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Springbok Partners

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Earn Today While Investing For Tomorrow

Springbok Partners

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Earn 144K+ per year and build a 2 Million property portfolio in 12-18 months!

Springbok Partners

To provide a turnkey property business that will continuously create financial freedom and wealth for our associates. We will always maintain the integrity of the Springbok brand. Our processes, systems, power teams, strategies, marketing and other resources will always produce results that are far superior to those an individual could achieve on their own or in a simple partnership. We will always recruit the most qualified associates. Our points of culture ensure we continue building a positive community of like-minded individuals who help each other move closer to their individual goals.



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The UK's Best BMV Property Franchise Opportunity

Tony White, Non-executive Director
"The opportunity detailed in this prospectus is remarkable. It needs no previous knowledge of the property industry, has the lowest starting capital requirement I've seen and produces phenomenal results. Even better, it allows you to work on your business and not on mundane daily tasks that take up your time with little or no return."

Welcome and thank you for requesting the Springbok franchise prospectus. The Springbok system is based on a model adopted and successfully used by Shepherd Ncube. I met Shepherd a few years ago and was immediately impressed by his work ethos and visionary business sense. In a small amount of time he and his wife changed from completely computer-illiterate industry novices to buying 29 properties in 7 months. The Springbok system has helped them source property worth over 7.4 million within a tenmile radius, with most of the deals inside half that distance. Further development and testing with pilot franchisees has had amazing results. If you believe in creating your own destiny and have been looking for a robust opportunity to create impressive income as well as grow your own property business and portfolio, then look no further! The Springbok franchise is a complete package with top-class training, extensive tools and resources, full support and a continually-growing power team in its community of expert partners. Best regards,

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Part 1: Why Choose A Franchise? What Is Springbok Partners? ............................................................................................... 7 What Springbok Partners Does. ............................................................................................ 8 Why Property? ...................................................................................................................... 9 11 Why Choose A Franchise? ................................................................................................... 12 Why Did We Franchise The Business? ................................................................................. What Will My Involvement Be? .............................................................................................16 What Are The Advantages For Me? .....................................................................................17 Part 2: The Springbok Franchise What Do I Get? ....................................................................................................................19 Springbok Training ..............................................................................................................25 How Do I Make Money? .......................................................................................................33 How The Springbok System Works ..................................................................................... 38 What 95% Of Courses Teach You (And Why It Always Fails!) .............................................. 39 The Springbok Way .............................................................................................................40 How It Really Works .............................................................................................................43 Shepherd's Springbok Shuffle .............................................................................................. 46 How Much Does It Cost? ....................................................................................................... 47 Seven Strict Springbok Standards ............................................................................. 47 Choosing A Territory .................................................................................................48 Types Of Fees ........................................................................................................... 48 Monthly Operational Fees ........................................................................................... 50 Here's The Catch: Success Fees ................................................................................ 51 Part 3: What Do I Do Next? Next Steps ............................................................................................................................. 53 Appendices Real-Life Franchise Earnings Case Studies .........................................................................57 Deal Case Studies ...............................................................................................................61 63 Head Office & Contact Details ............................................................................................... Professional References ....................................................................................................... 64

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Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before You Proceed Here we go breaking the rules again by starting a prospectus with questions!
Questions provide the key to unlocking our unlimited potential. Quality questions create a quality life. Successful people ask better questions, and as a result, they get better answers.

- Anthony Robbins Do I have both short-term and long-term plans for my property business that will realistically allow me to double or triple my income and achieve my financial freedom goals within my set time? Do I have the budget, time and knowledge to achieve my financial freedom goals? Knowing that leads (customers) are the lifeline of my property business, do I have enough time, knowledge and money to put the most effective systems in place to acquire more clients? Does my property business plan include creating a steady and scalable income or does it depend on whether I am available - or worse, on the economic cycle? Could I leave with a day's notice, take two months off and still have a business running while I'm away? Will I be spending more than 15 hours a week on my business? Is my goal still creating a full-time income and not a full-time job? If my main income stream dries up, do I have others to sustain me? We're sure you have answers and solutions that we'd love to hear. We share some of our solutions in this prospectus, some in our webinar and the rest when we meet.

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Part One

Why Choose A Franchise?

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What Is Springbok Partners?

Springbok Partners is a team of like-minded individuals and companies dedicated to improving the way they do business and adding personal value where it counts - in the wallet! Originally Fast Property Solutions, a fast property sale company started by Shepherd Ncube, the Yellow Springbok brand was created in 2010 to stake our claim in a wider marketplace. Since then, we have continued growing and expanding our coverage across the whole of the UK. We are in the business of property investment. We work together to find the best investments with honesty, integrity and transparency. There is nothing mystical about the way we do business. We implement our proven system simply and consistently, and the results we achieve speak for themselves. The most valuable part of a service-providing company is its personnel: the professional, motivated and dedicated associates and loyal co-workers. With such partners at work, even the most difficult situations can be overcome. This way of thinking cannot be based on cold calculation. Such a philosophy, sooner or later, will be verified by life, often in a negative way. After all, it is the people within a company who decide whether a project, action or chosen strategy is successful or not. We are these people. We each have our individual character, experience and abilities. But, most importantly, as a team we understand each other well and we are responsible for the actions entrusted to us by our associates and clients. Thus, we aim to be partners for our associates and clients. We want to build a relationship based on professionalism, business ethics and mutual trust. Our goal is to ensure that our associates and clients are fully satisfied. This is something that leaves us with a feeling of wellfulfilled duty. We are positive that this approach can guarantee success for our associates, for our clients and for us.

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What Springbok Partners Does

In a nutshell, Springbok Partners helps associates earn from multiple streams of income in property. Our model provides a high level of financial success from minimum capital, time and knowledge. Our model enables franchisees to source properties well below market value, which they can convert to solid cash in days or keep in their own portfolio depending on their business plan and financial goals. Our franchisees purchase or control properties from leads generated by our network of websites, frequently at 25-52% below a property's current market value. Franchisees provide their enthusiasm, dedication, ethical professionalism and experience from whatever field they worked in previous to becoming a Springbok. We provide the knowledge, training, contracts, strategies and a lot more, all of which is covered in this prospectus and the Franchise Tour on our web site at .

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Why Property?
You may be thinking that you already know this part and don't need to know the reasons! Still, there are some important incentives to dealing in property that you may not have considered: Shelter is a basic human need - Abraham Maslow, an American psychologist, identified it along with things like air, water, food and drink as one of the essentials in life. Without a roof over your head, you become demotivated. It's easier to borrow money - if you ask a bank for a 100,000 loan to fund a brilliant new business idea, you're likely to be turned down. If you mention that you own property which can be used to secure the credit, you're much more likely to get a positive response. You can start off part-time - you can run property like a passive investment. If you put in the right systems, you will still reap the benefits - for property, you will receive rental income every month with little effort needed to maintain that income. You can sack your boss and retire early - owning property has enabled more people to retire wealthy than any other industry in the UK, regardless of individual background, education, character and intelligence. You can use what you learn anywhere - the strategies here can be used worldwide despite the differing operational issues such as legal systems. A few minor changes in paperwork and it functions just the same. You can use Other People's Money (OPM) - the name of the game is not to put any of your own money down, but to use other people's money instead. Shepherd's mentor calls mortgages cheap money, and if anyone wants to lend you money at less than 10% APR his motto is take it and reinvest it for a higher return. You're building good debt - as the author of 'Rich Dad, Poor Dad', Robert Kiyosaki said: Good debt is debt you don't pay for. As a property investor, you borrow from a bank but your tenant pays your mortgage: that's good debt. We live on an island - so demand will always outstrip supply, at least for the foreseeable future. There are also a lot more potential house buyers in the market at the moment. Properties are a great tax vehicle - You can have 10k to 50k, or even 200k if you wish, per year for life, tax free.

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You can leave a legacy - your loved one(s) can inherit your problems or your wealth. Make sure it's the latter. Property ownership is a formula used by the rich - look at any Rich List: most of its members will have made money in property. Property is where the real money is. Property is a tangible asset and gives stability - you can touch and control your property. You can force appreciation by improving your property. Statistics on property prices have been kept since 1952 and have consistently moved upwards. If you compare the average property price in 1990 with now, you will see a person who bought five properties then can comfortably retire on the resultant capital appreciation. Gearing is a magic word - Gearing in property is using a small amount of money to control a high value property and benefit from the full value. We'll go into a lot more detail on each of those subjects, of course - this is just a taster of some of the many reasons why property is such a great choice.

