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20. What are you so excited about?

2JI .::J.el71g01 ~rri 7jlAilR?
Unit 16 : Emotional Expressions (~~


21. She cried for joy when she got the first prize .

.::J.Ll~ 1-§- {!"~


71~ LtOjAI ~~~


1. 2. 3. 4.

Basic Expressions > I'm so happy now.

22. Each and everyone of us jumped for joy.

Lis::. Lts::. q 71tiJf"i l§!fl~BLIq.
23. I'm on cloud seven.

Ai~ AI-6- .!f-AI ~~~Llq.
What a great feeling!

Li.!f- 71tiJf"i OJ}};IWAI2~~BLIq.
24. He shouted for joy at the top of his voice.

71g ~ ~BLIq.
That's good news.

.::J.~ 71tiJf"i ~~ '3! ~el
25. She was tickled pink.


~ 1(Ptg ~~ol2R.
I'm glad to hear that.

.::J.Ll~ ~"I


!§'2! ~ 1(Ptg WOl2R.
5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Jessica must be happy to hear that.

26. No wonder he's smiling.

Oj~AI .::J.7t{j~~~
27. He hit the jackpot.


Ail"I ::Vt ~QI(! '6'~~

71tiJf ~Llq. W

Congratulations on your promotion.

~ot~Llq. "t i!<flLI 7)t?

28. He was pleased with his son's success.

Are you telling the truth? That's news to me. It's all up.

.::J.~ 0t~Qj {"j~OjI 71tiJf~BLIq.
29. Congratulations on your passing the exam.

"I~OjI ~~ot{!

?,t~ ~ot~~Llq.

30. Congratulations on your recovery from illness.

<:! ~Qj~~

~ot~~Llq. ~~BLIq.

om ~~BLIq.
10. It's on the tip of my tongue.

31. I hear you got a promotion recently.

~2Ojl '6'~ot~q~ mBLIq. t8{!Ol {!"~ ~Q~qLI

Oj~Ojl"i ~~ "'.!jZl"°l ~~

s::.~ql "'.!j l"°l Lt~ Z rri.2.~~ mBLIq.

32. You deserve the prize.

11. I can't think of it off hand. 12. I wish I were in your shoes.

~7JI B ?,t.g. WC!~Llq. 71-'~.Llq.

33. I'm glad you found it.

t8{!Qj <fl~ol !f-~BLIq.
13. I wish you the best of luck.

34. This is the life!

<c! "'.!j tJt.£ °1 g_J-<fl °1 LI q.
35. I have something to live for.

~g~ t8{!~

1fjLlq. i1joH 71s::.W7JlIR.

14. I have my fingers crossed for you.




36. Our hope is reborn.

-9-el Qj~ol
Lesson 1 : Expressions of good feelings

~it0t~BLIq. "'.!j l"~Llq. Z ?,t°l ~~\ltBLIq.

37. I'm very proud of my mother.

(71W~ LtEtL"~ H.~~D
15. What makes you so happy? _I!J_{l lfP t .::J. 7JI 71 LI 7)t? if,! 16. I'm glad you feel that way. t8{! °1 .::J. 7JI"'.!j l"0t{! qLI if,! Z 17. I'm happy for you. t8{!Ol ~qLI Ais::. 71-'~.Llq. 18. I had a run of good luck. Ai~ 7jl~ gOl ~V:BLIq. 19. I was favored by fortune. AiOjl7JI~ ~gol rrtX:l:BLIq. Ais::. 71-'~.Llq.

Ai~ OjOjLI~ At~~~7JI ~el"t~ ~ot"i

38. Melissa must be walking on air.

Oj~ ~ 2~

39. Oh, speak of the devil.

OJ, Q_~ols::. Ail W om


40. I congratulated myself on my safe returning home.

.!f-"tol -l'Ptot7JI ~Oj q~ol~BLIq.
41. You can thank your lucky stars.

t8{!.g. gOl ~ ~V:BLIq.
42. This is the big day.

.2.-§'.g.~R l(!" l§<flLIq.
43. In her joy, she jumped up out of the chair.


