[ Eureka Golden English



23. Do you mind my smoking in this room?

Unit 6 : Asking favors (.!iF ~)
1. 2. 3. Would you do me a favor?

0] ~OJ]"i 0P]"i

'BtJH~ Ii]Sf~s::. :i{!l{g-~7JtR?

24. Do you mind if I smoke here?

'BtJH~ Ii]Sf~s::. ~7JtR? 7tilcHR?

Ai] !f-~otLt


~"mBL]7Jt? (qet '§e1VBL]ct.

25. Would you like to join me?

It depends on what it is.

Ai2j- ~~]

_:::J_?,t0]¥~O]LtOJ] !f- ~otLt
4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

26. I hope I'm not in the way.

May I ask a favor of you?

~oH 7t ~ A] m~A] ~ofl7t ~<c!Cj]R? ~A] ~ mV:QI(! Cj]ept

0Hs::. ~ 7JtR?

27. I hope I'm not disturbing you.

Sure, if I can. What is it?

~L]ct. ~ilcHR? otAi]R. 0H~"mOfR?

~~ Ai ~ Ai ~



9 VctI(!R.


28. Will you take me to the movies?

Would you give me a hand?

Ai ~~OJ] Ai]W Ai~

s::.2j-~"mOfR? s::.2j-~il

29. Don't give me a hard time, please. ~it7J] ~A] 2~~Lj]R.
30. Will you have the waiter bring me a cup of coffee?

I wonder if you can help me.

9 V~A]

May I join you?

Sfl] ] EiOJ]7J] 7fIi] l(!" B 7tA~_2_et~ 0

AiPt ~

7J]Ofs::. ~7JtR?

31. Would you tell me something about your family?

Be my guest.

t8{! 7t~OJ] eHoH °P] ~ 0H~"mOfR?
32. Will you correct my English composition? bill?

_:::J_7J] 0tAi] R. if,!
Can you change a twenty-dollar

Ai] ~~

<EJ~ ~ _llJ_~OH~"mOfR?
~ 7t~A1 ~OJ] ~ ~"mOfR?
l(!" ~

20'§Cf 10.

A]:U:1]~ tJt~

9 V~7JtR?

33. May I have your address? 34. While you are up, will you get me a glass of water?

May I trouble you with a light?

* ~~

e1 ~"mBL]7Jt?

11. Could you spare me a few minutes?


s.tct ~"mOfR?

"m ~


35. Just read him a story.

12. Would you mind opening the door, please? ~ ~Of~"mBL]7Jt? 0t~:c:?
13. I beg your pardon? lf~et~

_:::J_OJ]7J] O]OP]

0tLt ~eHAi]R.

36. May I dance with you?



!2j-~"mOfR? !2j-~"mOfR? _:::J_cH~"mOfR?

37. Can you save my place?

14. Give me a break.

Ai] Ate] ~ Ai] Ate] ~ B L]7Jt?
OJ] ~otR.

Tl {g-7J] 0tA] otAi]R.
15. Will you fill it up, please?

38. Would you mind keeping an eye on my seat? 39. Oh, fine. Will you please? 40. Make for me, please?

AtOJ] 7] ~
~ <iiQ.£



AH ~"m Sf~

16. Will you pick me up in front of my house?

2j-"i At ~


17. Forgive me for interrupting you.



W~ ~OJ] eHg-0] ::q%~L]ct.
18. Could you lend me your car?

41. Will you show me the ropes?

_:::J_ '6 ~ YeH"mOfR? R
42. Please show me how to handle this phone.
0] ~Qj-7]

t8{! At ~ ~eH"mOfR?
19. 20. 21.
Can you break a 10,000

won bill?

3':~1fl ~ ye1~Ai]R.

l(!" ~

7i'\§'Cf ~"mOfR?

43. It's no big deal.

Can I count on your help?


7i °tL]OJ]R.

t8{! s::.-§OJ] QjA]OHs::. ~7JtR?
Can you give me a hand with my homework?