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Why Choose A Franchise?

A franchise model has a lot of advantages. Let's start with the business side of things: First and foremost, the business is yours and we just help you. The franchise mantra is true; "You are in business for yourself, but not by yourself! You get trained. You don't need any background in the property field: we'll teach you everything you need to know. It doesn't matter what you were doing in previous jobs: if you are willing to learn new things, we can teach you to run a franchise. We offer a unique payment linked to success for all qualified applicants. That is, we are only paid when you are! You benefit from the people you're working with, who have already been trained and are gaining business experience. Their knowledge and brain power is available to help you sort out any difficulties you might face. We give you the systems you need to make money. We've already covered the expense of development, research and fine-tuning so you don't have to. Just plug in, follow the processes and send the results to your bank account. You don't need offices, training facilities, dozens of staff, and all the other business headaches. We have call centres, help lines and all those things modern companies are expected to have: again, you just plug in to our existing resources. We have professional campaigns, leaflets, hand-outs, contracts, templates and stationery already available. All of that is great - but there are also advantages from a personal perspective! Change your life: you have greater flexibility to decide your own working hours, you can work locally and you escape the rut of a normal nine-to-five job. You take control of your life. No one decides what you do any more: you have the power to make your own decisions, for yourself and your business. And you pocket the rewards! You can help other people at the same time you are helping yourself: instead of earning money for a big business, you earn it for yourself - by making a difference in the lives of people desperate to sell their property for some urgently-needed cash.
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Why Did We Franchise The Business?

We're often asked this. Many potential franchisees are surprised that we didn't decide to just build a huge national presence ourselves. It's a fair question and one best answered by our founder, Shepherd Ncube:

The franchise model was first suggested by my accountant, who knew I had a simple, profitable system that would prove successful for most people who were willing to learn it. That made sense to me but I needed more than that - so here we go with the main reasons.

1. It's A Small World I realised that if people were being repossessed, divorcing, relocating or downgrading and looking for a quick sale in Liverpool, then surely they must also be doing the same in Inverness, Bournemouth and everywhere else in between. I was buying properties and building portfolios for investors in Liverpool who started asking if I would do the same in other cities. I didn't need to be Einstein to see that there are investors throughout the UK who have the money but not the time or knowledge to make a profit like l did. The great thing is that the situation will never change: time-pressured, cash-rich investors and motivated property sellers will always need a solution all over the country. 2. January Sales or Build A Community? Once I mastered SEO I had (and still have) over 350 keywords in the top 4 responses from Google searches in the local quick house sale niche. That kind of domination takes a lot of work and specialised knowledge: I was listed for almost every keyword you can imagine! So I started experimenting with other cities and, as they say, the rest is history. The problem was my team could not cope with the leads or travel all over the UK to see the motivated sellers. That left me three options: franchising, increasing the team or selling the leads cheap.

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3. Blindingly Obvious This is so simple and in front of our eyes, but the human brain's a funny thing: it's incredibly complex but often misses the obvious. It took over 4,000 years from when the first bread was baked for someone to think of making a sandwich; the modern flush toilet was invented in 1775, yet a whole century passed before somebody thought up toilet roll. Expanding a successful business to the whole country? Obvious! 4. Bigger Is Better An article in the daily news caught my attention and I had one of those "Eureka!" light-bulb moments: "The big four supermarkets - Asda, Tesco, Sainsbury's and Morrisons - control three quarters of the 80 billion grocery sector. In 1945, there were 500,000 independent retailers, but today the number is just 35,000. Of those, nearly 2,000 went out of business last year." - The Daily Mail

It was happening in front of my eyes without me noticing. There was an off-licence or convenience store closing every week and a Tesco or Asda being built in another part of my home city. I looked at other industries and the results were similar: these big stores have seen growth in the recession. In the property business, a lot of one-man band estate agents shut down and most of the established chains survive. Every industry evolves: it starts off with strong family businesses and one-man bands which eventually disappear as they are eaten up by bigger companies. Buy-to-let for ordinary people is relatively new, but ultimately will go the same way - legislation and big business will soon eat the small fry. I didn't want to be one of the little fish. Back in early 2008 l started studying franchising - I read half a dozen books in the space of two weeks and spoke to a lot of franchisees and franchisors. The shocking truth and secret is not the USP of the business but Strength in numbers - McDonald's is nothing more than a collection of hamburger sellers. Tesco is just a group of individual supermarkets with one brand name. Greggs is just a banner on a number of bakeries. All these huge, successful companies are just ordinary businesses using their combined franchise strength to leverage systems, purchasing power, research and development.

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You can't argue with the math.

Be Yellow.

5. Knowledge Is Not Always Enough The investors I was teaching found it difficult to set up the same systems even though they had my blueprint. For a while, I taught them and discovered that the knowledge alone was not always enough. A different skill-set was required to make the business a success - especially with Search Engine Marketing (SEM). Franchising lets people do what they're good at and share the expense of having experts do the rest. 6. Time and Tide (and Families) Wait For No Man To be a complete investor with a full-time income and build wealth, you need to do a lot of things well and have multiple streams of income. The property business, like other investments, has cycles - a strategy may do well in one cycle but be your downfall in another. An obvious example is new builds which prospered in the boom and so many companies went bankrupt in the recession. The problem is that you do not have enough time to do everything, to look at every website for investors, motivated sellers, lease options and manage your portfolio. Neither do you have time to look at every contract and interact with the professional investor and clients in that business. If you try to do everything yourself - like me at one point - and juggle all those balls, you will drop some of the most important things in your life. Your family will understand why you're working so hard, but too many businessmen and women neglect their home life when they're trying to do too much. You could employ a lot of staff but your profits will suffer, your liabilities increase and you won't make it. Effective marketing is also essential but expensive. TV is out of reach for 99% of

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investors, but I think in the future it will become crucial to advertise in this medium, as well as national newspapers. A franchise model kills both birds with one stone. By pooling resources, you can employ people to handle your websites and other aspects of your business. The marketing becomes cheaper, too: a TV campaign costing 24,000 is far too expensive for you or me as an individual investor. However, if we add 46 other investors around the country, the investment is only 500 each and we still get the same number of leads in our individual territories. We also get time to spend on the more important things in life.

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What Will My Involvement Be?

As a Springbok Partners franchisee, you'll be working in your territory to build your own property business. Our part of the deal is to provide the websites, marketing material, training, knowledge and expertise you need, as well as complete, professional support so that you concentrate on the business of making money and not on the day-to-day tasks. We help you source below market value properties in your territory. You will be trained on the day-to-day operations of the business You make the decision to keep the property for your portfolio or sell it. We also have complete systems to assist you. We provide the education, leverage and strategies necessary to make ridiculous profits in days. The Springbok system removes the stumbling blocks that have prevented entrepreneurs like you from acquiring more time and more money.

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What Are The Advantages For Me?

With our systems and support, everything is easier. You have less to deal with, leaving you more time and more money. There are many franchise offers on the market but we believe ours is the best. Here's just a few of the reasons to choose Springbok Partners: We run the Holy Grail of franchises. You get a wealth-creating opportunity and you get to keep the underlying asset - property! Other franchisors own the property (assets) and you're just a tenant. We are the only property franchise with a very low initial outlay. Our model is based on results and our payment is linked to your success. The Springbok structure allows you to succeed with an investment of a few hours a week (or more if you want). Most franchisors will not accept you unless you work full-time. That means you are just buying a job! With one transaction, you can recoup your initial investment and it only takes a few days or weeks. Traditional franchises take anywhere from two to five years to recoup the initial investment. High margin: the average transaction makes thousands, so you are not forced to do hundreds of sales just to keep the lights on. You have extended customer interaction in the Springbok system, unlike other fast-food setups where extended customer service breaks the system. You can build a big portfolio, with all the advantages of owning property. We recruit the best candidates because our model is based on results - we don't care if you have tons of money or not. We want the right people who produce the right results and maintain brand integrity. Our business is helping people. You provide every customer with the quick solution they need for a problem - ethically and honestly.

