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Unit 35 : Talking about the weather
1. 2. What's the weather like today?

tJm Lft~ 3t ~'BLIq.
It looks as if there will be a storm soon.

('@ -9.])

~ Eft~ol 24.

* 3t

~'BLIq. ~ 3t ~'BLIq.

It's going to be another scorcher today.

_2_-§'s::.~~qi1-Pt _2_-§'s::..!f-~ ?~ ~tJt~ol

_2_§' l§,y.m OJ ~ 'B LI7Jt? It's warm today.

25. It's going to be freezing again today.

3t ~'BLIq.

3. 4. 5. 6. 7. It's mild.

26. The wind blows cold.

"* LIq .

It's humid.

27. Nasty day, isn't it?

28. It's sprinkling. !f- '§'!f- '§'

'Bs::.7t ~'BLIq.
It's chilly.

tJm Lftcl ~ V'B LIq. 1§°tAI~ 1§°tAI~ V'BLIq. V'BLIq.

l§,y.m ~~~Llq.
What's the temperature?

29. It is raining cats and dogs.

tJm <2j9~ol 30. 31. 32. tJm g~~Q_£


9.! s::.Lt ~ LI7Jt?

We're having a steady rain. It's been raining on and off all morning.

It looks like rain today.

_2_-§'g tJm ~ 3t ~'BLIq.
8. 9. I wonder if it will rain.

_2_~ LftLfttJj7t ~q

_:::J_~q ~Llq.

tJj7t _2_AIm~7JtR?
What if it rains tomorrow?

The sky is getting very cloudy.

0t-§'Ojl -=r-~ol 7JI~ V'BLIq.
33. The clouds are building up.

Lft~ tJm _2_(! OJ ~ 711W7JtR? I 10.
It is beginning to sprinkle.

-=r-~ol ~~ 34. Lft~g ~~




~OjAj71 "I~~Llq. V'BLIq.

Tomorrow's high will be

11. It's pouring down.

32, and low 24. 71g01 32s::., ~Ai 24s::._£ Ojl{t~Llq. ~Llq. V'BLIq. V'BLIq.

tJj7t <2j9_£ 1§°tAI~ 12. 13. 14. tJt~ol ~~0ftAI~

35. It will get warmer.

The wind is dying now.


q (q~0ft~ ~OjAI~


36. The days are getting longer.

I was caught in a shower.

l§0l ~~

Ai~ ~LPI~


37. The winter is giving.

The sea is running high.

7~~ ?i1-Pt "tctAI~ 7~~ l§,y.I AI~~

Iits::.7t ~71I AI~ V'BLIq.
15. It's getting colder and colder.

38. It's unusually warm for a winter day.

°1{tot711 ([t~~Llq.

l§,y.m ~~ 7~~Ojl ~ol



39. The windows are fogged up.

16. Do you have much snow in winter?

{t~OjI ~ol "ic~ V'BLIq. 40. 41. 42. 43.
It's the heaviest snowfall in ten years.

mOl ~LI7Jt?

17. How does the sky look?

What if it pours tomorrow?

l§,y.m Oj~'BLI7Jt?
18. How's the weather out there?

Lft~ ~ Lpm

_2_(! OJ 1!4 0t:c::? I

_:::J_~~-t.2J l§,y.I~ Oj~'BLI7Jt?
19. What's the weather like there?

I got wet on my way home.

~Ojl _2_~ ~Ojl tJI~ WV:'BLIq.
You got all wet.

_:::J_ ~.2J l§,y.I~ Oj~'BLI7Jt? 20. 21.
How cold is it today?

_2_-§'g ~ otLt -@'BLI7Jt?
There isn't a cloud in the sky.

44. How wet did you get?

tJI~ ~otLt



-=r-~ l(!" ~ 'ilt'BLIq.

45. I was caught in the rain on my way home.

22. It looks like it's going to rain.

~Ojl _2_~ ~Ojl tJI~ 1(!"~'BLIq.


Successdoesn't come overnight


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and see a movie

46. You're soaking wet.

67. Let's have lunch downtown together.



47. Hot is not the word.

"I LftOJI7Vi ~ {J Qj ~
snack bar.

<El Qj-S::_At. ~

qg ~S::_7t 0tt8Llq.
48. I get too cold in the winter.

68. I've got some buddies waiting for me in the


7~~OJI ?i1l~ Li¥

mOl '8Llq.
get too cold this winter.

