[ Eureka Golden English


Unit 24 : Time and date (AI {!.i!j" '@;lJ;t)

Aim 9.! "IOJI 7171.£ :~PtR?
21. What's the time difference between New York? Seoul and

"i~~ <
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Basic Expressions

.;=r~Qj "IAt~
"'.!j ~.g "'.!j ~.g

Oj~711 ~LI7Jt?


22. When is your birthday?

What time is it now?

t8 {!
23. 24. 25.

«! Ail<fjLI 7Jt? 9.! ~ 9.! ~ <fjLI7Jt?

AI~ 9.! "I <fjLI 7Jt?
It's just seven
0' clock.

What date is your birthday?

t8 {!

7"1 ~ zt<fjLlq.
It's fifteen past four.

What's the date of Mr. Brown's wedding?

ct g,y.I .21 ~.g ~ W7t ~ «! Ail<fjLI 7Jt?

4"1 15g<fjLlq.
It's quarter to three.

What's the occasion? Today is your birthday, suppose .

2"1 45g <fjLI q .
It's half after past one.

.2.-§'°l 42-'2 l§<fjLI7Jt? t8{! .2.-§'°l 42-'2 27. 28. ~ W'BLIq.



26. What special day is it today?

1"1 30g <fjLI q .
My watch keeps good time.


What holiday is it today?

Ail "I7jl~ Ail "I7jl~ Ail "I7jl~


.2.-§'°l 42-'2 ~-R-~ <fjLI7Jt?
When is her baby due?

My watch is three minutes fast.

3g t1Jt-§-LIq. <2f 5g

_:::J_.21 % {!- ~.g Ll ~~Llq.

«! Ail<fjLI 7Jt?

My watch is about five minutes slow. Lesson 2 : Hurrying the time ("1{! AJl~) 29. We're behind schedule . date?

9. What's todavs

.2.-§'.g OJ ~ <fjLI 7Jt? 10.
What day is it today?

-9-cl~ 30. 31. V'BLI7Jt? 32. 32. 34. 35.

Ojl~ ~7jl~~q B-~Llq. "mol ot{l"I.2..


.2.-§'.g 42-'2


<fjLI 7Jt?

I'm in a big hurry .

11. What are we celebrating today?

Ai~ ~"I "i-f-~AilR.

.2.-§'°1 42-'2 l§ <fjLI 7Jt?
12. What holiday do we celebrate this month?

Please hurry up! The time is running short .

7iQj q ~Oj~Llq.

°l1(J '§.g 42-'2 ~-R-~ol 13. 14. 15. ~ otLt ~ ~ 3t ~'B LI 7Jt?

be long. be long doing your hair.

How long do you think it will take?

Don't What's

What time will it be over?

Ojcl I(!"AI~ ql "m ~ _:::J_if,!711 ¥~7icl~
Get a move on.

~AI ot{l"I.2.. 7jlAilR?

9.! "I ~ ~ l§ 3t ~'B LI 7Jt?
What's the date?

holding you up?

W'JP t «! Ail<fjLI 7Jt?
Lesson 1 : Time and date ("1{!, '@~) 16. Do you have the time? / What time do you have? 17.

"i -f-~ {l "I .2. .
36. There is no time to lose.

-9-~ZP~W 37. 38. AI~ 9.! "I <fjLI 7Jt? I have 7: 30, but my watch is Ail "I7jl~ 7"1 30g<fjLlql(!" "I7jPt
My watch says eight ten.



What's taking you so long?

2JI _:::J_ if,!711.2.eft ~ ~ LI 7Jt?
a little fast. What's the hurry?

<2f{! t1Jt-§-LIq.

2JI _:::J_ if,!711"i -f-~ {l LI7Jt?
39. Don't rush me. I won't be long.


Ail "I7jl~ Ail "I7jl~ 20.

8"1 10g~ otfOJI 10g

7tcl 71~ V'BLIq. 40. 41. q ~Llq.

Aft~otAI 0tAilR . .2.eft ~ClAI
~7(!" ~ ~


It won't
take long.