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Part Two

The Springbok Franchise

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What Do I Get?
Our franchise package has been carefully put together to make sure it has everything you need to kick-start your property business and make your first deals straight away. The Springbok system is fully automated and scalable, so once you start trading it only needs a small amount of time to maintain. You do not need to work full-time to build your income and property portfolio. There's too much to list here, but we'll summarise the main features and benefits of the package: 1. Trademarked brand When it comes to finding motivated sellers, we work hard to stand out as the best in the industry. That's why we have our trademarked brand, Yellow Springbok to separate us from our competition and help find customers who are desperate for our help. A trademark improves the visibility of an organisation and we believe that the more visible our company is, the more the company profile will benefit and therefore the more competitive we are. The more competitive we are, the more advantages you get from using our brand.

How can your business catch a customer's eye?

Be Yellow.
2. Best web sites in the industry We have at least 10 highly optimised lead-generating websites active at any given time. Each is created for a single purpose - to find motivated sellers and put money in your bank - and updated every day by our full-time team of SEO experts. You get a quarterly ranking report to show you just how successful the sites are. We have hundreds of national and local keywords ranked in top search engines so that sellers can find us easily. These websites generate hundreds of highly-targeted leads every month. Just look at this snapshot from Google Analytics for just ONE of our main sites: Almost 15,000 individual visits Visitors view an average of 3 pages - they're interested in what we offer! Over 55% of visitors come from our keyword-optimised rankings - we dominate!
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We monitor our efficiency with Website Grader, which ranks the overall marketing effectiveness of our leading website with a score of 98 out of 100! We also own some of the most sought-after domain names in the industry. But as a Springbok, you don't just get lead-generating sites - you get the whole system: Your own mini-websites - all optimised for your own local area. Your own personal website - for you to keep, forever. A great tool for building your brand and to help you attract joint venture partners. Lease option websites - to find tenant buyers if you're running lease option deals - we call it buying property for a pound. (Interestingly, we were one of the first companies to do lease options and have a website for them... back in 2007, before everyone else jumped on the bandwagon.) Portfolio building website - to find armchair investors worth 25k-50k to you, depending on the size of the portfolio they want built. Investor website - works in conjunction with our constantly-growing database of hungry, cash-rich investors ready to buy properties from you at great profit, so you don't need to hunt around. All our sites are fully maintained and optimised by the Springbok staff so you can focus on what matters: building your business!

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3. Bespoke Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Springbok has spent tens of thousands of pounds building a CRM system for associates to keep track of leads, contacts, calls, documents, conversations, progression of pipelines and much more. As your business grows, your team members can just log in to see the latest activities. Best of all, our revolutionary CRM system lets you go on holiday and not miss out on your business - it can be accessed from any computer in the world with an Internet connection!

4. Call centre Today's consumer expects to deal with a call centre for customer support and assistance. As a Springbok, you don't have to answer your calls or employ someone for that purpose: we have a professional, UK-based call centre that's open 24/7. All the leads are stored in the CRM for easy access. Our office staff is even available to qualify your leads if you have other commitments.

5. World-class training Learn everything you need to build a property business and an empire, even if you are a novice. Includes a comprehensive 2-day "Boot Camp" intensive training course to get you started and 12 months of mentor support. You will also be given access to a wealth of online resources and an operations manual to keep you on top of the game. We hold frequent webinars and training at our headquarters for networking, ongoing education, inspiration and motivation. 6. Reliable Springbok back-office Access all the tools, news, information, contracts, template letters, true property values, video lessons, forums, the CRM and lots more with just one login. This saves you a lot of time and money in getting organized and running your business.

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7. Powerful lead generation We are constantly recruiting and training an army of property finders in your location, whose sole job is to source BMV properties for you in exchange for a nominal commission. Your lead generation just increased phenomenally and if you have not recouped your initial cash outlay and more at the end of 12 months, we'll give you your money back! Now that's confidence! 8. Mastermind community All Springboks are part of a mastermind group of like-minded people from all over the UK who work together and exchange ideas to accelerate success. The true power of franchises lies in the community: your ideas enrich us as much as ours do for you!

Meetings Regular telephone conferences

Regular telephone conferences Meetings Trainings In-house-Forum

Webinars Trainings In-house-Forum

Well, not for you - not anymore!


Everyone wants something from you in property - tenants, investors and even professionals like solicitors and brokers. This business is notoriously tough and often lonely.

Like-minded Springboks are there to share their experience and ease your burden! Our franchisee forum is a great place to find help and tips on everything from the purchasing process to changes in regulations - or just to drop in and get to know your fellow entrepreneurs a little better. 9. Professional marketing materials What is a very costly undertaking for individual businesses is very conveniently economical to a franchisee. This is especially true when it comes to marketing and advertising. All Springboks have the advantage of our exclusive Marketing Package. Including both vendor and joint venture marketing, the package contains tried, tested and proven materials that work to bring in a greater volume of highly-targeted leads, better conversions and reliable partners. Business cards for vendors Business cards for successfully networking joint ventures Unlimited supply of brochures

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Unlimited supply of presentation folders 10,000 leaflets with your personal tracking codes Your own personal website Newspaper and offline ad templates Contracts, agreements, letters and other templates drafted by solicitors And more!

10. Instant credibility We have an established reputation and backing in the market. We are known for providing ethical solutions. Imagine being able to tell your clients that you're part of a national network covering every city in the UK - not only England, but Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland as well. Imagine having a stack of testimonials at your fingertips. That's credibility! 11. Contracts and templates Everything you need to run your franchise, from letters to monetise your marketing to contracts to complete the deals. We've included all the contracts and letters for Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO), lease options, BMV deals and letting management, too! 12. Team of experts Benefit from a team of experts and specialists in every aspect of the business including Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC) and online marketing, accounting, legal aspects, property surveys, customer relations and, of course, property investment. 13. Territory allocation Springbok has spent a lot of time finding a territory distribution method that is equitable for our franchisees. The system designates a territory as yours, so that no matter where the deal comes from - whether you find it yourself, it arrives through a web site or another partner hears about it - you get the first option for completion. 14. Success-linked payment scheme We don't make money if you don't. Never before in the industry has a franchisor been so confident of delivering results that they will take the risk of not getting paid until the franchisee succeeds. Not only do you get alternate payment options, but you don't pay us the full license fee until you have the opportunity to start earning (subject to terms and qualification).

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15. Modest initial capital requirement You can own and build a Springbok Partners franchise with modest start-up capital. This is partly due to our results-oriented payment scheme and our experience in sourcing the best and most competitively-priced providers and suppliers around. 16. And more... You get full online and phone support. If you are a complete beginner, we even assign a mentor until you are comfortable handling deals. Here's a peek into our systems: Lead generation system through websites and offline sources directly linked to our CRM (this brings in and assigns leads automatically) Support ticket system to allow you send any queries you have to the relevant department/person Various 0800 numbers to track callers Different 0800 numbers for newspapers, leaflets and other campaigns Different 0800 numbers for all our motivated seller websites for complete tracking of SEO and marketing efforts Your own local number for better local conversion All phone numbers with Advance Call Recording facilities to record all incoming calls from motivated sellers, to enable you to polish the art of handling vendors on the phone and rapport-building Instant TEXT messaging system for people who prefer to text rather than call (we are among the first in the industry to start this trend - we own prime text keywords like 4CASH, 4BUYER, 4FASTSALE and 4QUICKSALE

text 4BUYER to 88802


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Springbok Training
The property industry is a tough market so we don't fool around with training - we give you the best! The Springbok Training system focuses on self-mastery, implementation and entrepreneurship to effortlessly transform you from a budding investor into an unstoppable, self-assured business owner. As a Springbok, you get our proven 3-step Springbok implementation and results system to run your property business successfully:

The 3 Step Springbok Implementation System

1. Boot Camp Intensive 2-day training, including role play and live calls to get you up to speed. 2. Implementation Program Support, follow-up, reinforcement, coaching and mentoring. 3. 5 R's Core training to revitalise, revise, ramp up, rinse and repeat!

