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New Hotwells takeaway triggers opposition

New Takeaway 'Pizza Vin' in Hotwell Road has won an application for a licence to sell alcohol until 4am every day in spite of strong opposition from many residents of nearby Rownham Mead and Pooles Wharf estates. Pizza Vin plans to move into the former taxi office at 181A next to the Spar convenience store. John Bradfield spearheaded a campaign to limit the scope of the application, assisted by Bob Ballard of Brandon Hill Residents Association. It attracted more than 30 objections. At least 20 neighbours attended the Alcohol Licensing Committee meeting at the Council House on October 23rd. The residents were concerned about possible noise and antisocial behaviour, fueled by easier access to alcohol and the disturbance from additional vehicles late at night. The owner of Pizza Vin, Paul Singh told the committee that the premises would close to the public at 11.30pm and from then till 4am would only respond to orders for home delivery by moped or Smart car. He claimed only a limited range of beers would be supplied at restaurant prices and no spirits. Alcohol would only be supplied with orders of a minimum value of 10 and he will use professional trainers to ensure doorstep deliveries of alcohol were not supplied to under-age drinkers. Residents were also concerned that the building and the yard at the back would continue to be used by taxis in addition to the pizza delivery vehicles but Mr. Singh assured the committee that this would not be the case. There are existing shops in Bristol supplying late-night pizzas and others supplying alcohol for home delivery, 24 hrs a day which clearly sets a precedent that made the application hard for the committee to refuse but objectors were frustrated that the committee was unable to take into account wider concerns about public health and the perception held by many that the Hotwell Road is experiencing increasing late-night disturbance. A Freedom of Information Act enquiry to Avon & Somerset Constabulary revealed that police had been called to the Mardyke pub on 52 occasions in the past 2 years. However the police raised no objection to this new application.



Who pinched our park?

First the see-saw went, then the bouncy frog and now the climbing frame has vanished fron Hotwells one and only playground in Charles Place. What is left presents rather a bleak prospect for any active toddler aiming for a big time out on the (now non-existent) slide. To find out how we solved the mystery and what you can do to help us bring the park back to life, see Community News on page 3.

Welcome to the future the DIY Council

According to a recent BCC press release A modest army of volunteer Snow Wardens is helping the council prepare for winter this year. Twenty-five sites have been identified where steep hills and tricky corners make winter life extra difficult for local residents if it snows heavily. At the 25 sites where snow wardens are appointed, shovels and hi-viz tabards are provided by the council free of charge. ffi: see

Published by Hotwells & Cliftonwood Community Association, 3,Charles Place,

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Community News
HCCA Annual General Meeting
The AGM was held on 15th November in the Spring Garden Live. Brief reports outlined some of the activities in the year. Our Traffic Strategy has now been accepted by the Council as part of its consultation on the Central Area Action Plan and so it can now be found under this heading on the Councils website. We were pleased to receive financial support from the Neighbourhood Partnership that has helped us to refurbish our noticeboards and to add two new ones at the Nova Scotia and at McColls on Spike Island. Much work has been done to progress plans for developing the Cumberland Basin Piazza and a pre application for planning permission has been submitted to the Council for consideration. Thank you again to the Panto Committee for their generous support of our work. Thank you too to all those who contribute to the 500 Club. If you are not a member, please join (see HCCA website for details). You might win some money and you also provide the HCCA with valuable income to pursue our work. The meeting heard about plans for the Bristol Pound which it is hoped to launch in 2012. More information can be found at We also heard from Tom Trevor, Artistic Director at the Arnolfini, who gave a very interesting talk on the history and focus of the Arnolfinis work.
Dennis Gornall

New community table hire service There are so many events going on, particularly in the Summer that the Panto Fund has paid for a set of sturdy portable tables. The idea is that anyone in the community who needs tables for a meeting, wedding, street party or any other event can borrow them free of charge. The size is 1800mm x 750mm and they fold in half for easy moving. They would fit into any medium sized car, so the borrower collects and returns. FFI. call Mark Tucker 01179294646. BRT gets the go-ahead The Governments plans to boost transport infrastructure spending to aid economic recovery mean that the A38/ A370 link road and the Bus Rapid Transit route 2 from Ashton Gate will almost certainly go ahead. For us, this could mean a reduction of traffic using Winterstoke Rd. but also a radical change to our bus services, since all the major routes from North Somerset plan to switch to the Cumberland Rd. corridor into the City. Watch this space.