19. My watch gains 10 minutes a day. What time do you want me to be there?

Give me a minute to change.


<fj~~IR . .2.eft ~ ClAI



I'll be ready in a few minutes.


Success doesn't come overnight !


[ Eureka Golden English

~~I 0Vm'BLI7Jt?

~7(!"01l(! ~Llq.
42. Wait a minute. I'm not properly dressed.

.2.-§' ~ Ai~~"t
63. I'd love to.


~ ~ yot<fB:!l'BLIq.

64. When is the most convenient time for you?

43. What's eating you?

2JI _:::J_7113': tJ t {J ~ Lft {l LI7Jt? if,!
44. What's the rush?

«!Aim 7m Lft~ Ai~.g

~ 0t{l LI7Jt? 01~'B LI7Jt?

65. How about tomorrow evening?

lfPt -s~LI7Jt?
45. Take it easy. We don't have to rush.

66. How about a drink tonight?

~~ol ~~ol

ot{l"I.2.. ot{l"I.2..


WR 'ilt'BLIq.

.2.-§' ~ l(!" B O1~'BLI7Jt?
67. What time do you want to make it?

46. Take your time. We have enough time.


47. There's no hurry.

9.! "m ~~ 7JtR? 68. Are you free tomorrow?

"i -f-~ ?,t 'ilt'B LIq.
48. Don't rush into anything.



69. I'll be available after 2 o'clock.

42-'2 ~olg

{i-s0t711 ~AI ot{l"I.2..

2"1 °l-¥I(! l(!"7t~Llq.
Lesson 1 : Asking for time setting (Qj'~

49. You seem to have lead in your pants.

2JI _:::J_711 ¥ ~ 7F'I {l LI7Jt? if,!
50. Get the lead out!




~ ot{l"I.2.. 0tAilR.

70. I want to see you sometime tomorrow.

51. Don't hurry. You are mistaken about the time.

"i-f-~AI °1

"m~ ~ ~

Lft~ ~ ~~ 71.



Can I talk to you in private?

52. How long will it take to have this TV fixed?

Ai2j- 3':%01 W~ ~ Lt~ 9 V~7JtR?
72. Something has happened that can't wait.




53. It takes all day and night.

°t~ 73.

-sl(!" ~ol A.!l~'BLIq.

0PF ~3<t0l ~~Llq.
54. Did you make it on time?

Do you have time for a cup of coffee?

'7p:q l(!" B °ti! Ai2j- ~
{J ~


V'BLI7Jt? V 'B LI7Jt? ~'B Llq.

Ail lIjjOJI 7t~LtR?
55. We really picked a nice day.

74. Will you be free to have lunch with me?

"t 0ti!


-9-'C! l§~

~ ~ ~V:'BLIq.

75. I'll talk with you this evening.

.2.-§' Ai~OJI t8{!~ oM 710t~
Unit 25 : Making an appointment

76. I'd like a conference with you.

(<If ~)


?,t°l ~ V'BLIq.

77. Can I see you this morning?


Basic Expressions >

°t~OJI ~ 9 V~7JtR?
78. May I drop over this afternoon?

56. I'd like to see you for a few minutes.




.2.-§' .2.-¥OJI ~ 7"I~ ~~ 42-'2 Lft~Qj ~ }};tOJV'BLIq.



57. There's something I'd like to discuss with you.

79. I'll be over to our house about seven.


?,t°l V'BLIq.

IdjOJI~cm'BLIq. ~ 0PF Ai~ol

58. Fine, what time shall we make it?

80. How about one night this week?


9.! "IOJI 1(!"l§7JtR?


59. How about three?

81. What do you want to see me about?

3"1 ~ 01~ 'B LI7Jt?
60. All right. I'll see you then.

Ai~ I(!"Ltc1~ 0t"I:c:? 01~711 ~LI7Jt?

82. What are your plans tomorrow?

~'BLIq. ::q%~Llq

_:::J_lIjj ~~'BLIq. . .2.-§' ~7jl~ol


61. I'm sorry, but I have too heavy a schedule today. 62. Would you like to join me for dinner tonight?

83. Have you set the date for the meeting?

l§}};t~ ~ot~'BLI7Jt?

