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Dr. Revathi Vee Kumar, Ph.D

Why is the fate of all children born simultaneously at the same place is not same although their horoscopes are identical?. Why are the results experienced by twins born of same parents are different despite their horoscopes being similar? These questions are posed not only to any astrologer by many of his clients but also are being used by the so called ‘ rationalists’ as a potential argument to undermine the efficacy of Astrology. In this article, let us analyse the plausible reasons for such an apparent paradox. As we all know, in Astrology, the horoscope of a native is taken as the basis for analyzing the celestial influences on him throughout his life right from the moment of birth. The horoscope used for the purpose is cast based on 3 vital parameters viz., Date, time and place of birth, without which casting the horoscope is impossible. The map of heavens at birth as depicted by the 9 planets posited in the 12 Bhavas at different longitudes of the 12 signs of Zodiac contain the divine code which all astrologers seek to decode. This geometry of the celestial objects at birth is a pictorial depiction of the cosmic web .The Sub Divisions of the Bhavas, the various dignities of planets such as Exaltation, debilitation, Retrogression, combustion, etc play a significant role in guiding us to the right interpretation of the divine language of the stars . In other words, the horoscope deals with the subtleties of cosmic symbolism. The symbolism in Astrology starts with the very concept of Zodiac. The natural Zodiac (12 signs from Mesha to Meena) is an imaginary diagram , circular (oval, according to some) in shape , covering the whole of 360 degrees of the circle. It has neither a beginning nor an end. Only for the convenience of interpretation the first points of Aries and Libra have been ascribed as its beginning and mid-points , of course on the basis of equinoxes which serve as some acceptable references that are intelligible to mankind . That means, the Zodiac rightly symbolizes the concept of time which is also without a beginning or an end ( Anaadhi kaala) . In fact, all efforts to measure time are only imaginary references in the physical plane like the opening of a petal, wink of an eye, etc.,. That is why the Zodiac has also been personified into a man called as the ‘Kaala purusha’, signifying the perennial existence of the soul . The developments in modern science have proved beyond doubt the contention of our maharishis that the planets, stars and other celestial objects are in constant movement in the

Owing to its own limitations . Our maharishis of yore have realized through their Divya Dhrishti that Man. the stars and planets falling within the Zodiacal belt only have been identified to be significant to man . 5th house indicates the Poorva Punya of the native and 9th house his Bhagya in the present life. the rest being saved for future lives . However. present and future of the native indicates all the tendencies and possibilities in the present life of the native. one’s karma phala provides him with many avenues for its fructification in each birth . Thus. It is said that the choice of one’s parents. .. depends mainly on the unfulfilled desires and aspirations that prevail at the time of death . Here. That is. Rebirth is guided not only by the native’s choice but also by the eligibility of the soul to get it (arhatha). the geometry of celestial objects recorded in the horoscope that is used for decoding the past . science is still struggling to admit this fact. there by meaning that such a change is a fundamental quality of all forms of physical existence including Man. ( Refer – Astrology : The Space age Science by Joseph F. 5th and 9th houses reveal as to what the native is destined to under go in this present incarnation and not the whole Karma phala of the native’s soul. . The native voluntarily opts for a particular avenue by virtue of the impressions on his etheric body within the limitations and opportunities provided by his habitat. it is to be remembered that in actuality the whole of Karma phala only guides the unfoldment of all events in ones life as the karmic debt impinged on the etheric body tries to find suitable avenues for its realization at the earliest possible moment . the microcosm.Page 2 of 4 sky and that their relative positions keep changing continuously every second although the whole geometry is in a state of dynamic equilibrium and that this dynamism has been there since times immemorial from the very beginning of the universe. but can only be changed from one form to another’. the native operates his karma phala through his freewill and selects only those effects which are conducive for fructification in the present birth . Thus. studies have yielded conclusive evidences supporting the contention of our maharishis. and through them the environment for rebirth. But . Because of the fact that all the celestial activities take place in the womb of time. is in fact an exact replica of the macrocosmic universe and that is why any change in the macrocosm invariably induces a corresponding change in the microcosm . One gets his wishes fulfilled if only one deserves it as a result of his Karma phala and not otherwise. their effects are measurable from the Zodiacal indications. In particular. In a horoscope. Also. It has also been vetted by modern science that ‘matter can neither be created nor destroyed. Goodavage). we lose sight of the basic fact that there exists an ordinarily inestimable past to the soul of the native which has been subject to many earlier incarnations and is certainly carrying the imprints and resultant effects of such incarnations in its etheric body which is called as its ‘Karma Phala’ in general parlance. the human beings living on the Earth are the recipients of all the influences exerted by the entire cosmic activity.

