“Held Hostage”

Original Screenplay Written by Jason Wiese


“Held Hostage” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese


FADE IN INT. – 77TH STREET 6 TRAIN SUBWAY PLATFORM, NYC KEVIN PRICE, an impressionable middle manager in his early thirties, is standing among his fellow suited members of the rat race on a crowded platform waiting for the subway. After a few moments, a subway train pulls into the station. Once the doors open everyone from the platform packs into the already overcrowded train. INT. – 6 LINE SUBWAY TRAIN Kevin carefully snakes around the other straphangers, offering tepid “excuse me’s” along the way, as he tries to find a place to stand. He finally finds a sliver of room in the middle of the train which doesn’t allow him to hold onto anything once the train moves. As the train pulls out of the station, Kevin tries his best to balance himself while also trying desperately to read his AMNY local newspaper. He puts the but nothing awkwardness train pulls newspaper in a few different reading positions is comfortable since each offers its own so, frustrated, he finally just gives up as the into the next stop.

6 TRAIN ANNOUNCER (O.S.) Next stop, 66th Street – Hunter College. As the train doors open, even more people try piling into the crammed train making the situation nearly intolerable. An overly aggressive MALE tries pushing his way into the subway, annoying a female rider who is standing by the door of the train. FEMALE SUBWAY RIDER Stop pushing! MALE SUBWAY RIDER Step in bitch!

“Held Hostage” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese FEMALE SUBWAY RIDER Don’t call me a bitch, have some respect. MALE SUBWAY RIDER Shut up. Another female tries desperately to board the train. FEMALE SUBWAY RIDER #2 Move in! 6 TRAIN ANNOUNCER (O.S.) Stand clear of the closing doors please. The doors close right on a few people still trying to crush their way onto the train. Of course the doors can’t close so they re-open and try to close several times which annoys the other people on the train who are trying to get to work. MALE SUBWAY RIDER #2 Let go of the doors so we can get to work! 6 TRAIN CONDUCTOR (O.S.) Let go of the doors in the back! We can’t move until those doors close. You’re making everyone late! Kevin looks on indifferently, it’s just another day of riding the subway. Finally the doors close and the train leaves the station. Only a few moments later though, the train stops abruptly between two stations. 6 TRAIN CONDUCTOR (O.S.) Sorry passengers but we’re currently delayed due to train traffic ahead. We hope to be moving shortly. With that, everyone on the train lets out an audible sigh as they prepare themselves for a long wait. Kevin rolls his eyes and tries to read his newspaper again but to no avail, it’s just too damn crowded on the train.


“Held Hostage” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese The feeling of claustrophobia on the train is nearly unbearable. INT. – GRAND CENTRAL TERMINAL BAGEL SHOP After waiting in a long line, Kevin finally gets his coffee from a shop within the terminal. Once he gets his drink he walks out of the small shop and is immediately walked into by a BUSINESSMAN who spills his coffee on his jacket. KEVIN PRICE (shaking the coffee off his hand) Son-of-a-bitch! The businessman doesn’t miss a beat and continues walking without breaking stride; not even bothering to look back. Kevin walks into the GREAT ROOM Which is packed with city commuters exiting their tracks and walking briskly across the terminal to head to their jobs. Kevin quickly gets lost among the crowd. EXT. – LEXINGTON AVENUE BY GRAND CENTRAL TERMINAL – MORNING Upon exiting Grand Central Terminal, Kevin heads north on Lexington Avenue and traverses around the crowded sidewalk. A group of MIDWESTERN TOURISTS ahead of him are looking up at the Chrysler Building and taking pictures, oblivious to their surroundings. As Kevin tries to carefully pass them, one of the older female tourists takes a step back and knocks right into him. MIDWESTERN TOURIST (apologetic) Ohhh, I’m so sorry!


“Held Hostage” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese Annoyed, Kevin just rolls his eyes and continues walking, not even acknowledging the tourist or her apology. EXT. – KEVIN’S SKYSCRAPER OFFICE BUILDING – MORNING Kevin walks across an outdoor plaza heading to a skyscraper where his office is. INT. – KEVIN’S OFFICE BUILDING LOBBY He waits patiently in the crowded lobby for the next elevator to come. When the elevator finally does arrive everyone packs into it like a can of sardines. INT. – KEVIN’S OFFICE FLOOR Kevin exits the elevator and walks through the nearly empty open seating floor plan towards his cubicle. On his route, he only passes a couple people that are already settled into their workstation for the day. KEVIN’S CUBICLE He enters his cube, throws his briefcase down on a chair, sits down at his desk and logs onto his computer. He checks the clock on his desk – 8:00 am – and proceeds to get to work. LATER ON The desk clock reads 6:00 pm and Kevin is diligently working away on his computer when his boss, MR. BENJAMIN, a stern-looking, well-dressed older gentleman in his 50’s, approaches him from behind. MR. BENJAMIN Kevin. Startled because he’s so engrossed in his work, Kevin quickly regains his composure and turns around in his chair. KEVIN Yes Mr. Benjamin.


“Held Hostage” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese MR. BENJAMIN I’m going to need you to work late tonight. Mr. Benjamin throws a manila folder onto his desk. MR. BENJAMIN (cont’d) We need a full analysis of this report for first thing Monday morning. KEVIN (dejectedly) OK. MR. BENJAMIN Well don’t look so enthused. KEVIN Sir, it is Friday night. MR. BENJAMIN So? This is what you call paying your dues. KEVIN But I have dinner plans with my girlfriend. MR. BENJAMIN She’ll understand. Believe me. You’re a working man, she’s dating a working man that’s trying to get ahead. What kind of girl doesn’t want to be with that type of guy? KEVIN OK. So are you going to be around if I have any questions? MR. BENJAMIN Actually I’m not. I’m heading down to Palm Beach tonight with the wife, we’re going to do some sailing. Blackberry won’t be working. KEVIN What do I do if I have a question?


“Held Hostage” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese MR. BENJAMIN (shrugs his shoulders) Figure it out. (looks at his watch) Ohhh jeez, look at the time, it’s getting late. I’ve got to go. Mr. Benjamin walks out of the cube without even giving Kevin a final acknowledgment. Kevin mockingly speaks up once Mr. Benjamin is clearly out of range. KEVIN OK, bye. He grabs the manila folder and throws it onto the other side of his desk as he lets out a loud sigh. After staring at his phone for a few moments, afraid to break the news to his girlfriend, he finally picks it up and calls her. KEVIN Hey Andrea. INT. – ANDREA’S NYC STUDIO APARTMENT ANDREA, a cute brunette in her late-twenties, is rushing around her apartment trying to get ready for her date night with Kevin. She’s walking in and out between her bathroom and sitting area, which has a mirror in it, grabbing her make-up kit and hairdryer. She’s wearing a tight black dress and is trying to put her earrings on as she holds her cellphone between her ear and shoulder so that she can multitask while talking to Kevin. Hi Kevin. I’m fine. ANDREA I can’t wait to see you tonight. (MORE) I’ve ANDREA How are you doing? KEVIN (O.S.)


“Held Hostage” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese ANDREA (cont’d) been looking forward to trying this restaurant for months now. NY Magazine raves about it and Michelin just gave it two stars. I can’t believe you were able to get reservations, and for a Friday night no less. KEVIN (O.S.) Yeah, ummm, about that. ANDREA What’s up? KEVIN (O.S.) I’m going to have to take a rain check. ANDREA Again? KEVIN (O.S.) Sorry Andrea. ANDREA Damnit Kevin, this is the third time in the last week you’ve done this. KEVIN (O.S.) I know. ANDREA What is it this time? What kind of bitchboy assignment do they have you running around on tonight. KEVIN (O.S.) It doesn’t matter. ANDREA Yes it does matter. What is continually more important than me? KEVIN (O.S.) Don’t be like that. It’s not a question of something being more important than you. It’s my job, I have to do my job.


“Held Hostage” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese ANDREA Just walk out and say you have plans. Get some balls. KEVIN (O.S.) It’s not as easy as that. If I don’t do this they’ll find someone else that will. ANDREA And you make it sound like that’s a bad thing. KEVIN (O.S.) It’s not a good thing, I need to get paid. ANDREA So am I going to see you at all, or are you working all night? KEVIN (O.S.) I have a lot to do. ANDREA So that’s a no, I won’t be seeing you tonight. Great. KEVIN (O.S.) I’m sorry. ANDREA I don’t even know why I put up with this. KEVIN (O.S.) Because you love me? ANDREA Sometimes you make it very hard to love you. KEVIN (O.S.) Don’t say that. It’s not my fault. ANDREA The sad part is it is, you’re just too blind to realize it. KEVIN (O.S.) I don’t agree.


“Held Hostage” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese ANDREA It is the truth though. KEVIN (O.S.) We’ll just have to disagree on that. ANDREA So what am I supposed to do now? KEVIN (O.S.) I don’t know, take a friend to the restaurant? I’d hate to see the reservations go to waste. Take your friend Joy. ANDREA You know, I’m going to do just that. KEVIN (O.S.) Good, let me know how it is. I’m sorry again. I’ll make it up to you this weekend, I swear. ANDREA (dejectedly) OK, bye. Andrea hangs up her cell phone and sits down on her bed. She stares blankly at nothing in particular, upset over another exciting night of plans being cancelled at the last minute by Kevin. INT. – KEVIN’S CUBICLE Kevin hangs up his phone and immediately puts his hands over his face, similarly upset that he has to cancel plans with Andrea yet again. LATER ON As the desk clock turns from 11:59 to midnight, Kevin finishes off another cup of coffee which makes it his fourth judging by the other empty cups on his desk. He’s exhausted, and the crisp tie that once hung strongly around his neck is now untied and draped off of his shoulders.


“Held Hostage” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese Kevin goes back to reading a report on his desk, but regardless of how much coffee he’s drank he is still nodding off, unable to stay wake. He decides enough is enough and calls it a night so he stands up, grabs his briefcase and walks out of his cube. EXT. – 2ND AVENUE, UPPER EAST SIDE – NIGHT A tired, dejected looking Kevin is walking up the street heading home with his head hung low. Every few steps he passes a bar crowded with young professionals who are letting loose for the weekend. The noise from the music and people talking emanates into the streets. Kevin doesn’t even pay attention to any of this, all he wants to do is go home and get some sleep. INT. – KEVIN’S ONE BEDROOM APARTMENT Kevin opens his door and turns on the lights to his apartment. He throws down his briefcase by the front door and enters the KITCHEN Where he pours himself a glass of whiskey on the rocks. grabs his glass and walks into the LIVING ROOM Where he listens to the messages on his answering machine. KEVIN’S DAD (O.S.) Hey champ, it’s your father. I know you’re very busy with work lately, but did you realize that you missed your mother’s birthday last Tuesday? KEVIN (quietly to himself) Ahhh shit. KEVIN’S DAD (O.S.) She’s really upset that she didn’t at least receive a call from you this week. (MORE) He


“Held Hostage” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese KEVIN’S DAD (O.S.) (cont’d) I tried to cover for you because I know the kind of stress you’re under in the corporate world, but I can only do so much for so long. You’re mom’s sad because she doesn’t think you care about her, that you’re too busy for her. So give us a call when you can. KEVIN (quietly to himself) Friggin’ A, I completely forgot it was my mom’s birthday. It doesn’t look like I’ll be winning any “son of the year” awards this year either. He quickly downs his whiskey then puts the glass on an end table and walks into his BEDROOM Where he immediately face plants onto his bed and passes out. NEXT MORNING Kevin is still passed out on his stomach on top of his bed covers when his cell phone rings. He wakes up and reaches down to the floor to pick up his cell phone. KEVIN (groggily) Hello. KEVIN’S MOM (O.S.) Well if it isn’t my long lost son, Kevin. KEVIN Hi mom. KEVIN’S MOM (O.S.) So Mr. Bigshot, you’re too important these days to give your mother a call? No, no. KEVIN It’s not like that. (MORE) But happy


“Held Hostage” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese KEVIN (cont’d) birthday mom, I meant to call you the other day but I got caught up in work. KEVIN’S MOM (O.S.) Likely story, but thanks for the birthday wishes anyways. KEVIN And you’re what, 58 years old? You’re celebrating your 58th birthday, right? KEVIN’S MOM (O.S.) Something like that. KEVIN And don’t worry, you’re birthday present will be coming soon…what do you want for your birthday anyways? KEVIN’S MOM (O.S.) Ohhh, I don’t know. I just want to see my son. Why don’t you take us out to dinner or maybe brunch? KEVIN Done. KEVIN’S MOM (O.S.) How about next Sunday, brunch? KEVIN Sounds good. (pauses) Ohhh wait, I can’t do next Sunday, I’ll be preparing for a presentation on Monday. KEVIN’S MOM (O.S.) OK, how about the weekend after that? KEVIN I have to travel to DC for work. KEVIN’S MOM (O.S.) On a weekend?


“Held Hostage” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese KEVIN Yes, I’ve got a meeting at 9 am sharp down there on the Monday. KEVIN’S MOM (O.S.) OK, well why don’t you look at your calendar and let me know what day might work for you. KEVIN OK, I will, I promise. It might be a few weeks though. KEVIN’S MOM (O.S.) (sadly) That’s OK, I understand. KEVIN Great. Well I have to do some work on my home computer. KEVIN’S MOM (O.S.) Ohhh sure, I don’t want to hold you up, go do what you have to do. Thanks. KEVIN Happy birthday again mom.


KEVIN’S MOM (O.S.) Thanks sweetie, I love you. KEVIN Yep. Kevin hangs up his phone, throws it on the floor and goes back to sleep. INT. – GAEL PUB, UPPER EAST SIDE Kevin is hanging out at night in a typical fratty, but uppity, Upper East Side bar with three of his best buddies, MARTIN, LUKE and KENNETH, all of whom are in their early thirties as well. During conversation Kevin’s caught yawning a couple of times.

“Held Hostage” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese MARTIN What’s with all the yawning, bro? It’s Saturday night, you shouldn’t be tired, especially not with all the trim walking around this place. KEVIN I know, I know, it’s just this friggin’ job. It’s nonstop. LUKE Hey, hey, this sounds dangerously like work talk. KENNETH Yeah, don’t we have a rule against talking about work on the weekends? KEVIN You’re right, I’m sorry. MARTIN No, no, no Kenny, if something’s bothering our friend then we should be able to talk about it, no matter what day it is. Right? Fine. KENNETH OK Kevin, what’s up? It


KEVIN I work nonstop, all day every day. sucks.

LUKE Well you’re moving up the ladder with all this hard work, aren’t you? KEVIN Not really. LUKE Why not? I mean if you’re going to put in all these hours, shouldn’t you be getting something in return? KEVIN You’d think, but no, I do all the work and my boss takes all the credit.

