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EXECUTIVE President Cam Hubbs 1 Petty Street Ottawa, ON K2G 0K2 (613) 756-1951 Cottage (613) 226-7839 Home Vice-President Jim Richards 1585 Stewart Line Cavan, ON L0A 1C0 (613) 756-0623 Cottage (705) 745-6249 Home Secretary/Treasurer Fred Kuehn 20 Lismer Crescent Kanata, ON K2K 1A2 (613) 756-0689 Cottage (613) 271-7073 Home Newsletter Editor (non-executive position) Margaret Ogilvie 2A1 Aylen Lake Rd. Box 481 Barrys Bay, ON K0J 1B0 (613) 756-3476


This being my first message to the ALCA, I will take this opportunity to thank the members for their confidence in me to serve as your president this year. In November our Aylen Lake neighbor, Bob Ogilvie, was elected as our new Dickens Ward Councillor. I congratulate Bob and offer him the full support of ALCA. I will also take this opportunity to thank another Aylen Lake neighbor and resident, Phil Dutton, to whom we are all grateful for providing us with the democratic choice. ALCA, through our membership in WRAFT (Waterfront Ratepayers After Fair Taxation), has been looking for ways to influence the Ontario Government to revisit the current unfair property assessment system (CVA, Current Value Assessment). Until recently WRAFT consisted of about 250 waterfront associations; however, as such it did not represent enough voters to appropriately lobby our politicians in Queens Park. Recognizing this weakness WRAFT searched for ways to increase its political influence. To this end WRAFT, FOCA (Federation of Ontario Cottagers Association), and three very large urban associations, joined forces to form the Coalition After Property Tax Reform (CAPTR). Since its formation CAPTR has been joined by other organizations, including the 300,000 member United Senior Citizens of Ontario, and the 54,000 member Retired Teachers of Ontario. The bottom line is that CAPTR now collectively represents almost one million Ontario voters. I can only hope that the focus of this many voters pressing Queens Park for fair taxation will force this as an issue in the October 2007 Ontario elections. For more information on this issue you can visit the Aylen Lake web sight at We have a great treasure on Aylen Lake. We have the natural beauty and the tranquility; but, more important, we have great people. I hope we can continue to have a co-operative and enjoyable community for many years. Please continue to support ALCA, with your membership and with your hands-on participation. Cam Hubbs President

Theres no time in this business to catch your breath Your new South Algonquin Council was sworn in on Dec. 8th and immediately got down to work, but not before taking time to exchange expressions of goodwill and to allow each of us to outline overall goals for the term. From the outset, Council is aiming to reduce expenditures in each department by ten percent: this is a goal, not a firm promise at this point, but it is a goal to which I, the Mayor and other Councillors have assigned the highest priority. Also important and also unanimously endorsed by Council was the intention to work together as a team for the benefit of all residents of South Algonquin, whether they might be permanent or seasonal residents. I will be serving on a number of Committees, including Finance, Roads, Waste Management, Administration/Human Resources, and will be Councils representative on the District of Nipissing Social Services Administration Board (DNSSAB) which Gerry Belisle chaired so effectively last year. From my conversations with many of you during the election campaign, issues related to those first three listed committees are of primary concern and at the monthly Committee meetings, your desires for lower taxes, good quality roads and improved waste management and recycling will be translated into action. To be frank, I dont yet know how high some of the mountains ahead might be, but I am already working hard to study background information and to raise and address your interests. Im excited by the challenges ahead and think this Council can make substantive progress on a range of issues. Time and hard work will tell On that note, Id like to invite you to contact me about issues and concerns and I, in turn, intend to consult with you frequently. To that end, an issues questionnaire will soon be mailed to every Dickens resident to better and more formally assess the priorities of all Aylen folks. In addition, such data will allow your representative to speak with greater authority when addressing Council and raising your concerns. Please feel free to phone me at (613) 756-3476 or email me at my new email address: I am creating a list of email addresses for Dickens people and would appreciate it if you would pass on your electronic address to me. The list already contains over 30 addresses. Although a number of you probably dont use email frequently, the emailing will be used occasionally to seek the views of Lakers quickly when matters not mentioned in discussions or the issues questionnaire arise.

