George D, Louderback 187U - 1957




in the year 18G7. hKANK EASTMAN. by B.. <j >/ J^'^ i[^ . In the Clerfs Office of the District Cdlirt of the United States. LANCTOT. I'K. BY BRITTON & RliY. MTH.Entered accorcling to Act of Congress. 5O9 CLAY ST. in and for the Northern District of California.

The work is adapted to practical use in business and aB such is line of commulife. February 25th. THE AUTHOR. the indication of the proper sentence will readily be understood by them. is to enable of citizens to acquire an elementary and^i^ractical knowledge of the spoken language of the Cantonese dialect. Su that a man w^ell versed in this dialect may bo . consequent upon the extended It will also be found sufficient in employment of Chinese.PREFACE. through a necessary and continual intercourse with the Cantonese. as nearly all such immigrants are from the Canton district the comparatively few -who come from other districts soon become.ANCisco. and the now established regular nication with China and Japan. 18G7. as they understand the Chinese characters. Ri36747 . readily understood by all the Chinese . communicating Avith the merchants and educated classes of Japan. familiarized with the accent and pronunciation of the latter. social and respectfully submitted to the public. -«o*- Tlie object of the author in publishing this little all classes volume. This is the dialect most generally understood by all classes of Chinese immigrants on the Pacific coast and elsewhere. San Fr. as the Chinese almost without ex- ception read their language. The author has been induced to undertake this publication by what seemed to him a daily increasing necessity.

i .

Page. Crockery Cutlery ' 71 " . . 73 Days and months Dialogue on getting a China boy Dinner Dress 21 35 75 Dressing-room 78 Earthenware Evening orders Familiar sentences Fruit \ 74 ^ 24 30 13 75 14 Glassware Grain House furniture 72 19 Liquors Lunch Names 35 of colors 12 10 a friend Numerals On meeting Porcelain 41 74 71) Quadrupeds School.1 C N T E NTS. 67 10 Bedroom Breakfast 77 15 Business conversation 39 . About income tax Articles of food . the 45 49 • • • Short sentences Spirits • 19 Tea Teas Traveler's conversation 39 19 41 SI Verbs Vocabulary of useful words 72 .


a^ such. ?)02/. as in they. " said are the chief guides to the Time and mode are very clearly shown by the meaning of the whole sentence. is soft. "* au as ill 010 in hoio. are quite unknown to . iire — 3[oods and is tenses. ng as n h in the ngo a protracted nasal sound of no. shat. aa as e i in fawn.'" > . it.) at as y in fly. ue as in oeil (French. (') The acute denotes the rising inflection. the No distinction made between is the persons or numhers noticed at all and passive verbs nor by them. The context and the active circumstances under which any thing exact sense of any passage. as in go.) as ee with ou in <iee-you. oi as o. as the elementary in no. words shop. as in machine. has been uttered. oil as in horn. Chinese. sz a /?! buzzing sound. final. C) The grave denotes the falling inflection. or by ihe conditions under which it To-morrow I 1 shall go 1 '' row go . etc.y in ooi' as in cooing. . in English a as in pan.RULES FOR PRONUNCIATION. The Verb.. sheiing."' •' yesterday would be expressed in Chinese by to-morcame '' would be expressed by " yesterday I '• come. 00 as mfood. eu as inpe?t (French. full sound in the English letter. Each Chinese character corresponds to the Chinese word above letters.


April. ^M July. Sze*' One week.. Sunday. Yat koh"' lai' paai'". Saturday. ^^ Ootobt r. . January. December. M 8hap uet November. Lai" Monday. Lai' paai"^ ng'- tt^^ March. ^M -^-^i ^^n . February. uet ^sB. paai' snairC. sze^.^ May. Shap yat uet. Ting ching net. ifijaM' vei. P net. Shop r uet. '^n ^ Lai' paxii" m^t#^ ##^ Thursday. Tsat uet. Lai' paai" yat Tuesday. Ng' net ^n June. buk uet. Lai'^ DAYS AND MONTHS. tM September. Lai' paat" luk. CHINESE AND ENGLISH PHRASE -••^ I3GOK Wednesday. Saam net. paar yat Lat paai i. Friday. ^^ August Paat uet.



Yat nin.

4 Four.





3 Three.

5 Five.




6 Six.



8 Eight.


9 Nine.

10 Ten.






11 Eleven.

12 Ttrelve.

13 Thirteen.

14 Fourteen.



)15 Fifteen.





^^ 1^
17 Seventeen.


Shap pat.


16 Sixteen.

18 Eighteen.





-t JL '^
19 Nineteen.








30 Thirty.

20 Twenty.

21 Twenty-one.

Shap koio





40 Forty.

50 Fifty.
N(j shap.

60 Sixty.

70 Seventy.
Tsat shap.

80 Eighty.


Si shap.



Pat shap.


90 Ninety.


One hundred.




Xon. shap.

Yat pak.


r^^it600 Five hundred.



1000 One thousand.


Ng pak.

-i-^^ ^^



5000 Five thousand.




.r:.^ ^>t.

lO.flOO Ti?n






Tal ttMn.

Tat pak


1867 Eighteen hundred and sixty-seven.



pal pak lok sfuip



San Francisco, Jannary
jhi fau,ching

21st, 1867.

aetiskaf>yat ho, yal tsin pat


lok shap isat nin.












Tai sam.

Tai si

Tai ng.











Tai pat.

Tai kav.

Tai shap.

Tai shap yat.






Tai shap

Tai shap sam.

Tai shap s t

Tai shap ng.

^^^, $^a.. $^^- $^^^





Tai shap


Tai shap


Tui shap pat.

Tai shap kavi




















si shap.

Tai ng'shap.

Tat lok shap.

Tai isat shap.


^T2^-f. ^^-f-.




Tai pat shap

Tai jcomL shap^

Hundredth. Tni (jat pak.

f >N.^







Yat poon.


Sam fan










Fat fan


Shap fan


One dozen.

y^ One




.One gross.


shap koh-

Shap ikoh

ta sun.






Yat chu




Si chU.





Yai pool


Ten fold. Shap poiii

One hundred fold. Yai pak jpovi




One basket

On<' bag.

()ne half.





Yai pan.

Vat kwan.

Vat fynn.


-m- -^^







Vaf sennq.

rat chnat.

Yai tun>/

Yai ehe\

Yd fan.








invoice of goods.

Oiie jar.

Vai chek.

Yai pool.

Yai taan"

Yai rhmg.

-A. -4T.




One pane




Yat ham).

Yat sin



Yat fai poh

Yat kin

On<' piece of cloth.

One sheet

of paper.

Onc^ set.

i)ne spoonful.

Yai pat


Ydt cheung



Yai king.





* Chestnut. Hang yan. ^^3L^.. ^^ x^ #f.3 Kwoh 'ts7e Acorn. Walnuts. shang. Olive. ^\ Groundnut. . Moot Red Plum. Hwig mooi. Sour Plum. Fung bxt Md shxm. Apricot. Lime. ^l . ^ ^% Dates. Fa'' Red Dates. . Prunes. Jfat to\ Yeung mooi ifj. Plantain. To' Pear. YeT isz. Citron. . Suen mooi. — It>^ cJiang^. Quince^ Raisins. Fig. . Pak tso^. Almonds. Sha" li. ^. Hung isd^. Poh lah. Apple. Pine Apple. i%-^^. Tim Peach._ Mo^faf kwoh Poo tai tsz. Ning mung. Man sau kwoJi >1 r^H Poiai tsz. . Lemon. Plum. Tsiu. Grape. Sour Orange. Strawberry. Ifvurrrtsz. Kom lam''. Cocoanuts. Skck laue Ying tsz. Ping kwoh' Wong mo-oi. Pomegranate. FRUIT. FRUIT. .

Sago. i . Pak mai Mak. tau*'. :^ White rice. Tsing' isoi. Hung iau^. Tai wik. Rice. % Black beans. SiUc. L ^^. ^^^. Tsam Pak tau^. Maize.J Soy-bean. sxien. Yi inaL ^ Wheat. Tavi^ kok. Sai tnai. GR4IN.ik Sam kok mak Woh maV' Millet. 14 GRAIN. Hang lohpnk. Egg plant Foo' kwa". Watergreens. Wong kuxi' ^M Garlic. *. Squash. $^. Fa' ye' tsoi. Kuxi" tsoi loL Barley. ^f^. Ginger.. ^ Bean. Tong ho\ Shui kan. ^^ ^ Red beans. m % Cauliflower.^i Buckwheat. Cress. SI. Lat tsiu. Cayenne pepper. Long-bean. Si. —VEGETABLES. ^4:^ Oats. ^^ taxi^. Cheung mak. Hung mai. Hak Cabbage. Tsin^ K^ung. . VEGKTADLE8. Wintergreeus Ang isoi. Cucumber. ># Celery.. Pearl bailey. ^^% . Ng kuk > loi Com. Mai. Red rice. Tsu na' isoi. k^ f Carrot. Ye' tsoi. J Greens.

Lin tsz. »] Kail ^R Sea-weed. ffilu. 15 Mushrooin. Kaum' kwaf %v tsai ffioi. tft . Fa. tA Witter caltr( •p. han IIo Ian iau. Turnip. Muskmelon. N>> Watermelon. Black pepper.'*. Green peas. Pareley. Melon.VEGETABLES. Mustard.%-%$. Pumpkin. Tomato. Hoo isiu. Tai shu. j'ui'slale. Tsung iau.s-or. Sax kwaf. Lettuce. f^^ -^^"^ Water-lily roots. Clwn /-. Ho Ian shu. tMn\ Tsz (fioi\ If Sow Foo ^ tiiistle /. tsoi. tsoi. Tare. Luk iau. Lin ngau. A K Ytillow pumpkin. isoi'^. ^^ Water-chestuut. Kai isoi. Timg kwa''. Chi ma. Edible sea-weed. Se. Ma" tai. Sugar cane. ()o iau. Sweet potato. . Xo'' 'pak. . ijx7 Yam. Hcung svufu K. Tp2 .samum. Skang isoi^.n shu. ' Chiut'se pepper. Onion. Hoi'' ScallioiiP. Fa7i ke". M^f S2^ Potato. Water-lily seeds. Kwa". Ileun'q ]cwaf. 1^071 Peas. t^ bpinaiic Ubi.

Chicken. U* 1t^l^l . Tse'uk Min piwf con. Wine cake. Peng^.*l^. isai. Cheese. Kai lit. Ngau yuk. Sin kai. Boiled beef.^^. Ngau keuk. Beam. Kai tan. Ngaunxiipeng". Chocolate. Ngau yau. -:i^it. Coffee. Ap^. Piruj kwoit Bacon. Roast duck. ngau yuk. Y€' tsoi. Salt beef. ^P^-. Tong. Cabbage. Cake. II 2 4. Ka'fe*.t. hon Yin -tfuk. Broth. Crab soup. 4-^5#. Mak hong min tau.#. mat s:4^Anchovy. . Sh^ip Koant beef. Capon.||^l. Tsd u kai. Ngau yu yau. ^%m^^i . Uam ngau yuk. Biscuit. Ilai yuk tong. Wl5-:|. ke'aonij Wong Ka li ngau yuk. .15 ARTICLES OF FOOD. a Dough Tiu nun Egg. Ohukola'^t. -. Curry. Fish. Shiu ngau yuk: Mia liu. Kat shi. B. Butter. ' Duck. MxrC iau.' 4^. Kai Jiang. Taukok Baiter. AITTCTJS OF i^U>: rOOt>.'^^']^i^Custards. ^11. ^ Beef. Dried applen. #. Bran. Shiu ap''. Makhong. Chu pi chain. Ukang. ^]i%. Bread. 7m pa^ ngau yuk. . Bran bread. Beef steak.^. Cutlets. Cream. Birds. Chowder. *' # Tsau peng.]> . Cow's feet Fillet of pork. Curry beef.

Kut shui Kai moot.m. . ' Pastry.^-» Flour. Partridge. J!fga\i Indian meal. Chile ftJellies. Fat Ian sai kai. Chup. Nutmeg. yje ^L ^k. Roasted fowl. Teitng shau! Honey. Pig. ^i^ Milk. Sang isoi yau. Pig's foot jelly. Sheep's head. 4|b. Yeung ue'. t^. Suk. Baked pig. "X.^- Mit. CM'' koo. Euk chw Uui V•^1^ . Rice gruel. 17 Boiled fish. Mustard. Tong ko\ ^-m. Mni tong. Goat's milk. Hat . nnq yvk. Salt fish. Mutton. ngoh. Fricasseed fowl. Chue yaa ) Maize. Minfun. tong. Sweet oil. Suk mai.^^. 4. . Gravy. Miri shik. keuk tWng. tl7K^. Km. . f-IL.^^hM^'i^ . Chau u. Roasted Goose.M. HanC tt. ^i Lard. '. Ham. Pancakes. ue: . Goose. =5. #^# Fried fish. Oyster.. Fresh Sin u. Molasses. Pak shap u. Liver of beef. Preserve. Tau^ kau^. Shiu kai. Chitw isai. fish. /5X^^>. Fo^'tooi Hash. shik. Pan kik. Liver of pork. Shiu ngoh. Mai hu". C%e' li. AKTICLBS OF FOOD. Fowl. 2igau Ho kohn Chue kohn.

^t. Shui yu. Faatipoo iin^. Salt. CJfUi' Vhuf Iceuk. . Skvic Foh kai. Pickles. -m Turkey Toast To" se. ^i^-:|.. ## To'" tsai. Rabbit.f^\^-. Yolk. Roasted turkey. Yam. Cold meat. Yeung yuk tong. Tart. Rice. Shiu yuk. Sa'' chui. 4-i^-v Turtle. Shui yu tong. 21am cMic yuk. Yeast. Tong kwok'.^|. Fun s'. ia-'t. Veal. foh kai. Tax" shu''. ^Ml^. Pigeon. Shi ^yau. %^^. la't.j? Tso\ Kan. Ngau yuk tong. Kuk^hvttsm. yKt. Hung Poo tin". tong. --^>^il Fowl Kai soup. Rice pudding. Ifgau kwat suL Sweet meats. Vinegar. Fawi: im. Bread pudding. Teong cheung. Tong. Roasted pork. K Victuals. Beef soup. - ^^If Soy. Vermicelli.^>C-|L Beef suet. Suenkicoh'. Chu mi lung. Foh sik. pai kwcU.^ Soup. Sausages. Pork chops.m. shtu it^ Pudding. Spare rib Sugar.18 Pig*» feet ABTICLES OF FOOD. i^M -#. Snipes. Sweet potafbes. Min tau poo tin. . Tan wong- Tung yuk. 4^^ . Salt pork. Tong. Turtle soup. Plum Mooi tart. Mutton soup. ^^is. Fak kop. 4-'f ti. Bftked potatoes. N^utsaVyuk.