“Held Hostage” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese LUKE Why don’t you do something about it? KEVIN Like what? MARTIN Like kick his fucking ass and tell him to stop taking the glory unless he wants to roll up his own sleeves and jump into the trenches with you. KEVIN That’s a lot easier said than done. Martin tries to grab Kevin’s cell phone from him. MARTIN No it isn’t, see watch me, I’ll call him. (looking at his phone) Do you have an entry for douchebag boss? Kevin pushes him away. KEVIN No you won’t. And no, no I don’t. have respect for my boss. I


MARTIN Too bad he doesn’t have respect for you. LUKE So you’re not going to do anything about this? KEVIN I don’t know what I can do. I’m stuck. I need the job, I need the paycheck. KENNETH And Andrea is OK with your insane work hours? KEVIN Ohhh, absolutely not. I had to cancel plans with her last night.

“Held Hostage” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese MARTIN Again? KEVIN Yes, again. MARTIN You better watch out, if you’re not careful you’re going to lose her. KEVIN No I won’t, she loves me. MARTIN That may be true, but I’ve seen women leave their men for much less than what you’ve put her through. KEVIN Jeez, you make me sound like a bad guy. LUKE You’re not a bad guy, just misguided. Misguided? KEVIN How so?


LUKE You put that girl through hell. Put yourself in her size six stiletto shoes for a moment. Do you think she’s happy about having her Friday night plans cancelled at the last second, leaving her to scramble to come up with something to do so that she doesn’t go crazy at home? KEVIN Do you think I’m happy about cancelling my Friday night plans because I have to stay at the office? LUKE Stop thinking about yourself, it’s not always about you. KEVIN It’s never about me.

“Held Hostage” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese MARTIN And that’s your problem. KEVIN Don’t try to get too deep with me, not tonight, not on a Saturday night. MARTIN You work so much that you don’t have any time for yourself, let alone anyone else. You have no idea what you want. Kevin gives up trying to fight as he gets tired of arguing with his three friends. KEVIN You’re probably right. MARTIN Just tell me you’re going to make time for my bachelor party next weekend. LUKE Martin’s bachelor party! KENNETH Atlantic City, Tropicana, boobs, bitches and booze. LUKE You know boobs and bitches are pretty much the same thing. KENNETH Yeah, whatever. KEVIN Ohhh Martin, you know I’m there! I wouldn’t miss your bachelor party in AC for anything in the world. MARTIN You mean it? You know it! KEVIN I swear.


MARTIN Good, let’s get some shots.

“Held Hostage” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese Martin turns to the bartender and holds up four fingers. MARTIN Barkeep, four chilled Jack shots. Barkeep? KENNETH Who says barkeep anymore?


MARTIN Shut the hell up Kenny. The bartender comes back with four shots for the group of friends and Martin passes them out. MARTIN Cheers all. LUKE A toast to Martin. Congrats on the first one in our group to get married. KENNETH And may his first child be a masculine child. MARTIN Amen. All four of them toast and take their shot then slam down their glasses hard on the bar top. MARTIN By the way, did your mom get the flowers I sent her? KEVIN What? MARTIN The flowers I sent for her birthday, it’s not everyday your best friend’s mom turns 60 years old. KEVIN She’s 60? MARTIN Of course she is dummy.

“Held Hostage” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese KEVIN Why did you get her something for her birthday? You’re not sleeping with her, are you? Because if you are, you and me will have to have some words outside. MARTIN Dude, I’ve known her since we were four years old. Your mom is like a second mother to me…actually she’s really like a first mother since my real mom doesn’t give a shit about me. KEVIN Ahhh, fuck me. MARTIN What did you get her? KEVIN Nothing. MARTIN (awkwardly) Ohhh, Ohkay. I guess that could work too. (pauses to take a drink) Fuck you is right. INT. – CAFÉ D’ALSACE RESTAURANT, UPPER EAST SIDE Kevin and Andrea have just sat down in a nearly empty restaurant for a late brunch on a Sunday afternoon. Andrea buries herself in the menu. ANDREA (sarcastically) Well this is an interesting time to be eating brunch, 4p. KEVIN (looking at his watch) 3:58 actually. ANDREA Whatever, it’s 4 o’clock.


“Held Hostage” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese KEVIN Oh no, if it was 4 o’clock then we wouldn’t be able to partake in the unlimited brunch time mimosas, but since it’s 3:58 we got in just in the nick of time to have one mimosa. ANDREA Regardless, it’s still late. KEVIN Sorry, I had to take a call with China this afternoon. You know the Asians, all work and no play. ANDREA Sounds like someone I know. KEVIN Don’t start this again, I’m just trying to have a nice, relaxing meal with my girlfriend. ANDREA You’re right, you’re right. KEVIN So how was your week? ANDREA It was good. KEVIN Any of your students act up? ANDREA No, they weren’t that bad this week. Me and the other second grade teacher took our classes on a field trip to the Museum of Natural History Tuesday morning. It was good, and I didn’t lose one kid. KEVIN That’s always a plus. ANDREA Yeah, then I hit the gym on Wednesday and Thursday afternoon after school and (MORE)


“Held Hostage” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese ANDREA (cont’d) did some serious workouts. Just want to make sure I look good in the swimsuit that I’m going to be rocking when we go to Mexico in a few months. KEVIN Ohhh babe, you could rock out in a swimsuit any day of the week because you’re so hot and sexy. Kevin says this just as the waiter approaches the table which embarrasses Andrea. KEVIN (looks at the waitress) Right? Am I right? Look at my girlfriend, isn’t she hot and sexy? ANDREA (embarrassingly) Kevin, stop, you’re embarrassing me. KEVIN I’m right though, right? CAFÉ D’ALSACE WAITER (awkwardly) Ummm yes, she is a very pretty woman. KEVIN That’s not what I asked. Hot and sexy.


Andrea kicks Kevin in the shin under the table. ANDREA Stop, I mean it. OK, OK. KEVIN Yes she is a very pretty woman.

CAFÉ D’ALSACE WAITER Are you two ready to order? ANDREA Yes, I’ll do the omelet. KEVIN And I’ll do the steak and eggs.

“Held Hostage” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese CAFÉ D’ALSACE WAITER Would you like anything else?


Very good.

KEVIN Yes, can we get two of those brunch time mimosa specials? CAFÉ D’ALSACE WAITER (looks at his watch) Ohhh, I’m sorry, it’s 4:04 and that deal ends at 4pm. Andrea smiles after seeing that Kevin was wrong; she actually takes a little bit of a sick pleasure out of it. Are you serious? KEVIN My watch says it’s 3:59.

CAFÉ D’ALSACE WAITER Sorry, rules are rules here and our house clock says it’s 4:04. 4:05 now actually. Fine. KEVIN I’ll pay for the two mimosas.

ANDREA Well now that they’re not free, I’ll take a stoli and orange juice. CAFÉ D’ALSACE WAITER No problem. KEVIN I’ll stick with the mimosa. The waiter writes down the rest of the order and walks away. ANDREA So how’s your week look? KEVIN (sighs) Ahhh, another week, another tough week. I have that report due on Monday. Then I have another project due on Wednesday morning. After that I have to jump on the Amtrak for a meeting in Boston on Thursday.

“Held Hostage” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese ANDREA So what you’re saying is that you won’t be around until Friday night? KEVIN I hope so. ANDREA What does that mean? KEVIN I’m going to be out of the office traveling for a day and a half. There’s no telling what I’m going to come back to. ANDREA You have a Blackberry though, can’t you do work on it? KEVIN I can, but it’s not the same. My bosses like to have me in the office. ANDREA God you sound so sad sometimes. KEVIN (sarcastically) Thank you, that’s reassuring. ANDREA I just want what’s best for you and what’s best for us. KEVIN Me too. ANDREA You don’t always act like it though. Kevin breathes a sigh of relief when the food and drinks come because now they have something to occupy themselves and hopefully they can change the topic. KEVIN Ahhh, thank god, food’s here…and not a moment too soon.


“Held Hostage” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese CAFÉ D’ALSACE WAITER Here you go guys, can I get you anything else? KEVIN Andrea? ANDREA I’m good. KEVIN Me too. Kevin and Andrea sit there awkwardly in silence, not saying a word to each other, as they eat during their tensionfilled brunch. INT. – KEVIN’S OFFICE FLOOR KEVIN’S CUBICLE Kevin is busy toiling away at his computer on Monday afternoon when his co-worker, CHIP, a suave, good-looking, blonde-hair prep school WASP, walks into his cube carrying a squash racket. CHIP Buddy boy! Startled, Kevin turns around to acknowledge Chip. KEVIN Chip, what’s going on? CHIP Nothing, how are you doing? Kevin pats a large stack of folders sitting on his desk. KEVIN I’m fine, just working on some of these analyses. How was the weekend? CHIP Amazing. I took out this Russian chick Saturday night that I met at a strip club last week. It was great, she could hardly speak a word of English so dinner was spectacular.


“Held Hostage” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese KEVIN Oh yeah? CHIP Yeah, it went so well that we woke up the next day in the afternoon and had brunch at some nice Latin place, unlimited sangrias. KEVIN Ahhh so you had a sleepover? Nice.


CHIP Sleepover? Don’t make it sound so romantic. I fucked her. I fucked the hell out of her. KEVIN I guess that means you won’t be seeing her again? CHIP No, she’s a stripper! How was your weekend? KEVIN It was fine. CHIP What did you do? KEVIN Worked for most of it. CHIP Worked? See that’s the difference between you and me. You live to work and I work to live. You got to get out there and live a little. Chip grabs a folder off of his desk and throws it on the floor. CHIP (cont’d) These charts and graphs are still going to be there tomorrow and the day after that and the day after that. Kevin scrambles to pick up his folder from the ground.

“Held Hostage” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese KEVIN Hey, I need that stuff. CHIP That’s the annoying thing about work, it’s always going to be there. KEVIN What’s with the tennis racket? CHIP Ahhh you small town American boys don’t know shit about shit. This my friend is a squash racket. KEVIN What the hell is squash? Chip doesn’t realize that Kevin is serious. CHIP Very funny. Anyways I’m playing squash later today with old man Peterson at his athletic club. KEVIN Bob Peterson. CHIP The one and only. He’s a partner. KEVIN How did you score that?


CHIP I helped him out on something the other week and he asked me to play…oh and he and my dad went to college together, so I guess you can say he’s an old family friend. Another co-worker in his early thirties, PETER, rushes over to Kevin’s cubicle. PETER Hey guys, there’s a town hall meeting that was just called in the grand conference room.

“Held Hostage” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese KEVIN What’s it about? PETER I don’t know, but the chairman himself called it. CHIP Let’s check it out. Kevin and Chip follow Peter out of the cube. GRAND CONFERENCE ROOM About seventy BUSINESSMEN and WOMEN, many of whom are middle-aged but with some younger executives, are sitting around a large conference table and the perimeter of the room. Standing up in the front, dressed in a crisp dark suit, is the chairman of the company, MR. FOX. MR. FOX I know you’re all wondering why I’ve called this emergency meeting but let me assure you that it’s positive news. So you can all breathe a sigh of relief. (pauses) I was fortunate enough this morning to sit through a tremendous analysis given to the Board by Jon Benjamin. I’d like to announce that because of this incredible analysis, our Board has decided to make a bid for our second largest competitor. By this time next year you’ll be working for a company almost twice as large as it is now and the largest one in our category. And it’s all owed to Jon Benjamin. I think everyone should give Mr. Benjamin a well deserved round of applause. Everyone stands up and gives Mr. Benjamin, whose sitting in the middle of the conference room, a round of applause. The older gentleman next to him gives him a hearty pat on the back.


“Held Hostage” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese Mr. Benjamin soaks it all up, waving around to his fellow co-workers while smiling widely. MR. BENJAMIN Thank you, thank you. Although Mr. Benjamin is getting all the credit among senior management, no one is applauding more enthusiastically than Kevin who also manages to throw in a couple of whistles. MALE EXECUTIVE Speech. SEVERAL EXECUTIVES (in unison) Speech, speech! MR. FOX Come on up here Jon and say a few words to the troops. Initially apprehensive, Mr. Benjamin is finally cajoled by his fellow executives to go up to the front of the room and say a few words. MR. BENJAMIN OK, OK. Once up at the front, he shakes Mr. Fox’s hand. MR. BENJAMIN Thank you Mr. Fox. Thank you everyone. This was a total team victory, I could not have done this without the support of everyone in this room, but there is one person I’d like to call out in particular. Kevin smiles brightly figuring that it’s going to be him whose called out by name in front of the senior executives. MR. BENJAMIN (cont’d) This person is my rock, they have always been there for me, they handle the most intricate details that need to be attended to and they are a great sounding board to have around.


“Held Hostage” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese Just as Kevin is about to stand up to take his kudos, Mr. Benjamin finishes his statement. MR. BENJAMIN (cont’d) I couldn’t have done it without you, my executive secretary, Ms. Sharon Payne. Sharon, stand up and take a bow, you deserve it! Bashfully, SHARON, Mr. Benjamin’s gentle, middle-aged secretary, stands up from her seat against the wall and gives a quick bow. Kevin, defeated and dejected, can hardly hide his displeasure. SHARON Thank you Mr. Benjamin! great boss. You’re such a


Upset, Kevin, who’s already sitting towards the back of the room, decides he’s had enough and sneaks out the back door. MR. BENJAMIN Here’s to many more successes in the near future. Mr. Fox stands back up and joins Mr. Benjamin at the front of the room again. MR. FOX Let me echo that sentiment from Mr. Benjamin. Keep doing what you’re doing. Don’t take your foot off the brakes and aim for the skies. If we keep our focus then nothing will stop us. Let’s go back to desks and continue to take the world by storm. Everyone in the conference room stands up and applauds again. MR. BENJAMIN’S OFFICE Kevin approaches Mr. Benjamin’s office and sheepishly knocks on the door. Mr. Benjamin, who is busy working behind his elaborate desk, looks up and notices that it’s Kevin.

“Held Hostage” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese MR. BENJAMIN Ahhh, Kevin come on in. Thanks sir. KEVIN I wanted to talk to you.


