Are you searching for answers? Looking for inner-truth? In need of change? Craving a new experience? Sick of feeling Lost? Don’t know why you’re here? Are you a happy person? Are you honest with yourself? Then you’ve come to the right place!

MY PERSONAL BACKGROUND Hello my name is Alex Lujan. At the time of writing this I am 20 years old. Born November 18, 1991. I have been interested in the inner-self since the age of 9. At 9 I realized that all the answers are within & contained within each being is the universe itself along with inner-strength, power & wisdom. I knew that there were unprecedented levels of awareness, understanding & connectivity among us all. The search for Inner-Truth Began. 5 years later I wrote this poem entitled “The Answers Are Within”. Here’s the Link: http://www.scribd.com/doc/79057344/The-Answers-Are-Within. My journey slowly progressed until the end of 2010, when I undertook my first Psychedelic Experience. I Got out of a serious relationship and realized I needed to focus on myself. I started studying spirituality & got into meditation. I tapped into my “Inner-Voice” “Soul” whatever you want to call it & one day while I was meditating on my roof I had this real urge to take Psychedelic Mushrooms. Knowing nothing about them and hearing all the myths, I did my research. I intuitively knew that all the answers I had been searching for would become clear to me with the help & assistance of Psychedelic Mushrooms. For my first time, I grabbed myself an eighth of mushrooms and at first I wanted to do them with an experienced friend. I then realized that it was a journey I had to do alone in order to be completely self-aware. So I grabbed my iPod, mushrooms, & orange juice, & proceeded to the roof of my house around 8pm. I ate them, drank the OJ, put my music in, meditated till they kicked in, & had the most enlightening, thrilling, mind-blowing, Ego shattering Trip of my life. By the morning I was “Reborn”. From that point on I had a tight grasp on my purpose, an understanding of how the universe works & since then I’ve been an all-around happier, more compassionate, motivated, energized individual! Since then I’ve taken Mushrooms around 20-30 times, each experience being a different lesson, message & understanding. The first experience showed me all the answers I had been searching for. Every experience after that taught me a new way of thinking, taught me more about myself & sparked my creativity like nothing else before! THE RULES There are only 2 important rules to taking Psychedelic mushrooms: RESPECT & APPRECIATION RESPECT that you are interacting with a wiser much older Being. Respect that they will guide you to whatever truth you are searching for. Understand that they mean you NO harm. APPRECIATE everything that is shown to you but also appreciate your life, your surroundings, yourself. The deeper the appreciation the deeper the connection you will have with yourself & the mushrooms. THE JOURNEY Everybody goes through their own personal, unique journey under the psychedelic experience. But remember before you reach this level of enlightenment, peace, & connection to the universe you have to mentally transition through the negativities first. Imagine a Sphere covered in black enamel. That black enamel represents negativity & suppressed thoughts, feelings & emotions. The amount of black enamel differs for each person, but once you break through that black, hard crusted enamel, you will find the peace you have been so desperately searching for. MEDITATION (For the Inner Journey) Meditation is probably one of the most helpful & important techniques when used with Psychedelics. With meditation you learn to live in the moment, separate yourself from thought, silence the mind, find your inner-Joy, & bring yourself Peaceful Energy. If done right, you will feel better after the meditation than you did before. It’s that simple! Meditating under the Psychedelic Mushroom Experience will allow you to visually navigate your mind with your eyes closed. Your mind then becomes a library that you can intuitively navigate with your heart. You are able to process multiple thoughts at once, think clearer & faster & if done right, you will no longer associate words with thought. Thought will then become pure unfiltered visual imagery (Like Dreaming). You can experience Omniscience, which is knowing & understanding everything through the reconnection to the Gaian Mind (Mother Earth). One very important thing to take note of is that with Psychedelic Mushrooms you move your center of awareness from you Brain to your Heart. In western culture this is something people normally don’t do, so this new center of awareness is liberating for most!