~tdjtJtOJI"i ~-T~ol
the banquet.




49. I hope it won't

69. You'd better file your fingernails before going to

~ 7~~~ .::J.Ll~ ~~
is near.

"€FI ~J71~ tJt~Llq.

50. She's bundled herself all up .








.g~ 7Jj<f)~'BLIq.
say that the rainy season

70. If you need an overcoat, take mine.

51. Newspaper reports

2J!f-7t WROt'(! Ail 2J%W lIJl 1(!~"I tJm <2j9 ~ol

3t~ <f)QAilR. '2~ 7tAilR.

71. Be sure to close the blinds before leaving.


~S::_OJI jot'(! ~om Q 71g~ -9-~oPll

~ "I~Bq~ I(!"~Llq.


~ct<c!~~ LftcFi

52. The rainy season is getting me down.

72. We can't go out. It's raining cats and dogs.


2J%W 9 \ltOiR.

53. The bad weather spoiled our vacation.

-¥ 7t -9-cl fPt~

~;I;H, V:'B LI q.
Unit 37 : At a party (lit ED lII°ft~ <f)9J'BLIq.
73. Let's throw a party for him.

54. The storm did great damage to the crops.

Eft~ol -5~~OJI °ly,!711 l§,y.I


55. It's boring to stay indoors on such a fine day.


l§ ~ <c!"OJII(!" ~J71~ (qg~Llq.


~Oi .::J.~ ~ot0ft ~At.

74. Tonight's party is from 7 to 10. .2.-§' lItEI ~ 7 "IOJI "I ~0ft 1 O"IOJI ~ Bq.

Unit 36 : To go out (.2J ~)
56. We must be off early tomorrow morning.

75. When will the party be over?

lItEm Lft~ 0t~~ ~~ %W0ft0~ ~Llq. Lm°n:!l'BLIq. .::J."t~~

«! Ail ~ LtLt R?
~ ~cft0ft ~AilR . .::J.~ tIlt-",=cll(! <c!"!9IR.

76. Be sure to invite him. I don't want to leave him out. 77. Thank you so much for inviting me.

57. I'll buzz off so that I can make my train in time.

71;1;t"mOJI W?~ "i~Cj "if~AI %WW mQI(! ~~OiR.

Ai~ ~cft0ft ~Fi 1(!~"I ~~W~IR.

~W ~lf)"'BLIq.

58. Step on it, or we'll be late. 59. I'm packed and all set to go.

78. I'll be there for sure.


79. Where shall I sit?

q ~Oi VOiR.

80. May I have your next dance?

60. Go ahead. I'll catch you in a minute.

I(!Ai 7tAilR. ~ (qct Y~IR.
61. I'll be with you in a moment.

Ai2J" ~~I %~ ?"m'BLI7Jt?
81. You were with a real fox at the dance.

~ ~ot
62. I won't

be gone long.


l3!A.!j°l °PWI2J" %~ ?~ 0t~


~ ~'BLIq.

82. I got a big hand after my song.

~ ~ot


Ai~ ~cft~ *.g. ~S::_~~
0' clock.




63. I must be going now.

83. I'll take a glass of claret.

01Ail 7t0n:!lOiR.
64. I got to be there around 3

l(!"B oVm'BLIq.

84. I'd like to propose a toast.

3"I7JtAI~ °pI"i

7PIOJI S::_~0ft°~ OftR.

At, ~~I
.2.-§'Qj ~

<:!tlft~"Iq. <c! ~~ i1loft <:!tlft~"I q!

65. How can I get there from here?

85. We toast the guest of honor! 86. Aren't you a party girl?

7tcm 0i~711 7to~ otLtR?

66. Give us a ride downtown.

"I Lft7JtAI ~ EftSf~~AilR.

lItEI 0t~

7i ~60iotAilR?


Successdoesn't come overnight


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87. You know, you're

a real smart aleck.

106. We'll back you up financially.

~B ~ 0t"I~2R.
going to be such a party pooper, come again.

AH~~<C! ~~ JJHcP(! q"1~ _2_AI0tAjiR.


88. Well, if you're don't

107. Let me be your guide.

«N0H ~cl~'BLIq.

TIlEI gi1PI~

108. I'll see about getting a new quilt.

89. I'll have to break away from the party at ten.

AH.£g ~cH


10"IOjI -sol 7P2tO~ ~Llq.
90. I've enjoyed myself very much.

