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Band of Gay SSkin Brothers


This contract is intended to define the rules of life within the brotherhood SSkinCrew and the rights and obligations of its members. For better readability, the following terms are used: SSkinCrew BoSS Slave(s) : : : brotherhood of (gay)skinheads, leader and member of the SSkinCrew, common members of the SSkinCrew: Alpha Slaves, Beta-Slaves, Scum-Slaves or Bois (the difference between these names is specified in part 2: Slavery contract).

Part 1: Community Rules

Presentation: SSkinCrew is a brotherhood of skinheads led by BoSS. Relationships between BoSS and Slaves are fraternal. Like any community, they must share a maximum of things, whether in leisure, opinions and thoughts, work and sex. This last point will be discussed in the chapter 3: Sexual Game and Training, of the 2nd part. Wherever possible, BoSS and Slaves have to stay together and maximize the spirit of brotherhood wanted by BoSS. Each Slave has his own personal area, his bedroom, but he doesnt stay for a long time in this room,
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except for sleeping. This spirit of brotherhood can occur through various activities: watching TV together, play games, chat, exchange views, take a walk, play sports, help another BoSS or Slaves in a particular task, etc. BoSS and Slaves must learn from each other and learn to each other. No Slave is superior to another, and even BoSS must participate in community life. However, since he is the initiator, he is free to offer or restrict activities. Similarly, it will ensure that no Slave feels far away or keeps away from the crew for a long time. SSkinCrew owns BoSS and Slaves. However BoSS is the leader of the SSkinCrew. BoSS owns the Slaves, in this way every Slave is the property of BoSS. Work: All Slaves have to work for BoSS on the Ranch. Their assignments are determined by the employment contract signed by BoSS and Slave. Therefore a Slave receives wages and is housed on the Ranch. Every Slave has its private area, their bedroom. BoSS will collect taxes/compulsory national social security/health insurance + amplify health coverage + a contribute to the expenditures of the brotherhood (like food, etc,) from the wages. The net profit on the wages is personal and will be transferred on the account of each individual member of SSkinCrew. 25% of the net wages will be paid in a pot for the expenditures of the band. This is applicable for every member of the SSkinCrew. The salary received is personal and will not be transferred to BoSS! Hobbies: All collective leisure activities, except sex which must obtain approval from BoSS, are permitted and encouraged. Regular practice of sports: fitness, jogging or other is required so that each Slave remains in good physical condition. If an activity is not shared by a majority of Slaves, it must be abandoned in favor of another preferred by the majority.

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Personal leisures are tolerated but must not encroach on the life of the crew. A Slave cant isolate himself from others for more than an hour, unless express authorization of BoSS. Tasks and duties: Each Slave must participate in the life of the brotherhood, whether in terms of household chores or mutual aid. Thus, if a Slave has not completed its task and is therefore unable to participate in other activities, it is for other Slaves to help him so that the crew be assembled more quickly. Similarly, if a Slave is in trouble in his work (delay or inability to manage), the other Slaves must give him assistance. No Slave shall refuse the help of one of his brothers, unless prohibited by BoSS (for example: in case of punishment). Each Slave has to bring his expertise to the rest of the group, without being superior to others. Everyone has his own experience, his own abilities and it is with his brothers he will learn to go even further. As the exchange is important, it cant be done on a basis of give and take (fairs fair). When a member helps his brother, he expects nothing in return.. Every member of the crew will have their own tasks beyond their daily ranch duties: Dungeon upkeep: verify there are enough lube, candles, paper towels; all the dildos/plugs are cleaned, verify that after each party everybody clean the dungeon... Sexual training: supervise everyone improves his sexual abilities and not only things he likes, verify the improving Relations between members: All Slaves belong to the same brotherhood and are brothers. None is superior to another. Only BoSS can give orders. Behavior and attitudes - Dress Code: SSkinCrew is a community of skinheads. As a result, Slaves should behave as such. They are men, real skinheads and be proud of what they are! Any effeminate or behavior that could harm the community, is prohibited. No feminine and/or degrading vocabulary is permitted.

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The dress will be exclusively male and will be commensurate with the skinheads: tight jeans (bleachers), polo, short sleeve shirt, bomber or jacket, boots The permitted brands are: Fred Perry, Alpha Industries, Lonsdale, Harrington, Ben Sherman, Grinders, Rangers Military gears are also permitted: combat boots, camos, military shirts, military jackets... Leather and rubber are tolerated beside skin gear in BDSM play. During working hours, appropriate working gear will be used only. Appearance in public will be skin gear or what is appropriate.