Ow chu.' ^oTk ho.i^- . Hcf muk. Brandy. Gunpowder.A^^. Cider. Green Tea. SPIIUTS.' Sherry. Che'" le pa'" Ian" te. L No. . Porter. Pe^ isau.i Hung cha . . Ning inong shui. Che'" li Rara. ^^i}"^ Gin. OoluDg Oo lung. Tsm tsau.J§ Congo. 19 Spirits —^Liquors. 1 ik tsau. . ^. tong. Xttfc 0>^t. Cherry Cordial. JL. Gunpowder. Tsaxu Win A^ lik tsau. Beer. ^Orange Pecco. cha"". tsau! . — LIQUORS. isau! Lum • isau! Soda Water.% H. Bam pin" Ping Jcwd^ isau. Old Tom. Inferior ChuJio"^. syrup.l| Madeira. cha s.l-:ii ^^-:i|.' Po ta^ tsau. . Hung moot. liappTial.*t-|. i . Poot tsau. Port Wine. Hi ofiun. Common Foo hL Hyson. . ^% Black Tea. s^SHyson. Common Congo. Seung heung. iS Champagne. X. Wine. kung foo Pau cfvong. —TEASArrack. ''Jf . Powchoag. Fine Congo. O^-lo torn. Pa"" tan" ie.. So ta'" shui. Pecco ^ Tsd' Cha \j T J. Kungfoo cha Nuen chong kungfoo A:i^'^. Claret. Pecco .M^t^^K. ^A$>. Chu cha . Souchong. Lemon 2\'ivg Lemonade. Hung tsau. mong ^• Tea. 8hiu chung.J^^^. ^:^K^. tsau". t'i ch/. Hung Muy.

LJi v4 M> Blu'^ NAM 1/8 or COI. Campoi.-Blaek^ ^ . Salt. Azuro-blno Tla tseng Hot. Chik itt. m^^ Oratig". Old Hy»on. Ngo mi. Heong. Woyig taan"shik. Ha'm 4 -^1^ Hot. Paxk shik. -A Lean. (Ihung chai. Lang! Losing. Kohv 'A- . Jfung. -:t Cold.black. Shup. iMk Tan tsenq shik. ^ shik. I'^ocy white. ^-fL Red. La't.% '^% Hak ft. Loam. Weak.L -kL . Sour. Fa' htfung. Tarn. y^^ ScarKH. Sxten. Sunglo Chunglo. ^^^^^ Pea-p. i(. Fragrant. smell. Jlung shik. Caper Congo. Bitter. Kantn n hunq. M. Tsung shik. Yeuvjj laa!H Green. J3i j?i.<thik Shau. shik. ^^] Bad Chan. il Wet. Xo^ laam. ^ Strong. IIn tseng. hga icong shik -f^. Cool. ^ Carmine.reen. Ohu Ui'n. Young Hyson.OUS. Oily. . V Scented Tea. mmL I'nrplc.20 No. M^^ White. Sweet.t> I'"«!D-blu('. Brown. Fa' hungC r H? I'lDi shik. lim. Kan poi. no. ^^ Indigo. 4tm 'HASTE Tastelesi. Chulan. Dry. Carnation. v<-. Foo'. ML Mo mi. <ti^ Yellow Woi</j shik Pr in s/dk. 1 TEAS.

Kue sin yat tsoi nd se chue. Kue tsoi kue chue yau nin poem.00 a month. DIALOGUE ON GETTING A CHINA.^g J He ought to be satisfied with $6. Mi pif yan kom He wants $8. isin yai Kue iu pat ko ngan ko ud.00. . How long did he stop with him? kau T Kue tsoi kue chue yau H He stopped with him eighteen months. ^€> S ^^ ^1^ 4IL^—. Tsing sz isai/ 21 ?*^if Can you get me a good boy? Ni lung ngo tsing tah yai ko' ho sz tsai ' /n ? How much Ni pi will ki toh you pay hiia yan hung kxie ? The same Too that other people pay. before. Yau luk ko kue too sum chuk tor Where was he employed last? ^ Kue sin yat tsoi pin chue tso kivok He stopped with Mr. BOY.! ' DIALOGUE ON GETTING A CHINA BOY. toh.

yau yung^. When Ngo shall I begin ? iu tsoi Itongfa'n. If you want to . Ngo po^ tak hue. he is very smart. Ngo tai tafk km rujoo chun kwo/t tau Can he find security ? Kue yau yanpd^ ino^ ni T No. kue ko iwf I can secure him. You must Ni pii sleep in the house. Why dW be leave him yeT ? Wai mat kue "m tso ? Because he got sick. you must ask me. Ni hai lupbut kai : Nipit iu man kwoh tv)0. kwo him useful. I will give him more. luic Wa'' kue chi ngo pi ko lujan isin. tek k(f 'Mkai. kxnoh kue.22 DlAlXXiV^ ON GBTTING A CHINA BOY. Yan wai kue iak peruj'. I think he is very stupid. ki shi hoi sh/m m ? go out. Bring him here on Monday.00. When N(fo hon r find . ImX pai yat kufig hue loi. Tell him I will give him $6. Ngo tsau tiiW Mi iik.

Brush my clothes. Hai kwoh ni tik lau" pan Trim the lamps. Kung kue cknt hue kai ican". Sokivoh ni kofong. . Sweep the rooms- Tim cheakfoh". MarC" maiC^fan hue pat twi chumj. Cfva" ka^p too tsai. Wash the windows. Can you cook ? 23 Ni nang iso^ chue ? Can you wash ? Ni uan. i?t C%iu chiu ni isat tim chung loi. Slokwoh ngo teng" mo. ni ilk Saikwo ifok. Sweep the stairs. Wash the clothes.(j . Sai kwok ko tseung. Tsin tang'. Brush my hat. Come at seven eveiy morning.sal i 'I Light the fir^.DIALOGUE ON GETTIXG A CHINA BOY. Knlres and forJ^a. Go home at eight every night. So lau. Wash the floor.' So kwoh ngo tikifok. ta^ li Hi kung ngo tik sai rnon tsai. You will take care of the baby. Take the baby out.

Chi kan iu sheung moon chafp. Has the servant shut all he windows ? Koon tim san" mai chexng mi ? • i f # ji This lock is Take care to bolt the doors. This lamp is not clean. Ni pa" 30 tso' Get this lock repaired.11'^^^^Snuff this candle. Koon tint kom yai tsau sw. ching. Put the light out Tsin ha" ni chi chuk. i^^^mfd^ i: '^ ^t fl . out of order. BVKNTNO ORDERS.tsin ching /ti j>a'' Kue iupoon ko ngan soli. wai lok. I think the oil is bad. tsing. Ni isafn tang 'm kon The servant has washed it clean to-day. ' Ching fa'^n ni ita' soh He wants half a dollar to repair the lock. Man taufanfo.24 ETEXIKG ORDERS. ^£. C%oi sik ni chi tang fok. Ngo tai" ta^k ni tik yau 'm ho^. ^3 ^f.

EVENING ORDERS. . Ming yat tso shwi hi shan- Has washerman brought my clothes Shai yi lo"" nim fan ngo tik yifuk loi ? the ? . I What do you want money Ki iu for ? ngan tso mat ye" ? I want it for to-morrow's expenses. Ngo hai kom toh ngan mai ke\ Go bed just now. M kang ho Please give kwohfimt ko me some money. Ni tik ye' hoi tak kwai kwoh tau That is what I paid for it. to Get up early to-morrow morning. Ngo iu hi ming yat rtiai ye". You charge too much for the things. Ni ha" hue fan lok. To^fan ni pi ilk wjnu kwoh nga want some money besides. JUrjo ling mjol m tik wjan Urn. You better 2o buy a new itiai one.


Tell the

washerman to s<m(i Kiu sai i lo"" hoi ta'a
in his bill.



W -^ mr .^^

Have you made up ynnr accounts' Ni shuen tshyj shd^m tsang ?


can you


me have

it ?

*M tsang.

ki shi tsau pi


kwu kvf



days more.

Has Mr.

paid his
2)1 liu

Chi leung yat



money ivjan mi ?




pay to-morrow

Kiie min<j yat tsau pi.

See that the money



lu hon hue



rd tik ngan.

If there


any thing short

Yeuk hai "m tak kau.

I will

make him pay the diftercnce. Ngo iu kae po isuk.

^^^^i^ 1
this bill.

Cfd ni


Take his receipt. Kiu kue se' fan tiu

sfuiu Ui'n.


;it it


my own


Yap ngo

vxing" luC sho.


Don't put


in the

bouse accoimt.
sz sho

Mok yap kung

%- -^ -u>


have no money


this bill.

mo" ngan cM

ni iiu" ia^n.

you a check on the bank. Kgo pi yat cheung chile ni hue ngan hang shau,

will give






this bill


Don't pay




Ni tiu ta'n chi iak ngan mi




chi idkf.




examine my accounts. Ngo iu hon kwo/i sho.


Shall 1


the bearer to
chi loi

come to-morrow ?
loi e" ?

Kom ngo wa'

yan ming yat




Tofaji" ru lok.

I ^t i'T^^ What

the total of your accounts ?


chwng shd ki toh ?

I don't

know just now.
ni ha"

Is it correct?


"m chL




How many

orders have yon got ?
toT chi T

Ni yau ki chewn^ of



^ -^ ^
You must
vit iu

have not conntod them. Kgo mi yau sho kwo.



file all

these orders.
tik a' la' ehi.

chuen viai ni



over your accounts with Mr.si

'^ f
says he

it. -'AM "^^J
kwoh sho'


^1 hue tung mi



very busy.



ioh sze\

1€.i^ ^€.-^f

when he has


Tang kue ha'n tsau


have gone over these accoants. Ngo toi kioo ni tiu sho lok.

Do you


them correct ?

Voi kd'oh cheuk


ni ?



ten dollars difference



ko ngan

tsin sho'.

Where is your counting board ? Ni sioen poon tsoi pin chu ?


these accounts again carefully.

sum suen kwok ni



Put the payments on another Chi sho sheung side. (Jheungloi shu chu hue chi sho. Loi sho sheung mai yat pin. ^&>- . It is all right 29 now. Ni tsau chi ckuen shu mi ki toh. Ni ni' tiJc shd tsung <o^ Pat all the receipts on one side. Ni ha^ cheuk Square the old accounts. tso'^ tso^. You will know the balance on hand. koi iu ching ching You mix up your accounts.EVENING ORDERS. luen. Deduct the payments from the receipts. *Sc/ yau n{jan leongfung yap ngan ehong. Buen ching kau shu'. kwo yat pin. Kum yat hi kwoh sunshf Make up your accounts every week2ii ko ko lai pax iu suen sho You ought to be very 2fi particular. lok. Put all the money into the treasury. Begin a fresh account to-day.

The servant has come back. Make some Chung pool tea. I want to shave. Chow yat poon shui '>VTiy is this water so dirty ? Go and change Ilue W'n kicoh it. 30 FAMILIAR SENTENCES. . lias the servant come back loi ? Koon timfan mi ? Not yet. Nim tik yit shui loi. Ngo iu fhai soo. Koon timfau loi loh . Tsat tsing ngo kbi shavi I am going out. come back soon. Call the barber. . Nim tii eheung shun hu chu. Kill tai iau lo loi. Bring me a basin of water.. Jang hoi yam. Tsnk toa'. <^'^. ''M tsanf}. Where is my hat ? Brush ray coat. Send this letter to Mr. I will Ngo ni ha^ iu tsut kal. PAjaOJAR SENTENCES. Ngo tsaufan loi. . Wai mat ye' ni tik shui kom o" iso ? km* Bring me some hot water. Walt for an answer. ""^ chn'. lot. Ngo tiiuj mo isoi pin chu.

tsoi ka". hoi ngau pak ip cheung. Nim yat chtung i loi. Open Toj^ the Venetians. Did you see him ? Ni }cin kue "m tsang ? What is he doing ? Kue tsoi chu" tso'^ mM . Send this card in. Kiu' kue hue kwoh Fai tikfan Don't wait long. Tsing yan hak yap loi. Mr The servant has given the letter to him. f ^e^i^^j^ n vjia Kue tung yan Jiak kujuj sh'ift Show me the house. Bring a chair here. . Mr. ye^ ? it ^ ie He is ^-i- talking with a gentleman. ^ ^^ He will send What did he say ? ime tim wa" ? an answer just now. Mok 'iing' kom kow. tsoi Come back quick. loi. is 31 not at home. Ask the gentleman to step in. Kue chow pi hoi yam.FAMILIAR SENTENCES. Koon tim kau liu san Jm/oh kue. Chi chi kan uk kwok nfo Nim ni ko tip yap hue. Mi see m Tell him to go back again.

ko iih kai tan loi. Nine/ ni ko tip hoi hue. Pass this dish tip round. Is breakfast ready ? Breakfast is ready.ite gentleman to come to breakfast Tstng ni wai yan hak loi shik chiu" cha^n. Did yOu prepare any toast? Ni yan liong iing to^ se" 'm isawj . 0<m cknen ni Uu po^ Chewvj ni ko chien k(cofv hue Put the curry on the table. Kit hi kah Give this plate to that gentleman.32 FAMILIAR SENTENCES. BREAKFAST. easy . Tso^ dm" pin 'm cbang ? Tsd^ cha" pin lok. that Take off the dish covers. or Take sin" care. Change this napkin. Fong poon hCfechcA ioi min. Shun shun . tsai. Easy. Pi ni koh tip kwohniwai yan hak. Bring the eggs hero. JSing Take this plate away. or sam. tip koi. lELV.

what will 8z tau ni iu you have for dinner to-day ? mai yt'' . Pi yat pool cha^ kwoh n^d.^-^lM Make some curry. Man tai^ tsan moon.FAMILIAR SENTENCES. is none ai in the market. there io'^ . Sir. Shau Enquire about dinner. kvoolt. Shiu yat chik sin kai. Which gentleman ? The one opposite to me. U^ W^^iMm Don't make it too hot. Give me a cup of ickl 33 The tea is to« strong. Chung iik ngau yu lok clia^ chue. Put more tea in the teapot. Remove the table cloth. Make me a pigeon pie. Fong ioh iik cha^ ip lok chcC" hao Pass the milk to that gentleman. li sir ? Can you get any oysters? MoAtrfhhA-'P "wr^ ^ Taotaat yt" ka" ni ? I can't get it . '^H^l']. ^1-M. 2^ng^ ni iik ngau yu Icioo ni voai yan hak. Chung iik shui tim. lat. Pin wai yan hak ? Ngo tooi min ni wai. ioi po^. 250 yaX poon pak kop min kwai.#jf^l|'t' . Tso yat poon ka^ 'M ho Ivo '^ow What kind of curry. kom yat tso t%i'^ chan ? Roast a capon. M iik chd^ hung tav . Put some milk into the tea. "M mai tak kai mo tak mat. Get some Wibre water.