Successdoesn't come overnight


[ Eureka Golden English


65. I almost keeled over.
7jQj -gs::.W ~ ~Bl..]q.

Lesson 2 : Expressions of exclamation

"tW ~ mLi]R.

66. It's done wonders for me.
AjJ7j] .f[~Pt V~Bl..]q.



67. What made you change so drastically? 44. What a crowd of people! 45. There you are!
42-~0] t8{!~ _:::J_e]~B~Q.£

1(1ot7J] ~l..tR?

68. When I heard that,
_:::J_ ~ W ~~~

my skin went prickly.
~O] }};t~~Bl..]q.

lIJl .g

OJ 7]


69. That reminds me.
_:::J_ ~ W ~Ql..] O]Aj] "'.!jztl..te2R.

46. Is this really for me?
Aj]7J] ~"]e ~l..]7Jt?

70. She shuddered at the sight of blood.
_:::J_l..le :U:]~ ~~

47. This is just what I wanted.
Ajpt tJt.£



s.t~ ~ ~ '2! ~

l..] q.

71. It was a real kick in the teeth.
_:::J_<:! ~W ~~-tQj

48. This is a surprise.
~W ~~-t<fll..]q.

72. How in the world did you ever manage that? have chosen anything more suitable.
s::.eH);j] Oj~7J] _:::J_ ~ ~ ~t8~Bl..]7Jt?

49. You couldn't
7t~ ~~l(!"



73. It's a miracle we're
Jf-ept 4\:1 ~~q


off than four years ago.

50. What a small world!
Aj]{t ~


B ?,tg




74. As soon as she saw the scene, she had a freaking fit.
_:::J_ I(!~ ~ ~AtotAt _:::J_l..le 7]~~Bl..]q.

51. You are a snake in the grass!



~OJ]s::. ~X:l:Bl..]q.

75. What's

all the fuss about?

52. He knows a trick or two.
_:::J_eeHBl(!" "tW<fll..] q.



76. That's something new to me. going to school in that.
m~A]R? -6-"] ~~ <fll..] q.

53. Don't tell me you're

54. Don't

_:::J_~ ~


Qj"_lll_OJ] t~ 7

77. The news stopped

him cold.

tell me that he told a lie.
_:::J_7t7f51W~ ~Qe1-TR.


78. I heard you were working as a waitress. How come?
.!j!j]O]~e]~.£ ~l(!"q~ ~~eq] Oj~7J]

55. Who is this letter from?
~A]e -i'-TOJ]7J]"j



.g .g


56. Who is this package for?
0] ~~e -i'-TOJ]7J] 7j~?

Lesson 3 : Expressions of repentance
(ot91.g~ l..tEtLHe


57. What makes you so certain?
Oj~7J] _:::J_y,!7J] At{!O] VQ{!7tR?

79. I have no other choice.

58. What the hell are you doing?
s::.eH);j] A]-6- 42-~ 0t~ Ve ~l..]7Jt?



80. I have no alternative.
q~ OjApt 'iltBl..]q.

59. I just don't

know what to say.


81. There wasn't
Ajpt W

much I could do.
tJpt ~.£ 'ilt~Bl..]q.

60. I was at a loss for what to do.
42-~~ 0Ho~ WA]~ ~X:l:Bl..]q.



82. I'm sorry, but I couldn't
::q%~l..]ql(!" Oj~

help it.

61. Who told you I was coming?



.g q~

-i' 7t W~B


83. I'd like to,

but I can't.

62. What's with him, anyway?
Aj "tWO] s::.eH);j]

_:::J_Cf~ ~Bl..]ql(!"





84. I wish I could join you.
Ajs::. ~~ot~ ~Bl..]ql(!" _:::J_~ 97t 'iltBl..]q.

63. What's 64. What's

wrong? / What's bothering you?


42-'2 ~O]OJ]R?

85. I'm sorry, but I can't
::q%~l..]ql(!" _:::J_~ ~~O]

afford it. <c!" ~l..]q.

42-'2 ~

86. I don't

have the nerve to do it.


