ELECTRICAL QUESTIONNAIRE 1. This is an energy charge relation that results in electric pressure which produces or tends to produce charge flow. a. Current b. Electromotive Force c. Volts d. Resistance 2. For new electrical installations, application shall be accompanied by technical specifications and electrical plans signed and sealed by whom? a. Architect b. Registered Electrical Engineer c. Professional Electrical Engineer d. Registered Master Electrician 3. These are used where it is desired to control a lamp(s) from two different points, e.g. Stairwell a. Four-way switches b. 2-gang switch c. 3-gang switch d. Three-way Switch 4. An over current protective device in a circuit which has an element that is heated and severed whenever it is passed by a current which is higher than its specific rating, thereby cutting the circuit. a. Fuse b. Circuit Breaker c. Switch d. Lamp 5. It is a slotted device to receive the prongs of plugs, offers a safe means of connecting portable electrical units into the circuit. a. Convenience Outlet b. Utility Box c. Switch d. Junction Box 6. What is the minimum clearance of conductors from a building’s roof if a conductor passes over the said roof? a. 2 meters b. 2.5 meters c. 3 meters d. 1 meter 7. Service Drop of communication lines shall have a minimum clearance of _____meters above the ground at its point of attachment to the building or pedestal. a. 2.5 meters b. 3 meters c. 4 meters d. 2.8 meters 8. A device designed to open and close a circuit by non-automatic means and to open automatically on a predetermined over current without damage to itself when properly applied within its rating. a. Switch b. Circuit Breaker c. Fuse d. Outlet 9. Service Drop Conductors, when crossing a street, shall have a clearance of not less than ____ meters from the crown of the street or sidewalk over which it passes. a. 2 meters b. 5.8 meters c. 5.5 meters d. 5 meters 10.A path of low resistance connection across a voltage. Resistance is zero; too much current. a. Current b. Over current c. Short Circuit d. Fuse 11.Refer to Figure 1: Which of the following is a Weather proof box? a. A b. B c. C d. D e. E f. F 12.Refer to Figure 1: Which of the following is a Utility Box? a. A b. B c. C d. D e. E f. F

Generator b. BENECO.A. 10mm 15. Conduits d.The name given to the practical unit of flow of electricity a. electricity was interrupted by a lightning strike. PD 1096 b. D e. after 5-10 seconds the power was automatically restored by an emergency device. GROUND FAULT CABLE INTERRUPTER c.Walls and roofs of transformer vaults.Refer to Figure 1: Which of the following is a Flush Floor Box? a. Hertz d.These are circular raceways used to enclose wires and cables and are of metal or plastic(PVC) a. F 24. Motor c. Cable 26. 100mm b.A substance that has free electrons/ other charge carries which permit charge flow when an EMF is applied across the said substance.The Standard frequency of power supplied by local power utility companies.A device for mechanical support of an electric device and for connection to the electrical supply. 1378 . 200mm d. (E. Lamp e. Voltage 16. Automatic Transfer Switch c. Safety Switch b. Ampere 18.The inside walls and roof of transformer vaults shall have a cement or gypsum plaster with a minimum thickness of? a.Refer to Figure 1: Which of the following is a Switch / Receptacle Box? a.A. Switch d. Wire 22.A. a.13. GROUND FAULT CURRENT INTERRUPTER 17. 70 cycles 25. A b. D e. Material c.This is a machine which converts Electric power into mechanical power. R. C d.During a thunderstorm. R. Alternating Current b. C d.GFCI is an over current protective device that will provide ground fault protection as well as function as an ordinary circuit breaker. Bars c.This is a type of current which changes in direction and strength in a given time. Direct Current c. a.Philippine Electrical Code a. a. F 23. Alternator 19. 7920 c. E f. Wires b. Volt b. 50 cycles c. 180mm 14. a. Insulator b. B c. E f. Ohm c. What was used? a. A b. Socket b. Over current d. 40 cycles d. if made of concrete shall of have a minimum thickness of? a. R. B c. 20mm b. Rectifier d. 60 cycles b. GRID FAULT CIRCUIT INTERRUPTER b. Conductor 21. GROUND FAULT CIRCUIT INTERRUPTER d. GFCI stands for? a.g. 150mm c. Manual Transfer Switch 20. MERALCO) a. Electric Switch d. 50mm d. 25mm c. Switch d. 7902 d.

91A b. how many convenience outlets are there? . what will be the circuit breaker rating for the Circuit#1? a. Mineral Insulated Cable(MI) c. Mineral insulated Cable(MI) c. Metal Clad Cable(MC) b. Non – Metallic Sheathed Cable(NM/NMC) 30.Which circuit has the least number of Convenience Outlets? a. 40A 36.04A 35. 26. Circuit # 7 33. 5 c. a. 40A d. 16 c. Metal Clad Cable(MC) b.A fabricated assembly of insulated conductors enclosed in flexible metallic sheath. Circuit # 8 b. 12.In the Circuit Breaker Diagram. 5 c. 4 b. flame retardant. 20 d. 13. 4 c. 2. 6 d. 1. All of the Above ELECTRICAL PLAN READING (refer to Project 1: 2-Storey Residential Building) 31.27. Non-Metallic Sheathed Cable(NM/NMC) 28. 10A b. Armored Cable(AC) d. and non-metallic material outer sheath.In the Circuit Breaker Panel Diagram.Which of the following appliances requires an individual appliance circuit? (1) Water Heater (2)Range (3) Air Conditioner (4)Water Pump a. 4 d.A factory assembled cable of one or more conductors each individually insulated and enclosed in a metallic sheath of interlocking tape of a smooth or corrugated tube.00A c. Metal Clad Cable(MC) b. 20A c. 4 37. Non-Metallic Sheathed Cable(NM/NMC) 29. Mineral Insulated Cable(MI) c. 20A c.How many switches are there for lighting outlets on Circuit # 1? a. 30A d. Armored Cable(AC) d.In Circuit # 11. 3. is a factory assembly of two or more insulated conductors having a moisture resistant.How many lighting outlets can be controlled by switch: S2km? a. Circuit # 5 d.What is the total current load for Circuit#15? a. 15A b. Armored Cable(AC) d. 6 d. 15A 34. 3 b. 15 b. 3 b. Circuit #6 c. a. a.08A d. 2. what will be the circuit breaker rating for Circuit # 5? a. 1.In Circuit # 1. 3.This is also known by the trade name ROMEX. 21 32. 3. how many Lighting Outlets are there? a. 4 38.

Circuit # 5 b. 40A d. 91. 20 d. 8 d. 15 b. AWG 10 b.Size of wire for Circuit # 9 a. 11 39. 30A d. Circuit #10 c. 20A b. 19 c. 20A 44. 9 b. a.91A c. 20A 40. 220A d.What is the total rating for the main protection for the whole electrical installation? a. None of the given 45. Circuit # 12 41. what is the circuit breaker rating of Circuit # 3? a.Compute for the total load for Circuit #4. 125AT.35A d.Which Circuit has a GFCI and has the most number of convenience outlets? a. 10 c. 3.What is the Circuit Breaker Rating for Circuit#16? a.How many lighting outlets are there in Circuit # 3? a. 21 42. 150AF c. 15A b.a.In the Circuit Breaker Panel Diagram. AWG 14 d. 15A c.94A b. 10. 4. AWG 12 c. Circuit # 11 d. 30A c.00A b. AWG 8 . 40A 43.

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