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com> Subject: Re: voter fraud not an issue... Date: Sunday, 22 January 2012 10:39 AM Just a comment on hand outs inthe tune of billions upon billions to Wall Street inbreds... such people who refuse to sell their capacity for productivity = refu se to WORK... why - WHY these banker bailouts? why - these wars - why the taking of tax payer money to fund vast projects which are not humane? Why am I (the unemployed) the cretin if (there are no jobs & I'm not allowed to till vacant land for food... I.E WORK) or if I refuse to work my arse off and le ave my children in day care/ see the destruction of my close knit family relatio nships because no one is at home (too busy working) because we are in debt so we can own 'white goods'... that break down but the family break downs keep on fra cturing.... Game over. Don't worry about money and the economic system anymore. They just p rint more money for the people like morgan & chase - who are stealing billions o f it. It's a fact too Big Brother is running the drugs & child slavery procurme nts. It just cannot happen on the level that is does wihtout government collusio n. But the people - the dumbed down "protestant work ethic" people will get agr y at you if you do not "work" like they do.... but they - by their silence - ENA BLE this sicko system,by the way. Meanwhile they have worked hard - oh goody two shoes... while treaties result, l ocking up the farmland, sending the factories to China, leaving the places like Australia as vast depleted post industrial post consumerism wastelands of mainly only service economies. Oh get a job if you can handle working around such abys mal ignorance & programmed politically correct arrogance. Better yet, become a t rans gender & you'll get free health care! You'll be looked up to - by these idi ots who have allowed the wool to be pulled down over their eys, as they twirl th eir crystals, take their prozac and go to work.

All I can say is, if you are young and can get off the employment merry go round and learn to love & care for people you have not met yet, learn a few manly ski lls or maternal skills, develop your character & do work as you can find it to k eep your clothing from falling off your back... remember this, prior to the deli berately engineered "Great Depression" over %95 of Americans had small farms, gr ew their own food. Were strong families, well educated in line and language use. healthy and understood the work of keeping free from too much government interv ention... (and I think there is information that weather technology was used on them as well as far back as then) ... anyway, on top of the financial manipulati on which resulted in the crash (which made alot of other people wealthy) how m any Americans starved to death? coming in off their lands for assistance? and lo sing title to their farms, (who bought upthe farmlandback then?and owns it still ?) joining cities, becoming the cannon fodder for more wars & confusion...with t he whole way of life thrown into a flux & takeoevrs ever since... by the rats. Now they are plannimg to bring ina new 'democratic' system where by 'land areas' will be managed by technocrats, "experts" in economic matters... populations w ill be relocated to habitat areas... this is what is coming out of the present e conomic confusion and general wasteland THAT THEY HAVE ENGINEERED, once again...

insuch a way as to meld the teachings of Christ back into the dominate paradigm. Know th e truth.he stood up to them. Why should I work and pay taxes to a corrupt system tht the world controllers ar e busydismantling in my lifetime anyway? I am awake.. we are being scientifically managed by economic mob sters who have other rules for themselves.all of em. He demonstrated understanding of all this world rats mess we have been living through & he demonstrated how to live in it and say no. Marcion . entirely outside the sheep pen.. And no government official. It's not so mysterious once you deconstruct it Recommended reading . included. did you know that scores fo Christian groups.messed with their version of what the HOLY Bible is .. then they took that out . We are being farmed. inparticular.. Farmersin despair have sold out vast t racts of farmland .this was a planned take look around Rothchilds have bought up the farmland in India where many farmers suffered endu ring crisis trying to make it. around th e year 200 AD. cheaply The proof is in plain sight. or attempting to give a care abou t the rising death toll as a result of radioactivity contamination nor the decli ning fertility rates among normal men. that Jesus will save us."the greatest threat to Christianity " Evidentally the Book of Revelation was added to the so-called canon and taken ou t. we can stand up & re sist this world evil. state or federal . get better at discerning how you see thing & what is actually happeni ng . documents inwhich they have drawn from far older documets. They do not care about you. It is up t o us to be the "Ritchie"s of our generation and keep going.then a massive and continual assault on all he stood for and even alteration of thing s he was reported to have said &done.. would be such a drag. or feeding the those who survive can teach their n ext generations.protestants . go along t o get along & get a job or the other swine will despise you... then added again. Economic warfare. The Bible. this is the HOLY Bible.I'm still in the process of getting into these myself: Det ails by the world controllers . so I am saying if you have an ear to hear then you cam see as well. Th e merest testimonials that we can sift through as to the reality of Jesus Christ points to an extraordinary circumstance. But becaus e they are seen to be desirable outcomes they are not discussed as the widesprea d tragedies unfolding that they are.. using GMO. To just go along with he lies and die without having ever truly lived to help others be more aware. .. every citizen .. India is set to biometrically I.not to mess with the book or massive c ursing will result.leading to the thousands of years old Gre . But it says in Rev . so they said.. Our children & other young people are being's such a scam. Check out the man.. churches etc teach that all this is part of God's plan? That we should just lie back and take it.. iris scan etc.D. in the end? Who wrote this garbage? Study th e history of the written fragments & how they argued about who God is. they are a testing's not that hard actually once you start questioning everything. they're destroying the family strength andcalling it improvement s for the poor & education of woman. not just for testing bad drugs on children.writingto themselves about themselves. These are facts. praising themselves and laying further groudwork for more control .. Theyknew these GMO's would result i ndrop failures adn eventual sellouts of title deeds formerly held in generations of families.. so. andthecompacency of Christians is largely to blame for much of this h ardly raising an eyebrow. Bu t the fact of Jesus and what you can derive from what truths filter through .it behooves me to NOT GO BA CK to sleep..

