Newt Gingrich and the Rise of the Flawed Conservative

By Kevin Jackson January 23, 2012 conservative.html Hard to believe that the old white establishment politician may be just what the doctor ordered for Republicans in unseating Obama in the next election. And the Democrats are shaking in their custom baby seal-lined leather boots at the prospect. The surge of Newt Gingrich is a shock to a Liberal America which just three plus short years ago elected the man they believed would be the next coming of Jesus, the Great Half-Black Hope, and every Marvel Comics superhero combined. Democrats realize that for Gingrich to even have gotten to this point means one thing: Obama has serious issues. What should scare Democrats the most about the possibility of a Gingrich presidency is the fact that Gingrich is fatally flawed. Conservative candidates are supposed to be perfect. In the recent South Carolina debate, Romney mentioned his wife of 42 years, Santorum mentioned his wife and seven kids, Ron Paul mentioned his wife of 52 years; then there was Gingrich. Standing before a room full of supposedly sanctimonious Right-wing, Bible-thumping conservatives who sat in judgment of him was the twice divorced sexual rogue. Proving just how desperate the Left is, CNN moderator John King pounced, leading the fracas off with a question of Gingrich's sexual proclivities. Oh how he underestimated Gingrich. In hearing the question, Gingrich reached into his suit jacket, pulled a platter and handed King his posterior on said platter. Gingrich's handling of John King was masterful, causing King to find scapegoats on his editorial staff. Gingrich promptly served King "seconds" of King's butt, saying [pp] "You are in control of what questions to ask..." Gingrich may have done more for conservatism in this election cycle than Ronald Reagan. Because the second biggest weapon next to racism for Liberals is the "Goody Two Shoes" card that Liberals pull out on conservatives. Making Conservatives live up to impossible standards is a powerful weapon that keeps good candidates from running, while high-tech lynching some who do run. The rise of the flawed conservative coincides with the demise of the race card, which has essentially become a non sequitur. Liberals elected "the black guy" and Obama has been proven utterly and completely incompetent. Black people are perplexed.

Obama was supposed to solve the problems of blacks all across America, and white people were supposed to suffer. Don't think that blacks haven't noticed that the Obama's haven't suffered a bit. The idea of black royalty has worn thin on a black America suffering from unemployment more than twice that in the non-black population. Notwithstanding, Obama's bigger problem is likely with independents, as independents are back to being racists. The latest NY Times/CBS poll has Obama polling down 21 percent with Independents in comparison to his 2008 election results. Independents are not happy with the direction of the economy, which one independent I know deemed the direction "freefall." The viability of Newt Gingrich as a presidential nominee indicates that the part of America that got Obama elected is shifting away from him. How else could Newt Gingrich, the most unelectable candidate of our time be a possible choice for style over substance? Gingrich is the anti-Obama, which theoretically should doom Gingrich. Obama is cool under fire. Gingrich is the hothead. Obama seems smart, Gingrich is smart. Gingrich is the poster child for substance over style, and I would argue that the Left has tired of style, and is now opting for substance. I have said that America suffers from Black President Fatigue. Liberals wanted to give a black man the chance to be president. Surely Obama -- the smartest president ev-ver - would be smart enough to figure out being president; "Bush did it!" they proclaim. All Obama needed was time to show conservatives just how hip liberalism is, and soon we would all agree to higher taxes, higher unemployment, to fight man-made global climate farce, and to saving the world one capitalist at a time. Instead what independents and some liberals got was a lesson in liberalism, really radicalism run amuck, so much so that Newt Gingrich has become a viable presidential candidate. And what a shot in the arm Gingrich has given the Conservative movement by doing what Liberals have done for years...standing firm in his flaws. In 2008 America elected a president because of racism, simply because Obama is black. In 2012, America will demonstrate how non-racist she is by unelecting the black president. The Liberals may have ushered in a real radical into the White House by potentially electing a knowingly flawed Republican. Now that may be change we can believe in. Kevin Jackson is National Spokesperson for, and the views expressed are his own, and not necessarily those of Read more: conservative.html#ixzz1kITskSVM

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