Napa Valley College Is Proud To Announce The Start Of An

LGBT Studies Certificate Program
This certificate will prepare students for a career in education, social services, health care, public safety, counseling, and a wide range of non-profit organizations. It will also prepare incumbent public school teachers to deliver new curriculum required by the Fair and Inclusive Education Act. Students completing this program may be eligible to transfer to another college to earn a degree in LGBT Studies. Student Learning Outcomes • • • Identify major issues and vocabulary in the field of LGBT Studies. Discuss the issues faced by sexual orientation and gender identity minorities in the family, education, and community. Explain the differences in how people identify their sexual orientation and their gender identity.

Required Courses (12 Units) • LGBT-120 Introduction To LGBT Studies In The Family, Education and Community • ANT-150 Sex And Gender In Cross-Cultural Perspective • PSYC-135 Human Sexuality • PHIL-137 Comparative Religions or • HUMA-186 Culture and Gender in Film Electives (6 Units) • CFS-140 The Child, Family, and Community • PSYC-125 Human Development • COUN-124 Working With Diverse Populations Napa Valley College has partnered with City College of San Francisco (CCSF) to offer this program. Students may choose from over twenty different elective courses in LGBT Studies from CCSF to fulfill the elective requirements for this certificate. New Course – LGBT-120 Introduction To LGBT Studies In The Family, Education and Community This is the foundational course for this new certificate program. Students will examine a variety of LGBT topics related to the family, education and the community including history, the pursuit of civil rights, how people identify their sexuality and gender, AIDS, hate crimes, the evolution of the family, “coming out,” and the variety of LGBT sub-cultures found in the Bay Area. For Questions About The Program Contact Greg Miraglia, 707-253-3035 or




LGBT-120 Introduction To LGBT Studies Wednesdays 6:30PM to 9:20PM
This  is  a  brand  new  course  now  available  at  Napa  Valley  College!       This  course  is  ideal  for  anyone  preparing  for  a  career  in  social  services  including  counselors,   criminal  justice,  or  education.    It  will  specifically  prepare  educators  to  deliver  curriculum   required  by  the  Fair  and  Inclusive  Education  Act  in  public  schools.    The  course  is  equally   beneficial  for  any  student  who  simply  wants  to  become  more  informed  about  the  LGBT   community  and  the  issues  is  faces.    This  class  is  the  foundational  course  required  for  the  LGBT   Studies  Certificate  Program.     This  introductory  course  examines  a  wide  range  of  issues  related  to  the  lesbian,  gay,  bisexual,   and  transgender  (LGBT)  community  and  how  those  issues  impact  family,  education  and  the   community.  The  course  includes  an  overview  of  the  history  of  sexual  orientation  and  gender   identity,  the  variations  of  sexual  and  gender  identity,  laws  and  policies  impacting  the  LGBT   community,  the  LGBT  civil  rights  movement,  and  a  look  at  some  of  those  members  of  the  LGBT   community  who  have  contributed  to  the  evolution  of  this  culture  and  our  society.     Students  will  participate  in  class  discussions,  group  projects,  oral  presentations,  and  a  field  trip.     Regular  writing  assignments  will  provide  a  vehicle  for  students  to  think  critically  about  their   own  experience  and  perceptions  of  the  LGBT  community  and  what  they  learn  in  class.                 Student  Learning  Outcomes:       1.  Identify  the  vocabulary  people  use  to  identify  their  sexual  orientation  and  their  gender   identity.       2.  Discuss  how  sexual  orientation  and  gender  identity  minorities  are  impacted  by  family,   education,  and  communities.       3.  Identify  the  significant  historical,  social,  cultural,  and  civil  rights  issues  impacting  the  LGBT     community.     This  course  is  eligible  for  transfer  to  the  LGBT  Studies  Programs  at     City  College  of  San  Francisco  and  San  Diego  State  University  (LGBT-­‐321).    


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