cause of changing circumstances for members of the group as well as changed circumstances since the groups formation. We would like to record a very big vote of thanks to all those who have participated in this group for the massive amount of work that has gone on to improve all sorts of services and facilities in the area, improve our links with the Council and maintain close ties with the Police. From January, HCCA Management Committee meetings will be open to anyone to attend and raise the kind of issues that Community Links handled in the past.
Dennis Gornall

Hotwells vanishing play park

The small park in Charles Place was renovated in 1995 following a local campaign for better provision for young children. Following the gradual loss of facilities, we have now discovered the Council Department responsible for condemning equipment that they regularly inspect. So far so good; no one wants a child to get injured in a playground. However, it seems that contacting local people or even their representative Councillors to explain what is happening did not occur to the Play Officers. The question is, who uses the park, or rather, who might use it if there were some decent facilities there? What kind of equipment would it be good to install if we could raise some funds? Your Community Association could make a bid to the Neighbourhood Partnership for financial help but we need to prove there is a real need for it in the local community. Without some action from you the local residents - the whole site seems headed for dereliction and abandonment.

Community Links
The Community Links group, was formed shortly before the HCCA lost Hope Centre in 2001. It decided recently to cease meeting be-

Hotwells & Cliftonwood Community Association 3 Charles Place, Hotwells, Bristol, BS8 4QW Hotwells & Cliftonwoods floral achievements hit new heights this year. So many in fact that we can only give each a brief acknowledgement: Hillsborough Flats A project co-ordinated by Virgina Bergin, among others and supported by HCCA won a Tenant Participation Award from Bristol City Council. They were awarded 50 worth of vouchers in the Innovation category. The work of the residents saw the gardens become abundant with flowers during the summer and there was a large autumn harvest of vegetables too.Young and old have been getting involved, but the kids, aged from three to thirteen, who have been given a taste of green-fingeredness are the best harvest of all. Virginia also wanted to pay tribute to the help from Riverside Garden Centre: Riverside gave us really generous support they even helped us re-home a swarm of 10,000 bees that descended on the garden. Rownham MeadGold Award

tel: 0117 9291883

Management Committee
Dennis Gornall (Chair) Brenda McLennan (Treasurer) Rosemary Stibbon Administrator Ray Smith Communications Mike Timmins Open spaces Stephen Perry Helena Kowalski

Community News
If you are a family that might use the park, or know of others who do, please let us know you are there! It would be great to hear if you support the idea of upgrading the play facilities and tell us what improvements you think should be made. Perhaps you would even like to help with developing a proposal to the Council? We will collate all your suggestions in any future funding application. Please email the Community Association at with your suggestions.
Ray Smith

green light
from Transition Hotwells & Cliftonwood

Trinity Care service

Following a petition protesting against the planned cut in support grant (see last edition of Hotwells News) and meeting with Cllr Jon Rogers, the cabinet member responsible for social care, the City Council have made some small concessions.

Swivel Bridge Lottery hope

The Heritage lottery bid to restore this historic bridge is being co-ordinated by Jon Usher of BCC as part of the problematic Connect2 commitment to create a traffic-free cycle and pedestrian route across Cumberland Basin. It has now passed stage 1 of the approval process and been granted seed funding to carry out further project development. Apparently 80% of applications that get this far are successful. Bristol City Council and Sustrans are committed to providing financial support for the 0.5 million restoration that should see the bridge returned to full working condition. Now work is starting to engage heritage organisations and the local community into support for the project. Members of the Brunel Swivel Bridge Group have already been a key source of technical and historical knowledge. A possible obstacle is the extra workload it will create for City Docks staff who will have to operate it.
Ray Smith

Cllr John Rogers gets a warm reception at Trinity Care Service

Andrew Murray says: Bristol City Council have agreed to fund us till end January but insist that we go onto personal budgets thereafter. We are trying to work out whether we can live with the risks and financial arrangements involved. It is very difficult and will only work if they can shift their position away from us taking all the risk eg at present they are saying we will not get paid for no-shows, so we would go bust if there was a flu epidemic or prolonged severe weather. We are still talking and private gifts mean we should be able to get through the winter whatever happens If you can spare some time to help the project as a volunteer please contact the manager Mark Griffiths tel: 0117 983 8878

