The George H. W. Bush Library under a foreboding Texas sky.

During the author’s visit, the George H. W. Bush Library happened to be displaying an elaborate touring model of the White House which took 40 years to build.


Automatronic LBJ telling folksy stories.

An exhibit depicting LBJ’s innovative campaigning by helicopter.

LBJ’s famous three television screens on which he watched all network newscasts simultaneously.

The author with an actor who portrays LBJ.

LBJ’s dictabelt.

Segregation in the Johnson era and before.

The George H. W. Bush Library features a reproduction of Checkpoint Charlie, the White House Situation Room and presidential desk. There’s also a piece of the Berlin Wall, Bush’s military uniforms and bronze statues of world leaders.

The author in conversation with a bronze statue of George H.W. Bush.

The first Gulf War is commemorated with a mockup of a GI tent in the George H.W. Bush Library.