109. Will this chair do?

°1 QjAt OlITjAjlR?
110. Shall I answer the phone?

~W ~7j£J.OlR.
91. The party was a real drag.

AjPt Lt~OjI


~~7)tR? ~clS::_~ .:::210jPjl ~W7)tR? L ~71 VOl ~~7)tR?

.:::2TIlEI~ ~W (qg~OlR.

111. Shall I tell her to call you later?

112. Shall I stay here for a while?

Unit 38 : Plan (711~)
92. I'm planning on going to LA.

AjPt ~"I


Y Ojl~<flLIq. <:! 7tR?

Unit 40 : Agreement

(~ .Qj)

93. Don't you plan to fly to Memphis this weekend?

°l1(J ~WOjI ~:U:I~OjI 7ti! .;=r~OjI ~otLt LH~ "I7t~~ LH~ q~
tJj ~ ~

113. I agree to your plan.

94. How long do you intend to stay in New York?


71l~OjI ~Qj~Llq. Qj<:jOjI ~Qj~Llq.

_2_cH71li! <:! 7tR?
~Cj ~

114. I agree with you on that point .

95. I'm going to see the sights of Chicago tomorrow.

.:::2~Ojl VOl t8{jQj
115. I'm for that plan .

Ojl~<flLIq. Aj 2j- 1(!"l§7)t ? R

96. Are you going to meet me at the bus stop?

* ~Ojl"j

.:::271l~OjI ~{"j<flLIq.
116. I think you're

quite right.

97. I'm leaving for America next week.




~Ojl 0l~Q.£ W °pPt

ITjl§ Ojl~<flLIq. V~qlR. ~W7)t "'.!jZi ~olOjIR.

117. You can say that again.

98. I'm about to tell you something important.

tJt.£ .:::2y,!'BLIq.
118. That's it. 119. I don't think so.

~ ~c1°~ 7ji!~ Aj~

99. I'm thinking of painting out living room light green.

<c!~~Q.£ LH~ tJt"*Llq.

100. I'll be busy tomorrow. 101. Did you make up a schedule for the trip to Boston?

~ .:::2,!711"'.!jZiOtAI motR. y
120. I'm afraid not .

.:::2,!711"'.!jZiAI motR. y
121. No, I don't 122. You're believe so.


lC! ~O.!J 711 .g Ajli1~ -f-~ Lt R? ~


Unit 39 : Help (£ ~)
102. Is there anything I can do for you?

123. I'm not sure.

~ 2~~OlR.
124. Well, I don't know about that.

Ajm S::_2j-~~

~ol ~ol

'ilt~7)tR? VQI(! W~ °tAjiR.

103. Let me know if I can be of any help. 9 V~ 104. What can I do for you? .!f-~~ S::_2j- ~7)tR? ~
105. I'll be glad to help you.



~ 2~~qlR. ~{"jW

125. I can't go along with you on that point.

.:::2~Ojl VOl"j~ -fi-~~~AII(!" t8{j°l

97t 'ilt'BLIq.

126. I'm afraid you are mistaken .


717)j01 S::_2j-~ cm'B LI q.

127. I'm afraid it won't


Success doesn't come overnight


[ Eureka Golden English

(At .n)

-fi-~~~AII(!" 128. _:::J_~{"j~otAI

~ <c!"~ 7i01IR.

Unit 42 : Accident 147. 148.

I doubt if he will succeed.

~W 7i01IR.

Hello, is this the police station?

Oj~AilR, Unit 41 : Guessing (~ 129. 130. 131. 132. 133. 134. 135. 136. 137. 138. ~) 149.
What sort of man is he?

7171 ~~"i:c:? y2-I~ 711~~'BLIq. °ft°m'BLIq. °ft°m'BLIq. ~-f- ~ ~ ql \It OJ ~ OJ R. S::_~WV:OjR.

We'd better report it to the police.

~~Ojl ~~Ojl 150. 151. 152. 153. ~~Ojl

I must make an urgent phone call to the police.

~B-~Qj-~ gil{!~~

_:::J_~Ojl:(! "t~<c! 7tR?
Do you think he's on the level?

I must notify the police that it's missing. I left my bag here, and it's gone.

_:::J_~{"jill(!" "t~<c! 7tR?
What do you think of his plan?

Ai17t OJ 71 7t~~ Alot~

_:::J_Qj 7jl~~

Oj~711 "".!jZjot{lLI7Jt?