iMng yat chik ioi kwat kai. Tell the cook to make it properly. tik ye' taoi. Do you want cooked iu ching shuk kae ^m ni ? *- - Cook a boned chicken. Make seme Tso soup.t'J ''^^l i^] t% Do you want Ni it Get it roasted. Xhree gentlemen dine with me to-day. Tong ni chik sin kai 15 C'f ll^. Cover it with butter. Chau tik tsiu. Are there any oysters in the market? Kai si yau fw^ mai mo ni ? I?tiy a piece of good beef. Ning hue shin. Mai tik ho is^'mg tsoi. Cha" min Mai .. roasted to-day ? iu koin yat shiu mo ? Can you do so ? iVi' /so'' tak ^m m ? I am afraid I can-not. Kill this eajjoii. some gooil vegetables. . Get some cabbages. Fan f00 tso^ chue lo tso^ ho tik. Try some plantains. Mok tso'^ icai ni poon long. Mai yaifai tik long. n> Ni t^n it t ^^ ? ^^ :?.34 ^r«et FAMILIAR SENTENCES. Y^u sum wai yan liak loi sik iai^ chan^ Don't spoil the soup. ho^ ngau yuk. Ngo pah "in tso'^ tak. liu.

chue lo" tik. To" fan p jai cheung sun kwo ngo. Some cold meat. Very well. Roast a leg of mutton. Get a bottle of beer. DINNEIR. Make Ta . l^. Tsing yan hak iso^ ioi. Pi yat pooi shut kico ngo. *35 I Well. Hang it up. Dinner is ready. Fong tsoi ioi min "m tsang ? Invite the gentleman to take his seat. LUNCH. There is no more beer.^ \^^- . Ning" yat tsun pi tsaW Ioi. sung i^ "it /^ ^ ^^ 9 Prepare fowl Tso kat lit "/t - ^ ^ ^€> ^^i Mok %\^ it. tf n] -A ^b i% 4 - -f^ !^t. Go to '- and get some. I will come just now. Is it on the table? Tai'^ is'/n pin lok. Mrig shiu ngau yuk lot. Ho Ngo tsau Ioi. Lunch is on the table. sir. Mo' pi tsau Hue Please give me a note. Remove il the soup tureen.FAMILIAR SENTENCES. Yau tik tang yuk. Yau mat ytT ni ? Yat chek siu kai. Shiu yat pi yeung yuk. lok. Ho le^ lau fan ming yat Tiu hi hue. it tender. What have you got? A roast fowl. lef. Don't over do shiu suk kwo tau. kai. kue. ni Ning hoi ko tong tau. put it off till to-morrow. Give me a tumbler of water. Shiu sikfong tsoi ioi min lok. Bring the roast beef. sir. cutlets.

hue lo^ chun kookwai. Pour the wine into the decanter. Tofa^n ni koi hoi ni chik sin kaL This fowl (Ml chek Ni cneic is not thoroughly done. This beef is roasted rare. Mok tso Ian Jii ko tsun cliai. shiu talc:' laxi. Kiv tso^ chue tai ye' tsz Open a bottle of sherry. shiu ho^ iik. kaVm isang m jsang icax Tell the cook to roast it better next time. Mok yeung ni ko isun. ill ^^"^IL -^M^f'-a^ . j kue tso tak' ki' ho. ' . 2^ ko isau pooi "m kon Tsd ising ni ko isau pooi. Clean this wine glass. il)# my taste. li Don't break the cork. He cooks very well sometimos. i . Td^ ni iik isau lok pak isau tsun.S6 FAMIUAK SENTENCES. Bring that dish of sauce. ""/L ^ Yan . tal^f Ning ni chang chap loL Ni iik ngau yuk shiu shang. Please carve that capon. It suits The cook Ni ko tso'^ is Hop ngo hau mi. ' Don't shake the bottle. si This curry X'> tik is very nice. Thi^ wine glass is not clean. ka' U tsuji \ Soilictimes he spoils the dishes. hai ho. i Hoi yat isun che" isau. sniu uuc tau. ising'. p - Yaushikue is<Twai ni tik tsoi. very strange.

Pi kwo kau TEA. What have you got besides ? Ni wan yau mat y^ tim ? There is a peach to" tsai tart. j ! Don't burn them. Tell the cook chue to fry to" cha". Take the What kind Ni tik liai of tea is it ? M hoi hoi. shik. i Ngo sheung cheuk kot kue yan kung loU j Bring the tea canister here. On ni shik kai tsoi sTuffong ting chue. Mok hong tsiW. ngo mai sam yeung. Kiu tsd^ some pancakes. Put the fowl in the safe. j Nby} ni ko cha" ip tsun loi. 37 Why you get me some oysters ? Tso mat ni "m max tik ho^ rujo shik ? don't There is none si in the market. Did you buy any fruit ? Ni yau shang kwo mai to ^m isang ? Yes. hong tik pan kik. ' I want to cut his wages. sin wooi tso tak i shapfan "m ho. | 1 ia / ^% mf. lid off. I have got three kinds. He Kue did very bad the last time. Give it to the dog. mat yef cha' ? . —^Make the tea ready at Zok tim chung tso"^ pin 6 o'clock.FAMILIAR SENTENCES. Yau yat ko tart Ning loifong t'soi toi min. Kai mo iak mai. Yau lok. Bring it on the table.

38 FAMILIAR SENTENCES. I will enquire to-morrow. ke" lok.' wa^ haidtan ke' ? kom kung tai loa' Try and get some good Shi ha'^ tea. This tea is very bad. "A. This is Souchong l^a. Uai mo ka' JY. King kico ydt dak cIm" jfoon hoi hue. tso ilk ka" fe". lip. A" ne'xmg chung i'yam tarn Put some more sugar into the tea. likes tsai weak tea. Bring another ton .yam yung cha'. prepare a little chocolate. . ^1 iik cha^ shap fan ^m ho. ching iik chue ko lat. Ngo ming yat hue man kwoh. If you have no coffee.saucer. inai tV": ho elm". Roniovo the tea 'I'sdu cJi/t" tray. I like strong tea. Mrs. :$L % ^^ m ^ ^ jL Make some ^7 ha^ coffee just "^v_ ^^ ^ now. Fong toh ilk long lok cha' chue. Xi (ik hai siu chomj. ^h %That ^ is ? '^ ^% lio -^1- the best I can get. Ngo chung '. clia". Xqo mai ni iik sun chi Do you mean JVi koiii to say so How Nfjo tim dare I to tell a lie ? .

Is that the lowest price ? Mooi pong sam ko Hai kung to^ ka" isin "m I want some preserves and pickles. sin si. Yau. I sell it three cents a pound. Ping fa' mai shap i ko sin si yai pong. Have you any good table rice ? Ni yau iik shefung pak mai md^ ni' Yes. I don't want a picuL iu'' I want ivf fifty pounds. How much Ex toh a dozen 1 4^^ ngan yai ko ia' svm. ping fa' ^tn hai Sugar candy sells at twelve cents a pound. Ngo iu" iik iong ko sun kwo". That is what I want. Ngo ^m yai tanu Ngo ng shap pong. ^ Send three dozen ^hax yan sung sam ko to ta" my sun house.BUSINESS CONVERSATION. What is the price of sugar isin ni ? ? Tong mai ye ka^ What quality do you want ? Ni iu" pin iang /ctf* I want the best sugar. but ? it is 39 very dear. iu' chi Do you mean sugar candy t Hai iu' Ngu ho ke" iong. io*" ngo uk. Ngo ising hai ivf ni iik. Four dollars a picuL Si ko ngan tsin yai ia'm. che". isung hai kwai What do you mean by dear? Tim yeung wai chi kwai ni. .

tim. Ngo kifi ^m hd^ i sz. ho^. Ngo yau tik ho'^ poon ii mln'". "When shall Ki shi I send the bill to you? ni. I don't want iu' it. Ngo ^m^ching yau iak fung. ItT. Ho^ taiig ngo kico leak lipo And see. Thank you Good bye. let rii me go to the next door . Verv well.40 .iwh^ther I can get to^ it : ^ And I will Sz ha' hon chi inai tak "m / come back loi / . Where do you live. To buy some • other things from you. In haufan" Tung ni mai tik ye' tim. I J 9F^at some Ngo ip. miiC fun Ngo mo^ fa" ki min^. sir ? Tstien ka' tsoi pin chu' chu^ ni. Ngo ^m ko tik. Tofa'n ni tung chA ming ngo ho' lok po"^. BUSINESS CONVERSATION. ngo sung tan /o^ ni rhu' Xum nishishiloo . . I am very sorry I can not accommodate you if ith it. tile have no American flour. che' ni lok ching let me take your name. I have some . Any time you please. ^^: Vmf^ lo Please If it^t ^^ ff i^ .good China flour. flour too.

9^ fi^ 'tis 'fi^A. vu tsz*hinq rhe^ung yau mo^ ni. Oh how beautiful Ah ki ho'' chV" ! ! 41 I What a magnificent view Koni' ho ho" tai ah I ^f-^ No sir if .! traveler's conversation. tai nqo mo^ tfu ^vz^ kef. che" hue fan yat tsau^ tak lok.*. Nfo ^^ -K . ^ -^ ^ ^ You Ni taapfo" . 1 should like to live here all my life. f lliiuk wo hav<> nothing ti"^ likt' it.don tsz^ hina. enjoy travfling thiovigh sncli Sfieuury. ^t 4f ^^ A^-£- Did you ever see a«y thing like it ? iW kin yau mat che" tak kue ke" ni ? . ooi tun''g yeuk faiche^m sai horn'" hi". J/u^. Ngo ^m tak / lifau uen kwo tau. Mo . Hgo mi tsamfkbi kwo yau korrC" ho* fee". Have you such beautiful scenery in your country ? Ni kwok chonq yau. IJ^ . . So 1 would. * t ^Ngo I chuiuj tshi skiehue tsoi ni chue^ lok. N(j<> to" if the coach did not shake me so n\ncU. No. xmi- n^ Wung :i£^ A^ :^ can go to the city by railroad in two days. Xgo loh ynu n-. I never saw any thing so beautiful.^'i- would not too far from the city.# I ^ ^ ~^ ^^ ^^ "^^ yii.

Ilow much will he charge per day Ki iohngan yat yal" ni. you will not have long to suffer. Well."^ ^h You go ta'u yat ^^ tiu lo'^ ^m hai tsok lok.^^% We \^^ «t Nroad to . to'' ching leutuj tseaJc yau on ke" hai yat y€"ung che". i^^^.42 traveler's conversation. ? . Ngo ming yntn Ho ah nt/o yat iie"nng chi. you are on the wrong road. If It ^5^ l)ack one mile.^'f 'VL I Wi)ul(l rather go on horseback.shapfa'nfai Is this the right N hai "li- Ni iiu" Zo^ hai hue pa'k pi'n ke ^m P^Jilr^^. Ho lok. . Ni ha^ng chuen mai lo^ vit hau chuen kwo yau pin tsau hop Will you let me ride with you hue ? Yes. will get to 2fgo <r chCiuig loiyau hu. Nl hafng tung ngo ma' che'' ? Ho ni. A'crv wt'll . Let us go and hire a horse and buggy. ke" m. it is. We Ngo a can hire two saddh. 7ii ''m simi saa koni noifo^o lok.a" hue h>k.1i^-^^^^^A^f^ Yes. ni ka" hing che* chi. 'tis all to'^ the same to me. Nl A 1 < ^^ . . you may. Hai lok. Nqo tjy hue ching ka" ma" chf ni. then turn to the right.^-i ^ ^^ lok. I hare a light load. .e very soon.-^ i't. No. hor.ses just as well.

Hurry Fai up— I can't wait any more.^^-#*'$^-^ No.^ miM%i3-^^ He says he can't let us have them at that price. let us take a walk first. How much JVt do you want to give ? s€unq pi ki toh nu Six dollars is enough. Very good Ho' lok! ! Let us go back to our hotel. ha'ng ha' tim chi lok. ^ #: I ^^ . I will not pay that.' All right. Wn hm hxiak ue' Which way Hue pin shall \ ^^^ ^*^. Hoplo^k. a.! traveler's conversation. we go ? ^Mho. i That's loo much. S^ Ta'ng yal t-ionnyo mi tak pi'^. sain. Lok kd^ ngan isin ho lok. Make haste— 'tis Seating tik lok. Very well jio-ni. ni. chue"^ ni ? Let Hs go down that way. He Kiie 43 says we can have them for ten dollars. Kue w(f ko ko ka^ tsin ^m tso" ta^'k. . it. Ngo "w tang tak tim lok. Wait a moment . I'm not ready yet. isin t . He Kue says the roads are very wa'' koni^ ha^ bad just now. Chi lok. ko tivf lo shapfcCn iZ U^ ! t-ft^:j let i^^^^d-^ till i Then us wait to tai next week. Ju kOi/i toh ngan ngo ^m pi ta^k. wa' ni mooi yat shap kd^ ngan to'/c hk. Xo^Jk ko'^ chue all. getting late tik lok. lai In hau^ iafng ko pal chi lok.

Ngo^mtak kt' tai uru' u. Do you like living at the Mission i ? Ngo iai io^ yaxt sa'^m max lo^. Ni chong tsniMi shun chue^. Yes sir a gentleman who treat* me very Hai . I could not it is too far. ^Mta'k.44 ON MEETING A FRIEND. Yes. ^r ^ well. t il ^^ i^ Ngo "/n uot j I jpust return at ten o'clock. . ko sz iau toi iak ngo nhapfa'n ho Will you stay here this evening ? Kom. I like it very well for the present. f Ngo hue si^ishun ta' kung loi\ M . j%.k How far is Yau it from here ni chutT hu€ ni your place ? chue^ yau ki 'iien ni ? to I think it is about three miles. Could you not come to town every night? ^man^ ma'n ""m maifav^. tak ngo if i pit shap tim cho7kgf<i^n hue . No sir . ha^ kin io^ /^ ' Haij ngo kum ki ho ko^n. Where baye you been this long time ? Mat ni hue koiu noi^ hue pin chue"" ? Where do yoii come from ? Ni yau pin' chue loi^ ? I have been working at the Mission. ma'^n ni cJiong isoi ni chue^ ? ^^ nt No ^Mhal. ^ Are you working for an American ? Ni tsoifa" ki" yan chue ia' kutu/ ? . sir 5 S^ I can.t ilJL ^^^^ .

J fi I ^f ? .ni ke' months have you attended school ? Ni tuk livC" ki toh ko uei sz. 45 to school t Wl^ A\A you not come last night ? Tso mat ni tiok maari^ wf loi ? Why do you not come ho ni ^m loi Wai tuk sz ? ^t-^ 5'>^1^- flt^-t^.1tf.f^ S^ ^J^ T^ tf How many ^ Who taught you ^ }% # ? Where did you learn to read ? Ni tsoi pin chu hak ooi tuk ke" ? ^ yd' ez ? ff « n^ ^^ -ti Suiyank<a.'i'^]HI^^^l^#-^ I .>?^'^^^4-f>tt "Why do you not come every day ? Wai ho ni "m yat yat loi ? Ai?e you busy all the time ? Rai ni ski skit^m <ctfc^ € ^^ ^^ ^^ B^ Ni What book do you studj now ? in ha^ tuk % -^ mat han ? 13.? THB SCHOOL. I make very little Ngo to "m toh hak progress in Chinese. Ni ahapj'anfai I ok 9. n ^tf-^|. Nyo yau tik sz kohyi.uksz Ni kofoo tsan poonfau ^t>tt*.. tak' ki toh tumj wa". ^-^ ^ Do you wish Ngo mat sMhau/iuk chaap.f I i^-t How did you enjoj yotirself ? have not mud* time vio to study.^'^ ^^ ^k * ^f chae^ ? ha"^ ? hare an engagement. to come i to school '/ Is your father living tsoi in this city? Ni chong loi t.