I look forward to working closely with ALCA during my term. In Cam Hubbs, Fred Kuehn and Jim Richards, you have chosen a very capable and dedicated Executive. Weve exchanged greetings and ideas about how to work effectively on our respective responsibilities. I would like to join them in thanking Gerry Belisle for his many years of service to our community and wish Gerry and Kit, happiness, good health and many years at Aylen. I would like to thank you for your strong endorsement of my candidacy during the recent election and am humbled by the responsibility youve given me. I promise to work diligently on your behalf and intend to earn your continued support. Sincerely, Bob Ogilvie Councillor, Dickens Ward, Township of South Algonquin


Call to Order President Gwen Brown called the 2006 Aylen Lake Community Association Annual General Meeting to order at 9:36 AM. There were 36 voting members and over 50 in attendance. Adoption of 2006 Annual General Meeting (AGM) Agenda Gwen Brown requested that the agenda be revised to move the OPP presentation to the first item. Moved by Bob Ogilvie, seconded by Win Rogers: That the agenda for the 2006 Annual General Meeting be adopted as revised. Motion carried Adoption of the 2005 Annual General Meeting Minutes Moved by Margaret Ogilvie, seconded by Win Rogers: That the minutes of the 2005 AGM as published in the January 2006 newsletter be adopted. Motion carried OPP Report Sergeant Mark Mackisoc of the Killaloe detachment attended with two water patrol officers to answer questions from the members related to boating safety, and policing issues at Aylen Lake. Answers to questions from members are recorded below: Boats that are imported and left in Canada for 45 days or more must be registered. Registration is not automatic upon payment of import and must be obtained at no cost from Services Canada. Registration numbers must appear on the bow of the boat and a copy of the registration must be carried in the boat. Flashlights carried in boating safety kits must be reasonably water resistant, but need not be of the floating type. Safety equipment required for various watercraft and conditions is published in the Safe Boating Guide published by Transport Canada. Secretarys Note: This information is also available online at Requirements for Competency Cards, and age restrictions apply equally to Canadian and American citizens using Ontario waterways. Equivalent cards from American organizations are recognized. A person operating an All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) on a public highway (as defined in the Highway Traffic Act includes most roads open to the public) must carry a valid Drivers License, and


Annual membership dues for 2007 are now due. Please be reminded that annual membership dues have increased to $30.00 effective 2007. This increase was discussed and voted in at the 2006 AGM, and will offset rising costs incurred by the Association, particularly for insurance. For those members who have paid forward their dues at the old rate for years 2007 and possibly beyond it would be greatly appreciated if you could make up the difference. Please make cheques payable to Aylen Lake Community Association and mail to ALCA c/o Fred Kuehn, 20 Lismer Crescent, Kanata, ON K2K 1A2. Thanks for your continued support!

Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you. Frank Lloyd Wright

wear an approved helmet. Passengers are not permitted on an ATV on a public road. Incidents of theft or vandalism were very rare at Aylen Lake in the past year.

opinion), and was told that there are no grounds for an action to recover these funds. Councillor Belisle also informed the meeting that the Education Minister has designated that the funds currently in the trust account would be remitted to Renfrew County at year-end. Council of Community Associations Gwen Brown reported that her efforts to organize a Council of Community Associations did not result in a formal Council as there was no significant interest from the lake representatives that were contacted. However information on our activities regarding taxation in the Township was shared with contacts in neighbouring Associations (mostly by email) and has been appreciated. Insurance Jim Richards reported that we have purchased Liability, Errors and Omissions insurance from LMS Prolink under a plan offered through FOCA. At present our coverage limit is $5M for each policy, and annual premiums run approximately $2,000. This policy does not include liability coverage for fire fighting, or for shoal markers. The Executive has drafted and posted liability disclaimers for the use of the fire pumps, and regarding the shoal markers. These are posted on each fire pump and at the landing respectively. They were also published in the June newsletter and will be again in future newsletters. Garbage Pick-up Schedule Fred Kuehn reported that as requested at last years AGM, we contacted the Township to ask for later garbage pickup, particularly on weekends. The township agreed to arrange Sunday and holiday Monday pickup from 12 PM to 3 PM. Township Website Fred Kuehn reported that we formally requested that the Township website be made fully functional and useful to our members. Our request was considered, and some improvement has been made. Presidents Report Gwen Brown reported that it has been an extremely busy year for the Executive and that various members had attended some or all of the Township budget meetings. We sent out a special edition newsletter on assessment and the appeal process and made a 15-minute presentation to