44. You asked me at a bad time.

t8{!.g AiPt Ofe1~ lIJl !f-~ot~2R.
45. Will you keep in touch with me? 7l] ~

Ai] 4; Ai] ~


22. Give me some feedback,




Success doesn't come overnight


[ Eureka Golden English


46. I'd like to vacate tomorrow.


Ail cft{! ~ 0ft~"mOiR?

Lft~g °l3t °1 3t~ °l3t~



70. Please leave me alone.

47. Please get this typed.

.gAt V 7110ft~AilR.
71. Would you like to go with me to hear the orchestra?

Et°l'~l ~ ;1;1~{l"I_2_. l(!"~W.£ Et°l'~l ~ ;1;1~"m'BLI7Jt? <c!::tII~ oft ~{l"I_2_. 71l~0ft ~{l"I_2_.

48. Will you have this typed in Korean? 49. Get this copy to the printer. 50. Please go on with the story .


~<CJOJI Ai2j- ~~I

7VmOiR? 2F1 ~ 0ft~AilR.

72. He has been let down. Cheer him up.

.:::2~ .:i!j.£Sf~ot~ V'BLIq.

73. Are you sure you can do that for me?

Ai~ Sfloft ~W .:::2y,!711ft~"mOiR? 0
74. Would you lend me some more money?


51. Would you stand with me to have a picture taken?

g ~ q ~cH"mOiR?
75. Please don't let me down again.

Ai2j- "t ~ l(!" ~ ~

"m OiR ?

52. Could you loan me a few bucks?




I~F'H Oi R? 0tAilR.


AilW Ai~ cVI~ Aim 'ilt~ ~<c!" {!g~

i!~"I71AI °tol~~


76. Please take care of my children while I'm not here.

53. Go and tell him to get this watch fixed .

~ ~!2j-~AilR.

.:::2OJPii7t"i °1 "1711 ~ ~;I;1'§ct~ 7t-6'l(!" ~cl Oj~'B AiOJPii YcH"mOiR?

77. Can I see your ID card?

54. Would you let me know as soon as possible? 55. Could you tell me about your trip?

~ ~Oj~"mOiR?

78. Would you tell me about your job more in detail?

t8{! ~~OJI cftoft"i ~ q AtAiioi W~°ft~"mOiR?
79. Can you tell me what he is like?

~ ~c1~"mOiR? ~"mOiR? -5°lOJI -Y-i~"mOiR?

56. Will you put the room in order?

.:::27t Oil:(! g<c!AI W~ ~ °ft~"mOiR?
80. Please give the door a push for me.

~ ~ ~g°ft ~W W~~

57. Will you put down the message on a paper? 58. Would you give me a lift?

~ ~ ~Oi~AilR.
81. You might wipe off the table.

EJloI* ~ ~-t°t ~AilR.
82. Will you page Dr. Kim from Chicago?

Ai ~ EftSf~~"mOiR?
59. Where shall I drop you off?


_2_{] ~ ~"t\3

~ *Cj~"mOiR?

OiCjOJI Lftc1~ ~Pt R?
60. Could you drop me off at the bank?

83. Please get him to leave.

AilW .:::2OJI71I 7tct~ .:::2OJI71I °l3t~

0ft~AilR. W~0ft~AilR.


Lftc1 ~"m


84. Please get him to do this by tomorrow.

61. Could you give me a lift home?

Lft~7JtAI ~Lftct~

~ 7JtAI EftSf~ ~"m


85. Be a dear and fix it.

62. Do you think I could use your car tomorrow?

.:::23t ~ ~;I;1~1(! ~lfn:!l'BLIq.
86. Could you baby-sit for us next Friday?

Lft~ t8{! ;l;t~ ~ -Y-is::.~7JtR?
63. You can have it as long as you bring it back by 9.


-6-R~OJI °tol ~ !2j-~ 9 VOiR?

9"I7JtAI ~c1~{!ql(! s::.~ ~"I ~W-fi-~ ::q%~Llq <CJ~otAilR.