Success doesn't come overnight


[ Eureka Golden English


.:::2~I(!"l(!"lft>g°l 'ilt'BLIq. t
87. Chances are slim.

s::..!f-AIY 97t 'ilt~'BLIq.
110. The shoe is on the other foot.

7t~ol ~.£ 'ilt'BLIq.
88. You have no choice.

"ti! 'ilt'BLIq.
help you. I could have helped you.

s ~ <fjLI q. 1(j"cft
W~°ft~"IAI ~ot_2_~'BLIq.

111. Why didn't

you tell me sooner?

t8{!OJj7l1~ {!~19°1
89. I regret that I can't

2JI ~~
112. You're


a fish out of water.

Aim s::.2j-~~ 97t 'iltOJ "i if- ~<fj LI q.
90. If I had known that, 91. Your chance is up.

~~ "t~~g ~~

113. People never confide in me.

Aim YV:CF't'(! s::.2j-~~

9 V~~'illqlR.

Ai~ ~AI m'BLIq. s::.7JIOJI ~ W-§l(! {!l <fjLlq.

114. He pulled the rug out from under me. 115. I thought he was on our side.

01Ail t8{!OJj7l1~ 71Qj7t 'ilt'BLIq.
92. The problem is that I have not enough time to do that.

.:::2~ -9-2-1~Ol2-t~ "".!jzt0t~ V~~qlR 'iltq~ ?,t°l ~Ail<fjLlq. Ai~ 9Qj"~ <c!"t~ ~ °1 !f-~~Llq.
117. My allowance doesn't


.:::2?,t~W "mol

116. I'm not at all mathematically minded. seem to be sufficient.

93. Who could have possibly thought of that?

-i'7t .:::2'C! "".!jzt°lLt ~~'BLI7Jt?
94. That's the last thing I would expect .

Ail %gol

·~HfAI mg ?,t ~'BLIq.

.:::2YPli~ ~g

~OJIs::.~X:l:'BLIq. ~OJIs::.~X:l:'BLIq.

118. It was too much for me.

95. I never dreamed you would say that.

Ail711~Li.!f- ~~'BLIq.
119. Come to think of it, grave. he's got one foot in the

t8{!Ol .:::2'C! W~ W ~g
96. I can't

handle this alone.

.gAt"i °1 ~Ail~ 2g 2g ~~ol

Ai2-IW 97t 'ilt'BLIq. ~0tV:'BLIq.

0Plo~ .:::2~ <iil§0l ~ot \:)"AI mg ~ "I~~'BLIq
120. I put his nose out of joint.


97. All my efforts turned out to be in vain.


Aim .:::2.21jl~~ 7 .:::2:: AtAil~~ .:::2:: ~~ol

~Aj ~V:'BLIq.

98. Everything went up in smoke.

121. He was carried away by his feelings.

?,t0l <c!71Ai~ l§0tV:'BLIq.

~6~ WV:'BLIq. ~7t~'BLIq.

99. It gave us no result.

122. He is down and out. 123. She is reading too much into what I said.

-9-2-I~ ~9~1(!" ~'BLIq.
100. Our effort has given no results.

-9-2-1 ~~g .:::2ta" ~ ~

.!f-i1l.£ ~~'BLIq. (~F1~ ~AII(!" ~~Ol~'BLIq.
to pass up.

.:::2Ll~Ail W~ Ei.!f-LI'ilt~ q~
124. I've lost track of Jenny.



101. He tried in vain to open the door. 102. That's too good an opportunity

Ai~ AilLI2j-Qj <c!~ol ~Oj~'BLIq
125. I lost my bearings.


.:::2ta" ILtAj71OJI~ Li.!fA


71Qj<fjLlq. <c!"~Llq.

Ai~ ~~~

~6~'BLIq .

103. It's hard to tell what he will say.

126. I'm not always like this.

.:::27t.!f-'2 W~ WAI ~~ol
104. You're

~~<c!AI ~W ~ol ~ ~AI m'BLIq .
127. You can't talk to me like that.

wearing your heart on your sleeve.

t8{! {J~ol

~~OJI q LtEtLt V'BLIq.

t8{!OJI Ail711.:::2 711WW 9~ y,!
128. He took a nose dive .


