Nursing Administration Summary Nursing Administration supplies direction, supervision, coordination, monitoring, and support of nursing services provided

to the patient population receiving tertiary ophthalmic services at KKESH. Scope Nursing Administration directly manages Surgical Services, Pre-Hospitalization, Inpatient Adult and Pediatric Nursing Services, Ambulatory Surgical Center Nursing Services, and Outpatient Nursing Services. The departments of Social Services, Respiratory Therapy, and Patient Education also report to Nursing Administration. Nursing practices are conducted in accordance with the standards of the American Society of Ophthalmic Nurses Standards of Clinical Practices, the International Council of Nurses Code of Ethics for Nurses, and the Saudi Nursing Board. Services/Functions The services/functions of Nursing Services ensure the following:
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Consistency of nursing practices, standards, policies, and procedures across the organization; Competency of nursing services staff through staff development administrative processes and the competency assessment process; The continuous and timely availability of nursing services to patients; Adherence of KKESH nursing standards of patient care and hospital standards of nursing practices to current nationally recognized professional standards; Effective utilization of hospital resources allocated to Nursing Services; Performance of applicable processes within patient care functions; Assessment of each patient¶s nursing care needs; Planning for and provision of nursing care interventions; Prevention of complications and promotion of improvement in the patient¶s comfort and wellness; Collaboration with other hospital leaders in designing and providing patient care and services; Notification of other care professionals to the patient¶s condition, as appropriate;

Active participation in hospital leadership functions and activitiesNursing Services Staff Development Unit (NSSDU) Summary The Nursing Services Staff Development Unit (NSSDU) promotes a high standard of nursing practice and patient care through the delivery of staff development activities and facilitation of

Liases with the Education Department in providing nursing support for training programs. Initiates. assists in preparation of advanced cardiac life support. nursing management skills. and special needs/age-specific topics. Age-specific content is integrated into NSSDU activities associated with education programs. . Provides consultation to nursing staff on education processes and clinical practice issues. general nursing.practice review and nursing research. competency assessment. participates. y . and nursing research. and reviews or initiates nursing policies and procedures. and supports nursing research programs. practice review. new equipment orientation. Services/Functions The services/functions of the NSSDU are as follows: y y y y y Delivers programs in ophthalmic nursing. Scope The NSSDU presents educational activities to support tertiary-level ophthalmic nursing services. Coordinates nursing practice program activities and the nursing competency assessment program.

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