87. Will you spare me one hour this evening?

64. Get in touch with me as soon as you arrive. 65. Can I have it a bit longer, even if I fill up the tank?

_2_§' Ai~ OJI l(!" -

"m ~ s::. "m ~

Lft~ "m 'B LI7Jt?

88. Stick with me, please.

Ail ~OJI ~ VOi~AilR.
89. Would you care to make a donation?

AftSfFi ~ q _2_cft ~I(! <c!" ~7JtR? . .:::2°l{tg

66. I'm afraid not. That's the best I can.

71!f- ~ oft ~"m'BLI7Jt?
90. Give me your word that you won't tell anyone.

0i~711 W 9 'ilt'BLIq.

67. Would you put a bandage on my arm?

°Pf!-OJI71Is::.wotAI m~q~
91. Please don't

<2f~0ft ~AilR.

Ail WOJI 1(!{t~


go to any trouble.

68. Will you let me share your umbrella? 69. Can you take my place for a while?

~!f-Cj .:::2Cji! WR 'ilt'BLIq.
92. Will you carry the ball for me in my absence?

Aim 'ilt~ ~<c!"




Successdoesn't come overnight


[ Eureka Golden English

7t~ ~ ~ 7t~A1 ~"mOjR? 7t~ ~~ at{lLI7Jt?
Korea Airline office?

93. Get me that box over there,

will you?

Alot~,!:!Q.£ atom

API V~ al3t
l(!" 1(j

{tAt ~ ~Oj~"m'BLI7Jt? ~Oj!2j- ~"m'BLI7Jt?

113. Do you know the way to the Hotel Amiga?

94. Could you just look over this? 95. Hold still a moment for a picture.

114. Where is the downtown 115. Where is the taxi stand?

"ILH <El~~7t OjCj V'BLI7Jt? '6'~~al OjCj V'BLI7Jt?

At~ ~7JI .g~01A1 wot~Ai1.R.
96. Please make sure of it.


_:::J_ ~<c! ~ °H~AjiR. 3t

116. Could you please tell me how to get there?

_:::J_~Q.£7t~ ~ ~ YcH"m'BLI7Jt?
117. Would you show me how to get there?

Unit 7 : Asking for directions

(C(!" LH)

_:::J_~Q.£7t~ ~ ~ YcH"m'BLI7Jt?
118. Which is the information desk?


Basic Expressions


<eN ql~3~


97. Where is the hospital?

119. How can I get to the Dodgers Stadium?


OjCj V'BLI7Jt? 7t~ ~ ~ 7t~A1 ~"m'BLI7Jt? OjCj V'BLI7Jt?

~EtCj.gOJI Oj~7JI 7ta~~LI7Jt?

98. Would you show me the way to the station? 99. Excuse me, but where is the nearest subway station?

120. Could you draw a map of how to get there?

_:::J_~Q.£7t~ <2fs::. _:::J_c1~"m'BLI7Jt? ~
121. What's the best way to get to this address?

7t7Jtg Alot~,!:!al

al ~~.£




~1fl.g .!f-~<flLI7Jt?

100. Please tell me the way to the museum.

122. Please show me on this map which street I should

7t~ ~ ~ (~F'H{l"I_2_.

101. How do I get to your house?

Oj~ ~~ OJ ~

(qcPta~ 0t~AI

al AIs::.~ ~~


t8{! ~OJI 7tcP2! Oj~7JI 0Ha~ ~LI7Jt?
102. Can you tell me the way to the pay phone?

123. Which way is south?

?fi al \3?fi <flLI 7Jt? 7t~ AI~~<flLI7Jt?

103. What's



124. Which way is the shortcut to Seoul?

the location?

Oj~ ~al "j~.£ ~:UOJI ~~

i1l A]7 t OJ Cj~ ~ LI7Jt?
104. Where am I now?

125. I got lost on the way.

~6OjtJj~'BLIq. ~6~'BLIq.

017]7 t OJ Cj<flLI7Jt?
105. What floor are we on?