MUSIC (For the Visual Journey) Listening to music with your eyes closed in darkness will take you through a visual journey of patterns, colors, geometrical shapes & thought. You can lie down in your bed, sit in meditation & Relax in the mountains or forest. Now this is very opinionated as everyone has their own personal taste in music. I have my opinions as well but most people will agree that Shpongle is the most amazing to listen to while tripping. Other personal recommendations are Aes Dana, Easily Embarrassed, 1200 Micrograms, Entheogenic, Marco Torrance, Enigma, & Hallucinogen. We also have Reggae artists such as Bob Marley & Slightly Stoopid. PREPARING FOR THE TRIP One thing people should understand is there is no need to rush taking Psychedelic Mushrooms. If you allow them, they will find a way into your life at the right time! When it happens, it happens.
MINDSET* - Taking the mushrooms at a time when you are happy, full of joy & peace will mean all the difference in the

world. Make sure you are not taking them on a stressful day or with a negative mindset, or prepare for a bad trip. Also make sure to take care of your responsibilities first so you don’t start having a bad trip over not completing them.
DOSAGE – This is based on Psilocybe cubensis, what I usually get a hold of! Whatever you feel is right for you the first

time, is right for you! The amount you take is equal to the amount of truth you will receive at a given time. Only you know how much you can handle mentally before becoming exhausted. A good way of determining the dosage is based upon the amount of focus you can put into action. The stronger your focus the more you can handle. I recommend a full eighth for your first trip. If that sounds too intense then I recommend a half-eighth. A gram will even do you well if this is your first time. Now if you listen to Terence Mckenna, the forefront speaker on Psychedelics, He recommends 5 grams the first time! That’s something to reckon with. Unfortunately he passed in 2000 but his spirit is with us!
EXPECTATIONS - Have None. Be prepared for anything, but expect nothing. When your expectations are not fulfilled that

creates an unnecessary feeling of being let down, which will alter the experience.
SLEEP - The night before your journey I always recommend a good night’s sleep to mentally prepare for the experience.

You do not want to trip while feeling tired, drained & lacking energy. You might as well sleep through it, however if you do sleep through an experience, be prepared to get the best night’s sleep! You’ll wake up more refreshed and alive than ever!
ENERGY - Imagine a tidal wave coming at you 5 miles wide and 1000 feet tall. That’s probably a good visual of the

amount of energy Psychedelic Mushrooms expose you to. Some might find this to make them nervous, jittery, cold & uncomfortable which can all be minimalized through accepting & allowing the Psychedelic Mushrooms into your consciousness/body.
VISUALS - Include geometrical patterns, trailing lights, rainbow colors, visual imagery with eyes closed, “breathing” of

objects such as the wall, your skin, plants, etc. If all you care about is the visuals, you came to the wrong place. It’s much more important what you feel & see with your mind’s eye than the visuals.
SENSITIVITY - When taking Psychedelic Mushrooms you become extremely sensitive to your own emotions, thoughts, &

feelings, as well as those around you. That’s why it’s very important to stay away from negative individuals. When you avoid your emotions, thoughts & feelings, & then drink alcohol or smoke too much marijuana, all you are doing is numbing yourself. When you become numb you stop understanding yourself, and in turn stop understanding others. You then ask yourself questions such as “why am I feeling this way” or “I just don’t understand why this is happening”. Psychedelic Mushrooms change all that. They kind of force you to face yourself. You start to feel everything that’s going on inside you including the feelings you might be suppressing. That’s why some people don’t like the feeling from them; they are not yet ready or willing to come to terms with themselves. Keep in mind that Psychedelic Mushrooms are aware of you just as much as you are of them, so they will not show you what you are not prepared to see. They will in fact help you on your journey to self-discovery and assist you as much as possible. All you need is the desire for truth & answers & they will deliver!

ONSET – You’ll know it’s kicking in when you start yawning, your noise starts running & you feel a rush of energy. Get

Ready & Relax! Take some deep breaths & control your breathing. Good luck!
DIET – I advise you not to eat heavy foods such as meat 24hrs beforehand. Everything in your system affects you

(thoughts, foods, feelings). I also advise that you don’t drink milk, coffee, or energy drinks the day of (or risk a painful & bad trip)! Personally I take them on an empty stomach which is best for me! If you take them on an empty stomach & still get hungry, eat some fruit & drink some sort of REAL juice! None of that “from concentrate” crap.
INGESTION – One method of ingestion is grinding them up into powder and taking them like a shot with Orange Juice.