At what time does your teacher come Ni ko sin shang kisra loi\ ? . Yan yan to hai hnm tca^. Is the 2^i room warm enough ? ko fong nune "m ni ? The streets are very muddy. Will you take a lesson this morning ? Nilim chiu. Ko tik kai toh shapfan sam nai paav~. Have you any brothers ? Ni yau king tai yau mo ? What is your business? Xi tso mat ye' shang i' ? I want to see you to-morrow sfiap tim at ten o'clock. rum maan iu" fat cheuk kohfoh lo. ni.46 THE SCHOOL. Ngo lit ming yat chong kin ha^ How much JSfi yat ko uet- do you get a month ? yau ki toh ngan yan kung ? We Kgo tl need a fire to-night. ink ni sau sz 'm ? Do you understand your lesson ? Nish'tk iak kai ni ko sau sz "m tsang f Do you speak English often in your store? Nishi^hi Isoi po yau kong fan ica" yau mo^ ? Every body say the same thing.

K"-^ ^^ t^ ^"^ M/ pronunciation is good. Why do you come so soon ni korrt tsS loi ? ? loan toh kwo tuk sz. ki sing. At home. ki sing. Ngo do not make any progress. but not . my memory ke. \ Are you making money ? Ni yau isin chan' mo ? Where did you learn the language ? Ni isoi pin chue hak ica" k^ ? In China. I think I tax csze^kin tik kong. in writing.THE SCHOOL. I study as tuk tak much JtorrJ: as I can. is not good. sz. Ngo how kim ki ho wai hai mo II t E make some progress J^co . . JX^ Ngo tohtuk horn toh. Ngo wa kwo ni chi yat tim chong loi loh. . Mat I told you to come at one o'clock. Tsoi m kofau. I do not. No. In thi« city. Ht. ngo toh 'm kin nwi kong.. You do not 47 progress toh ? ? know your ni lesson. Do you make much Nl hgk tak ho Ni 'm niu tak' luk sau No. I am more Ngo idle than studious. my memory. Ngo too "m kin kung Ngo "m ho ^f^ X. Tsoi iung san Tsoi uk ki. .

Ngo chung kung hak liu sairC' nin. hi Only three years ^^ SafrC' 5 ? -- ^ ^^ I nin chong^ f ^i. altogether. \ . Ngo yat commenced to study it in 1860.48 THE SCHOOL.7^ Certainly . How long . three years. i. Ngo kosMhok idkf ki ko uet You have mad^ good Ni chxi/i- progress. you spcuk as wi^ll as I do. Kok sat h'li .f. Not more than three years. ni kung tak" ngo yal yfwuj lok.jl did you study ? it ? # ^ R M -^ I Ni hok yau ki noiah ^ have stud'ed. lok. Pat kwo sam nin 1wi. tsin pat pak lok skap' mn hisa'^uhok I have studied a few months' at a time. ho toh kung Do you think so? '/ JSi kin kni . f.

Tang yai ski kan What news ? Yau mat sun mun ? Are you sure ? Ni chi tak isan mo" f The mail steamer has Sz sun foh suen toh arrived. liu"". I don't know. chi. Ni hue pin chut ? Nao ^m wa" iak'' kwo ni chi*. that ? Be still. Kue shui wa" ? iE^ X^. When is he coming back kishifan loi ? ? Who Mat says so ? Kut hue Uu" Kwong tsau sing". Come here. What Ni is 4^ Speak louder. ^3£ho koin Wait a little. mat shui ? -Ngo yau peng*. Don't say so. Ngo ^m "He has gone to Canton. Loi ni chue. sz. loa't Kuefa't liu^ tai tsoi. -I'M i^jt^^ s-t^ ^. Ngo ^m sik iak" ni Are you well ? Ni ho a' ? ^ He has made his fortune. I don't know you.. Tai sim/ kuntj. ^tilt^ . jV</o yau. iik' ha'C' 7tiat ye" ? Mok tsut sin</. Where is he ? Kue tsoi pin chue ? I am not quite sure.SHORT SENTENCES. Ching chimj tso" lok. Ngo ^m hai shapfa"n tsan". Sit still. Ki hi sun'. I am busy. Where are you going ? I cad not tell you^. What for ? Wai mat sz ? Who Ni hai are you ? I am sick. "Stand up.

Shut the window. ^i^ Send for hira. Ngo mo nor hoh. Kue pit iu loi. ^^^. You can not take it. Bring a cigar. your name Ni kiu mat mlng" ? is ? Where do you belong ? Ni hai" pin chue yan ? How Ni old are you ? ki ioh soi ? | . I don't care. Kue '^m teny'' ngo kung. Ngo iu ni tung ngo hue. man*' kue. ! At. I go with mo. ^ Jf sai. Kue \n }ia"ng -He must come. loV'. SHORT SENTENCES. yi loi. mat ye" ? Who gives you permission? shut pi chu i Mat ni ? Help me. Ta"m cheung Bring a light. Sax yan klu kue loi. to want yon Never mind. Bring a chair. Ngo 7ii tik'. I want iu this. Ngo ^m IC'. \ Hang hoi la". What Tim" foh Nim hau t/i loi. I can not help to it. j I Go and Xi hue ask him. ^ ft ^ t^. | He won't listen to me.J 50 Get out of the way. Shan cheung". moo7i^. Open Hoi the door. What do you want ? Ni iu Ni ^m nim tak". loi. Mok lung ngo kung. Pong" tso ngo. Don't speak with me. \ i He will not come.

61 is Who Mai sends yoii here? shui kiw' ni loi ? That right. Can he read? Kue sih t. ? Ngo nganfa)i^. Kue Don't be afraid. Ngo ^m kin Uu yat ko ngan I Go and isin. ha"^ tsol Kue sz Uu.SHORT SENTENCES. I don't know where it is. It is not so. ni chue. sing' yi ni. He is dead. to' ngo. '"Mpa". What shall I do ? Get up quick. Hue mai tik penf/ loi\ Are you ready ? ^ai chaipi ^m tsang I atn sleepy. Do Ni it now. Put on your jacket. ^M hai koimf. to'^ 9t^^1|- am Ngo hoh. When will he come loi ? ? When can you do it ? Kue~ki bki isau N' ki ski ls(} taV ? it ^ ^t I ti: ^-. Ngo ^m chi tsoi pin chue. loi. I will give you an answer. Cheukfan" sam''. find it. Hop lok. have lost a dollar. Ni ha" hue. Tim yeung ho m ? Fai tik hi san'. He struck me. Go and buy some cakes. Go just now.^ij'^^: hungry. Hue chamf cheuk kue. Bring Isim lot it here. Ni ming yat Ngo pi .sze nid'' Come to-morrow.

t'^C . Don't be lazy. I 62 SHORT SENTENCES.. I think so too. Ni tik hai^ san" foo kungfoo". I suppose so. Ngo koo hai kom. Give it to me. Pi ngo hon. --ggo »i If ^'. ? Mi Tsoi tso kicoh pin chue 1 jit ^!f -U A% fcl ii ^ ^-^j^ h . ^ -^ it ^^ % AL ff M€ ]^^ You will know . I can't understand. Vj- It is not yot finished. call the docter.au chi". Where shall I put it? Ngo fang pin chue ho"^ ? Don't spill it. Ngo too hai kom seung. Mind your own business. Mok lau tsui". Pi kwo ngo. L^t me see.au come sooner ? iso iik" loi ? I will this evening. you laughing at? Ni siu mat ye ? are "T.^ Go and tsi.Vt very soon. mai ^m Ngo kom man"^ hue. Do it again. Ngo kin kwo. Wash your ikJi hands. What does he say ? Kue via" mat ye" ? I am deaf. I don't believe it. uff.. Ngo ""m sun. i Ngo kut tsan shau //we kiu shang loi. I have cut my finger. shau. tso Iak" he". Ngo ^m hiu iak". ^M ho Ian'". Ni ta" It ni chi ki" ski. This is hard work. do you know ? Urn tahf chi " How iVt I have seen it. M r) 5f. -f^ ^h\h ^-iWhy Ni don't you tso ^K. What chi ha \}. Where JM tsoi are you employed ta" kung". X>jo yi lumj.

tso. Did you call him ? It is true. Every body knows Yan yan to^ cfii. tak che". It is very hot to-daj. ho. koi kom^ yung Kom Ngo \a ki tcikf. wrong? We move Ngo iik shut tsd^ ? Chap fan" ni tik ye". it. You ought 53 I M ^m not to do so. Ngo mi yoM kom wa". Ni kiu kue lok ? Hai tsan" ke".SHORT SENTENCES. €'^^^^ to-morrow. ming yaipoon uk Don't break these things. Do you smoke ? He did it purposely. . ''m Kue Ni tik suet wa" hai tsan" he". What time Ni ha'" ki to is it now? Mok ta" Ian" ni tik" ye". tsau hue liu. iiso he". Kue hai sJuit yan. "* i^y^ Who Mat is m Nishik inrru>^? Kue yaa ''MPick ^^ "^ this up. hai mat shiii tso he" ? Tso lak" shapfan"^ I did not say so. When does he sail ? I have taken physic. He has gone on board hoi liu"^ He has gone on shore. He has just gone. Km kiskihaud shtier^? Ngo shik liu yuk. iim chong ? Who made Ni tik this ? It is very well made. lo Kue shuen.ai liu kai". Kue m. have forgotten it. . He is an honest man. yat shap fan'' yCt. He comes Kue to too late. That is not true.

Man ha"^ ni. it ? pin chue mai ke" ? forgot to wind up the clock. yi.. yau shut mo" 7 /-/^^f ^^IfM He is i^Bt. ^1 fe^f. 6^ Ni If. In ko ski san" clmmj ^m Iiatig. hixi ^£ *€ '^Jb ? can do Can you swim to^ tso*" . Chwuj mo ist" sz. Will ^his do Awe c/tM«i sz. Wlmt makes him think so ? Ni sek kangfan" xioa" nio^? Mok pi kue ism'g shap. J\[ok mo".jtk fa". mu^t be so. >^t:f|ci^Ll|#.ai kwai kue ke". It up. There is no doubt. This is very useful.'l f\i.54 SHORT SENTENCES. ^% /f Wliere did you Ni tsoi buy. tlie Itetler. Fill it .^^ The more .ak'.i|Kom ^K^.f. Kue tso mat kom seung? \U ''i. ^31 sJtm sz Ni iilc shap fan" yau yung. What is this made of? Ni tik" hai mat ye" t'io ke" Smell ? if this flower.f^l^'^^^ &^ I There is no such thing. . Fang moon kue.^i€. This watch keeps good time. ? drowned. ITgo inong ki sewuj chung nin. ^€. ys^uxg is^ lakf mo' ? ^e. Yuet toh yuet ho. it.. --^^^. at The clock hassfopj)ed.^ R'fE. Pit haC' koiii. Do not touch it. Do you speak English ? Do not let it get wet. Any body Yan yan . That is the custom. Ni 1m piu Itxxng tak' ho chun. -. Ni iihf h.

kue. This v^ nothing to you. I Ngo hue y'uct want it done well. Burn Shiu liu it. . SHORT SENTENCES. Ngo iu tso ho tikf. pfc t-5 I ii ^5>^#. have a pain in my Nffo keuk tung. What is this good for ? How much ? do you want? JVt tikf yau mat yung chue Ni iu ki toh ? I want some of each kind.. Ni tik sz yu ni mA) kon. be so. tsaufan". Ni kanfong chak. Tsf yat ko ngan tsin pi There is nothing here. Stay here till come back. Mo ye' tsoi ni chue. Ngo mom yeung iu tik^. tai Lend me one dollar.f loi. Ni iik JiaC' ni ke" mo ? 'M /to isoi - hi. 'ngo. foot. -^-t ^f I ^ . be Tit "m taV It can't true.:^ Si pit tsan' W. isan'. It can't 55 tnie. Have you done with this ? Ni yung yuen mi ? This room is too small. It mnst be Chun^f ^m hai kom. Tsoi ni chue tang^ n^ofan' How long have you been here? tsoi ni Ni chue ki kau ? What more do you want? Ni wan" iu mat ye'' ? I will come back yat ko in a month. Is that yours ? Don't come again.

Ngo iakf tsooi ni. He cares for nobody. too wide. . The wind blows Kotn yat to-day.' to do ? Go and buy some Hue mat iik fruit Call him back Iiooi loi kwo isz.«-t I mf ho'^ . sat san". Kue yau Have you any bnniness Ni yau sz tso mo'' '. Ngo iu tso yat km" uk. How many Ni yau children have you ki toh isz nue ? ? JTi tso iakf foot ktoo tau. i^^tit^f''4-^ f€'^4^ Why do you abuse him ? ? t )^ Wai honi ma" kue Did you allow him to go Ni chun kue hue mo ? i^ o^-^it^^'t:^M I can't bear any more. It is very strange. That belong*? me. iaifong". What shall I <Jo? rii Chan haichutk<^' Tim' ytung ha ? Where does h« live ? Kut tsoi pin chue chue^ ? I want Ngo iu to bathe. Kiu kue .' 56 You have made it SHORT SENTENCES. When do you Ni begin? Bring kishifiot sliau ? me your accounts. hai ngo ke". sz. f^^ 1^. Kue chung mo chung yung. Kue mai "m pa''. Nim 7ii tin shu loi. shui too He is fit for nothing. tsoi I Nigo pat nang yung yan" beg your pardon. He is busy. 4i^ Ni iikf ^A^m^ ^^ to want to build a house.

J m 4 iiHe is M It 18 very well carved. K '^ '-'% r^i^^Ml^h-^JkxOr-i: i^ . Ni chan isung Shau iso'. GofK]^ this letter. Collect rents. Ngo iak' Ioi ho" hi". Npo \n Umg Sl^ sum. GKaxi. Yeuk hai tak han" ising kwo Ioi. Ngo ising" ni isoi &eung kwoh'. Tbm' sheung lau hue. long chi chuk". Ioi ngo shue so Give him my compliments. uen'^. kin" delivered. mo. Give us a call when corivenient. -^1Clean the table. iik' iiu iak' shxrni ho. I cjvinpt g<» Be careful. 'SjLf^^l He is compelled sal to resign. rning. very civil. Ngo mo ngai im! Yai chung foo kau isin^ . Mont kon tsing" ni chexmg ioi. k%DO Do yQU know how Ni shik sz to count? nifxmg shue. You ought Ni ying to be contented. \^^%l^$. (so. tooi"^. ^x^mk-^^^"^^^ You are very clever. I beg you to consider again. Toi ngo man'' hau kue. I I come to congratulate you. I ]^^t^iL^\ It is all see no danger. How Ngo shall I compenaat^-you ? Kue pik ko tinC y«ung chau tap^ ni ho^ ? He Kue complains to me. Kue chan fio lai yi. ni hue talc> 57 Cxrry it up stairs.SHORT! SENTENCES. with you.

