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American Government

Supertest Final Exam On your Scantron, mark the appropriate answer to the following questions. Each question is worth one point. DO NOT WRITE ON THIS TEST 1. The practice of being forced to house troops during the colonial era was known as ___. a. Nickeling c. Quartering c. Diming d. Pounding

2. From which state did Benjamin Franklin represent during both the Declaration and Constitutional Conventions? a. Georgia c. Massachusetts c. North Carolina d. Pennsylvania 3. The amendments dealing with income tax, direct election of Senators and Prohibition are classified as ______ amendments. a. Bill of Rights c. Populist b. voting rights d. Reconstruction 4. How many states are needed to ratify an amendment to the Constitution? a. 1/3 c. 2/3 b. 1/2 d. 3/4 5. The primary cause of the American Revolution was the cry of ____. a. 54-40 or fight c. States Rights b. taxation without representation d. Remember the Maine 6. The daily booklet of the goings on in Congress is known as _____. a. This Week in Washington b. The Congressional Record c. How the Congress Wasted Your Money Today 7. The organization that acts as the official information depository for Congress is the ____. a. Government Printing Office b. Governmental Oversight Committee c. The Library of Congress d. Government Accounting Office 8. The Congressional privilege of using the post office for free as long as it is for Congressional business is called _____. a. Miking c. Jacking b. Franking d. Claving

9. A new Congress begins every _______ in a ______ numbered year. a. January-Odd c. January-Even b. December-Odd d. December-Even 10. The US Census is held every ____ years. a. 5 b. 10 c.15 d. 20

11. On January 10, 2011, the new Congress ordered a pay raise effective February 1, 2011. This is illegal because of which Amendment? a. 26th c. 25th b. 20th d. 27th 12. What is quorum in the House of Representatives? a. 400 c. 235 b. 218 d. 150 13. The minimum age for being a Senator is ___. a. 25 c. 30 b. 40 d. 35 14. The minimum age for being President is ____. a. 40 c. 25 b. 35 d. 50 15. How many years is a Congressmans term in office? a. 3 c. 6 b. 4 d. 2 16. Every six years, what percentage of the Senate is elected? a. 1/3 c. 3/4 b. 1/2 d. 2/3 17. This early political philosopher was credited with coining the phrase natural rights. a. Thomas Jefferson c. John Locke b. Thomas Hobbes d. Thomas Paine 18. Which of the following is NOT a Constitutional requirement to be President? a. Must be a resident in the US for 14 years b. Must be over 35 years of age c. Must be a natural born citizen d. Must have previous executive experience 19. Who is the current Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court? a. William Rehnquist c. Sandra Day OConnor b. John Roberts d. Samuel Alito

20-33. Name the amendment. Given information on an amendment to the Constitution, tell which one it describes. A- 25th 20- forbids slavery th B- 5 21- bans cruel and unusual punishment C- 3rd 22- prevents self incrimination nd D- 22 23- began Prohibition E- 26th 24- prevents unreasonable searches and seizures AB- 13th 25- ended Prohibition th AC- 4 26- prevents forced quartering of troops AD- 2nd 27- creates income tax th AE- 8 28- allows 18 year olds the right to vote BC- 20th 29- deals with Presidential Succession st BD- 21 30- allows women the right to vote BE- 18th 31- the right to bear arms th CD- 16 32- allows black men the right to vote CE- 15th 33- limits the President to two terms 34-44. Name that Cabinet department. Given information tell which cabinet department it describes. A- Defense 34- deals with matters of business B- Labor 35- protects American workers C- Treasury 36- deals with revenue D- Homeland Security 37- handles services for former military E- Commerce 38- symbolized by the Pentagon AB- Interior 39- oversees airport screenings AC- State 40- protects national resources AD- Education 41- created the meal grading scale AE- Agriculture 42- writes foreign policy for the US BC- HUD 43- deals with No Child Left Behind BD-Veterans Affairs 44- ensures fair housing and home loans 45-52. Presidential Succession. Using the names below, and starting with #45 on your Scantron, rank the following in order of succeeding the President (0). A- Speaker of the House 45. 1st in line B- Secretary of Treasury 46. 2nd in line C- Secretary of Defense 47. 3rd in line D- Vice President 48. 4th in line E- President Pro Tem 49. 5th in line AB- Attorney General 50 6th in line AC- Secretary of State 51. 7th in line AD- Secretary of the Interior 52. 8th in line 53. A legislative body that has two houses is called _______. a. Unicameral c. Trilateral b. Bicameral d. Bilateral