The amount of Orange Juice doesn’t matter but I prefer about 24ozs. The Orange Juice with its high vitamin c content makes the onset faster & gives you more of an intense trip. Grinding them up makes it easier on the stomach with digestion and saves you the taste of them which is like dried flavorless sunflower seeds imo. Two Promoted & personally tested methods I have tried are taking them on pizza & with chocolate. The type of pizza & chocolate is on you but if you want healthy, go for organic dark chocolate! These 2 methods will also cover up the taste! However after many experiences with mushrooms, my stomach cannot tolerate them & after digestion I usually get nauseous & throw up. To prevent that part of the experience, I now make tea which is just as powerful, the onset is much faster & has no negative effects on the stomach. Mushroom Tea is now my preferred & recommended method! TEA METHOD – If you also have a sensitive stomach like myself, this is the best way to go. First grab your mushrooms and grind them up but not into powder, just into tiny pieces that can be filtered out! Or just break them into tiny pieces. Ingredients include a lemon, ginger tea (or ginger), chamomile tea, & mint tea. Take 1 to 1 ½ cup of water and bring it to a boil in a pot, then turn off the heat. This pot should have a cover. Take 1 slice of lemon & squirt the juice into the pot of water & if you want, leave the lemon slice in there. Then put your mushroom pieces in the pot & stir it until they have absorbed into the lemon water. The lemon is what extracts the psilocybin from the mushrooms. Right after you can put the mint, chamomile, & ginger tea. I prefer to put 2 mint tea bags in. Each tea will make digestion easier & will help your stomach with any and all discomforts. After you stir everything cover the pot & leave for 10 minutes. Stir everything & recover for an additional 5-10 minutes. After that use a strainer or filter to pour the liquid into a cup. Now you are ready to drink your delicious mushroom tea. You do not need to drink any mushroom bits because the psilocybin is extracted into the tea, it is pretty much pointless. This is not necessary but I usually make a second batch of tea using the same mushroom bits to extract anything I may have missed. I then use another lemon slice & add another chamomile & mint tea on top of everything that is already there. This is all subject to taste! You will start feeling the experience within 1545 minutes. Enjoy!!!
WATER – is so important it has its own subsection. I can’t stress this enough! Drink lots of water after they really kick in

because your body will need it. My advice is a whole gallon of Alkaline water. If you have to buy bottled water the best is RealWater, then Figi, then Arrowhead. Any water will due but keep in mind that chlorine & fluoride in your water can decrease the potency of the mushrooms. I don’t drink a lot of water beforehand, just enough to stay hydrated. I drink enough water throughout the trip to where I have to pee every 20-30 minutes. It’s basically spiritual, mental, & physical detox! Remember that water is liquid life. Since our body is most abundant in water, it makes sense. As you start to harmonize with yourself your body sends out a vibrational frequency (it always does). If that frequency is of love, then the water will intensify the frequency. Even if you are feeling down during the trip, a drink of water can snap you out of it! Here’s a video showing how Thought & Intent affect water: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tAvzsjcBtx8 Keep in mind this is only a video if you want more proof research Dr. Masaru Emoto.
WITH FRIENDS OR ALONE – It’s really up to you whether are not you want to do this alone or not. However I have a

template for you to decide. If you are independent, sure of yourself, self-aware, strong-minded, open-minded, looking for truthful answers, then by all means take them alone. However if you are unsure of yourself, are afraid of taking them alone, you feel lost with no direction, or you are not comfortable with yourself, take them with an experienced friend. If your friend is well experienced it is best that they trip with you because an experienced person will know more how to guide you if they are there with you on the same level. If you don’t have an experienced friend, get a trusted friend that you feel completely comfortable with to be there with you throughout the experience. It’s usually better with just 1 really trusted friend because it’s a very personal journey & experience. Too many people can overwhelm you.

