Confessions of a vampire lover. .

Chapter 2: consequences. Kelly P.O.V. I woke in my bed. I was still dressed in my dress, and high heels. Ev erything came rushing back to me, the vampire, the bite.. I jumped out of my bed and rushed to the mirror, in my neck on my right side we’re very two faint bite m arks. I gasped, I didn’t know what to do I started to panic. What was to become of me? I noticed I looked a little paler. The sound of my phone made me jump, Kels ey was calling me. “what the hell happened to you last night?!” I asked ticked off, “ calm down, after we got in the freaking security guy or whatever took me out of the club. He said I wasn’t allowed there, what happen to you?” she asked perplexed. I sighed and explained to her every single detail. “woah, you are so fucked” she sai d,g “ thanks that helps a lot” I said sarcastic “ sorry but its just a bite maybe your never going to see him again” she tried to reassure me. “ I wish things could b e so easy how you say they are, but I read that when a vampire bites you. You’re h is for eternity, till the day you die.” I informed her, “ you read way to much” she sa id like if I was mentally ill. “fine don’t believe me, but the day I disappear I war ned you.” I tried getting through her, but I know Kelsey she doesn’t believe in anyt hing. “yeah right, when that day comes I’ll ask a boy to go out with me” she said. I r olled my eyes, me and her have too much pride. If a guy wants to go out with us, he has to do everything first. “ I have to go, call me later” I said unsure, “ yes ma dam” she said and then hanged up. Today is going to be a long day. The weekend was boring, I was actually kind of happy when Monday arrived, at least I would be doing something for 8 hours. I met Kelsey in the morning “let me see” she said like a person who was high. “ you can barely see it, its like its healing by itself” I sa id disgusted. We went to the bathroom and waited till everyone left, I showed he r and her face was priceless. “ oh my god! I cant believe you got bitten by a HOT vampire” she whispered the last part. I just looked at her with a what the fuck fa ce. Kelsey is so unpredictable. after school, I had to go serve my detention I f ell asleep in my geometry honors class. After that I had a student government me eting to go to, after I was done it was 7 . The night was setting in. I had to w alk home, so it took only about 20 minutes. But throughout the whole walk I felt like I was being followed, I kept glancing behind me but I didn’t see no one in s ight. Maybe I was just paranoid. I got home, and went straight to my room to tak e a shower. While I was in the shower I heard footsteps, my heart was beating a little faster “mom, are you there?!” I yelled, but no one replied. Ok Kelly calm dow n, stop freaking out I mentally told myself. I got out of the shower, and wrappe d a towel around me. I opened the door, and went to my room. I screamed when I s aw the same vampire who bit me in the club standing in my room, looking more gor geous than ever. In a second he had me laid in my bed, this time I immediately p assed out. I don’t know for how long I was sleeping, but when I woke up I felt so groggy. I was in a king size bed, with golden silk covers. “your up” a strong voice said, I looked s tartled to see the vampire sitting in the corner of the bed. I jumped out of the bed, he just laughed. He had long, dark brown hair that was tied into a ponytai l. He was definitely pale, and strong. His eyes were dark brown, but they were s o enchanting. He stood up and walked to where I was, he was also really tall. “I’m n ot going to hurt you” he said, “ that’s what they all say, if your not going to hur t me then can I please go home” I said not once showing the fear I had right now. “ until I tell you about the bite I gave you” he said his expression bored. He conti nued on, “ you are not to be with no other male, you are only mines. I can do as I please with you, and you will have no say. Got it?” he said menacing. I was so sh ocked at what he said, I was his slave. And the way he said it, his face it show ed how a vampire can truly be frightening. All I could was nod. He was making hi s way toward the door, “ wait I thought you said I can go home” I asked confused. He

looked back

“ this is your home” and then he left.

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