He has failed in business. Ni mo sue chain'' cheuk kue. '/ Did-you hurt yourselt ? Ni yna seung cheuk mo" Kvoo" in ho".*. I did not Ngo he was too far from me. Help yourself.Ji-M^T't^ei ? Ying koi sheung kue.ipfa"n ling j hai poo rheung ydn yan : < . \ Give him some thing to Pi ilk ye" hue shik. Ni pit iu kin leung ngo. He deserrtg a reward. ! on do rn^'a fa^trr. Kue shang to'^ liu poon.. It ia my duty. You must find him. Ni pi ko yan ising kwoh rvcjo "i j . . i Ngo mong kue \^ #5 ff fe^ ^m^^pci ie. tik sz. Very good indeed. Sai ngo poon" fan You must excuse me. yal to. Pat yung kue lai." : Km wa" ni sh. i Ching txi kai ming" kue chi. ta' Ni ho" i lai ngo. 7^^ 1^ What is the difference Yau ho fan pit? m € . hi. I hope he will c»me. ^ ff ^ ^ : ! I ' He said that you are very clover li : He Kue is a flatterer ke. Ngo mong kpe kom Pleiyse explain to him. I expect him to-day. eat. maiy depend upon me. 't Did you understand what he said Ni chi to"^ kue wa" mat ye"^m ni? ? i ' •T^ ^« I'] \^i^ No.58 You SHORT feENTENCES. ^m chi kue li tak" huen^ a"h.

Ngo chu'ng mi Uan^ hw kun^ fripofc Shall I introduce you turC'g to him ? Cheung lot ngo chi yan ni kue se'ung hue"^ f Yes. long will you be absent ko chue ki nari I will ni? be absent two years. ngo chi' to^ tau^ kue I b. f Ngo se'ung sik kue mo not. Ngo tsoi ko chue leun^ nin. my family. lok. . ^ When Ni will li ki shi you Tea ee this ni yat kofau ni city. I have never spoken tu'n^ to him. Ngo che''ung loi iai mai ka' kuen loi tim.vc not known bim long enough. I would like to make i his acquaintance. I am ^f^ How Ni tsoi ]^ it if^^ ^-^ to-morrow moruing. . I shall leave loi # ? Ngo cheung ming chiu tso li km lok. Will yon return to this city ? Ni cheung loi chung' fa'n loi ni kofau ^m ni ? Yes. Not '^M hai at all : : 59 I know him well. . I win Hai and bring out. sir? sin shang f going away next week.SHORT SENTENCES. Ngo tai yi ko lai"" pai"^ hat^ hue loh. Hai che'ung lot ngo chong lung kite $&urf<gi hue.

chut hue. I believe it will. Do you SI I 2fi think it will rain to-day ? Kuv Ko in yai yuu mn: ion. ^ It -^ '4^ looks like rain. . 60 SHORT SENTENCES. this '^^^ He went horn chiu iso" morning at ten o'clock.. yuu inu koo ko^vfi yuri yau hue lok yau mo ni m? : Ye« Hai. shap tim chung hue liu lok. This is a rery cold season. Tong' yeuk kom ma^n lokhuengo^m nang^ AVill you give loi this to iik Ni cheung pi ni Ah Chew ? kwo" Ah Cheio ? When you go borne this afternoon ? I will with pleasure. Ngo iai koni^ ma'^n ye' hau che'ung loi to"^ yau hvje lok If it rains to-night I can't go out. Tell him that chi I thank him very much. Ni yai sz^ hai shap fa'n lang. Wa^ kwo kue ngo shap fun I think he Iai is not at home. tsoi"^ Ngo hue ^m ka ha'". I think it will rain before nigbt. Ni ^ng hau hue kwai ko" shi Ngo si pit ho ni. ^xi \h Kue ^-^ out a. does it not ? Iai ho chue lekkuskonC yau mo^ ni f Yes. toh che' hue lok. Bir. Ngo iai cheung loi to^ yau.

we have not many. ooi Yau ya't kofoh poorC" kung hung mo"^ voa' kt'. Ho lok : tsing ha" Call again .: SHORT SENTENCES. . Kue wa' kue kom yat ^rh ooi loi lok. No Is not your business increasing much ? ^t ti shan"^ iChx/ ho^ toh ah 7 Then come as soon as csii)'" you can. sir. Tsoi loi tsau lok: ho lok: ngo si pit. '"Mhai. He saW he would not return to-day. Will you wait for me ? Kom ni ho tik loi lok. Ni tang" ha"" ngo lok ? I wi^ll return in ten minutes. Ngo 0^ mo"^ ki ioh. Ngo yau chuen ha^ Have you many American customers ? 2^i yau ho tohfa" ki hak loi ma" ifoh'' ah T. I am the interpreter shi toh'" some tiinejt «?«". Very well : Good bye : : Good day chi lok : Ngo shap ko mi ni tsau ooi loi lok. 61 Who Kue acts as interpreter chut hue when he tsd^ pin yal ko^ gone ? chuen wa" ni? is One of the partners can speak Eni^lith. I will : Thank you.

I am glad of it. lok. was your friend Ngo koo kue hai ni pong yau" : I thought he : He was Sue yau once. SaL Ngo ki tak kue tsa'n isa^n I saw him to-day on the street. liu. And Kap he told me he wanted kwo ngo to return to this city again. Tsoi hau^ kue hueT Ngo shapfa'nfoon hC: He Kue is very entertaining. ioi". Why Wai Qoes he wish to come back ho"^ ? \ kue yau se'ung fa'n loi ni? I thought he would never return. shi chue" hai. sha'pfa'n ho^ oon' Ngo tai ^m Juti. ] Ngo j .62 At last SHORT SENTENCES. Ngo kom yat tsoi kai" kin kue*". Wai hen kom "m hai lok. I remember hiti very well. but he is not now. he has gone. koo kue chun'g ino^ fa'n Wi lok. Do you remember Ni ki tak ko that man who came rii here the other day loi ? ko yan ^m kue ko yai ni chue ? Yes sir. I don't think so. kue voa^ chi" kite iu' tsoifa''u loi ni kofau.

san. ho*". N(jo kotn koo'f wai hai kue ^m chung I tsoi sa'n lue^. How long has he been gone? liu Kue hue yau kitioi lok ? That is no concern of his. Tong ye'uk ni ^m shun^ ni io^ mo"^ stung ko^n kf. Chiu chiu hi tso'^ iik Have you a wife and family ? Ni yau 16^ poh yau ka" li mi ni. yuk ia'k ke^ lok. chtaihd^ hi shik" lok. I 63 So thought . The currency is not good. ching' kang lik kaap han sum lok. There is no sunshine. but he does not like the country. K6 chue mo'^ yat tau chiu ke". Ko iik choi hi^ '"m Get up a little earlier every day. As you wish so may you obtains takke''. Ngo mo^ mat hait sum iung kue kung. . You Ni tsatt are rery diligent and attentive.SHORT SENTENCES. M i. u H If ft ^^1 '^^ you do not believe it is no mutter. Ut9ze ni koni stung ni shat tso"" What your ^t ko heart de»tres sum!' isau may your hand ni isaii obtain. You have Ni a pleasant countenance.

i : What government officer i« tfcis? Ko ko hai mat xoong iai kt' koon ni ? He said so day before yesterday. Cheunry kwan to"" hiu iak j Don't ask so many questions.. \ Kue chin" yat kovn> wa''. ke'. I bought it myself. ahi ieng' tik to' wa' ^m ho \ i really talented. not walk disorderly. He speaks the common dialect. iak korrCfung chiur. 64 Do J/b SHOI^T SENTENCES. \ Ko kue'" kom kung ko ko to'" hiu" iak lok. What read so many books ' Mat ye" wa' 1 ink konl toh po sz lok ! ' . slowly. " What shop has he opened ? Kue hoi mat ye" poo tan ni ? Much sitting produces illness. lok.^^' By constantly hearing you will understand. Kuk chue^ kai^ iung yat iseu^ng. man'" ke'. Ming yat ngo yau iik sz kon. Every where it is the same. Chi'' toh shang pai peng". i Speak so that all can understand. Now it is very troublesomf Kom sTii chan ising' faifarC' lok. You walk very Ni hang Iak horn. ?ui'7ig To-morrow I shall hare bnsinewi. ' < . Ku tsaji ho tsoi'^vhini. Kue kung ko it iS-Tg ^^ He is i -U ^ ^4. Mok ko^num kom toh lok. Ngo tsf ki'" mai kef'.

tang' tak niiok^. wa"". : i How many men Yau ki toh lire here ? What is there worth seeing ? ? i yan chue" ni chue ni ? Ko chue tai mxit ye^ ni j Are you going now ©r not ? Ni kom ha^ hue ^m hue ni ? A great many men are wounded Sheung liu lio toh yan. Have you an answer or not' Ni yau ooi yum yau mo^ ? i I . lot ni | ? | He did not conceal any thing.SHORT SENTENCES. heard some person say Ngo mon yau iik yan kom I so. How lonf has he been dead ? sz Ngo ^m Kue yau ki noilok. Kue mi yau saw" nmi kuk ye'ung i/e^. Why Wai are you here ? ti Who ni ? sent it to me' ? ho ni tsoi ni chue Mat shui ki kwo ngo kd' ? j I can not wait for you. Ko^ chue yau ko^ yan tsoi iai ha. Why do you behave so ? Wat ho ni kom^^oom. What is the number of the house ^1 kan' fong iai^ ki ioh hd^ ni ? ? 65 | 1 I There is a man below. yat yau ko pong yau' tung' mai ngo shik" fan. \ WAen shall you go home ? kwai ? In what street do you reside ? Ni ki shi hue Ni tsoi mat ye' kai chue ? i I Ngo kam have friends to dine with me to-day. to'' .

Ngo Uan imn You speak the diAlect of ibis place. I will introduce you to him. ia^'k kung ni chue to^ v>a^ kd'. Kuepoon cAe^ kwok'ni Language should be pure and correct Kung^xwfju ching c^" tsing^.f ^i Here Ihere are a great many. Tsoi yat tirr/ chung ko I arrived before you. shi. It Ngo to"" sin kwok'ni does not burn readily. ^M hai skapfun ho/oh' Return as quick as poisible. ^w liiv. tui^ kue hue. A Ho great toh many don't understand tke dialect. . vmfo'' ni lok. I am greatly indebted to you. 66 SHORT SENTENCES. Tau kom^fai iak kom^faifu'n tot lok.v:!it ^. is He more skilful sz'" than you. toh ycm. yat tiu tai sho\ At that time it was one o'clock. How explai do you explain this character T Ni tim kaai^ ni ko tsze\ ni'n A great many Yau ho men escorted him.It1$-^.. Ngo kue tsin ni hue kue chue hoh. failed for a shan't liu He Kue very large sum. Ni ckue ko chue to^ ho toh.. it #-f '. ni chue to"^ Ni kung taam.

• • This • is my name. Kom"" to^ m hai ki tQh chc".n ke" . Hai kofn toh lok. 67 How Tso san sin shang. No more ? Mo"^ lok ? Ir that all ? That's not much. I believe I know you lai ni to tell the tnith.%4lJ'f^ I make about $1000 a year. Ngo tik yat nin chan tak" yat tsin ngan.t^4-^^ ^ Very well Mo^ ni / . Good morning sir. Yat tsin ngan ni kan po hoohwusiu tik lok. ' I am tax collector. Ifgo hai sau s?mi koon. But iti« true I do not make any more. Ni ko hai ngo ming". ^ *1 ^^ . I want you to give me some information. Ngo seung kiu ni tung^ chi ngo. what do you wish to know ? ni se'ung chi tik mat ye" ni ? do you make a year ? Ni yat nin chan takf ki toh ngan ni How much ? \t-^t%\%%. JTom^ ngo shun ni suei wa" lok. Shapfa^n ho yau suin". what you say. $1000 a year seems a small sum for this store. thank you sir. Hai chan" ke'dok / ngo hai chan" kom^ toh che". do you do sir ? Ni shapfa'n ho ah" ? Very well. Ngo kung rho.ABOUT INCOME TAX. .

Ngo from our city customers. ! \ Do you do much Ni yau ho business on credit? I ioh cheung hau ah' ? . poonfau hak tat hue sh^ngan.68 ABOUT INCOME TAX. Tsin shap ko ngo ii chi hi'' sau tso cht'. -^ : Have you lost money last year ? Ni yau mat kuet ngan yau mo'' ah f j • lost a little ti pi. NgoiisanmaihosiuchtC. % si ih '^/o not yet in business. t. \ You Ni sell at whelesale and retail ? . ': ^ :% ^t f We have -^f -J/. i lok ? It is only about ten months since "utt we ttarted. San lue ngan hau in tik. The country customers pay moro promptly. Have you paid taxes last year ? Ni kau nin naap ki toh shui ni ? ff^ %^M^ We did not . ko m isang hoi cheung tto shang ' How long have you been in buiinesi Ifi US' ki ? ! ' kau shang . we were j Ngo ii kau nin mo naap . tso'seung tauhuekaap san chak Urn ah' f \ We do very little in the retail business.

uen. . . Ni yau naap hi san chi? Pi ngo tai ah. but it must be in this box. Mooi quai no^ap ngan shap luj ^rLi^%M^^^HIdl^^f% We Have you a license ? Let me see it. . No sir we buy nearly all oar ^oods at Huction.00 per quarter.^ ^ . 69 We Ngo ti have to trast all our city castomers. Ngo ii hoi sam kan" poonfau cheuk leung kan san' lue yat kan. Yan wai sui heung chung.ABOUT INCOME TAX.^^^'i ^f^m^^t"^ Why don't you import ? Wai hai ni yau 'm tsoi tung san'paan . Ngo ^7n chaam tak kin . Yuk^ chuen yat moan nganfoh lok. si pit tsoi ni ko seung chue lok . We Do you import goods Ni ti direct from China loi ? tsoi tung san" pan foh ah ? it ^ ^i. How much Ni naap license do you pay? ki tohngan lai sun chi ni ? 1^ phy $15. poonfau haak yat ohung io kai stf kt' lok. j% . Have you more than one store ? Ni tok yau yat kan po che' ? keep three two in this city and one in the country. ^m ^if ^''^-^ ^4 j^. ^Mhai ngo ii yat chungfoh to hai tsoi ytf loan mat fee'. I can not find it . What is the value of the stock on hand now ? ? Jii shi yau ki to nganfoh chuen ni It is worth about ten thousand dollars.u ? Because the duty is too high now.