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2-Day Intensive Boot Camp The most comprehensive and practical property training available in the UK, bar none! On our 2-day intensive course, you get everything you need to hit the ground running. And we're not just talking theory - you'll put what you learn into practice in real situations to be 100% sure you're ready to roll. All our training is provided with your success in mind. It's about paying it forward. It's about excellence. As a Springbok, you receive all the training you need to get started, plus ongoing support to make sure you stay on top of the game: Introduction to Springbok Policies and Procedures Customised Business Planning Lead Generation Intensive Negotiation and Deal Closing Mastery Communication Logging and Management Deal Structuring Mastery Deal Packaging Introduction to Lease Options Financial Freedom Blueprint Buy To Let Fundamentals Capture, Automate, Convert and MEASURE

We divide our training into three major components for simplicity: Property Mastery, Helicopter View and Hands-On Live.

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1. Property Mastery Right off the bat, you'll learn five (count them - five!) mastery techniques that walk you, step by step, through the process of finding property and profiting from it. Together, we'll look at what's been holding you back from earning and building a portfolio. We'll show you why you're ripe for change: you'll break down the barriers and stride towards success, armed with a new mastery of lead generation, deal structuring, lead and deal management, deal closing and buy to let fundamentals. Here are some highlights from the Mastery component: The Big One - all the new and current information you need to buy property without using any of your own money (commonly called "no money down") Our 3x2 deal qualification for dummies system How to avoid mistakes amateurs make on deal packaging and overcome the stumbling blocks that the course peddlers and scam gurus don't want you to know about A simple system to boost your conversion rate without relying on sleazy tactics taught on many courses How property cycles work and how Springboks are making profit in the current cycle 20 ways to find motivated sellers and the critical three you need to focus on How to get jaw-dropping discounts - some Springboks regularly get 52% How to find joint venture partners to fast-track your wealth creation (joint venture legal agreement included) Using your bonus personal website effectively All the basics to take advantage of lease option strategy and other deal structures

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2. Helicopter View Springbok Training isn't like other courses. Most of them teach you how to own another job but we think outside the box and do things differently. We show you how to build a business, become an investor and earn passive income. To do this, you'll learn how to stop looking at the day-to-day grind. All that in-your-face information shows you how a business runs but it doesn't teach you to turn your dreams into detailed plans for the short and long terms. You think DIY skills are important for a property investor? Sure, they're nice to have but we'll show you the skills you really need for financial freedom! We'll show you how to figure out the big picture of where you are in the four-quadrant schema: Employee, Self-Employed, Business Owner and Investor. Then you'll learn how to move into the last two quadrants by understanding cash flow, balance sheets and the Springbok system that will take your business's limited resources and grow your start-up into a 100k+ p.a. cash cow. After our proven business planning and goal-setting training, you'll know how to create your plans and turn them into action and (most importantly) results. You'll also learn how to measure your performance and implement constant improvements so that your property empire knows no limits. 3. Hands-On Live What happens at the end of the training courses you've been on before? The presenter does a bit of role-play, asks if you have any questions, stays and chats for a few minutes then disappears to deposit your course fees at the bank and fly back to the Bahamas at your expense, right? Springbok Training doesn't end in the classroom. Our "Hands-On Live" component not only gives you the chance to ask questions and work through everything you've learned in practical situations but actually puts you out in the real world, making real deals. That's right - once you've learned the essentials, you'll be talking to actual clients right there in Boot Camp... with Springbok Trainers standing beside you to give you real, tangible support. How awesome is that?!

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Constant Q&A In two days, you're going to have a lot of questions. We don't expect you to remember them all - we expect you to ask them! Boot Camp has a maximum of only 6 people in training so that you can stop the presenter at any time and clarify what you're thinking. Remember: there are no stupid questions and with us, no stupid answers! Due Diligence You can't profit from property without due diligence. You get to go through the process live until you're sure that you understand. As many times as you need. Role-Playing Leads Springboks know that property is a people business. Boot Camp will put you on the spot with a series of role-played calls to imaginary leads. Your selfconfidence will shoot through the roof! Live Calls You thought you'd get away with a bit of role-playing? Not a chance! Springbok Training goes a step further: you'll call real leads and qualify them using our 3x2 system. Of course, you'll have your Trainer standing next to you to coach you through the process! Role -Playing Vendors Getting a vendor to say "yes" is the ultimate goal of your business. So you'll role-play various situations to find out how you can get agreement to your proposals and achieve big discounts - without breaking the code of ethics. Back Office You'll learn to use the Springbok back-office, including our bespoke CRM designed specially for your BMV property business (It's simple and easy to use). Manage leads, convert into deals and measure vital stats for future planning. Live Examples To finish up and give you a massive motivational buzz, we'll show you actual property deals other Springboks have done. Actually, it's more than a buzz you might pick up an extra tip or two from the examples!

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Implementation Program What use is education if your trainer just waves goodbye and dumps you on the side of the road to financial freedom? What are you supposed to do - hitch-hike your way to wealth?! Springbok Training doesn't stop even after you're trained. You'll get a full follow-up service because we know that your chances of success are a thousand times better if we work together.





Ongoing phone support Boot Camp is only two days long. It's intensive but you know as well as we do that there's no way you can learn everything you need for every eventuality in the real world. The simple fact is that it takes longer than two days to learn the different skills you need to run a profitable property business so we're at the other end of the phone for all your questions! A personal mentor Over 90% of property course and seminar attendees do nothing with what they learn. Some are afraid, some are lazy, some just aren't sure what they're doing when they wake up the next day. We assign a mentor who has the experience and expertise you need to double-check yourself and make the right decisions for your business. Every deal is worth thousands and every deal is different: that's a lot of money and a lot of responsibility. Anyone who tells you you're ready to roll on your own after only a couple of days is completely nuts! And remember, there is also an emotional side to this: a mentor will be able to identify your strengths and point you in the right direction when you need help. Goal tracking You've learnt to create a plan for the future but what use is that unless you're accountable? Your mentor will also keep tabs on your achievements so that you take consistent action to pursue your dreams. A little extra motivation can mean a lot of extra reward!

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Operations Manual You'll have your Ops Manual for reference as well. What could be better backup to a mentor than a detailed A-Z of how to run your franchise profitably and maximise the efficiency of our proven system? Vendor call recording We don't expect you to be a diplomatic genius right from the outset. We have special technology linked to our system that records your calls with vendors. That way, you can sit down with your mentor, review them and improve your negotiation skills over time. It's definitely worth the effort even if it gets you a single extra conversion, that's a few thousand in your pocket!

Online video lessons and templates Sometimes, you feel like your head's going to explode with all this information. So we have tutorials available online, broken into segments of a few minutes. You can refer to them any time you want for a quick refresher. We also provide templates of contracts, agreements, letters and property management documents in one central location so you won't need to hunt around for them. Telephone, forum and help desk We pride ourselves in providing the best ongoing support in the industry. We have a dedicated line for phone support, plus a help desk where you can open tickets for first-class support. The forum's even more amazing: like-minded Springboks from all over the country come to share their tricks and tips, new ideas and considered opinions on changes in everything from the economy to property law. Got a question or want some help? Easy peasy. Ongoing training We schedule ongoing training webinars up to three times a month (or more when needed). Plus, we have between three and six extra training days per year to brainstorm on new developments and how to adapt in the constantlychanging markets. Each one of our training sessions is just another step toward earning more money and you're invited to them all to keep you ahead of the competition and to network with your fellow Springboks!

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The 5 R's All this talk of the Boot Camp, mentoring and ongoing training sounds great but you're probably wondering whether we have a plan that guides what you get. We'd be crazier than a scam guru if we didn't. The vital core of our plan is based in the bullseye at the start of this section. It's what we like to call the "5 R's": revitalise, revise, ramp up, rinse and repeat! Revitalise After 6-9 months, we think it's time for a break. You'll step away from the day-today business and take a look at what you've done in that period. This is a time to rest a little, get your energy back and set new milestones for the next 6-9 months. Revise While you're resting, we'll look at your business measurements with you. Zero pressure from the daily rush makes this the ideal time to work with us to improve what you've been doing and aim for bigger and better things. Ramp Up Like we said, now's the time to make things bigger and better! Like all good businesses, you can expect yours to grow over time, so this is where we'll plan for that growth. Together, we'll look at what you want to achieve and push the envelope a little wider! Rinse Everyone makes mistakes - life is a learning process. Looking back at the previous period, we'll work together to identify where you made yours. We'll dig out our business shampoo and give things a thorough scrubbing to clean up the errors and make sure they never happen again. Repeat And so begins the next period of 6-9 months. Rejuvenated, revitalised and ready to rumble, you'll head back into the fray with new goals and milestones firmly in place, so much motivation you won't know what to do with it and - of course - continued, world-class support from the entire Springbok team and community!

