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Welcome to Kordek’s Korner ! This is a biweekly newsletter to share what is available within our library and on the internet for you to use to support your curriculum. The resources will also be posted on my blog, Kordek’s Korner, for future reference.
A Biweekly Newsletter Issue 7 - Jan 23, 2012f

The Wolf Who Cried Boy
By: Bob Hartman Call Number: E HAR Grade: K-4 In the story, a wolf hates what his parents serve for dinner and wants boy. He learns what happens if you cry “Boy” Suggestion: This is the same story as The Boy Who Cried Wolf with an interesting switch. I recommend using this in its place or with a lesson about different versions of the same story.

The Real McCoy
By: Wendy Towle Call Number: B MCC Grade: 1-4 A biography of the life of Elijah McCoy, a successful African-American inventor, who patented over fifty inventions. His most famous is the automatic oil cup. Suggestion: This story has good illustrations and information to use with students but I recommend summarizing sections instead of reading. Can use to explain the expression “the real McCoy.”

Mrs. McNosh Hangs up Her Wash
By: Sarah Weeks Call Number: E WEE Grade: K-4 Mrs. McNosh hangs her wash and some odd things such as a dog, a wreath, and a kite end up on her clothesline. Suggestion: This story is very quick and could be used for a writing prompt for any grade. Students can decide what else should end up on clothesline. The writing can be as simple or detailed as needed.

TEDtalks are a wonderfully way in which to hear about new and upcoming ideas in variety of areas and interests. TED was founded in 1984 to spread new ideas. When first founded it covered three topics: technology, entertainment, design. Since that time it has grown to
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cover more interests, topics, and issues even education. ! TEDtalks are a great way to gain professional development without leaving the comfort of your school or home. All TEDtalk lectures are posted on their website and some can be watched live. ! There are so many interesting videos some on education such as Tim Brown on Creativity and Play, Dan Pink on the Surprising Science of Motivation ,

and Ken Robinson. There are other topics and lectures that would be just as valuable and interesting to your professional development such as Erin McKean Redefines the dictionary and Itay Talgam Lead Like the Great conductors. ! Take the time one day and watch one of the videos I mentioned or search their site for something that interests you. You will be surprised with the amazing things you can learn.















Technology Resources

NASA Eyes on the Earth
Website: http://climate.nasa.gov/ Eyes/ Curriculum: Science, 3 - 4

Chronicles of Narina: Audio
Website: http://ancientfaith.com/ podcasts/series/ the_chronicles_of_narnia Curriculum: Reading, 3 - 4

Website : http://www.animoto.com Curriculum: Any subject Uses: Both students and teachers can use this. This can be used by teachers to create an introduction, movie of important images, and much more. Students can used for projects for the main project or supplement. Click her for Example Features: - Simple to use with basic steps - Easy arrangement of images - Can add Text - Music provided - Can be download - Can Embedded in websites - Can have educators account

Uses: Can be used with science lessons on climate, weather, water cycle and earth topics. This is a supplement, not a main teaching tool. Features: - View: Global Temperature, Carbon Dioxide, Sea Level, Water and Ice - Global Temperature updated weekly - Full Screen Option - Follow Satellite View - Daily Images

Uses: This can be used as a class story read aloud. Parts can also be used for part of a literature lesson. Only item to note it is on a religious website but there is no mention of religion within the podcast, it is solely the stories. Features: - All the stories in the series - Group by chapters - Average of 25 mins in length - Can download podcasts

Additional Resources
National Geographic - Vision of Earth http://ngm.nationalgeographic.com/ visions-of-earth/visions-earth-2011 There are images from their Vision of Earth series. There is a new one every month. Some would make interesting creative writing prompts and allow for a lot of freedom and creativity.

ReprintMe - Calendar http://re-print.me/

Technology will Kill (video) http://www.youtube.com/watch? feature=player_embedded&v=Nwwq3l3 9lqk A video to go along with the Museum of Obsolete Object. Can be used as a writing prompt about what is changing in the world or what they want to change.
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You can print either monthly or weekly calendar for the year. Could be used for lesson planning, professional development, or scheduling.