84. Are you going to be gone for the whole month?


Successdoesn't come overnight


[ Eureka Golden English


l(!" '§ LftLft <c!" 7l]i!<:PtR? 85. Can you come over for lunch? ~ {J ~ AtotCf l(!"~ Lft~ «j Al] A] <.to] .2.AJni'B L]7Jt? 86. It's on the house. ~L]CJ.
~ {l L]7Jt?



107. Do we have to be there by ten? 1 OA]7JtA] _:::J_~OJ]7to~~L]7Jt? 108. I'll go, rain or shine. l§,y.]OJ] {t-tt'ilt0] 7m'BL]CJ. but I have another V'BL]CJ. 109. Thank you for your invitation, appointment. ~cft0ft ~AfAl ~Vt~L]CJI(!" <2f~0] {!<2f0] V'BL]CJ. 110. I have a heavy date tonight . .2.-§' ~OJ] ~Rl(!" 12A] 30gOJ] ~J,\llR . .2.-§'g 111. I have a lunch date at 12:30. ~ {J <2f~ 0] V'B L] CJ. _:::J_CJA]~A] 112. Let me see. Today is not so good.

87. When do you have time? 88. Are you free in the afternoon? .2.-¥OJ] AI<! VQ{lL]7Jt? 89. What time would be good for you?



~~'BL]7Jt? 7t~ ~~'BL]7Jt? 1(!"l§7JtR? 7m ~ t8~L]7Jt?

90. What time would be best for you? «jAlpt «j Al]

91. Where and what time shall we meet?



113. I'm being pressed for time. Al~ AI<!OJ] ~ 7]~ V'BL]CJ. 114. I am booked up for the week. -6-~OJ]~ <2f~0] ~ At V'BL]CJ. 115. I'm tied up with something urgent right now. A]-6- t8~g _:::J_§g l 3': 7t~~ CJ~ -sl(!" ~.£ <2f~0] q]e]~ ~~~ V'BL]CJ. 7P].£ <2f~~'BL]CJ. «jAFts::. .2.{l A].2..

92. What is the best time for you of the day? oPF «jAlpt «jAlpt 93. What time will you be free? l(!"7tOt{lL]7Jt? 94. Would 7 o'clock suit you?

W 97t


7 All(! ~ t80m

'B L]7Jt? all right?

116. I already have plans for that evening. 117. I've promised to take cousins to a park. ~~OJ] 118. So, why don't _:::J_ CJI(! _:::J_ ~ CfA] ~ you come over anytime after that? ~Lft A] ~

95. Is three o'clock

3A]1(! :i{!l {'6~ 'B L]7Jt? 96. That will be fine with me. Al.£Al~ :i{!l{'6'BL]CJ. 97. What time shall I drop in to see you?


A] OJ] t8{!~ ~otLt

I(!"LtCf ~~7JtR? .2.cft 7l]i! ~L]7Jt? V ~7Jt R?

119. Let's make it next week. CJ~ ~.£ ~A]CJ. 120. I'd rather make it just a little bit later, if you don't mind. :i{!l {'6QA] CJI(! 3':-6- ~ fJ.Q I(! ~L] CJ. 121. I'll be looking forward to it. _:::J_ lIJl7t 7]CJer~lL]CJ. 122. If I'm too tied up tomorrow, I'll call you.

98. How long will you be there? 7P]OJ] 99. When and where can I meet you? «j Al]


I(!"Lt ~


100. What time do you want me to be there? «jAl] _:::J_~OJ]:~PtR? Lesson 2 : Answering for time setting (Qj'~ 101. Anytime after five will be fine. SA] O]-¥ 0t¥ ~'BL]CJ. 3Apt 104. If it's -sl(!" t8{!~ lIJlLt ~'BL]CJ. 7m'BL]CJ. 102. Okay, I'll pick you up at five. SA] OJ] 2A]Cf 103. I'd rather make it three. ~~'BL]CJ. urgent, em let's make it tomorrow.




tlt_l!J_l(! ~Qj-


123. I don't °t~7JtA]~

think I've got anything planned yet. Why? 7l]~0] 'ilt~q]R,

2Jl _:::J_CfA]~?