126. I was going to the park, but I got lost.

7t~ s::.~OJI ~~ V'BLI7Jt?


9.! % <flLI 7Jt?

127. Are there any gas stations around here?

106. Where is this bus bound for?

2 AjOJI~-fi-~7t

al tJj~~


128. Is there a pay phone around here?

107. Will it pass by Seoul University?

2 AjOJI~~~Qj-7]7t
al s::."IOJI~ ~~al
130. What's

in this town?

al At~ "j~cHQj"_llJ_~ AILmLI7Jt?
108. It's going as far as the city hall.

129. Isn't there a movie theater

'ilt'BLI7Jt? ~t8.g .!f-~<flLI7Jt?

al At~ "I~7JtAI ~Llq.
109. How long does it take by taxi?

the prominent building in Michigan?

01"1<:!OJI"j 7t~ ~OJI ~~ -9-Ajl~~ ~~
132. I wonder

~"I ~ Em ~ otLt ~ ~ LI 7Jt?
110. I'm lost.

131. I'm looking for a post office.

around here.

if there is a bookstore

al 2 AjOJI"j~al
Lesson 1 : Asking where (~ ~




133. Do you know a souvenir shop around here?

2 AjOJI 71\3~ 0UH~al V'BLI7Jt?
111. Could you tell me where the railroad station is? 134. Which restaurant do you recommend in this town? I(!"l(!"

71At,!:!al OjCj V~AI

7t~A1 ~"mOjR?

al s::."IOJI?~W

~t8.g OjCj V'BLI7Jt?

112. Will you show me the way to the subway station?

135. What floor is the golf shop on?


Success doesn't come overnight


[ Eureka Golden English


136. Do I turn left or right?



158. Do you see that tiled-roof



_2_~?fiQ.£ s:.LtR?

Ai 712j-~ °1 ~ <flLI 7Jt?
159. It's right next to the hotel Lotte.

137. Where can I buy cosmetics?

Qj-~~.g OJ cIAi it 9 V Lt R?
138. I'm trying to find the escalator.



tJt.£ ~<flLIq.

160. It's across the street.

OJ]~~Cj]O]El~ 7t~ 7PJtg

~~ 7]\3~

V~ 7Plm

~<flL]q. OjCjOJ] V'BLI7Jt? ~ OJ A~ V'B LIq.

~ <:!Li~OJ] V'BLIq.
161. Our shop is between the post office and the bank.

139. Where is the nearest souvenir shop?

AiQ] 7P'1l~ -9-Al]~~ .g~ "tolOJ] V'BLIq.
162. Cross the street and turn left.

140. It's about 20 miles south of Seoul.

"i ~OJ]"i \3?fiQ.£ _:::J_~OJ] 7t~ ~1fl~

<2f 20ot~

~ ~ <:!Li ~ ?fiQ.£ 7t{l "I _2_.
163. It's the third door on your right.

141. Did you figure out how to get there?


_2_ ?fi OJIAi Al] 1(jI');ft V'B LIq . ~ OJ]
164. It's down the hall and on your right.

Lesson 2 : Giving directions (~

Lftcpt"lI(! ~~

~ _2_~?fiOJ] V'BLIq. 7Plm V'BLIq.

165. There are several souvenir shops along the street. 142. May I help you find what you are looking for?

(qct OjCj 7ftQj 71\3~



7l]{!AI s:.2j-~~PtR? ~Ol{!AIR?

166. It's two blocks from here .

143. May I ask where you are going?

Oj710J]"i -f- ~~~


ilCJ]AII(!" OjCjOJ] 7t"1~ Oj~ ?fiQ.£ 7t{lLI7Jt?
145. May I show you?

167. It's past the post office.

144. Which way are you going?

-9-Al]~~ AILt"i V'BLIq.
168. It's near the library.

s:."i-tt 2AiOJ] V'BLIq.
169. Take the elevator to the second floor.

Alm <cJ"LftOft ~~PtR?
146. Do you want me to help you?