BAD TRIPS – This is almost everybody’s main concern. Bad trips come from lack of preparation, being around negative

people, eating the wrong foods, or just having the wrong mindset. There are 4 major ways of preventing & getting out of a bad trip: Water, music, singing & dancing. If somehow you don’t have access to these (& you can’t sing or dance) then 1: Stay calm, panicking will dramatically make it worse. 2: Ask for forgiveness – The Psychedelic Mushrooms do respond to thought so asking them for help, or thanking them helps greatly! 3: Remove these thoughts from your mind: “This was a bad idea” “this was the wrong time”. Any negative thought can & will make it worse. 4: Be as positive as you can be! My secret weapon though is meditation. If you are an experienced meditator you can meditate your way out of a bad trip in as little as a few minutes. Stay focused. If at any time you start feeling lost, hopeless, helpless, or you feel like you’re losing control, try these methods & remember it’s just a feeling, it will pass if you don’t let it consume you! Remember that you are not your thoughts; you are an observer of them. If you start having good, bad, weird or psychotic thoughts that’s all they are: thoughts. Don’t confuse them for who you are because in the end you are the one who decides which thoughts you want to act upon. Emotional intelligence is important as well. When you learn to manage your emotions, you are able to bring out the best in yourself at will! This experience will teach you that. RECAP FOR A GOOD TRIP Positive mindset, Deep Respect & Appreciation (No expectations) Gallon of water & Orange Juice (No Dairy, Coffee, or Energy Drinks!) Good night’s sleep, comfortable clothing Good Friend(s) with an Open Mind A Camera to Record Yourself Little Bit of Marijuana (optional, but recommended) LESSONS I’VE LEARNED It’s not really important what I’ve learned it’s more important what you learn. I have learned though that the universe is a big cosmic Joke, that we are all ONE, unified, and interconnected & that we create our immediate universe. We are “bubble creators” & Emptiness is always the conclusion - Taken from a video of me tripping. PHYSICAL EFFECTS Dehydration (See WATER Above) Dilated Pupils (sunglasses if you wish) Visual Acuity (Your Eye sight increases in depth, noticeable details, & Color vibrance) Pineal Gland - This gland in the center of your brain is responsible for producing melatonin & regulating your sleeping patterns. However its purpose is far beyond that. In spirituality it is called “The Third Eye” which certain cultures will put a dot representing it in between their eyes. In spirituality it is considered the link between the physical & spiritual worlds. When activated, you can access higher consciousness, creativity & awareness. Well understand that a lot of the crap in our foods like fluoride actually calcifies the pineal gland, rendering it unusable. (Ever see emotionless, lost kind of robotic people wandering around). Well there are ways through meditation and dieting that will decalcify it. Psychedelic Mushrooms also help to decalcify it. Keep in mind fluoride is in everything from our toothpastes, water, meats, food & almost everything we consume in Western culture. Here’s an article: http://www.fluoridealert.org/health/pineal/ Here’s another: http://www.naturalnews.com/026364_fluoride_pineal_gland_sodium.html Since I’ve been focusing on activating the Pineal Gland, I have experienced increased intuition, communication via thought (Telepathy), Predicting the immediate future of myself & those around me, seeing people’s energy (auras) & a higher level of awareness.