54. The Vice President serves as the head of this body. a. House of Representatives c. the Cabinet b. The Supreme Court d. the Senate 55-68. Name that President. Given some information, tell which President it speaks of. NOTE: Some may be used more than once and some may not be used at all. A- Andrew Johnson B- Grover Cleveland C- Jimmy Carter D- George Washington E- Richard Nixon AB- Gerald Ford AC- Millard Fillmore AD- John F Kennedy AE- James Madison BC- Abraham Lincoln BD- WH Harrison BE- Franklin D Roosevelt CD- Bill Clinton CE- Thomas Jefferson 55- Wrote the Declaration of Independence 56- replaced Richard Nixon after his resignation 57- was involved in the Cuban Missile crisis 58- served two non-consecutive terms 59- only one to resign from office 60- first one assassinated 61- only one from Georgia 62- shortest term in office 63- first impeached President 64- longest term in office 65- only President ever to run unopposed 66- only one never elected to either office 67- second impeached President 68- Wrote the Constitution

69. The notion that in order to have protection, people give up freedoms to a government in exchange for that protection is called the _____. a. Social Contract c. Communism b. Social Darwinism d. Oligarchy 70. A government ruled by a small group of people is called a (an) _______. a. Constitutional Monarchy c. Anarchy b. Oligarchy d. Autocracy 71. The genocide in Rwanda was between which two groups? a. Hatfields and McCoys c. Hutus and Tutsis c. Serbs and Croats d. Redcoats and Patriots 72. This man is Governor of Georgia. a. Zell Miller b. Nathan Deal c. Sonny Purdue d. Tom Jackson

73. This court case led to the desegregation of schools in the US. a. Plessy v. Ferguson c. Miranda v. Arizona b. Texas v. Johnson d. Brown v. Board of Education, Topeka KS

74. The case of Schenk v. US led the notion that free speech does not mean you can do what? a. Yell fire! in a crowded theatre c. Steal away an entire election b. burn the Flag as a form of protest d. review every law coming from Congress 75. The Marbury v. Madison case allows for this concept. a. Elastic Clause c. Judicial Review b. Executive Privilege d. Franking 76. In the case of Miranda v. Arizona, the SCOTUS ruled that which of the following groups had rights? a. gun owners b. the accused c. minors d. mentally ill 77. Why are some UN offices located in Switzerland? a. secret banks c. their neutrality b. The chocolate d. the cheese 78. This court case dealt with the notion of separate but equal. a. Furman v Georgia c. Fletcher v. Peck b. US v. Nixon d. Plessy v Ferguson 79. The case of Frederick v. Morse, AKA Bong hits for Jesus, deals with this Amendment a. 3rd c. 14th b. 5th d. 1st 80. Powers that are specifically listed in the Constitution are called _____ powers. a. Implied c. enumerated b. expressed d. distinct 81. Which of the following would be the comparative advantage for Saudi Arabia? a. Military equipment c. uranium b. petroleum d. banking 82. This person is considered the head of state for the United Kingdom. a. King William V c. King Charles III b. Queen Beatrice d. Queen Elizabeth II 83. The General Assembly and the Secretariat are components in this group. a. the G8 nations c. the UN b. the Red Cross d. the League of Nations

84-94. Name the government agency. Given a brief description, name the government agency. Note some may be used more than once and some may not be used at all. 84- CIA 85- NASA 86- EEOC 87- DEA 88- SEC 89- FDIC 90- FDA 91- FAA 92- TSA 93- EPA 94- FTC 95- FCC 96- the Fed 97- CSPAN A- enforces drug policies B- the USs central bank C- ensures people are not discriminated against in job hirings D- enforces the Federal environmental policies E- TV network that airs government functions, like hearings AB- protects consumers against faulty products AC- responsible for the protection of the food supply AD- responsible for the nations airspace and air travel AE- responsible for airport security BC- watches the stock market and business practices BD- conducts intelligence gathering for the US government BE- insures bank deposits for up to $250,000 CD- explores space and conducts research CE- regulated TV and radio stations, as well as their content d. custom duties

98- Where do states get most of their revenue from? a. Income tax b. Estate tax c. sales tax

99- Which of the following states is the biggest prize in the Electoral College? a. Texas b. Ohio c. North Dakota d. California 100- Who, among the following, is currently not running for President for the Republicans in 2012? a. Newt Gingrich b. Ricky Perry c. Sarah Palin d. Ron Paul