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IBM Sterling Data Synchronization Manager
Benefits • Data pool subscription and data publication in a single solution • Data cleansing engine with over 1600 validation rules • Increased purchase-to-invoice-to-order accuracy • Dedicated Business Support Analyst Sterling Data Synchronization Manager IBM® Sterling Data Synchronization Manager is a complete data synchronization solution that simplifies the process of data collection, cleansing, registration, validation, and publication to a Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN) compliant data pool. Sterling Data Synchronization Manager Related Offerings • IBM® Sterling B2B Collaboration Network • IBM® Sterling B2B Integration Services improves data accuracy across your supply chain by supporting high-speed, highvolume sharing of product data through a common information pool, regardless of platform, operating system, installed database, and applications. Availability for Sterling Data Synchronization Manager and Sterling Data Synchronization Manager Plus is limited to the United States. Contact your Sterling Commerce representative for more information. Sterling Data Synchronization Manager Plus As a certified reseller of 1SYNC data pool services, IBM® Sterling Data Synchronization Manager Plus offers the same features Sterling Data Synchronization Manager, but also includes a 1SYNC data pool subscription. By coupling these services, you can manage your data synchronization strategy within a single contract, invoice, and customer support team.

Sterling Data Synchronization Manager is positioned outside the GS1 Global Registry, between the supplier community and the 1SYNC Data Pool. Through our hosted Web portal you manage your data from validation to publication, while the GS1 Global Registry routes your information, allowing you to synchronize with your trading partners.

helps organizations worldwide increase business agility in their dynamic business network through innovative solutions for selling and fulfillment and for seamless and secure integration with customers.S. SC0243 12/10 . ©2010. Sterling Commerce. your organization does not have to worry about retaining compliant status About Sterling Commerce Sterling Commerce. For all Sterling Commerce offices worldwide.Capability Multiple data entry options Description • Support of manual data entry. provides an Excel toolkit with directions and features that help make it easy for the user to input data correctly—the first time • Supports automated data collection by sending your item data through an FTP or an AS2 connection built from an extract. eliminating manual efforts and ensures data integrity throughout the collection process Web portal • Provides an interface for tracking and controlling your product data from validation to publication • Visibility and reporting features keep you informed of where your data is in the process • Comprehensive document library with helpful resources available to all users Data cleansing engine • Provides over 1600 validations to ensure data complies with GDSN core attribute standards • Reasonability checks to ensure data accuracy Retailer-specific attributes Supports extended attributes. More information can be found at www. or its affiliated companies.sterlingcommerce. not just an 800 number Retail intermediary service • Customer Support team familiar with the requirements of your retail and distributor trading communities • Your dedicated Business Analyst consults on how data needs to be published to each unique member of your trading community Ongoing 1SYNC certification Guaranteed continued compliance with the GDSN. Printed in U. or registered marks of their respective owners.A. to your backend ERP systems.sterlingcommerce. visit www. Inc. Inc. Sterling Commerce and the Sterling Commerce logo are trademarks of Sterling Commerce. allowing you maximum flexibility to respond to new retailer mandates Intelligent synchronization engine Best-in-class customer support Identifies and classifies changes for simplified data collection Dedicated Business Analyst supports you throughout the entire process. All rights reserved. partners and suppliers. All products referenced are the service marks. an IBM® Company.

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