Business Arising from 2006 AGM Minutes Fire Hazard Sign Fred Kuehn reported that the fire hazard sign that was purchased and erected last year has been taken down. A written request to the Township of South Algonquin brought a response that the Township did not have the resources to maintain the sign. Several attempts to find a reasonable solution, such as asking that the roads Superintendent, or garbage compactor driver update the sign on their regular runs to Aylen Lake also failed. Attempts to find a volunteer member to take on the responsibility were also unsuccessful. As the Executive felt that an inaccurate fire hazard rating was more dangerous than none at all, the sign was removed, and a warning sign advising all users of the lake of their responsibility to check fire conditions prior to open burning, was erected on the main road. Fire Map Gwen Brown thanked Bruce Dick and Bill Lowthian for their work in updating the Aylen Lake fire pump map. Maps were given to paid up members at the meeting (one per property), and additional maps are available at $5.00 each. We will advise all members where they may get a map, if they were not at the meeting, in the next newsletter. Bill Pierce cautioned that the road information might not be 100% accurate, as depicted on the map. A request was made that we consider making a PDF version of the fire map available on line. Education Tax Fred Kuehn reported that efforts to engage a law firm with expertise in Municipal Law to offer an opinion on the legality of education taxes collected and sitting in a Trust Account were unsuccessful, in spite of a number of firms having been contacted. As Councillor Gerry Belisle had advised the Executive that he had some contacts from previous Municipal conferences that had offered a free opinion, Gerry was asked to pursue that option. Councillor Belisle did send a detailed description of the situation to a prominent law firm (one that had previously declined our request for an

Township Council outlining our concerns with taxation levels in this Ward at the December 2005 Council meeting. Our Association has joined the Waterfront Ratepayers After Fair Taxation (WRAFT), as we believe they are key players in lobbying the Provincial government to change the flawed system currently in place. We have established an email list for interested members to receive electronic copies of the newsletters, and other items of urgent concern. Treasurers Report Treasurer Fred Kuehn reported that the financial records for the period of June 30, 2005 to June 30, 2006 have been audited by two members of the Association, and found to be in order. A financial statement was included in the agenda distributed at the meeting and is appended to these minutes. Fred noted that the date of the closing bank balance should read June 30, 2006 rather than June 30, 2005 as shown on the handout. Moved by Bill Pierce, seconded by Nino Gualtieri: That the Treasurers report be adopted as amended. Motion carried Treasurer Fred Kuehn gave a brief historical overview of our financial position, and highlighted some upcoming costs, including repairs to the tables and raft at Rangers Beach, some upgrading of fire-fighting equipment and the ongoing cost of insurance. He expressed our gratitude to Bruce Dick for his donation of labour to repair the equipment at Rangers Beach. We have a standing agenda item to discuss making a donation to the St. Francis Memorial Hospital Foundation, to which we have donated $2,000 for each of the past two years. Margaret Ogilvie, who is on the Foundation Board, stressed the importance of our donation in the overall fundraising efforts of the Hospital Foundation. Moved by Cam Hubbs, seconded by Bob Ogilvie: That ALCA donate $2,000 to the St. Francis Memorial Hospital Foundation this year. Motion carried In light of our commitment to continue to support the Hospital Foundation to some degree and due to our rising insurance costs, an increase to current membership fees was discussed. Moved by Dick Russell, seconded by Nancy Carruthers: That the annual Aylen Lake Community Membership dues be increased to $30.00 per year. Motion carried