Et~ 2%OJ]"i LftclAl]R.

Alm s:.2j- ~~PtR?
147. I don't know where you mean?

170. Turn right when you get off the elevator.

~cltJj]OlElOJ]"i LftcFi _2_~?fiQ.£ 7t{l"I_2_.
171. Walk up the stairs to the third floor.

148. Go straight.

~ 2~~'BLIq.


3%7JtAI ~Oj ~cmAl]R.


7tAl]R. 7tAl]R.

172. It's on your right at the end of the aisle.

149. Keep straight on.

~s:. ~ _2_~?fiOJ] V'BLIq.
173. Why don't you look it up on the map?

7l]~ ~tJt.£ ~~ ~~

150. It's straight ahead.

AIs:.OJ]"i ~Ot~"IAI ~ OJ "i <2f 10g
175. You've 176. You're


7VII(! V'BLIq. 7VFi
-f- 1(jl');ft.£0t~AI~

174. It's about a ten-minute

151. It's on the second street straight ahead.

7i cl <flLIq .

~OJ] V'BLIq.

come too far. in the wrong district.

152. Turn right at the intersection.

AILt_2_~'BLlq . ~q]~ ~~ ~ot_2_~'BLIq.


_2_~?fiQ.£ ~OmAl]R. ~Llq.

153. Walk for a hundred meters.

100 OlEl ~Oj7VII(! 2-8-°l~
{!Q_-§-~ ~I(!

177. Let me take you.

154. It's just around the corner.

AlPt 2"1 ~ 7t:c:.
178. I will show you the way. direction. I'm going in the same

tJt.£ V'BLIq.

155. It's right after the spotlight.

AILtI(! tJt.£ V'BLIq.

~.g ~~OlLI
179. That's

Alm ~~


156. Turn right after the first light.

where I am going, too.

1(jI');ft{! Q_ -§- OJIAi _2_ ?fi Q .£ s:.Al] ~ R

Ais:. _:::J_ ~OJ] 7t~ ~<flLIq.
180. You are on the third avenue.

157. Do you see the tall building?


Success doesn't come overnight


[ Eureka Golden English


°PI~ 181.

202. 203. ~Oj~"I:C:. 204. 205. 206.

Are we there yet?

I'm not sure. You'd better check at the information desk.


~~'BLI7Jt? cftQ]"g 9.! ~Pi~olLt \:tV:'BLI7Jt?

How many stops away is UCLA ? UCLA I will get off at the next stop.

~ 2~~'BLIq. 182. 183. 184. 185. 186. Ai~ 0l~ol

<eN ql~3OJI

I'm new around here. I'm sorry, but I'm a stranger here myself.

q~ ~O.!J<flLIq.

~ 7i~OJI"i Lftcl~'BLIq. Em _:::J_~7JtAI LI7Jt? ~ ~LI 7Jt?

Does this bus take us all the way there?

0l<c!"~Llql(!", Ais::. °l~ol
I'm new here in Arizona.

01 tJj~~ yotEto~

Do I have to transfer?

Ais::. oftcl 3': LtOJI~ Ai~ <flLIq.
I just got here myself.

207. Where can I take the subway train to the Korean Embassy? l(!"~

Ais::. 0l~g q~ q~ 188. 189. 190. 191. 192 . 193 .

Ai~<flLIq. 208. 209. 210. 211.
ride on the expressway.

You'd better ask someone else.

cft"t-ttQ_£ 7t~ Alot~~

Etcp(! OjCj_£ 7to~ ~LI7Jt?

gOJPii ~Oj ~"I:C:. gOJPii ~Oj!2j-"i 7t~A1 ~cm'BLIq.

Is there any subway station near here?

187. I will ask someone else and I will let you know.

01 2 AiOJI Alot~<!:l°l V'BLI7Jt?
Where should I change trains?

Come on, I know the shortcut.

OjCj"i 71At~ yotEto~


0l?ffQ_£ .2.AilR. Aim AI~~~
This is a dead-end street.


