Douglas M.

Uhlman 720 Cole Street Carlisle, IA 50047 USA

A J Whiteside Human Resources Manager The American Bilingual School - Kuwait Ninth of January 2012

Dear Mr. Whiteside, I am interested in science teacher openings at your school. I have a twenty-year background in science and have taught science and English as a Second Language for 10 years. In the spring of 2012, I will earn a Master of Arts in Teaching with an all science endorsement from Drake University, Des Moines, Iowa, United States of America with certification to teach from the state of Iowa. The student teaching requirement for my degree will take place in a 7th grade science classroom at a local International Baccalaureate middle school. Beyond extensive teaching experience, I also bring to the classroom knowledge gained by working outside of the academic realm where I applied my technical and analytical abilities as an engineering technician, an agronomy assistant, and as a conservationist. In February, I will attend the University of Northern Iowa Overseas Recruiting Fair. It would be an honour to meet with a representative of your school and learn more about your needs. As a participant in the UNI Fair, my letters of recommendation are included on-line.

Thank you for your time and consideration, Yours Sincerely,

Douglas M. Uhlman

Personal Statement To date the most significant moments of my life have been the ones spent abroad. The similarities and differences I have witnessed in explored cultures have given me a better perspective on my home. For over 20 years, I have worked with people from outside of Iowa and the United States. My experiences began with exchange students in high school and quickly expanded to an international dorm at my alma mater, the University of Northern Iowa where I made lifelong friends. I studied biology with specialty courses taken in environmental science with a German minor. While at UNI, I also lived in Austria for a semester. The time in Austria allowed me to learn German that along with the science background led me to work as an international contact person for the global engineering firm STORK. Thereafter, I returned to Austria this time as a Fulbright English Language Teaching Assistant for a school year working for two gymnasium schools. Returning to Iowa I found work teaching English as a Second Language for Des Moines Area Community College (DMACC) and teaching biology for Drake University. While teaching biology at the university level, I also have had the chance to teach talented and gifted summer programs through the Des Moines School District and the Belin-Blank Center in Iowa City for 5th and 6th grade students (ages 10 ± 12). During one summer session, I met the father of one of my students who appreciated my teaching strategies and gave me the opportunity to work with his family¶s training school in Beijing China for the summer of 2010. While there, I began the process of learning Mandarin and had the chance to explore a culture quite different from that of central Europe or the Midwestern United States. Today I continue to be an ESL instructor for DMACC while I complete my master of arts in teaching at Drake University by student teaching 7th grade science at May Goodrell International Baccalaureate Middle School in Des Moines. Gymnasium students in Austria, middle school students in the Midwestern U.S., or training school students from the rural provinces of China have much more in common than not. They all have natural curiosity and they all have the desire to use their knowledge to improve their World. I believe it is my duty as a teacher to set an example in the classroom and cultivate their already existing desire for knowledge by providing an environment where all possible can be explored. Practical education does not mean limited education. In a world that is dynamic and ever changing being broadly capable is the best way to be prepared. My overall education and experience is quite broad ranging from engineering technician to educator from agronomy assistant to café barista, but at its core lays a passion for the unexplored and a respect for scientific reasoning and methodology. I hope to continue to use my experiences to help others achieve their potential.

Douglas M. Uhlman
720 Cole Street, Carlisle, Iowa 50047 (515)-321-0433

To date the most significant moments of my life have been the ones spent abroad. The similarities and differences I have witnessed in explored cultures have given me a better perspective on my home. For this reason, I seek a science teaching position outside my home culture.

2009 ± 2012* Master of Arts in Teaching, Secondary Education, All Science Endorsement *(Coursework complete, Student Teaching and Certification Remaining) Will include Teaching Certificate from State of Iowa Drake University Masters of Business Administration Drake University Bachelor of Arts Major: Biology; Minor: German University of Northern Iowa Cedar Falls, IA

05/07 05/97

Spring 2012 08/02-Present Student Teacher, Goodrell Middle School MYP World School Instructor, English as a Second Language Des Moines Area Community College, Des Moines, Iowa y Instruct adults in English at various difficulty levels. y Prioritize, estimate, plan and manage my own work. y Set up lesson plans, quizzes, and exams. y Converse with students in English, and present information about American English using real-life examples. Instructor, Freshwater Ecology (Limnology) Belin-Blank Center, Des Moines, Iowa y Develop lesson plans and activities for summer program. y Collect materials and live specimens for study. y Include artefacts of student development. y Present students¶ achievements to parents at session¶s end.




Teaching Assistant, Biology Laboratory Drake University, College of Arts and Sciences, Biology Department y Created, refined, and implemented lesson plans. y Taught introductory major level laboratory courses. y Created and refined on-line laboratory manual and quizzes for introductory non-majors laboratory. y Critiqued student work and submitted grades y Maintained student contact hours and assisted students with lecture material. y Maintained laboratory equipment. Teacher, English Xi Ying Da Training School, Beijing China y Instructed in English at various difficulty levels. y Prioritized, estimated, planned and managed own work.

Douglas M. Uhlman
720 Cole Street, Carlisle, Iowa 50047 (515)-321-0433
Created and refined lesson plans, quizzes, and exams. Conversed with students in English, and presented information about American English with real-life examples. Teaching Assistant, English, Fulbright Teaching Program Bundesoberstufenrealgymnasium and Bundesbildungsanstalt für Kindergartenpaedagogik Klagenfurt, Austria (Federal Upper level Natural Sciences Gymnasium and Federal Education Institute for Kindergarten Pedagogy) y Served as language assistant for two gymnasium schools. y Responsible for prioritizing, estimating, planning and managing my own work. Coordinated deadlines and requirements with teachers at the school. y Created and refined lesson plans, conversed with students and teachers in English, and present information about American English using real-life examples. y Served as an English Tutor outside of the classroom. y y


I often worked at least part-time while studying full-time. I also have held numerous concurrent part-time, seasonal jobs. My experience includes but is not limited to the following jobs: 05/98 ± Present Sales Person ± Strudl Haus 09/11 ± Present Barista, Twisted Bean Coffee 12/11-12/11 Casual Seasonal Employee, United States Postal Service 01/08 ± 06/11 Drake University Book Store 05/08 ± 08/09 Polk County Conservation Board 06/06 ± 07/06 Instructor ± Des Moines Public Schools Gifted and Talented Program 05/05 ± 11/05 Agronomy Assistant ± Pioneer Hybrid 11/02-08/03 Customer Communications Specialist STORK Materials Technology, Twin City Testing Corporation 06/97-08/03 Senior Engineering Technician and Customer Communication Specialist (Full Time) STORK Materials Technology, Twin City Testing Corporation

y y y y y y y y y Windows, Mac, and Android operating systems experience. Use professional social media including LinkedIn. Experience with Excel, Word, Access, and Outlook. Ability to adapt quickly to stresses such as living abroad. Have over 10 years of teaching experience. Familiarity and experience with formal debate. Enjoy public speaking. Have performed numerous times as actor and vocalist. Speak several languages, proficient in German and Spanish.

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