I was robbed of my wallet on the subway.

How would you like it?


0t~OjI ~{l LI 7Jt?
What time do you expect him back?

The guy standing across the street must have picked my pocket.

_:::J_7t .! "I~ 9 t8{!Ol ~~


7i ~'BLI7Jt? 154. 155. 156. 157. 158. 159. 160. 161. 7jlil 7i2-t "".!jZj~Llq. 162. ~~ 7F't ~{!~Llq.

~ <:!Li~OjI "i V~ oPIt~OjI

Ai \:J"APt Ail Am~

~Am 711~~\ltOjR.

I'm sure you will get a good mark on the quiz.

A burglar broke into my apartment.

-l"I~Ojl"i ~.g ~9~

~-S::_7t ~<fJ~OjR. s::_~ol At~

I'm quite sure I left my glasses on the table.

Our apartment house has a problem with theft.

\It°l <c!"~~ ~~

i1jOjI ~JY~ql. ~{!~'BLIq. ~Llq.

-9-2-1 oPIt~Ojl~ "i~

I had no doubt of her success.

My passport is missing from my drawer.

Ai~ _:::J_ {"j~~ L1Qj Lft~ ~~\lt0l
didn't go.

~Ojl \5!Oj ~ OJ 19°1 \ltOj~OjR. ~s::_~

I bet it will rain tomorrow.

I got mugged in the men's room.

tJ17t ~

Qj-~ilOjl"i gil~ ~Ej~

I'm positive about the reason that why he

Where is the lost and found?

_:::J_7t7tAI 139. 140. .2.-¥~


OjCj<c!7tR? ~~

°l-fi-~ 3t<fJLlq.


~ y~


I left my passport somewhere.

I think it will get warm this afternoon .




I'm not sure where I left it.

I imagine that you will enjoy yourself staying in Las Vegas.

OjCjOjI -f-~ ~~AI Am~ q"1 ~~



2-t~tJjloPi~Ojl"i 141. 142. 143. 144. 145. 146.


"m~ ~Lft~

Do you think I can get back my purse?

9 V~

3t ~QAjlR?

I guess you will be very busy tonight .

If you find it, could you call the company that I work for?

.2.-§' ~.g uft-9- tJt_l!J_"mql R.
I'm afraid I've got to cut down my expenses.

_:::J_3t~ ~Q"II(!

Ajpt 2.!f-0t~


~Qj-0ft ~"I~'BLI7Jt?



W 3t ~otR. 9 VQ{!AIR?
Unit 43: Surprise (~ 163. 164.
What a surprise!

I wonder if you could come to the party.

IilEIOjI .2.il 7"I~Ol2-t


It's around seven, I think.


He is 25 or so.

It's incredible. Really?

_:::J_~25Ail ~S::_<fJLlq.
She's an actress or something.

_:::J_~ OjtJft-9- °tLII(! _:::J_ Ll 'C!

-5*.21 ~ ~ ~ 7t~ OJ At<fJLI q.

165. 166.

Is that right?


Successdoesn't come overnight


[ Eureka Golden English

-i'Sf~ ~Llq.

.::::U·ll"H! °1OJI ? R
167. You must be kidding!

188. She sleeps on her back .

.::J.Ll~ 1(!~ol

168. You scared me. 169. Well, Well, Well!

189. I usually sleep on my stomach.

Ai~ Cft7ft <i;!.~.c1 ~Llq.
190. Get up, sleepy head!


01 ~¥Cf710~! ~ol

°l'C! !
170. Dear me!

191. I'm still half asleep.

Ai~ °t~s::.


°tLI, °tLI,

°l'C!! 01'C! ~ °l!

192. Have a beautiful dreams.

171. Oh dear, what a mess! 172. Good gracious!

~.g. ~¥AilR.

°1 'C! Of1!4°tAI!
173. Good heavens!

Unit 45 : Allowance



174. My!

193. May I leave my things here for a while?

~7(!"1(!" ~~

Ail ~~

~oP'i'-Ofs::. :i{!l{'6~7)tR?

°l'C! !
175. Mercy me!

194. Can I borrow your pen for a minute?




195. I wonder if I may use your car.

176. Bless my soul!

At ~ ~ c1 ~ 9 V~7)tR?
196. Do you mind my smoking?

177. Oh, Lord!

'Btlft ~ :U:ISf~s::. ~7)tR?
197. Is it all right for me to go for a ride?


