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Hockey Moms
Now it’s your turn
Calling All
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Wish List
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Well, Moms, after all you do, you deserve a little holiday treat this season, too! Be sure to give your family a few
hints by pointing out your wish list faves. Here are few ideas worth adding…
Bundle Up!
It’s an investment, but a coat she can wear
for years—even after baby. Nima’ma 3-in-1 M
Coat is proudly Canadian-made, and covers
the three stages of pregnancy: pre, post and
during. Cost $480 (with a lifetime guarantee)
Relaxed Gaming
Here’s an excuse to steal your child’s
Nintendo DS for a little quality
“me time.” Zenses allows uses to
transcend the stresses of everyday
life and experience an active escape.
With two gaming options, Ocean
and Rainforest, Zenses offers modern
women a chance to play cool games
and solve puzzles inspired by either
the waves of the ocean or the sound
of raindrops and nature. SRP $29.99.
Available most places gaming
systems and Nintendo products are
Eco Mama
Each one of these stylish diaper bags keeps
ten plastic water bottles out of the landfill.
Teflon and PVC-free, mom can not only
look fabulous but also earth-friendly while
toting all of baby’s gear. Lightweight and spa-
cious, each bag comes with adjustable straps,
a change pad and a see-thru wipe case. $110
Vintage Love
Nothing says ‘I love you,’ quite like jewellery.
Give Mom a little timeless appeal with a
sweet Vintage Spyglass Necklass from Stella
& Dot. This one is 14kt gold plated and 14kt
gold vermeil. $98 at
Murder Mystery
Add a little excitement to the New Year.
Everything needed to host a murder
mystery is included in this parcel: invita-
tions, instructions, character booklets, name
tags, even themed recipes—all designed to
ensure an evening guests are sure to die for.
SRP $36.99. Call 1.877.592.7374 to find a
retailer near you.
Wish List
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33 November 2008
Charm Her…
With an Elements Life Bracelet, where Mom can sport
personalized charms that proudly reflect her family and her
life. Each piece is hand-stamped and polished, so order early
to allow for delivery time. $85 at Includes one
charm to start. Additional charms $25.
Memory Holder
You know how much she loves to show off her family photos.
Now give Mom the chance to display her favourites in a per-
sonalized photobook she creates herself. First, check out pho- for software that’s free and easy to use to get her
started. Then, once complete, Mom can send in her project to
be printed on acid-free paper, hand-sewn and professionally
bound with either a hard or soft cover. Prices vary per project.
Learn more online at
Get Crafty
If she’s a scrapbooker
or crafter, Mom already
knows just how messy
things can get. Help her
keep organized while
preserving her supplies
with Mable’s Labels
Crafter Pack. With labels
for everything from her
beads to her adhesives, a
pack of 49 labels costs $12
es to show off her family photos
No Scalpel
No Needle
No Excuse
Barry Rich, M.D.
Dr. Barry Rich has performed over 15,000
No-Scalpel Vasectomies (NSV) in his more than
14 years of experience. He introduced No-Needle
Anesthesia for NSV in Canada and has the
longest Canadian experience with the technique.
FREE online registration saves
you time: have a consultation
and vasectomy in a single visit.
Vasectomies performed at both
Vancouver & Langley clinics
10-minute office procedure
Covered by BC Medical
In next month’s
Non-surgical ways to look younger
$60 towards your
own photobook
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You might call yourself a hockey mom, but to
what level? Sure, you’ve hit the rink at 6am,
or earlier, to drop kids off at practice and
you’ve sat through more than your fair share
of OT’s, cheering rink-side with frozen fingers
and toes. But, have you have laced up your
own skates and hit the rink, stick in hand?
Of late, it seems hockey moms are turning
out in droves and ditching their yoga mats
for gloves, sticks and skates as they take to
the ice to play hockey for the first time. Fe-
male hockey is a growing and popular sport
for women all over Canada.