I will be there in ten minutes.


-¥I(! _:::J_~OJI s::.~W~Llq. T1:~ql _:::J_I(!" q~



~ <flLIq.
<2f 50g

I got on the subway and went the wrong way.

It's about fifty-minute

Alot~~ 212. 213. 214. 215.



7iclOJI V'BLIq.

How often is there a flight to New York?

Get off at the third stop.

.;=r~O.!JtJIO.!J 71~ ~OtLt At~ V'BLI7Jt?
Is that a lunch flight?

Ail 1(jI');ft~Pi ~OJI"i Lftcl Ail R
Transfer at Seoul Station.

71Lft~ ~{J0I


"i ~ <!:lOJI"iyotEtAilR.
Take the train on track

How long will it take?

5. 51(j ~<;J!~OJI"i 71At~ EtAilR.

~OtLt .2.cft ~~

3t ~'BLI7Jt?

How far is it from here?

0l~OJI"i ~OtLt lfjLI7Jt?
Lesson 3 : Transportation (.ii!.~


216. How far is it by air.

tlftO.!J71_£~OtLt 194. 195.
Are those buses going in that direction

~~LI7Jt? ~Llq.

217. Every time I get in a boat I get seasick.

Ai tJj~~g 01 tJj~~

_:::J_?ffQ_£ ~LI7Jt? 218. 219. 220. 38. 221. s::."i-tt <iiOJI"i ~-@LI7Jt? 7t~ tJj~7t V'BLI7Jt?

~ tlftl(!"Em tlft ~Ol~
It's time to board.

Does this bus stop at the library?

'8'6' W "m<fl LIq.
Hop in, please.

196. Can I take a Texas-bound bus here?

°l~OJI ~"t~_£ Oj~ tJj~~ 198. 199. 200. 201. 381(j tJj~~ oppt tJj~~

'6' AtOft ~ Bgg

{l "1.2. .

197. Which bus should I take?

Keep the change. / Keep the tip.

Eto~ ~LI7Jt? Eto~~Llq.

'8Q_£ 7tAIAilR. ~Llq.

You must take a bus number This is the end of the line.

The plane will be landing in about ten minutes.

<2f 10g-¥OJI ~~W


Lesson 4 : Paging someone

(<c!LH ~~)

How often do the buses run?

9.! gotq


222. 223.

I'd like to have someone paged.

What's the bus fare?


~ ~~


tJj~ R~g


I was just paged. Who wants me?


Successdoesn't come overnight


[ Eureka Golden English


~-6- ~%~





224. Paging Mr. Jackson. information desk. ~'2-Y-]~
tJt~L]q. ~BL]q.

Please report to the





Lesson 5 : About the lavatory



225. Where are the rest rooms located?

Qj-~i! Qj-~i!


01 CJ <flL]7Jt? 01 CJ <flL]7Jt?
O1~jA] 7t~A1 ~"mBL]7Jt?

226. Will you show me the geography?

227. Could you tell me where the rest rooms are? 228. Excuse me. Where can I wash my hands?
i!Cj]~L]q. Qj-~i!0] O1CJ<flL]7Jt?

229. Where is the bathroom?



01 CJ <flL]7Jt? 01 CJ <flL]7Jt? 01 CJ <flL]7Jt?

230. Where is the men's room?
\:J"At Qj-~i!.g

231. Where is the ladies's room?



232. May I use a lavatory?

Qj-~i! ~
%1(1~ ~~

-Y-jS=_ ~7JtR?

233. I want to see a man about a dog.

234. Nature calls me.
Qj-~i!Oj] 7t~ ~BL]q.

235. I have to go and pee.
~1(10] 0t~BL]q.

236. I have to go and drain my radiator.
~1(1 ~ !2j-°n:!lBL]q.

237. I want to pick flowers.
~1(1 ~ ~~ _2_~BL]q. (o~2jOj]"n

238. I've got to go number one.
~1(10] B-~L]q.


Success doesn't come overnight


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