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What system of justice do American and English courts follow? Adversary In general the three major phases of litigation are: Pre-trial, trial, post trial The two basic pleadings involved in a lawsuit are: Complaint and answer A defendant could offer which of the following as an affirmative defense? Self Defense The process of obtaining information from an opposing party prior to going to trial is known as: Dicovery An affidavit is: A sworn statement by a party or witness Nov v. Tuc where Nov had a business called and later got into a dispute with Tuc over ownership of the name, the issue concerned: Hearsey evidence Computer Task group v. Brotby, in which Computer task had hired Brotby as a consultant, the primary issue in dispute involved: Discovery Sanctions A post trail motion to set aside a verdict and enter a new verdict and enter a new verdict in favor of the no prevailing party is known as a motion for: A judgement not withstanding the verdict In general, an appellate court will overturn the decision of a lower court only if: An error occurred in applying the law to the case Vic decides to sue Avi. To begin suit, Vic must file a complaint. A complaint should contain: A statement of the basis for the court s jurisdiction Jorge files a lawsuit against Lily. Lily responds to the complaint by filing an answer. After the pleadings are closed, Jorge can file: A motion for judgement on the pleadings In preparation for a trial between Gabriel and ABC Corp, ABC attorney places Gabriel under oath and asks Gabriel questions that are recorded by a court reporter. This is known as: A deposition Motor Sports Inc sues AZ speed motor. Motor sports alleges that AZ breached (failed to perform) a contract that required AZ to sell 10 jetskit to Motorsports: Keith sells Jasper his house. After moving in, Jasper learns that Keith failed to disclose serious defects in the house. Jasper sues Keith. After the pre-trial are completed the case enters the trial case. The attorney begins the process of de voir dire. During voir dire: Jurors are picked from a jury pool Ophelia sues Winnie. While presenting her case Ophelia s attorney call Ophelia s doctor to the stand. The questioning of this witness at this point in the trial is called: Direct examination A trial between Shane and Verna results in a jury verdict in Shanes favor. After the jury renders its verdict, Vernas attorney can file a motion: For a new trial A judgment is entered against Mitch in Andre s case against him. Mitch appeals to an intermediate appellate court, which agrees to review the case. On appeal, most appellate courts: Affirm trial court finding of fact Salmura prevails in her lawsuit against Art. Art can satisfy the judgment by: Transferring property he owns Viewing all the evidence in the light most favorable to the non moving party, is there a genuine issue of material fact?