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JOHN BELL, DIRECTOR OF THE COLONY, scans some of the traits underlined on KATY BURKES Individual Analysis Card. Handwritten on the form is a note, "Sterilize before release." BELL Well. Weve all been very pleased with your progress Katy. KATY Thank you Doctor. I been tryin real hard. BELL I, we, know you have. And were proud of you. But before you can go on furlough-and weve found a very nice family for you. KATY (eagerly) Is it back in Lexington? Bell waves his hand dismissively. BELL No, no. Really, you must leave that sort of thing to us. Before you can go on furlough, I want to address some of the health problems youre having. KATY Ummm, what do you mean? Bell looks at her. Holds his gaze. Katy lowers her eyes. BELL I mean, some of the issues youve experienced with your stomach and gastrointestinal tract. KATY But doctorBell rises, shepherds Katy to an examining table. BELL Now, if youll just come over here, I can diagnose the problem.


Katy stands uncomfortably. BELL Okay, now, breath. Bell massages Katys stomach. BELL Hmmm. Okay, cough. Katy coughs, when she does so, Bell subtly thrusts his hand into her abdomen. Katy winces. BELL Did you feel that? Yes. KATY

BELL Yes. Just as I thought. Okay, you can sit down. KATY What is it? BELL Remember when you had those digestive problems a few months ago? UuuuhhhKATY

BELL Those were the first signs of a condition thats now fully developed. I didnt mention it earlier because sometimes it can correct itself. Unfortunately, that didnt happen in your case. Im afraid we have to address it. KATY What is it? BELL Chronic salpingitis.


KATY Is that bad? BELL It can be. Its an inflammation of the fallopian tubes, and if we dont operate now, it might become life threatening. KATY Operate? Why? BELL You dont need to concern yourself with the particulars. Suffice to say that with a small procedure well be able to release you and you can start your new life. KATY Are you sure? BELL Of course. Its practically nothing. Youll be all set to go in no time. Okay. KATY

BELL This procedure will also help with some of your, um, less savory urges. KATY If it will help me live a decent, clean life, like you and the nurses want doctor, thats fine by me. BELL So. Good. Then, if you consent, I just need you to sign this. He pulls out a patient consent form. Beside her typewritten name, Katy marks her signature, an X.


INT. VIRGINIA COLONY FOR THE EPILEPTIC AND FEEBLEMINDED RECREATION ROOM - DAY A gaggle of PATIENTS, NURSES, and ORDERLIES surround a box on a table. Inside is a litter of puppies. NURSE 1 Ohh, look at that one! He can barely keep his eyes open. PATIENT Id like that one! He looks like a Rosco to me if there ever was one. PATIENT I almost forgot how cute they are. Boy, do I miss my dog. Bell walks up. BELL Whats all this? NURSE ALLISON Dr. Bell, I know were not supposed to bring animals to the colony, but Sheila gave birth this morning, and I just couldnt help myself. Bell looks into the box sternly. BELL Allison, whatever are we going to do with you? He breathes a dramatic sigh. BELL How many times do I need to go over the colonys rules and regulations with you? When will you ever get it through your head that theres a certain order to things? I guess the only option I have is-He scans the groups anxious faces BELL (CONTD) --to just make sure that this little incident doesnt find its way into my quarterly report to the Board of Directors.


The group breaks into smiles. Nurse Allison jumps up, kissing Bell on the cheek. NURSE ALLISON Oh thank you Dr. Bell! Well make sure theyre all given to the best staff and raised properly. But Bell is preoccupied, looking into the box. Of the half-dozen puppies, theres one smaller and weaker than the rest. He sniffs to himself, pulls it out of the box. A couple of nurses exchange worried glances. BELL Okay. Very well. Now, back to work. Bell exits, taking the runt with him.