2006 Regatta Report Gwen Brown reported that the regatta was once again a huge success, and thanked the countless volunteers who helped to make it so. Particular thanks were given to Janice Henry for her role in soliciting prizes for the raffle table, Lacey Harrison for her great skill as an M.C. and the Duell family for their opening ceremony spectacular. Connie and Bruce were recognized for doing much of the organizing prior to the actual event, which they were unable to attend, and Gwen Brown for stepping in as acting coordinator for this event. Thank you! The Executive will again publish a list of businesses that donated prizes for the Regatta, in Barrys Bay This Week, and all donors names will be published in the newsletter. Township of South Algonquin 2005 Report Gerry Belisle welcomed Mayor Jim Etmanski to this years meeting and announced that both he and the mayor would be resigning their positions on Council at the end of this term. Gerry has served as Councillor for Dickens Ward for eight years. Gerry reported that the tax rate for the Township was .0075 in 2005 and will be .0074 in 2006. That means that for a property with no change in its assessed value there will be a nominal reduction in taxes this year. Gerry did point out however, that market value assessments went up an average of 56% in Dickens Ward, with significant increases seen in road-access and island properties, ranging from 30% to 200%. The average assessment increase for the whole Township was approximately 24%. The increase in tax revenue generated by increased assessment was largely consumed by increased levies for mandated services and fuel and salary cost increases, as well as a deficit from last year. Gerry also reiterated his opposition to the premise of Current Value Assessment (CVA) and has written several articles on the issue for various publications, and the Ombudsman. He will continue to work to have the current system revamped, as he feels it is seriously flawed. Gerry thanked Mayor Etmanski for his hard work, honesty and being the astute Mayor that he is. Nino Gualtieri thanked Gerry and Kit, on behalf of the members, for their dedication and hard work on our behalf and the energy, competence and

commitment they have demonstrated during their many years of service to this community. Moved by Nino Gualtieri, seconded by Jan Duff: That the Aylen Lake Community Association express our heartfelt gratitude for Gerry and Kits incomparable energy, competency and commitment and for all the work they have done on our behalf. Motion carried Mayor Jim Etmanski also thanked Gerry for his hard work and support. We thank Mayor Etmanski for his service as Mayor and wish him well in his future endeavours. Fire Prevention Report Bruce Dick reported that there had been no fires and very little money was spent on fire- fighting equipment. All the pumps have been checked this year. Bruce also reported that additional quick-connect hose couplings, required to make all equipment compatible should cost approximately $100 and will be purchased and installed. Bruce once again urged members to familiarize themselves with the firefighting equipment nearest their property and arrange a practice session with the pumps maintainer. Gwen Brown expressed thanks to Bruce, on behalf of all present, for his continuing work on the fire pumps. ALCA Newsletter Jim Richards reported that Janice Marks has stepped down as the Newsletter Editor. The thanks of the Executive and the members were extended to Janice for her excellent work on the Newsletter and a card and small gift will be forwarded to Janice. Margaret Ogilvie has agreed to take on this responsibility, for which we are all grateful. Correspondence Fred Kuehn reported that there was no correspondence to be brought to the attention of the members. New Business: Association Website Fred Kuehn reported that we have had an offer from David Ryan to host a website for the Associations use at no cost to us. We are very grateful to David for this generous offer, and his work in setting up the website. Members are welcome to visit the site at Recent and

current newsletters will be available here, as well as discussions and postings of information on a wide range of interest to our members. Shoal Marker Volunteers Fred Kuehn will review the volunteer list for persons maintaining shoal markers and an updated list should be published in the next newsletter. Lawn Fertilizer The Executive has had a concern brought to its attention by a member regarding the proliferation of lawns on the lake and the fear that fertilizers may be used, which would leach harmful chemicals into the lake. We will investigate the issue and publish any useful information we can find in a future newsletter. Election of Officers Gerry Belisle was asked to chair this portion of the meeting. Gwen Brown is stepping down after serving for many years on the Executive in various capacities. Fred Kuehn thanked Gwen for her tireless and dedicated work on behalf of the Association and presented her with a gift certificate and card as a token of our appreciation. There is one Director position to be filled this year, but Jim Richards has advised us that he may need to step down in mid term due to work commitments. The Executive suggested that we vote for a replacement for the vacancy and an alternate, should it become necessary for Jim to step down. Nominations were: Bob Ogilvie nominated by Bill White, seconded by Mike McCormack Bob declined as he may run for Council in the fall. Gerry Belisle Joan Bennett Cam Hubbs declined before nomination was seconded nominated by Bruce Dick, seconded by Pat McMeekin Joan declined to let her name stand nominated by Bob Ogilvie, seconded by Bruce Dick nominated by Nancy McCormack, seconded by Win Rogers