105. He got hold of the wrong end of the stick. 106. I'm not half the man I used to be.

.:::2~ 2g Ojl~Qj 1(j"OJIs::. 0lAIAI ~ot~
107. I thought 108. I can't

~ol ~ <c!" ~ ~


129. The die is cast.



'2! A~ Llq. ~'B

he was leading a happy life .

130. I put my foot in my mouth.

.:::27t0.!J~l(!""".!j~~ °t~

V~ ~ YV:'BLIq.

Ajs::. 2~71I i! «!~ ~'BLIq.
131. You mean you are on different wave lengths.

make heads or tails of it.

.:::2?,t~~Oj °l0ftW 9 'ilt'BLIq.
109. I could make nothing of it.

R'(jcft eWoI <c!" ~q~ W
132. He threw a red herring.




Success doesn't come overnight


[ Eureka Golden English

"t~<flLIq. ~{j~ ~ At~QI(! ~~'BLIq .



Ai~ 7i~B 01

133. I stand no chance against him.

154. I hope this will teach you a lesson.

.::J.OJPll~ t80m'BLIq. ~
134. You're {i-sl(!" jumping to conclusion. ~~~


155. His project

is on the up-and-up. joking.

let me go outdoors.

.::J.Qj~.g. ~ ~01 7t~ V'BLIq.
156. I hope you're

135. The doctor won't

Qj"Pt ~-tOJI mAI ~oP'lI ~Llq. L
136. I have his name on the tip of my tongue.

157. He must know this much .


<fl<c!"OJI"il(!" ~~


"".!jZj"°lLtAI mqlR.

.::J.~ 0lOJIcftoft ~ y~ V~


158. Isn't there any good news? Lesson 4 : Expressions of hopes and dreams

PlcH, ~'Y~

LtEtLH~ H.~~D

159. I've felt my fate to heaven.

Ai~ g~~
137. I hope it turns out all right.


apr· ~ \lt0l ~~PI~ Ail ~eft7t ~1(!"~Atcm t8{jAi~

tJt~Llq. 71cft~Llq.

Lesson 5 : Expressions of one's feelings

138. I hope my song creates a great sensation.


LtEtLH~ H.~D


139. I wish I were a millionaire.

160. I feel younger than ever.

~otLt ~~7JtR. ~~'BLIq.

01~ lIJl~q 71g01 {!"J:!jj~Llq.
161. He is in a good mood.

140. I wish I had a girl friend like you.

Ais::. OjAt ~-T7t V~QI(!

.::J.~ AI-6- 71g01 ~'BLIq.
162. What are you so excited about?

141. I wish it would rain.

tJpt ~QI(! ~~'BLIq.
142. I wish to live like a fighting cock.



.::J.y,!7JI 71g01 ~(q 7llAilR?
lucky today.

163. You're

Ai~ "tAI~~7JI

it~ ~'BLIq.

t8{j.g. .2.-§' g9cft~olqlR.
164. The man suddenly burst into laughter .

143. I hope she's still around.

.::J.LPt 0t~ 2AiOJIV71~ tJt~Llq.
144. He is anxious to study abroad.

.::J."t~.g. ~J"API ~~~
165. Don't my


make me laugh, please .

.::J.~ .fi-Qj"~

7t~ ~01 ~Llq.
to celebrating

AjlW ~ .::J.I(!" ~71AjiR.
166. It's all in your mind. 167. It's really hard for me to put into words.

145. I've been looking forward

Ail "".!j~BAI~ ~cft0t~ ~AiPt uft-9- 71qcmLIq.


146. I can hardly wait for the festival. 147. I can hardly wait to see him.

If.l(! oPI

~ ~ LIq.

168. He took a joke.

~cl .::J.~ I(!"Lt~ ~'BLIq.
148. I want to get leaner.

169. You beat me.

170. You're



~ q l§"t!0ftAI~ ~'BLIq.
149. She feels homesick for her family.

the top dog.