PSYCHEDELICS MUSHROOMS WITH OTHER DRUGS (keep in mind this is just my opinion) MARIJUANA – The good thing about marijuana is that it can be mixed with almost any drug and enhance the experience. The bad part is that if you smoke too much before your trip, you will become too numb to remember what you learned. The whole point of the Psychedelic Experience is to come back with a new idea, a new way of thinking, a new understanding & share it with your fellow people. So I recommend smoking under 2 conditions: about 2 hours into your trip when you are experiencing the peak of it, is the best time to smoke a little toke of Marijuana to spin you off into another level of your trip. No need to take a big hit because the mushrooms make you very sensitive. The second condition is if you are experiencing a bad trip. Now this is not always recommended because you want to face & overcome the bad part of your trip, not run from it. But sometimes a little toke makes all the difference. Believe me there is no need to smoke marijuana after the peak of your trip. You will forget the understanding you have recently acquired and revert to your normal unaware self. It’s best to not smoke for as long as you can after the trip to enjoy it! TOBACCO – I personally don’t smoke tobacco but I hear it’s like a breath of fresh air during the experience! ALCOHOL - I think this is very immature to do while on mushrooms due to the fact that they sensitize you, & alcohol does the opposite, but the “cool” thing about drinking with mushrooms is that you can pound without ever feeling the “drunken” effects. You can drink to your heart’s content. I’ve never personally drunk while on them but have heard many testimonies by others that this is true! I’ve also been told that it helps when your trip becomes “overwhelming”. LSD (ACID) – I believe Psychedelic Mushrooms are stronger than LSD, but if you want to mix these, wait until you start to hit the peak of your mushroom trip & then take LSD to maximize the intensity. KEEP IN MIND THIS IS VERY INTENSE. OTHER PSYCHEDELICS INCLUDING DMT, AYAHUASCA, MESCALINE, MDMA (ECSTACY), & PEYOTE – I don’t know you tell me, I haven’t gotten there yet! RELATION TO 2012 2012 is one big misinterpretation. The bible says it’s the end of time. What that really means is it’s the end of the Age. The Age representing a cycle that transitions every 26,000 years. There are 12 cycles. One explanation is astrology. In Astrology we are in the Age of Pisces (Jesus). December 2012 is the end of our 26000 year cycle & the beginning of a new one. We are entering the Age of Aquarius. The Piscean Age represents the color Red, while the Aquarian Age represents the color Purple. One common misbelief is that evolution occurs over long periods of time. This is untrue. Evolution occurs instantly & with our planetary shift in the galaxy along with higher vibrational frequencies, we are preparing as a planet for this upcoming evolution. This evolution includes universal interconnectedness & higher accessing of consciousness. Love & compassion will become the norm. Peace will find its way on Earth & we are all a part of this. Every decision, every action, every creation, makes a profound difference! The Psychedelic Experience in essence prepares us for this upcoming planetary shift by dissolving mental boundaries, rethinking our belief systems, and creating new life-sustaining, Environmentally-friendly ones! Your mind is a computer. Your computer has an operating system, & when you take a Psychedelic, you are basically formatting & reinstalling a brand new operating system. The more times you do this, the better you become at it. Now get to it! THE MYTHS There are quite a few myths about mushrooms that have been perpetuated around society that need to be addressed. THE BRAIN SWELLS & BLEEDS – Complete utter bullshit. If this was true, you’d die! PSILOCYBIN IS POISONOUS – Nope not at all. The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) in the US rates Psilocybin (641) less toxic than Aspirin (199) and Nicotine (21). Take a look: http://www.thegooddrugsguide.com/mushrooms/faq.htm#01 MUSHROOMS DESTROY YOUR BRAIN – Oh please come on. Anybody that believes that hasn’t fully experienced them. MUSHROOMS CAUSE PSYCHOSIS – Now psychosis is a mental condition that can be described as “A loss of connection to reality”. Now do they? No not really. However any mental condition you might already have will be revealed to you under the psychedelic experience which explains why some people lose it, or go “psychotic”. If you are paranoid for example, mushrooms might increase paranoia but they don’t create what’s not already there, they simply intensify it. MUSHROOMS ARE ADDICTING – Now that is the funniest thing I’ve heard. Not only are they completely non-addictive, but let’s say you have an addicting personality & wanted them every day. You wouldn’t feel anything after the first couple days because your body quickly builds a tolerance to them. It’s actually quite the opposite. Mushrooms allow people to break their addictions through increased awareness & overall increase in attitude & behavior. Not so sure then watch this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u7yKpvBQhTw

WHERE DO PSYCHEDELIC MUSHROOMS COME FROM? To put it simply, they come from Space. Here’s a very detailed description of their existence - http://deoxy.org/mushword.htm Here’s the video if you would rather hear it - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nlMRiVGfONU OTHER FUN THINGS TO DO Ride a bike & enjoy life Go on a hike, Go to the beach Write, draw, sing & dance Talk to your parents (you connect with them so much more) QUESTIONS How is the sex? It’ll be the best sex you’ve ever had, or damned close to it. I recommend waiting until during or after the peak of your trip 2 hours into it! You will be the most relaxed & in tune with yourself. Caps vs. Stems? Nearly the same amount of Psilocybin. Eat em all! Stems are a lot rougher to chew on and digest. Are they for everyone? It depends on the mindset of the individual. Flashbacks? No! Drug tests? Psilocybin exits your system within 2-7 days. It is not tested in urine tests. So nothing to worry about! Can you sleep on them? It depends on the person but Yes you can!

If we are friends I will gladly be there to assist you on your psychedelic journey. Happy Exploring! I’m open to revisions, opinions & advice. Feedback is greatly appreciated. This is my first contribution to the Psychedelic Community along with the World Peace Movement. Peace & Love to all! Contact me on my mobile: (818) 397-0256 --- Facebook.com/TheLujanExperience --- Alexraylujan@yahoo.com

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