Rudolf Steiner---[Ludwig Polzer-Hoditz, notes from 3 March 19 !

"# $%he indi&idualit' who was destined to (e concealed (ehind )as*ar Hauser is a (eing who e+erted an ins*iring action on the acti&ities of the Rosicrucians from their (eginning, and later incarnated as the son of ,rand -u.e )arl of /aden and his wife St0*hanie de /eauharnais, on Se*tem(er 9, 111 2 He had an im*ortant mission to accom*lish within esoteric 3hristianit'2$ Rudolf Steiner --- [Ludwig Polzer-Hoditz, notes from no&em(er 1914"# $%hose circles who conceal e&er'thing and still tr' nowada's to conceal what is actuall' (ound u* with the fate of )as*ar Hauser, are those mem(ers of the western Lodges and 5esuits who ha&e (een colla(orating for o&er 1!6 'ears at the highest le&el of their organizations, and the fact can (e *ro&en since 5anuar' 116 2 %herefore, the' do not want the e+*eriment to (e re&ealed, the full attem*t made - (' this e+*eriment *recisel' - to isolate this indi&idualit' from its tas.s and to .ee* this indi&idualit' in an uncertain state2 %he 7go of this (eing must not (e a(le to immerse itself in its (od', it must remain outside in a (lurred area, (eing neither a *ure s*iritual form nor a *ure earthl' human, di&erted from its tas.s and as in e+ile from the s*irit8 i2e2 it must (e a(le to form a (od', (ut it must not (e a(le to use it as the acti&e instrument of the 7go2 /ut the e+*eriment failed, and this is wh' )as*ar Hauser had to die2 %hose who undertoo. the e+*eriment had to notice that it lead *recisel' to the result the' had wanted to a&oid# awa.ening the incarnated indi&idualit' to the *oint that it had .nowledge of the realities of reincarnation and .arma2 /ut that *recisel' was to (e a&oided2 Southern ,erman' should ha&e (ecome the new 3astle of the ,rail for the new fighters of the s*irit, and the cradle of future e&ents2 %he s*iritual area was well *re*ared (' *ersonalities that we .now as ,oethe, Schiller, H9lderlin, Herder222 )as*ar Hauser was to gather around him all that li&ed in this so well *re*ared s*iritual area2 /ut that:s what those circles ;the western Lodges and the 5esuits< did not want2 %he' could not acce*t the e+istence of a :middle: which was awa.ening, since the' did not want to relin=uish their *ower and their efforts to .ee* it2 ,oethe:s s*iritual a**roach alarms them2 >a*oleon forced them to form an alliance with a &iew to the world domination the' 'earn for, in the fields of world&iew and economics2 He alread' had thwarted them in their as*irations2 ?n fact, it was him who *rom*ted the two streams to form an alliance2 @rom then on, the areas of the res*ecti&e tas.s are clearl' circumscri(ed, and the goals all the more efficientl' geared towards world domination2 S*iritual matters relati&e to the world&iew are handed o&er to the 5esuits e+clusi&el', economics to the Anglo-American lodges2 /ut those *lans will increasingl' lead to tragic conflicts and to catastro*hes, (ecause the' do not ta.e into account neither the human (eing nor the e&olution of man.ind2 Bhat was *lanned for )as*ar Hauser was destro'ed (' men2$ htt*s#CCwww2'outu(e2comCwatchD&EFS*nsdmGH>I

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