TENKA AND THE SKULL Once upon a time, a very long time ago, Olajumoke lived in the big

market city of Oulata. She was very very beautiful but also very very vain. She was already old enough to get married but she would have none of the men that proposed to her. She was often heard boasting, As I am the most beautiful girl in the whole world, only the handsomest man in the whole world is good enough for me. Her parents tried to talk to her to no avail. She continued to turn down each and every man that asked for her hand in marriage. Now, in the great forest, there was a village where the inhabitants were only different parts of the body. The Skull that lived in this village heard of Olajumoke s great beauty and set out to marry her. He borrowed arms, legs, neck, feet, mid riff and an upper torso from his friends and set out for Oulata on the market day. When he got to the market, he asked for Olajumoke. He was led to her stall. Now, because he was from the land of spirits, all his body parts shone brightly and he really seemed to be the handsomest man in the whole world. Olajumoke immediately fell in love with him and took him home to her parents. When they saw the man, they immediately knew he was from the spirit world. They tried to stop Olajumoke from marrying him. But she was headstrong, What ?! Mama and Papa, you have been telling me to get married for a long time now. I have finally found a man and you don t want me to marry him? Well it does not matter what you think, I am going to marry him and that is that! They were horrified but there was nothing they could do to stop her. She hurriedly packed a few of her things, took her new husband s hand and waved goodbye to her crying parents. They travelled for several days. Olajumoke was puzzled, Where is your village? she asked. I did not realize it was so far away. No wonder I never met you before. The Skull did not speak. He just kept on walking. Eventually they got back to his village in the spirit land where as Olajumoke looked on in horror, he returned the arms, feet, torso, midriff and all the other body parts he had borrowed, till it was just his skull that was left. Olajumoke wept and wept. She begged to return home but to no avail. You are my wife now and this is where you shall live. And don t you try and run away or else we shall all catch you and eat you, Skull warned. She was very frightened but she had no choice. She had to settle down to life in the spirit land. As she was the only human being around, the skull gave her chores from morning to night. She got up very early in the morning, went to the stream to fetch water, cleaned all the houses in the village, cooked all the food they would eat. She bitterly regretted not listening to her parents. Now Tenka the tortoise with his drum had wandered into the spirit village much earlier. He found it comfortable there and because they had never seen a tortoise before, they treated him like a king.

he was very angry but there was nothing he could do about it. To this day. Olajumoke is off (twice).) Skull will hurry from wherever he was. By the time Tenka woke up 2 hours later. Olajumoke nlo Ori. we don t need your tears. Interesting Titbit: The song for this story was popularised by multiple award winning Artist.As the only other stranger. He therefore ran away as well. she waited for Skull to leave the house. the Skull that has no hands. When she had tapped 2 big kegs. Sobbing. only to discover the ropes were cut. Olajumoke nlo Ori o l apa. Tenka was very happy. Olajumoke nlo (O Skull. . as she sat weeping one day at the river. The drum was useless. whereupon he fell into a deep sleep. I will help you escape but only if you promise never. The Skull that has no legs. but as soon as she started to escape. ever. Early the next morning. she climbed a Palm tree and tapped its sweet wine. Olajumoke is off. a huge fish swam by. He vowed to deal with Tenka if he ever saw him again. Stop crying. to disobey your parents again. why do you cry so? There is enough water in the river. He drank. I promise never. EVER. Olajumoke nlo Ori ori o. I have learnt my lesson. She then packed her things and ran away. he was put in charge of watching Olajumoke. Olajumoke nlo Ori o l ese. Olajumoke used her cutlass to cut the ropes of Tenka s drum. Quickly. dear girl. He picked up his drum to alert skull. When the skull came back and saw that both Tenka and Olajumoke had run away. She never disobeyed her parents again. The wine was very sweet and potent as it was the first from the tree that morning. ori o. ori o. to disobey my parents again. Dear girl. till he was quite drunk. drank and drank. As for Olajumoke. Tenka would beat his drum in song: Ori. Then she took the wine to Tenka. Agolo. She tried to run away several times. catch Olajumoke and give her a good beating so she will not run away again. I assume you have also learnt some humility? O Fish. Angelique Kidjo in her hit song. The fish then told Olajumoke what to do. she was lucky to get back to Oulata. Tenka stays away from deep forest just in case the skull catches him. he looked around for Olajumoke and discovered she had run away. o Skull. Olajumoke lamented her fate. Finally.

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