Margaret Ogilvie

Margaret agreed to let her name stand, but requested that she be the alternate candidate. Moved by Win Rogers, seconded by Jim Wellman: That nominations close. Motion carried. Cam Hubbs was declared elected to fill the current vacancy, and Margaret Ogilvie will step in to fill any vacancy created prior to next years AGM. Motion to adjourn by Richard Michaelson at 11:42 AM Note: At a brief meeting of the current Executive with newly appointed Directors, the following positions were confirmed for the coming year: President: Cam Hubbs Vice President: Jim Richards (Margaret Ogilvie alternate) Secretary / Treasurer: Fred Kuehn Respectfully submitted Fred Kuehn, Secretary/ Treasurer ALCA 2006 Financial Statement Bank Balance June 30, 2005 Income Membership 2005 Membership 2006 Membership 2007 Membership Assoc. 2005 Membership Assoc. 2006 Donations Regatta Interest Earned Total Income $1,980.00 $1,100.00 $60.00 $20.00 $40.00 $110.73 $2,801.10 $ 3.93 $6,115.76 $7,592.95 2008 2007 2007

Expenses Bank Charges Donation to Charity Fire Pump Equip. & Maintenance Office Expenses Newsletter Postage and Delivery Regatta WRAFT Dues Insurance Printing & Duplication Gifts Total Expenses Net Income Bank Balance June 30, 2006 $54.00 $2,000.00 $45.70 $36.75 $625.28 $116.74 $1,897.45 $300.00 $3,013.20 $119.80 $100.00 $8,308.92 $-2,193.16 $5,399.79

2005 Membership Summary Properties Eligible Owners Members Associate Members Total Membership Non-members Membership %

243 209 170 5 175 34 81%

Fire Pump Location Map:

Information about how to obtain a fire pump location map will be available in the June Newsletter.

Wildlife at Aylen Lake

by Fred Kuehn

Recently we have had reports of some interesting wildlife sightings at Aylen Lake, and we have received some excellent photos as well. Just before Thanksgiving, Andrew Hassall sent in some photos of a Bald Eagle he had spotted fishing at the Northwest arm of the lake. Andrew also sent in some excellent loon photos from the summer.

Bruce Dick reported seeing a cougar chasing a 10-point buck near Gaffneys Bay while he was out for a boat ride with his son Matthew, Matts friend Jesse Filator, and their golden retriever Bailey. They initially saw the buck in the water, then he swam to shore as the boat approached. Next thing they knew he was running through the woods along the shore with a cougar only 15 feet behind him! That prompted the buck to jump back into the lake, at which point Bailey decided to jump in and join the fun. The Dicks had their hands full retrieving the retriever before he became a snack for the cougar. Unfortunately, although all three of them saw the cougar, they were unable to get a photo. They did however get some good shots of an obviously frantic buck. To see these photos and more in glorious colour, visit the Wildlife Sightings Forum at

Cam Hubbs sent in this photo of Hummingbirds at Jim and Jackie Wellman's feeder.

ALCA Honours Gerry and Kit Belisle:

The ALCA presented Gerry Belisle (and Kit) with an artists carving of a woodcock in appreciation of their contributions to our community. Gerry served on the ALCA Executive from August 1991 through August 1998 (7 years) and as the councillor for our ward from amalgamation in 1998 through 2006 (8 years). Kit published our newsletter from 1991 through 1998 (7 years) and also convened our regatta from 1992 through 1997 (6 years). On behalf of our members the Executive thank both Gerry and Kit for their contribution to our community and wish them a long and happy retirement.


