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RICARDO DELGADILLO C Architect, AIA Associate, USGBC member 1246 Luis Vigoreaux avenue, San Juan, Puerto Rico

00966 (787) 365 5311 Ambassadors Court, 76/1 Soi Langsuan, Ploenchit Rd, Bangkok, 10330, Thailand (66) 871 643 130 Email: BACHELOR DEGREE IN ARCHITECTURE - 10 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE IN A DIVERSIFIED PRACTI CE. PRESENT POSITION CPH ENGINEERS, P.S.C: 2005-Present DIRECTOR OF ARCHITECTURE DEPARTMENT Successfully established and currently work as Director of the Architectural Dep artment at CPH Engineers (Puerto Rico) - one of the Floridas top 250 Engineering firms. Achievements include: Expanding the team in both personal and professional mode s; developing and maintaining excellent relationships with clients, colleagues a nd consultants; ensuring budget completion and timely delivery of projects with very positive results for the company. Responsibilities include: Design and consulting services and the full range of client interaction negotiation, contractual process, design, billing and all ot her aspects of project control. Practice includes: Recruitment, coordination and overseeing of intern architect s and design production staff members; Extensive experience in full A/E design a nd construction coordination. Analysis, creation, coordination and direction of schematic design presentation s for due diligence, feasibility studies, zoning or bids. Production of architectural design details to meet client expectations. Diligence in use of building codes and adherence of all design professionals. From A to Z, from napkin sketches to turn key deliveries, construction supervis ion and administration. Have successfully created and serviced a diverse range of clients including nati onal and international corporate entities in the retail sector, hospitality and educational sectors as well as historic and residential sites. The accumulated e xperience is approximately 1 million square feet. WORK EXPERIENCE INTERDESIGN GROUP, 2003-2005: DESIGN ARCHITECT PROJECT ARCHITECT Part of the Team for design of commercial, residential and tourism facilities. H ighlighted: Cinema theaters and residential design; Historic building remodeling . H2A ENGINEERS, P.S.C, 2002-2003: DESIGN INTERN ARCHITECT Construction of offices and interior design and multipurpose industrial building projects. Highlighted: Local urban design and urban planning; detailing design of civil infrastructure engineering designs (bridges and parking structures). ORG. NIETO-FAJARDO, 2000-2002: DESIGN INTERN ARCHITECT Architectural design and budget management, office and laboratory design. Highli ghted: Field architect on construction of urban scale parks, lineal parks and la ndscape coordination. UN WORLD WATER ASSESSMENT PROGRAM, 1994: FIELD WORK Field technical representative approaching directly communities in the Amazon fo rest (South-America), to survey and establish specific projects in over 40 undev eloped communities, by designing improvements to the quality of life based in ba sic potable water supply and to include housing improvements, schools and collec

tive facilities. SKILLS AND QUALIFICATIONS Leader and target-oriented towards efficiency and quality for both client and w orking team. Experience in attending corporate clients and branding. Multitasking capabilities, coordinating and detailing diverse phases on differe nt projects as an architecture department manager. Experience in construction supervision and construction support. Environmental design and consulting; Familiar with LEED and US Green Building C ouncil. Experience in negotiation with clients, contractors, bids and contracts. Working permanently in use of IBC, UBC, NFPA codes and ADA and others regulatio ns such as zoning analysis, among others in the industry. Experience preparing schematics presentations for bids and projects. Engineering consultants design coordination. Establishing and following quality check and quality assurance programs. Experience in project budget and project schedule. Experience in design, building, remodeling and maintenance of retail, residenti al, cultural, government, office buildings, stores and industrial projects. Good level of competence using PowerPoint, Excel and MS Project. Revits project coordination experience. Experienced using Auto-Cad to bring attention to detail and permanent drafters interaction. Comfort level Adobe, Sketch Up basics, rendering basics, Photoshop/Corel draw b asics, enough to oversee and coordinate graphic designers and draftsmen. Strong believer in team approach and competent in creating and motivating teams . EDUCATION 1999 Catholic University of Colombia: Bachelor Degree In Architecture. 2002 National University of Colombia: General Steel Structures. 2005 present: I continue to participate in many professional development semina rs and conferences for continued education and professional growth. PUBLICATIONS The bamboo as constructive alternative and applications. Residential housing re search and design. Bachelor Degree in Architecture, Thesis. 1999