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Thomas Assessment Center and Service Bureau

The Thomas assessment center is designed to help you assess an individuals competencies and behavioral traits. An assessment center is particularly useful when: Required skills are complex and cannot be easily assessed by interviews or CV analyses. Required skills include significant behavioral and interpersonal elements (leadership, Management, supervisors) Multiple candidates are short-listed and inter-active assessment is required.

The Thomas online assessment center includes: Behavioral assessments Personal Profile Analysis - assessment of an Individuals Personality Traits at work, under pressure and self image etc. What does Thomas PPA indicate about a candidate? What is their Self Image Graph III Behavior Under pressure Graph II How others see you (Work Mask) Graph I Job Emphasis Describing words General Comments Motivators

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Benchmarking Human Job Analysis assessment of the behavioral requirements of a job. What does the Thomas HJA tell us about how well a candidate will fit into a new role or position? The task of establishing the specifications of a job is the most critical component of any recruitment and selection process because the benchmark created will become the standard against which applicants will be measured. If this benchmark is inaccurate, the resulting job match will be equally mismatched.

Compatibility Gap

Job mission Job description Job Output Parameters

Recruitment Job Re-alignment Counseling Training Needs Analysis Appraisal Performance Enhancement Redeployment Personal Motivation Promotion/ Transfer

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Team Analysis Actual Team vs Ideal Team assessment of the current team dynamics What does the Thomas Team Analysis tell you? Use Team Analysis in Team Development Identify Ideal Team Culture Assess Actual Team Compare Ideal vs Actual Team Member Compatibility

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Aptitude assessments (GIA) General Intelligence assessment of a candidates natural aptitude and ability to learn new concepts. What does the Thomas GIA indicate about a candidate? Perceptual speed & accuracy Logic and problem solving Verbal reasoning Numerical aptitude Ability to hold information in memory Spatial visualization

GIA Measures Five Areas

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Emotional Intelligence assessment of an individuals emotional traits on 15 facets and 4 factors. What does Thomas TEI indicate about a candidate? How self-aware candidate is How well they can perceive emotions in others Can they modify their behavior? Can they motivate themselves? Will they persist in the face of frustration? How well do they control impulses? How well are they at regulating moods? Are they able to empathize with others? How well do they manage stress? Are they optimistic able to hope? Can they prevent negative feelings?

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Leadership Competencies we can administer an online 360 to assess the individuals competencies in 8 areas.

Global Focus, Strategic Thinking Respect for Others Feedback Teamwork and Collaboration Motivation Of People Development Of People Sound Business Judgment Drive For Results

What Bosses Want A Guide to Building Leadership Competencies

This book is intended for anyone who wants to understand and improve their leadership performance in the workplace. The need for genuine leadership initiative, entrepreneurship and innovation becomes increasingly critical as global competitiveness ramps up.

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Tele-conferencing on PPA, GIA, TEI or benchmarking analysis and 360 feedback.

The Personal Assessment Centers Benefits are: Provide an independent review and assessment of an individual Support your HR talent management activities

Please contact Ms.Evelyn Chong: Tel: +65 6339 8733 Email:

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THOMAS ASSESSMENT SERVICE First Report + Candidate Feedback + Interviewer's Guide - 1 to 20 candidates - 20 & above candidates Additional Audit Report per report HJA Comparison - HJA + Person to Job Comparison TEI Report GIA Report

Each $125 $100 $60 $125 $150 $150

NBO 360 LEADERSHIP SURVEY BUREAU SERVICE *360 Survey (PDF report) participant with NO Competency Book - 1 to 5 Ratees - 6 to 50 Ratees - 51 to 100 Ratees *360 Survey (Printed report) participant with NO Competency Book - 1 to 5 Ratees - 6 to 50 Ratees - 51 to 100 Ratees NBO Competency Book - "What Bosses Want" - 1 to 5 Books - 6 to 50 Books - 51 to 100 Books
* Please note that all fees quoted are in Singapore Dollars (SGD) and exclude the prevailing GST rate at time of billing.

Each $220 $180 $150

$250 $210 $180

$60 $55 $50