Part 2: Slavery Contract

This section aims to treat the sexual aspects of the brotherhood. SSkinCrew is a brotherhood of gay skinheads who like hard sex. BoSS is the leader of SSkinCrew and also the Master of Slaves and Bois. Slaves and Bois have the same obligations and rights. Only Slaves always wear a locked metal collar. Each Slave and Boi receives a slavename whom he must answer. This name is assigned by BoSS. Introduction: This contract is concluded between: BoSS (Erick McInnes) and XXX (SLAVENAME). SLAVENAME has chosen to be a Slave and has to wear an iron locked collar from BoSS. SLAVENAME hasn't chosen yet and is not allowed to wear a collar at all. SLAVENAME has a Slave Register Number (SRN): 000-000-000 at This contract is for an indefinite period. However, it may be questioned either by BoSS, either by Slave or due to circumstances. The details are discussed in the chapters: Modification of Contract and Termination. 1. Difference between an Alpha Slave, a Beta-Slave, a Scum-Slave and a Boi: A Boi is a non collared/initiated slave mostly for a trial period of at least 3 months. He has no say in the brotherhood what so ever.
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SLAVENAME's Contract

After such a period he'll be collared during an initiation ceremony. Being collared means a lot to a slave and in fact in a way he is married to the SSkinCrew. Now he feels himself equal among his brothers. If a Boi doesn't want to be collared he has to leave SSkinCrew within 24 hours. Nobody will say him goodbye. A Boi has any rights in the crew, he has no choice about sex, sport, look and bodymods. He can't give his opinion about leisure, travels, equipment/gear to buy... He is in chastity 24/7 and can be used sexually by Beta/Alpha Slaves and BoSS at all times. He has to help others (except Scum-Slaves) to achieve their duties. A Scum-Slave is a collared member of the SSkinCrew. He will be a Scum-Slave for 9 months. A Scum-Slave has hardly a say in the crew about sex and sport but not about bodymods. He can't give his opinion about leisure, travels, equipment/gears to buy... He is in chastity 24/7 and can be used sexually by Beta/Alpha Slaves and BoSS at all times. He has to help others (except Bois) to achieve their duties. A Beta-Slave is a collared member of the SskinCrew. He will be a Beta-Slave at least for 5 years. A Beta-Slave has a say in the crew about sex, sport and bodymods. He can't give his opinion about leisure, travels, equipment/gear to buy... He is in chastity except nights and week-ends. He can be used by BoSS and Alpha Slaves and use Bois and Scum-Slaves sexually at all times. He has to help Alpha Slaves (not Bois and other Slaves) to achieve their duties. An Alpha Slave is mostly one of the oldest collared slaves. He has all rights in the brotherhood (except when BoSS decides), duties and responsibilities.. He is not in chastity and is allowed to have sex with the Bois, Scum-Slaves and Beta-Slaves. He trains the Bois and Slaves. He is the "right" hand of the BoSS. He can ask for help from the other slaves and bois. At the end of the trial period and before Boi is admitted in SSkinCrew, Alpha Slaves will give their agreement and/or their comments about his attitude during the last 3 months so that BoSS can decide whether or not he accepts Boi as his slave. To become an Alpha Slave, a Beta-Slave must be at least 29 years old, stayed 5 years in the crew as Beta-Slave and gained his spurs. Alpha's advise BoSS about this matter.

For the convenience, all slave/boi members of the brotherhood are called Slaves. 2. Long-distance Slave: A Long-distance Slave is a guy who likes to join SSkinCrew but is not able doing so du several circumstances like work, obligations and so on... As he can't join the crew, this contract is not applicable to him. However, as he is a Boi or Slave, he
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has some rights and duties who are detailed in an addendum of the contract. 3. Friend of SSkinCrew: SSkinCrew can be visited buy other submissive guys. They are not slaves, so they don't have any obligations but they can participate in daily life activities. They can't receive any bodymods from SSkinCrew. As they are friends of SSkinCrew, they are called Prospects. 4. Initiation and advencement: After the 3 months period a boi is called. BoSS and his Alpha Slaves are together. The boi appears bare in front of the BoSS and his Alpha's. BoSS asks the boi whether he wants become a slave or turns it away. If the boi turns it away he has to leave the property within 24 hours. Otherwise the boi signs the contract and is collared by the BoSS and receives new skin gear! Afterward there is an after party... Arrangements will be made for branding, tattooing and piercing. Boi becomes a Scum-Slave for 9 months. Next, he becomes a Beta-Slave for at least 5 years. If he is older than 29 years old, he becomes an Alpha Slave if he has complied his requirements. 5. Attitude: As stated in the Part 1, SLAVENAME is a skinhead. He must act as such, even during sex play. SLAVENAME is neither a dog nor a whore, a slut or any other offensive or degrading term for a skinhead. He is BoSS Slave, but hes still a Skinhead. Any attitude or behavior not related to the skinhead lifestyle is prohibited. Therefore, having dog attitude, walk on all fours, be on a leash, eat from a bowl, be dressed in women's clothes or may suggest a degradation, is prohibited. However, dogplay is allowed under certain circumstances only when the BoSS gives his approval. (there will be no encouragement),

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6. Sexual games and Training: The sexual games are necessary for the proper development of each. However, SLAVENAME can participate only in the presence of BoSS or with permission. Although BoSS and other Slaves like hard sex, softer practices are allowed. The purpose of these sex games is giving and taking pleasure with BoSS and other Slaves. They must also allow students to progress in their practice. Sexual practices may be: Oral (sucking); Anal (fucking); Barebacking(*); Uro (drink, fill in the ass, golden shower); Fist(*); Candles/Wax; Bondage; Cbt/TT; Sounding; Zoo(*); Rape (consented or not); Rimming; Licking body; Licking ass; (*) Voluntary only Assworking(*) with dildos, plugs ...; Take cum in mouth and ass(*); Sharing cum; Use sextoys; Kicking; Training in aggro/fight sports; Forced milking; Forced chastity; Breath control(*); Scat(*); Enema play; Felching(*); ...