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How Do I Make Money?

One of the most important questions you'll ask when considering a franchise opportunity is exactly how you're going to earn money from it. There'd be no point getting involved if that wasn't clear! The Springbok system focuses on moving our partners from the left side of Robert Kiyosaki's (author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad) Cash Flow Quadrant to the right. Most of our franchisees start out as average salaried employees or investors (landlords), exchanging their time for money or leveraging a little passive income. Springbok Franchise Partners work together to move into the ideal business owner quadrant, leveraging a combination of other people's money, our power team and a multitude of other tools to generate unlimited wealth and income.

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What differentiates a Springbok Franchise Partner from other property professionals is that we promote strategy as well as tactics: you don't rely on short-term loopholes or any of the other "hidden secrets" that so many scam gurus teach. Instead, Springboks use a proven, tested, strategic system that works in any economic climate, anywhere in the country. The advantage is that Springboks not only win the cash-flow game but also excel in wealth-building! As a Springbok Partner, you create a "cycle of wealth". What does that mean? Income and expenditure works like a big, leaky pipe. An employee's income arrives at the top and most of it goes straight out the holes as taxes, expenditure and so on. Landlords do a little better at catching the leaks and recycling their money, since their assets bring in a little passive income. But Springboks know how to keep money cycling around: by expanding your assets, reducing your liabilities and building multiple streams of income, you pump money into the top of the pipe as extra income then use it to generate more assets and more income to keep you comfortable for the rest of your life!

Income Earner

Average Investor (Landlord)

Salary Rent

Taxes First Household Expenses Food Entertainment & Clothing Others

Taxes (salary) Household Expenses Mortgage Deposits Business Expenses Tax (rental income after expenses)

Savings Account Home (subject to equity availability)

Home (mortgage, insurance and repairs) Consumer Loans Credit Cards

Savings Home (subject to equity availability) Property Portfolio

Home (mortgage, insurance and repairs) Consumer Debts Credit Cards

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Springbok Franchise Partner

Rent P.D. Cash L.O. Cash L.O. Cashflow Affiliate Income Lettings Residual

Household Expenses Business Expenses Tax (after expenses including salary or dividends)

Assets Savings Account Property Portfolio Franchise Territory L.O. Contract J.V. Agreement (cash or expertise) Letting Business Own Brand

Home (mortgage, insurance and repairs)

Leveraging systems and communities is not new. What we have done better than anyone else is to create a system around multiple streams of income within property. Most investors find themselves in one of these bad situations: assets, time and no cash cash, few assets and no time time, no assets and little cash With our multiple streams of income and massive resources to leverage, you're in a much better position: cash, equity and time to spare!

We purposely use multiple streams of income to:

cope with different economic cycles suit different associates strengths deal with the location of territories

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Here is a quick overview of our various streams of income in simple terms:

Four Ways To Wealth Every Springbok Partner is an individual. Some need to generate cash quickly; some want cash flow; others want to build assets for the long term. The great thing about the Springbok system is that it does all these things and more in any economic climate, anywhere in the country. The table below shows how your property activities as a Springbok divide into four categories:

Generate cash
which is money from equity which you can use to build up your business, such as tax-free money from remortgaging.

Generate cash profits

which is money in your pocket, such as profits from selling properties that you have bought, sourced, or control.

Generate cash flow

which is money that comes in over time, at regular intervals.

Build equity
which is wealth held in assets that constantly grow in value, such as property.

(Note that the term "buy" in the table below actually means "control the property". You do not have to obtain a mortgage, pay or own the property to profit - we use the word "buy" as it is more familiar and works well with the other terms.)

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Predicting Cash Flow We can't predict your cash flow accurately until we get to know you better. On the other hand, we can show you an average projection we use as a foundation:

[The figures and information set out above are purely illustrative. They do not represent any guarantee that the figures will be achieved. The success of a franchise is linked to many internal and external factors such as the location; the ability, skill, and experience of the franchisee; as well as the time and resources devoted to the business, etc.]

When we talk at your franchisee interview, we'll be happy to show you a spreadsheet with forecast amounts and give you a real predicted cash flow. We'll also show you how you can easily double the income illustrated above!

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How The Springbok System Works

There are two ways to make money in property: the hard way or the simple way. 95% of the people who try to start their own property business choose the hard way without realising it they decide to go it alone. They may pay thousands of pounds to get everything set up but only about 5% of them get results - and only 1% will get consistent results. This is what most people do: 1. They shop around for a course. They see something for free and are enticed to join, paying thousands of pounds for so-called "secrets". 2. They enroll to learn the "secrets", only to realise that they actually need to build a system to be a success. 3. They try to learn new skills like sales, marketing and both online and offline advertising. This includes skills like PPC (pay per click), SEO (search engine optimisation), testing adverts and sales copy, etc. 4. They realise getting leads is not enough, as you can't possibly buy every property and you need to find investors to make the deals work for you. 5. They realise they don't know how to provide solutions and make money from properties that do not have enough equity to justify self-financing. 6. They get overwhelmed. 7. They go out of business. (Shepherd has personally seen over 70 start-ups come and go in his area.)

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What 95% Of Courses Teach You (And Why It Always Fails!)

This is the picture of most people that fail - is this what you really want?

No one's immune to hope and pride when they start their own business. Shepherd tried to do this before he realised what a mess it makes and he failed. Most people who have used the formula fail. Why? There's too much for a one-man band to handle! "You will soon understand that work is a rubber ball. If you drop it, it will bounce back. But the other four balls - family, health, friends and spirit - are made of glass. If you drop one of these, they will be irrevocably scuffed, marked, nicked, damaged or even shattered. They will never be the same. You must understand that and strive for balance in your life." - Bryan Dyson, CEO of Coca Cola

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The Springbok Way

Remember when we said there are two ways to make money in property? The hard way is taught by most property gurus. The Springbok way is the second - the simple way! You want to know the secret to how it's really done? How Springboks all over the country make their money? We'll tell you how. It's not rocket science. It comes down to one simple thing: a complete system A system is made up of interacting parts that contribute to the most important thing in business: a goal. Far too many courses and seminars just have Get Rich Quick promises and, if you fail, their solution is more expense. "You didn't take action," they say and their normal recommendation is: "You need another advanced course for just a couple of grand." Actually, with a 90-95% failure rate it's high time someone admitted that the course/seminar model with no accountability or implementation program does not work. How many of those gurus are still struggling and working 16 hours a day to make ends meet? How many of them don't have a system at all? Most property gurus do not have repeat business. Their model is just a string of promotions. "There's a sucker born every minute," as Barnum used to say! As soon as these people have your money, they've forgotten your name. Seminars and courses are always looking for new customers and they only do one-off business. No repeat customers, no other system to generate leads - just hype. How can these people teach you to set up a complete business and how do you expect to succeed when all they have themselves is a job? Seminars in exchange for money? No attendees, no income. That's not a reliable model. They lure you in with promises of easy wealth and, before you know it, you're buying course after course. As a Springbok you follow a complete, proven system. We teach, coach and mentor a system. You'll use this system to give yourself flexibility and freedom - things that are missing when you try to do business the hard way. Just look at the difference:

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The Hard Way

Teaser BMV Introduction Lease Option Course HMO Course Deal Packaging Course Lead Generation Course Deal Closing Strategies JV Strategies Community Forum One to One Support Vendor Website Investor Website Lease Option Website SEO Pay Per Click Call Center Customer Information/ Leads/Deals Brand, Testimonials Marketing Material Investors Database Team of Professionals Telephone System Contracts Other Templates
Free emails or low-cost seminar Pay Pay more Pay more Pay more Pay more Pay more Pay more Pay every month Outrageous fees! Build one yourself or pay Build one yourself or pay Build one yourself or pay Hire an expert yourself Hire an expert yourself Pay every month Maintain it yourself, usually a spreadsheet Build your own brand from scratch Create and test your own or hire a writer Start from scratch Build from scratch Start from scratch and pay a lot! Pay again Create and test your own or buy existing pack

