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Alastair TonyBlair's Campbell, formerpresssecretary and NewLabour's chiefspindoctor,
appearedat the llkley Literature Festivaltopromotehis political meets diaries.TonyGreenway up with him back stage
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icre of hrspersona But thrsA astar Canrpbe I ty. bi sheer re s len snr e. and surpr ngy non threatenifgYorksh s he n-o thought o \,e10 Lfe eir':'lr€ trrough never th see the di. .'.rrei he r/oLr be protled !|,/ i ts lages d 'Eee.. G'.r'ar p s H r sS c o t i s h a r e n tm o v e d o Y o r k s h re n r , , ' t l r e . t e nrarrage Campbeland h s two brothers loLnger .rrd and were born in Ke gh ey. M_! dad !,rasa \iet. lre says. srster I alld when| !.r'as aboLrt 0 he frada rearyoad acadcrt irol]i'rer whenhe was rnlured a sow tfrat'ad escaped by
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1or s He grves both barrels.-"' is From Carnpbell a man who provokes strongreactions. though. l's Carnpbe oathing Care Shod. he sa}s. You'lprobably t of see ghl whenI go oul on stage.4andelson. I the ng unpardonable oi support a Lancashire srn footba l team. Campbellis . The nat ona s were24 pageslongand most people onlyeversaw one paper. JUSI t standthem. by Yet. But why? Was t becauseof the job he did or the way he drd t? Or doeshe justrub peope up the wrongway? |don t know.i don t remember (dong so)as a chid. Now the scaleof rt rs so rnmense and it s so noisyand ludgemental.really.. shedoesturnmy stomachtshort p 5 ' r ' 1 . : . whathis politica th enemies nk ot him. >. 'Some(telev sronrepofters) who standoutside Downlng I Street and blather day. Youwatched newsonce a day for fiveor 10 the minutes.' Campbelhasthreech drenwrthhis long term partner. lt s sad.lor example.forthright' abolt manyof the people who cross h s path.he says.l 'n6 pen.r orlshirelife.4in by the Press. h larious. started on the Tavstock out was 22 and the Presswas d fferentthen. CampbeI begana careern .Durng the Srr we conversation.a q^ma^no raLa. sardthe magc words Alastair Campbel' g\esa and S" Be'^ad.but no famiyat al . lsawsome piecethat (Andrew) Giliganwrote the other day about how he was at some funclon at the LabourPaftyconference: and he thoLrght about com ng over to shakehandsblt how got over it becauseI ca led h m uttery d sreputab I hadnt -o at a rneeting: ch did because wh thal'swhat thought.I 7 a n dG r a c e 1 3 .abo-l ^ cet-g ds now the bookhasbeenpublshed? I don't themagarn care. he says.Gordon Browns formerPressSecretary: and he actualy comes to blows w th Peter[.rLlFs Cdmobal Whdtooe.C a u m . WhenI do come back to the North. he One th ng he really hates.o e 'screamng abuse starts at Chade Whelan. some of whom are supposedto be on h s side. he 'lt's no1(thatI was surprsed the way they by) treated me.l g f t S a v . F i o n aR o r y 1 9 . ingher 'a lotalyridcu orls her cal flgureand writng God.and he truly lookslikehe doesnt. becameknownas Labour's he kingof sp n and was dubbed 'the realDeputyPr rne N. Atter graduatng from Cambrdge. But I do.' Fora Yorkshire Campbe hascornmitted boy. wh ch theyare completely indifierent aboul. rarlhr' ha <:\. t s 'I to Burnley the footbaLSometimes come to for Keghley.y o L. but it was realy hardwork so he eventuay gave rt a former reporter.rrony rronies journalsm or before takingthe job as TonyBlars Pressspokesman 1994. C a r . n and So we ve got loadsof frends in the Yorkshire area.They al can most of the t can we plt it poltey . or reallydetesthim. I realy do and l'm veryconscious it. he says. talk b. crtng 24 hournewsas a reason a decine n lournalst for c I Timeswhen I ry ists on stones.' \ 0 R K \ H l R F l l F \ f \ i n r h .rt seems thatpeope ether oathehm.In power.' ' e o a c r . Thething s althese characters movein the same stil . I know. ster' Surey.Lels justsaythe because s is a family th he descripton useshasan AngloSaxon twangto t.E s e w e a . We te I h m we once nterviewed Thatcher's [. loinedthe Ny' stry of Agriculture. ton n The BlairYears.c o.what has been wflftenabout hrm..4rs fornrer PressSecretary BernardIngham.realy sn't it? Campbeldoesrefer nghamin The to BlaLr "lave you alwaysprovoked recently: verystrongreactons n people? And I don t know | | have.lbumped n1o Charie 'l Whelan otherday and the person was wth sardr I the cant be eveyou shookh m by the hand.but we can t te you what he says n detal pubicaton. shoudn t have been that he surprised thistreatmenl? sornehow. 'What lsay to them? do don t know.hp th ^l. d dn t get that rougha ride.prploo^o. aways was.. Cdmpoel Cheshre cat grinto rval TonyBlar's..In in he opposition. we movedto Leicester. stayovernrght takethe kidsto seewhereI and grewup. But f CampbeI nspiresoccasonal an mosityfrom his just magine a lies. lrr E Il . -edd ^adr. morewhat {thePress) had become. journa commenting eachother's says.He triedto keepgo ng withhis praclce.

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