124. I think I'll stay home today. .2. -§' g 0] ~ OJ] V ~ ':Q ~OJ] ~!;f-.£

"',!F.j <fl L] CJ .
.2. A] A]~ ot{l A].2..

125. Don't bother you to come in this rain.


126. I'll be expecting you then. _:::J_~ 7]CJeJni'BL]CJ. 127. Let's ask her to Join us. _:::J_L1OJj71] ~~] 7tAt~ 0ft*A]CJ. 128. I should check with my girl friend first. Al] OjAt ~-TOJPll I(!Al ~Oj!2j-o~ ~L]CJ.

Lft~ .£ ~ A] CJ . ~O] 0m'BL]CJ.

105. I'd love to have lunch with you. 7]7J10] ~{J~ 106. I'll arrange my schedule to fit yours.


Success doesn't come overnight


[ Eureka Golden English


129. For some reason, I don't

feel like going out.

_:::J_~LtEtLtAI ~ 7mBLIq.

Oj~AI ~.£


~AI m2R.
place (Qj'~

151. I'll be there in a minute.

Lesson 3 : At the appointment 130. I'm always punctual.


152. Please excuse me for a minute. I'll be right back. ~7(!"


~ ~ot_2_~BLIq.

153. I'll be back in an hour.





l(!" Am -¥OJI ~ot_2_~BLIq.
154. He's coming directly from work.

131. He went back on his word. 132. He kept his promise.

_:::J_~~ ~OJlAi tJt.£ °1 cl.£ ~ 3t <flLI q.
155. Did you get here on time?

_:::J_~_:::J_7tl(!" Qj'~~
133. I wonder what's

keeping him.

~ ztOJI _2_~LtR?
156. You're right on time. got all day.

_:::J_7t2JI 0PlAi


_2_~AI -3--6-~Llq.

~ ztOJI _2_~2R.
157. Don't be long making up. You haven't

134. He was supposed to meet me here.

_:::J_~I(!"LPI.£ ~BLIq.
0' clock.

~cl ~ Ojl~ol~BLIq.


be long.

oPF -5~ ~ClAI W~.

135. They were due for dinner by 7

158. I won't

_:::J_~.g 7AI7JtAI Ai~ ~VtotCj _:::J_~l(!" Am

_2_cH ~ClAI m~ 2JI _:::J_ 711 Ali'- ~ if,! Ai~ ~ -9-cl~

{l LI 7Jt?

136. He was due here an hour ago.

159. What's the rush? 160. I'll be finished in a few minutes.

~OJI °l~OJI _2_71.£ ~Oj V~BLIq. V~AI -3--6-~Llq.

137. I wonder what happened to him.

_:::J_OJPlI 42-'2 ~ol
138. I don't

<c! 710PI.£

think he's at home.

161. We decided to put it off.



139. What time did he get started?

_:::J_~ 9.! AIOJI %W~BLI7Jt?
140. Stick around.

Unit 26 : Invitation
your promise. be here at one.



141. You're


AI_2_. <
Basic Expressions



162. The seventeenth of December is my birthday. 142. You said you'd

Why didn't


Ail A.!l~<flLIq. (~F1~ ~Llq.

lAIOJI °l~OJI .gq~
you come?


163. I'm planning to have a small party.

143. You were supposed to come by three.

3':_:::J_otl(!" ilEI~ I

164. Can you join the party?

3AI7JtAI .gq~
144. You're


2JI _2_AIAI mV:LtR?

IilEIOJI ~~ W 9 V~BLI7Jt?
165. I'm not sure right now, but I'll try to make it.

never so late!


mOl ~~2R. uH 10gotq VBLIq. °l~OJI s::.~~BLIq.



0H~~BLIq. 7ts::. :i{!l&BLI7Jt? ~BLIq.

