Describe your routine

This is Mary. She works at Sony, one of the biggest electronics company in the world. She is an economist. She was born in Brazil, but her parents are Lebanese. She speaks five languages fluently and she also knows some Japanese. She travels all the time because she works in Paris and in Tokyo. Her schedule is very tight: she has meetings, talks to clients, writes reports. When she has time, she goes to play tennis. It is her favourite sport. She gets up at 7 o´clock and then drinks a coffee. She takes a shower and she gets dressed. She has breakfast at the café next to her office in Paris. She eats French croissants and an omlette. She works a lot but she has a very friendly boss and helpful colleagues. At 7 o´clock she goes home after work or sometimes has dinner with her friends. At the weekend she doesn´t work. She makes time for her husband and their four children. They spend time together and enjoy their hobbies. They live in France, but her daughter, Caroline studies in the USA at Stanford University.

A. Why is Mary´s schedule busy?

B. True or false? 1. Mary is Japanese. 2. Mary speaks 2 foreign languages. 3. She lives in Europe. 4. She works a lot at the weekend. 5. She has five children. 6. Her favourite sport is basketball.

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