Date: 14th September 2011 Venue: HPS Ramanthapur Quizmaster: Someone from Derek & Associates Cutoff:20/21

1. While digging for which official building in Hyderabad, were the Qutub Shahi Palaces, namely Hina Mahal and the Nadi Mahal discovered? Ans. The AP High Court 2. Japanese, Pepper, Spear,(2 more options) are all types of what? -Fennel -Mint -Cumin Ans. Mint

3. This elements scientific name in Latin means ‘the dawn light’. Name the element. Ans. Gold 4. Which famous cartoon character has a stout wife named Bini? Ans. Chacha Chowdary 5. Crystallised, Whipped, (a few more) are types of what? Ans. Honey 6. What does the B stand for in USB? Braille or Bus (There was another option which I had forgotten) Ans. Bus 7. Vishnu Sharma wrote this for… (dont know the rest of the question ) Ans. Panchatantra 8. One can take Indian currency of not more than Rs.100 to two countries. One of them is Nepal. Name the Other. Ans. Bhutan 9. The Mehendi Brothers of _________ made sherwanis. The famous people who came to their shop included Jawaharlal Nehru. (some more info but I don’t remember) -Mysore -Manawar

-Aligarh Ans. Aligarh 10. Which famous historical figure died on May 22nd 1545 due to a gunpowder explosion? Ans. Sher Shah Suri 11. In the local Limbu language this peak is known as the Sewalungma. Which peak? Which peak? - Mt. Everest - Nanda Devi - Kanchenjunga Ans. Kanchenjunga 12. Which 2011 film features the adventures of a boy ‘Fatka’ and his dog ‘Bhidu’? Ans. Chillar Party 13. In mythology the name Apollo and Hermes was associated with this planet (some other info was also given). Name this planet? Ans. Mercury 14. Name the state tree of Andhra Pradesh Ans. Neem tree 15. Who hosts the Indian version of Wipeout?

Ans. Shah Rukh Khan 16. “All the world’s a stage…” is an extract from which famous Shakespearean play? (Few options were given) Ans. As You Like It 17. Who has scored the fastest double century in Cricket for India? Ans. Virender Sehwag 18. Which games name comes from a Latin word meaning ‘I play’? (Don’t remember the options) Ans. Ludo 19. The Pench National Park was renamed as the _______ Pench National Park Ans. Mowgli 20. The Lokpal Bill has been tabled under the rule of many Prime Ministers starting from 1968. Who was the Prime Minister of India at that time? Ans. Indira Gandhi 21. With an average of over 50,000 pilgrims visiting it each day, which is the most visited place of worship in the world? Ans. Tirupati temple 22. Karma, Gyana, Bhakti and Swara are different branches of what? -Yoga -Ayurveda

-Homeopathy Ans. Yoga 23. Who is the present leader of the Opposition in the Rajya Sabha? Ans. Arun Jaitley 24. Salman Khan has a production house called SKBH. SK stands for Salman Khan. What does BH stand for? Ans. Being Human 25. Who was the first person to win the FIFA Footballer of the Year award when he was a part of the EPL? Ans. Cristiano Ronaldo 26. Identify

Ans. Catfish 27. Identify this actress

Ans. Kalki Koechlin 28. Identify the flower

Ans. Hibiscus 29. Identify the voice of this young politician Ans. Rahul Gandhi 30. Identify the movie from which this song is taken (the song I love you was played) Ans. Bodyguard

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