^ Oh! here it is Now I I have it I Ah ! hai thue lok Ngo kin lok I You Ni live here ? Is this ? your store ni ? tsoi ni chue chue^ Ni kan hai po ? Are you tne owner? 2fi hai sz iau" ? Are you the proprietor? Ni hai koon /i yan ? I am the owner.70 ABOUT INCOME TAX. Where Ni are those cigars manufactured in tsoi pin chue tso ke^ ni ? ? tik They are manufactureT^on Front street. The proprietor is not at home.^ ^? T placed it I in this box. Ni tik hai tsoi Fat tun kai tsok€'. Ngo hai sz iau". Koon li yan ctivi liu kaL I have no partners. Do you remember having put it ia there? M hi tak ko chue lok ? * tt 1^ Ngo i^:) I ara sure . Are they genuine Havanas ? Hai iaing ah toon na" lok mi ' . I keep this store alone. Ngo chi ki tso ni kan po ch^. tsan ising ki tak ngofong ni ko seung chue. Ngo mofoh poon.

^Mhaij patkwoh chung What kind of tobacco do you use ye' in yip ni ? ? Ni yung mat T . No sir . tukf ki ho kfC chtf. du.MfJ^ff^l^-S^^ We Ngo U wong si use iraporteJ tobacco exclusively. Kno hue sau sui koon chue kau sui I went yesterday revenue office. Tung yeuk" ni hsmsj hoi ni" leung ko po ka". tung chi ki paan itx^kfC. loi. IS. 1i^ * M t 't ^L . ^^/:i^tif^ r^mm^'tt How many men do you employ ? tsing ki toh Ni ko yan ah ? I am going to the custom-house to pay Ngo kum hue sui koon kau sui. hai wan' kue tsau ^m hang ke' tefc.iy. if you will accept these two men as bondsmen.^ ii^ He will not accept '"m Tvmg yeuk kue them if they are not responsible.ABOUT INCOME TAX. I come from the tax collector's office / . Ngo ^sok yat hue sau^ heung kuk loi. 'IL . to the internal Do you wish to give security immediately ? ? Ni stung hue wan taam po yan Yes. 71 tluy are only a pretty good imitation. paid taxes.

Yau sau Ye'ung chi teng'. Brush. Tsau chat. Pat po li iaau t. Seong.' Hok Camp chair. Cork. Broom. Choi io. Couch. Bench. Pi pa' Jlonq Saisunfoon. {'. Eu lu'm. Case. Clothes brush. Chair. Cheuk long. Letter box. Iron chest. Bucket. sz t. lung. Card-. Bathing tub. Sun stung. chef'. Sue ka". Oon tip kvoai. Decanter. Arm chair.<iun. Chopper. Ma' chap. lAm. Writing desk. Market basket. sun chung. Easy chair. 72 VOCABULARY OF USEFUL WORDS. . Tiu long. Tsat. Castor. Lap chuk toi. Cork-screw. Sooiig la'm. B»rrel. Clearer. Yitin. Cradle. Ng mi ka". Chai to^. Sue kwai. Bird cage. Chop Fy stick. 80^ kon. Tsau tsiten. Yau ping. ma'n. Chx/' pai. Koi. Se'tsxiK'^tung.. Kau che' c/wny. Book-case. Bellows. Basket. Tit ka'p > Tea chest. Curtain. Cushion. Cl«ck. Ngau yau chung. Cupboard. Oil can. Si CoflFee mill. Churn. Ka'. Cover. Book-stand. Yifuk tsat. Carpet Te cheen. Chandelier. Box. Tiu teng'. Cha" seung. \ HOUSE FURNITURE. Fong se'ung. Candlestick. Ka'' kue sup mat. Ea' ft mo'.

A'ng. tung chai. Tai. 4-K^. Poo .1 4%i4^. sum.. Keys. tf ^ Foot-stool.m3-. Gridiron. Lo hau chin.nM. Jar.mn. Foh'loo la'n. TU pa''. iiUdle. J\ng'' Lantern. '«• Lamp-stand. Kegg. Mop. Mo^ 50^. Pipe.ifM. Grate. Tip koi. Safe.y\<^m. So" si. I*i pa"" Kettle. Ting'. ^^ Lamp. Pitcher. ^1^ Lamp-wick. Pestle. Shui tung. M % Lock. . Ladder. Chaifa"'. Mo'. Frying-p»n.:$^fL. J 9 A^rK Portfolio. ^t Lamp-shade. Tai yam kom. Tiu kong.n^-^^t%^ Picture-frame. Keuk tap tunig. Gha" po^. Picture. Titijod^. ka'p. Jug. if Mill. JSz t^^^. Ting toi. Ting ivfng.m^ Rug.^ Pan. Cha' poo. Mats. Hok. Yin tau. UfM Flower-pot. Pipe-stem. Lamp-chimney. Napk! an. ^#. ^ # Chung horn. Foh loo. Duster. Scissors. ^*i Kmdlings. Pepper-box.^^. So'. niak. 73 Fender. Tain poo. Dish-cloth. Fa' poon. or matting. Chung chue' ^'^. Shui tau. Ting tsau. Tse'k. Yiyi tung. Padlock M Pail. VOCABULARY OF USEFUL WORDS. it. Wo'L Hoo tsiu tsun. Water-cask. Waf. Dish-cover. Mortar. Piano. . Kau tsin . Fung ting. Wa' ka'. Hop lo' so' $^^L. Ching. Ting long.

Tsan. Toi poo. -fti Whetstone. Ngau yau pooi. Tai kau chin. poon. Tau iso'.^1^:14 Table-cloth. Sieve. Trap.^^>l. Bowl. Ng^Chi. Yi lung. Shears. Gravy-dish. Custard-cup. Stool. Sidebcard. Snue ka'p. ]fl4Shovel. i°ai. Tub. Tong oon. Tai chahn toi. \'^-%. Tok poon. Tip. Flower-vase Fa' ping". Ngaii tip. Oblong-table. Tit lau hok. Ka' fe ho. Tip tsai! -:t-^. seak 'MS. pai toi. Wai ping. Kam tau. Square-table. Chei' Kuen toi. Oon. Tea-tray. Rornd-table.. ^^f^Xit%K^ Skimmer. M /J) roffee«-pot. ^tif.i:4\ #. Trunk. f^KitM-. i^^. Cup.! 74 Screen. tip. Shelf. Server- Fingfung.ti^LM ^^ EARTHEN-WARE. Lok sin toi.:^fM. Dintng-table.^^. Spade. ^ . KvU si pooi. D'sh. Egg-cup. y Vlvl. Card-table. Pooi. USj:FtJL WORDS. Tsin li kin. Ta'npooi. C/ia' Tea-canister. Large Tai plate. Chup chong. Mi. Tiu toi. 4MS Platter. Pat sin' toi. VOCABULARY OF FoWing-screen. Chufn. Tongs. i^M^. bnfa. Poon. Soup -bowl. Silver-plate. Snuffer Chuk tsin. Cha' ip chun. Telescope. ^^Al^y^t. Mo' io^ kim. Table. Tit ^>fA. Toi. Sui yi. Kwai ka *JIL. Small plate. CROCKERY— PORCELAIN Tsi hi. Butter-cup.

Shui pooi. Sa'm pin pooi. I:fuk.' J. CUTLERY. 75 Wine-cup. Carving-knife. sam\ Naeyanmo'. .itliiu^. ^ttn^ Wine-glass. Tonq hok • ^g mi ka'. hop Band. Bottle. Fan Tai chan cha". Dessert-knife. ^e. Foo' tau tai. Hung Tsau pooi. Cha' kang. Tai chan to^.. -^^ ^ Butter-knife.^' Bonnet. t . Api:on. To"" >K#J-. Pi hue. Knife.s<«^'t?.' Gravy-spoon. Saucer. li Champagne-glass. \% ^^^ Table-fork. Po' tsun.f . Head-band Waist-band. ill Claret-glass. Soup-tureen. 'Mn GLASS-WARE. Cha' tip. tsau pooi. • ^Tea-spoon.<lress. Tsaupooi.# fl. Knng.$^^*..:|'S. Carving-fork. Cruet-stand Coffee-strainer. Soup-ladle. Fish-knife. > . Cha' hoo. Timg tau. Ewo'^ to^. Leather boots. cha''. Uio\ Spoon. Tai chan kang! Sugar-spoon* Tong kang. Cheung tai'. Tumbler. i-^'Mi^.^'t. Bandbox. Table-knife. it^^^t. Ugau yau fo^. Fau tau Hue. I>u j1 f L . 3fo'" Waikwan. cha' hi. B.¥-. Fork. . Ka' fe' lau. Tea-cup Cha" pool. Cha'. To\ Fan to^. Fo li hi. Tea-pot. boots.VOCABULARY OF USEFUL WORD:. Tai kangf Table-spoon. k^. DllESS.

Leaf fan.^ -^ -^ Ha^ po kan. Gaiters. f^^l Cuff. kau. Shin"" hop. Silk hankkerchief. Maat tai^ Pi fai\ Shau" lup. Fong ling. Cravat. Handkerchief. Tsau hau. Nga shin.76 Satin boot*. King tai Crown. Feather fan. C^t. Coat. Grass cloth handkerchief. Mo^ shin^. ^ t>*«: Dresses. Moonkoiig. Taikau. Breeches. sheung. . Collar. Tai-" Leather girdle. Braces.:kflA?'!. Clogs. \ Keuk nxang'. Ngautaufoo. \ Gai. Chin' rno'^. Nau moon. n. Tuen hue. Cheung f00. .'. Shin.ti. Corset. Water boots. £. Fob. JIfm. Footai. VOCABULARY OF USEFUL WORDS. " i Muk li. A-i-. Jacket.n. An^H. Winter hat. Mo\ ^ Felt hat.^. Fan box. Shau' kan. Chi shin^. Ia/ shan. j:.^^ Hat. ifuk. Minpoofoo. Pi nap. 'PSummer Leung hat. Pi cheung po^. Saain".-'f'ti ifiti ^v .ter Girdle. Mo^ tsai. Fur long gown. Quai shin'' Paper fan. Gloves. Shin^ cha. Buckles. . til hat.tt^f. Button. PiW toi. ^"^l. Flannel drawers. Drawers. Tai lau. 3'at Nau. Si kan'. ^f Straw . Clothes— Clothing. Cotton drawers. i ino'^. A Cloak. ! Fa Ian' yanfoo. Kuen mo". Tai sain. Shui hue. Ivory fan. Button-hole Canopv. i -fc# Fan. ^4^ Clasps. W^th yK fit ^ ?IJ# . #f Cap. Fan case. Fur jacket.

Toi\ I't Cue strings. Si mat". Cotton trowsers.. Knee pads. Bed-cover. Kwun. Chin li maf. ^ H^ Mun cheung . Ka" sa". ^tj Crape sash. Purse. Taap pfiikf kan. Chau foo. Pin sin". Pi min. Po. or neckerchief. ^ . ^^it pair of trowsers. Shop isz tsai. Wooden shoes. Chau saf tai. Shut fong. Socks. 'If Cord sandals Tso"^ hai. Chong. Jmi. Chin mat". Chong poo. Vest.. 1. Ifue yan hai. Mat tau. tihui po" hai Yat tooi mat". too. Silk Irowsers. One pair of shoes Yat tool One pair of stockings. Stomacher. Yat Yat tiufoo.^*1. . Shoe strings. Embroidered shawl. Pau'' sat. Cheung min sa" Pool sum. toi f}*. Saamf kam. ^^. Pocket. or tape. M-^ ^^^". i)%. ^I## Shirt. Hai iai^. Boo. Woolen stockings. Turban. Mo^ sol. Sleeping gown. Muk Lady's shoes. Bedding. Pantaloons Foo. Petticoat. Leggins.^. Hon sam". "Veils. FaV' tsai/ ifa Sandals. Ho pan. Shoes. Keng" kan . One Vfuk. Ribbons. #. Minfoo. Tassel. Suspenders. Sau fa" taap pohf kan. h: Nuen / Surplise. -t Shawl. Neck-cloth. Robe. Hai. Tau pa". L^I^. ^1^17 . Bed-curtain. 77 Lappet. Bed. or waistcoat. - f-] One suli of clothes. BEDROOM.-^>#. . Silk stockings.VOCABULARY OF USEFUL WORDS.

Silver bangles. M So tau toi. Htung pau. pi min. I Nga" soh. Watch Piu chain. 2f^gan Heung chue. Keng" chong. Clothes-basket. iau. or bangles. •^ i^u comb. Dressing-case. Court beads. Cane. Curtain. Hair-brush. 2i'ga" tsat f Cum sau ak". Casket. ^ II 4k^n . Sau ak". Yi loan". lin. Faf tsai" Pin kon. Tooth-brush. Soo tsai". Soh. Gold bangles. i Dressing-table. VOCABULARY OF USEFUL WORDS. Jade bangles. Shaving-brush. $1. Bracelets. lin. - ^^§L% Cotton quilt. Musquito whip. Silver ear-rings. Pillow. Gold chain. Ngo chong. CM^. Chin. Ghiu chue. Yuk tsai. Sau sik seung. Armlets. Fa'' Bolster. Pillow-case. Cosmetic. Silver chain. Blanket. Ear-rings. Toi mooi soh. tooi. Cum I % Ivory comb. So chung Iau. sau ak".4i^ji.78 Mattress. f Tortoise shell Wooden comb. Ngan yi wan". Mun fat. Anklets. Chum" tau toi 'lifuk lop. Tuet hue pan. Boot-jack. Min DRESSING-ROOM. Lin. Shuifan. ^^ n i^. Cradle. Tip hop. jj Ngan tin. Coverlet. Keuk ak" A Aromatic beads. Chain. JSuk'sau ak". Cheung chum" Chum" tau. Pi' taan. Mun Cheung^ me. Comb. Card-box. Muk soh. Sheet.

Shaving-case. Ngav/ tsaif ^ • II . Farasol. Tai tau chum. Sponge. Mirror. Rouge. Breast-pin. Heong kan. Hung. Ape. Hau Wan kin. Kau chin. Looking-glass. Talisman. oum hau chum. Pi#case. In chi. Kaam iaufoo. • Tweezer. Chum chin. Perfumed soap. Sin. Cum kai chi. ^Wildboar. Cotton thread. Nip kim. 4ni. Buffalo. yi 79 Hair pin. Towel. Ngan kai chi. Nga" fooi. Bear. Razor. BjnU. Ngau koo.VOCABULARY OF USEFUL WORDS. Thimble.^^^^ Scissors. TaC" soo semig. Gold ear-ring. Silver ring. Ghiu min^ ketig^. Calf. Mooi quai yau. glV ^ chue. Ngafooi hop. Necklace. Pin-box. Pin. Mau IvJe. Chum ting. Boar. Ma sin. Tooth-pick. Oil of roses. Silver hair pin. Chue kung. Ass. Chat. %. Needle. Van(^yke. Ngan chat.M. Tai^ to. Chefung. Perfumery. tsai. $i^. Antelope. 1%. Bib. Kai chi. Tooth powder. Lp. 8i sin. Thread. Yuen. Che'. Shui ngau. Tsau sau. Chum. Chum. Gold ring. Finger-ring. Pomatum. Tooth powder box. Oum wan. QUADRUPEDS. Min"^ poon koT. Min^ kan. Hot to pi. Razor-strop. Chum seong. shui kin. itti4tfl. Pin-cushion. Yeug cht^ Heong mat. Sau Jceng^. lung. Wash-stand. Heong yau.MJ^'^ Buck. Keng'^ lin. Nga' tsim. Shui po. Silk thread. Umbrella.