Over the summer and autumn local residents have continued to share experience on increasing the sustainability of their lives. Some of the "Green Randall Road" experience - series of neighbourly chats, open homes/ gardens, film showings and pledges organised to increase sustainability in Randall Road was shared via a slide loop at the Argyle Place film show. Many thanks to Emma Peddie and Holly New for this. Apparently group activities of this type have taken off in a big way in the USA, with large scale "Cool Community" projects developed by local groups. Closer to home, Totnes has 60 small groups taking effective, practical, money-saving and carbon-reducing steps. Most people joined to meet their neighbours and save money. There's a workbook available to help people build their own Action Plan to improve household energy efficiency, minimise water use, reduce waste, explore local transport options and promote healthy food available locally. If you would like to learn more about this, or keep in touch with with other sustainability activities in Bristol, contact and join the the Transition Hotwells and Cliftonwood mailing list, or come to one of the monthly "Lion" meetings Richard Hancock

Pooles Wharf & Rownham Mead Residents swept the board with a whole shed full of gongs this year, including a special mention when Bristol won Britain in Bloom Best Large City in UK award, also RHS Level 5 Outstanding Award in the SouthWest in Bloom competition. For Bristol in Bloom, residents achieved two silver gilts and a gold award (23 Rownham Mead, small garden category best in whole of Bristol!) Cumberland Piazza A new consignment of plants from Blaise nursery arrived this autumn to further brighten up Cumberland Piazza and in order to get the 1000 wallflowers and bulbs Ambra Vale town green into their new homes, a planting party took place in November. On the day plenty of people showed up to help with the planting and the Piazza is now looking abundant. Janey Robson and Helena Kowalski lead the campaign to keep the site blooming so beautifully through the summer and they have plans for the future too, including starting new beds at other locations. Ambra Vale EastArgyle Place The little garden at this junction, which is now a Town Green was the scene of frenetic activity in November as a band of local people, masterminded by Carol Lilwall and Chris Ford, descended on it to clear the weeds and plant bulbs. It Mardyke outbound will look superb in the coming Spring.

Car, bus and us local transport issues

While the proposed residents parking scheme for Cliftonwood was set aside following the consultation last year, the pilot scheme in Kingsdown went ahead. The six month pilot period ended in June and the scheme has now become permanent. Bristol City Council is now consulting four other areas of Bristol, which have expressed an interest in having a Residents Parking Scheme (RPS). It seems likely that such schemes will be introduced in St Pauls, Redcliffe, Easton/St Phiips and Cotham in 2012, once approved by their Neighbourhood Partnerships. In May the Council asked for comments about the pilot scheme in Kingsdown. The transport officers report to Cabinet in July included the following: In May 2011, a letter was sent to each property within the RPS area to invite feedback about the scheme. This generated a very positive response. 216 responses were received, of which 146 were positive comments about the scheme, 10 were negative and 60 were requesting minor amendments. Stephen Perry attended the Neighbourhood Forum in Cotham in October. At that meeting the Lib Dem councillor for that ward, Neil Harrison, asked if anyone was opposed to an RPS in Cotham. No one spoke in opposition, while several asked that the scheme as proposed be extended to a larger area than shown in the Councils plan. Richard Bland, of Cliftonwood and Hotwells Improvement Society, went to Kingsdown to see for himself how the pilot was working. He reported in their magazine: the results are spectacular. During the day there are plenty of parking spaces available for residents or their visitors or tradesmen. It looks like Clifton did in the 1960s. Furthermore there is easy access for rubbish collection lorries, who do not have to block whole roads, and for emergency services .... there are no commuter cars, as the system operates from 9:00 am- 5 pm on weekdays ... there have been grumbles from businesses that they werent fully consulted, and there is a case for more pay and display areas during the day .... Please go and look, and then start a campaign for a scheme in Clifton. Of course our problems are not the same, but our lives could be transformed. Cllr Barbara Janke says it would not be right to bring the question of an RPS in Cliftonwood back to the table now, so soon after the negative vote last year. If you have any comments on this or any other traffic issue please send them to the HCCA of- You can comment on fice. We are still looking for someone interested in reviving CHASE to look at traffic issues in any of these articles our area. by contributing to our
James Smith/Steven Perry

Bus stop improvements at Dowry Square

new online Forum. See page 7 to find out how.