Saturday, July 7

Tentative Regatta planning meeting 10:00 a.m. Connie and Bruce Dicks cottage, Denison Bay (Fire Road 13-A-3)

Wednesday, August 1

Regatta beach clean-up 10:00 a.m. Rangers Point Beach

Saturday, August 4
Please NO PETS

Annual Aylen Lake Regatta 1:00 p.m. Rangers Point Beach Rain Date: Sunday, August 5

Saturday, August 11

Aylen Lake Community Association Annual General Meeting Parking Lot Upper Level 9:00 a.m. Registration 9:30 a.m. Meeting Rain Date: Sunday, August 12 1:00 p.m.- Registration 1:30 p.m. Meeting

Lets Get on Board!

You can assist in protecting the health of the forest by contacting your local CFIA office prior to moving any firewood. The best way to protect your forest is to use local firewood from the area where you are vacationing. The CFIA can be reached at 1-800-442-2342, or (519) 837-9400. You can also visit their website:

2006 Aylen Lake Regatta:

Once again the Aylen Lake Community, both participants and volunteers came together to put on a successful regatta! Thanks to our Sponsors! The following ad was run in Barrys Bay This Week shortly after the annual regatta. We really appreciate the generous donations of our business sponsors, and the volunteers who spend so much time collecting the prizes and running the Loonie Draw.

We also want to thank all the Association members who made cash donations towards the regatta. Thanks to all your generous support the regatta showed a profit again this year. Gerry & Kit Belisle Roly Brenning Bob Chippior Jack & Sharon Connors Clifford and Grace Dobbs The Duttons Nino & Peggy Gualtieri Geoff Iles The McMeekin Cottage Bruce & Marcia Murray Margo Timson Award Winners: Regatta day was great fun but very hectic and volunteers were unable to keep up with the recording of all winners. Sorry we missed a few names! Swimming: Race Boys 6 + under with lifejacket Girls 6 + under with lifejacket Boys 6 + under Girls 6 + under Boys 7 - 9 Girls 7 - 9 Boys 10 -12 Girls 10-12 1st Brandon Starr 2nd Ben Belanger 3rd Devin Connors Eileen Bishop Gwen Brown The Cordinglys The Dicks The Duell Cottage Bill & Cindy Gray Don & Sandra Henry Peter & Helen Kenwood Paul & Eva McNevin Dave Thornton Chris & Ted Van Hoof

McKenna McNevan Brandon Starr Brittany Starr Nicholas Belanger Nan Gordon Alexander Richards Emma Ravenhill

Brittany Starr Danny Kay Nicola Barakat

No entry Ben Belanger No entry

John Kay Katherine Higgins Johnathan Mackey Kate Gordon

Josh Boughner Sierra Cordingley Spencer Ash Camille Dutton

Boys 13-15 Girls 13-15 Boys Open Girls Open Women 40+ Men 40 + Women 50+ Men 50 + Novelty: Race T-shirt Relay 14 and under

Keith Phillips Bethany Gray Chris Phillips Samantha Carroll Sue Kay Hart Gordon Gwen Brown Glenn Goodman

Adam Ravenhill Brenda Leroux Derek Rumley Lindsay Kitchen Gwen Brown Terry Belanger Shirley VanWinckle Bill Pierce

Colin Ash Marika Douma Justin Carson Bethany Gray Egg Chase Sue Belanger Ian Munro Arlene Boswell Rudy Spring Canoeing: Race Beachball Relay 15 + over Langdon Dinsdale Jason Istead Dave Bean Thomas Loguisto Hailey Henry Taylor Dutton Crystal Chris Samantha

Scott Munroe Sue Kaye Anna Rickert Sally Brinkerhoff Tracey Brinkerhoff Gavin McNevan

Brittany Starr

1st Colin Ash Bethany Gray Spencer Ash Brenda Leroux

2nd The Kitchen Clan

Newspaper Relay Gwen Brown 15 and over Meghan Dutton Arlene Boswell ?????? Egg Toss Mason Timson 6 + under Devin Conners Egg Toss Jacob Richards 7 + 12 Alexander Richards Egg Toss Bethany Gray 13 17 Colin Ash Graham Gosse Egg Toss Derek Rumley 17 + over Beachball Adam Ravenhill Relay James Kitchen 14 + under Tyler Patten Emma Ravenhill


3rd Jacob Richards Alexander Richards Abbey Daley Jonathon Brend ?????????