According to Hockey Canada, since 1990
female hockey has grown from just over
8,000 participants to over 73,000 nationwide,
which demonstrates just how many ladies
are exchanging time in the stands for time
on the ice. We all know that exercise is vitally
important to maintaining a healthy lifestyle,
however many women have never consid-
ered the sport of hockey as a realistic option
for themselves, despite their love of the game.
But, why not? Anyone can play, so let’s
squash some of the ugly rumors surrounding
women and hockey:
1. Hockey is a man’s sport. Think again.
The sport of hockey is not just considered
a man’s game. Women’s hockey has been
a growing sport for years, and the skill level
has never been better. Cam Kerr, with BC
Hockey, has been around the female side of
the game for years.
“I look at the 2007 Team BC, which
competed at the National U-18 tournament
in Kitchener, Ontario last spring. I could have
easily replaced 16 of the 20 girls [with those]
I had on my 1995 Team BC’s Canada Winter
Games team,” Kerr shares. “Our girls have
improved that much.” And, that’s not all, ac-
cording to Kerr ladies are enjoying the game
later in life, too. “I had run into a few ladies
in their mid to late 30s where I used to work
who had taken up hockey for the first time.
Every Monday morning they would come
down to my office and relate, in detail, the
events of their game from the weekend.
They were like a couple of kids. I loved it!”
2. I don’t know how to skate. It’s never too
late to learn. There are many learn-to-skate
programs for adults at local community cen-
tres, as well as learn-to-play hockey programs
that are geared to women who are new to
the ice and new to the game. Check your
local recreation guide, or call your local arena
for more information. Many rec centres even
offer child-minding for the little ones, so
there’s no excuse not to join. You can also
always practice your skating by dropping into
a public skate held at most arenas during
the winter months for as little as $5 to $10,
including skate and helmet rentals.
3. It’s a dangerous sport. There is no
denying that hockey has a higher level of
physical contact than tennis or lawn bowl-
ing, however the majority of adult hockey
leagues do not allow body checking. League
operators understand players have to get up,
go to work and raise a family the following
day, so safety has to be a top priority. In fact,
you would be hard-pressed to find an adult
hockey league in the Lower Mainland that
allows body checking. On top of stringent
rules in regards to body checking, or any
other type of physical abuse, most adult
leagues carry top of the line insurance as a
service to their members.
4. The practice times won’t work with
my schedule. Gone are the days of 5am
practices—those times are reserved for your
kids. Adult hockey leagues in the Lower
Mainland play during regular hours, often in
the evenings or on weekends. Game times
fit well into the suburban lifestyle, and gen-
erally allow for advanced planning to accom-
modate busy family schedules. Considering
all of the running around you do, fitting
in practice times and lessons for your kids,
don’t you think you deserve a little some-
thing for yourself, too? At least, this activity
is designed to keep you fit and active, both
physically and socially.
5. Okay, so where do I sign up? To get
started, hockey moms often don’t need to
look further than family and friends. Chanc-
es are someone you know already plays
hockey, and you can speak to them about
their experience and about getting started.
You can also call any arena and ask if they
offer a learn-to-play program or offer stick
and puck sessions. The latter are open to the
public at a drop-in rate (usually between $3
and $10), and allow you to practice skating
and puck control without full gear. Imagine
the fun you and a girlfriend could have try-
ing this out together for the first time. You’ll
only need to rent skates and a helmet, to
borrow gloves and a stick (or pick some out
secondhand at a store like Cheapskates or
Sports Junkies in Vancouver), and bring a
sense of excitement.