MR. BENJAMIN Me too. I noticed what you did today. Kevin, who thinks he might be talking about his positive contribution to Mr. Benjamin’s work, perks up. KEVIN You did! MR. BENJAMIN Yes, and I have to say your behavior was awfully rude. KEVIN Huh? MR. BENJAMIN I can’t believe you’d sneak out of a town hall meeting organized by Mr. Fox. You embarrassed yourself and, more importantly, you embarrassed me. KEVIN Sir, can I ask you a question? MR. BENJAMIN Go ahead…as long as it leads to an explanation as to why you’d do that. KEVIN Why didn’t you give me any credit at that meeting today? MR. BENJAMIN What? KEVIN Well I was the guy that stayed here until midnight on Friday night working on that analysis. I was that guy that gave up his Sunday morning to continue working on it and came in at 6 o’clock this morning (MORE)

“Held Hostage” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese KEVIN (cont’d) to put the final touches on it so it was presentation worthy. I was the guy that cancelled all his personal plans to make sure this could get done and I was the guy that sacrificed quality time with his girlfriend for the good of the company. And I can’t even get a shout out from my boss at a senior management meeting, not one lousy shout out? Oh Kevin. MR. BENJAMIN Kevin, Kevin, Kevin.


Mr. Benjamin stands up, grabs his jacket from behind his office door and puts it on. MR. BENJAMIN Come, walk with me. Mr. Benjamin puts his arm around Kevin’s shoulder and leads him out into the HALLWAY Where they walk past the busy rows of cubicles within the open seating plan. MR. BENJAMIN You see Kevin, you’re my secret weapon. KEVIN Secret weapon sir? MR. BENJAMIN Sure, you see how cutthroat it is around here. If the partners get wind of you, they’ll keep you all to themselves. KEVIN Why’s that a bad thing? I’d like to be recognized for my hard work and thinking. MR. BENJAMIN And you are. KEVIN I am?

“Held Hostage” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese MR. BENJAMIN Yes, by me. You saw it yourself just a few minutes ago. I’m going places and I’m taking you with me. Trust me. KEVIN Well do the partners even know about me? MR. BENJAMIN Don’t worry about them. They’re fossils. Those guys are either going to be retired or pushed out with their golden parachutes intact within the next three to five years. We’re the future, you and me, and if you stick with me I’ll make sure I take care of you. Mr. Benjamin ends up walking Kevin back to his cubicle. Kevin walks into it as Mr. Benjamin stays in the open doorway. MR. BENJAMIN (cont’d) Do you hear me? Kevin looks doubtful so Mr. Benjamin extends his hand to comfort him. MR. BENJAMIN (cont’d) Come on, it’s you and me kid, we’re taking over the company. You with me? Kevin looks down at Mr. Benjamin’s hand still deciding whether or not he’s going to shake it. MR. BENJAMIN (cont’d) Come on, are you with me? Kevin finally acquiesces and shakes his hand. KEVIN (smiles) Sure Mr. Benjamin, I’m with you. MR. BENJAMIN Good. Now back to work, I need all your focus and brainpower on our next project together. Don’t forget, I’ll need your thoughts first thing Wednesday morning.


“Held Hostage” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese KEVIN Yes sir. Kevin sits down at his desk and gets back to work on his computer. Just as Mr. Benjamin is about to walk away, he turns back to Kevin and gives him a big thumbs up. MR. BENJAMIN Oh and Kevin, keep up the good work. LATER ON As Kevin is busy toiling away on his computer, Chip walks into his cubicle dressed in his full workout gear and holding his squash racket. CHIP Hey man, have a good one. hard tonight. KEVIN (perplexed) You’re leaving? Don’t work to



CHIP Yeah, remember, I’m going to play squash. KEVIN (looks at his watch) But it’s 4:30? CHIP Yeah, so? KEVIN Isn’t it a little bit early to be leaving work? CHIP Why? The market’s closed. big deal? What’s the

KEVIN I don’t know, I figured you had some reports to write up or an analysis to pull together.

“Held Hostage” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese CHIP Ahhh, nope, not really. KEVIN Really? CHIP Nope. Hey look, I know I’m leaving an hour earlier than I usually do, but it’s not every day that I get the chance to play squash with a Partner. KEVIN Wait, you usually leave at 5:30? CHIP Yeah, what time do you leave? KEVIN Something like that. BOB PETERSON, a distinguished looking older gentleman in his early sixties, walks into Kevin’s cubicle and interrupts their conversation. BOB PETERSON There you are Chip. KEVIN Hello Mr. Peterson. BOB PETERSON Kevin. (looks at Chip) I’ve been looking all over for you. Are you really keeping a man my age waiting? I’m growing old in the lobby waiting for you. Growing old? CHIP You already are old! 6? 6:30?


Bob playfully puts Chip in a headlock and messes up his hair. BOB PETERSON Ohhh this guy, always a kidder!

“Held Hostage” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese CHIP Sorry Bob. I was just saying good night to my friend Kevin over here. BOB PETERSON Well hurry up Chip, I can’t wait to kick your ass on the court today. Bob starts walking out of the cubicle. CHIP You might have experience on your side, but I have stamina. BOB PETERSON You want to bet? CHIP OK, bring it on old man. BOB PETERSON Old? Who are you calling old, little squirt? Kevin clearly looks jealous that his fellow co-worker has such a good relationship with his superior that he can joke around with him. Chip playfully taps Kevin’s knee with his squash racket. CHIP OK broseph, I gotta run before Mr. Peterson gets too feisty. I’ll catch you later. KEVIN Yeah, see you. Kevin goes back to working on an excel chart on his computer. EXT. – PORT AUTHORITY BUS TERMINAL – DAY Kevin is walking down a crowded 42nd Street heading to the Port Authority building while talking on his cell phone with Andrea. ANDREA (O.S.) When are you coming back?


“Held Hostage” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese KEVIN Tomorrow morning, early. trip.


It’s a short

ANDREA (O.S.) And what exactly is in store for Martin’s bachelor party tonight? KEVIN Honey, I can’t tell you that, it’s guy code. ANDREA (O.S.) Guy code? KEVIN Yeah, I can’t tell you what we’re doing, especially since you know Martin’s girlfriend. You might tell her our plans and I’m worried it’ll be taken out of context. ANDREA (O.S.) Out of context? KEVIN Yeah, look I just don’t want certain people to get the wrong idea. We’re just going down there to have some harmless fun, drinks and ummm… ANDREA (O.S.) Tits? KEVIN Ummm, yeah, probably…but at a strip club, it’s not like we’re picking up a bunch of street hookers and having a coke-fueled orgy back in our suite. ANDREA (O.S.) You better not. KEVIN I won’t. ANDREA (O.S.) OK, at least I can live with the idea (MORE)

“Held Hostage” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese ANDREA (O.S.) (cont’d) of a strip club, it is the one place I know none of you boys will hook-up with anyone. Exactly. KEVIN See, nothing to worry about.


ANDREA (O.S.) So have fun and don’t do anything too foolish. Thanks babe. KEVIN Let’s do brunch tomorrow.

ANDREA (O.S.) I like that idea. KEVIN Good, I’ll call you in the morning. Kevin hangs up his cell phone and walks into the Port Authority building. INT. – PORT AUTHORITY BUS TERMINAL Kevin enters the cavernous terminal and makes his way through the crowd and towards the appropriate gate for the bus to Atlantic City. He sees Martin, Luke and Kenneth in the distance congregating by the gate and gives them a wave. As he gets closer to the gate, his cell phone rings. looks at the caller ID and immediately sighs. KEVIN Ohhh this is not happening. This cannot be happening! Please tell me he accidentally pocket dialed me. He apprehensively takes the call. KEVIN Hello Mr. Benjamin. MR. BENJAMIN (O.S.) Kevin, glad I got a hold of you. (MORE) An Kevin

“Held Hostage” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese MR. BENJAMIN (O.S.) (cont’d) emergency board meeting was just called for Monday morning. This is in reference to that deal we were discussing earlier this week. KEVIN OK. MR. BENJAMIN (O.S.) I thought this meeting was going to be in two weeks, but things are moving quickly on this. Very quickly. KEVIN What do you need from me? MR. BENJAMIN (O.S.) I need that analysis done for Sunday night. KEVIN Sir? Really? MR. BENJAMIN (O.S.) Yes, it’s a critical piece of what we’re doing. KEVIN Boy Mr. Benjamin, this is putting me in a pretty tough spot. I’m just about to board a bus for Atlantic City. MR. BENJAMIN (O.S.) Cancel it then. This is big. KEVIN Sir, is there any way you can cover this for me? MR. BENJAMIN (O.S.) I can’t. I’m at my country home in Greenwich this weekend and don’t have the appropriate files. KEVIN I don’t know Mr. Benjamin, it’s Saturday night and I have plans. It’s my best (MORE)


“Held Hostage” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese KEVIN (cont’d) friend’s bachelor party. I’m the best man! MR. BENJAMIN (O.S.) With the divorce rate the way it is in this country he’ll probably end up having another bachelor party down the road for his second marriage, so you can go to that. KEVIN Sir, I can’t really give my friend that reasoning as to why I have to skip his bachelor party. MR. BENJAMIN (O.S.) Kevin, the company needs you, I need you. Will you be a team player? Kevin thinks for a moment as he joins his friends at the gate. MR. BENJAMIN (O.S.) (pleading) Kevin. KEVIN I will. I’ll be back at the office in a half an hour. MR. BENJAMIN (O.S.) Good job son! Kevin hangs up his cell phone and is immediately greeted by his friends. MARTIN Hey Kevin, what’s shaking man? Kevin looks completely distracted and doesn’t respond. MARTIN (cont’d) Earth to Kevin. Kevin, come in Kevin. Hey guys. KEVIN I’ve got some bad news.


“Held Hostage” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese LUKE We couldn’t get reservations


What’s that? at the Palm?

KEVIN No, we’re good there. It’s just that the reservation will be for three, not four. KENNETH (kiddingly) We’re disinviting Luke? Thank god! Now we might actually have fun tonight. KEVIN (hesitantly) I’m going to have to disinvite myMARTIN Why?

No. self.

Are you crazy?

KEVIN I have to prepare something for an emergency board meeting on Monday. MARTIN (incredulously) No you don’t! KEVIN Unfortunately I do. MARTIN Jesus Christ Kevin. It’s Saturday night, you’re my best man and it’s my fucking bachelor party! I know. KEVIN You think I’m happy about this?

MARTIN No, but you also don’t stand up for yourself. What can I do? KEVIN My hands are tied.

“Held Hostage” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese MARTIN You can stop being a fucking pussy. KEVIN Excuse me? MARTIN You heard me, you’re a fucking pussy. KEVIN Right, being a good team player at work makes me a pussy. LUKE Actually he called you a fucking pussy. KEVIN Stay out of this, Luke. LUKE Fuck you bitch. If you’re going to try to ruin our awesome night down in AC, then I’m going to get right into this. KEVIN I’m not ruining anything, you guys go down there, have fun. MARTIN It won’t be the same without my best man. I’m sorry. KEVIN I don’t know what I can do.


MARTIN I’m sorry too. I’m sorry that we were ever friends. I’m sorry that I wasted all my time with your selfish ass. KEVIN Come on, you don’t mean that. MARTIN I do. KEVIN Come on Marty, don’t be like this. I’ll make it up to you somehow. I’ll take (MORE)

“Held Hostage” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese KEVIN (cont’d) you to dinner and we can see some breasts in the city. MARTIN No you won’t. Yes I will. KEVIN Trust me. You’re sad and


MARTIN Kevin, look at yourself. pathetic. KEVIN Why do you say that?

MARTIN Because you are. It’s 4 o’clock on a Saturday and you’re heading to a job that you don’t even like, doing god knows what on something that won’t get you any recognition anyways. (pauses) Tell me I’m wrong? KEVIN (thinking) I can’t. MARTIN So why are you going to do it? KEVIN Because I have no choice. MARTIN That’s why you’re sad and pathetic, because you truly believe you don’t have a choice. This is America pal, the great thing about this country is that we all have choices. You need to nut up and figure out what’s important in life because your priorities are completely fucked up. (pauses) Screw you. I’m going to Atlantic City with my real friends.

“Held Hostage” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese Kevin looks into Martin’s eyes for a few moments then just quietly turns and walks away. As he’s walking away, Martin puts his arm around Kenneth’s shoulder. MARTIN You’re my new best man now Kenny. Kenny playfully pushes Luke in the shoulder having triumphed over him. Ha, sucker. Heyyy. Martin shouts out to Kevin who just continues to walk away dejectedly. MARTIN And you can forget about coming to my wedding too, you little bitch. LUKE That’s OK, he probably will have to work that day anyways. The friends share a good laugh at Kevin’s expense as they disappear through the gate leading to the bus. EXT. – 42ND STREET – DUSK Kevin walks slowly down the crowded sidewalk alone among the tourists and New Yorkers who have come to the “center of the world” to enjoy the festivities around the Christmas season. He can’t hide his look of depression after realizing he’s just lost several of his best friends over a frivolous argument. INT. – MR. BENJAMIN’S OFFICE The next Monday, Kevin walks into his office and stands in the doorframe. KENNETH I won. LUKE


“Held Hostage” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese MR. BENJAMIN (excitedly) Kevin, Kevin, Kevin my boy! KEVIN We did it? MR. BENJAMIN Yes, the board meeting. I did a fantastic presentation today and they agreed with our recommendation. KEVIN (distractedly) That’s great sir. MR. BENJAMIN It most certainly is. If I play this right it might also mean a promotion and bonus for me. I might be changing that “S” to an “E” in front of the “VP.” KEVIN That’s good sir. MR. BENJAMIN Is everything OK Kevin? You seem distracted. This should a good day, a day to celebrate, you should be happy for me…happy for us. KEVIN Sir, I’d like to be considered for a rotation to another department. Mr. Benjamin stands up and approaches Kevin. MR. BENJAMIN (in disbelief) A rotation? To another department? Why? KEVIN Sir, I find it increasingly difficult to keep up with the demands of this job while also trying to maintain a healthy personal life, not to mention a girlfriend.


We did it.

“Held Hostage” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese MR. BENJAMIN Well where do you want to rotate to? KEVIN I don’t know, human resources, marketing, hell I’ll even do billing. I feel like moving around departments will eventually make me a more well-rounded executive in this company too. It’d be a real winwin for everyone. MR. BENJAMIN Everyone except for me. Kevin, I can’t let you rotate, you’re work is much too valuable to me, and to the company. I need you to be a team player, especially during this stretch of time which is very challenging for the firm. KEVIN But sir… MR. BENJAMIN (interrupts) Look at what you regularly do, you help craft strategy for the highest levels of this company. That’s something really important. KEVIN Yeah, but nobody knows about it. MR. BENJAMIN Is that what you want? Recognition? KEVIN Yes, I’ve said it before too. to be recognized. Monetarily? I’d like


MR. BENJAMIN New title? Better benefits? I think I

KEVIN All of those would be nice. deserve it.