They can be as corrupt as they want b ut if they have people yelling at them at every bad choice he or she makes then . on every issue. My point was that voting is the passive act of protest. in four more years we will have you out of there. " but as soon as the politicians got wind of the idea that the people who carr y a given opinion were not going to vote. The engineers of the US don't like humans in general and are fed up with their stock knowing too much.never mentioning the prior worlds existence of family. Charles Galton Darwin's The Next Million Years Carrol Quigelys Tragedy & Hope Platos Republic . When a politician does something you don't like you don't say. You say people do not need hand-outs as if they are one who don't need that charity. long .. being everyw here. So when they design a system to fail and people begin f ailing and having no use you want to give them shit for their current position? A gear without the machine is useless? And who makes the hand-outs anyway? Who decides where money goes? Do you think most American's want most of their hard-earned money to go to creating weapons of mass destruction and then carrying those plans of war out? The engineers paci fy the people with hand-outs of their OWN money while they commit atrocities wit h THEIR money yet we take issue on the best of the worst in this case of spendin g tax dollars? That's stupid. January 22. yet they wouldn' t be asking it or getting it if they didn't. Make them sick and ruin th eir livelihood. this is dangerous for them..Original Message ----From: austin To: Austin Hook Cc: Al . "You just wait.. and owning weapons.boring. You shape them ins tead of allowing kick-backs to shape them. . that is a smart p lan for those engineers. A god.." Almost a good point except that we just saw how easy it is to rig elections..use insight and find out how old it is and yet it is used Plan to finally dominate & scientifically control th whole world. sir"! No. pin them against each other. chemically & surgically modi fied to be worker bees. only born into their exact vocations .. 2012 5:55 AM Subject: Re: voter fraud not an issue. Let's just not c ount those jurisdictions. witha vastl y reduced human population who will be genetically. 100 people in a room are capable of building a 5 story tower out of mud but th e room is only 1 story tall and there is no mud to be had. you say. they would ignore them. thin the numbers. where more common prot esting is the active act of voting. so as i said almost a good point. Hillary Sent: Sunday. while the elite toy with their own genet ics in their Great plan to finally recreate the perfect human. WTF are d oing and give them shit right then and there.

I don't see any reason for your making that conclusion. even when they were perfectly capable of earning their own keep . yes. Of c ourse. If a politician sees 2% of the votes going to a splinter candidate and the main candidates are within 1%. So. if you can publicize the damaging effect s of (2). But it doesn't mean that v oting is not also important. Politicians have to establish a track record. but as soon as the politicians got wind of the idea that the people who carry a given opinion were not going to vote. the well deserved scorn. This is something that you can do aside from voting. would have no effect unless congress critters were afraid of how a n ewly informed. they would ignore them. and it will sound novel at least. Jan 21. Uncle Austin On Sat. Moreover the SOPA/PIPA reaction in congress to the recent publicity led by Wikipedia. But if there are enough people like that. where the politicians will soon learn if people don't vote even if they are aware of problems -. might vote. especially for case (1).that's going to take a number on them. Hopefu lly that wouldn't have to happen. then you can get the politicians to act more in the public interest. Generally the latter are counter to the public interes t. i suppose a politician could get away with ign oring the people every chance at passing a bill but they cannot ignore the onsla ught of forced interaction of protest by a people who care what HE/SHE is doing. not everyone has to work either. then next time they are going to pay closer atte ntion to the issues the small candidates are standing> wrote: Hi Austin. Many people can survive just by holding their hand out. much wider public. You can say any counter-intuitive t hing you like. There are two different areas where they have to do this: (1) for the issues that the public is aware of (2) for the issues that the public is not aware of but are important for the lobbyis ts with money to donate. One thing that will get politicians worried is if one votes for splinter can didates. of the rest of society. then soon they all will feel the sc orn. but not understood by it. On Sat. It's a good strateg y for when you know your vote is too far in the minority to make a change this t ime. 21 Jan 2012.and then they can merrily screw the public without consequence to their cash flow from in dustry and special interests. Sure. Austin Hook <austin@computershop. and they will be hurting t hose who really do need charity. you can substitute publicity for voting for a while. 2012 at 1:01 PM. I see no correlation between voting and having less control. So go and . but that doesn't make it true. It doesn't take many votes to make one stand out. and if they still defy the people then th ey risk creating those rogues who will take justice into their own hands. in terms of the net result. austin wrote: So now it's not a matter of voter fraud just voter cancellation.

in a way. Iowa has a pretty novel process for the primaries. The game is bad and voting keeps the game going. Austin Hook <austin@computershop. There is more passion in saying no than there is saying yes.Hampshire so as not to trigger N. as everyone knows. .com> wrote: NOT!8 precincts not counted! plus much more disturbing voter news outofIowa. Nothing to be surprised it.control me!".com/2012/01/19/regis ter-exclusive20 12-gop-caucus-count-unresolved/ If anyone doesn't want in on this email please let us know. like the national anti-SOPA/PIPA campaign which jus t went down. and allowing Iowa's weird process to be first -. at 3:36 PM.http://caucuses. 2012.desmoinesregister. There's a lot of things we ca n change without voting.Hampshire's making their own primary even earlier. Jan> wrote: On Jan 20. Not all the kinks have been worked out in Iowa. On and hope you aren't in one of 8 districts not to be counted. austin <austinoram@gmail. 2012 at 12:16 AM. Boycotting and protesting is better than voting.Ritchie h ad it right and i've seen other people lately say the same thing .voting is the equivalent of saying "control me" or "i need you . It had to be different from N.

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