Following-up on the developments of the Situation in Syria Factors of the Arab Plan to Solve the Syrian Crisis

The Arab League Council meeting on the ministerial level in its resumed extraordinary session dated 22 January 2012 in Cairo, -After looking:  At the report presented by the Chief of the League of Arab States Monitors Mission to Syria about the duty of the mission in the period between 24 December 2011 and 18 January 2012, according to the duties assigned to this mission in the Protocol signed by the Syrian Arab Republic and the General Secretariat on 19 December 2011 in Cairo,

- And after listening to the report of the Arab League Secretary General about the political and technical framework of this mission, and the new developments of incidents in Syria since the Arab League began dealing with this crisis, - And based on the following Arab League Ministerial Council statements and resolutions: statement number 148 dated 27 August 2011; statement number 152 dated 13 September 2011; resolution number 7435 dated 16 October 2011; resolution number 7436 dated 2 November 2011; resolution 7437 dated 2 November 2011; resolution number 7438 dated 12 November 2011; resolution 7439 dated 16 November 2011 in Rabat; resolution number 7440 dated 16 November 2011 in Rabat; resolution number 7441 dated 24 November 2011 regarding developments of the situation in Syria; resolution number 1900 dated 26 November 2011 issued by the economic and social council extraordinary meeting on the ministerial level; statement number 161 dated 20 December 2011; resolution 7442 dated 27 November 2011 regarding following the developments of the situation in Syria; statement issued on 2 December 2011 in Doha; statement issued on 17 December 2011 in Doha; and statement issued on 8 January in Cairo, - And in resumption of efforts aimed at getting Syria out of its crisis without any foreign interventions or sliding towards civil war, and with care for the unity of Syria and its regional safety, - And after the Council studied the report of the chief of the monitors mission to Syria, and developments of the situation in Syria, - And in praise for the efforts spent by the chief and members of the Arab League monitors mission who are performing their duties with all courage in difficult circumstances and amidst huge dangers, - And in consideration of the partial progress achieved in implementing some of the commitments that the Syrian government pledged, and considering this not enough,

Decides 1. To call for an end to all acts of violence and killing from any source to protect Syrian citizens. 2. Demand the Syrian government do the following: o Release detainees; free the cities and residential areas of all military machines; open the field in front of the concerned Arab league organizations and Arab and international media to move freely around Syria to look into the truth of the situation and monitor the incidents taking place there. Withdraw the Syrian army and any armed forces from the various military formations to their barracks and original sites. Guarantee the freedom of different forms of peaceful demonstrations and not stand in the way of demonstrators. Ask the Syrian government to facilitate the mission of the Arab monitors and allow entry of all relevant equipment, particularly communication tools.




3. Continue supporting the Arab League Monitors Mission, increase the number of monitors, and provide them with the required technical, financial and administrative support, and cooperate with the UN SYG to support the mission. 4. Ask the Syrian government and all the Syrian opposition sides to begin a serious political dialogue under the auspices of the Arab League in a period of no more than two weeks from this invitation to achieve the following initiative: a. Form a national unity government within two months from its date in which the authority and the opposition participate, led by an agreed-upon figure, the mission of which is to implement the articles of the Arab League plan and prepare for free and plural parliamentary and presidential elections according to law, with Arab and international supervision. b. Have the president of the state grant his first deputy full authorities to fully cooperate with the national unity government to empower it to perform its duties in the transitional period. c. Announce the goal of the national unity government, once formed, is to establish a democratic, plural political system in which citizens are equal regardless of their affiliations or ethnicities or beliefs, and the authority in this system is transferred peacefully.

d. Have the national unity government work on regaining security and stability in the country and re-organize the police agency to preserve the regime and enhance it through handling security missions of a civil nature. The Arab countries pledge to fund this effort in coordination with the League of Arab States. e. Establish an independent agency authorized to investigate and make decisions about the violations citizens were subjected and secure the rights of victims. f. Have the national unity government prepare to hold transparent and fair elections with Arab and international supervision, within three months from the establishment of the national unity government; devise a new constitution for the country that is approved through a popular referendum; and develop an election law based on this constitution.

5. Task the Arab League General Secretary with appointing a special envoy to follow the political process. 6. Invite the international community to present their support for the national unity government to empower it to perform its duties. 7. Ask the head of the Ministerial Committee on Syria and the Arab League Secretary General to ask the Security Council to support this plan according to the Arab League Council resolutions.

Number 7444, Dated 22 January 2012

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