The Springbok Way

Free reports packed with useful info Part of the package Part of the package Part of the package Part of the package Part of the package Part of the package Part of the package Part of the package Part of the package Part of the package Part of the package Part of the package Team of 5 already on staff AdWords expert already on staff Included in low monthly fee World-class custom-made CRM Existing brand reputation and professional relationships Professional, tested copy is part of the package Part of the package Proven team already in place Advanced, flexible system is part of the package Part of the package Part of the package

Why The Springbok Way? When Shepherd first designed the Springbok way of working, the challenge was not only to create a set of processes that would generate income and work in any economic climate, but to make it possible for anyone to duplicate his results anywhere in the country. That's why he built a multiple-stream system with all of these advantages:

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it keeps you on track so that you know where you should be it allows you to duplicate successful and profitable processes and eliminate those that drain time and money you focus on the present step, knowing that the next one has already been tried and tested by others - completely removing any uncertainty you learn the right thing at the right time, without any information overload you save time and money you start working immediately, while the competition is still testing their system - you've probably heard the saying "don't wait to buy property; buy property and wait" you stay on track and know exactly what to say to qualify your leads and the exact process to convert them into profitable deals you have a common language to analyse deals and strategies, allowing you to grow your team and share ideas with other Springboks you quickly identify problems, mistakes and deviations from standard procedure you have powerful ways to achieve financial freedom quicker you can grow your business faster and more efficiently it's easier to sell your franchise when you want to sell

The breakthrough Springbok system takes all the guesswork and frustration out of your property business, obliterating everything that used to stand in the way and hold you back from making money. Ray Croc summed it up best: "In business for yourself but not by yourself."

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How It Really Works

The Springbok system allows you to focus on your income streams without worrying about other stuff like websites, PPC, SEO, phones, marketing material, finding the right training and so on. It doesn't matter what your background is. If you can follow a few simple steps we are confident one or two of our income streams will suit your strengths. The model will still work because of the diversity of the streams of income.
Learn (Springbok Training)

Lead Generation System

Qualify Leads
(3x2 Lead Qualification System For Dummies)

Evaluate or Convert
(Proven Conversion Process)

Ongoing Coaching Regular further training Ongoing Mentoring

Get Cash
Sell (Deal Packaging System)
Get Cash Flow Build Equity Get Cash Build Equity Cash Flow

Rent IT (B.T.L. Fundamentals)

LO or SO (Creative Solution)

Rinse and Repeat

Exit or Grow

Sell Franchise

Grow Business

Master Franchise

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Ramp Up

The Springbok system is enough to make any property business a success, but Springboks also know about the biggest, most powerful tool in business and property: leverage. "Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world." - Archimedes

As a Springbok, you can leverage all this: Our brand name, advertised and recognized around the country Our franchise community of like-minded experts who share tips and tricks Advice and mentoring just a phone call away Professional marketing materials Networking opportunities and an address book of industry professionals

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Ongoing training and support A dozen or more optimised websites for towns and cities across the UK Motivated seller sites that outrank and crush the competition Systems that work if you're a total beginner or already established Bespoke CRM that never loses a lead and helps track your business Automatic ROI calculation for all marketing campaigns Individual 0800 numbers for every associate and every campaign Local telephone number Team of back-office staff to handle mundane tasks while you concentrate on what matters - making deals and growing your business! The list of things you get to leverage is almost endless and grows with every new Springbok.

Springbok Leverage Is... ...making 23,500 on only your second deal, like Sam. ...buying 8 properties in 2 months working part-time, like Scott. ...buying 9 properties and making over 42,000 in cash on top, like Geraint. ...signing your first deal 7 days after training, like Andrew. ...getting 3 deals when most business made losses in a freezing cold month, like Eddie.

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Shepherd's Springbok Shuffle

What better way to conclude our look at how Springbok Franchise Partners move across Robert Kiyosaki's quadrant schema to the most desirable zone than this: our founder's own journey! Shepherd began in the top-left quadrant (the worst one) as an employee, doggedly exchanging his time for a wage as a security guard. He then added the bottom-left corner. He worked as a security guard by night and as a selfemployed tennis coach for the Liverpool City Council and the David Llody Leisure Centre by day. Property investment began calling out to him, though, and he worked his way along the bottom line into the bottom right quadrant as an investor. He stopped coaching tennis (and sold up for a pitiful amount, since most people pay more for the coach than for the coaching) and started buying properties. Then came the famous breakthrough, when Shepherd began building the Springbok system. He bought 29 properties in seven months and kept buying three a month which he passed on to investors. He was still wavering between the two bottom quadrants, though, because he was doing all the work himself. He took the photos, he did the visits, he handled the paperwork... Even so, by this time he was making 120k-200k a year. Shepherd started the final jump into the top-right quadrant when he took a few more decisive steps: he started his letting business and employed full-time staff to handle everything for him (except negotiation), thus freeing himself from the job-for-money exchange and ensuring his time is used for leverage. Now he's franchised the Springbok model, invested in a truck business and is currently writing a book. Security guard to property visionary: just imagine what you will do with the same tools he used without all the work to adjust and perfect them!

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How Much Does It Cost?

We have gone to great lengths to ensure your Springbok Franchise is the easiest and best investment decision you have ever made. The leverage and value added to your property business by our systems and education is second to none. Every Springbok territory is a resalable asset with great value that grows quickly as you do deals, more franchisees get on board and our market share increases. Rest assured that you do not need to spend a penny until you have looked at our Franchise Agreement, consulted your advisors, done your due diligence, gone through our filtering process and qualified for your territory. Seven Strict Springbok Standards Springboks are the best in their field. Before considering the cost, you must be aware of what is expected of you as part of our group. 1. Have sufficient budget and resources (as specified below) to successfully start running a business of this magnitude. 2. Be prepared to undergo credit checks, give referrals, give full disclosure of all material circumstances and reveal anything known to you (including businesses or persons connected to you) that may adversely affect us, our business or that of any other Springbok franchise business. 3. Understand this is a system that YOU have to implement to get guaranteed results: agree to work within its bounds and be prepared to follow the system as advised in our Boot Camp and Operations Manual. 4. Be literate and have some basic IT skills. 5. Appreciate our honest reputation and be prepared to use our powerful system ethically. 6. Make partners or any joint decision maker (if applicable) available for the initial meeting. They must be supportive, even if they will not be directly involved in the business. 7. Be within a reasonable driving distance from your chosen territory or be prepared to hire a part-time negotiator to represent you.

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Choosing A Territory About 80% of Springbok territories come with exclusive ownership. Some of the larger or more complex areas may be shared by a small number of individuals. The list of territories currently available is shown in the Franchise Tour on our web site. Please note that the availability of a territory may change between the time of publishing and when you make your reservation: they are removed from the list only when they are assigned to a Springbok franchisee and the reservation fee is paid. If youd like to check the current availability of a particular territory (and reserve it), just give us a call. Well be glad to help. Our franchises are tightly restricted and subject to territory availability... and you must be able to meet the criteria above (no exceptions). Types Of Fees Now that you understand what's involved, let's get down to the nitty-gritty. Springbok franchise costs fall into five categories:

Franchise Fee

This is an up-front fee that normally just covers the recruiting costs. Be wary of franchisors who ask for fat up-front fees without any justification. Franchisees pay franchisors a percentage of the gross revenue received. It is important to note that this payment is from revenue and so is paid only when you make money. We only win when you win, so it is important that we go through the screening process carefully to recruit top-performing individuals. This is a small fee paid for things like support, UK call centre, 0800 number call charges, call answering and running the system. Our cost is low because of group purchasing power every partner pays a little for a lot of services!


Monthly Expense Marketing

All franchisees have a compulsory marketing budget for local media. You pay this directly to third party companies and it varies from one territory to another. Everyone also contributes a small amount toward the national advertising budget and every penny goes toward marketing.

Additional Costs

Depending on the model you choose, costs will vary. Your experience, available time and budget will determine the model you follow. Basic costs which you should consider in drawing up your budget will include computer (if you do not have one), printing costs, postage, motoring expenses, accounting, telephone, drawings and insurance.