145. There is a bus every ten minutes. 146. I got here half an hour before you.

166. Can I bring my brother with me?

Ail ~A.!l~ qlcl~ Ai~~AtOJI ~cHot~

167. I'd like to invite you to have dinner with us. 168. I'd like to invite you to come over to our house for dinner.

Ai~ t8{!~q


147. Just give me a moment, and I'll be right with you.

~AII(!" 71qclAjI(!

~ Lm~BLIq.

148. I was late due to bumper to bumper traffic.

2j- ~""






_llJ_~Ol Li42- .g~OHAi ~~BLIq.
149. I had to cool my heels to see him.

169. I'm glad you could come.


LI q.

_:::J_~I(!"Ltc1~ _2_<;J!~<C!"1qc10~ 7
150. He stood me up.


170. Thank you for the invitation.

~cHoH ~""Ai



Success doesn't come overnight


[ Eureka Golden English


171. I'm glad I came.

193. Will you be here tonight?

.2.71~ ~~BLIq.
172. Please come in in your shoes.

.2.-§' ~ 0l~OjI .2."mBLI7Jt?
194. Could you come over and see me?


W {! ~ ~Oj.2.{l "1.2..
you help yourself to some more?

Aj~ ~CI °l~Q_£

.2."mBLI7Jt? "1.2..

173. Why don't

195. Would you like to visit our office sometime? «j Ajl~ AjQj "t-!f-i! ~ l(!" 1(J~ot~{l Ajl ~~~ ~ot ~"mBLI7Jt?
196. Would you care to be my guest? 197. What time can I expect you?

~ q ~"I AI _:::J_ ClAjl£.?
174. I've had enough.

mOl Qj~BLIq.
175. I enjoyed it very much.

Lesson 1 : Expressions of invitation (~C"OP]) 176. I'd like to invite you to a party next Sunday.

9.! "I ~ .2."m B LI7Jt?
198. Are you on your way?

AI-6- ~tJt_£ .2."I~
199. I'm afraid I won't

be able to come.

-fi-~OlAII(!" ~~
{! <21'°1 BLIq. V

~W 3t ~BLIq.


~ ~£.~

IilEIOjI ~cft0t~


200. I have a previous engagement. 201. She put on a gala reception party.

177. Would you like to have lunch with me?

Aj2j- ~~I ~ {J ~ "t ovm B LI7Jt?
178. I will stand for your lunch. ~{J.g

_:::J_Ll~ _Qj-0 -@(~fiilEI~ ~~BLIq. Q
202. I'm going to throw a party for all of you.

Ajm "mBLIq. ~cft0t~ t8{!~ ~BLIq. ~BLIq. ~c1~ ~Llq. ~BLIq. ~cft0t~ ~BLIq.

179. I'd like to invite you to a concert.



i1JoftAjm IilEI~

~~BLIq. 3t<flLIq.

~<2jQjOjIt8{!~ \rVIotCi 7t~ql Aj~~ cft~ot~

203. We'll give a party for her on her birthday.

180. I'd like to invite you to go fishing. 181. I'd like to treat you to dinner. 182. I'd like to invite you to go out to dinner.

-9-cl~ _:::J_L1Qj A~~OjI IilEI~ ~ gJ_AI ~ !f-<C!~ W
~ {t~


204. Don't forget to bring your wife.


205. Just come in your casuals.

At~ Q_£ .2.{l "1.2..

~-tOj"'j Aj~ l(!" 7JIcft~ot~ 0l1(J ~WOjI Zj"Ejl~ IilEI~
184. I hope you can join us.

206. We'll be waiting for you until 9:00.

183. We're going to have a cocktail this weekend.

9"I7JtAI 71qcmBLIq.
207. We look forward to seeing you soon.

~ ~71I ~j71~ tJt~Llq. tJt~Llq.
Lesson 2 : At the invited place (~C" ~~Ojl"n 208. It's a lovely party. I'm glad I came.

AjQj2j- Atcl~

~~I 0ft~"j71~ ~Llq.

185. I'd like to have you come. t8{!Ol 2j-~~QI(! Oj~711om t8{!~ 7t~ ~cll(!" "mol
186. How can I get in touch with you?


9 VBLI7Jt?

l3! ~ lIt EI<flLIq. .2.~ ~~ B LIq .
209. How many are there in your party?

