $58,203 to the Pillar Budget for
the 2008-2009 academic year

Russell: the greatest expense is printing and publications; the printing

company we use has given us a discount. Postage, supplies, camera
supplies, and incentives are also included in the budget. We also make
8000 in revenue from baby grad and grad sitting fee.

KW: pillar is guaranteed 25% of the budget; they are at 27%, so they
are doing well

BP: can you speak into the special notes?

KW: if they can make 10000 in revenue, the money goes to their editor
and into their costs

KW: moves that we vote

BP: seconds

Motion passes (For-12 Against-0)

h) 2008-2009 TWUSA budget

KW: explains the proposals budget

KW: I move that TWUSA allocate $238,047 for the total AGM budget for
the 2008-2009 academic year

DO: seconds
DV: asks about $60 per student, it doesn’t add up

JB: not all students includes pay fees, and not all pay 60

KW moves that we vote on the total budget

AD seconds

Motion passes (For-12 Against-0)

Open floor


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