Hand Paddle 14 + under

1st Bethany Gray Colin Ash Spencer Ash Brenda Leroux Matt Ravenhill Lindsay Kitchen Lindsay Brown Greg Kitchen Bethany Gray Brenda Leroux

2nd Mike Villeneuve Perrin Kenwood Andrew Johnson ?????? Meghan Dutton Brook Dutton Safron Masy Kayla Afleskie Cody Brombaught ??????? Greg Kitchen Matt Raven

Hand Paddle 15 + over

Brittany Starr Caitlin Starr Travis Becker Jack Wright Adam Ravenhill Matt Ravenhill Chris Philip Lauren Hynes Colin Ash Bethany Gray Spencer Ash Brenda Leroux

Ivan Belanger Ben Belanger Spencer Ash Perrin Kenwood Derek Hynds Keith Phillips Langdon Dinsdale Dave Bean Nicholas Belanger Jacob Richards Alexander Richards

Tandem 14 + under

3rd Nicholas Belanger Ben Belanger Joshua ???? Scott ???? Gwen Brown Nola Leroux Jack Leroux Veronique Leroux Colin Ash Spencer Ash

Tandem 15 + over

Chris Philip Nick Dion

Patrick Visser Dennis Mackey

Nail Driving:

Race Girls 6 + under Boys 6 + under Girls 7 - 12 Boys 7 - 12 Women 13+ up Men 13 + up 1st McKenna McNevan Ben Belanger Brianne Roper Garrett Huff Lani Duell Dan Snider 2nd Brittany Starr Reid Wheeler Samantha Bennett Travis Becker Stephanie ???? Sean McCormack 3rd Emily Starr Brandon Starr If you havent already joined the ALCA email list to receive electronic copies of the newsletters, and other important updates, please just email a note to the Secretary/Treasurer at:


Kate Gordon Greg Radonicich Sheila ??? David Rineer The South Algonquin Sailing Club had a successful 2006 year. Races took place on Saturdays at 1p.m. Sunday, same time, was the rain date. Mike McCormack placed first with Geoff Iles coming in second. New members are encouraged and welcome. Please call Don Henry at 756-0370 or Mike McCormack at 756-0373 for more information. Races start in early July and go on until the end of August.

Fishing Derby Results: Adult Bass Fishing Derby Results: 1st Fred Kuehn 4 lb 2nd Fred Kuehn 1 lb 13 oz 3rd No entry Youth Bass Fishing Results: 1st Scott Munro 2 lb 6 oz 2nd Scott Munro 2 lb 2 oz 3rd Katherine Higgins 1 lb 7 oz Adult Trout Fishing Derby Results: No entries this year Youth Trout Fishing Results: No entries this year Jellybean Guess: Jacob Richards Youngest participant- Nathaniel Starr, born November 29, 2005 Oldest participant- Eileen Bishop, born September 23, 1918