187. What time is the most convenient for you?


lItEIOjI 9.! ~ °1 .2.~B LI 7Jt?
210. It's been so long since we've done this together.

188. I will arrange my schedule to fit yours.

Ajm t8{!Qj ~7jl~OjI W?~BLIq.
189. Anytime after five will be fine.


~~I l(!"AIs::.Ell .2.cft:Ul(!"°l2£.. :

211. You've come at the right time.

5"1 °l-¥I(! °Pr- lIJlLt ~BLIq.
190. I will come around tonight.

0t~ ~ .2.~BLIq.
212. I'm glad you've made it .

.2.-§' Aj~OjI ~op~mBLIq.
191. I will call on you in a week.

AjllIJlOjI j-~"""j 2


213. You couldn't have come at a more convenient time.


-¥Ojl ~op~mBLIq.

lIJlot~ ~ .2.~BLIq.
214. Did you have any trouble getting here?

192. How about coming to my home tomorrow?

Lft~ AjQj ~Ojl .2.~ ~ol Oj~BLI7Jt?

~71 ~ot.2.~ql

oftQjAI mQ~BLI7Jt?


Successdoesn't come overnight


[ Eureka Golden English


215. I heard that your wife was expecting.

237. My finger is used to the heat.

"l2 \:j °1 ~{!ot~q~
i2~ ~ 1)! Q "B:!! B


Ail e7t~g

-""'7ig ?,tOJI 2l4;0HVBLIq. < ?,tg l§otq V~ ?,t°l °tt8Llq.

216. May I take your coat?

238. It's not everyday you celebrate your birthday.


A.!l~~ ~otot~

217. Please relax.

239. I went to the airport to see her off.

~ ~~

¥{l "1.2..

.:::2Ll~ tlH%otCi ~~OJI V:~BLIq.

218. Excuse the mess.

-i',,?0H"i ::q%~Llq.
219. Is there anything else that bothers you?

.:::2 ~-tOJIf~ l ~ol
221. Let's


0t{! ?,t VB LI7Jt?

220. Please sit down and make yourself at home.

&ot 7ll{l"I.2..
have fun tonight .

.2.-§' ~OJI ~~Pil


222. I'll get you something to eat.

?,t ~ 7tA~q ~cmBLIq.
much but

223. We have a small gift for you. It isn't we hope you like it.

t8{!7JlI ~~

3':.:::2otl(!" {!~Ol ~Llq.


eHg-AI mAIl(!"

0t~OJI ~~QI(!

224. Thanks a lot, but I'm afraid I'm imposing on you.

eHg-0I ~"t~Llql(!", 0t~OJI ~{! qLI ~otot"1~

Aim Li¥ !f-'B~ ~cl~

?,t ~BLIq.

225. I'm glad you like it.

you'd like it. like.

226. Please help yourself to whatever

?,tg ¥~Olg ¥clotAI

mOl ~{l"I.2.. °t"1~ \371"'il£..

227. Don't force yourself if you don't

q ~ ~"I~:!Pig
~ ~ ~"" ~{l"I.2..

228. Please help yourself to the rolls. 229. Please try some of these homemade cookies.

~OJ"'i I(!"g °1 -TOIl ~ ~"" ~"'il£..
230. I'll probably pig out.


W ?,t ~BLIq.
01 7JI<2l ~ct~"mBLI7Jt? ~ eH.£ ~cmBLIq.
I'm at your service.

231. Can you cut this cake into individual servings?

ZjAt QjS::_~ £'-T0t"Ig

232. It's yours for the asking. 233. Please be my guest.

W~I(!" ot{l"I.2..
the window?


eH.£ q 0H~cmBLIq.
me to the lady by

234. Could you please introduce

235. I can't

Ai °m,y.I ~ ~7H"I~ 'iltBLIq.


set the table right now.

AI-6-g 1fJ{t~ At~ 97t ~ol ~CI~7t

236. I specially enjoyed the salad.



Success doesn't come overnight


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