Once you’re ready to join a team, don’t
think twice—do it! There are many different
skill levels in women’s hockey leagues that
cater specifically to first-time players, so you
don’t need to worry about looking like a
newbie due to lack of experience. Simply
bear in mind that it’s finally your turn to en-
joy Canada’s favourite game on ice. After all,
why should your kids have all the fun? YM
Brooke Sherwood, a program manager at
Burnaby 8 Rinks, has played hockey since she
was ten years old and currently plays in Can-
lan's Division One league for women. For more
information or to sign up for a women’s hockey
program, check out
By Brooke Sherwood
Hockey Moms
Now it’s your turn
Calling All
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35 November 2008
By Michelle Froese By Michelle Froese
A moment with our
YM cover Mom
Emma Thompson
There is a famous Walt Disney quote local
mom Emma Thompson is drawn to, so
much so that she has it posted on her Face-
book account: “Find something you love to
do, then learn to do it so well, people are
happy to pay you for it.”
“I just love that quote!” Thompson
exclaims, and it could certainly be used to
describe her life at the moment. A mom
of two boys, Thompson—featured on this
issue’s Yummy Mummy cover—has always
had a creative side and a love for the arts.
Although she earned A-level artwork
in college, it wasn’t until designing her
son Leo’s nursery back in 2001 that she
considered turning her creative talent into a
viable career.
“I had always had an artistic flair,” she ad-
mits, “but soon discovered I loved the design
aspect too! I decided to pursue my dream
and returned to school to study professional
interior design.”
With both talent and education under
her belt, Thompson took a business course,
which she says was a key element of her
success. Her goal: “To bring kids’ dreams to
life through my art.” Thompson launched
Dream Wall Designs, creating incredible wall
murals for children’s rooms (everything from
Spiderman to Dora the Explorer).
“I decided early on to make this busi-
ness work without loans,” she shares. “It
took a good few years (and spending of my
husband’s money!) to get my venture off the
ground…but everything I did was with the
intention of creating a Web site to show my
skills.” Check out for a
sample of her work.
“Thankfully it is now paying back, and
my husband is relieved!” smiles Thompson,
who is grateful to have a career that allows
her to stay home more often than not with
her sons. “I try really hard to balance my
business and family life. I always make sure
I’m there to drop off my boys at school and,
unless I have a mural project, I always pick
them up and take them to their activities,”
she says. “To me, it is really important that
the kids have Mom around.”
With Spidey and cowboys cleverly decked
out on each of their bedroom walls, sons
Leo and Ethan (now seven and four-years-
old, respectively) are undoubtedly happy to
be at the centre of Mom’s life. The two are
looking forward to testing Mom’s creativity
again in the next month or so. “We are mov-
ing home in December,” explains Thomp-
son, “and Leo wants a cool skater boy
bedroom next, so check out my Web site in
January for that one!”
Fortunately, for Thompson, she never tires
of her craft, even if it means working late
or long hours. “As art is my passion, I seem
to be attached to my paintbrush,” she says.
“I paint when the boys are at school; I paint
when Fred (my husband) takes them to the
movies; I paint when they are all tucked up
in bed asleep!”
Her advice to other moms contemplating
melding their passion with entrepreneurship:
“Follow your dreams, believe in yourself and
stay focused!” Possibly easier said than done.
But it seems Disney had it right. YM
A moment with our
YM cover Mom
Emma Thompson
to Life
Bringing Walls
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Goings On!
Hip and Happenings in your town
WACK! Art and Feminist
Vancouver Art Gallery
Ongoing until January, 10am-5:30pm
Open Tuesdays & Thursday until 9pm
Including works by more than 100 artists
from 21 countries, WACK! spans the years
1965 to 1980, and is the first comprehen-
sive, historical exhibition to examine the
international foundations and legacy of
feminist art.
604.662.4719 |

Alanis Morrisette
Orpheum Theatre
November 4, 7:30pm
Live Nation presents seven-time Gram-
my winner Alanis Morrisette in support
of her critically acclaimed album Flavors
of Entanglement, live in concert with
special guests. Tickets starting at $39.50.