.::J.Ll~ 7t~~


171. My ears are burning .

150. Who do you want to be like when you grow up?

-i'7t Ajl °M71~ 0t~AI -l'Pt 7t~'BLIq.
172. It's all right with me.

7i "i -i'-TAi ~ ~ ~ ~'B LI 7Jt?
151. He is rumored to be in Vancouver .

Ai~ :i{!l{'6'BLIq.
173. Don't flatter me.

.::J.7tl@-¥tJiOJI q~ V



152. I doubt if he will come today.

tJIO.!J71 Eft-9-AI0tAjiR.
174. Everything went wrong .

.::J.7t~<CJ .2.-§' ~7JtR?
153. I am a born again person.

I(!""m q ~~~~'BLIq.


Success doesn't come overnight


[ Eureka Golden English


175. I'm feeling a little mean.

198. This looks spoiled.

Ai~ 71g01





3t ~2R.

176. I'm feeling off today.

199. It gives me the creeps.

.2.-§'g O1~AI 71g01 0l{t~Llq.
177. I feel blue. / I have the blues.

7)I;I;I~2R . ~

200. I cannot read his mind yet.

Ai~ -9-~~Llq.
178. She looks blue.

0t~s::_ _:::J_Qj 0t~~

201. I wish I could have been there longer.

_:::J_Ll~ -9-~oH ~<flLIq.
179. He is under the black dog.

7PIOJI ~ q V~QI(!
202. I don't


like the look of these things.

_:::J_~ -9-~l(!" H_~<flLIq.
180. I don't seem to have any luck today.

Ai~ °l3t~ol l§otq

tJli1jOJIWAI motR. om ~AFm LtR .

203. I'm tired of carrying out garbage day after day.

.2.-§'g ~AI AH9 'ilt~ l§<c! 3t ~BLIq.
181. Today is not my day.

"I"Il(!" ~I(!" 0t~ql
~~01R .

204. The children played a trick on us.

.2.-§'g AH97t 'iltBLIq.
182. Oh, I'm mad.

°H~ol -9-~

205. What a day! since morning.

I haven't

even had a chance to sit

at, ~{t0Hct.
183. I don't feel like cracking a joke.

AI-&l(!" l§°l2!
206. I saw stars!


&ot ~ ~s::_ 'ilt~qLI7)t! .lfI~q-TR.

~ -5'B (qi1j~ W 71g01 °tt8Llq.
184. I felt the disgrace.

LH ~OJI"i *¥ol




207. I'm all thumbs today anyway.

185. Every insult was put on him.

.2.-§'g °1{tot711 ~ol "i!f-~2R.
208. That figures! / That explains it!

_:::J_~.tg s


186. I bit my tongue when they called me 'fatty'.

_:::J__:::J_ ~ y,lAI.
209. I feel sadder but wiser.

Ai~ ~~olct~


lIJl Ai~ g~

:U{!Ol ~V:BLIq.

187. You made me feel ashamed of myself.

~~otAII(!" °ll~~q q"1~

q l(!~oH~ ~'EJ<flLIq.

t8{! g Ai~ !f-ll ~Pil I(!"~~ B LIq.
188. Sure enough!

210. I'm never going to gamble again.

s::_~~ otAI m~ 7iOJIR.

°tLILt q~7)t.
189. Not at all. I mean it.

211. He got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.

~I(!"OJIR, ~{J°I~BLIq.
190. It drives me up the wall.

_:::J_~ .2.-§' 0t~ 71g01 Lt't':01R.

~W 01;1;1711 l(!"~qlR.
191. It's driving me crazy. / It drives me bananas.

~W Ai~ 01;1;1711 I(!"~~ 2R.
192. I nearly went into shock.

0l~ AI~ol~BLIq.
193. Serves you right. 194. I'm in hot water.

Ai~ -2~OJI ;l;ioH VBLIq.
195. He looked so tired before but his leave has done wonders for him.

_:::J_~ ~OJI~ ;l;I;I;1~~~ql iPt~
196. I hurt my dignity.

qLlg -¥ °t~ ~ot~BLIq.

197. I am snug as a bug in a rug.

Lt~ WAm 0t~ ~otR.


Success doesn't come overnight


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