But. ( How to Fore tell Future by Swami Bhaktha vishishta ) . the actual type . for no individual from a spiritual point of view resembles another…. even in the case of natives of identical or similar horoscopes also the actual events experienced by them in their lives are different. provide ample scope for variation in the results. for example . In other words. the nature of results pertaining to a particular combination of planets will be different for different people because prediction varies depending up on the native’s age. Net results of freewill. each event either supporting or opposing it depending up on the individual’s choice made by exercising his freewill . each and every event happening in a native’s life has a direct relationship to his karmaphala (Fate) . proves that nothing happens by chance in any body’s life and that the resultant of our choices of freewill only appear as those events. etc.Page 3 of 4 As such.. the very environment of birth like their parent’s natures. the freewill of the native in the present birth bears its roots in those unfulfilled wishes of the previous lives. In case of totally dissimilar horoscopes. sex. Therefore.. then . will be . The exposures given to them at their impressionable adolescence goes a long way in creating not only their pattern of reception of stimuli from the environment but also their response . It is needless to reiterate that the present life is both an effort to realize the unfulfilled goals of past lives and an opportunity for enduring our karma phala. That is why a rich man’s child wishes to enjoy a luxurious life style while the poor man’s child tends to shy away from such luxuries even if opportunities come in its way. it is their Karma Phala which actually causes the variation in the results . Usually. the situation being analogous to that of the whole cosmos. such natives do experience similar fate and not the same fate. the actual events are amenable to the native’s free will within the ambit of the allowed choices. This . the children brought up by affluent parents develop similar natures while those reared in a challenging life style experience different pains and pleasures as a result of which each of their out look to life and the response to similar situations differ to a great extent. Thus. In the words of Swami Bhaktha vishishta – “ Every individual pre exists as regards the fundamental form of his spirit .and …. life styles. if potential enough would go a long way in shaping the future lives of the native as well in the form of so called Agami karma. etc. Each of their karmic influences offer them different opportunities for fructification of their Karmas.In case of twins and other natives having similar or identical horoscopes. Man is destined to experience a dynamics of change caused by freewill within the established equilibrium of fate. That is. if a Dhana yoga is to be experienced by both the natives as per the planetary combinations in their horoscopes they would certainly experience the same . along with their freewill the latter being influenced greatly by the environment in the present birth. etc.The forces shaping a being are the results of causes existing in former lives” . In case of similar or same horoscopes because of the basic fact that their horoscopes are similar or identical . Although the basic pattern of present birth is governed by the Karma Phala or Fate. country. while in the case of persons having identical horoscopes but born to different parents. Scale of yoga .

country and environment as well.. Ph. they experience different results. we must remember the fact that for a poor man who is struggling for his day to day livelihood even getting an extra hundred rupees would be a Dhana yoga while for a rich native used to seeing lakhs of rupees a day getting a few extra lakhs only will be perceived by him as a Dhana yoga. WCR Ist stage.Revathi Vee Kumar . Faculty . e. MA (Phil& Rel ). Such variations would be seen in all the spheres of their lives. Manjunatha Nagar. the fate of such natives who are born of different parents is totally at variance right from their physical looks to almost all important portfolios of their life. sex. BANGALORE – 560 010 Phone: 080.. yet differing in many ways. This is certainly because the karma phala of one native differs from that of the other as a result of which despite their horoscopes being similar or identical they experience different results in their lives. 4th Main. Here. Shubhamasthu ! * * * * * * ** * Written by : Acharya . My study of the subject and experience during the past 15 years has proved that despite possessing similar or identical horoscopes . profession. the twins born of same parents within a few minutes of time-gap usually look alike . MA(Astro). their natures and characters are dissimilar. Bsc.315/1. 3rd Phase. No. But.D(Vaasthu) Hon. children. But for their physical features.23382021.mail : revathiveekumar@gmail. In many vital spheres of their life such as marriage. etc. “Shree Meru”.Page 4 of 4 different as they depend on the age. AIFAS BANGALORE CHAPTER II.