604.280.3311 |
The Imprentice
The New Revue Stage,
Granville Island
November 4-8, 8pm
When an all-powerful host, with impos-
sibly bad hair, seeks an Imprentice, the
contenders must show off their improv
chutzpah in a riotous boardroom battle.
Tickets starting at $25.
604.666.5784 |
The Power of Women
Vancouver Convention Centre
November 6, 8:30am-5:30pm
A personal, professional and social
networking event that brings together
women to connect and interact in a
powerful way. It is the ultimate gather-
ing for achieving women. More details
and tickets available online.
IceROK Jewellery Launch
Bodacious (4393 Main St)
November 6, 6-9pm
Join in an evening of prize draws and live
entertainment at the Vancouver launch
of the jewellery line IceROK—where a
percentage of sales will be donated to
the YWCA Vancouver’s youth program
‘Welcome to My Life,’ which helps Grade
7 girls in their transition to high school.
Goodie bags for the first 50 guests.
Ballet BC: The Faerie Queen
Queen Elizabeth Theatre
November 6-8, 8pm
Brimming with lust and the confusion of
love, scheming selfishness and mischie-
vous magic, this is one of Ballet BC’s most
popular and whimsical works featuring
live music. Tickets starting at $35.75.
604.732.5003 (ext 207)
Cornucopia Food and Wine
4010 Whistler Way, Whistler
November 6-10, 10am-3pm
Featuring a sumptuous variety of
hands-on classes, glamorous gala tasting
events and sizzling after-parties, Cor-
nucopia offers something for both the
experienced connoisseur and those seek-
ing to better appreciate the epicurean
delights of wine and food.
Choosing Your Path: Motherhood
and Leadership
Ikea Coquitlam
November 7, 9:30–11:30am
Join speakers Cybele Negris of Web- and City of Coquitlam Mayor
Maxine Wilson as they share their expe-
riences and insight into choosing your
path in leading fulfilling lives at work
and at home. Cost $26.25.
604.817.9111 |
BC’s Creative Expo
Vancouver Trade and
Convention Centre
November 7, 9am-9pm
November 8, 9am-6pm
This is the largest consumer, educational,
hands-on trade show in BC, offering over
100 classes in scrapbooking, quilting,
fibre arts, beading, knitting and crafts.
Advanced tickets $10 to $15 online.
604.572.0699 |
Elements Gala
Four Seasons Hotel
November 8, 6pm
Enjoy top-notch cuisine from Dominique
and Cindy Duby of DC Duby Wild Sweets
and Four Seasons executive chef Rafael
Gonzalez, along with auctions and live
cooking demonstrations. This is a charity
event that will support the Canadian
Society of Intestinal Research.
Child Safe CPR/First Aid
Nannies on Call, Vancouver
November 9, 9am-5pm
Career and personal development op-
portunities. The first course will be CPR
taught by a Red Cross certified instructor.
Cost $80.
Pre-register 604.734.1776
Circle Craft Christmas Market
Vancouver Convention and
Exhibition Centre
November 11-14, 10am-9pm,
November 15, 10am-7pm
November 16,10am-5pm
Start making your list. More than 260
Canadian artisans will gather under the
sails to present their wares at Western
Canada’s largest one-of-a-kind gift fair.
From clay work and handmade trinkets
to the hottest fashion trends and jewel-
lery designs, there’s plenty to choose
from, including treats and eats.
604.684.8266 |
Jewellery Making:
Wired and Wrapped
Surrey Museum
November 13, 7-9pm
Learn to make beautiful works-of-art
while using semi-precious gemstones
and wire. This class is suitable for begin-
ner and intermediate levels. Cost $40 for
two sessions. Supply fee $18.
Pre-register 604.592.6956
Garden Spa Skincare
UBC Botanical Garden
Reception Centre
November 14, 6:30-8:30pm
Incorporate herbs from your garden
into your skincare. Make and take home
a chamomile face cleanser, aloe toner,
herbal body cream and a hydrating facial
spray. Cost $50.