Unit 44 : Sleeping (9 ~)


Lms::. ~7)tR? -Y-js::.:i{!l{'6~7)tR?

198. Will you let me have a holiday tomorrow?

Lft~ fPt~

199. May I use the bathroom? 178. What time do you go to bed?

Qj-~i! ~ -Y-js::.~LtR?
200. Can you lend me a dollar?

9.! "I OJI ~.!f- {l LI7)t?
179. Did you have a sound sleep last night?

1'§CfI(!" ~c1~i!cftR?
201. May I have a look at it?

:U~OJI ~ ~.!f-~'BLI7)t?
180. I sleep deeply at night.

~ !2j-s::.~7)tR?
202. May I come in?

Ai~ 4; I(!~ ?l ot ~ ~ <fl LIq .
181. I slept like a dog.



~W ~ ~'BLIq.
182. I had a nightmare. <2j"~~ 2{J

203. Yes, of course. 204. Why not? l(!"

J:!J'BLIq. lIJl~OJI .::J.Ll~ 1l~ ~s::. ~ ~'BLIq.

183. Anxiety kept her awake all night. 205. Sure! 206. All right! 184. I was up all night.

185. I don't


mind staying up late.



~~7jl °PI~

Ats::. :i{!l{'6'BLIq. AftSf~omOfR.

207. OK with me.

186. I'll put the baby to sleep. 187. It's about time you go to bed,

Ai~ :i{!l{'6°tR.

°Mo~, ~AtclOJI ~ "Izt°lq.

Unit 46

To forbid and order

(-6-Aj.2J- ~ ~)


Success doesn't come overnight


[ Eureka Golden English


208. Don't call me so late at night. ~~7J] At2l~

229. May I take a look at the room? 230. My new apartment suits me to aT. AH.£ -Tl(!" 0tIit~7t 0tIit~ Aj] ~Oj] ~ ~L]q. m'BL]q. 231. The setup didn't suit me at all. -T3': 7t ~o1 ~Oj] ~A] ~c]tJj]O]EPt 232. My apartment is a third floor walk up. Aj] 0tIit~~



~Aj]R. Ii]-9-A] wot ~Aj]R. _:::J_I(!" -f-Aj]R.

209. Don't make such a racket while I'm trying to sleep. 0tL] Li¥


210. You are nuts to let him use your car. _:::J_Oj]7J] At~At~

I~F'H~ tJt~~g

211. Oh, come off it! You know that nobody believes that story. _:::J_I(!" -f-Aj]R! ~OjJAj Lml(! -i'7t _:::J_'C! O]OP]~ ~B:!lOjR? 212. You are not to leave your room. <c!"~ L] q. make that train. ~AmOjR. 213. Hurry up, or we won't "j~CfR. ~~otl(! 7]At~

\lt~ 3% <:!~<flL]q.

233. How much is the monthly rate? ~Ajpt ~Ot<flL]7Jt? ~~~Oj V'BL]7Jt? 0tLlI(! .g.~0] 7t-6'~L]7Jt? 234. Are utilities included in the monthly rate? ~Aj]Oj] -tj"c]tJpt 7t~g ~Aj]~ 235. Is the price firm, or can we negotiate? ~OHA1 V'BL]7Jt, ~OtLt At~ 236. How often does the rent go up? .2.-§-L]7Jt? 237. Do I have to pay any rent in advance? ~Aj].2J {j-6-~ A]*oHo~ ~L]7Jt? 238. How much is the down payment? 7j]<2f-6-g ~ ot<fl L]7Jt? 239. How big of a security deposit should I pay? ~~-6-g

214. You have to finish your homework right away. A]-6- tJt.£ 4;Aj]~ At, OJ''j _:::J_ ~~ otA1o~ ~L] q . 0tA]Aj]R. ~ i'i-\30H ~Aj]R. 215. Go on, and get it over with. 216. You have to bear in mind that I'm new at this. Ajpt 0] ~Oj] O]4;0tq~ 217. You've got to wash the dishes now. A]-6-

t8~ i-PF]~

0Ho~ ~L]q.

218. You're supposed to come to class everyday. uH~ 9~Oj] i17jA]~ ~ %~oHo~1(!" ~L]q. 0H~~ ~ gJ_A]0tAj]R.



LHo~ ~L]7Jt?