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The Springbok Difference As a Springbok, you don't need to worry too much about fees. We have incredibly low start-up costs - especially given how successful our franchisees are - and you'll be making money before you know it! Our franchisees normally recoup their initial outlay in a few months (unlike many franchises which take a few years) and pile up the profits from then on. If you are building your portfolio as well, you will love our system! Anyone can say how great their system is but we are so confident that we've put our money where our mouth is! We are the only franchise business to offer such low initial costs and, as if that wasn't enough, we even allow staged payments which are triggered by successful deal completion! That's right: you can choose from two payment plans to get you started on the best foundations for your situation - this way our goals in running the franchise are perfectly aligned with yours:

One-time payment of 8,000 plus VAT

Franchise Fee

2-Step Staged payment triggered by successful deal completion or transaction (as specified in the franchise agreement).
1st step payment of 5,000 plus VAT when you sign the agreement 2nd step payment of 5,000 plus VAT after your first deal completes

Promotion: Reduced Franchise Fee

One-time payment of 4,200 plus VAT

2-Step Staged payment triggered by successful deal completion or transaction (as specified in the franchise agreement).
1st step payment of 2,700 plus VAT when you sign the agreement 2nd step payment of 2,700 plus VAT after your first deal completes

2011 Springbok Partners Page 49

DISCLAIMER: The presence of this offer in our Prospectus or on our web site does not guarantee the price or the availability of any remaining territories. The reduced price offer will be confirmed after interview and will only remain available if the territory reservation fee is paid. We reserve the right to revert to the original price under any other circumstances.

Whichever plan you choose, you get the same exceptional package: everything you need to get started plus our world-class systems, ongoing support, mentoring and training. 500 business cards for vendors 500 business cards for networking Unlimited supply of brochures Unlimited supply of presentation folders 10,000 leaflets 2-day Boot Camp and ongoing training Multiple optimised mini-websites dedicated to your territory Your own personal website to keep for life Your very own Springbok back-office for sharing documents, information website online video lessons, etc. The hard-cover Ops Manual for access to invaluable information and resources Everything else in the "What Do I Get?" section!

Monthly Operational Fees Like any business, a Springbok franchise has monthly outgoings. But with us, you have the advantage of group buying power to keep them low. Management Fee On your own it would cost you more to provide a call centre, local numbers, 0800 numbers, text facilities, motivated seller website optimisation, etc. Not only do you get all of that with us, but also help in writing content for your own dedicated website, access to our CRM system, ongoing training and a whole lot more - for just 140 a month!

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Marketing Fee You may have guessed from how we go on about marketing that we are passionate about it. We believe it is what separates the men from the boys, so to speak. Our fee is only 295 pcm and every penny is used exclusively for marketing. At present we're focusing on Pay Per Click and maintaining our Number 1 keywords for locations including your town. If you've done this alone, you'll know that a serious player needs to budget a minimum of 4,000 a month, since some keywords cost as much as 15 per click. If you do not understand this jargon, don't worry - that's why we have experts handling it on your behalf! Local Territory Advertising (250-1,050 estimated) This is paid to third parties for things such as newspapers, leaflets and other advertising media we may recommend. However, costs vary depending on localities. For example, newspaper advertising costs are different in every town. Advertising is the lifeblood of any business and it is compulsory for every franchisee to develop and strengthen the brand locally through advertising. Working Capital (100-200 estimated) You will need capital for the day to day running of your business. This may involve costs like making calls to vendors and fuel for making property visits.

Here's The Catch: Success Fees If you've been reading through to find where the catch is (or skimming looking for this bit), we've got some good news for that cynical, careful part of your brain: The catch is our success fee. You only pay this when you get paid. Not much of a catch, is it? That's because we're sick and tired of all those courses and schemes that teach you something then leave you to fend for yourself. Springboks all work towards the same goal and we tied our earnings to yours to make sure it stays that way. If we don't get paid unless you do, how hard do you think we'll work for you? Yup, pretty darned hard! These are our only royalty fees, charged as a percentage of each successful property transaction. The details are all in the Franchise Agreement, which you will receive when you send your application for consideration.

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Part Three

What Do I Do Next?

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Next Steps
You've read this far. Now it's up to you. Do you stick with what you're doing and hope things work themselves out or will you take the road less travelled - a road where the successful reap enormous rewards and live their dreams?
Your Future Without Springbok Partners
Not enough time No leads No blueprint Lack of resources Information overload Motivation without direction Lonely, dark days after parting with your hard-earned cash for a property course Competition, sourcing operations & marketing costs

Your Future With Springbok Partners

Proven, tested systems. Efficient back-office. Automation. No time wasted! High ranks on Google locally and nationally. Professional copy and our reputation to stun the local print media. Group buying power for national ads. A proven blueprint! A system and step-by-step training to kick-start your property career! Leverage incredible resources from day one! 16 web sites (and growing), a think-tank of like-minded winners, reports, videos and much more! We believe more is less! Enough info for immediate success. Carefully planned and scheduled boot camps and video lessons for ongoing education. Forget standing on chairs and chanting mantras in seminars - fast, consistent Springbok results are the ONLY lasting motivation! With a payment plan linked to your success, our goals are perfectly aligned with yours. A private franchise community forum and dedicated mentor to assure your lonely days are over. Plug into our existing resources and benefit from established, efficient systems. Bulk purchasing power generates more leads for a fraction of the cost.

As far as we're concerned, it's a no-brainer - you don't need to be Einstein to figure out the best choice! But to sweeten the pill even more than we already have, we'll give you two crazy guarantees! Were so sure of your success as a Springbok that well make you an offer thats completely insane: ours is the ONLY franchise agreement on the market with a 12-month money-back guarantee! (Subject to and as described in the terms of the agreement.)

Springbok's money-back guarantee means that we're the ones taking all the risks. If you don't get results in your first year as a franchisee, we'll refund the franchise fees.

No, we wont... well do MORE than that! We'll put ourselves out of pocket by giving you 50% of the year's management fees back as well!

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And this isnt some fake guarantee we cobbled together its written into the legally-binding Franchise Agreement (para 3.7) and penned by top UK solicitors:

Brabners Chaffe Street (top UK solicitors)

We do our best to recruit the right people and most of our new franchisees do a property deal within six weeks of starting. Our results have been proven over and over again so, even though we really do make sure that we take all the risks instead of you, as far as we're concerned we're betting on a certainty!

And well add another crazy guarantee on top of that:

If you can find a BMV property franchise offer with better value for the same amazing sites, system and package, well sell you your territory for only 1!

Warning: others have tried and failed!

Are you dying to beat debt and poor income in 2011? Would you love to fire your boss and get out of the rat race? Are you fed up of seeing other people making money in property instead of you? Are you frustrated by the scam gurus courses that promise the earth and give you a pile of dirt? Do you want a bigger property portfolio with better assets and positive cash flow? Are you committed to living your dreams? Are you ready to use our leverage, power team, world-class training and exceptional support to supercharge your future?