MR. BENJAMIN If you were to get some recognition, (MORE)

“Held Hostage” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese MR. BENJAMIN (cont’d) would you forget about your silly request for a rotation. KEVIN I guess it would depend on what the offer is, but something, anything would go a long way in making this more bearable to me. Especially if a raise allows me to take Andrea to places like Per Se. That’d make her happy. MR. BENJAMIN OK. Well as you may be aware, due to the economy, the company is currently in a promotion and raise freeze for any position below Vice President. However, here’s what I’m going to do. I’ll talk to human resources about you and personally see what we can do once the freeze is lifted. I can’t promise that I can deliver on more money and a promotion but I’ll hopefully be able to get you something. KEVIN Do you have any idea when the freeze will be lifted? MR. BENJAMIN Looking at our company’s financials, I’d say next quarter would be a good bet. KEVIN Three months? MR. BENJAMIN Give or take a few weeks, but when the freeze is lifted, I’ll make sure you’re at the front of the line. (pauses) How’s that sound? Kevin stands there silently and thinks for a moment. MR. BENJAMIN (cont’d) I’m counting on you Kevin. Be a team player, for the good of the company.


“Held Hostage” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese Mr. Benjamin extends his arm for a handshake which Kevin takes. KEVIN OK Mr. Benjamin, I will. MR. BENJAMIN Good boy. Now, go back to work. You’ve wasted a lot of time here in my office, time you could’ve spent at your desk being more productive. KEVIN Yes sir, sorry to waste your time sir. MR. BENJAMIN It’s quite alright. It’s good to have these conversations periodically. Candor is a very important aspect to good organizations like this. LATER ON IN THE WEEK ON FRIDAY INT. – KEVIN’S CUBICLE The clock on his desk flashes 6:00 as Kevin is staring at another potentially long night in the office. Mr. Benjamin walks into his cube. He’s got his coat on and briefcase in his hand signifying that he’s going home. MR. BENJAMIN Good day today Kevin. KEVIN Yes, yes it was. MR. BENJAMIN Very productive. KEVIN I guess you could say that. MR. BENJAMIN You wrapping up our project soon? I hope so. KEVIN I just have to finish up a (MORE)


“Held Hostage” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese KEVIN (cont’d) few more things. Then I’m going to meet up with the girlfriend for dinner. Ahh the girl. MR. BENJAMIN How’s that going?


KEVIN It’s good, she’s good. MR. BENJAMIN I’m going to have to meet her one day. I’m interested to meet the girl who keeps my valued employee away from his job for hours at a time. KEVIN It’s only late nights and weekends though. MR. BENJAMIN This company should be your life. KEVIN Ohh, it is though sir. It is. MR. BENJAMIN Very well, I’ll check in with you in a little bit to make sure everything is good. Mr. Benjamin walks out of the cube as Kevin goes back to work on his computer. INT. – YORK GRILL RESTAURANT Andrea walks through the front door and approaches the bar just as she gets a call on her cell phone. ANDREA Hey Kevin. KEVIN (O.S.) Hey babe. ANDREA Are you on your way up?

“Held Hostage” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese KEVIN (O.S.) About that. Andrea already becomes deflated as she prepares herself to be letdown again. ANDREA Ohhh jeez, what is it this time? KEVIN (O.S.) I just got caught up at work for a minute. No big deal, I’ll finish this up ASAP and jump in a cab, I won’t even take the subway up. I’ll be there in 15 minutes. ANDREA Do you promise? KEVIN (O.S.) I promise. Take a seat at the bar, enjoy a cocktail. Get one of those fancy, fruit-infused martinis that you love. I’ll be there before you know it. ANDREA I already know it. Hurry please. I will. KEVIN (O.S.) I love you. ANDREA (disinterested) Yep. Andrea hangs up her cell phone and takes a seat at the bar. ANDREA Can I get a appletini please? YORK GRILL BARTENDER Certainly. INT. – KEVIN’S CUBICLE Kevin is rushing to get his work done so he accidentally ends up closing out of an excel document that he hadn’t saved recently. He immediately realizes his mistake.


“Held Hostage” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese KEVIN (sighs) Ohhh shit. Please don’t tell me I just did what I think I did. Please don’t tell me I closed out without saving. Kevin reopens his excel document and sees that none of his work is there anymore. KEVIN Ohhh fuck me, fuck me, fuck me. Yep, fuck me indeed. Shit, all that work is gone. And it’s 7:30 on a Friday. Shit, what the fuck am I going to do? The phone on his desk rings, from the caller ID he realizes that it’s his boss calling him which makes him sigh again. KEVIN Hello. MR. BENJAMIN (O.S.) Kevin, I figured you’d still be there. How are you doing on our little project? Don’t forget I need it for first thing Monday morning. I have an investor meeting at 9 am sharp. KEVIN It’s coming along sir, it’s coming along. MR. BENJAMIN (O.S.) Great. We need this really buttoned up as I’ll be meeting with some heavy hitters on Monday. Also… Mr. Benjamin’s next several words are muffled because his connection is breaking up and Kevin can’t understand a word he’s saying. KEVIN (perplexed) I’m sorry sir, I can’t understand what you’re saying. MR. BENJAMIN OK hold on. (pauses) Can you hear me now?


“Held Hostage” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese KEVIN Yes. MR. BENJAMIN Sorry about that, I just drove through a tunnel heading to JFK. I’m going to Vail for a quick weekend ski trip. KEVIN (disinterested) So what were you saying sir? MR. BENJAMIN Ohhh, don’t worry about it. I have to direct my chauffeur on where to go so I got to hang up. You just worry about getting that report in a good shape. KEVIN Yes sir. Kevin hangs up the phone and looks back at his empty excel chart on the computer screen. KEVIN (to himself) OK, OK, I know what I’m doing, I can probably recreate this chart pretty quickly and still get to dinner in fifteen minutes. Let’s get to work. Kevin starts typing numbers into the excel chart. INT. – YORK GRILL RESTAURANT, AT THE BAR Andrea is sitting alone at the bar drinking the last few sips of her martini while waiting for Kevin. The BARTENDER, an older gentleman in his late fifties, walks over and checks on her. YORK GRILL BARTENDER Would you like another cocktail Miss? ANDREA Ohh no thanks, my boyfriend should be here any minute. We’re having dinner here.


“Held Hostage” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese YORK GRILL BARTENDER Very good. You just give me a shout if you need anything. Andrea’s iPhone lights up after receiving a text message. Andrea, thinking it’s Kevin, is hesitant to look at it at first but she finally picks it up. It is a text from Kevin – “Sorry baby, I screwed up something at work and will have to fix it. I’ll be there in 15 minutes.” ANDREA Damn you Kevin! (looks at the bartender) Excuse me, I’ll take another martini. YORK GRILL BARTENDER Sure thing. The bartender makes the martini and drops it off to Andrea. Andrea looks distraught and she starts messing around with her hair as a way to try to release some tension. YORK GRILL BARTENDER Are you OK Miss? ANDREA Yeah, I’m fine. (takes a sip) It’s just my idiot boyfriend. YORK GRILL BARTENDER What’s the problem? ANDREA He’s an idiot. YORK GRILL BARTENDER OK. ANDREA He works too much and it’s fucking me up. Pardon my French. YORK GRILL BARTENDER That’s OK. This is a bar after all, I’m no stranger to vulgarity.


“Held Hostage” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese ANDREA He pulls this shit all the time, showing up late, cancelling plans. He’s got to understand that I want to have a life too. If he can’t do something then I want to have the ability to make my own plans with my friends and not wait around for his sorry ass. Ohhh and when he does show up late, he’s always exhausted and doesn’t want to do anything or doesn’t want to talk much. I swear, talking to him at a late night dinner sometimes is like trying to hold a conversation with a wall. (pauses) I’ve said too much haven’t I? You don’t even care do you? I’m sorry for boring you, I just had to vent. YORK GRILL BARTENDER That’s quite alright dear, I feel like half my job is to hear people vent. I’m quite skilled at it actually. ANDREA Thanks. YORK GRILL BARTENDER (points to her drink) That one’s on the house. ANDREA Oh no, I don’t want your pity. YORK GRILL BARTENDER It’s not pity. You genuinely deserve it. ANDREA Well, thank you again. INT. – KEVIN’S CUBICLE Kevin is still diligently working on his excel spreadsheet and finally finishes it. KEVIN OK, I’m finally done. That wasn’t so bad.


“Held Hostage” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese The phone on his desk rings, it’s his boss again. Kevin contemplates whether or not he should pick up the phone. KEVIN (talking to himself) No, no, no, this is not happening. This is not happening! Do I take the call? No I shouldn’t take the call. I should just go to dinner with my girlfriend and try to have a life. (pauses) No, no, I should be a good team player and answer the phone. My boss obviously needs something and if I don’t do it, who will? I have to answer it, I have to answer it. I’ll answer it. Kevin picks up the phone. KEVIN Hello Mr. Benjamin. MR. BENJAMIN (O.S.) Ahhh Kevin, you’re still there, thank God. I just thought of something as I was enjoying a refreshing drink at the Jet Blue lounge, can you add a five-year trend analysis to the report you’re doing? I think it’ll be interesting to show a historical perspective in my presentation. KEVIN Ummm, OK. MR. BENJAMIN (O.S.) Is there any problem with that? KEVIN No, no problem sir. It’s just that I have to pull all those numbers, I don’t have them readily available so it’s going to take some time. MR. BENJAMIN (O.S.) Luckily for you it’s only 8 o’clock… KEVIN (under his breath) On a Friday night.


“Held Hostage” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese MR. BENJAMIN (O.S.) So you’ve got time. KEVIN OK sir. MR. BENJAMIN (O.S.) Good stuff. Kevin hangs up the phone and sighs loudly again. Then he immediately goes back to work by opening up another excel chart and reviewing it. INT. – YORK GRILL RESTAURANT AT THE BAR Andrea is still sitting alone at the bar; she’s close to finishing off her second martini when she receives another text message. She is even more apprehensive to look at this one than the last because she’s afraid of what it’ll say. She finally acquiesces and looks at it – “I’m so sorry baby, my boss just called and he needs one more thing. I’ll be 15 more minutes. Get a table and order an app, I’ll join you.” ANDREA (yells out) Fuck you! Andrea’s outburst causes the other bar patrons to look over at her. ANDREA (embarrassingly) Sorry about that. The bartender comes over to check on her. YORK GRILL BARTENDER Are you OK? ANDREA Yes, my dick boyfriend is still running late. I have no idea when he’s going to (MORE)


“Held Hostage” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese ANDREA (cont’d) get here. (pauses) I’ll take one more martini and the check, then I’m going to grab a table for dinner. YORK GRILL BARTENDER I’ll go ahead and transfer the check over to your table. ANDREA Even better, now it becomes his problem. DINING ROOM Andrea is sitting by herself at a table by the window as a BUSBOY is settling her in by laying out a place setting and giving her a napkin. A WAITER, who is another classy, older gentleman, approaches her table. YORK GRILL WAITER Hello Miss, will it just be you dining tonight? ANDREA No, my boyfriend will be here at some point…I hope. YORK GRILL WAITER OK, well can I start you off with something while you wait? ANDREA Yes, I’ll take a cabernet. YORK GRILL WAITER One glass of cabernet, coming up. ANDREA No, one bottle. YORK GRILL WAITER A bottle, really? ANDREA Yes really.


“Held Hostage” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese YORK GRILL WAITER Must’ve been “one of those days.” ANDREA Ohhh yes. While you’re at it, get me the third most expensive bottle of Cab you’ve got. Homeboy’s going to pay for his tardiness. YORK GRILL WAITER OK, one bottle of cabernet, coming up. Anything else? ANDREA I’ll have a mixed greens salad too. LATER ON Andrea is sitting alone at her table, she feels sad when she looks around the dining room and notices every other table filled with romantic couples huddled up, talking, laughing or gazing deeply into each other’s eyes. Then she stares blankly out the window, deep in thought, while drinking her bottle of wine. Suddenly, her iPhone vibrates. It’s Kevin calling her.


Andrea picks up the phone and speaks softly, as to not bother the fellow restaurant patrons, but sternly and angrily. ANDREA Where the fuck are you? KEVIN (O.S.) A thousand pardons, a thousand pardons, a thousand pardons. I’m sorry, I’m just finishing up work now. ANDREA Do you expect me to believe that? KEVIN (O.S.) No, but it’s true. ANDREA Are you finishing up or are you leaving?

“Held Hostage” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese KEVIN (O.S.) I’m finishing up. ANDREA I’ve been here for over an hour and a half. An hour and a half! I’m drinking a bottle of fucking wine by myself. I’ve already finished my salad, now I’ve moved over to the African shrimp cocktail. KEVIN (O.S.) (dejectedly) I like African shrimp cocktail. ANDREA You’re not finishing up anymore, you’re done. Get the fuck over here, now! KEVIN (O.S.) OK, I’m done. ANDREA Stop talking then and get the fuck over here. Andrea angrily hangs up the phone and slams it down on the table. INT. – KEVIN’S CUBICLE Kevin hangs up his phone, shuts down his computer and quickly grabs his jacket and briefcase so he can make a beeline out of his cube. EXT. – LEXINGTON AVE, MIDTOWN EAST – NIGHT Kevin is trying his hardest to hail a taxi cab, but all of them are either occupied or off duty. He gets more frustrated as each non-available cab passes him. KEVIN (angrily) I need a cab, just one fucking


Come on! cab!

An off-duty cab pulls over to him and rolls down the window.

“Held Hostage” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese OFF-DUTY TAXI CAB DRIVER Where are you going? KEVIN Upper East Side, 88th and York. OFF-DUTY TAXI CAB DRIVER Sorry, I’m going home to Brooklyn. KEVIN (calmly) OK, I understand. More non-available taxis continue to pass by which just upsets Kevin even more. KEVIN (yells out) Fucking come on! Someone help me! gotta get to this restaurant!



For even greater emphasis, Kevin resorts to stomping around on the street, unable to contain his annoyance. Finally, a black livery car pulls up and rolls down the window. LIVERY CAR DRIVER Where are you going? KEVIN York and 88th Street. LIVERY CAR DRIVER $50. KEVIN $50?!?! Go fuck yourself. I can get there for $18 with a yellow cab. LIVERY CAR DRIVER Yeah but where are they? KEVIN I’ll find one. LIVERY CAR DRIVER Not at this time of night buddy. (MORE) Not

“Held Hostage” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese LIVERY CAR DRIVER (cont’d) with everyone going downtown to the clubs or going to the west side for the shows. Out of the corner of his eye, Kevin sees an open yellow cab driving towards him a block away so he starts furiously waving his arms. The yellow cab slowly starts changing lanes so that it can pick up Kevin. KEVIN See, fuck you I got a cab! The cab pulls up behind the livery car and Kevin runs over and jumps into the back. INT. – YELLOW TAXI CAB KEVIN I need to go to 88th & York immediately. run red lights, drive on sidewalks, hit a pedestrian, I don’t give a fuck, whatever it takes to get me there in the next five minutes, I’ve got your back. The cab peels out and speeds down the street. KEVIN Now that’s what I’m talking about. Sir, you’re getting a 20% tip, I can promise you that. INT. – YORK GRILL RESTAURANT DINING ROOM Andrea is still staring blankly out the window as Kevin rushes into the dining room and approaches the table. He kisses her on the forehead then takes a seat. KEVIN Sorry again baby. ANDREA (sternly) You’re two hours late.