Zohra. S(ii "Water rat. Kue shue. Kam tsin Ivk. %^. Orangoutang. Weasel. «>lfi Otter. Ma' tsai. Chamois. Rat. Monkey. Seal. Sing sing. Deer. Kau. 'j^ue It. Rabbit.t it mM$^ iK ^^^ ft . Shui cha"t. Tse'ung. Li<A. Shik shue. Ox. Musk deer. Ma" . Lo shue. Leopard. Chue na". Chi ma" tiu. Chai long. cha"t. Gelding. ngau. Unicorn. Mi. Colt. Pung ngau.«a' lie". ^^i\i^ Elephant. Shin ma" Tso yeung. Sung shue. Miu tsai. Marmot. VOCABULARY OF USEFUL WORDS. Ma . hi lun. Sea Hoi otter.^-'^^ li mi^ Horse. ^i--« Wolf. Fak pau. Cow.' m^h.\^m Rhinoceros. m Goat. Lo^foo". Luk.. Cat. /I' Man vui". Chue tsai Ho" txien To\ 'jfM. Tin shue. Mare . Min yt"ung. Dog. *jiimt Stag. % n Kitten. Yau. Fawn. . Tiger. . Fau.h Mouse. Sz tsai. Miu Ling yeung. (^ fi .' Wong rujau.f^\^. Doe. Yeung L. fKB Kid. tSheep.u. lau. Yau shue. Stallion. pool shue. SheT. Spotted deer. Sow. Porpoise.1 « i4it t. Fur seal. Tapir. Im ngau. 80 Camel Lok <^*. Squirrel. Hoi kau. To'' Mole.^ t.t^Mi^. Pig. Mule Loi.

€hui Aik^ I IS^:^ ^^ < . Hoi shauf. ^-t Attend. Tsik chu€\ . Taap ping\ ^M Assign. ^A ^A Blaze. Beiiave. Foh' hung. ^^f Address. Assent. Bear. Ai^ Allow. Chuk Fong rifMn^> Wan"^ hang".-^ Arrest. Avoid. ^^ Ask. Believe. it Blot ^ Blow: Bleed. K^J^ Beckon. €hiu paU ^^ Associate. 710". Tak tseoi. ^ tso. Abuse it"" Accept. Tse' iso. €hun >$. i^n Acquit. ^4Batbe. Hang Uxii.^ Astol4lsh^ Seung kau> Shifimg- ^nx Bail. Hat Beg pardon. Fami iu'. Chuen po^. Accumulate. . Chiu shaii". Shikfong. Bend. XX f1 Yan po" Yung yam. Accomplish. Timg hang. m Annoy. kang. Fohf im\ Fong huef. t> p Begin. Ting- tLUX ^. Tslp skaiu ma". P«}^ Announce. . Pin ekmn. TooQ.o VERBS Abandon Tiu hi". Sun. %^ Bake. m Accommodate. 7^t Beg.Answer. Acknowledge. ^^^ Add. l^f^ Beat. -1^ King m Jd. Tswn. Ka Urn. Tsak taf. t% -Accompany. Mi7i kmRjg Advertise.

'' tsooi. HoK. r^ik Clean. Hoi shau'. Boil.t# Convens'e. Fooi" lo\ Bring. Boast. Shaatu ^1 Break. Tsue^ tsap. Clap. Faaii. iJt Chew. ChuL Haib iain~ ICung pin^. Val isU. Loi. ^^ Carrv. \ 4n^ it 4^ . Tai huk. yiin loi. ^^ Convict. Chui Ar. Cheat. ^^f Command. Ling. Taam. Come. Kau hop.iak% Chat. . Chutvj kiouj. Charge. Commence. Count.) ^^ Conclude. Horn sau. Bolt. ^^ Collect. dciu'j. Chang li-oi^. Chue. Ta" laan^. Tseuk. •^S"^ Consult. Scungfoo. Ting^ inuoi Copy. ^a Calculate. Correspond. VERBS.82 Blush. Kwa haxC. . ^% Catch. KtjJt. e^ Congratulate. smCan. l^ooi ^^ Call.hi\ Wan' chun. %^ Continue.^ Commit (crime. ^A Cohabit. Chau ye' ^% Correct. Bribe. X Consent. B% Cry. Breathe. suen\ Kiu. Condemn. Tso. Ting'' Hu tsooi^. f^^A Contain. Chum cheuk. Paak shau". Kau taaii%. Funfoct". Confiscate.

Doubt. . (liails. . iaai" Discover. Disobey.) Draw (lots.) Draw Pa^. ) In chu Foo kaiC". Demand. Discharge.) Kup slad/ Tsap chau. #: Br:iw (-^^-ater. Do. Draw. r^^ Dishonor. Sze". Diet Dig. Li hue'.) ting-. Ki chuV". #^ Demolish.) Draw (in. Jiff rf r. Despair. Hi pin'". Sze i. Deal. Mo incmy*'. if# Dislike. i. Tsakfai. Maai' rna4ii\ 3^ Deceive. Kat hau''r KwuL ^^ Dine. mcKf. Wan hiag. Dream. Depart. . Delay. #^ Deny. Laai. Detect.) l)yvivc (out. Shik tsomi Chi keuk. Koi tsmig. m Deposit. rm D^epend. Disguise. Pat ying^. Draw (near. Digest Siu shik.Hohi h. 8uk. Hingfut Chu" wok. I chi.) ^ Yan kan- Draw ^K-^E?^ (a bow.VERBSc 83 h'-A Care. F<iai «4>xnf/. ^^ Dismiss. r laxii^. P«i ts^ien. Despise. Dance. Tin'' Dare. Mun^ to. Cha chui. Koinf. « Deliver. ^0 Die.mg> Fat chomi Tul kue.

f .84 VERFS- Dress..

Hunt. 85 Go Yap in. i^ rf Kneei. y*im long. Ja //we* kwaL hue^. Go up GrO Bheung'^ lau. Lau ha. Shunf poonK . Invite. Fooo\ Yan" to^: Handle. JToo- 'If^^ Hope. Know. Hate. Sum kaitl It Join. Tiiaai. Imitate. Guard.Seep Kick. Joke. JudgCo 3ump. TvuT. mcrease. Knock. Go out.^ Chai iowi^ Guide. Include. Tek. Kidnap. Shaat sz€f^ » Klsi^. Luk lau. Inform.n?:ult. Sfi/xng. kai. jM^f Investigate. Chut hue^^ ^Jif stairs.' VERBS.. cJo Go borae. ^^ Go ashore. Hof Hi wun. Mai Crrow. ^1 Have. down stair». Hang ^A up. ^Xjt. A^ Intend. Mong^. Ta' Up. ^^ Go on board. #^ Hire. . Kau. down. Guess. i* yuJc. Lxik hue^. Tsang oo Yau\ ^^ HearTeng. Hoi shuen. Kvxii" laa^'- Kill.. ooi EaiC fat Ka tsariif^ ^<k T.

Melt. Object. Mimj. KOGH 15 H". I*]. Nip. TBRBS. Need. Navigate. Kun<j foo. Toi Tnan.taxes JS'iiap Pav debts. Tuny^ Fun'' hoi. Nourish. Piu yeung. *-£ Obey. Chung / -*-x % Mend.86 Labor. Oversleep. Overhear. Poo". Offend. fi Vain. Learn. Look. teiuj". Ilohn^. leumj Wan chaL Chi kximj ngtiiu Afok pi. Chi kok. ^^ Order. Peel. V Plucc Ukny- Hi 8h(Ct . Tsun Kang tiiO\ Chung chong".! Plav curds. Chue. Pal n Like. Observe. Tsing''' ieiig: Live. Yung^ #L Name. Tuv. T. Neglect. Make. ^'^^ Pack. Pay wagf-s. S)iau shap. i/ofc. Maintains YeuHff. I'art. Overlook. lik Pity K^'iK Play. Smi chi Uu- Fun/oo^. C. Chi kokNotify. Kapy *^ '^ Notice. Listen. m Pa). Lease. Yewu/.. Laugh. Pass Kiiig kicoh". Tai chi.

Propose. Spend. Tuh 1 Recognize. c?au. Sacrifice. Recollect. Lit hoi . Report. Quarre^. Sfiai shuen. Skik in. Cheung^. Till 87 Promise. *#.VERBS. Sing. Quake. Say^ Scream. Wa\ Kwong oo. Ji Reply. rin tsui. Ying tah Ki cheuk. Pun po. Fai\ Split. Ying shing. Taap. yam. Sleep. Shui\ Smoke. Chan pa'. rronounce. Smuggle. Read. m^ Raise. Tsai^ huen. TsaW' sze.

Travel. Swim. Seung''. mj^ Take. Moh. Poiig' Touch. Tempt Yau^ waak. Think. 2iim. Throw. Swell. Yau hok. If ^^ 4klt <^ 3l ^ END 9 TITK . Swindle Faat shaV. Kong pui^. 88 Swear. ^A Tell. Jbhan yik. Pau. Yau shui'. Ching chue. Taste. Treat. Tie. Fun to€". Fat ohun. . Kaau^fanr. ^&* Translate. VERBS. Testify. td^ Kung ica^. Thank. i^ SheuTig ^ nil**' ii>' Teach. Talk.. Toh tse^. Tremble. Chung' hif.

^ WIEE. HOSE. PlaUlYEBERS^ G-OODS I'l -«•»- 112 and 114 Battery Street.— // 7^i^^^t^ L MftlTAGUl IJ^POETEES OF ^. PLAIN.% . % •51 BAST.^ Tinmen's Stock. LEAD PIPE. i^mmt 6 .\« »««^' ^. IRON PIPE. ENAN9ELED AND TINNED HOLLOW-WARE. JAPANNED AND PLANISHED :^ ^ ^^ Wi^^ A.ND . Tools &Machines.

^ —— — . Hong Kong. Colorado. W. Collections in all parts of the and Commissions Of all kinds executed. Dublin. and Mexican Ports. . and Philadelphia. Bills of Exchange and Telegraph Transfers Boston. General Superintendent for the Pacific Coast.Yokohama. LOUIS McLANE. Nevada. Vice President. Treasurer. OYERLANB STAGE COMPANY. and general Express business attended to prompt! United States. Washington and Idaho Territories. 84 Broadway. an City. Letters of credit issued on our New York House exchangeable for circular letters payable in all parts of Europe. Also. Liverpool. Bills on London.— — ' WELLS. BARNEY. H. { GEORGE CALVIN K. CAPITAL. Atlantic States. FAR60 AND & CO. and Europe. McLANE. N. New York. EXPRESS LINES To {! all parts of California. cor. fifteen days.. from New York to San Francisco— overlanl or by steamer. Hamburg an Havre to New York. GODDARD. CHAS. connecting at Salt Lak Denver with stages for all parts of Idaho and Montana. On New York. British Colnmbia.. Nebraska. Colorado.. OTIS. Utah. E. . ^ ^"^ . San Francisc . Montana. Nebrask^ Oregon. an Paris. A. payable in the principal citi of the United States and Canada. Nevada. Also. Shanghae. Pkesident.. Salt Lake. London. to Omaha. Europe. y ^^^'^' . Orders for pas sage furnished from Queenstown.. California. Secretary. San Francisco u — —^ — . Daily Line of Stages From Sacramento. New York. via Virginia City. Time from Sacramento to Omaha. 3ZZIZ3-'-^'^°^'°^^' No. Lower Calf ifornia. and Canada. California and Montgomery Streets.

» . Insurance Offices. 3anks. 418 and 420 Importers and Wlaolesale mi mi I>oiWLestic w> 1 DEALERS IN bi^amh: boohs. CLAY STREET. HODGE & CO. Foreig-n I '/ WiYH ^1 Kh 4£c« QTixrine^ Drawing Paper^ BLANK BOOKS MADE TO ORDER. and. and Counting Houses Supplied.rOHN a. -*•*- Special attention given to supplying the Trade.

JOHTSSOTS & GO.. i=^:floi^i=lieto:e=ls. corner of Sutter 31 AM FM AH SIS) SO) . MONTGOMERY STREET.

of the Central Pacific Rail Road. >PLENDID PRESENTS TO SEND ^BROJ^D. OPTICIANS.Semite Valley. jing the uvnnsriisrcsi-. the. and able present to take or send abroad. 317 and 319 MONTGOMERY STREET. Mammoth And ^ieius Trees of Calaveras County. a complete series.most accept- Photographed and Published by LAWRENCE & HOUSEWORTH. most interesting Series ever published.. Catalogues sent to any address free of postage. illustrating 'lEWS OF THE PRIJVCIPAL CITIES. Nos. f. »--•-#" ®EEE@'^©@#1@ ¥1 OF- A SERIES OF IVER 1500 PHOTOGRAPHIC Of the most prominent points of interest VIEWS on the Pacific Coast ILLUSTRATING lie ^he Grandeur of the Yo. iAl Il^KEISiia. .

123.! [Refiiiery. I Lard Oil. f I Corner of Chestnut and Taylor Sts. and Polar Oilj Neatsfoot Oil. Elephant Oil. Sperm Boiled Oil. China Oil. Coal Oil. 121. BinOil. SAN FRANCISCO. ®A& ©tt OfRce and Store.STANFORD BROTHEBS. 125 California Street. nacle Oil. CALIFORNIA. Alcohol. i .

COLORADO. CELESTIAL EMPIRE. New Yerk. NIPHON. Ag't. CONSTITUTION. and Japan. iBaiidin^ OCEAN QtJEEN. M. R. Ag't. 19th. and 21st of each month. Passengers from China for New York leave San Francisco by the steamer of the 19th of each month. F. The steamer of the 11th of each month connects at Sam Francisco with the steamer for China on the 4th of the following month. San Francisco. of each month. Hong Kong. PHELPS. SACRAMENTO. BABY. President. CORWIN. Yokoliama. GREAT REPUBLIC. San Francisco. H. Panama and San Francisco GOLDEN CITY. 11th. MONTANA. HENRY CHAUNCEY. Ag't. Via Isthmus of Panama. OLIVER ELDRIDGE. (^'"*"^°^' AMERICA. Steamers between Steamers between San Francisco and Steamers between New York and Aspinwall.PACIFIC MAIL STEAMSHIP COMFANT. NEW YORK. KISING STAE. Panama. PHINNEY. Froxn " Iffeiw^ York " to Ghina^ in 51 days. GOLDEN AGE. . Steamers from San Francisco for New York on the 10th. ALLAN McLANE. S> L. Ase^l^* ^^^S ^ong. D. ARIZONA. New York. and 30tli Steamers leave New York the 1st. Ag't. Making the " trip to Westward Eastward " in 49 days. J.