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It would be very presumptuous of us to expect either party (i.e. you or us) to make a decision at this early stage. A wise investor naturally wants to know more and to meet the people behind the business. Likewise, we as the franchisor need to know more about you to decide whether you'll fit the profile we require. A franchise business is a two-way relationship. The franchisee takes a small, calculated risk of starting a business with our name and we take a risk by entrusting our good will, brand name, time and energy to our franchisees. So it's important that we both get it right. The Springbok system is not for everyone. We are dedicated to helping you determine whether your personal objectives can be met using the Springbok system. If there isn't a high probability of success for your business objectives, we may not offer you a territory. 1. Your first step on the path to financial freedom as a Springbok franchisee is to read this Prospectus. Make sure you understand what you get, what your commitments are and what you stand to gain. 2. Once you've finished reading, fill in the franchise consideration request if you have not yet done so. (There's one at the end of the online Franchise Tour on our website or call us for one.). Choose your preferred territory and give us as much information as you can. Alternatively you can call us for an application from. 3. On review of your franchise consideration request, if you qualify for initial interview, you will be sent a sample of our Franchise Agreement as well as a couple of videos addressing a few queries you may have. We will supply all the information you need up-front. We'll give you time to look through the Agreement and consult your advisors. Given the nature of our business, we expect you to do your own due diligence and make a decision. You can request extra information but most questions will be answered at Step 5. You will be required to complete a full application form to tell us more about yourself and your situation.
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4. As part of your application, we'll also see if you qualify for the staged payments if you chose that option. 5. Our consultant will give you a call (normally from 30 minutes to an hour) at an agreed date. Here any questions regarding the franchise will be covered, so please ensure you have read and discussed the agreement with your advisors beforehand. The consultant will also ask a few verification questions to ensure we're compatible. At this point you can also speak to one of our practising franchisees as part of your due diligence. 6. If you're interested, you pay a 120 (plus VAT) admin fee to mark your interest in a territory. This is part of your initial franchise fee and is fully refundable if we decide not to offer you a territory. At this stage, we will verify your references and do other necessary checks (as detailed in the application and agreed by you). 7. We'll agree a date when we can meet for two hours to bring everything to life. We'll cover the things that you have read, you'll meet the directors and we'll gather more information. This gives us both an even clearer understanding of your individual traits, background and capital to determine whether or not you match the profile necessary to produce success with our business model. 8. Assuming all goes well, you'll receive your acceptance letter. At this stage, you will pay your territory reservation fee (1,000 less the initial Admin fee). 9. Your training date will be set. We'll get to work preparing your personalised business cards, leaflets and other marketing materials for your territory. 10. You will be expected to pay the full franchise fee 10 days before Boot Camp begins. (Or the Initial Fee if you've chosen the staged payments model.) 11. Boot Camp begins! You will need to bring your laptop for training. Our staff can help you organise a hotel if a daily journey's too long. 12. Trading. You will start trading within 14 days of completing Boot Camp. You will also complete and present a finished copy of your business plan (which will have been covered in the training session). Please note that you will be required to complete a confidentiality agreement to ensure the security of our intellectual property.

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Real-Life Franchise Earnings Case Studies Talking systems and strategy is great. But we promised we'd be open and honest and tell you how you make money. Springboks keep their promises, so how about some real-life examples?

Deals To Build Assets

16k cash in hand allowed Sam to invest in other projects he had put aside for years.
Asset Building Deal
Samuel Nyamukapa, Springbok Franchise Partner. Software Developer who has worked on projects for the NHS, Vodaphone and other major clients. Deal completed in 2010.
Property Value After Renovation: Purchase Price: Renovation Plus Other Expenses: Equity:
(72% Mortgage, 28% Equity)

90,000 40,000 8,700 26,250

BACKGROUND The lead arrived via the Springbok lead-generation system.

Cash In Hand After Remortgage: 16,100 Cash Flow: 250 Per Month

The vendors were a middle-aged couple who had owned their property for 22 years. They had lot of debt and were both out of work. The property needed some work and they would not sell it with estate agents. CONCLUSION The cash flow from this deal covers a lot of expenses and the 16k cash in hand allowed Sam to invest in other projects he had put aside for years.

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Trading Deals
Nick already has a substantial portfolio, so his focus is to keep trading for now.
Cash Generating Deal
Property Value: Purchase Price:
(plus vendors solicitors)

Nick Dook, Springbok Franchise Partner. Teacher. Deal completed in 2011.

90,000 61,000 68,000 around 6,450

Selling Price: Cash In Hand:

BACKGROUND The lead arrived via the Springbok lead-generation system. The vendor was an elderly couple who wanted to move to Norwich to be closer to their son and grandchildren. All negotiations were handled by the couples son. Once a price was agreed, the deal was sent over to the Springbok team, who provided an investor from their database. CONCLUSION Trading is a great way to earn large amounts of cash without any of the long-term responsibilities. Of course, you can still keep your eyes open (as Nick is) for the irresistible deals which suit your long-term goals and cherry-pick them for your portfolio!

Overflow Deals
Trading: One of the surplus deals from an unassigned territory
Cash Generating Deal
Property Value: Purchase Price: Selling Price:
(33% discount for the investor)

Nick Gittins, Director. Full-Time Property Investor/Trader Deal completed in 2011.

85,000 40,000 57,500

Cash In Hand (less costs):


BACKGROUND The lead arrived via the Springbok lead-generation system. The vendor was an older lady who had lived in the property for many years. The buildings condition was deteriorating constantly but she did not have the funds for upkeep. Worried about the property, she decided to cash in and live with her sister, where she would have a far better quality of life. CONCLUSION This was one of hundreds of leads that come through our system in as-yet-unassigned territories. Deals like this come in regularly and could be in your chosen territory. When theres no Springbok assigned, we have to balance the cost of qualifying the vendor at great distance against the potential profit from the deal and the customers urgency. Its easy to over-qualify in these circumstances, especially if no one can make the trip in person. In this case, Nick took up the yoke. He did the travelling and organised the deal. In return for his time and effort, he pocketed a very tidy sum!

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Lease Option Deals

35k profit from one deal without a mortgage
Lease Option Deals (6 year lease option)
Paul Davey, Springbok Franchise Partner. Accountant at a large multinational. Deal completed in 2011.
Property Value: Vendor Option Price: Rent To Vendor: 212,500 170,000 650 pcm

Tenant Buyer Deals (5 year option)

Tenant Buyer Option Price:
(35k above option price)

205,000 5,000 895 pcm 35,000 245 pcm

BACKGROUND The lead arrived via the Springbok lead-generation system.

Deposit: Rent From Tenant Buyer:

(245 above option price)

Profit: Cash Flow:

The vendor was a retired couple who had moved to a newly-purchased bungalow. They wanted to sell their old four-bedroom family house. They had considered letting it out but were put off by the (perceived) hassle of tenants. CONCLUSION Paul understood that the vendors would have liked a rental solution, so he gave them the best of both worlds - an income for six years plus a lump sum for the property! As you can see from the figures, he set his option price at 170k and the rent at 650 pcm (some 200 below th market norm). He selected a 6-year lease option which he can exercise at any time if he so desires. Paul decided to put in a tenant buyer: in other words, he resold the property in much the same way to another party with figures that would please his bank account and without any need for a mortgage himself! He negotiated an option price of around 205k (35k above his option) and rent of 895 pcm (245 positive cash flow) with a 5-year option. The tenant buyer paid a 5k deposit and an extra 250 per month that comes off the option price so Paul started earning his 35k profit from day one! As you can see, Lease Option Deals allow Springboks to provide a solution that can be strikingly profitable and make for some very happy customers. If handled smartly, they can be implemented without involving a mortgage for yourself as Paul says: No mortgage, no deposit, no problem!

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Joint Venture Deal

A single Springbok Partner secured 220,000 cash by working on a joint venture deal.
Joint Venture Deal
Name confidential, Springbok Franchise Partner. Deal completed in 2011.
Most details confidential until fully-registered franchisee.

Cash Input:


BACKGROUND Although the Springbok chooses to keep their name secret in public, we share the details with franchisees bound by our confidentiality rules. The results produced by the Springbok system raised the Partners confidence to the point where he was able to set up a joint venture with the cash-rich investor who, for his part, was willing to invest because he too had seen how reliable the system is! CONCLUSION Joint Ventures are a great way to fund deals of mind-boggling size. Many new franchisees are wary or lack the confidence to handle these situations but we provide full support we have the contracts you need, we supply a website and business cards for this purpose and we show you how to attract cash-rich investors to increase your growth potential exponentially!

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Deal Case Studies

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Head Office & Contact Details

We hope this prospectus answers all your questions. Please feel free to contact us if you have further concerns or to start your application!

Our help-line is on 0845 077 3180 or 0151 268 0153

On The Web


Head Office Address

Unit A8, Baird House Business Centre Liverpool Innovation Park, Edge Lane Liverpool L7 9NJ

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Professional References
ACCOUNTANT Neil Hogan Director Douglas Fairless Seymour Chambers 92 London Road Liverpool L3 5NW BANK Peter Johnson Business Specialist HSBC 525 Prescot Road Old Swan Liverpool Merseyside L13 5UU

FRANCHISE SOLICITORS Richard Hough Brabners Chaffe Street Horton House Exchange Flags Liverpool L2 3YL

CONVEYANCING SOLICITORS Kevin Ross Brown Turner Ross Granite Building Ground Floor 6 Stanley Street Liverpool L1 6AF

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