“Held Hostage” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese KEVIN I know. ANDREA That’s not acceptable anymore. KEVIN I know. ANDREA I’m drunk. KEVIN I’m jealous. ANDREA And I feel pathetic. KEVIN How so? ANDREA Look around at all these other lovely couples? They’re romantic. They’re laughing with each other, talking to each other, holding one another. (pauses) We’re not a couple. KEVIN What do you mean we’re not a couple? ANDREA We don’t do any of that. KEVIN (defensively) Yes we do. ANDREA When? KEVIN I don’t know, we snuggled two weekends ago while we watched Mob Wives on my couch.


“Held Hostage” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese ANDREA Exactly, two weekends ago! That’s not good for a boyfriend and girlfriend. I’ve told you before that I need to see you a lot more. KEVIN I’m trying, believe me I’m trying. ANDREA No you’re not, you might think you are but you’re not. You’re not trying and I know for a fact that you always put your work before me. KEVIN No I don’t. ANDREA You do and I can’t deal with it anymore. KEVIN So what are you saying? ANDREA (tearing up) We’re done. KEVIN (perplexed) Done? ANDREA Done. KEVIN Shit, that’s heavy. Is this just the booze talking? ANDREA No, this is me. I mean, yes, I’m drunk as hell right now because you kept me waiting for two hours and I had nothing else to do here, but this is all me. Trust me. KEVIN I don’t get it.


“Held Hostage” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese ANDREA I need someone that will always be there for me and you can’t provide that. (pauses) I will always love you but I just can’t be your girlfriend anymore. Kevin sits there and thinks for a moment about what she’s just said. KEVIN (dejectedly) Sadly, I understand. Andrea stands up, walks over to Kevin and kisses him on the forehead. KEVIN (perplexed) You’re not staying for dinner? ANDREA (crying) No, I just made plans with my girlfriends. Andrea reaches into her purse to grab her wallet. ANDREA (cont’d) Here, let me pay you for the wine and apps. Kevin gently grabs her wrist to stop her. KEVIN No, don’t worry, I’ll take care of it. It’s the least I can do. ANDREA Are you sure? KEVIN Yes. ANDREA (wiping tears away) Thank you. KEVIN No, thank you.


“Held Hostage” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese ANDREA Good bye love. KEVIN Good bye. And with that, Andrea walks out of the dining room and disappears. Shortly afterwards, the waiter approaches the table. YORK GRILL WAITER Hello sir, can I get you anything. Kevin points to the empty bottle of wine sitting on the table in front of him. KEVIN I guess I’ll take another one of these. YORK GRILL WAITER Very good sir. The waiter folds Andrea’s napkin and places it back neatly on the table. YORK GRILL WAITER Where did your lovely girlfriend go? KEVIN She’s gone…gone forever. INT. – KEVIN’S CUBICLE During a rare moment of free time in the office, Kevin is busy checking out vacation deals on cheapcaribbean.com when Chip enters his cube. CHIP Yo Kevo, what are you doing? KEVIN Just checking out some vacation deals. CHIP Where to? KEVIN Ahhh, somewhere in the Caribbean I think.


“Held Hostage” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese CHIP The Caribbean? Nice. It’s not like you to take any time off. What’s the occasion? KEVIN Nothing special. I just need to re-charge the old battery and have some “me” time. CHIP Is everything OK? KEVIN (dejectedly) Andrea broke up with me. CHIP Wow, that sucks. Sorry dude. Why did she dump you? You guys seemed like a good couple. KEVIN It’s this fucking place, this fucking job. I didn’t spend enough time with her because of it. CHIP Was she cheating on you? Cheating? KEVIN What? No. CHIP Are you sure? KEVIN Yes, I’m sure. This was all on me. It was my fault. I didn’t make enough time for her. I was too caught up in my charts and graphs here. CHIP That’s a bummer, sorry again. It’s even a bigger bummer that you lost a girl because you’re obsessed with a job you don’t even like. KEVIN Who said I don’t like this job?


“Held Hostage” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese CHIP OK, right. Like it’s not obvious. I’ll let you get back to your web surfing. KEVIN Hey, you want to grab a sandwich at the deli downstairs? No can do today. plans. Oh yeah? CHIP I already have lunch


KEVIN What are you doing?

CHIP I’m meeting up with a cousin of mine for a leisurely lunch at the Breslin then going to go shopping for a new suit up at Barney’s. KEVIN Slow day today? CHIP Yeah, not much going on for me. KEVIN Enjoy it while you can. CHIP Well it’s actually been a slow month, I’ve been pretty bored lately. KEVIN I’m jealous. CHIP It’s nothing to be jealous of, believe me. KEVIN No, it really is. CHIP It’s really not.

“Held Hostage” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese KEVIN We’ll have to agree to disagree on that one. CHIP (looks at his watch) Ohhh, shoot, I got to get going, I’m late. KEVIN Alright, take it easy. As Chip walks out of the cube, Kevin goes back to checking out vacation deals on the web. KEVIN (to himself) I need a vacation, I need one bad. (pauses) Barbados, hmmmm, Barbados looks beautiful. After doing a little bit more surfing, Kevin books a trip to Barbados. KEVIN (emphatically) Done! A FEW WEEKS LATER INT. – MR. BENJAMIN’S OFFICE Kevin is sitting across from Mr. Benjamin’s office and is in the middle of reviewing his “to do” list. KEVIN …And I’m finishing up the financial reporting analysis which I should have done before I leave tonight. MR. BENJAMIN (interrupts) Kevin, why are you going through your “to do” list with me? I trust you, I know you’re going to do everything.


“Held Hostage” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese KEVIN Well I just wanted to do a status with you since I’ll be on vacation next week. MR. BENJAMIN No you won’t. KEVIN (confused) Yes I will. MR. BENJAMIN Well you can’t, you’ll have to cancel your vacation. KEVIN (laughs nervously) Sir I haven’t taken a vacation yet this year. Besides, I’ve already made all my travel plans and have booked everything. MR. BENJAMIN Where are you going? KEVIN Barbados, I told you about this three weeks ago. MR. BENJAMIN Ahhh, Barbados, nice place, I’ve been there twice myself. You’ll just have to go there next year instead. KEVIN Sir, I don’t think you understand. MR. BENJAMIN (interrupts) No Kevin, I don’t think you understand. We’re coming up on a very busy period of work next week and I have two presentations to the board. I need your help with them, Kevin, I need you here. KEVIN If that’s the case, why did you allow me to take the days off in the first place?


“Held Hostage” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese MR. BENJAMIN I don’t ever remember agreeing to your vacation days. KEVIN But you did. MR. BENJAMIN It doesn’t matter what happened then, all I know is I need you here now. KEVIN But sir, I am allowed to take vacation days. MR. BENJAMIN That’s true, but conversely I’m allowed to hire someone that will get the job done. KEVIN Are you saying that you’re going to fire me if I take 5 days off out of the allotted 20 that I’m allowed? MR. BENJAMIN I’m saying that there is no room in this company for selfish employees. We want only fully dedicated team players around here. KEVIN So you’re going to fire me if I take my vacation next week? MR. BENJAMIN The short answer? Yes. KEVIN (thinking for a moment) Well then I guess I have no choice. cancel my trip.



MR. BENJAMIN (smiles) That’s the spirit! Now get back to work, we have a big day ahead of us.

“Held Hostage” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese KEVIN Thank you sir. Kevin stands up and walks out of the office totally dejected with his head hung low. INT. - KEVIN’S CUBICLE Kevin sits down at his desk and makes a phone call. KEVIN Yes, is this cheapcaribbean.com? Yes, I need to cancel my trip next week? (listens to response) Only 50% is cancelable? (thinking for a moment) OK, yeah, that sucks but I guess that’s going to have to be OK. (listens to response) OK, thank you. Kevin hangs up his phone and runs his fingers through his hair in a bout of frustration. LATER ON Late at night with only a few of the ceiling lights still on, Kevin’s head is resting peacefully on his desk. He’s sleeping and there’s drool on a few papers that are sitting beneath him. A JANITOR is walking down the hall pushing his garbage can when he notices Kevin sleeping in his cube. He stops in his tracks, enters the cube, gently puts his hand on Kevin’s shoulder and shakes him lightly. JANITOR (broken accent) Excuse me, excuse me, sir. Kevin, who’s clearly in deep sleep, doesn’t move so the janitor pushes him even harder. JANITOR Sir, you’re sleeping…in work. Wake up.


“Held Hostage” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese Finally Kevin starts waking up. He’s still out of it and initially has problems getting his bearings. KEVIN Wha? Where I am? JANITOR You’re at work, in your workspace. KEVIN What? Kevin rubs his eyes then looks at his desk clock – it says 1:00a. KEVIN Shit it’s one in the morning. (looks at the janitor) How long was I sleeping for? JANITOR I don’t know sir, I just saw you here right now. Kevin rifles through all the papers on his desk. KEVIN Shit, I have so much to do. I can’t believe I fell asleep, I don’t have time for sleep. I got to get my work done. JANITOR Sir, it’s 1 am. Go home and do it tomorrow, work will still be here. KEVIN You don’t understand, you’re a janitor. I have to do my work. JANITOR Go home sir. You look exhausted. You can’t just be all work and no play all the time. What kind of life is that? KEVIN Not much of one.


“Held Hostage” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese JANITOR So go home. The janitor starts heading out of the cube then turns back to Kevin. JANITOR Good night sir. Good night. me up. KEVIN By the way, thanks for waking


Kevin tries to go back to work by opening up a new file on his computer. Once he’s ready to start doing something on an excel sheet, he just stares at his computer and shakes his head. KEVIN (to himself) What the hell am I doing? shit. I’m out of here.

This is bull-

Kevin stands up, grabs his coat and briefcase then walks out of his cube. INT. – KEVIN’S APARTMENT After another long day at work, an exhausted Kevin walks into his dark apartment and immediately turns on a light. He puts his briefcase down by the front door and walks into the KITCHEN Where he pours himself a glass of whiskey on the rocks. The stove clock reads 1:30 am. He takes a sip then walks into the LIVING ROOM Where he plays a message from his answering machine. KEVIN’S MOM (O.S.) Oh hi, Kevin. Jeez, you’re never home. (MORE)

“Held Hostage” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese KEVIN’S MOM (O.S.) (cont’d) All I get is your answering machine all the time. I feel like your answering machine and me are best friends. Anyways, I just wanted to talk to you about Christmas. I figured that with your busy schedule you won’t be able to make it up to our house for the holidays so I assigned your bedroom to Uncle Brian and Aunt Kathy. Which is great because of Uncle Brian’s bad back and all, he’ll need a mattress with good support and your bed has that. Ohh, and it’s great that they’ll be able to make it up here from North Carolina, we haven’t seen them in the longest time. I just wish you could make it up too but I understand that you have work to do and you’re trying to make a name for yourself in the big city. Well anyways, take care of yourself in the big city and we’ll talk to you soon. Love you. KEVIN (sadly) Well…that’s a kick in the balls. I never said I couldn’t go up there for Christmas. Now I guess I’ll look like a dick if I do. Fucking A. Well I guess this is what my life has become. I shouldn’t be surprised anymore. People have to do what they have to do when it comes to me. Kevin sits down on his couch and punches the cushion next to him to release some anger. KEVIN Shit. Fuck me. Then he kicks off his shoes and puts his feet up on the coffee table in front of him. He still has a look of anger on his face after working another 18 hour day and hearing his mom’s voicemail. After taking another sip of his whiskey, he reaches over and turns on the lamp that sits on the end table next to him.


“Held Hostage” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese Next he grabs his remote control, turns on his TV and starts channel surfing. After flipping through random movies, old sitcoms, direct response commercials, talk shows and other typical late night programming, Kevin lands on MSNBC’s “Lockup” prison documentary series. He immediately becomes intrigued over the episode which is chronicling life on Riker’s Island. KEVIN (to himself) Life on Riker’s Island…this is interesting. He watches the program intently, following every word said and every action on the screen. KEVIN Three meals a day…access to a TV and leisure time…mandatory exercise one hour a day outside…conjugal visits? (pauses) Prison doesn’t sound half bad compared to my life in corporate America. Especially the three meals a day, right now I don’t eat breakfast, I typically skip lunch because I don’t have the time, and usually my dinner consists of whatever can provide the most sustenance in the vending machine at work, which is pretty much an oxymoron. Kevin takes another sip of his whiskey and sits back on the couch. KEVIN (devilish smile) Yeah, prison doesn’t sound bad at all. INT. – KEVIN’S OFFICE BUILDING, LOBBY Kevin is waiting in the crowded lobby reading his AMNY when the elevator opens up. He boards it along with 15 other co-workers.


“Held Hostage” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese INT. – KEVIN’S CUBICLE As soon as Kevin walks into his cube and puts down his briefcase, MR. Benjamin enters and greets him. MR. BENJAMIN Kevin, good you’re here. KEVIN What’s up Mr. Benjamin? MR. BENJAMIN Come to the boardroom, there’s some important news about promotions. KEVIN (excitedly) Promotions? MR. BENJAMIN Yes, promotions. Come, now. KEVIN OK, yes sir. On my way, let me just grab my notebook. As Mr. Benjamin walks out of his cube, Kevin takes a moment to catch his breath and calm down. He fixes his hair and takes a deep breath to get over his excitement. KEVIN (to himself) OK, relax Kevin, relax, this is just the day you’ve been waiting for for the last 12 months. And it’s finally here. Thank god. (pauses) OK, let’s do this. Kevin strides confidently out of his cube. INT. – GRAND CONFERENCE ROOM Once again, Mr. Fox, the chairman of the company, is holding court at the front of the room filled with many executives.


“Held Hostage” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese Kevin is sitting along the wall with a bunch of other junior executives; Chip is sitting next to him. MR. FOX Good morning everyone, and it is a good morning. Our 3Q fiscal year numbers were just reported yesterday and they were great. As you all know we were under a hiring, promotion and raise freeze pending results from our last fiscal quarter. Well I’m happy to report that based on our outstanding 3Q, we are now in a position to finally lift that freeze. The room breaks out in loud applause upon hearing the news. MR. FOX (cont’d) Thank you, thank you. It’s been a challenging year and I’ve had to make some really tough decisions, but thankfully last night I was able to make some really easy decisions. Last night I approved the first promotion of the year. A wide smile beams across Kevin’s face. MR. FOX (cont’d) This man that we’re recognizing today has given his life to the company. He’s done everything we’ve asked him to do and more. And he does it with a smile on his face all the time. This guy is intelligent and detailed; he always gets things done, and gets them done the right way, fast and efficient. He’s a real go-getter, and a great guy to have in the clubhouse too. Kevin accepts a pat on the back from another friend sitting next to him figuring that he’s the one being promoted so he graciously gives him a handshake in return. MR. FOX (cont’d) I’m extraordinarily pleased to announce our newest partner at the firm…Chip, get up here you rock star.


