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The building allocatoin to environment ministry of state within the non-oil regions and specifically the northern Nigeria

state is usually an almost least allocation. In Zamfara state , through the recurrent problem of lead poising fit remairs un-reshud, the said activity /problem is a fund requiring one like most other minstord activity of the environment ministry all in the face of very poor allocation. Ar rahamma foundation here pressent you an intallactual property design for your ministry (environment ministry o0f zamfara state)I oder to attain an annual gross turn-over of over t 30 million for a minimum period of 8yrs from a capital base requirement of almost zaro. But all can not bre said as revenue generated. Policy creation Media Segm3entation Contract treaty Treaty poling There is needed a pling that stipulate a montly payment of wastbin clearance for a minimum of n500./ the amount is variable relating to waste bin size and cattagnags. All waste-bin must /should be made with a registration code that requests its size categories and its amount payable per month. This implies, if a volume size 1000CM3 represent nt5000 mo0ntly clearance payment, 2000cm2 should be made n1000 therefore collecti9on to discharging and related management overhead apportioned charge. The policy should futher be specific to be made a must on all commercial outlent that is made of capital base above n100,000 in value ,therefore all shops, Plaza, Companies and even government agencies must collect the wastebins and hence must make the monthly dues payment for clearance.

The aspect of seal to an outlet, building or Shops that refuses to pay should be implemental on machineries workshops building maerial or the like business zones, head offices operation, owners or manager usually called the Oga should be assigned a waste-bin individualy and be charge to make dues payment monthly this cores or represents charges on environmental. Treaty Furthermore, all home/residence lacated on tarred road should be allocated waste bins of medium categories with respect to cost as reasonable. Kiusk, haukers and all mobile and non mobile enterprenuership ventures should be registered and should be made to wear around their necks an environmental licence cards renewable yearly. They should be made to desist from placing their carriage can pedistrians walks or traffic shoulders. The registration should be made lesser than N100. Enforcement This development is a slight difficult to fully implement, the use of registered environmental agents with attached unarmed but unform wearing police is doable this is toattain a non aggressive working relationship between people of the lacally and the environment admistration policy implementation. Equipment and facility The environment vigilanting agents must be employed with a mobity Van,Uniform, and mini offices in different areas. The waste-*bin is necessary to depict administrative readiness to work deligently and reflactive of accumulated account gudegous spending to working efficiency. WASTE BIN MANUFACTURING The waste-bin manufacture or making should be the utilization of the lacal alluminium workers effort. This agrees with the programme as the indigenous beneficiary objective.

The allmunium zinl could be caved to construct the waste-*bin, but all waste-bin must be registered by the environmental office, therefore painted can the other code for payment of dues. The alminium waste bin is both cheeper and light weight. Registration Categories due MRS 101 MRS 102 1000 100 Allocation to Alh Usman Kawo Alh Jama Kabiru Details GRA, House 2 bagangidan Ibrahim na Allah. Gidan mama, GRA.

Monthly dues tracking ledger. Category dues MRS 001 1000

Category/snumber, dues Jan MRSA 001 1000

Account management. Effective payment5 system is the pay to programme efficiency, therefore, the terminology best is the making of payment via bank account and the telecome service. Accounts for payment receipt should be opened in numerous comkmercial banks. The lodgment teller is the first evidence of payments. By venture of transfer like Me2u for Zain is effective to payment. Therefore, a dedicated Gsm-mobile number could be given to payers to make payment through the use of the transfer to account x service which is a deduction fo airtime of a soecific Naira valuein faviour toaccount x as consequent payment

therefore. Payer should only send his/hers registration code, name and amount time of deliver payer to the same number. This method would require the deliver of receipt to payer by personal of the environment al account management. The phone for this must have facilityfor Pc Usb-print option and GiGa* byte memory for SMS-receipt so as to cleared from saturation.Noises and litering caused by their activity in the event of the business. Media The media is the primary to place public awreness over the newly introduced programme of environmental maintainance office. The Nigerian television authority NTA and any other Zamfara state TV station, radio stations (FM Zamfara and the like) and pamphlets should be made effective to the campaign over the programme. The media messages should be made in both lacal languages (Hausa) and in English. The messages should notify the people of Zamfara, government will to boost employment and beatify Zamfara state. Furthermore, the Zamfara masses should be made to realge that the programme is a way off taxing the rich higher which the poor lowar as the government is more loving of its poor masses. The waste-bin supplind to residence should be made in recognition of house market value, revenue or Area lacation. Through, the charges must be made payable amount not outguos. This implies, no residential waste-bin should be charged beyoud N1000. Any house that refuse payment sticker on its gate a mighty environmental sticker that roads litigator or A Husa accroming Backin waken gada . The aspect would have bin Bakin Wakin Gumnatinh, but the programme is a state Contractors A contract for the clearing of the waste should be approved as the next aspect of contract for the exercise. The opther aspect of contract allocateable is the manufacture of the was-bin in a defined shapes and size,quality the contractor