Our membership voted once again in favour of donating $2,000 to the St. Francis Memorial Hospital Foundation. We received a thank-you letter from the Foundation that reads in part: On behalf of the SFMH Foundation, our sincere thanks for your sponsorship of the 2nd annual Friends of St. Francis Charity Golf tournament held September 1, 2006, to support our efforts to enhance the Ron Coulas Memorial Fund for the purchase of portable pain management for our patients. It takes the generosity of so many people to make this event a success and without our sponsors, we truly could not hold such an event as this. Your generous gift made a difference and is very much appreciated. Thank you again for being a Friend of St. Francis. Your continued support of this Association makes all this possible! Excavation for construction and extraction of aggregates (sand and gravel) can cause erosion of nutrient-laden soil, putting more nutrients into the water. A compelling example is the history of pollution in Lake Erie, which climaxed in the early 1960's. Nutrients added to a body of water have the same effect on its plant life as fertilizer has on a garden, except here the increased growth is highly undesirable. Algae can grow at prolific rates in waters rich in nutrients. Algae refers to several genera of microscopic plants which tend to grow in large groups. Algae are often called "pond scum" or "blooms". Prolific growth of algae causes problems in a number of ways algae can smell bad and give water an unpleasant taste, the water can become murky, and large masses of algae shade the water body from the sun, preventing light from penetrating deeper water. The worst effect is when algae masses die off in the fall. They sink to the bottom and decompose- This chemical reaction takes dissolved oxygen out of the water, upsetting the natural balance of aquatic life. When fish cannot get enough oxygen, they smother to death. As well, studies have shown that the quality of lake water directly affects the value of cottage property. Phosphorus, often in the form of phosphates, has always been present, dissolved in lake and river water. It is a widely distributed chemical element, occurring naturally in rocks and soils, and it is one of life's essential components. In lake water, when phosphorus levels increase, so does the growth of algae. Chemical analysis to measure the concentration of this one nutrient, is a cost-effective way to determine overall nutrient levels, and thus the health of your lake. The natural concentrations of phosphorus, and of other nutrients, vary from lake to lake, since the environment and history of each lake is unique. Therefore, meaningful information is gained through monitoring of long term changes in phosphorus levels in a particular lake, rather than comparing one lake with another. This requires the collection of data over a number of years. This information can help determine if nutrient loading from human activities is becoming a problem. Remedial action for these man-made problems may then be undertaken. For environmental reasons, as well as for good financial sense, anyone owning shore-line property should develop "water-wise" attitudes and habits. We should be using phosphate free soaps, and we must ensure proper maintenance of our septic systems. We should avoid clearing land near


There has been some concern voiced that with the rising number of properties on the lake that have some of their area converted into lawn, there could be a rise in the use of fertilizers, etc that could result in contaminants entering the lake. The following article was taken from the FOCA website for your information and to assist you in making wise decisions that will protect our precious lake. How Phosphorous Affects Your Lake All lakes undergo a natural aging process. Barring the effects of human activity, this aging process can take hundreds or even thousands of years. Nutrients, which include phosphorus, nitrogen and other elements, are necessary for the growth of plant and animal life in a healthy lake. Concentrations are low in the waters of young lakes. As a lake ages, nutrient levels increase as they are washed into the water from natural soil erosion and decaying- vegetation. This is a natural progression, but it can be hastened by man-made changes to the environment. In many instances, human activities have tremendously increased the nutrient levels in lakes. These activities include: Outpourings of sewage and industrial wastes, as well as runoff from farm fertilizers and barnyards.

shorelines. We should also avoid fertilizing any shoreline property (phosphates are a major component of fertilizers!), or cutting grass right down to the water. Each of us has a part to play in maintaining water quality (emphasis our own). by Gus Janca of FOCA

WRAFT (CAPTR) Call to Arms on Municipal Taxes:

WRAFT has requested its members (thats each of us) wishing to have the current unfair property assessment system fixed by the ruling Ontario Liberal Government write to their MPP (member of Provincial Parliament) requesting action on this issue before the forthcoming election. More information on this request is available at our website Also posted on our web site is a draft letter that you can download, print, sign and send to your MPP by normal mail. Also, we have linked our website to the WRAFT website where WRAFT has created a very user friendly method to contact each and every MPP in the province. To connect to this user friendly utility; 1) Go on the website 2) In the left hand column Click on FORUM 3) In the left hand column under heading All Cottagers click on subheading Taxes 4) Click on Links to WRAFT and CAPTR 5) Click on Link to WRAFT. 6) Click E-Mail your MPP You are now on the user friendly page allowing you to contact your MPP by e-mail. From the drop-down menu simply select the riding you currently live in. When you have selected your riding your MPPs name, address, etc is automatically inserted. Now simply click Prepare Message and type away. The executive strongly encourages everyone to get involved and take one of the above actions sometime between now and the end of January. Failure to do so may be very expensive.