240. Is my rent due at the end of the month? ~Aj]~ Aj~ A]*~L]7Jt? ~Aj]~ A]*~L]q. 241. I usually pay my rent a month in advance. ~~ l(!" '§ <ii"j ~7] 242. I have a long lease on this apartment.

219. Be sure to do the dishes.

Unit 47 : To seek an apartment



0] 0tIit~~

~CH~'BL]q. ~\JL]q.

243. The lease on my apartment will run out in a month. 220. I want to find an apartment for rent. ~cH 0tIit~~ 0tIit~~ ~~ V'BL]q. ~gq]R. 0tIit~~ ~cHot~ ~gq]R. 221. Excuse me, I'm interested in renting an apartment. ~cHot~ 222. I'd like to rent a three-room apartment. ~O] Aj] 7H V~ 0tIit~.2J Aj~ ~CH7j]<2f7mO] LH'§oll(! 244. I've got to renew the lease on my apartment. 0tIit~ ~cH AH7j]<2f~ 0Ho~ ~L]q.

Unit 48

Talking about crime and justice (~~.2jAH~)

223. I prefer a furnished apartment. 7t-T7t ~otq




~~'BL]q. 245. Traffic rule violators are to be turned over to a summary court. .lll.~ i1l1(!At~ Aj~ ~{JOj] Qj!f-~Llq. 246. I have nothing to do with this traffic accident. 01 .lll.~"t~2j¥-tj"~Llq. 247. He claimed he was innocent but he couldn't prove it. _:::J_~ PPt A ¥::qct~ ~~~AII(!" _:::J_3t~ ~~otAI ~~'BLIq. 248. Several detectives are working on the case. ~Cf

224. Does each room have a private bath?

~% ~i!0]

,§c1 V'BL]7Jt? i1A]~Oj V'BL]7Jt? VLtR?

225. Is there a gas heater in the room? ~Oj] 7t~ 226. Is there a laundry room in the building? <:!~ <c!"Oj] Aj]~i!0] 227. Does the superintendent provide good service?

"tF] <c!.2J"jtJ]
At~~ ~~



228. Is it possible to rent a garage? 9 V'BL]7Jt?

~"m _:::J_ "t<:!~



249. He was caught in the act.


Successdoesn't come overnight


[ Eureka Golden English


_:::J_~l(!~OJ]"i ~~9JBL]q.
250. The suspect is accused of highway robbery.

271. I don't understand what you mean.

42-'2 W~O]{!A] ~ 2~~BL]q.
272. What do you mean by that?

_:::J_ %QjAt~





251. Did the kidnapper confess to the crime.

\JAJ1~O] ~~~ it<c!At~ °t~

At~~LtR? Ai]~~A] mV:BL]q. 99~]7)]'£

252. The murderer is still at large. 253. The murder case is now veiled in mystery.

_:::J_ it<c!"t<:H~- °t~

\:tot VBL]q. "]~~BL]q.

254. He got up and began to question the witness.

_:::J_~Atc]OJ]"i ~01Lt ~<c! Aft0-ttg _:::J_~~~ _:::J_~<2f _:::J_OJ]7J] ~~~

255. The judge threw the book at him.


256. He ended up in jail.

~Lft~BL]q. ~<!:l~BL]q.

257. He's been behind bars for almost 30 years.
30\:1 ~<c!"

258. He got life. 259. It's a home for wayward children, so to speak.





Unit 49 : Saying again

(etA] ~7])

260. I beg your pardon?

q"] q"] ~q

l(!" 1(j

W~0ft ~Ai]R. W~°ft ~"mBL]7)t? W~0ft ~"m01R?
l(!" 1(j

261. Would you mind repeating what you said?
l(!" 1(j

262. Please speak a little more slowly?

263. What's your name again?
{1 ~ ~

q "]

W~ oft ~ "m 01R ?

264. What did you say?

lf~ct~ 0t~LtR?
265. Say it once more.


l(!" 1(j

W~0ft ~Ai]R.

266. What's that? 267. I'm sorry. I didn't catch you.

::q%OftR. 42-'2 W<c!A] ~ yot~~BL]q.
268. Excuse me, I don't follow you.

42-'2 W~O]{!A] ::q%~L]ql(!" 42-'2 W~~

YOP§A] ~~BL]q. O]oft0tA] ~~BL]q. 2~~BL]q.

269. I'm sorry, but I didn't understand you.


270. I don't understand what you're getting at.



Success doesn't come overnight


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