“Held Hostage” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese The group of executives stand up and give Chip a raucous round of applause while Kevin just sits there in stunned silence. KEVIN (quietly to himself) Un-fuckin’-believable. An elated Chip jumps out of his seat and warmly shakes everyone’s hand around him. CHIP I did it! He turns to Kevin, who is still sitting, and pats him on the shoulder. Then he extends his hand which Kevin only halfheartedly accepts. Chip sprints up to the front of the room and gives his mentor, Mr. Peterson, a warm hug then shakes Mr. Fox’s hand. CHIP Guys, I don’t know what to say. I’d like to thank everyone, especially Mr. Fox and my mentor, Mr. Peterson, for believing in me and making me a better employee for the good of this firm. I’m also glad to see that my hard work and dedication has been noticed by management. This is an awesome place to work. Thank you. The room breaks out into another round of applause while Kevin continues sitting there sulking and staring blankly into space. MR. FOX OK, everyone that’s the big news for the morning so get back to work and be prepared to celebrate at our holiday party which starts promptly at 5pm tonight. KEVIN (quietly to himself) Oh, I’ll be prepared. LATER ON


“Held Hostage” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese INT. – OFFICE BATHROOM Kevin is pacing back and forth in the bathroom trying to figure out what he can do to release his frustration. He finally decides to take out all his aggression on an innocent trash can. KEVIN (yelling) Cocksucker, motherfucker, stupid fucking cunt, jerkoff, faggot fucks. Kevin stops kicking the trash can for a moment to regain his composure, then goes back to working it over. KEVIN (cont’d) Son-of-a-bitch douchebags that can all go fuck their stupid retarded grandmothers. I hate you fucking fucks, I fucking hate you lying fucking bastards. I hope you all die in a motherfucking fire. An unsuspecting AFRICAN AMERICAN CO-WORKER walks into the bathroom but is immediately admonished by Kevin. KEVIN (pointing at him) Get the fuck out of here Jerry. Sorry dude. JERRY Continue.


Kevin goes back to kicking the trash can once again. KEVIN Low-life piss drinking cunts, comeguzzling fucks, I hate all you motherfucking cocks. Mr. Benjamin can eat a big fat dick, Mr. Fox can eat a big fat dick, Peterson can eat a big fat dick. And Chip, you can lick my motherfucking balls you lazy, empty suit bitch motherfucker. Take the shaft in too you fucking queer. You’re all a bunch of vaginas. Shit eating dickheads, all I need is fifteen minutes, fifteen minutes with (MORE)

“Held Hostage” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese KEVIN (cont’d) you punk ass motherfuckers and I’ll kick the shit out of all you dick-sucking fucks. I’ll punch you all in your tits you fucking little bitches. Fuck you. Kevin stops kicking the trash can and tries to regain his composure. He walks over to a sink, fixes his hair then stares into the mirror for a moment. I’ll show them. all right. LATER ON INT. – KEVIN’S CUBICLE Chip walks in and knocks on the wall as Kevin is mindlessly surfing the web on his computer. CHIP Knock, knock. Kevin turns around and notices that it’s Chip so he acknowledges him then turns back to his computer. KEVIN Hey. CHIP What’s up Kevin? KEVIN Nothing. CHIP Hey man, are you OK? KEVIN Yeah, why do you ask? CHIP I don’t know, you seem kinda quiet today. Did I piss you off or something? KEVIN I’ll show those fucks


“Held Hostage” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese KEVIN No, no, I’m fine. CHIP Are you sure you’re not pissed off at me? Kevin turns away from his computer to look at Chip. KEVIN I’m fine Chip, believe me. CHIP OK, do you want to do some lunch then? KEVIN Ummm, no I can’t, sorry. Kevin turns back to his desk and starts flipping through files. KEVIN (cont’d) I have all this work to finish. CHIP OK, well I guess I’ll see you tonight at the Christmas party. We’ll have a beer together. KEVIN Yeah, ummm, sounds good. CHIP Great, I’ll see you later. Chip walks out of his cube while Kevin goes back to surfing on the web. EXT. – WASHINGTON SQUARE PARK – DAY Kevin walks slowly through a crowded park during his lunch break. The park is filled with other professionals, local NYU college students, little children playing, the periodic homeless man laid out across a bench, and other shady people that give the place its’ character.


“Held Hostage” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese Upon entering the center of the park, Kevin stops and does a 360 seemingly looking for someone in particular. After a few moments, Kevin notices a young, tall and skinny AFRICAN AMERICAN TEENAGER standing by himself on the other side of the park pacing back and forth and looking shady. The guy is in his late teens, maybe even early twenties, but he does look young nonetheless. After eyeing him for a little bit, Kevin decides that he’s the guy he’s looking for and cautiously makes his way over to him. KEVIN (sheepishly) Excuse me, are you Tyrone? TYRONE (coldly) Who the fuck are you?



Kevin gives him a fake name to conceal his identity. KEVIN I’m Philip, we talked on the internet this morning. TYRONE Are you 5-0? KEVIN Do I look 5-0? Tyrone looks Kevin up and down. TYRONE God damn right you do. KEVIN Well I’m not. TYRONE Whatever, I’m out of here. Tyrone starts to walk away but Kevin gently places his hand on his arm to stop him.

“Held Hostage” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese KEVIN Wait, wait. Come on, I just want to buy something you have. I’m desperate. And I’m not a cop. TYRONE I’ll be the judge of that. (pauses) Step into my office. Tyrone walks down a path leading out of the park while Kevin rushes to keep pace with him. KEVIN Where’s your office? TYRONE Definitely not here. This place is crawling with pigs. It was only five years ago when you could come down here and openly score the drug of your choice, coke, crack, black tar, meth. Not any more though, fucking Bloomberg. KEVIN Wasn’t it Guiliani that started the crackdown? TYRONE What’s the difference? They’re the same motherfucker. Tyrone approaches a beat up VAN with tinted windows sitting on a street along the park. Here we are. What? Yes. KEVIN I’m not going to get into a van. TYRONE Why not? Here? TYRONE Get in. KEVIN This? TYRONE


“Held Hostage” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese KEVIN I don’t even know you. I don’t want to end up duct taped, wrapped in a rug and thrown out in East New York. TYRONE You’ve got quite the imagination. KEVIN I watch the local news. TYRONE Do you want my product or what? KEVIN I haven’t even seen your product. TYRONE No shit dickhead, do you think I was going to whip it out in front of all those people back there? Tyrone opens up the side door of the van. TYRONE Come on, time is money. I’ve got better things to do than stand outside freezing my ass off. KEVIN (thinking for a moment) OK. Kevin jumps into the van and is quickly followed in by Tyrone who closes the door behind him. INT. – GUN SELLER’S VAN Once Kevin gets settled, he immediately becomes uncomfortable when he realizes that there’s another man sitting in the driver’s seat. KEVIN Who’s that? That? TYRONE Oh that’s just my boy Terry.


Tyrone notices how uncomfortable Kevin is getting.

“Held Hostage” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese TYRONE (cont’d) Relax homeboy, we’re not going to do anything to you. We’re businessmen, we’re just looking to make a sale. KEVIN OK, let’s just get this over with. I see the merchandise? KEVIN Sure thing boss. (pauses) Terry, pass it back here. Terry looks around the streets to make sure there are no cops passing by, then he grabs a brown bag from the passenger’s seat and passes it back to Tyrone. Tyrone takes the bag and pulls out a 45-caliber Beretta. TYRONE Here you go Phil, an honest to goodness 45-caliber Beretta, just like the ones you see in the movies. Kevin is in awe over seeing a gun up close and personal for the first time in his life. KEVIN It’s beautiful. Tyrone takes the clip out of the gun followed by the bullet in the chamber and hands it over to him. TYRONE Want to try it out for size? Tyrone notices that Kevin is fumbling around with the gun a little bit. TYRONE Is this the first time you’ve ever held a gun? KEVIN I’ve shot a BB gun before, but that’s it. Never really held a real gun. Can


“Held Hostage” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese TYRONE It feels powerful, doesn’t it? KEVIN It sure does. TYRONE So we have a sale? KEVIN (thinking) Yes. TYRONE Good, like I said through our chat, $400. KEVIN Fine by me. Kevin takes out an envelope that was concealed on the inside of his coat and takes out a wad of cash to count it. TYRONE Tell me something, what does a cleancut, Joe college, corporate guy like yourself need a gun for? What are you tired of the barista at your Starbucks fucking up your coffee order so you’re going to correct his ass? KEVIN Let’s just say I have a few scores to settle. Without turning around in the driver’s seat, Terry finally speaks up while eying Kevin down in his rear view mirror. TERRY He’s probably the victim of some ponzi scheme, or some stupid white collar shit like that. TYRONE (laughs) Yeah, I can see white boy being taken for a ride like that. Tyrone looks Kevin up and down again.


“Held Hostage” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese TYRONE (cont’d) I can definitely see that. Kevin’s trying his best to get out of the van as quickly as possible so he pushes the $400 in twenties into Tyrone’s hands. KEVIN Here’s your money. Can I just get my gun and get out of here? Tyrone immediately hands the money up to Terry so he can count it. TYRONE Sure thing. Terry, count the dough. Hey to be honest, I don’t care what you need the gun for, it’s none of my damn business. I’m a businessman, I’m just trying to supply for a demand in this fair city. The van fills with an uncomfortable silence while Terry counts the money. Tyrone stares Kevin down while Kevin tries his best to look anywhere except at Tyrone. TYRONE We good? TERRY Yeah, we good. TYRONE OK then Philip, it was a pleasure doing business with you. Tyrone loads the gun, puts in back in the brown bag and hands it over to Kevin. KEVIN Thank you. Tyrone opens the side door of the van and let’s Kevin jump out. TYRONE Ohhh and Philip.


“Held Hostage” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese Kevin turns back around on the sidewalk to look at him. TYRONE (cont’d) Forget that you ever met us and lose all my contact info from the web. None of this ever happened. You got me? KEVIN Yes. And with that Tyrone closes the side door and the van drives off down the street. LATER ON INT. – KEVIN’S OFFICE BUILDING ELEVATOR Kevin quietly rides up the elevator to go back to work and join the holiday party that’s just started. While he anxiously waits to get to his floor, he decides to take a few moments to fix his hair in the reflection of the elevator walls. Suddenly, the ping of his floor sounds marking his arrival. KEVIN’S OFFICE FLOOR LOBBY The elevator door opens and Kevin immediately sees a big Holiday office party taking place in and around the lobby. As soon as he steps out of the elevator he’s greeted by a very DRUNK MALE CO-WORKER with his tie loosened, stumbling around and carrying a bottle of champagne. DRUNK MALE CO-WORKER (hugging Kevin) Merry Christmas, my friend! KEVIN (sheepishly) Happy holidays, guy. Kevin makes his way through the revelry until he hits the bar on the other side of the lobby.


“Held Hostage” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese KEVIN Can I get a vodka soda? OFFICE BARTENDER Certainly sir. The OFFICE BARTENDER working behind the makeshift bar quickly pours him his drink and hands it to him. Kevin takes a couple sips from it then turns around and surveys the scene. Although it’s only late afternoon, he sees most of his coworkers already getting buzzed and a couple other male and female co-workers getting cozy on some couches sprinkled throughout the area. After a few moments, a slightly inebriated Chip approaches Kevin and puts his arm around his shoulder. CHIP There you are, I’ve been looking all over for you. KEVIN What’s going on, I didn’t think the holiday party was starting for another two hours? CHIP Well old man Fox wanted to kick off the party early. Chip leans in to whisper to Kevin. CHIP (cont’d) But if you ask me, I think he and the executive council just ended up getting drunk at lunch and wanted to continue the festivities back here. (pauses) What are you doing man? Where were you? KEVIN I…ummm, was just running some errands. Ohh, yeah? have to run? CHIP What kind of errands do you


“Held Hostage” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese KEVIN Just had to buy some presents for the family. CHIP Ohh yeah? (looking around Kevin) I don’t see them anywhere. Where are they? KEVIN Ummm, I don’t have them…I put them on layaway. CHIP Layaway? Chip playfully smacks Kevin in the face because he knows he’s kidding. CHIP (cont’d) You funny bastard. (pauses) Come on, let’s get a drink. Chip tries his best to drag Kevin back to the bar but he resists. KEVIN No, I’m OK, I just got a drink. CHIP OK, how about a shot then. KEVIN No, no, no shot. CHIP And why not? KEVIN Because it’s 3 o’clock! It’s a marathon not a sprint. Believe me I plan on going all day and all night so just let me be. You don’t want me being a punk that passes out at 7 o’clock, do you?


“Held Hostage” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese CHIP I suppose you’re right. (pauses) Fine, I’m going to make the rounds, but we’re getting together for your next drink, OK? KEVIN You got it. In an effort to get Chip away from him, Kevin gives him a solid handshake and gently pushes him away. CHIP Good. Kevin walks slowly through the lobby area surveying the scene again. He walks over to the bathroom and enters. BATHROOM As soon as he enters, he notices a WOMAN on her knees giving a blowjob to a MALE CO-WORKER against the far wall. KEVIN (embarrassingly) Ohhh sorry. Don’t worry, I didn’t see anything. Kevin quickly exits the bathroom while the couple doesn’t miss a beat as the man leaning against the wall moans in ecstasy. LOBBY Kevin continues walking around the party. After a while, he notices Chip talking to Mr. Peterson and Mr. Fox on the other side of the room. They’re really yucking it up as Mr. Peterson gives Chip a big belly laugh followed by a pat on the back. Chip takes a cigar out of his jacket pocket, smells it then puts it up to Mr. Peterson’s nose so he can smell it too.


