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Deanna Hansen 2896 Shelly Place Pocatello, Idaho 83201 (208) 237-5110 Deanna.Hansen@inl.

go v Objective I would like to obtain a new and challenging position within the Medical Managem ent Health Care Field in which I can maximize my management skills. In my curre nt position, I hold a very diversified and challenging position in the area of m anagement with Emergency Medicine in correlation with the Occupational Health fi eld. I work daily in the coordination of Case Management for injured employees a nd providing services that assist in the patient`s quick and safe return to the work place. Working in coordination with multi faceted organizations is a daily challenge. I feel I could make a positive contribution to your organization. Profile Highly skilled career professional. Dedicated Registered nurse (RN) with specia lty experience in the Occupational Health Field. As a current manager for the Occupational Medicine Program`s Nursing, X-Ray and Medical Staff, I have a total of 28 years in the Emergency/Health management realm. I have the ability to of fer my experience with emergency response oversight, employee training as well as employee mitigation. I have a thorough knowledge base in the realm of Federa l Regulations guiding the Occupational Health field. I work very closely as an affiliate with our company Emergency Medical System in coordination with applica ble NFPA Standards. I currently hold a DOE `L` Security clearance. Professional Experience MANAGER OF NURSING SERVICES Management and clinical oversight of INL Occupational Medicine nursing staff, X -Ray Techs, administrative staff and schedulers. Oversight of Case Management related to Occupational Health/Workman Compensatio n and a Return To Work Plan Provide development of medical staff including mentoring as well as providing Medical certification training as required by Federal Regulations Design and deliver monthly staff agendas for entire medical staff: Physicians, Nursing staff, EAP and Wellness for mandated continuing education and required training. Provide Certification Training for Federally mandated drug and Breath Alcohol t esting, Audiometric Certification and Pulmonary Function Certification Training for medical staff. Provides oversight and daily support to 5 Medical clinics dispersed site wide. Coordination for EMT/Nurse`s training for Emergency response/drills/exercises i n coordination with the INL Fire Dept. and the Emergency Management team. Communicate medical concepts to patients using layman`s terms to facilitate und erstanding for Medical terminology and medical processes. Track/coordinate budgeting process for Medical department. Participation with Labor Relations/union contract negotiations for Nursing Staf f. Involvement with strike contingency planning. CUSTOMER INTERFACE/SERVICES Oversee front-office operations to ensure efficient customer service: Ensure professionalism between medical staff and clients. Function as a Liaison between Medical and Subcontractor contractual services. Provide the interface for Subcontractors with a Contract for the Written `Agre ement for Medical Services` Provide interface functions with the Fire Department for Emergency response ser vices, coordination of training and emergency supplies. Provides support, training and interface between BEA Occupational Medicine and 2 additional on-site medical contractors Works closely with Human Resource representatives for pre-placement exam schedu ling efficiency as well as Drug and Alcohol testing programs. Coordination with Security for Federally Mandated Drug Screening Programs

Oversight of medical services and scheduling for all contractors and subcontrac tors at the INL Interface between ISU and other education programs for Occupational Health. Employment History BATTELLE ENERGY ALLIANCE (current) Manager of Nursing Services 02/2005 - Current BBWI Supervisor of Nursing Services 10/1999 - 01/2005 Employed at the INL in current position since 06-1992 Education IDAHO STATE UNIVERSITY Bachelor of Science Degree LICENSES/CERTIFICATIONS Registered Nurse Licensure in the State of Idaho/Utah as a Reciprocal State Accreditation in Occupational Hearing Conservation DOT Drug and Breath Alcohol Trainer Certifications Audiometric and Pulmonary Function Certifications Certified Idaho Worker`s Comp Specialist (Foundation Level) Medical Review Officer Assistant Certification AAOHN (American Association of Occupational Health Nurses) Management Assessments Certification