Pre-register 604.822.3928
Toast to the Coast
Vancouver Aquarium
November 14, 7-10pm
Immerse yourself in the after-hours
world of the Aquarium and sample
wines from BC wineries while enjoying
delicious fare from Ocean Wise restau-
rants. Proceeds benefit Ocean Wise and
other Vancouver Aquarium conserva-
tion programs. Tickets $65. Buy online
The December Man
Performance Works, Vancouver
Starting November 20, 8pm
Engrossing, heartbreaking, and dra-
matic. Colleen Murphy’s “The December
Man” received the 2007 Governor
General’s Literary Award in Drama and
the 2008 Canadian Authors Association
Carol Bolt Award for Drama for this play.
Adults $26.
604.684.2787 |
Christmas Craft Fair
Bonsor Recreation Complex
November 21, 2-7pm
November 22, 10am-3pm
Only new, personally handcrafted items
are sold here. Come see what folks
around the Lower Mainland have spent
all year creating. Admission is free for
604.439.1860 |
Crash and Burn
Yuk Yuk’s, Vancouver
Until November 25
Every Tuesday night, 8:30pm
Every week five new comics will burn
up the stage followed by some pros just
aching to try out their new material on
you. Tickets $5.
Holiday Craft Fair
Trout Lake Community Centre
November 29, 10am-4pm
Find perfect gifts for your favourite
people at this annual craft fair. Tables
available for crafters to sell their wares
on a first come first serve basis. Admis-
sion by donation.
WCF November 2008.indd 36 10/28/08 12:28:59 PM
37 November 2008
The #1 Music
Education &
Movement Classes
for Children
New Born to
7 Years Old
ºa((t¡, R|||t 1tt|, Jt||± º º11-aIa-111º
Al l Wrapped Up Party Suppl i es
Birthday Party Supplies & Favours
Everything you need to create a memorable
birthday party for your child, conveniently
delivered right to your door.
Over 40 popular licensed themes including: Spiderman,
Strawberry Shortcake, Dora the Explorer and many more.
A magical comedic fun-filled show, with one of 30 costumed characters.
Performing: Singing, Dancing, Magic, Animaloons, Joking Puppets & Face
Painting. For: Parties, Holiday Celebrations & Promotional Events.
736★0876 / 729★4987
Yoja h\rtbday part\es
at your bome or at a stud\o
Tbemes, jood\es and a £un yoja cIass
just £or x\ds and £am\I\es!
£or more \n£o or to hoox a party, contact
sbannonOce\ or (én£)yiz·n£oy
birthday parties, toddler play area,
jungle gym, restaurant and more!
birthday parties, toddler play area,
jungle gym, restaurant and more!
Licensed daycare now available at Kidzone Licensed daycare now available at Kidzone
#105 - 4351 No. 3 Rd
Richmond, BC, V6X 3A7
to reach over 50,00 families
in the Lower Mainland each issue.
Music Together
Phoenix Song
Classes for infants to kindergarteners...
and the grown-ups who love them
bond with your child • develop musical skills & have fun!
locations in UBC and Richmond
604-327-5165 |
holiday wish list.
Dreaming of a stress-free holiday season?

Clear your space. Clear your mind.
Enjoy the beauty this season has to offer.
604-836-0683 or e-mail
respect. reclaim. revitalize. your space.
edit, organize and plan your way to a more meaningful home
Keyboarding! Rhythm! Singing! Composing! Theory!
Ages 2 & Up! Parents Participate! Small Groups! Fun!
West st t Wes s WW tt W stt
Coast CCoast
Personalized gifts,
candy wrappers and
favours for every
party and event.
Amanda’s Horse Camp
1 on 1 Quality Riding Lessons
• Horse safety
• How to care for your horse
• How to ride safely
• How horses talk to you
Prices start at $25
(604) 462-0851 or 778-999-6952
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