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Mars Hill Church Church Discipline Contract Andrew XXXXXX

Background Issue (s)

Andrew has been sexually involved with another church member, keeping it secret and using deception to cover it up. He was dating/courting the woman under false pretense, while being an active member, serving, and attending community group. The repercussions of Andrews sin have been widespread, as he is well-connected in the church. Andrew brought his sin to light with a friend and then his CGL. As a result, he is under church discipline with the hope and goal of full restoration upon walking in a repentant lifestyle.

Plan of Discipline
y y y y y y Andrew will attend XXXs CG and meet with XXX on a regular basis (define) Andrew will not be involved in serving at MH Andrew will not pursue or date any woman inside or outside of MH Andrew will write out in detail his sexual and emotional attachment history with women and share it with XXX. Andrew will write out in detail the chronology of events and sexual/emotional sin with K and share it with XXX and Pastor X. Andrew will write out a list of all people he has sinned against during this time frame, either by sexual/emotional sin, lying or deceiving, share it with XXX and develop a plan to confess sin and ask for forgiveness.

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