One of the key suggestions in our Traffic Strategy plan for Hotwells is a relatively simple way of improving the environment for residents living on Hotwell Road in the zone just beyond the Rose of Denmark traffic lights. Here 3 lanes of traffic plus 2 lanes of parked vehicles create a car-dominated vista of unbroken tarmac where once was an avenue of trees leading to the Hotwells spa. Evidently, our report has inspired some creative thinking amongst Council transport engineers and with funding available from the Greater Bristol Bus Network they have come up with a scheme not very dis-similar from our own. It involves filling-in the lay-by outside Carrick House and moving the bus stop to a more conventional place on the main road to allow buses easier movement in and out of the stop. The design should increase the separation of Dowry Square from Hotwell Road by widening pavements and adding more trees. This plan was only allowed limited consultation because the GBBN team were very keen to start work on the scheme before Christmas, at a time when other work on bus corridors was not possible because of traffic congestion. Immediate neighbours and Hotwells School were informed by HCCA and the resulting comments discussed at a meeting with the GBBN project manager. The result was an amended scheme which has addressed most of the problems raised but not fully resolved them to everyones satisfaction. The arrangement of the junction and parking spaces at the bottom of Hope Chapel Hill are a particular concern. At time of writing the scheme is still due to go ahead shortly, as far as we know.
Ray Smith

Meet your neighbourCharles MacFadden

Hope Square resident Charles Mac Fadden doesnt have a regular nine to five; instead he has been working a ten to eleven which refers not to hours, but to months of the year. Charles describes his work, somewhat modestly, as Humanitarian Assistance and for the last twenty years plus has spent the majority of each year working in conflict and post-conflict zones, helping to put into place programmes to improve living standards and the welfare of the civilian populations. Charles says he finds it hard to stay still, having taken assignment after assignment since his first stint as part of the VSO in South America. Since then Charles has worked mainly overseas for various donor agencies and for much of the last six years DRC, a Danish NGO. To list all of the countries where Charles has worked would be to fill this page, but when asked for a favourite, he said to live and work in Pakistan and specifically Peshawar was, a great privilege. He and his wife and two children lived there for a time and Charles went on to say that he believes most of the time, it is in fact the people that make a country good to work in. The nature of working in warzones means witnessing people living in great poverty and awful circumstances. When asked how he reconciles this trauma, Charles said that all people who work in these countries, like to think that when they leave an assignment that they have made a difference, but sometimes there is just no way of telling what will become of a project once you leave. He says that western perceptions of what a country needs can differ wildly from the actual needs of the people living with the conflict and that remembering this always has to be at the heart of the solution. However, he cited a heartening example of a midwifery training centre in Darfur, where after visiting and finding the female trainees sleeping twenty to a room and sharing poor latrine and washing facilities, he was able find funding for and build a separate accommodation block giving them a better standard of living and also room for more training facilities - almost within the timeframe of his stay there. Charles originally came to Bristol to study Economics at Bristol University and like so many people loved it enough to make it home for him and family, more or less, since the later eighties. When asked what is the first thing he likes to do when he comes home after so long away, Charles said a walk around Hotwells, the Downs and Clifton! But, the best thing aside from family, of course is especially the freedom of being able to move around without security concerns. More tangible homecoming joys are: visiting the supermarket and being able to find whatever it is you fancy and going to the pub for a pint. So, if you see him, buy him a drink because hes just finished a long shift, most probably without a lunch break!
Jayne Marshall

News from Friends of Brandon HIll

Old Bowling Green
Planning permission has now been granted for the improvement and the bid of 50,000 of funding has been submitted to community spaces lottery fund. We will be holding planning sessions for the layout of the garden area in the New Year.

We have received a certificate of achievement in the Royal Horticultural Society "It's Your Neighbourhood" campaign and were presented with the award by the Lord Mayor. Friends of Brandon Hill achieved the 'developing' category. Congratulations to all who have helped!