Sexual practices won't never be: Strangulation, caning, water boarding, kids (boys under the age of 18 years old), women ... All Bois/Scum-Slaves and Beta-Slaves wear a chastity device. The device can only be removed in sex play with permission of BoSS or stated otherwise in the contract. Bois will just have a release for hygienic purposes under supervision of an Alpha or Beta Slave only. 7. Safe-word A safe-word can be used in all games, according to the following rules: If SLAVENAME wants a break (pause) he can say "break", the game will be paused but could be resume a little later. If he feels it's beyond his limits, he says -loudly- "stop". The game will be stopped
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SLAVENAME's Contract

definitively during the current session. To say "stop", SLAVENAME has to say at least two times "break" during the session and for the same practice. The misuse of safe-word may lead to punishments (except for condemnation to his bedroom) BoSS is also able to use the safe-word according to the same rules. 8. Body modifications: SSkinCrew likes body modification and wants each of the members has a mark of belonging to the SSkinCrew. SSkinCrew wants all his members pierced tattooed and marked by branding and/or scars on various parts of the body. SLAVENAME will be proud of these bodymods. They allow him to show his membership to SSkinCrew. Thus, the following modifications are compulsory for each member of the SSkinCrew: 1) Tattoo of SRN number in barcode (lower neck) (only for Slaves); 2) Tattoo of a Master sign (lower neck) (only for BoSS); 3) Branding of SSkinCrew logo on the buttock (leftside for BoSS and rightside for Slave); 4) Tattoo of SSkinCrew logo + given name on chest (leftside for BoSS and rightside for Slave); 5) Piercing of a septum, of both nipples and one (1) earring (leftside for BoSS and rightside for Slave). Every member is allowed to have more tattoos/piercings/brandings/scars however a permission from the BoSS is necessary. SSkinCrew don't like to see his members as freaks. SLAVENAME will also wear haircuts chosen by BoSS: cropped head, shaved head, mohawk, ... This haircut can change at any time. Any bodymods will be discussed with BoSS. However, SLAVENAME must not forget BoSS always has the last word. SLAVENAME should also ensure to have the pubes, balls and asshole shaved. SLAVENAME will also be circumcised.

SLAVENAME's Contract

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9. Clothing: SLAVENAME must be dressed as a skinhead. However, SLAVENAME may need to wear leather, latex or remain naked. He'll always wear jockstrap as underwear. SLAVENAME will never wear womens or degrading clothes. He is a skinhead and will remain so. 10. Temporary and permanent injuries: BoSS will ensure that no permanent damage will be made on SLAVENAMEs body during games. If it happens, he will ensure that SLAVENAME be treated by a doctor. Temporary damages may be part of sex play. There may be burns, bruises and welts, redness ... BoSS will also ensure that such damages are treated properly. Bodymods that can cause damages (piercings, tattoos, branding, scarification), will be performed by professionals and with appropriate hygiene measures. 11. Punishments: In case of disobedience, attacks on the integrity or deliberate endangerment of BoSS or a Slave, attitude, word, behavior contrary to the rules described in this document, SLAVENAME will be punished according to the wishes of BoSS. The following punishments may be applied: Banning from other Slaves and BoSS for an indefinite period. SLAVENAME wont be allowed to participate in all forms of leisure with others and wont have access to internet. He will be confined to his room; Assigning household chores in addition to its usual functions; Caging with bread and water for several days; Whipping, flogging; Get punched in the balls; Perform a task outside naked (example: Sweeping snow in winter); ... During these punishments, SLAVENAME can receive no help from other Slaves (see chapter Tasks and duties on the first part).

SLAVENAME's Contract

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12. Contract amendment: This contract may to evolve according to the wishes of BoSS and/or SLAVENAME. It may therefore be renegotiated between them. If necessary, an addendum to this contract will be signed or a new contract will be wrote. 13. Termination: BoSS doesnt want to leave his Slaves and Bois. However, it may happen that the contract is broken. This rupture may occur at the initiative of BoSS or SLAVENAME. If BoSS decides to separate from SLAVENAME, he will help him to find another job and/or Master or help him to return to his old life. If SLAVENAME decides to leave SSkinCrew, BoSS can help him to ensure that this separation is made in the best conditions. 14. Implementation of the contract: SLAVENAME had a trial period in SSkinCrew and Ranch. Signing this contract means that he wants to be part of SSkinCrew and belong to BoSS and he accepts the rules of this document. The contract becomes operative when signed by BoSS and SLAVENAME. Date: Signatures BoSS SLAVENAME

SLAVENAME's Contract

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