Moses and the Israelites had left Egypt and started traveling to the Promised Land.

They followed God as a cloud by day and at night He appeared as a burning fire. One day as they traveled they looked behind them and saw Pharaoh and his army chasing them Moses stopped and turned

The Israelites cried, “Why did you bring us here to die!”
Moses did as God said and they all crossed on dry ground. Pharaoh saw they made it across and decided to follow them. When Pharaoh and all of his army had crossed onto the Red Sea God told Moses, “Put out your staff again,” and all of the waters covered up Pharaoh and his army. Miriam led all of the women in praising God,

“God what should I do?” God answered
to God in prayer,

Moses, “Hold out your staff over the water and cross on dry ground.” Moses led all of the men in praising God,

“God “Lord, thank YOU ROCK for you for saving saving us!” us from Pharaoh’s


Moses and the Israelites Moses asked God, continued marching and eventually the Israelites started to get thirsty. They finally found a river and excitedly ran up to drink from it (give sour drink). They spit it out saying, “This tastes horrible!” The Israelites continued traveling to the Promised God answered Moses, “Take Land and their food started this stick and throw it into to run out. The Israelites the water.” Moses did as went to Moses and said, God said and the water was suddenly good to drink.

“How can I fix this water?”

“Why did you bring us out here to die?”

Moses went to God again and said,

“God we are running out of food can you get us some food?”
Some people forgot and gathered too much food. The next day that food smelled very bad.

God told Moses He was going to provide mana for the Israelites to eat. For five days they were to gather all they could eat for the day. On the sixth day they were to eat all the food they needed for two days. On the seventh day they were to rest.

On the first Sabbath day some people had not obeyed and looked for the mana. They were hungry that day.

The Israelites were still traveling through a desert and they ran out of water again. They went to Moses

Moses again went to God and asked,

“Please again and said, “Why give us did you bring water.” us out here to die?”
God told Moses to hit the rock with his staff, and water would appear. Moses did exactly what God said and water gushed forth out of the rock when he hit it. The Israelites ran forward and drank the water. It tasted very good and they were so happy.

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