Volunteer days
Regular gardening days take place every Tuesday at 10am. They will be starting again on 10th January after a short break for Christmas. If you would be interested to take part, come along to the depot to see Darren the park keeper .

Community Orchard and Herb Garden -dates for your diary

Planting dates have now been finalised for the Community Orchard (Saturday 4th February) and for the Herb Garden (Saturday 17th March) . A separate day for planting with schoolchildren from St. George's and QEH Juniors has been organised for Friday 3rd February. Many thanks to Quartet Community foundation and the Grassroots fund for supporting this.

We were very pleased to receive a 500 donation of vouchers from Wilkinson's on the triangle to celebrate the opening of their new shop and are looking forward to the staff helping out on the hill in the new year.

Clean and Green Award

We have been awarded 500 from the local neighbourhood partnership. We will be using this to make a start to repairing the perimeter walls and paint the lampposts within the park boundaries.

Feeling keen - want to help out? For more information on any of the above please contact or call Fraser on 0791 901 5774

Events & Reviews

Made in Bristol by David Bolton Author David Bolton lives in Cliftonwood and has written 'Made in Bristol' a fascinating, well researched book about all sorts of things that were and are made in this great city. It is published by Redcliffe Press and the contents range from the story of Ribena and the making of Oscar winning wigs, to the history of local coal mining and the manufacture of chocolate, pies and faggots. It evokes memories of Bristol past and will undoubtedly be a great success. Copies can be obtained from M Shed and other good bookshops. Buy one - it won't disappoint!
Sue Stops

Our community has been greatly impoverished by the death of Margo Price following a long illness. With her husband Brian, she was a mainstay of community life in Cliftonwood and Hotwells for as long as anyone can remember. A truly genuine and selfless individual who always had time to help others, despite the challenges of nurturing a large family. She and Brian provided constant practical support for what is now Trinity Care Service since its inception and for years ran the Living Memories group that grew out of it. She was famous for her many appearances in pantomimes and other community shows at Hope Centre where her un-selfconscious exuberance and strong singing voice always delighted audiences.
Ray Smith

The Story of Swimming by Susie Parr Hotwells resident Susie Parr, described as a passionate outdoor swimmer has produced a large and lavishly illustrated social history that not only covers the more familiar Victorian period but extends the story of this recreation back to Beowulf. A fascinating read for anyone lured by the call of wild water.
Ray Smith


Author Diana Wynne Jones, who died earlier this year, lived in the Polygon. In the 1980s Puffin Books suggested inviting her as guest author at 'Booksamazing', the children's book event held annually at Hope Centre. She understood, long before JK Rowling came along, just how much children enjoy fantasies and she provided a host of really imaginative, challenging stories for their delight. These included 'Howl's Moving Castle' which became an Oscar nominated animated film and remains one of the most financially successful films in Japanese history. Altogether she produced over thirty books for both adults and children.
Sue Stops

Hotwells, Cliftonwood & Clifton Local History Society

The next meeting will be at CREATE Centre on Wednesday 14th March 7 - 9 pm. There will be shared memories of some of the great characters who have lived in the area, from Florence Brown who became the first Lady Mayor of Bristol, to memories of the Roach family who were ALL great characters. The 18th century produced many unforgettable people including James Johnson a passionate collector of fossils as well as some very famous people who visited the Hotwells Spa. 2.50 including a glass of wine or fruit juice

Hotwells Pantomime - March 7th-11th. at 7pm

Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves hits the stage at Hope Chapel in March with the usual cast of hundreds and cast-off jokes and cast-off costumes but the first time the team of scriptwriters have tackled this story. Expect some dark humour and non-political correctness as we follow the travails of Ali Baba seeking married bliss and a tidy pile of gold to eke out the years of recession with an ever-receding prospect of ever being able to retire. Should be a jolly evening. Tickets 8 adults/ 7 conc./ 5 children from Recession at 8 Jacobs Wells Rd. open Thurs-Sat 11am-6pm or Tobacco Factory box office 0117-9020344




NIC EIC REGISTERED T: 0117 927 3541 07799 252451 6


Events Diary
Sat Jan 7th-Mar 31st when what Victorian Terrace retrofit
exhibits cross section of a Victorian home that demonstrates how a property of this age can be made more energy efficient and future proof.

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