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Generic name/ Trade name Asoirin Othe r name : Acetylsalicycli c acid Phillipines brands: Aspilets, Aspolets EC, Anadol


Classification Anti Coagulant , anti inflammatory



Side effects

Nursing Resposibilities

Mild to Contraindications of moderate aspirin pain Fever Contraindicated Inflammat with allergy to ory salicylates or conditions NSAIDs (more rheumatic common with fever, nasal polyps, rheumatoid asthma, chronic arthritis, urticaria); allergy osteoarthriti to tartrazine s (cross-sensitivity Reduction to aspirin is of risk of common); recurrent hemophilia, TIAs or bleeding ulcers, stroke in hemorrhagic males with states, blood history of coagulation TIA due to defects, fibrin hypoprothrombin platelet emia, vitamin K

stomach pain, heart burn, nausea and vomiting. An aspirin overdose or higher dosage than recommend ed can cause very serious health issues. With shortterm use for specific problems, aspirin has been shown to be effective and does not present significant health risks. However, long-term

History: Allergy to salicylates or NSAIDs; allergy to tartrazine; hemophilia, bleeding ulcers, hemorrhagic states, blood coagulation defects, hypoprothrombin emia, vitamin K deficiency; impaired hepatic function; impaired renal function; chickenpox, influenza; children with fever accompanied by dehydration;

emboli Reduction of risk of death or nonfatal MI in patients with history of infarction or unstable angina pectoris MI prophylaxis Unlabeled use: Prophylaxis against cataract formation with longterm use

deficiency (increased risk of bleeding) Use cautiously with impaired renal function; chickenpox, influenza (risk of Reyes syndrome in children and teenagers); children with fever accompanied by dehydration; surgery scheduled within 1 wk; pregnancy (maternal anemia, antepartal and postpartal hemorrhage, prolonged gestation, and prolonged labor

use can lead to many problems. It is one of the leading causes of gastrointe stinal tract complication s, including microbleeding and ulcers. There is also a small but very serious risk of hemorrha gic stroke.

surgery scheduled within 1 wk; pregnancy; lactation Physical: Skin color, lesions; T; eighth cranial nerve function, orientation, reflexes, affect; P, BP, perfusion; R, adventitious sounds; liver evaluation, bowel sounds; CBC, clotting times, urinalysis, stool guaiac, LFTs, renal function tests

have been reported; readily crosses the placenta; possibly teratogenic; maternal ingestion of aspirin during late pregnancy has been associated with the following adverse fetal effects: low birth weight, increased intracranial hemorrhage, stillbirths, neonatal death); lactation.