“Held Hostage” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese Mr. Peterson nods his head in approval which is followed by Chip shaking his head seemingly pointing to a place where they can go smoke it. The three of them walk out of the lobby as Mr. Peterson’s arm is draped around Chip’s shoulder. Kevin slowly follows them. GRAND CONFERENCE ROOM Chip, Mr. Peterson and Mr. Fox are all standing by an open window enjoying their cigars while blowing the smoke outside. MR. FOX It was a great year you’ve had young man. Mr. Fox pats Chip on the shoulder. MR. FOX (cont’d) We’re expecting even bigger things from you next year. Kevin walks up to the open door and hides off to the side so he can hear their conversation without being seen. CHIP Well I expect to deliver those big things for you and the company next year. MR. FOX And Bob, you’ve done a hell of a job mentoring this gentleman. MR. PETERSON My pleasure Mr. Fox, but all the credit should go to Chip. He’s always been so eager to learn and he’s quite attentive. CHIP Please, guys, you’re making me blush! MR. FOX You deserve all this acclamation though. CHIP How are those Patels?


“Held Hostage” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese MR. PETERSON Fabulous. CHIP Good because they cost a fortune. MR. FOX Well Chip, with that fat raise you just got you definitely can afford it. CHIP That is true. Thank you for that. (pauses) Here watch this fellas. Chip takes a deep puff from his cigar, concentrates for a bit then blows a smoke ring that sits in the middle of them for a moment before dissipating out the window. Both Mr. Fox and Mr. Peterson are awed by Chip’s trick. CHIP Just a little trick I learned from the boys at Yale. MR. FOX Nice, very nice. CHIP Should we head back to the party? I feel like we’re being a little anti-social. MR. FOX All in good time, Chip. I’m enjoying just relaxing here for a bit with a nice stogie. Kevin has heard enough and decides to walk away from the conference room. LOBBY Kevin walks back into the lobby where he immediately bumps into Mr. Benjamin who is walking the other way. MR. BENJAMIN Kevin, what are you in a rush for?


“Held Hostage” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese KEVIN Ohhh, ummm, no reason. MR. BENJAMIN Well calm down, it’s Christmas. Well it’s the holiday party at least. You can take one night off, right? KEVIN I guess that depends, sir. anything? Do you need


MR. BENJAMIN Good point. (thinks for a moment) No, I think we’re good, but we do have another big day tomorrow, so don’t get too drunk tonight, you hear? Mr. Benjamin lets out a hearty laugh then playfully punches Kevin in the shoulder. Kevin actually gets a little hurt from the punch and rubs his shoulder. KEVIN Yes sir. MR. BENJAMIN You look a little low on your drink. Let’s get another cocktail. KEVIN Ummm, not right now sir. to the bathroom. I have to go

MR. BENJAMIN Ahhh, I know how it is. Bladder’s all fill. What did you have two drinks? (laughs) Lightweight. KEVIN Something like that. MR. BENJAMIN OK, when you get back let’s belly up to the bar and have a drink together. KEVIN Certainly sir.

“Held Hostage” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese Kevin walks over to a different bathroom than before and enters it. DIFFERENT BATHROOM ON THE FLOOR He walks over to the mirror and looks intently into it while taking a deep breath. KEVIN (quietly to himself) OK, I’m going to do it…I’m going to do it. After that he hears a toilet flush and his co-worker, Jerry, walks out of a stall. Jerry walks up to the sink next to Kevin and washes his hands. JERRY (curiously) What are you going to do? KEVIN What? JERRY I dunno, I just heard you say that you’re “going to do it.” KEVIN Ohhh, umm, nothing. I just meant that I’m going to finally take a vacation, going to Barbados. JERRY Good for you. You need a break. All the guys around here see how hard you work all the time. All work and no play makes Kevin a dull boy. Oh and I hear Barbados is lovely this time of year. Jerry grabs a paper towel, dries his hands then takes a jump shot to throw it out in the trash can. JERRY (cont’d) Well, I’ll see you back at the party. Maybe we’ll grab a shot together. KEVIN OK.


“Held Hostage” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese Jerry walks out of the bathroom as Kevin goes back to staring at himself in the mirror. After a few moments of intense silence, Kevin speaks quietly to himself again. KEVIN OK. OK. OK. I’m going to do it. Now is the time to do it. OK, OK, OK, it’s going to be done. Kevin fixes his hair then walks out of the bathroom and back into the LOBBY As he walks across the room, Mr. Benjamin shouts out to him. MR. BENJAMIN Kevin, get your ass over here! Kevin walks over to him. KEVIN Yes sir. MR. BENJAMIN You ready for that drink now? KEVIN (smiles) Why yes, yes I am. Mr. Benjamin walks Kevin over to the bar. MR. BENJAMIN Kevin, what would you like? KEVIN I’ll take a vodka soda. MR. BENJAMIN No, no, no. Screw that chick shit. Let’s drink like men tonight. KEVIN OK, what would you suggest?


“Held Hostage” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese MR. BENJAMIN Two scotches on the rocks. OFFICE BARTENDER Coming right up sir. The bartender quickly pours the two drinks and gives them to the guys. MR. BENJAMIN So what’s new Kevin? KEVIN Not much sir. MR. BENJAMIN Really, how can nothing be new? KEVIN Well sir, when you spend every waking hour at work, like I do, you don’t have much of a chance to have anything new happen in your life. MR. BENJAMIN You’ve always been so overdramatic Kevin. One of your few character flaws if I may be so blunt. KEVIN You know sir, I just saw Mr. Fox, Mr. Peterson and Chip sneaking out for a cigar break in the conference room. Would you like to join them? MR. BENJAMIN Yes, let’s go. I’m always in the mood for a good cigar. KEVIN Great let’s go. Kevin leads Mr. Benjamin out of the lobby. GRAND CONFERENCE ROOM Chip, Mr. Fox and Mr. Peterson are still standing by the window smoking their cigars when Kevin and Mr. Benjamin walk up to the opened door.


“Held Hostage” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese KEVIN (knocks on the door) Knock, knock. Kevin and Mr. Benjamin walk into the room. KEVIN Gentlemen, I hope you don’t mind but we thought we’d hang out with the cool kids for a while. MR. FOX Jon, Kevin, come in and join us. MR. BENJAMIN Do you gents have any more of those cigars? CHIP Sorry, those were my last three. MR. PETERSON I’ve got some in my office. grab them. Let me go


Kevin closes the door and stands in front of it before Mr. Peterson can walk over. KEVIN I don’t think so Mr. Peterson. MR. PETERSON (confused) Why not?


Kevin pulls out a GUN from behind his back in his waistband and points it at Mr. Peterson. KEVIN Because I said so. Next he waves it across Chip’s, Mr. Fox’s and Mr. Benjamin’s faces. All four of them think this is a sick joke and Chip attempts to approach him but is quickly rebuffed by Kevin.

“Held Hostage” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese CHIP (laughs) Kevin, what the hell is this? fuck are you doing?


What the

KEVIN Stay back Chip or I’ll pop a cap in your ass. CHIP Pop a cap in my ass, seriously? What is that, a squirt gun? Actually looks pretty realistic. Chip moves closer but Kevin holds him off by waving the gun in his face. KEVIN Don’t come any closer Chip, I’m serious. CHIP (angrily) This isn’t funny anymore Kevin. KEVIN You know what isn’t funny either? Kevin walks up behind Mr. Benjamin and pistol whips him across the neck. He falls to the ground writhing in pain. KEVIN Being pistol whipped like a bitch! MR. FOX (shocked) Kevin, what are you doing? KEVIN Taking out my severance. MR. BENJAMIN You’re fucking crazy. KEVIN Working 18 hours a day, seven days a week, 52 weeks a year for a jerkoff boss and a company that doesn’t give a dick about me? Yeah, I am fucking crazy! But now I’ve seen the light.

“Held Hostage” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese MR. FOX It doesn’t have to be like this. KEVIN I don’t know what other way it can be. CHIP This sounds like a problem for upper management, what am I doing wrapped up in this? KEVIN Are you kidding me Chip? of the problem. CHIP Really? How so? KEVIN For one, feeding Mr. Peterson’s ego by being his bitch boy at squash. For two, your shit work ethic. You are the laziest motherfucker I’ve ever seen, but somehow you make it work for yourself because of the ineptness by the management team to comprehend real value. CHIP So that’s what it is, you’re jealous? This touches a nerve with Kevin who retaliates by pistol whipping Chip across the face. Chip falls to the ground, grabbing his face in pain. CHIP Oww, fuck you Kevin. KEVIN No, fuck you. Kevin kicks Chip in the face. Next Kevin walks over to Mr. Fox and Mr. Peterson. KEVIN Now, now, Mr. Fox and Mr. Peterson, what to do with you two bitches. You’re part


“Held Hostage” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese MR. FOX What do you want? A raise? KEVIN The time for that is over. life back.


A promotion? I want my

MR. FOX Taking our lives won’t give you back yours. KEVIN You want to bet? (pauses) I saw this great show on MSNBC last night. Or actually this morning. You see, I typically don’t get home from work until after midnight because this place is such a fucking slave shop. Anyways, it was a prison documentary series called “Lockup.” In it they showed the day-today life of inmates on Riker’s Island. Three square meals a day, exercise time, access to a TV. They live better than me. (pauses) So yes, in a really fucked up way, if I take your lives, I, in turn, will get a life in prison. It’s sad but true. MR. FOX There’s got to be another way. MR. PETERSON If you don’t like it, why didn’t you just quit? KEVIN I, unfortunately, in my naïve state, hung on because of the empty promises that were constantly fed to me. I know, that was my fault. Mr. Benjamin looks up from the floor. MR. BENJAMIN Empty promises? I told you that you were going to be taken care of eventually.

“Held Hostage” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese KEVIN Eventually? When does eventually ever happen? See, even at the end you’re still a cocksucking liar. MR. BENJAMIN What do you mean? KEVIN How can you lay there with a straight face and expect me to believe that you were ever actually going to take care of me? MR. BENJAMIN But I was, I swear to god I was. KEVIN No you weren’t. MR. BENJAMIN I swear, I put in the paperwork, I approved it. It was on Fox’s desk, ask him. MR. FOX Are you fucking kidding me Jon? I saw no such thing from you or your office. MR. BENJAMIN (lying) Come on Fox, you know I had my secretary put it on your desk a full two weeks ago. (pauses) Did she not put it on your desk? MR. FOX No. Now you’re just making shit up to try to save yourself. KEVIN Hey, do you pricks want to have your little lover’s quarrel on your own time? Mr. Benjamin ignores Kevin.


“Held Hostage” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese MR. BENJAMIN Really Fox? All I know is that I’ve been an advocate of Kevin’s for years now. To be on the safe side, Kevin gives Mr. Benjamin a kick to the side because he thinks he’s lying. KEVIN Bullshit. MR. BENJAMIN (coughs) What? KEVIN You heard me. Bullshit. You’ve never been an advocate of mine. In fact no one here has ever been an advocate of mine. MR. PETERSON Sorry Kevin, but this is corporate America. KEVIN What’s that supposed to mean? MR. PETERSON Ummm, grow up and get a pair. KEVIN What? MR. PETERSON Exactly what I said. The world is harsh and cold. No one is going to be your advocate, you have to be your own advocate. So stop being such a pussy. KEVIN You were Chip’s advocate though. MR. PETERSON Well Chip is different. KEVIN How so?


“Held Hostage” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese MR. PETERSON Because he’s got “it.” He is a future leader. Everyone loves him, he’s a great guy and he does great things for this company. He’s a rising star and the intelligent people around our office would be wise to hitch themselves to him. In response Kevin pistol whips him across the face which makes Mr. Peterson fall to the floor like a sack of potatoes. KEVIN You’re a retard too. Kevin sits down at the conference table and contemplates things. KEVIN Seriously, what is wrong with this place? MR. FOX What do you mean? KEVIN Is everyone here a complete fucking moron? MR. FOX You’re talking to people that all have Ivy league degrees so I think you can figure that out on your own. KEVIN Oh, you’re right, I can. Kevin stands up and walks right up to Mr. Fox. KEVIN (cont’d) You know, I think I’m going to have to regulate just for that Ivy League comment. MR. FOX Regulate? Just as he gets his comment out, Kevin punches Mr. Fox right in the face with an open fist.


“Held Hostage” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese Mr. Fox rolls around the floor in pain, now all four men in the room with Kevin are down on the floor. Kevin walks around the room admiring his work and feeling a sense of dominance over his superiors and Chip. KEVIN Look at you bitches now. I’m completely dominant over you jerkoffs. MR. BENJAMIN (looks up at Kevin) Why are you so angry at us? KEVIN Hmmm, let’s see. Ummm, I don’t know, maybe because this place cost me my girlfriend, my best friends and my family. This place cost me everything, everything that I held dear and cared about. And you motherfuckers didn’t give two shits about it. MR. BENJAMIN Well now we will. MR. FOX Yes, now we will. Too late. KEVIN It’s too late for that.


MR. BENJAMIN I don’t think it’s too late. KEVIN Do you understand that my girlfriend, the love of my life, came out and said one night that she couldn’t deal with my work schedule anymore. She actually said she was dumping me because I didn’t pay enough attention to her. And do you know why I didn’t pay enough attention to her? Because of this place. Do you know how ridiculous that sounds in hindsight? All of you losers spend more time out of the office than in it, going to Vail, St. Bart’s, Monte Carlo and (MORE)

“Held Hostage” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese KEVIN (cont’d) wherever else you rich people go. While I stay behind toiling on all these great presentations that I get no credit for. (pauses) Mr. Fox, do you think Mr. Benjamin has done dick at this company in the last five years? (pauses) Of course he hasn’t. I’ve done everything for him. All those presentations he gave to the board were mine. Every single word of them. Kevin kneels down besides Mr. Benjamin and sticks his gun into his mouth. KEVIN (cont’d) Let’s see if he’ll have the balls to admit what everyone else, except for senior management, already knows. (pauses) Come on bitch. Admit it. I do all your work. Suddenly there’s a knock at the door and Kevin gets startled. KEVIN Yo, who is it? JERRY (O.S.) It’s Jerry. Kevin looks at everyone in the room and points his gun at them. KEVIN (whispers) If anyone says anything, I’ll shoot them. (pauses) What do you want Jerry? JERRY (O.S.) Just seeing what’s going on Kevin. It seems like we’re missing a few of the guys from the party so I just wanted to make sure I’m not missing out on anything.


“Held Hostage” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese KEVIN You’re not. We’re just finishing up some business talk in here. JERRY (O.S.) Business talk? KEVIN Yeah, business talk. Kevin puts Mr. Benjamin in a headlock and sticks his gun against his head just to further intimidate everyone in the room. JERRY (O.S.) But it’s the holiday party! KEVIN True, but money never sleeps. JERRY (O.S.) You’ve got that right. (pauses) So you guys coming out soon? KEVIN Yeah, give us about 5-10 minutes. OK. JERRY (O.S.) I’ll see you guys in a little while.


KEVIN Great, we’ll have a cocktail together in a bit. Kevin lets go of his headlock on Mr. Benjamin then stands back up. CHIP You’re fucked. KEVIN What do you mean? CHIP What’s going to happen when Jerry comes back in 5 minutes and we’re still holed up in here? You’ll be figured out.