R. PAEIAN FIGURES and VASES. Tea Trays. IMPORTERS. mmm mmi iii mmii Table Cutlery. SWAIN & GO. COAL OIL AND COAL OIL LAMPS. BELGIAN AND BOHEMIAN Silver Plated and Britannia Ware. JOBBERS. i 1 Corner of Sansome and Fine Streets. AND RETAILERS OP ANI> GLASSWARE. Plain and Decorated French China. ' . Looking Glasses. A. FRENCH.

by W. ROMAN & CO. 12mo. ALSO Religious A. 8vo. 8vo. 2 vols. and unsurpassed in the United States embracing — Eiography. A Dictionary of the Chinese Language. Davis's China and the Chinese. Fortnight in Japan. Belles-Letters and Fiction. Social Habits. 18mo. Fortune's Residence among the Chinese. royal 4to. Hue's Travels in Tartary. . Gift Books and Albums. Doolittle's Social Life of the Chinese. Siebold's Japan and the Japanese. 2 vols. half turkey. Williams's Middle Kingdom. Poetry. Lord Elgin's Mission to China and Japan.. Hue's Travels in the Chinese Empire. )n and Theological Works. 2 vols. 12mo. Travels. invite particular attention to the following works : : Chma and Japan its China Scenery. ISmo. Architecture. by Mrs. Smith.. etc. 12mo.. 12mo. 12mo.. half calf.. Smith's visit to China. 8vo. iVhich is unequaled on the Pacific Coast.. H. Dwight Williams. Yedo and Peking.. crown. half calf. Alcock's Three Years in Japan. year in China. Do. China and the Chinese. A A 6a . elegantly illus- rated. Atkinson's Oriental and Western Siberia. Juvenile and Toy Books. 8vo. Atkinson's Upper and Lower Amoor. L. 2 vols. by the Bishop of Victoria. 8vo. full turkey.. Svo.— AND 417 & 419 DMontgomery Invite attention to their stock of Street.. 2 vols. History. Medical and bcientific Books. 2 vols.


THE BANK OF CALIFORNIA. ORIENTAL BANK CORPORATION. / . CAPITAL PAID UP. Messrs. Oasbler.000. EXCHANGE FOR SALE 11 ON I ALSO ON AND OTHER LEADING EUROPEAN ALSO ON THE CITIES. SAN FRANCISCO. In New York In London LEES & WALLER. r>. authorizing Bills on the Oriental Bank Corporation. . MITI^XjiS >V. Branches of the Oriental Bank at Hong Kong.000. I^resident. O. This Bank issues LETTERS OF CREDIT. Japan. C RA^L^TOIV. Australia. London.- $5. China. AND OTHER ASIATIC PORTS. available for the purchase of Merchandise in the East Indies. and other countries..

. Cash Assets 1st January. R. Actuary. Manager.nd experienced underwriters of the conservative and high toned school Companies of brains as well as capital. HAWKS & CO. HERTFORD. D.000 50. Such institutions are the Phcenix and ^Etna Insurance Companies. and prompt in the payment of losses.— \ BRANCH OFPICE FOR THE PACIFIC STATES OF THE Insurance Companies. ) ) Risks taken on fire in all classes of desirable risks against loss or damage by the City and County of San Francisco. Kesident Agents in all prominent places in the United States and Canadas." Losses Equitably Adjusted and Promptly Paid.567 4. H. D. Deposit in Oregon. Agents. A. and a thorough knowledge of and an intimate acquaintance with the business as well as assets— Companies that are uniform in their rates. E.639. Deposit in California. Magill. MAGILIi. economical in their management. CONN^. Bird. G. Special Agents H.000 59 55 00 00 " The times we live in and are passing through demand strong. 1867.. DoRNiN.581. $5. corner of Leidesdorff. OF 224 OALIFOENIA STEEET. whose past bright record and present fair fame attest the legitimacy of their claims to preference and favor. and Adjusters.. substantial. Income for 1866. of Hartford. by J. at rates as low as solvency and a fair New England profit will admit of.041 150. B.

Ct. 188 Congress Street.^m?AW^1? atc^a ii-'"^ m . 106 AND 108 BATTERY STREET. ^s ^Tf? mx ^.the: RUSSELL & ERWIN omuitttg MANUFACTUREHS AND IMPORTERS OF JFACTOBIES at Weiv Britain. Boston. 87 and 89 Beekman Street.x=i-E]:e3:oxjs:e:]s. New York. 'W-A. Philadelphia. 22 South Fifth Street.

Agents New for I 1 &c. Co. \ 9 31ontgomery Street^ Lick Souse.MEAGHER. j I RETAIL TVAREHOUSE. YANKEE NOTIONS. Furnishing G-oods^ CLOAKS AND SHAWLS. Battery Street^ near IPine. HOSIEHY. . the Mount Vernon Duck Ship entering this port. jVo. SMALL WARES. Goods received by every Steamer and Clipper MEAGHER. i I WHOLESALE WAREHOUSE. FANCY GOODS. TAAFFE & CO. j WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALERS IN i DRT GOODS. TAAFFE & CO.

115 Agents. L. Blankets. California. Secretary. and on . Military Companies supplied with Uniforms on short reasonable terms. Treasurer. CAPITAL STOCK. San Francisco.! BATTERY STREET. FLANNELS ANB FLANNEL CLOTHING.MISSION WOOLEN MILS. INCORPORATED. | MANUFACTURE AND MILITARY CLOTHS of all colors. Horse and Sluice Blanketings. DONALD McLENNAN. ' SIMON. S. ' \ LAZARD FRERES. .000. notice. President and Manufacturing Agents j ALEXANDER WEILL. San Francisco. - - $500.

BLOCK.ooi^.. Incorporated.000. $300. BONDY. P. Capital. J^.. MANUFACTURE Blankets..The Gold Medal of the Mechanics' Institute of 1865> awarded to this Factory. . 316 Sacramento St. SAN FRANCISCO PIONEER WOOLEN FACTORY. Flannels. AND Trustee— A. Cassimeres. :bi_.. . FLAKNEL OVERSHIRTS. Secretary— A. SALOMONS. President-F. MANAOER.

son's. Granulators. MINING MACHINERY or without link motion . all FLOURING MILLS MILLS. PANS. whether single or double . to order. or Marine. . QUARTZ MILLS.MINERS FOUNDRY AND MACHINE WORKS. . of all sizes. Wheeler's. Cams of the best form. Attention called to this point. &C. (just published. Friction or Spur . the Machinery built to correspond. &c. &c. Bob Mountings. . J^" Dra^vings made to Order. Wheeler & Randall's. wet or Stamp Heads of various weights Shoes and Dies of best . SHIPS' PUMPS. . Chilean Mills. Hoisting Engines with Gear Spools of any diameter. Pit-head Pulleys Wrought for hemp or wire rope. Hepburn & Separators of Hopkins' and Stewart's Amalgamators Concentrators. Breast or Overshot. Jon- val turbine. for gold or silver ores. . signed is . Vacuum Pans. of all kinds . and Tangential or hurdy-gurdy Water Wheels. Centre disaharge. of five stamps and upwards. and Arastra Gearing. Rolls. PUMPING ENGINES AND GEARING. all Windlasses and Ship Castings. low or in sections. kinds complete. all sizes. Retorts. MORTARS. other Cornish and Pumps . ILLUSTRATED ANNUAL CICULAR. Pulverizers. SAW MILLS POWDER Machinery of and Wood Cutting Machinery for every requirement. and every de- scription of machinery used in the manufacture of sugar.) sent free on application. Portable. WATER WHEELS. Locomotive. carefully de- Plans made and high. either flat or round Iron Hoisting Cages Safety Cages and Safety Links. dry crushing white iron . STEAM ENGINES AND BOILERS Stationary. Wood Peter- Pulleys and Stem Guide Boxes. with the latest improvements. Castings and made DRAWINGS of every description of Machinery on hand. either SUGAR MILLS of various sizes . .

Always on hand. Apple. HOBBS. ALSO SPANISH CEDAR. White wood. Maccaroni. Plum. ] j and Peach Boxes. IH AUOGANIT. 6ILM0RE & GO. Starch. MARKET STRBET. Between Beale and Main. Lard. Wine. and Spruce Butter Chests. Soap. 6cC. Candle. Vermicelli. . Coffee. Tobacco. i Bread. Ash. Cheese. Spice. Cases for re-packing all kinds of Merchandise. Yeast ' Powder. Butter.» SAN FRANCISCO mm m AND BOX MANUMCTOKY. ^ ^•* All kinds of Boxes manufactured to Order.


advertising to teach Penmanship.UNION BUSINESS COLLEGE. bills of exchange.. TELEGRAPHING. with a Capital in Cash and Merchandise. Hit ia''Dfl. has ever taught the same by a regular plan. insures his goods with ihe insurance office of the College. and students can enter upon any business day during the year. opens an account with the bank. . Rents a place of business. our instructor in Penmanship. and One Million in College Currency. Is furnished The student. upon entering the College. until he finally takes his position in the — Union Business College Bank. complete in having a circulation of all its appointments. The large and increasing demand for good Telegraph Operators has induced us to organize a separate department for thorough instructions in this branch. drafts. And It is to impart a thorough Commercial Education. and we unhesitatingly declare. (MERCHANTS' INSURANCE BUILDING. Prof. AND flLlilAJ^H Iffo. that for practical and thorough instruction in . Carrying out all the details of trade buying and selling goods. this branch. This course saves from four to six weeks' time in copying useless manuscripts. etc. For circulars and further information. There is no vacation.) 408 IS California Streeta *•• THIS INSTITUTE DESIGNED TO PREPARE BOYS AND MEN For Business Pursuits. He Commences Speculation. recording the transactions and keeping the books in a regular and scientific manner. conducted upon actual business principles. PENMANSHIP. and we are now enabled to present advantages in this line equal to any tliat can be offered on the continent. The public are invited to call and examine the various departments. From this he advances to other capacities. depositing in and checking from the bank. A regularly established institution. and enters upon the arena of business. SEREGNI. Principal. is well known to be a thorough and systematic teacher and no College at present on this coast. address JAMES VINSONHALER. we challenge competition. Sessions day and evening. F. making and negotiating notes.











Shipping and Commission

g m^
204 and 206 Sansonie


BAM wmAM©m©Q>,
-i^ I-j


11^ O I=L IST I ^^

HON^a Koisra


Cash advances made on Flour, Wheat, and other approved Merchandise consigned to our friends in Hong Kong, Shanghae, Kanagawa, Sydney, and New York.


interests of parties having merchandise in transitu

through San Francisco properly cared for. Attention and dispatch given to all business appertaining to a Commission House.






No. 521 Montgomery Street,
Between Clay and Commercial,
» o»


^UkbLQl^QQ^ G^L,


Especial Aiienilon given to Ike Chmpoimding o/ Physicians- Prescriptions^ and Preparation of Family Medicines,





Wholesale and Retail Dealers



M1BI6I11S, eilMIS41S,




gvrtkk^, i^iti^mn'i}, mil gni.^to,


Lubin's Eoctracts, Low's Old Broivn Windsor Soap,
Particular Attention paid


Replenishing Family and Shijys^ Medicine Chests-,



¥/iii ii f sjfsii,
A New and




for Dyspepsia, Gastralgia, etc.





GLUOOLEIN, a New and Valuable Compound of COD LIVER OIL, put up in Glass Jafs, SOLUTION CITRATE OF MAGNESIA, OR PURGATIVE LE3I0NA0E, An Agreeeble, Cooling, and Active Purgative, or Mild Laxative, as requii'ed*




for the

Oure of Ooiighs and Golds,


An Aromatic Astringent Wash

for the

Gums and



Granular Effervescent Citrate of Magnesia.

8ias>®i2iA(Bs®i§ T®®ir{a s>®^i?®siii»
Rosemary and Castor Oil Hair Iiivigorator. ORIEIVTA Li, a New Perfume for the Handkerchief.

j '



the instantaneous removal of Paint, Grease and other Bpots from Gloves, Wearing Apparel, &c»
for the



Removal of


on the Faco. and for tho


cure of Roughness of Skin, Tan, Sunburn, and Chapped Hands. MINERAIj "WATERS.— Vichy, Carlsbad, Kisaeugen and Seltxer Waters, mad© from analyses of the original waters, and possessing tho advantages of uniformity of composition, an agreeable freshness and sparkling effervescence, and freedom. from any repulsive taste. Physicians and others, at a distance, orderinff Goods from us. can depend upon having their orders filled with the same regard to Quality and Prick as though, obtained in person, and wo feel confident of giving satisfaction in every case.










() II





o o 3sr rrE nsTTs



I._Wliat thtfDisciples of Confucius say of him.— Chapter II.— Theology lY.— Ethics. aucl Relio-ioTi.— Chapter III.— Domestic Relations.— Chapter Chapter v.— Government.— Chapter VI.— Maxims.

THE FOUR BOOKS.— Book ¥msi\— Confucian

^n«7ec/s.— Chapter

EooK Second.— Trn" Hole, or the Great imrmnr/.-Chapter I.— Government of Family and State.— Chapter II.— State Offices and Emoluments.
Chapter III.— Self-Culture.

Book Third.— T/?e Doctrine of the Jl/ean.— Chapter I.— The Path of Duty.— Chapter II.— Picture of the Perfect Man.— Chapter III.— Rules Chapter for 'the Government of the Empire.— Chapter IV.— Religion.—

— Miscellaneous.

Chanter II.— Government. I. Morals.— Chapter Tll.—Ideal of the Perfect Man.— fetanhvsies and Chjr er IV —Domestic Relatious.—Chapter V.— Miscellaneous.

Book Fouuth.— J/encms.- Chapter

Confucian Tract.— Buddhist Tract.— Tlie Rationalists.— Tablet Literature.— Directory for the vfhoU Life.- Rules of Etiquette.— Harmony between Husband and Wife. Apothegms and Proverbs.— Chinese Moral Maxims.— The Harmonious


Knowledge under

Difficulties.- A


and other Pieces.


HanfJsonie Volume^ Larf/e 12nio.

Publishers, Importers

and Eooksellers.








aiul -ilO



Oyj \ \ .


C.'53(A5062sl6)476A .n MAY 2 7 2003 rAl m REC'D DEC 02 20|i2 "DEC 18 196d REC'D EAL MAY 3 198f lEAL 3-20m-l. 7 2001 BERKELEY |6V 3 NOV REC <*/ 1977 11979 I'.UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA LIBRARY BERKELEY Return to EAST ASIATIC LIBRARY. DUE two weeks from last date stamped. SIP OCT ' 1 9 1961 8 MAR 1973 AUG U.


.''« .<'!.• .1. I Ifc („'') ! i^iii . .. ill lliii . .'..mt :mm I .....''''l t ' .. ''..''''' iii.. 5 iSi).( .1 'i\ ' 'il..j^:'!-'.^.„ mm It.lvx '•«.. . mi .'< i-' ' : ''''' '. -J.. \ . . ) I'l'i I'l .

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