must not import the waste-bins beyoud the bouders of Z amfara smetters (local smelters). This is to give indigious the gratitude to participate. Minimum requirement the contractor must be made to attain is the at least 4 persons per truck requirement of the service. Must ensure at least a tiro time clearing exercise of each waste-bin accrose the locality p[er month. Must use the designed environmenmtal waste clearing truck popularly known in a cin=vilized modern city and not mere pick-up or alike. The clearing persons must have a specific uniform. The said trucks are rentable to ease the cost of capital individual must truck must carry along a first aid box, extra glovesa and nose jacket. Must have a bold paintal cal- line number on truck body. Effective contract cover this project kas been computed as N2illion in a projected cost of operation as N1.5 million for the clearing of a minimum of 4 thousand waste-bins at N500 monthly due. Capital requirements Manpower requirement registratuion ofg waste-bin could be done by less than 10-persons. Some persons could be assigned the respective users and address, Name. WASTE Truck: the aspect of clearing waste-bin into the waste truck could be done by 3-persons making a total of 4-persons per truck (driver inclusive). 2 (two to 3 (three) trucks could effectively cover Gusau locality. Environmental vigilant agents As all new policy are require to take effort and hence a credible are turn-over, the EVAgents must be trained on friendly approach to enquiry and apperation. A single VAN/Bus of 6-men and two (2) police are manageable to cover g usau locality. Operations

Arrest of howkers north no wearing card with trading is necessary. Arrest is nessary to persons that fails to pay dues after two-weaks of seal placement on the subject shops, building or residence. Say p[lacement is the pasting of the environmental sticker on the door or main entrance of the an offender Shops, Premises door, building or residence. Motor cycle riders Motorcycle commercial riders should all be registered for reasons of environmental air potation control data and secondary purposes. They should be allocated/given a must wear reflective jacket with theirs individual registered code very botly printed. Each riders should be made to pay environmental pollution fine of n200 vigilantine agents must embark on check points and a random stop and check of motorcycle list to see in the carry payment confirmation sticker or lodgment teller as alternate evidence of payment past around Gusau and not the banks for reason of payment ease for the commercial motorcyclists. S/no Motor-cycle Model and colour Rider code 1st 2nd B/C

STICKER The sticker contractor should be a dignified company of trust so as to summit to the office the total sticker made as it is tool of payments record of the environmental offices security imprint. Cable and Antenna Fines. On must roof tops of buildings will be found an antenna, cable satellite for television purposes, internet service or the like. But the multiple number pollutes the horizon of the community hence makes the environment ugly and dirty looking. But they are a necessary, it is therefore only wise to charge every erected building a reasonable fine through in proportionality respect to building area

lacation and number of items (cable, antenna) on its rooftop. The terminology of minimum fine is credible, therefore, no building should be charge less than N100/month to N500/ month. Effective collection of this fibne could be said as best when assisted by the PHCN by creating an extra item charge to tatal cost of PHCN bill per customer. Therefore creating the cable and antenna charge. Subsequent to the VAT and monthly due before balance brought down or total charge due payable. At an assigned fine of N350 on 100,000 houses, N35 million is the monthly expected turnover.

The medium content is detail work on a research that through is poorly carried out but backed by a long period of observation to a credible initiative of electricity with poorly available and abundant existing infrastructure. This electricity generation initiative comes from a patriotic desire to assist the Nigeria Government with an alternative revant towards soureign electricity capital especially in-view of the multiple billion expended into the sector with only very minute progress. This is by generating kilowatts of electricity from the pressure exerted and force of speading authomobile on tared roads. The following subheading are relevant.      Generator development, making and installation Different of lanes Pre-cautions and effective utility Intellectual properties renumeration Complimenting factors.

Complimenting factor Rotters: the rotters should be good tire grapping surface so as to get the good push and consequently energy conversion efficiency.