“Held Hostage” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese KEVIN That might be true, but I have more than one clip for my gun. I have plenty of bullets to go around. CHIP You’re going to kill Jerry? he ever do to you? What did


KEVIN I guess I’d just have to chalk that up to collateral damage. MR. FOX I never thought you’d become this. never seemed like the psycho type. You

KEVIN I’m not a psycho Mr. Fox. I was completely normal growing up and going to college. If anything, this place made me psycho. (pauses) This company made me a psycho. That’s the god’s honest truth. MR. FOX Unlike what you’re doing now, nobody ever put a gun to your head and made you do anything. Nobody forced you to come into this company every day. KEVIN That may be true but I was also threatened with expulsion if I didn’t do everything that was asked of me. (pauses) So when it’s put like that, what would you do? Kevin looks around the room and sees blank stares on everyone’s face. KEVIN (cont’d) Exactly. Kevin walks around the room looking at the three powerful men and Chip all rolling around the floor in pain.

“Held Hostage” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese He’s taking a sick pleasure out of finally having control over them. KEVIN So the question is “what do I do with you guys now?” (pauses) Do I beat the shit out of you all then let you go? (pauses) Do I take you guys hostage and let you Go once I escape? (pauses) Or do I just kill you all? (pauses) Hmmm, decisions, decisions. Kevin continues walking around the room then kneels down in front of Mr. Benjamin and looks him directly in the eyes. KEVIN (cont’d) You know, I’m tempted to just kill you all. (pauses) But I’m not going to do that…yet. (pauses) No, first I’m going to make you all suffer, just like you’ve made me suffer over the last several years. CHIP Again, why do you need to do this to me? I don’t understand. Kevin stands up and walks over to Chip. KEVIN I consider you just a nice little bonus. Kevin kicks Chip in the side of his ribs. After that, he picks up a half-smoked cigar that is sitting on the windowsill, sits down, kicks his feet up onto the table and takes a puff from it. KEVIN (mockingly) Let me see if I can blow one of those smoke rings that Chip can do so well.


“Held Hostage” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese Kevin tries a few times to blow a smoke ring but fails miserably each time. KEVIN Owww, look at that. Just something else I can’t do as well as Chip. Maybe you did deserve that promotion over me after all. Kevin sits there in silence for a few moments until “Jingle Bells” starts playing on the floor-wide intercom system in the conference room. KEVIN (smiles) What’s that? Jingle Bells? Nice, I’m in a festive mood. I think I’ll sing along. Kevin stands up and walks around the room tormenting Mr. Benjamin, Mr. Fox, Mr. Peterson and Chip to the rhythm of “Jingle Bells” as he sings along to the song. KEVIN Dashing through the snow In a one horse open sleigh O’er the fields we go Laughing all the way Kevin winds up his leg and kicks Mr. Fox in the side of his ribs. KEVIN (cont’d) Ha, ha ha! Then he turns around, kneels down and punches Mr. Peterson in the face. KEVIN (cont’d) Bells on bob tails ring Making spirits bright Kevin crawls over to Chip and begins gouging his eyes. KEVIN (cont’d) What fun it is to laugh and sing A sleighing song tonight


“Held Hostage” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese Next Kevin stands up, walks over to Mr. Benjamin and starts kicking the back of his knees. He decides to take liberties with the next set of lyrics and make up his own. KEVIN (cont’d) Oh, juggle my balls, juggle my balls Juggle them down your throats Oh, what fun it is to see You bitches squealing in pain Juggle my balls, juggle my balls Juggle them down your throats Oh, what fun it is to see You bitches squealing in pain. (pauses) OK, that last part didn’t really rhyme but I never said I was much of a songwriter, did I Chip? Kevin kicks Chip in the ribs again. KEVIN Did I Chip? I never said I was much of a songwriter, right? CHIP (coughs) No. KEVIN You’re right, I’m not a songwriter. Kevin sits down on the floor next to Mr. Benjamin. KEVIN Well looky what we have here, this vacation-taking motherfucker. The once powerful Mr. Benjamin is now a whimpering little crybaby. Look at yourself, you’re pathetic. Kevin holds his gun to Mr. Benjamin’s head. KEVIN (cont’d) You’re next vacation is going to be in hell you ungrateful bastard. Kevin fakes pulling the trigger.


“Held Hostage” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese KEVIN BOOM! (laughs) Ha! I got you! You thought I was really going to shoot you, ha. Mr. Benjamin sighs in relief. KEVIN (cont’d) Not yet at least. Mr. Benjamin’s look of relief vanishes from his face quickly thereafter. The next song comes over the intercom system – “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.” However, this time Kevin decides to sing his own version of the song as he stands up over Mr. Benjamin and looks down at him. KEVIN This song goes out to the worst boss in the whole wide world…Mr. Benjamin. Or Benji as I like to call him. Kevin periodically kicks a defenseless Mr. Benjamin in the side of his ribs as emphasis when he gets to the end of a line. KEVIN (cont’d) Benji the dick nosed asshole Had a very shiny head. And if you ever saw him You would say he should be dead. (kicks Mr. Benjamin) Like Osama! (kicks Mr. Benjamin) All of the other co-workers Used to laugh and call him names; (kicks Mr. Benjamin) Like douchebag cocksucker! (kicks Mr. Benjamin) They always thought poor Benji Was a pedophile freak (kicks Mr. Benjamin) Like Sandusky! (MORE)


“Held Hostage” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese KEVIN (cont’d) (kicks Mr. Benjamin) Then one foggy Christmas Eve, Kevin came to say, Benji with your attitude like shit I’m going to fuck you up like a bitch Since all his co-workers hated him So they shouted out with glee (kicks Mr. Benjamin) Yippie! (kicks Mr. Benjamin) Benji the dick nosed asshole, You’ll go down in history. (kicks Mr. Benjamin) Like Hitler! Kevin adds one final kick to Mr. Benjamin’s abdomen for final emphasis. After the song ends, Kevin sits down to catch his breath having expended so much energy beating up Mr. Benjamin. KEVIN Phew! That was exhausting. it Jonny? How you feeling? MR. BENJAMIN (coughs) Fuck you, you little punk. Fuck me? KEVIN No, fuck you. Wasn’t


Kevin grabs Mr. Benjamin’s neck and brings his head up close to him. He then sticks his gun into Mr. Benjamin’s mouth. KEVIN How does it feel to have a gun in your mouth? Probably like it feels to have a dick in your mouth. Oh yeah, I’m sure you know all about that, don’t you? Tell me you like dick. (pauses) Should I just put you out of your misery? Mr. Benjamin shakes his head “no” furiously.

“Held Hostage” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese KEVIN No, I think I should put you out of your misery. I’m going to do it. Kevin looks intensely right into Mr. Benjamin’s eyes and gets close to pulling the trigger. But suddenly, there’s another knock on the door. Startled, Kevin takes the gun out of Mr. Benjamin’s mouth and stands up. JERRY (O.S.) You guys done yet? Come on everyone’s asking for you guys. KEVIN (quietly) If anyone says anything, I’ll shoot the guy sitting next to you, then I’ll torture you. JERRY (O.S.) Are you guys OK in there? Kevin walks up to the door. KEVIN Yes. We’ll be two more minutes Jerry then I promise we’ll be out. We’re just finishing up a quite intense conversation. JERRY (O.S.) Promise me it’ll be only two minutes, everyone is getting antsy and people want Mr. Fox to give a speech to the troops. KEVIN I promise, only two more minutes. JERRY (O.S.) OK, hurry up though. KEVIN We will, we will. Jerry leaves and Kevin walks back away from the door.


“Held Hostage” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese MR. FOX What is your end game here Kevin? I didn’t think I know is that working here. little bitches floor, I’d say KEVIN that far ahead. All my end game was to stop And judging by you four rolling around on the that I’ve succeeded. MR. FOX What now though? KEVIN Who knows. Kevin sits back down at the conference table to contemplate his next move. MR. FOX So you’re really going to be OK with prison? Because that’s where you’re going. CHIP Unless you kill yourself you sick fuck. MR. PETERSON Chip, don’t antagonize the asshole with the gun. KEVIN I’ll be fine in prison, it’ll be a welcomed change from this place. CHIP Enjoy the next twenty to twenty-five years of getting ass raped in jail by six foot five burly fat men. MR. PETERSON Chip, shut the fuck up! CHIP What, I’m not afraid of this punk. KEVIN I’m getting tired of your big mouth.


“Held Hostage” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese Kevin stands up, walks over to Chip, lifts him up by the tie and punches him several times in the face. KEVIN See that wouldn’t have happened if you just listened to Mr. Peterson. You truly have no respect for authority. Kevin looks back at Mr. Peterson and Mr. Fox then sits back down at the table. KEVIN And you guys promoted this asshole. Way to go losers. MR. FOX You still haven’t answered my question. What is your end game? Kevin ignores Mr. Fox’s question and takes out his iPhone to check the time. KEVIN I wonder what time it is. After that, he goes onto the internet and notices that the existing page is on cheapcaribbean.com, which goes back to when he was looking at deals for Barbados previously. Kevin chuckles when he sees that page. MR. PETERSON What’s so funny? KEVIN Once upon a time, not too long ago, I was planning a vacation to Barbados. I mean that was until Mr. Benjamin made me cancel it at the last minute. A page from cheapcaribbean.com still shows up when I bring the internet up on my iPhone. It just serves as a timely reminder as to why I’m doing this. And why I’m right. MR. BENJAMIN Most people would appreciate the fact that they’re needed so much in the (MORE)


“Held Hostage” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese MR. BENJAMIN (cont’d) office that they’re asked to postpone their vacation. KEVIN Seriously? Do you actually believe the shit that comes out of your mouth? You can’t possibly. MR. BENJAMIN It’s the truth. KEVIN Maybe in the world you live in, but not on earth, not in reality. Kevin puts his iPhone down on the table and rubs his eyes, he’s getting tired. KEVIN (exhaustedly) Mr. Fox, I think I know what my end game is. (pauses) I’m going home. MR. FOX You’re going home, just like that? KEVIN Yes, I’m going home. Empty your wallets and give me your money. MR. FOX What? KEVIN If you give me your money, and your jewelry, I’ll leave you alone. Deal? Fine, whatever. MR. FOX Anything you want.


KEVIN OK, give me your valuables. All of them. I need to survive on something, because god knows this place paid me like shit.

“Held Hostage” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese While still on the floor, Mr. Fox, Mr. Benjamin, Mr. Peterson and Chip all take out their wallets and hand over their cash to Kevin. KEVIN Rings and watches too dickheads. The men proceed to take their rings, watches and chains off and give them to Kevin. MR. FOX There. Now honor you’re side of the deal. Let us go. Kevin collects them and loads up his pockets. KEVIN OK. I want you to count backwards from 60 so that I have enough time to leave This building unmolested. Then after that you can do whatever you want, send your crack security team after me, call the police, whatever. I just want the opportunity to go home one last time. (pauses) Now if you don’t give me the full minute to leave and you decide to try to be a hero and run into the lobby in ten, twenty seconds, then I will open up fire and kill many innocent employees of yours, I swear to god I will. And their blood will be on your hands. Kevin looks down at his watch. KEVIN You’re 60 seconds begins…now. Kevin walks over to the door then turns back to look at the bloodied men on the floor. KEVIN I don’t hear you counting. MR. FOX / PETERSON / BENJAMIN / CHIP 60…59…58.


“Held Hostage” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese KEVIN Very good. (pauses) See you in hell bitches. Kevin opens the door and walks out. LOBBY Upon entering the lobby, Kevin is immediately greeted by Jerry. JERRY There you are, you anti-social bastard! What’s going on, Mr. Secretive? KEVIN Nothing. JERRY Where’s Mr. Fox and the other gentlemen? KEVIN (hurriedly) I don’t know, I think they’re still back in the conference room cleaning up. Kevin rushes across the lobby and towards the elevator followed by Jerry. ELEVATOR BANK JERRY Hey where are you going? KEVIN I gotta, umm, run an errand. An errand? JERRY But it’s the holiday party!


KEVIN Yeah, I have to hit up the post office before it closes. I have to mail a card to my mother. JERRY Ohhhkay. Well I’m going to find Mr. Fox and have some good cheer with him.

“Held Hostage” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese KEVIN You do that kiss ass. JERRY What was that? KEVIN Nothing, nothing at all. Jerry walks away from the elevator bank and re-joins the party back in the lobby. Once Jerry is gone from sight, Kevin presses the elevator button. As he waits for the elevator, he discreetly takes the gun out from his waistband and throws it away in the trash can. A moment later, an elevator shows up and he boards it. EXT. – KEVIN’S OFFICE BUILDING – NIGHT A loud SIREN starts going off in the first floor lobby as Kevin exits the building. As he walks onto the sidewalk along Lexington Avenue heading away from his building, several POLICE CARS speed up to the curb. Kevin casually walks right by him with a grin on his face and disappears into the night among the crowd on the sidewalk. DISSOLVES INT. – HOTEL ROOM Kevin’s cell phone, which is sitting on an end table in a hotel room, rings. He walks into the room and picks up the phone. KEVIN Hello Andrea, this is quite the pleasant surprise. ANDREA Oh my god Kevin, it’s you.


“Held Hostage” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese KEVIN It is me. That’s who you’d expect to get when you call my cell phone. ANDREA I just saw you on the news. true? Is all that


KEVIN I’m not sure what you saw, but it probably is. ANDREA Oh god, why Kevin? Why? Why did you do all those violent things? KEVIN Everyone has their breaking point, I guess I finally hit mine yesterday. ANDREA Where are you? Kevin walks over to a sliding glass door and opens the blinds which reveals a magnificent view of the Caribbean Sea only steps away from his room. He’s dressed in shorts and a colorful patterned shirt. Next he opens his door and walks out onto the EXT. - CARIBBEAN BEACH IN BARBADOS - DAY Where he looks out over the calm waters and smiles. KEVIN I’m in a place where I’m finally happy. Kevin takes a deep breath to take in the fresh air. KEVIN (cont’d) Ahhh, you should see it here, it’s perfect. It’s unfortunate that we couldn’t make things work because you’d like it here. ANDREA Kevin, come home.

“Held Hostage” Original Screenplay by Jason Wiese KEVIN Not a chance. I love it here, this is home, my home. ANDREA Kevin…Kevin…Kevin, talk to me. KEVIN I’m going to enjoy myself now. Kevin hangs up his cell phone and puts it in his pocket. Then he walks over to a TIKI BAR that is sitting on the border of the beach, orders a drink in a coconut shell, grabs it and continues walking casually along the sparsely populated, sandy white beach. FADE OUT